2015-09-20 - Searching for Lost Friends (part V)

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Searching for Lost Friends (part V)

Summary: This chapter of the scene actually began on Aug 29th, but due to a power outage and a lot of RL getting in the way it was held off until today. The scene still isn't over, but at least it's further along.

Who: Corinasia, Gegoshi, Nancy, Sift
When: September 20th, 2015
Where: Meribia


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Still continuing from last time...

The two adventuers head back to TASK, and then on to Nerima to visit an old shack in the mountains. Finding multiple craters and destrutction, but the shack intact, no clues are found of the dragon they're looking for. There is a strange feeling that the two are being followed, however no one makes an appearance... They head back to TASK again where Gegoshi has to open a portal to a world that's not linked (normally) to Twisted. There's a brief glimpse of a blue star before the portal changes to that of a beautiful world lush with forest and oceans. The portal then stabilizes, revealing a port city surrounded by forest and mountains! Gegoshi steps through with Nancy, her clothes changing to a simple dress that snugs her in all the right places, adapting to the current enviroment.

Following at her side, Nancy observes Gegoshi's costume change with a bemused smirk before allowing herself to take in the new location. The smell of the sea breeze reminding her of the beach she considers her home, the council woman can't help but smile. "Well, this feels better already. So are we giving up on the dragon thing? This looks way too pretty for fire and dragons..." Her experience with dragons are from books she's read here and there, and in those it's always mountains and brimstone.

Gegoshi's halo spins up as she thinks, "Unfortunately, I can't make the portals go to my exact desired location! However, given the information I compiled earilier, it's likely the dragon we're seeking is in the vicinity!" She puts a hand up to her eyes, peering this way and that! "Perhaps we'll have to find a virgin to lure it out of hiding!" She looks over at Nancy, "Are y-" she's cut off as two more people appear from the shimmering portal behind them. - Corinasia, seen here: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/lunas1000/Corinasia.jpg and Sift, seen here: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/lunas1000/Sift.jpg. The blue haired girl blinks and then touches Sift's shoulder, "Spell wore off..." She says, glancing back at the portal. The winged girl nods her head, stepping away from Corinasia's touch and says, "But we're closer."

Her face begins to turn red even before Gegoshi gets cut off. Luckily there's a well-timed distraction to take Nancy's mind off of having to answer that one. Spinning around towards the two... Do they count as stowaways? ...the two unexpected guests, Nancy raises an eyebrow. "Um, Gegoshi? When did this become a quartet?" Hiding her confusion, she offers a halfhearted wave. "Hello!"

The synth turns at the two new arrivals, she'd detected some lifeforms back at the shack a few times, but they kept disappearing, then they never came back after that. However, it'd seem they came through the portal. Was it the same one they used? She'll have to make sure another portal didn't open somewhere else on Twisted. Although if it did, she can't really change that, she just tends to gather that kind of information during her idle time, "Just now? Though our quest objectives my differ! Hello! What is it you seek?" - Corinasia glances at Sift, but the winged girl is looking around with a soft white hue over her eyes, guess she's the spokesperson. She holds up a hand, and it's likely now anyone would notice she's missing a few fingers, and maybe a part of her ear? And does her left leg look a little...thin? Looks like Sift's body is a bit malformed as well, one of her wings is bent at an off angle and her entire right hand is missing. The blue haired girl speaks up, "Hello, I'm Corinasia and this is Sift. I...think we're looking for the same thing." She brushes some hair from her face, but tries it with fingers that aren't there, grimaces, and does it again with fingers she does have. She's not used to those missing.

There's this moment in everyone's lives where you can make the obvious statement, or say something foolish. You might do it by accident, or you might do it on purpose. In this case it's rather hard to tell what she was going for when Nancy suddenly blurts out, "Oh? More friends of Guarlesia!" Yep. That's gotta be what they're after, right? She seems to grin ever so slightly before letting out a sigh and taking a step back. Moments like these she really does seem to be more along for the ride than anything. Nancy couldn't be more out of her element right now.

Gegoshi glances at Nancy, ah! That's a logical conclusion! Though how did they find out they were on this quest? It's possible they were being spied on and were overheard. They're not keeping it a secret. The synth nods! "A party of four is more like a typical group anyway!" She smiles, noting the defects on the two's bodies. A quick check informs her she shouldn't point those out or ask about them at this point, but it should be done if they are ever drunk together at night talking about past sorrows. "Welcome to the party! I'm Gegoshi, a synth! I'd be defined as the mecha of the group, though I am far more advanced than such things! This is Nancy, she is the mysterious mage!" She looks at Sift and her glowing eyes, "Another mage! Perhaps with a different speciality!" She giggles and looks at Corinasia, "Are you a fighter or healer?"

The blue haired girl tilts her head to the side, but at the mention of Nancy being a mysterious mage her eyes light up, "Oh wow! Yes, excellent!" She holds her hands out to her side, "Blast me, please! Hit me with everything you have!" - Sift steps closer to Corinasia, to be caught up in the hopeful blast? - A merchant wagon loaded with supplies comes rolling out of the city slowly, it'll be passing by shortly.

Regrettably, Nancy doesn't get the joke even if it is being carried out in seriousness. Pulling books from other worlds is one thing, specific games? Not so much. Or games in general for that matter. She really needs to get out more. "Wait, what's a mage?" A second thought, "Why am I mysterious?!" Her clothes and hair just move like that! It's normal, right? Her rising concern is lost when it appears that Gegoshi is picking a fight. This could end bad. Can she fight? Placing a hand on the synth's shoulder Nancy expresses her concern with a quiet, "That's probably not a good idea..." She darts her gaze into the direction of the passing wagon. "Someone might contact the local authorities!" She's really making a big deal of this, isn't she?

Gegoshi blinkblinks at Corinasia's response. That's not what she was going for, she was going for a full party type! Perhaps Corinasia was a bard or somesuch. She must be mis-reading Corinasia's desired conversation topics. She sets up a new database personality dedicated to the blue haired girl and then a separate one for Sift, the girl with the fairy...or perhaps butterfly wings. Time to absorb new information. These two want to be hit with magic...she doesn't have any herself. She defers to Nancy, who is a magic user, "I'm not sure how they'd react to such an occurance!"

Corinasia lowers her arms, looking between Nancy and Gegoshi, then looking over at Sift. The two share a silent word before the blue haired responds, "I'm still okay for now, then. As long as we all get what we came here for."

Clearly Nancy is confused about things. More so now than before. Looking at everyone involved with a perplexed look on her face, the councilwoman stays silent a moment longer and then rubs her eyes. "I think I've been without sleep too long..." Does she actually sleep? Is this a thing she does? Apparently. Maybe everyone is running off the wrong information? "Shall we get a few things out of the way? Maybe make this less confusing, because I'm very confused." Crossing her arms across her chest she looks at the two newcomers a bit more seriously. "What is it you two are here for exactly? It seems very strange to think that you're both trying to help bring back Guarlesia when we've never seen either of you before."

Gegoshi prefers information gathering, and so quietly listens to the answer. - The merchant cart wheels on by slowly, though the cart driver looks at the four women gathered together on the side of the road curiously, since one of them has wings at the moment.

Corinasia tilts her head to the side at Nancy's question. Her good hand fiddles with her necklace as her blue hair twins around her body, hugging onto it and then releasing out into a controlled swirl about her, "We're looking for the black dragon that was lost to us. Isn't that what you're here for?" She has to be careful, make sure not to say the wrong words. The silence and blind spell they had going didn't make it through the portal transfer, and she didn't think these two would be immediately on the other side.

Sift locks eyes with the passing merchant, staring.

Nancy turns her head to Gegoshi expecting her to answer the question. "I... think we're looking for a dragon too? My friend has ideas about how we can bring our friend back so I've been following her lead." She pauses briefly thinking about what they've been through so far. "If it is the same dragon, the more the merrier!" She smiles momentarily and then frowns, looking at Gegoshi once more. "...right?" Why is she doing all the talking anyways? She doesn't even know where they are.

Gegoshi nods her head at Nancy! "Yes! A party of four is more complete! The black dragon is nearby, although it's possible we will need a virgin in order to draw it out!" There are many legends of dragons, but virgin sacrifices are one of the most common, and it's easier to come across that than a hoard of gold somewhere!

The merchant looks away as Sift locks eyes with him, snapping the reigns to make his horse hurry the cart past. Whatever they all are, it doesn't look like they'll be worth the trouble of selling to.

Corinasia's hair settles, becoming adherent to the laws of gravity, "Indeed. We agree." She raises an eye at Gegoshi, "I'm impressed, you've studied up on dragons then?" Sift reaches over and takes one of the longer strands of Corinasia's hair and holds it up in her palm. Her eyes glow a soft red hue as she runs her fingers across the strands. A blotted red forms on Corinasia's hair where she touches it.

Watching the strange tinting of Corinasia's hair, Nancy becomes a bit self-conscious of her own appearance. She glances down at her clothes and wonders about her hair going from the shadow cast on the ground and that eternal 'wind' that seems to blow everything everywhere. How long has it been like this? When did it start exactly? Off on its own tangent, Nancy stops paying attention to everyone momentarily. Somehow a sadness seems to spread across her features. Sometimes it's better not to think about the past...

Gegoshi giggles at Corinasia! "I know many things about dragons, however the multiple different species and variances throughout the dimensions can make it so specific knowledge won't always apply to the current dragon in question. I believe asking the townspeople will help to achieve our goal." She looks over at Nancy for agreement, but the councilwoman seems lost in her own world. She reaches out a hand to grip Nancy's! There could be many things wrong with her at the moment. Perhaps she preferred having the party only be two people! She leans over and whispers into Nancy's ear, "Would you rather we split up with just us and let these two search on their own?"

Corinasia nods at Gegoshi's words, but doesn't pay her much mind. Besides, the girl talks oddly. Her hair fwips out of Sift's grip after its dyed and the red part points into the town. She nods her head, confirming a silent word with Sift again, before walking to where her hair is pulling her. Sift follows, eyes returning to normal.

The whispers in her ear bring her out of it, and Nancy snaps back to reality shaking her head as if to clear away the thoughts, "Oh? No. No, it's fine. If it helps us it's worth it. I'm just..." A sigh escapes her as the images of her family flash before her eyes, "...lost in thought. If this doesn't work out maybe we should take a break after we find our dragon? I'm a little worried at how long we've been gone."

Gegoshi nods her head in agreement! "Yes! While it is fun to wander about the dimensions, it's good to return home and rest between adventures. Bringing Guarlesia back may be a multi-tiered quest line," she giggles, then notices Corinasia wandering off. She takes hold of Nancy's hand and prepares to follow. They're using magic, one of the things as a synth she can't perform. "It looks like we're going this way!" She says, hoping to illicit a response from one of the two new party memembers.

Corinasia barely nods her head, walking faster. Her eyes glisten slightly at the thought of their destination finally here. Even though she and Sift aren't completely formed, it shouldn't matter. A few more fast steps and then she starts running.

Sift reaches out and takes ahold of Corinasia's hair, the wings on her back fluttering to let her float up in the air and be pulled forward.

"Quest line?" Sometimes Nancy really worries about Gegoshi's mind. It always seems to be somewhere different than everyone else - like she's more watching the world from above than interacting directly with it. Of course this would make sense to anyone else, but with Nancy it leaves her mystified. As does the apparent 'ditching' that their newest party members seem to be doing to them. Letting her hand be taken, Nancy goes into a jog to keep up with Gegoshi - ready to run if it should come to that. Admittedly she's not used to using her legs this much, when you can move your location without walking you don't find much need in the action. Quickly she starts panting, but she carries on with only a minor complaint. "...and here you thought I was the one who wanted to travel without them."

Gegoshi giggles, "I also find it curious that they would leave they're two new party members behind!" Gegoshi doesn't get tired or require sleep. She does extend her resources too far sometimes, but rebooting is something that only occurs when there's a complete disaster with her systems, and that hasn't happened in quite awhile. "Why are we running?" she asks, out of concern for Nancy's running and...general curiousity. After all, she cares about Nancy's well being!

Corinasia doesn't answer Nancy or Gegoshi, but keeps running through the streets with Sift hoverfloating behind her. The group draws random gasps and the occasional curse of wonderment from people they pass by, but they're not really doing anything wrong, it's simply not something the people in the town of Meribia see every day. Or ever. Corinasia's left hand gets more malshaped, soon becoming just a unformed mass of flesh at the end of her arm. Her running slows down as she starts making light groaning sounds, but she tries not to slow her pace despite the pain of her insides not being shaped right. Sift is probably worse off, but she's always been stoic about those things. A large street sign informs the group that they are now on Black Rose Street. At the far end is a large tavern with multiple arcana scrawled across the walls. Corinasia's hair points straight too it, and she slows to a walk out of necessity more than desire as she heads for it, her hair color returning to normal and falling down behind her.

Sift sets down out of the sky and walks alongside Corinasia.

Shaking her head between gasps, Nancy responds, "No... idea..." Obviously they're just really excited right? Whether Sift setting down has anything to do with them slowing down, Nancy starts to slow down to a brisk walk as soon as they seem to have a specific destination in mind. Glancing around at the people they pass finally, the woman sweatdrops. "....there had to be a better way to go about this." Finally starting to catch her breath, she looks up at the tavern and then to their companions. "Why would a dragon be in a place like that?"

Gegoshi normally adapts quite well to people who don't talk to her. She takes on a stoic personality herself, a silent helper, but Nancy's here, and she knows the councilwoman doesn't like that as much as her current persona. It's one of those times she has to choose between pleasing one party over another, "The structure does appear to be too small to hold a black dragon, unless it is a young one? I believe the dragons of Lunar grow to be quite large." She looks to Corinasia or Sift for a response.

Corinasia starts limping, dragging her left foot along the ground as she walks. A smile pulls over her face as they grow closer to the tavern, and she looks over her shoulder at Gegoshi and Nancy, "The black dragon lives on in our hearts, even if its appearance and memory changes, there are ways to fix those kind of things. It probably won't even remember us yet."

Sift reaches out and touches Corinasia's shoulder and the two exchange silent words again.

Nancy raises an eyebrow. What a peculiar choice of words. "...y-you can fix it's... memory?" Gegoshi will feel her hands start to shake nervously if she's still holding onto one of them. In fact her skin seems a shade paler suddenly. The councilwoman has few extranormal talents, and with one of them being the ability to erase memory - the thought of being able to put it back frightens her. Not for the action itself, but for the number of minds she's taken in her carelessness over the years. That can't be what she meant. "No. That... that can't be right. How could you do something like that? It's impossible." She looks over at Gegoshi for reassurance. "...right?"

Gegoshi thinks Corinasia is holding conversations inside of her head and only letting her and Nancy her some of them, which isn't fair when you're trying to have a talk with someone about an adventure. She holds Nancy's hand tightly in a reassuring way, "It's possible there are various techniques to restore memories to those that have lost them, depending on the circumstances under which they were lost!" She doesn't want to distress Nancy, but it's true that there are a few ways to bring back lost memories. None that she herself is capable of, she's not a medical robot! Though she can pretend to be one quite well.

Corinasia stops at the entrway to the tavern. It's not very noisy inside, then again, it's only late afternoon and most people aren't inside drinking this time of day except the regulars. "I'm hoping we can trigger them. If not..." she looks at Sift, "...there are other ways."

Sift nods, walking forward and into the tavern past Corinasia.

...to be continued...

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