2015-09-24 (PostU) Fishing for Serenity: Not as Zen as it Sounds

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Fishing for Serenity: Not as Zen as it Sounds

Summary: Rayne and Serenity are both at the dock looking for food. Their efforts do not compliment each other.

Who: Serenity, Rayne, Johann
When: September 24th, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Serenity seems to have snagged a telescoping pointer, of the sort that might be used for presentations, and headed down to a spot on the water's edge beneath the dock. Ren isn't using this, though, as a prop for dancing, which Ren is predictably also doing. Ren makes a few helical flares of fins like flamenco skirts on the way to the water.

Speaking of segmented poles, there's someone with a fishing pole up on the dock who is slightly less identifiable than usual. Usually the first and simplest way of identifying Rayne is her hair, but right now she's wearing a wide brimmed white hat that manages to hide most of her hair from the angle of the shore. As far as what else she's wearing, it's a bit of an odd sight. While for once she's not wearing her full leather armor, she still is wearing parts of it, notably the bracers and the heavy, tall boots, while otherwise wearing a relatively dainty yellow sun dress. It seems Rayne finally has gone clothing shopping instead of just cleaning her usual armor and long shirt every night(it's not that difficult or resource intensive for her: she does it with a fairly simple spell). Her concentration on her line, however, means she doesn't notice the dancing mollusk that is approaching from underneath.

Serenity drives the environment suit into the clear and fairly calm waters, then reaches back with the trailing edge of a fin to put it in 'park' while a dome of contained water is still poking above the surface. The portion of the forcefield below water is faintly visible in outline because of the salinity difference. Ren takes the pointer and exits with a gill-ruffling somersault and spread of the 'wings'. On the way to one of the pilings, Ren passes Rayne's hook, having not only seen enough people fishing to avoid lines but enough to have given up on not scaring away their fish.

Rayne frowns and tugs quickly on the line, making the lure jump in the water. "Man... There ARE fish out here, right? Or am I really this rusty at fishing?" she wonders aloud. She peers into the water, noticing the colorful smear or something under the waves, but she doesn't quite identify it properly. Or rather, doesn't even come close to identifying it remotely. The pointer isn't noticed at all. "Okay, I know something's under there..." She tugs on the line to jerk the lure in the general direction of the shock of color.

Serenity flows over in a smooth ripple of aquamarine fins to the piling to which a jar is tied. Ren wields the extended pointer in the general direction of the assembled shrimp and hermit crabs, though the former are obviously skittish and the latter neither particularly mobile nor threatening. Ren extends rhinophores in the direction of the smell, but very nearly gets a piercing in one from the baited hook flying by. Ren flails reflexively at the hook with the pointer, backpedaling with the portions of fins not gripping the stick.

Rayne, feeling a few taps from the pointer, give the line a sharp tug to try to set the hook. Being that there is nothing actually on the lure, this succeeds in simply making it jump about a bit in the water, though thankfully away from Ren. "Dang, I think I spooked it," she says to herself as she now lets the lure stand as motionless as it can in the waves.

Serenity loses the hold on the pointer as Rayne jerks the line away with the partly-floating stick still snagged on the lure. Ren frowns, regarding first the gathering of menacing crustaceans in whelk shells and then the pointy metal hanging from the surface. After a moment, Ren flutters over to the latter to attempt to disentangle it. The flash of electric blue, turquoise, and orange slides along parallel to and just under the surface.

Rayne peers down at the oddly colored 'fish' that seems to be interested in her line. "What the heck kind of fish does Twisted have any-" Suddenly, her eyes widen in recognition. "Oh CRAP!" she yells as she lets the line go completely slack. "Uhhh, if you can hear me down there, I'm really sorry!"

Serenity gingerly grasps the lure with the fin edges, forming 'fingers' to try picking off the line. Ren doesn't seem to notice the yelling at first, but after the line goes slack, looks up for the source of the sound. Surfacing, Ren doesn't reply in words, but extends a 'wing' from the water to wave. Ren then does a double-take, pausing in the vertical position to peer at Rayne's new outfit before offering a smile.

Rayne smiles back, looking quite sheepish and a bit red in the face. "Eheheh.... Sorry about that, Ren. I should have realized that array of colors was you earlier... I didn't snag you, did I?"

Johann soon arrives at the beach as well, quickly noticing Rayne and Serenity. "I can tell from ze expressions on your faces zat somezing embarrassing has just happened. Care to share details?" he asks as he approaches, setting a cooler down on the sand, next to the towel he's also laid out under a parasol. He came quite prepared!

Serenity folds and holds up a 'hand' to Rayne as she speaks again, abandoning the lure to head back to the environment suit. Ren quickly flutters back through the forcefield and takes the suit out of 'park' before steering it toward shore. It's on the way to the end of the dock that Ren spots Johann. "Hello, Jan!" Ren hisses cheerily to him. "And to you, Rayne," Ren calls to her. "I hope I didn't cause you any trouble?"

Rayne says, "You're apologizing to me? I was trying to catch you on a hook!" She reels in the line and shoulders the rod before walking back to shore. "Really, I should have recognized you earlier, I am SO sorry. Um... I guess that sums up the details there, Johann...""

Johann also has a bag with his clothes in it, wearing only his swim trunks and a pair of sandals (and his glasses). With a chuckle, he smiles to the others and says, "I see, I see. You should be more careful, Rayne. You never know vhat might be in ze vater, and it may not be as harmless as Ren."

"Considering the monsters on land and the hard-clawed sea creatures," Ren replies to Rayne with an amused note, "a wayward fishing line doesn't seem like a terrible threat." Fluttering a fin edge toward the new dress (apparently unconcerned with whether it matches the boots and bracers), Ren offers encouragingly, "I'm glad to see that you were able to do some shopping." Ren then slides over and attempt to give Johann a slightly-damp pat on the back with the full surface of pair of fins extended from the water. "Not that I'm unhappy with your outfit today, Jan," Ren remarks with a smile.

Rayne says, "Oh, that? Yeah... Even with refreshing it through spellwork, I figured the old armor was getting a bit overused. But like you said, monsters on land, so..." she pats the bracer on her left arm. "Don't go out completely unarmored, I figure." Her eyes flicker a split second sunward. "Though I suppose I could probably chance it more than most. I dunno. I've got to get used to actually being an authority figure, I suppose."

Johann reaches into Serenity's forcefield to return the pat, letting out a small laugh at her comment on his 'outfit'. As he looks toward Rayne again, he notes her new attire. "Oh, you did get some new clothes, hm? Zey look good on you, zhough ze armor does detract from ze appeal some. But, I understand ze desire for safety."

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