2015-09-25 - Never Ask a Gnome Her Life Story

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Never Ask a Gnome Her Life Story

Summary: Minu makes the mistake of asking Doommuffin for her life's story

Who: Minu, Doommuffin
When: September 25th, 2015
Where: The Twisted Street


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With a slight popping noise, a modern piece of technology is well on its way to being destroyed... well, perhaps dissected would be the more accurate description. After all, when one dissects the corpse of an animal, they intend to learn from it, to find out what makes it work. And indeed, that is the goal of the gnome known as Doommuffin with the cell phone in her hands. Where did she get it from? Who knows. It's possible someone left it somewhere. It's possibly it converged by itself (you know, like the match to that one sock in your drawer. Steve down the street collects those, you know.) Heck, maybe she pinched it, but that'd be more like a rogue, not a Death Knight like her. She peers down on the opened device on her lap through a head mounted magnifying lens from where she sits on a street bench. "Fascinating!" she exclaims in her creepy, echoy voice. "There doesn't appear to be any moving parts at all! It seems to be entirely based upon using electrical impulses to accomplish its tasks! How efficient! A bit boring, but efficient!"

Minu is deep in thought as she wanders down the street. Note pad in one hand, well sharped pencil in the other. The little elf idly pushes her spectacles up as she pauses and makes a few notes about the lay out of the street, what buildings are where and what they are generally shaped like and made from. It had become a drive with the little librarian that she simply had to gather as much information concerning Twisted and its denizens as she could. She might not be able to take it all back to the Grand Archive but she very well could at least make some effort to make information available to people here seeing that there just seemed to be a lacking of reliable information and communication people could rely on. She muses pensively tapping her pencil on her chin as she crosses the street distractedly. The sound of a voice catches her attention and she smiles, eyes going quite wide behind her glasses "Ohhhhhh! A Gnome!! Greetings" as she rushes forward wide eyed and eager.

Doommuffin doesn't even seem to notice for a second as she continues to look at the inner workings of the cell phone, but then she snaps out of it and looks up from the device to Minu, one of her glowing blue eyes magnified to nearly twice its size from the head mounted lens. "Oh! Hello! And you are... Some sort of half sized elf? Pardon, two thirds would be more accurate, I believe. It's good to know my noble people have such fans in other worlds! Has Muradin been singing our praises ahead of me? I shall have to thank him." Noting the note book and pen in Minu's hand, she asks, "Did you want an autograph? Unfortunately, I'm not actually that prominent a member of my illustrious race, but I would still be happy to accommodate."

The little elf pauses and blinks owlishly at the gnome. The magnifying lens somewhat startling at first but then she is used to her own glasses and how they seem to make her eyes look even bigger then they already are. "I am afraid I have not met anyone by the name of Muradin, how ever I would always know a gnome when I saw one. I was always an avid reader on the subject of races and cultures of the various realms. I am sorry to say your personal fame has not yet come to my attention. Are you long here in Twisted? I myself am rather new and I am working to gather the stories of those who are now trapped here as I am. There is a great lack of information available and I think someone should do something about it ...so I am. Oh please do forgive me. My name is Minu, I am a wood elf, and though slightly smaller then the usual woodelf I am not so small." As she moves forward and offers her hand politely.

Doommuffin takes the hand with her own gauntleted hand. "I am known as Doommuffin. I admit I have not heard of 'wood' elves before, only night, high, and blood elves. I too am rather new here. At least, I beleive being here for a couple of weeks to be considered 'new'. I'm still getting used to the situation, as there are many wondrous devices all throughout this city. Why, it almost makes my fingers tingle with the thought of stripping down and rebuilding it all! I apologize though, as I do get caught up in my speach from time to time. But if you truely do wish for me to relate the story of both my life and unlife, I don't see how such a thing could be disadvantageous to me."

Minu smiles as she shakes the gnomes hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you DoomMuffin. I am not of the realm you are from, so I am not surprised you have not heard of my breed of elf. We are from a different place. I myself have not been to my home realm since I turned 50." She smiles as she releases the gnomes hand and moves to settle close to her on the bench. "I would very much like to chronicle your story so that it is part of my new collection. I think it would be good to know who is here in Twisted."

Somewhere, somehow, a dwarf is getting the feeling he should avoid the center of town as Doommuffin begins to tell her life story... at length. She starts discussing her young life as Aria Silverfingers and how she was the daughter in the line of mages. She discusses at great length things that likely noone but Minu would want to hear, including example lessons she had received, that one time she accidentally set her house on fire... okay, the four times she set her house on fire. Eventually, however, the conversation turns to when the surface of Dun Moragh was invaded by the orcs that had just finished sacking the human nation of Stormwind. She goes off on a bit of a tangent here, describing the events of the First War and the fall of Stormwind in far more detail than is necessary, considering she wasn't involved in said war in any way. She does get herself back on track, however, and gets to the point where she discovered she really liked hitting things with large, sharp objects, and stopped her mage training to train in the ways of the warrior with dwarves. She speaks of how proud she was when she finally was declared a warrior by her trainer, and she returned to Gnomeregan 'feeling four feet tall.' "And that's when Gnomeregan got invaded by troggs. I mean, it was right then. Okay, not PRECISELY then, but it was the same day."

Minu listens with rapped attention. Not once does she look put out by the length of the story or how it pauses now and then to head off on a tangent. She rapidly scribbles down notes, sometimes exact quotes, sometimes simply paraphrasing the tale so she doesn't forget anything. She will have to sit down and type this up and bind it into a book when she has a chance. It will be here first biography of the folks who have been brought to Twisted. "Right then?! Oh my what ever did you do?? I am very curious how you made it though and of course I am very curious how you became, not quite alive?? Or is it , not quite dead?? Also, I really must ask you to relate how you came to this place. I very much want to take down the portal stories for everyone. I think it might help figure out how to get the portals going the other way perhaps?"

Doommuffin says, "Oh, don't worry, I'll get to that when it is pertinent to the tale. I'm still YEARS before that." She starts to describe the events of the Third War, even though, as a gnome, she spent the entirety of said war in Gnomeregan fighting troggs. And evacuating Gnomeregan when things went horribly wrong there in ways only gnomes can pull off. The word 'irradiated' gets mentioned a few times. She takes care to describe the events she didn't witness, however, focusing more on the events involving Prince Arthas and the Scourge than on what happened in Kalimdor. Sure, the Burning Legion was defeated and Azeroth was saved over on the continent of Kalimdor, but for some reason Doommuffin doesn't seem as concerned with that as what happened in Northrend and Lorderon, up to and including Arthas merging somehow with the Lich King that originally created the undead Scourge. Apparently the Lich King was an orc before Arthas merged with him. She then goes into length how she went on missions for the Alliance from Loch Modan to Menethil Harbor to Theramore and across the southern regions of Kalimdor. Soon she returns to discussing the Scourge, however, and their renewed invasion of what was once Lorderon with the floating citadel of Naxxramas. It seems that Aria had gone to the 'Plaguelands,' as those lands had become known, to fight the scourge. "And that's when I got myself killed."

Minu had spent her entire adult life around books and knew how important information was and how the story of one person might well be the difference at some future time between darkness and light. She studiously wrote on her note pad, making sure to stop Doommuffin from time to time to clarify something so she made sure she got the story down strait. She was usually a reader of stories not a writer but at this moment she considered it part of her new job to gather these tales. There is a steady scratching of pencil on paper and a cute little frown of focus creases the elf girls brow. Shoving her glasses up her nose again she chirps "so are you undead or unliving, I mean no disrespect but the term seems so often connected to vampires and I don't know if that pertains to you."

Doommuffin says, "Oh, the proper term is undead. I've not come across 'unliving' as far as I know. At any rate, the Lich King then made me, along with a lot of others, into an army of Death Knights. And let me tell you about the training process!" She then goes into detail the early stages of what was essentially a weeding out process, including how she got her 'new name': another initiate, an orc, called her a little muffin in an attempt to intimidate her. Doommuffin killed said orc in a 'training match' (really, it was more of a way of, again, weeding out the relatively weak). She describes the battles of New Avalon (Victory for the Scourge) and Light's Hope Chapel. But really, it's the aftermath of Light's Hope that is far more important, as it was there that the forces of the Scourge lost, the Ashbringer(a corrupted holy sword) was purified once more, and the Knights of the Ebon Blade was born. Doommuffin, now freed from the Lich King's control along with the rest of that batch of death knights, rejoined the Alliance to fight against the Lich King and bring hope back to the world. "Oh, and I brought back a pet cat I had when I was in training in Ironforge!" She reaches down and wiggles her fingers under the bench she's been sitting on, which apparently gets the attention of a ghostly siamese cat, who pounces at the gnome's fingers.

Minu makes a note about undead and continues on scratching out the story as it is told to her. She makes sure to get the proper names and such down as well as making it clear that DM no longer works for the forces of evil, which she assumes the Lich King was and is now a good guy. When the gnome reaches down and wiggles her fingers Minu gasps to see the ghostly apparition that pounces her fingers "oh...a ghost cat?? How interesting. I don't think I have ever seen an honest to goodness ghost. Whats its name??"

Doommuffin says, "Well, when he was alive he was called Cake. But I figured he should have a new name now, like me... So now he's Deathcake, or DC as I often call him." She somehow picked the cat up to sit in her lap, despite its transparent disposition. "I'd ask him to say 'hi', but, well, he's still a cat."

Minu smiles as she watches the gnome knight with her ghost cat. She makes a few notes about DC and nods her head softly "oh I understand. One simply does not give a cat an order or demand. They are cats and expect you to know better. I have some times an odd relationship with cats. Sometimes they like me and...sometimes they try to eat me." As she giggles a little.

Doommuffin says, "Well, once you get to certain sizes of cats, yes. The Night Elves I mentioned, for instance, keep cats who are large enough to hunt and eat you or me. I've had run-ins with a few of the untamed ones, and I assure you they are quite vicious."

Minu giggles softly "well I am not always this large, sometimes I am smaller, so, even a house cat can be a threat if one isnt paying attention to where one flies." She makes a few more notes and then smiles "so tell me Doommuffin, how is it you ended up in Twisted?"

Doommuffin says, "Oh! Well, that one is simple and yet completely unexplained. We death knights have a sort of teleportation spell called a 'Death Gate'- yes, not exactly an original name, it wasn't mine. We use this spell to travel to or from the Ebon Hold from anywhere on Azeroth. A few weeks ago I used the spell and... didn't show up in Ebon Hold, but here instead." She frowns. "I guess there's really not much to it that I can explain. There was quite the battle around when I arrived here, though."

Minu jots down what she is told. "so you used your own spell and it went astray. Your portal wasn't some how different or you didn't cast differently?? What kind of battle was happening when you arrived??" She frowns a little and makes a few more notes on her pad. "There have been many battles of late and I am trying to get them down in order to keep the time line on arrivals and such straight."

Doommuffin says, "well, let's see. If there was something off about the spell, I didn't notice." She puts a finger to her cheek as she looks upward. "I was a bit groggy at the time, so I suppose I could have done something slightly wrong. The battle in question was involving a number of creatures that appeared to be rather undead-like, but I'm not certain they actually were undead. I was later told the fog was an important part to the nature of said creatures. Let's see... other combatants I noticed were Muradin Bronzebeard and his lady friend. Oh, and that odd scrawny but capable looking gnoll."

Minu scribbles madly as she works to get her time line straight. "so you were battling fog demons, alright and this lady friend of your friend Muradin, do you know her name?? Gnoll, umm do by chance mean Hyena? Tall, scruffy looking fellow with a little wound on his nose??"

Doommuffin says, "Yes, gnolls are a bit like humanoid hyenas... Scruffy looking, but I didn't get a close look at his nose. I believe Muradin's friend's name was... Morgana? yes, that sounds right."

Minu nods "alright this must be the fight that happened while we were shopping at S-mart. We heard it but it was done by the time we got all checked out. Alright, Morgana. She's the loud one right?? I keep hearing about a Siren, likes to scream a lot and bite. I was warned to be rather careful with that one, don't really want to be eaten. I think then Urus must have gotten involved with the battle just as he left S-Mart and you arrived. So that was two arrivals with in just a very short time...I wonder if there is a time that these things usually take. I will have to make a graph and see if its pertinent." She finishes writing on her notepad. "Thank You very much Doommuffin. I am very glad to have met you and thank you for sharing your story with me. I look forward to maybe meeting your friends and getting their stories."

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