2015-09-27 - Battle Plan

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Battle Plan

Summary: The TASK Force crew - and Urus - gather to discuss the events that transpired within the fog. They then learn some very revealing information about the past and future of Twisted.

Who: Urus, Minu, Serenity, Kotal_Kahn, Rayne
When: September 27, 2015.
Where: DMC.

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[TASK] Kotal says, "Everyone, get in here!"

[TASK] Rayne says, "What? Oh, uh, sure, give me a minute! I mean, uh, copy, on my way, ASAP."

[TASK] Serenity says, "*Bollywood dance music blares before being shut off* Understood. Is there a problem?"

[TASK] Minu says, "Hmmm Pardon?? Did you want something Kotal? I was working on something."

[TASK] Kotal says, "I require everyone's presence in the DMC agency. There are things that need to be discussed."

[TASK] Minu says, "Alright, coming."



SOUNDTRACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qnKYQ8-Zq4

It's been a full week since the harrowing encounter the warriors of TASK endured against the creatures of the fog. Kotal had wisely given everyone enough time to recover before summoning all to give their report, shell shock is an issue for warriors after all, and the Aztec warlord would not want to run his already small group to the ground by overexerting them.

Furthermore, Kotal has proven to be in the past a very generous deity, a far cry from the bloodthirsty tyrant that once ruled Outworld known as Shao Kahn. Though he demanded everyone's presence for a meeting, he is mindful that such an event requires copious amounts of nourishment, and he has thus prepared a small feast for everyone.

Set across a large table is a wide assortment of chilaquiles, flautas, zopes, and dang, even tamales? Kotal went all out today, and naturally they are all organic and have their vegetarian versions. For drinking, he has champurrado, atole and xocolatl. No pulque tonight though, he doesn't want everyone piss drunk for their patrol shifts tomorrow.

But hey, what of Urus? He's not part of TASK? So how is he going to get to the meeting?

Well, Kotal just sent word out through the city's channels. He's certain that if Urus is a mercenary that is worth his salt, he'll know that Kotal is looking for him.

Besides, he hasn't paid the hyena man, so he has plenty of reasons to come to the agency.

Oh man, does it help to be insured so that people don't double cross you.

Rayne arrives at the door, looking slightly out of breath and with wet hair and damp clothes. Pulling it open, she steps inside with a loud exhalation. "I'd JUST gotten out of the shower. I'm glad I left the communicator on the bathroom counter." As she spots the food, however, her spirits seem lightened. Then she looks around again, noticing that so far it's just her and Kotal. "Wait, I'm here first? I suppose I didn't need to rush quite so much." She lets out an exhasperated sigh at the revelation.

Serenity also appears to have been rushing, though of course there's no breath involved and the rush seems to have been on account of the approaching darkness. The disc of the field generator thumps lightly against the door as Ren brakes to a stop. Part of the door goes underwater for a bit as Ren tugs it open with both pairs of fins and slips inside. Ren pauses in a 'standing' position there and 'blinks' eyes inward at the table and spread. "Hhh... This was not exactly the urgent matter I had mind..." Ren hisses uncertainly. "Certainly preferable, though."" Urus has recently been looking for more work, anyone with an open wallet and someone in mind, unfortunately for him however everyone seems just peachy with their neighbors. He indeed heard about Kotal's meeting and decided that there was some work to do. He opens the door with purpose, and shuts it behind him without looking. Scans the room for a bit, focused on finding the one man who was supposed to be there. But seeing as the god is almost 7 foot tall and blue, the task is not too difficult. He looks at Kotal and casually strides toward him. "Big Blue it is good to meet again, I hope you have paycheck." He says in his usual thick Russian accent. "People around here are as ruthless as bunny rabbits." He says, the attempted insult probably coming out to an unusual comment to those in the room.

From the front door of the DMC comes a little, bump and thud and then a softly sworn "by the quill of the Great Spirit...someone open the door!" There is a little nudge and fidget with the handle as if someone can't quite get it to work right. Another thud comes, sounding as if someone were actively kicking the door base. When the door is opened a rather disheveled Minu comes in, arms full of books. Her glasses have slid to the end of her nose, her hair is threatening to escape its bun confines with a riot of soft wispy tendrils that hang around her small face. There is a smudge of ink on one side of her face high up on her cheek bone. She stalks in and gives the room a cursory look then plops her books onto the table and quickly scoops up a rolled up paper and practically hugs it to her chest protectively. "Um...you called us all over for dinner?! The destroyer of worlds is coming and you called us for dinner?! Priorities man!" The little elf frowns "well I guess if your all here we can at least talk about what happened and what we know and what Your going to do about it" She looks pointedly at Kotal. "and I do mean YOU...at least thats what I have been able to figure out so far" as she waves the paper about only to hug it to her bosom again.

Looks like Kotal is still full of surprises. That wide eyed look that everyone is giving him and his feast as they enter certainly does not go unnoticed. It's good for a warlord to still be unpredictable like this. Complacency leads to easily second guessed maneuvers, and that's just something a general like Kotal Kahn cannot allow for both him and his agency.

Besides, foods always good. Its been a while since Kotal has had a large and proper Aztec celebration.

They don't all have to involve human sacrificing by the way.

When Rayne and Ren first enter, Kotal looks their distress and chuckles softly. "Ah, forgive me if I startled you. Habit has forced me to command those whom I consider my chosen warriors with a heavy hand. I should have clarified what the meeting entailed." He paces about sliding some chairs. "Please, come and join me. Though these are dark times there is no reason why we cannot face it all with a positive disposition." Inspiring words, and surprisingly sunny for a warlord, though then again Kotal does worship the sun and all.

Urus' entrance is less.. enthusiastically met by Kotal. The Aztec warlord is kind of a stickler for rank and title, so normally Urus calling him 'Big Blue' instead of his name or 'Khan' would have meant swift decapitation. Seriously, Kotal has like 20 different names and they are all badass, why do people insist on making up nicknames for him? Anyways, Kotal just grumbles as Urus addressing him so familiarly, deciding to let this one slide, and salutes him in a warrior way, hand across his chest right above his heart. "Greetings to you, Urus. I do have your payment ready, but I bid you to stay with us for a moment and discuss the events that have transpired. I will give you the payment when the meeting is over." However, that comment about people in this city being bunny rabbits? That gets a laugh from the Aztec. "Hahaha!" It nearly makes the entire building tremble as if it were about to collapse. "Eldergods have mercy. I see you still haven't gotten to see much of the city if you think such things. No matter, you will learn in time what real dangers lurk here, Urus. I just hope you are ready when you do face them."

And finally comes Minu. Or rather, Minu starts banging on the door. How does Dante open this thing with just a thought anyway? "Coming." Says Kotal as he arrives at the door in one flash step and opens it for Minu, letting the elf owlette in along her mountains of books. He grabs half of her pile to lessen the load for her and closes the door behind her, arching an eyebrow at her very distressing comment of priorities. "Hm, strange, last time I checked the Destroyer of Worlds was me. What have you discovered, Minu?"

Guess the meeting has officially started.

Rayne, for the most part, partakes in the food and keeps out of the way as people enter, though can't help but react to Urus' 'bunny rabbit' comment. "Yeah, cute, adorable, and full of claws and magic..." It seems she's thinking of a specific encounter. At Kotal's apology of sorts, she nods. "Yeah, uh, a bit less urgency when it's not quite so urgent would be appreciated. I'll just have to let my hair dry here..." At the exchange between Minu and Kotal, however, she grows silent. It seems she'd like to hear this, as well.

Serenity nods politely to Rayne and Kotal, still looking a bit confused even after Kotal's explanation. But even so, Ren takes the invitation of the seat moved out of the way and flows over to the side of the table to take up a 'sitting' height. As Urus barges in and then Minu is let in, Ren looks over. Ren doesn't get a greeting out right away, but first remains quiet to listen to what they have to say, frowning in particular at Minu's remark. "Thank you, Kotal, for the consideration of festively decorating for the debriefing. I'm sure that we all appreciate your desire to lessen the load on us." Ren looks around. "Good evening, everyone..." Ren says, then adds, looking to Minu, "Hhh... 'Destroyer of World' sounds rather ominous. Are we getting to that part of the explanation later tonight?"

Urus decides to sit down to the feast, the smells of the cooked food wafting in. catching his attention until the knocking at the door and the owlet elf walks in. at first he frowns on the new visitor, but then there is a smirk on the Hyena's face as the elven woman chews out the war god. He stifles a chuckle as he watches. As he hears Kotal's admittance to being a destroyer of worlds, there is almost a snort as he knows of one that needs not raise a hand to inflict damage. The woman that he fought his first fog monsters with, that is the one that impressed him, not to say he didn't think Kotal could wring him out in a fair fight. He looks away from the scene and closes his eyes continuing the attempt at stifling his laugh, his toothy grin showing all that needs be said about what he thinks of the 'destroyer of the world concept. He was actually glad that he got to be here to see this. Food and a show, things were looking up today

Minu looks around the room again and frowns some. When her eyes light on Urus she scowls. The little elf strides over to the big mercenary and kicks him in the shin with one dainty foot. "That is for slamming the door in my face you great furry lummox. Next time watch what your doing." She turns then to face the other and sighs and actually looks at the food laid out before them on the table. Her stomach growls rather loudly and makes it known that the little elf had been rather to focused on her research of the problems at hand to bother to eat much in the last few days.

She hugs the rolled paper to her chest again and shakes her head "No Kotal, you are WAR, the god of war, the embodiment of all that is war both good and bad. I am speaking of the ONE, she who would unmake man and call it paradise, she who would bring an end to strife and suffering by offering oblivion." Minu looks around and sees that her ramblings have not brought forth understanding and she sighs.

"Ok..I guess its better if I start from the beginning. So those of you who were in the battle in the fog, you know of that strange paper we found. It mentioned a time before time and the birth of a GOD, one who would make a paradise for mankind, to take away suffering and strife , one who gave man many gods and angels to follow and lead us on her path. Before she could open this gate to paradise she grew to weak to continue and so she went dormant waiting to gain strength with the prayers of man to come again. It was this GOD we called on to stop the fog monsters. Do you remember the witch yelling "she will destroy all??" I didn't think much of it till I woke from that and I had...THIS" she waves the rolled up paper around again.

After carrying Minu's books back to the desk, Kotal takes a seat and watches all present, nodding at Rayne and Serenity both when they thank him for the food and/or tell him to not freak out so much in the future. That is noted at least, but it doesn't look like Kotal makes any promises about not going full ham with things. He's a deity after all, he sort of just -can't- go epic with things, even if its as menial as cooking dinner for everyone.

Ah, but there is one thing he can do.

It is night and Kotal can't tap into the sun, but he does keep a fair amount of sun power stored in him in the case of emergencies.

When Rayne expresses her woes about now needing to wait for her hair to dry, the Aztec raises a palm and shines sunlight on her to instantly dry her hair and clothing. Presto!

Hopefully that'll make up for him drawing her out of the shower.

Unfortunately, things are not so amicable with Urus. Kotal is visibly scowling when the Hyena man begins to act so disrespectful with others, to the point he's visibly giggling in mockery. The Aztec's eyes grow dangerously sharp and it looks like he's about to stand to at the very least slug one into Urus to get some sense into him. But, fortunately for everyone, Minu beats him to the punch and swings a kick at the gnoll like man. Kotal nods, satisfied. "You really ought to show more respect, boy." Oh now he's just sassing the hyena man. "You will run into others that are not as forgiving as me." Namely, Minu, from the looks of things.

Speaking of Minu, Kotal can't even dig into one tamal before she goes into a long rant of doomsaying, claiming that end is upon us all and that all may be lost already, or some such, honestly she speaks a bit too quickly for Kotal to get must of that. Though he does nod when she calls him War. "Yes, that is me. I am War." As he had not made that evidently clear numerous times before.

He crosses his arms and listens, reclining on his chair as Minu goes more into what lays ahead, frowning profusely. "Minu, I understand this is of great importance, but you are not making yourself clear. What does this God have anything to do with the fog? How does this help us get rid of it? And additionally, how is it that we all woke up on our beds after we defeated that witch?"

Then Minu is waving a piece of paper at everyone. "What is that?" He asks, still frowning.

Rayne, perceiving the start of growing tension between Urus and Kotal, starts inching away from the hyena hybrid when her hair is suddenly dry again. "Oh! Uh, I was just going to use a spell of my own, but thanks!" she says with a slightly nervous twinge. Her attention through all of this is still primarily on Minu, however. eems to be staying out of any disagreements by making a show of surveying the spread. In fact, Ren spots the sealed ceramic crock that Kotal has left nearby on the table and is inclining rhinophores toward it when Minu's explanation catches the attention again. "I do hope we have a choice of spiritual powers here," Ren remarks uncertainly to Minu. "I would prefer one that supported neither oblivion nor periodic appearances of people-eating monsters." Ren doesn't mention the option of one that prefers being honorable about butchery. "But do you have any information on how we could even choose our fate, supposing we found a suitable ally? I am feeling rather powerless in comparison to some here."

As the elf nails his shin the smile vanishes as he just gleams at her in a 'I hate you' sort of look. He takes his middle three claws and spikes tamale, and drops it on his plate, Hoping that the food will be better than the one piece of company. He murmurs in disagreement as he picks apart the food, searching for the meaty bits inside. "you know, you could saved lot of trouble of bringing me over by saying, 'free food' now no offence but do you" and before he finishes he hears Kotal's 'I am war' statement. And suddenly a burning question pops up. "You are god of war. So why let me die? I mean did you really want me here or were you on break?" he asks pryingly. As he stabs yet another piece of meat out of its masa shell he mockingly prays "Oh war god please entreat us with your wisdom on subject." He then looks over to the slowly fleeing phoenix and states "you can join conversation any time, by the way, when you are bird, you are magnificent."

Minu looks like she is about to simply pop right out of her skin. She has spent days on this research. There are holes the size of Kotal in her findings though and its got her on edge. Not to mention a lack of eating and sleeping. She offers a narrowed eyed look back to the hyena that matches him hate for hate. Kotals patronizing tone when he assures that yes, he is war, nearly brings the little elf to tears. Shoving her glasses up her nose she looks to Rayne and then Ren with a forlorn sort of expression that nearly begs for help. Rubbing the bridge of her nose the little elf reaches over to the stack of books and pulls out a smooth piece of paper with small neat writing on it "here is what was writen on the paper from the battle. I did not seem to bring the paper itself back with me but I have a very good memory for things I read so I simply wrote it down so I could research it. I do no know fully the connection between this ONE and the fog but clearly SHE has power over them or they would not submitted to us through prayer to her. Now as to this" She opens the other paper "this I think tells us how we are to fight...the ONE. Could someone clear a space so I can sit theses down or would you rather I read them to you??"

  1. 1 From the fog battle, found tacked to a post.

In the beginning, people had nothing Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred They fought endlessly, but death never came They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire

A man offered a serpent to the sun and prayed for salvation A woman offered a reed to the sun and asked for joy Feeling pity for the sadness that had overrun the earth, God was born from those two people

God made time and divided it into day and night God outlined the road to salvation and gave people joy And God took endless time away from the people

God created beings to lead people in obedience to Her The red God, Xuchilbara The yellow God, Lobsel Vith Many Gods and Angels Finally, God set out to create Paradise, where people would be happy just by being there

But there, God's strength ran out, and She collapsed All the world's people grieved this unfortunate event Yet God breathed Her last She returned to the dust, promising to come again

So God hasn't been lost We must offer our prayers and not forget our faith We wait in hope for the day When the path to Paradise will be opened

  1. 2 Found beside Minu when she woke after the battle.

In the beginning there was nothing but war. Endless suffering and meaningless conflict, people ached for death to save them from their pain, and so they fought in hopes to find an end to their misery. But death never came and their torture seemed eternal.

When time and day and night were formed, war continued to exist, but it -along with the people- changed. With the loss of life now being possible, war became an exhilarating thing for humanity, as it became at long last the tool they wished to escape their suffering. Entire civilizations rose and fell by war, with hundreds of societies all across the world created for the sole purpose of mastering warfare.

Eventually, war too became aware of his existence, and he gained life, becoming a god.

For as long as humanity existed, war and conflict would persevere.

But with the return of god, war feared. For god had promised to banish all suffering, wipe away all sadness, and bring humanity to her fold where they would live in perpetual harmony in paradise.

Even war knew not if the prophecies were true, as he knew that erasing all existence would mean nothingness for humanity, not eternal bliss.

There was only one thing that was certain for war.

If god were to end humanity, it would also mean his end.

Because without life, there is no conflict, no struggle to survive. There would be no war.

And so it was that where god was once created to put an end to war. Now, an eternity later, war will rise to stop the return of god.

Kotal simply nods to Rayne's thanks. It is the least he can do, well, besides the large feast he prepared for everyone. He really ought to consider expanding his domain outside from just war and delve into the culinary. That food took entirely way too long to make.

On the topic of food, he notices Serenity moving towards the ceramic jars and motions for her with his hand. "Ah, yes, Serenity. I made some special fermented food for you. I hope you will find it your liking since I am still somewhat unclear on what is your source of sustenance."

He does note that Serenity clearly didn't mention as /him/ like an acceptable deity to rule over this realm. In fact, Kotal was looking rather expectantly at Serenity, as if waiting for her to go and mention him. When she doesn't, he just sort of stares at her and drums his fingers. How low the mighty has fallen when he can't even inspire Serenity. Why, he used to rule over an entire dimension and now he can't even make a fluorescent mollusc look up to him.

For that matter, Urus seems equally unimpressed with him, and even openly questions his godhood. That's the problem with being the god of war. The only way to actually prove his power is to use it, and that almost always leaves someone very very dead. A bit counterproductive as far as he's concerned. It's something that he makes perfectly clear to Urus as he starts wolfing down the food.

"I am War." He states again, like there is still some doubt about this. "Not Life, not Death. It is not my concern whether you live or you die, I exist merely to ensure that you fight."

In the end, even though he seems firmly aligned with the forces of good here, Kotal is..


He's not a nice guy.

Noticing that Urus is completely vulnerable when he's chewing on a tamal, there's a flash of movement and then there's Kotal hand reaching over the table to grab the hyena man firmly by the snout with a vice like grip. More than just grabbing him, Kotal's palm begins to glow with the heat of the sun itself, though its just so Urus gets the sensation that the palm is about to become searing hot. A show of force, that Kotal could boil Urus' jaw before ripping it off if he felt so inclined.

"Perhaps next time you can try praying to me, mortal." Says Kotal staring at Urus' eyes with glowing orbs that resemble miniature suns.

Before the Aztec could perform a Fatality right there and then, Minu perks up and continues to explain her findings.

The Aztec releases Urus and clears a space for the owlette elf to put her things down and look at them over. This is a time for business and the sharing of thoughts, he will not allow Urus to ruin it for him nor anyone.

Kotal glances at things over and reads them through, falling silent afterwards and resting his chin on his knuckles looking very pensive. He looks perturbed.

Rayne raises an eyebrow at Urus' interaction with Kotal, and the inching away increases in intensity. She seems slightly distraught by the direct talking and complimenting of her so soon after Urus mocks Kotal. "Um... thanks? Can we... not antagonize the seven foot tall heavily muscled man with a weapon designed to tear flesh rather than cut it?" But it seems her warning is a bit too late, and he's already gained a seared muzzle from the God of War. With a sigh, she moves to the table to look over the scrolls. "This is all really... Grim. I can't really make much in heads or tails of it if it's supposed to be a clue... It looks to me to just be a myth or something. My real question is... Who are the red and yellow gods? Does anyone recognize these names, specifically?" She doesn't seem keen on attempting to pronounce them.

Serenity nods in Reply to Minu's look. Then the rhinophores wilt under Kotal's stare; rather than look back uncomfortably, Ren leans over to examine the new intelligence. It's while Ren is busy reading that Urus is threatened. "I'm afraid that I'm not seeing anything like a solution, unless this is intended to be one of those 'two disasters and the narrow path between' stories. Perhaps it looses something in the translation?" Ren then looks up to notice the more immediate problem and quickly flows back from the table in alarm to give Urus and Kotal some room.

As he looks back to get the gods answer he is unamused with the results. The gods flash of movement into immediate action surprises him, although he has seen this once before. As kotal grabs onto his muzzle he shouts " hey what are you gneaaaaaaah! As the god toasts his fur and burns his hide. As the god lets go he gently grabs at the spot where the smell of newly burnt fur is now wafting. Even in his pain he is able to get a joke in, albeit sounding weird now that he is attempting not to use his nose. "aww now I neow where she gets it" Looking at the elf standing there in complete innocence. He gets up and surveys the papers. He gives a strong inhale through the nose. As he holds the table, leaning on it he says "end humanity, end war. Yeah not seeing problem" as he looks up and sees the actualy worried faces of the rest of the group. "well look at serenity, look at me look at little bird" the last said with a sigh. "we are not exactly human. And between little bird and I there is plenty of conflict." He would have laughed at that had he not just been toasted and standing near a vicious 4 foot elf.

Minu blinks at the sudden action between Kotal and Urus. The scent of singed fur makes her nose wrinkle. The little elf sighs. She could be pleased at the hyenas correction but right now she is more concerned over her research and what they are going to do about all this. "These demons are all relatively speaking, human. What if they are some how changed humans? This first paper tells of the GOD being brought to life originally by the plea of humans and certain rites. But this second one speaks of War coming to life as well so clearly these are both living gods. If this ONE comes she must be fought. This second paper clearly says War would be the one to fight HER. Where or when I do not know but...it seems Kotal and all his Godness is going to be needed to stop this."

"Red flower." Mutters Kotal suddenly as Rayne wonders if anyone recognizes those names. "That is what Xuchilbara stands for, a name I have not heard in nearly an eternity. That was the name of an old goddess I knew, and I have not seen her for what feels like entire life times. I do not recognize the other name though."

The Aztec reclines on his chair for a moment in deep thought as he seemingly tries to recall events from long past. Eventually, he leans forward again and exhales, fist clenching lightly against the table.

"It is clear to me now that there are events of my existence I do not remember, for I was not always the god of war. There was a time when I was naught but a mortal."

"It was the Eldergods that granted me the title of god of war, but that does not mean that war had not existed before I did. It appears, I may be.. older than I remember then." Its strange to see Kotal looking confused, mostly because he's always wearing that helmet of his and its hard to see his face, but this time its evident that he's struggling to remember something that he wasn't there to witness.

"Serenity." He asks of the frightened mollusc inching away from the table. "Do you remember that crazed moon dancer that came into the agency a long time ago? He claimed that he knew me and that I once fought alongside him against a god that threatened to consume his realm."

"If what he said is true, then I am merely a representation of something that has existed far before I was even born." He chuckles somewhat cynically. "Strange, it is just now that I realize the fine details of my title."

The Aztec pauses again, thinking, fingers drumming on the table. "I know who this goddess is and how she is controlling the fog and its demons." He confesses. "However, I am honor bound to secrecy, I am sorry, but I cannot say anything beyond that until I am certain of a few things."

"But know this. This information gives me the tools I need to challenge her. If she wishes to come and claim Twisted she will find that we shall not go quietly into the night."

"She comes here to fight and to die by our hands!" Kotal SLAMS his palm on the desk, and though he purposely doesn't put enough force to snap it in two, it is enough to cause the entire building to shake. "No longer are we the meek mortals that are naught but pawns to cosmic powers!!"

"Warriors." He addresses all of them, including Urus. "A leader is nothing without his army."

"When the time comes, will you stand by me to face god herself?"

Rayne says, "This isn't about watching our own hide, Urus. This is about protecting the people of this city. And to be frank, I doubt this goddess will actually give a damn what species we are." She then listens to Minu and Kotal's explanaitions with a growing frown. She definitely looks displeased Kotal withholding information, but doesn't say anything on the subject. When the war god slams his palm onto the table, she physically jumps back a few inches. "I...uh... Y-yeah... Sure." Never before has Rayne felt as in over her head as this, but she made her decision to protect the people of Twisted. She frowns, wishing she were a third the warrior her father was, or that she had her mother's military resources."

Serenity regards Urus with a concerned expression, at least until he speaks up again. "Yes, quite apart from the morality of helping fellow people, I tend to think that 'humanity' directed at a human-only culture likely means 'people'." Ren pauses at Kotal's reminder of the visitor. "Ushiwaka did make some sort of cryptic prediction about Amaterasu being in a 'flower war', as well. But again- cryptic." With the table-slapping, Ren 'jumps', shrinking momentarily. His words don't seem any more comforting, though, and Ren doesn't leap to promise anything.

When the group dismisses the idea of taking care of themselves he sighs a bit and thinks about his current options. He raps his claws on the table unintentionally emulating the god. When the god asks for Urus to join him, he thinks. All the others seeming to be in on the plan. But he decides that it could be worth It, for a price. "I will stand by you on two conditions" pausing for effect. "One, I want to be paid, up front this time, no more of these unnecessary meetings he says looking at Minu. And two, healthcare is included" he says as he rubs the new hand shaped burn on his muzzle. He raises his eyebrows as he waits for Kotal's counteroffer or acceptance.

Minu's eyes narrow as she listens to Kotal. She frowns and the tiny lady puffs up as if she were going to explode "Your holding back information?! You expect us to share all we know to save the world, to help you,..to fight..and your holding back information?! What a giant ...crock!" She actually hops as she says this. The smack to the table may have startled everyone else but the little elf just glares at him. "I am a librarian , Kotal...not a warrior. What shall I do...jab this God with a pencil?? Smack a label on her from my P-touch? If I am to be of any use at all I need information I need use what I have to do the job and that is my mind, the Great Scribe knows I am to small for much else."

So, it seems that Kotal has their support.

Or at least.. Rayne's. Everyone else either doesn't say anything, claims they can't, or asks for something in return.

Not exactly the glorious defensive crew that the god of war hoped to assemble to fight for the future of Twisted.

But, he'll have to make do with what he has. "Thank you, Rayne." He says to the rainbow haired girl first as even a third of a warrior is better than nothing at all. As for Urus, Kotal doesn't respond directly, he just digs into one of his belt pockets and pulls out a check for a hefty sum of money addressed to hyena man. "Here's your blasted money." Mercenaries, how does Kotal loath them, and yet it's a can't live without them, can't live with them sort of situation for the god of war. "If you want more then you will have to fight for me." It's as simple as that. No promises about there being no more meetings, Kotal reserves that right for himself.

Which brings us to little Minu and her claims. Kotal actually smirks amicably when Minu calls him a giant crock, its almost kind of endearing, kind of little when Minu was first biting his finger in owl form-except with less blood involved. "Rest assured, Minu. All shall be explained in due time. If I could I would tell you all I know, and I will at some point, but you must understand that there are codes I will not break."

All that is well and done said, and yet Minu brings a very fair point, what can she do if she's not a warrior? "Well, you could vote for me." Wait, what?

"This is something I have been discussing with Serenity for quite some time. Diablo has done nothing to help this city and I am sick and tired of running its defense whilst simultaneously jumping over his hurdles."

"Tomorrow I will seek him out and force him to open a new Twisted council. Only then will we have the means and the power to truly stand against these threats."

Yep, its official, Kotal is running for office.

Rayne nods to Serenity. "Yeah, I think your point on that definition of humanity is spot on." Minu's outcry, she remains silent, despite having a less extreme version of the same feeling of being left in the dark. Kotal's last revelation would cause her to do a double take were she not already looking towards him. "You can balance both that and running TASK at the same- oh, right, god of war. I'd assume that includes tactics and logistics, doesn't it?"

Serenity doesn't remark on the points raised by Minu but nods along with them, looking unimpressed by Kotal's response (or perhaps just its delivery). But Ren 'blinks' at announcement of intent to run for office. After Rayne's concerns, Ren eventually collects enough coherent thought to remark, "I certainly applaud the democratic intent, but does the town have the social infrastructure to be conducting fair popular elections?"

At Minu's remark at not being a warrior, he looks at minu incredulously. " you are not warrior? I call bulshovic! You have bit my nose, kicked me in shin, and stuck a knife someplace sacred, just take the joy and annoyance you get hurting me and refocus it." When Kotal hands him the check he smiles, "ok, now we are getting somewhere!" he looks in admiration of one that is solid on his deal. "Ehh," he says "working with you is lowering lifespan already. How much worse can it get" in saying this he obviously has never heard of murphy's law. Then comes the talk of council. "Ugh, politics. Tell you what. You do what you wish in that area and if you need something dead, you call yes?" he stands, his left hand over the top of his weapon. "we will be waiting Mr. Kahn" showing the god more respect in the one small sentence than he has in the past week. He wonders to himself why the sudden change, is it the burn or the paycheck talking. He settles on it being a bit of both.

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