2015-09-27 - On the Subject of Councils

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On the Subject of Councils...

Summary: The plan for a new Council is finally shared with Diablo, and he seems less than thrilled.

Who: Alucard, Senior Diablo, Setsuna
When: September 27th, 2015
Where: Town Hall

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Town Hall - Arena(#4390R)
Referred to as 'the Arena' by citizens of Twisted, the center of the Town Hall is a large sandy area surrounded by tall pillars which hold up the angled celing overhead. The arena area is actually about ten feet lower than the rest of the building with a stone walkway beneath the pillars allowing people to stand and look down at whatever events may be hosted at the time. From the North and South are stone steps leading to the two main entrances of the building. The one to the South leads back to the main street of Twisted, the one to the North leads to the TASK building.

Often times people have asked why such a parthenon-looking structure would be named the Town Hall, at which point Senior Diablo would simply smile and walk away leaving it to the imagination. Hanging from the pillars are colorful banners representing the season, viewable only from the inside of the building.

An interesting feature of the building is that the area around the sandy arena is somehow protected against attacks. Meaning if a fight where to break out in the arena itself, anyone standing along the walkways would be completely safe should the fight get out of control. Because of this seeing people wildly testing their abilities here is not uncommon.

Senior Diablo smiles as the doors to the Arena are slammed open. Things are going so well for him lately. TASK is earning their keep, people are being both placed in danger and protected. The balance is maintained. Likely someone is about to come in and yell at him some more, as so many seem to be doing lately, and he gets to impart his wisdom over them and gloat about how the people of Twisted are finally standing up for themselves. He listens as the footsteps come closer as someone marches down the stairs and onto the sandy floor of the arena. The crunching as they get closer and closer. Ready for whatever may come Diablo makes his presence known, turning to face the newcomer...

"...dead scream!"

In a flash of purple light the Devil feels his body being attacked from multiple points, as if an army had suddenly assaulted him at the same time. The force of the blows knocks him backwards and the demon soon finds himself laying on the sandy floor of the Arena in a daze. The skies over Twisted begin to darken as his powers spread forth rising with his rage as he pulls himself back together and demands, "WHO DARES-!" He doesn't get any further as to his shock he sees the Senshi of Time standing before him, her Garnet Staff pointed directly at him. "S-Setsuna? How?"

The Senshi glares down at the ruler of Twisted coldly. Her eyes taking on the look of a killer. "Senior Diablo, I have watched your rule over the world of Twisted and I have listened to the cries and worries of the people who reside here. You have overstepped your bounds as a protector and something will be done about it."

Diablo returns her glare as he finally pulls himself to his feet. "You DARE to come and attack me and speak of overstepping -MY- bounds? I have done what's best for Twisted! I have done what's best for its people!!"

Setsuna doesn't let him finish his rant before cutting him off, "BEST FOR IT'S PEOPLE?!? YOU! You orchestrated the return of Christabella and put everyone who resides here at risk!"

The Devil takes the opportunity to interrupt her this time, "ONLY AFTER I MADE SURE THERE WAS A FORCE TO COMBAT HER FIRST! I've left NOTHING to chance and I've done ONLY what needs to be done for the greater good!!"

The Guardian of Time shakes her head, finally easing back her staff to lean on it. "You've been selfish and you've taken these people's lives for granted!!" The look on her face makes it clear she has more to say on this matter but instead she holds her tongue as shadows begin to stretch out of every surface. With a cold chill and a low hanging fog, Diablo's bodyguard Alucard makes his appearance with his gun drawn and aimed at the Senshi.

Diablo only holds up his hand for the No Life King to hold back. The vampire scowls as he lowers his weapons. Senior Diablo takes a step closer to Setsuna and holds up his hands to imply that he is unarmed. "Tell me then, Lady Setsuna, what do you propose? Did you come here to declare war with me? Are you here to see me thrown from power? Maybe you'd like my seat for yourself?" A sly smile plays over his features as he speaks realizing the position he's placed her in.

Setsuna's expression simply goes blank. "No." The corner of her mouth hints at a sly smirk as Diablo narrows his eyes. "I've come to relay the opinions of the people. No longer do they want to see you acting alone and deciding these matters on your own."

Senior Diablo gestures to the empty seats surrounding the arena. "This is an open forum, ANYONE has always been allowed to come and speak their peace or vote on whatever change they require. They don't need YOU to abandon your duties to speak to me."

The Senshi doesn't bother to look away as he tries to distract her, instead she waits for him to stop talking and carries on. "Those people have spoken. You will have to answer to a Council once again, Senior Diablo - this time one that you do not hand pick for your own benefit."

The rage building inside the Devil is almost palpable, and the show of him trying to keep it controlled is obvious enough to make Alucard begin to snicker. "A NEW Council? I suppose you've already considered the daunting task of choosing one? Who is to be first then, hmm? The Maniac perhaps? That arrogant Caliga? They are already contractually bound to me in some form or another. Maybe tell Dante to come back out of hiding to speak to me when he cannot even speak for himself?"

Sailor Pluto's smirk becomes more obvious when she responds with a name, "Kotal Kahn shall be the first member of the new Council."

His rage reaches the point where the entire 'Town Hall' begins to shake before he can contain himself. "Kotal... Kahn...? The delusional warlord who thinks himself a God of War across the multi-verse because he was given the title by the Elder Gods of HIS universe? Surely you are MAD."

The Senshi only smiles wider. "Obviously the only one here who's mad is yourself. He will be the first, but he will not be the last. I will choose them myself if need be." Turning away she begins to leave, letting the devil simmer in his rage. However she pauses at the base of the steps and looks back over her shoulder, "Take no actions against him, Senior Diablo. I have accepted the position of Guardian over the world of Twisted. You WILL be seeing me again."

"Oh-ho! I LIKE her!" Alucard smiles even after Diablo glares at him with fire literally in his eyes. "I know, I know. Bros before hoes, but wow. I'd love to handle that hoe all night long if you get what I'm saying!" Diablo marches past him wanting nothing more than to hide somewhere alone until he can control his rage, of course Alucard doesn't care in the slightest. "...and by that I mean I want to have SEX with her. Not that I think I CAN have sex, but if I could..." The Devil turns and stares at him with a look of defeat in his eyes. "A-A-A-L-L-L-L night long!" Nope, that's it. Diablo just fades out as he retreats somewhere where he can't hear the vampire's voice or the laughter that echoes out of him as the Devil runs away.

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