2015-10-02 - Are You My Mommy?

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Are You My Mommy?

Summary: Morgana meets again with little Flandre to learn just what exactly is wrong with the vampire girl. Her findings may surprise you.

Who: Flandre, Morgana
When: October 02, 2015.
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Flush with the strong blood of Muradin and a belly full of squid, the siren made her way from the sea to the land. She left her lover resting peacefully safe in her grotto, coming out, to follow an urge. She had not been able to stop thinking of the living vampire child. She remembered all to well how Kotal had shown her pictures and had asked if it was she who had killed so indiscriminately. Something about the child reminded her of another and called to her in odd ways she , herself did not understand. She made her way through the dark midnight streets of Twisted, having paused briefly to trade a small bag of pearls for a paper bag full of brightly wrapped candies. It was a clear night and so no worry of the fog demons. As she made her way, she lifted her voice and thought of the child. Her song came out in crystalline notes, long and searching. She had not used this song in a long time. One aimed directly at a single being. One meant to summon one single soul. She pour that song through the night calling to the child , the hypnotic strains urging the young one to come to her. The feeling one of promise, the child would find pleasure here.

No matter how powerful she may be, Flandre Scarlet is mentally still very much a child, and thus susceptible to anything that would affect a kid. Like the legendary Pied Piper who drew children away from their village with an irresistible song, somewhere in one of the dark crevices of Twisted, Flandre heard a song just for her, a song full of promise, and joy, and fun. A party just for her! She had to go- and honestly- she had nothing better to do anyway.

It didn't take long. Seen in the distance of the night sky, a small object is seen flying towards Morgana. Flandre's signature crimson dress and colorful rainbow wings marking her as being the Scarlet Devil's sister long before she's well within view. One even has to wonder if that's the purpose of those artificial looking wings, to warn people she's coming.

And arrive she does. The girl daintily lands on the ground with a cheerful step of her mary jane shoes and begins skipping happily towards Morgana. Her crimson eyes full of wonder and excitement, her mouth open in a wide grin that inevitably show her vicious fangs. Why, Flandre doesn't even seem to recognize Morgana, she's like a kid running towards an amusement part, happy and giddy and giggling all the way.

For the record, her dress is looking awfully dirty and untidy and she's got dry blood smears everywhere. She's not been taking good care of herself since Morgana last saw her.

Morgana had taken up a seat beside the fountain as she sang. The sounds of splashing water offering her its own manner of comfort. She could have called the child to the sea but thought this little hidden place would be safer from prying eyes. The sirens dark hair falls in loose waves around her shoulders, falling over her breasts and down to her waist both front and back. She wears only a loose linen shirt, three sizes two big in the body but barely long enough to cover her to the thighs. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and she is bare foot. Dangling around her neck is a loosely looped double strand of pearls. As she sings and the child comes, she can feel the other tainted one at a distance. As she flies Morgana sings bringing her closer. When the child lands the siren tilts her head to the side regarding her appearance. "My greetings to you young one. Thank you for joining me here in this place."

A good thing that Morgana opted for this place rather than the sea. Though the siren doesn't know this, Flandre is very susceptible to what can be considered traditional vampire weaknesses and can thus not cross moving water. Had Flandre answered Morgana's call and dived into the water she could have very well drowned-- for being such a monstrously powerful creature she can be surprisingly frail.

Flandre's own taint is noticeable almost instantly too. Another drawback of having such an uncontrollable power is that she can't hide it even if she tried. As the girl approaches, Morgana will feel the familiar scent of dry blood on the girl, her dark aura and that flaring red magic that seems to make all of her.

Flandre on the other hand is far less aware of her surroundings. She can smell, and taste and see Morgana well enough, but she doesn't seem to recognize her at all right up until she speaks. "Hiiiii-- uh oh!" The girl balks once she's close enough to Morgana to see who it is. "Aaah! Hello!" Her jaw clenches as she leans back just a little, as if afraid that Morgana might try to pounce her. "Morgana, right?" She laughs nervously. "Are you still mad at me for the other day? It was an accident, I didn't mean to give you a boo boo!"

The siren is as always, watchful, aware, and predatory. She is not and never has been human. She is a creature wholly different regardless to what she may look like. She is still sitting though as the little vampire child comes to her and the worry on Flandres face is answered by a soft shake of her head "I am not angry small one. You could no know the tree would make such a mess and cause harm. I would think though you should try not to squeeze any more eyes while we are together this evening. I brought you a gift. I wanted to see you , to talk to you again. We are not so different you and I and since there are so few like us, we should be ...friends. Do you not think so?" Morganas voice is soft and musical, her tone almost sing song and yes she is quite intentionally adding those soothing tones , those controlling tones on the small vamp.

Flandre has never been a human either. That's not the problem though. Her problem is that she's never been an adult, and being stuck in the body of a child for over 500 years has certainly pulled quite a number on her. She reacts as a kid does, speaks like one, and certainly thinks like one too, so naturally her first reaction when seeing Morgana is to think that she's going to be scolded. "Uh huh, yeah! I didn't know it was gonna go boom like that!" Actually, Flandre did know that exploding things usually lead to people around her being hurt, but if Morgana doesn't wanna pin the blame on her then she's going to graciously accept! Kind of how like a child would too. There's no inherit evil intentions about her, Flandre's driving desire seems to be just to not to be grounded and sent to her room. Its clear that Flandre doesn't even realize what she does is wrong half of the time.

"Phew!" The blond haired girl gives a sigh of relief when Morgana says she's not angry with her and she nods rapidly agreement. "Yep! No squeezing eyes tonight! I promise!" At least there's that and now Flandre is all winsome smiles again. "Yaay! I really want to be friends with you, Miss Morgana! I've never met another vampire like me besides my sister! I have so many things I want to ask you!"

Things that are probably going to have to be saved for later, since Morgana has brought a peace offering a long which greatly intrigues the child. "Oooh! A gift for me?? What is it??" She asks and innocently treads closer to Morgana, being her overly trusting self.

Morgana watches the child with those knowing preditory eyes. Oh it would be easy to lash out and collect the child. She came so easily, so trustingly. Morgana had no dark intentions though. She was honest in her desires to know the child better. "When I saw you last you said you liked candy. I have never eaten it myself but, I found some things I thought looked bright and colorful and sweet." She lifts the bag and rattles it toward the child. "I wish you to sit with me, talk with me. I want to know of your guardian and what she is like. Where are you making your nest here in Twisted? I want to know of your past. How did you come to be? How old are you. Not as old as I , if I am correct in how you feel. We need to talk some about your hunting. You are in danger small one, there are those who do not understand us or how the urge to feed drives us."

Giving their complete trust is what children of Flandre's apparent age do. She's never had any reason to fear anything living in her cozy home and thus doesn't even begin to understand the concept of someone not being completely honest with her. That much has been changing ever since arriving to Twisted, though it is still too slow of a change for Flandre to think that Morgana might be planning some foul play. Besides, Flandre has always been a notoriously slow learner and would have problems figuring that out for a while even if someone was actively teaching her. Thus she heedlessly dives for Morgana's bag without considering the consequences of her actions.

"Oooh!! Candy!!!" Thankfully for her, Morgana's desires are sincere. One upside of being such a kid is that she's quite a connoisseur of candy and sits up next to Morgana as she starts to name all the types of candy she recognize. "Peppermint! Chocolate truffle! Carambar! Jordan almonds! Jawbreakers! You got all the good ones!" She's more than pleased and starts gorging herself with a voracious appetite that only tainted ones can posses. She rips through them just like she did that poor helpless waitress that faithful night she and Morgana met. "Hmmffgsfssg" Not surprisingly, Flandre has very childish table manners and tries to speak with her mouth full, though she eventually manages to swallow and grins up to Morgana with her lips stained full of candy. "I'm.. Five hundred and six years old!" She boasts holding up ten fingers and wiggling them. "I know because I counted!"

"I came here with my nanny Meiling when this lady named Yukari Yakumo threw us here because I was breaking all her things. Sis told me to break them all you see? But Yukari didn't want that and opened one of her gaps when I was going to break her. Next thing I know Meiling and I were here! Meiling is really pretty, she's tall and strong and with long red hair. You'd like her! Plus she tastes pretty good when I need to have a bit, but I seldom drink from her since I don't wanna hurt her. She's my favorite toy and I take good care of her!"

But who is this Meiling and why is she never around when Flandre is about? That seems to tie in with Morgana's next concerns. "Oh, well, we don't have a house yet, and Meiling has been trying to find one. I've just been running around in the meantime trying to find things to eat. I've never had to hunt for food before! Back home, my maid Sakuya brought all the food for me. Hunting is really hard, and there's these icky things that come with the fog too that I can't eat, they taste hooooorrible! Even worse than garlic!" Looks like even Flandre can't stand the fog either.

"Hm? Why do you think I'm in danger, Miss Morgana?"

Morgana nods her head sagely as the child lists her age. The fact that the girl is over 500 and yet still child like is an interesting fact. But if the brain doesnt grow, perhaps oi can not age? "young one, have you done much growing in that time. You were born to the taint, not bitten or transformed in some other way, surely you are growing. I knew a boy once like you and he grew into a fine man." She looks thoughtful and reaches out to wipe a smear of brightly colored candy off the child chin. "It is good you are careful of your guardian. Those who tend to us deserve our greatest respect and protection. I have a mate who is not one of us and I am very careful with him as well. Your guardian should find you a home. It is better for one so young to be kept some where safe and, clean." The siren reaches into the waters of the fountain and dabbles her fingers again and then lifts them once more to wipe the childs mouth. "You must be careful when you hunt small one, you do not eat the meat of your prey so there is much left behind to tell others of your meal. It makes the non-drinkers afraid. We have to hunt clean and not leave evidence of our actions. You must learn this small one. Other wise they will seek to stop you, to tame or punish you."

"Hmmm." Flandre pensively taps her chin with her index finger and offers no protest when Morgana wipes her mouth with her shirt. For a child of her apparent age its very normal for adults to do that after all.

"I'm not sure!" She says with bright, wide, red eyes. "I don't.. remember." Her blonde eyebrows furrow, struggling to put the fragmented pieces of her memory together. "I don't.. even remember my parents. All I can remember is that I've been in the basement for four hundred and ninety five years. It wasn't until recently that my sister let me out because Reimu and Marisa told her to." Flandre has a very strange way of explaining things too since she's essentially just a kid. She is still understanding what 'context' means.

"Huh, a vampire boy that grew older?" She purses her lips. "That sure sounds interesting! I wish we could ask my sister. She'd know. Or we can ask Meiling! Maybe she knows something about that too!" Clearly, its not a topic that Flandre had ever considered.

Speaking of Meiling, the girl nods in understanding as Morgana reminds her that she should take care of her nanny. "Of course, I take care of Meiling just as much as she takes care of me! I love her very much, even if I do bite her sometimes." It makes her feel kind of bad and she lowers her eyes. "I've just been so hungry lately."

Which brings us to the next topic. Hunting and its dangers. "Oh? Have I been leaving a mess after feeding? I guess I forgot Sakuya isn't around to pick up after me." And that's about all she can say about that topic. Flandre is a -very- sheltered girl that is used to having servants for her every beck and call. It's almost the completely opposite of wild and free Morgana. Flandre just has no understanding why someone would try to stop her from eating, it's just a completely natural thing for her to kill people and feed on them If it's not a member of her household, then it's either food or a plaything.. most of the time its both.

The siren tilts her head as she listens to the childs words. "why were you kept hidden away small one? Was your sister as we are?" She lets loose a long sigh "You are young but if you are strong enough to hunt you are strong enough to understand this simple fact small one. We are dangerous to others and it makes them afraid. If they see our feeding they grow more afraid and those who are afraid will seek your capture at the vary least. I have seen already that those who hold power here know of your feeding. I would not wish to see you harmed. If you must hunt, you must hide what is left. There are ways to make such things...go away."

The topic of why was she hidden is a touchy one for Flandre. She visibly goes crestfallen at the question of her relationship with her sister. "Yeah, sis was just like me, another vampire." She sighs. "And I don't know why she kept me hidden." Then a sad sniffle. "I-I guess.. she was just embarrassed I wasn't a proper lady like her." Given the way she dresses, its likely that Flandre comes from a very high society family. Though then again, a wild thing like Morgana probably wouldn't know anything about society politics and the like.

Flandre looks up, her eyes full of worry when Morgana tells her she'll be taken away. "No! I don't wanna go back to the basement! I like being here!" Also in the verge tears too. "B-But I don't know how to make it go away. No one ever taught me how to hunt." Aaand now she's crying, covering her face with her palms. "Sis wouldn't even let me wash dishes because I'd break them all!!"

Morgana narrows her dark eyes some as the child becomes frantic and starts to tear up. "Why were you kept in the basement young one? I do not wish you contained. You must learn how to be a proper hunter. How do you call your prey to you small one? Do you just smile in your smallness and have them come to you." The siren rises to her feet and gestures the girl to walk with her. "come, we will walk around the lake and talk more. I prefer the water to the land."

Flandre begins to frantically shake her head whilst still covering her eyes, clearly not wanting to talk anymore about that horrible HORRIBLE basement she was in for almost all her life. She's quite emotionally scared this one, and its a testament to Morgana's tender, motherly nature that Flandre hasn't gone into a berserker rage just a the thought of it. Right now Flandre feels more vulnerable than angry and it looks like she just wants to curl up and cry.

"I don't call to them at all!" She says whilst in mid sad sobbing. "I just fly at them and tear their throats out with my teeth because if I blow them up with danmaku there's nothing left for me to eat!! Bwaaaah!!" Poor, poor kid.

She nods though and gets up along with Morgana, one hand holding her bag of candy whilst the other is instinctively brought up to Morgana so she can hold hands with her. Tears are still running down her cheeks and she's sniffling pretty bad.

The idea that Morgana, the pretty shark of Nox is motherly in any way is laughable. She is not warm or soft. She does however add a gentle sing song to her tone as she speaks meant to sooth the emotional child. When that small hand reaches for hers she blinks a moment then curls her fingers around the childs hand. "I do not wish this for you either small one. You must have time to grow and learn how to be what you were meant to be. Now. We should see if there is a way for you to take what you need of these mortals with out killing them. Not that I am against killing but you are small and if you can not eat the whole thing it seems wasteful to take it. You are a pretty child and small ones like you are often looked upon with lack of fear so you could likely use that to bring your prey to you. Instead of tearing them apart." Morgana led the child to the lake and she walked along the soft bank. "What we need to do is find you a place you can safely lure your prey so that if you feed to deep they are easily hidden. First though, we should see if you can call them to you less...forcefully."

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