2015-10-03 - Klaims for Konquest

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Klaims for Konquest

Summary: Christabella finally decides to introduce herself to the person spearheading the Kampaigns against her and to that end she brought along a friend.

And then a long overdo villain returns to Twisted with a special message for Kotal Kahn.

Who: Christabella, Joker, Kotal Kahn, Mileena, Minu
When: October 3rd, 2015
Where: ThE tWisTeD sTReEt

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ThE tWisTeD sTReEt(#3419R)
A cold wind blows as you find yourself standing in the center of Twisted Street. Like always the UR and the Integra's Arms Apartments stand like sentinels on opposite ends of the street, a constant reminder that some things do not change, even here.

However, something about this place feels wrong. The shadows seem to cover more than they should and a strange fog has settled just outside your normal field of vision preventing you from looking farther in any given direction. The road stretching out to the North that normally leads to the Park currently seems warped and faded like an abstract painting.

Now may be a good time to decide which is better. Exploring the world to see what else has changed, or convincing yourself this is a dream and trying to [wake]up?

Once more into the fog. Once more into that place where the monsters thrive. Reoccurring nightmares are one thing, but nightmares that occur while you're awake are quite another. The sirens blaze overhead as the God of War is pulled from one world into the next. Again. Today the monsters are nowhere to be seen in the damp fog. But up ahead the sounds of footsteps on the pavement beckon. From the sound it's a small girl playing a game and humming to herself. Not quite the ravenous nightmares one might expect.


Though unlike his predecessor Kotal Kahn is an avid supporter of strategy in battle, he can go weary of waiting just as Shao Kahn did before him. He is a god of war after all and there is so much maneuvering he can tolerate before battle instincts tell him its time to charge.

When he is again transported to the nightmarish realm of the fog, Huitzilopotchli just took it as an open invitation for Kombat. No Johnny here today, so he figures this is the real deal.

This better be worth his time.

Kotal does not quiver or tread carefully in this realm as most would do when swallowed like the fog.

From the darkness, he is seen approaching, like a radiant beacon of light in an oppressive night. His glowing tattoos and eyes are seen first, pushing the fog away and making way for the statuesque turquoise giant.

Then his figure is seen, heralded by the bright feathers of his eagle helmet and the monster of a macuahuitl he carries resting across his shoulder, as tall and fearsome as any Pyramid Head.

It might almost seem cruel that he's facing against a little girl, though Kotal knows much better than to underestimate the one he has come to know as Christabella.

"It is about time you showed yourself." Kotal's grumble echoes across the foggy streets. His golden light shinning brighter.

"Come and face Twisted's new guardian!"

The monster behind the attack on Twisted... is busy playing hopscotch? The little girl hops a few steps, her shoes clicking loudly on the pavement. This would be pretty ordinary anywhere else but the word HELL scribbled at the end of the board in chalk doesn't make it any easier to accept. At the sound of his approach the girl turns whips her head around, her ebony strands of hair trailing behind.

With all the innocence of a child the little girl smiles warmly at the Kombatant and giggles as a bullet hole appears on her brow and dried blood fades into view trailing down her cheek. Her white dress stained with blood and her intestines exposed. "Oh yes... The so-called GOD. How the fuck are you doing?" Yes. Innocence. Something which doesn't exist in this girl's eyes. "For someone I invited here today, you sure are a shitty house guest. Where's my present?" She can't be serious. "Aren't you supposed to give presents to your hostess?"

"I have your present right here, monster." Let's give Kotal a little credit here, he can't possibly hang out with the likes of Dante and the rest of the DMC crew and not pick up a lot of smack talk.

Unimpressed by Christabella's attitude, the moment she demands for a present, Kotal is bring his macuahuitl forward in a threateningly fashion. "The bite of Cuauhtemoc is the only reward I have for those whom would threaten my city." Oh yes, its /HIS/ city now. The gall of this Aztec. And yet it's what has gotten him this far.

"Leave now and take your forsaken realm with you, or face my wrath."

"This is your only warning."

"Oh yes. YOUR city." The girl sticks out her tongue as if tasting something sour. "It was MY city first." She turns and spins around, her hands reaching up into the air. "But we're not there anymore are we?" She stops spinning, her exposed intestines no longer on display - yet the blood and torn clothing remain. She sings a little as she stops to look up at Kotal Kahn once again. "Weeee'reee in myyyyy ciiiiityyyyyy!" Instantly the sounds of dozens of monsters come to life each snapping and snarling from the shadows, all of them making their way towards the duo.

"So listen here, fuck face. I'M the one who gives the orders here. Not you. Not your little police force or whatever the hell you pretend to be. You think I'd just drag you here just to listen to your empty threats?! I'M A FUCKING GODDESS!" No she isn't. "I MAKE THE RULES! THIS IS MY SECRET CLUB and you... you're just a cheap plastic playing piece the dog is gonna choke on after I feed you to her."

Blatantly ignoring him once again the girl turns and plays another round of hopscotch. Instead of a stone however she throws what is obviously someone's eye - hitting the ground with a wet splotch. "OR, you could join me." She starts to sing again, "I haaave something you waaaaaant." Stomp, stomp, splat. Christabella spins around smearing the eye she's stepped on across the pavement. "So what'dya say? Are we gonna be friends or do I have to tell the nurses to start digging holes for how many pieces my pets are going to rip you into?"


Kotal doesn't even let those monsters get a chance to take a step out of the fog. He's had it up to the crest of his helmet of being ordered around by these lesser deities. He is Huitzilopotchli, and he listens to no one! Not Raiden, not Diablo, and certainly not Christabella.

As those monstrous, abhorrent creatures begin to make their way out of the fog, Kotal is already swinging his macuahuitl over his head and letting loose. The monster of a sword spins sides and out what seems to be its own freaking will, it begins to cut a bloody swath through the creatures, black blood and gore flying out wherever its obsidian blades can find rotting, demonic flesh.

"By the right given to me by the Eldergods, I claim this city as mine through trial of Kombat!"

"You want it back, beast? You will have to go through me."

He spits at the idea of ever joining Christabella. "Absolutely not. I am no pawn in this game, and unlike you, I have something called integrity. A trait I've yet to see in any leader here."

"I will never betray those who have placed their trust in me."

"Besides," That macuahuitl is still flying and spinning even as Kotal talks. "What do you have that could -possibly- interest me?"

Ownership is a funny thing. What can be taken is just as easily seized by superior force of arms, the application of guile, or - as Kotal Kahn himself can tell you - by simply forcing others to do your dirty work. There is no honour amongst thieves, and conquerors are even worse. To take and possess at any cost, that's how power is obtained; and from this, grow tyrants and megalomaniacs.

Kotal makes his furious demand, and the monstrous little girl claps her hands, "Oh it's CHRISTMAS in Twisted Town! Santa Claus brought you an extra SPECIAL present for being such a good boy this year." Her smile vanishes, "And then I burned it alive because you won't quit breaking my fucking toys." Her glare lasts only a moment before she calls back her monsters with a quick gesture. "It's okay though. I got you something anyways. Why don't we take a peek behind door number one?"

The tide of bloodied creatures swells and retreats at the bidding of their dark mistress, and past the scathing blur of the macuahuitl flies a blinding bolt of virulent violet energy. It hisses and spits, the crossguard of the chi-wreathed sai within pulling agsint the momentum of Kotal's swing. It's not such a mighty weapon, by any means - but it's aimed well, and it will offbalance him at least for a moment, forcing him to pay attention--

--when a familiar figure slinks from the shadows behind him.

"Vile Osh-Tekk TRAITOR!"

The tone is harsh, overtly sexualized feminity laced with the promise of murderous intent, drawn ragged by the passionate, almost wild delivery. Sharp stiletto heels click against the street, carrying aloft the statuesque, barbarically-garbed form of Shao Kahn's favourite daughter.


"By what right do YOU claim anything? You have no honour; those who follow you do so because they are afRAID of the POWER you wield! *I* am the one the Elder Gods should favour - the rightful heir to Outworld... and the architect of your doom, Ko'atal." She spits the name with venom, the fabric of her mask expanding with violent disdain. Sickly, feral eyes burn with indignant fury, and then Mileena is charging, a terrible sway of athletic form carrying her just within striking distance of her foe's giant weapon before she is enveloped in foul energy, and reappears past his opposite flank. And above the level of his vision. She descends like a comet, extending for a devastating kick to the Aztec's skull. More violet chi flashes upon impact, lending greater weight to the formidable blow.

"BOW before me," Mileena crows as she vanishes again and lands in an animalistic crouch between Kotal Kahn and Christabella, "And I will save your EYES when I devour your treachorous head, that they might witness the ascension you STOLE from me!!"

That's Konquerors with a K, thank you very much.

It's better.

Christabella's obnoxious threats fall upon uncaring ears. Kotal has heard them all more than enough times and it appears he cares not for any dark gifts Christabella has to offer. He has already made a blood pact with blood gods, older than the Eldergods themselves. What has he not sacrificed already to save his people? All he wants now is for this meddlesome child to shut up, and he plans to do so by ripping her jaw off.

Just as he begins to move there's a flash of recognition that passes through his eyes. "No." He whispers to himself recognizing an incoming chi. "It cannot be!"

But it can.

Kotal reflexively brings his hand up and traps the familiar purple glowing sai. However, doing so comes at a price, at it twists and gets him off balance. "No!!" He says in utter refusal to believe what is happening. "Not her!!"

Anyone but her, really.

The Osh'Tekk clenches his jaw and his golden eyes burn fiercely once he sees that temptress appear from the shadows, moving in that grotesque sensual swagger she was known to do. "Mileena." Kotal speaks that name as if the very mention of it burned his throat. "You are supposed to be dead! D'vorah killed you!"

Surprise as he may be, Kotal doesn't remain vulnerable for long. He came here to fight and no surprises will change that. Twisting his wrist out of the chi laced sai hold, he manages to escape the grapple just in time to see Mileena diving at his head with an extended kick. A move he is very familiar with having fought Mileena countless times, and thus being very prepared for it.

Almost as if he had designed this move to directly counter Mileena's teleporting dive kick, Kotal reaches up with his hands and grasps the half Tarkatan's foot, using her own momentum to the swing her like a club and smash her head first into the pavement. It's the very same movement that he used when Johnny was trying to backstab him. Likely something that Kotal practiced feverishly, precisely for this encounter.

"I don't know what sorcery has brought you here, Mileena. But I will not allow you to ravage this world as you did Outworld! The people I command are not my subjects."

"They are my friends!"

And in cue, Kotal's obedient macuahuitl flies back to his hand, readying himself for true Kombat.

Christabella coughs at Kotal's statement, "Sorcery? Nope. Nope. That was me. Credit where credit is due." Not that anyone is going to be paying much attention to her at the moment. Well, at least she gets to watch some good old fashioned violence for a change. Twisted is such a dull place sometimes.

Kombat, yes. It's been some time for either of them, no doubt; though it feels an age and a half to Mileena, it returns just as naturally. Her fate at the hands of Kotal's bizarre 'First Minister' notwithstanding, she has not diminished in tenacity or toughness. Smashed into the pavement, she growls out a protest and rebounds, the freshly-bloodied nature of her own skull doing nothing to make her less thickheaded. Hurling herself away in a tumble, she ends up crouched where she intended.

Christabella's words do register with Kotal's 'gift', and she snorts behind the mask, casting a flickering sideglance to her fellow abomination. It should come as no surprise that this union brings the approval of Shao Kahn's daughter; she has never loved anything more than violent subjugation. Except, perhaps, the delight of the feast that ensues in its wake... by which abiding lust she immediately turns back toward her Kombatant for the evening.

"You dare tell ME what I am supposed to be?" Snarls the seductive aberration, lifting a hand to toss filthy strands of dark hair from her slitted eyes. Rolling to her feet, long legs guiding her with unerring precision back to a fighting stance, she hisses, "I am *supposed* to be Empress! As I said, you are without HONOUR-- you dismiss your worthy foes too readily, 'Kahn'!"

Suddenly she is surging forward.

"You HAVE no friends," comes her lovely tone as she lunges just out of reach and then flips into a tight aerial leap. "You have no allies!" Her legs glide overhead, one foot coming around aimed not at Kotal himself but at the edge of his primitive protosword. If she can find purchase, she launches into a second flip, more chi bolstering the motion to send her arcing overhead - arms reaching back to draw forth the pair of sai holstered upon her back. She launches them one after the other, rapidly screaming toward the Aztec's torso. "You are no different to I...!"

Her descent begins thereafter, feral gaze seeking purchase with the eyes of the would-be god.

"Except that YOU are a pretender!"

The girl simply smiles watching what she clearly views at her playthings fighting. Moments later a nurse skuttles her way forwards carrying a lawn chair and a box of popcorn. Yes, if you're going to watch a fight do it in style! Once settled Christabella shoos the monster away. She's paid too much to watch this fight after all. "KILL HIM, MILEENA!! MAKE HIM SUFFER FOR HIS BETRAYAL!!" It really doesn't matter what he did and she doesn't care at all if Mileena actually carries out the deed. Really this is just a new source of amusement. Suddenly she sits up with a look of concern towards the direction the nurse had shuffled off. "Hey? Don't I get a drink with this?" So wonderful to see that there are bigger issues to worry about here. With a huff she goes back to watching the fight. Blood blood blood. Yaaaay!

Kotal is /made/ of Kombat. It still doesn't change that he faces his greater rival once more in glorious, but deadly Mortal Kombat.

He pays Christabella's boasts no mind. He /can't/ really. Even a war god can do naught but pay attention to the frenzied beast that is Mileena when she's surging into the attack. That he managed to counter her diving kick is naught but a small respite when the so called 'Heiress' of Outworld taps into her signature Tarkatan endurance and just ignores a blow that would have shattered any other creature's skull.

Kotal readies himself into a Yaomichita fighting stance, and tries to grab Mileena in mid-air as he did before. This time, however, Mileena was aiming to land on the edge of his macuahuitl using it as a springboard to leap upwards and fling chi laced sais down at the Aztec.

"Blast it." The warrior god curses when he sees the treachery of his opponent and brings one hand up to protect himself, earning him a sai piercing right through his forearm and the other one embedding itself into his chest.

Still, it takes more than a punctured arm and a pierced chest to bring down Huitzilopotchli. As Mileena dives down to continue her assault, Kotal uses that same wounded arm of his to summon a burning disc of fire which he then sends upwards like a frisbee to ram it right onto Mileena's stomach. The blow would split anyone else in half, but against the half Tarkatan it'll probably just carry her off a ways away from him.

"I would have followed you." He confesses through controlled breaths to preserve his precious sun energy. "But you were no leader, Mileena."

"At least Shao Kahn was content in seeing us slaughter each other for his amusment! /YOU/ systematically started killing us all! You turned Outworld into your personal all you can eat buffet!!"

"I am nothing like you!"

"I -care- for those under my command!"

"Something your misbegotten heart will never understand. If you even have one!"

For all her venom, there's no disguising the savage delight that Mileena takes from this exchange of blows and wills. Ambitious she may be, and her own underhanded attempts to cling onto power have clearly kept Kotal Kahn on edge even beyond her unfortunate demise, but through the blossoming of her strange womanhood the half-Tarkatan has become a Kombatant to rival any other. Were she undiminished by her insistence on utilising that fell medallion, perhaps they would now be on opposite sides-- she feigning benevolence and justice, duping the delicious cattle into willingly providing their meat.

Or perhaps he knows better than that.

Struck by the countering projectile, Mileena lets out a violent scream and reaches down to wrench worthlessly at the howling disc. She succeeds only in scalding her grasping fingertips, and is driven back across the street. A shopfront abruptly explodes, glass and designer clothing scattering across the street as the former Kahnum is hurled through the window display. A mannequin torso lands a few inches from Kotal's feet, the head tumbling back toward the shattered store...

Where it is promptly swept up by Shao Kahn's daughter. Her clutch is clawlike as she raises it to her face, yanks the mask down with her other hand and then chews upon the foam with her twisted excuse for a mouth. It tastes foul, even to her, and she spits profusely, casting the artifical skull down and then thrusting a stained fingertip at her foe. Blood drips from the wound upon her toned abdominals, but the flesh is already knitting together beneath the gore.

"It is the place of the WEAK to obey the strong, false Kahn! Had the denizens of Outworld been worthy of better, they would have proven themselves to me and been spared. I have the heart and the stomach to RULE, not share my throne with *meat*. What would you do, Osh-Tekk? Nurture them? BREED with them?" With that she slips forth her long tongue and caresses her jarringly-human lips, then the horrific teeth beyond. "Or simply defend them, as you did your own people?"

Sneering, she sashays forward and plants her free hand to her hip, the pointing hand now closing to a fist and drawing back toward her jaw as she delivers a taunting smirk.

"Tell me again, HOW many of your people have survived? Where IS your beloved family?"

Christabella yawns at the talk. "Are you two going to fight or fuck?" Such a mouth this one has! There's no point in dragging this out any further. With a nod of her head the monsters step back from the shadows - all of them reaching and lunging for Kotal Kahn while his focus is broken. One of them, specifically a tall man with a pyramid-shaped helmet bolted on his head, tries to grab ahold of Kotal's arms and restrain him. Several of the dogs with split faces gather on both sides, each trying to grab ahold of his limbs with tentacles stretching out from their severed faces.

Stepping between them Christabella slurps from a styrofoam cup she'd demanded earlier from the nurses. "Mileena, this is fun and all but he'd be just as useful in chains as he would be in pieces. Either way you can still talk his head off." She shakes her head, assuming already that the Kombatant would be overwhelmed. "This game has gotten old already. Agree to help us or get out of our way. Either way you and your stupid 'friends' are getting tagged out, Kotey."

There's no small amount of satisfaction from Kotal when he sees Mileena flying backwards carried by his sun disc, ultimately crashing into a store with a scream and slam of broken concrete and glass.

However, he knew that his relief would be minimal, and is not surprised at all when Mileena -true to her endurance- just walks out looking angrier than ever.

Her taunts strike a cord with Huitzilopotchli as she asks of the ultimate fate of his original people the Osh'Tekk.

"Dead. All of them." He states flatly, fury suddenly burning on his eyes. "Thanks to your father!"

"You will thus have to understand my continued irritation to your lineage."

Mileena's heckling only serves to stir Kotal further, and he begins to advance menacingly towards the so called heiress, ready to continue with the fight. "That is none of your concern!!" He snarls, in the verge of charging. "If you need me to explain to you the responsibilities a leader has to his subjects then you are undeserving to sit in any throne!!"

Looks like fighting it is, though Christabella has other ideas despite her insistence to have Mileena continue fighting Kotal.

"Hrgg!!" Suddenly the Aztec is being assaulted by all sides by monsters, but its the feeling of a Pyramid Head coming behind him which really gets his attention. "Unhand me, loathsome beasts!!"

Really, how many times its going to take for these guys to understand that you just don't and try to sneak up on Kotal? The Aztec warrior reaches behind him and grasps the Pyramid Head by the underside of his helmet, pulling him forward and over his shoulder with the same exact move that Kotal used on Mileena. The warrior god has gotten a -ton- of mileage from that judo throw, so even though its not particularly flashy, there's no reason for him to stop using it since it keeps working to get people off him.

As soon as Kotal gets the Pyramid Head on the ground, he's using the monster's tremendously large body as a club to swing him around and smash the rest of the creatures surrounding him. Flinging the monster around with one hand as if he weighted nothing.

Still, this is really getting bad, even with all his power Kotal would be in serious trouble if he tried to take on Christabella, her minions, and Mileena all the same time by himself, particularly true because he realizes he's in the demon girl's realm. "To the Netherrealm with all of you! As long as I remain in this city, I will never stop protecting it from fiends like you!!"

That's all well and done, but Kotal really needs to get out of here? He's asleep right? So he should just wake up like that one time he did it when Johnny pulled him in here.

The bloodthirsty spirit draws a lustful, husky giggle from Mileena. "Impudent child!" It's close to scolding, but the ripple of mirth through the aberration's tone makes it all too clear she's not about to damn Christabella. Instead she glances back to Kotal with a low, considering murmur, the hand at her hip unfolding fingers like talons to caress the curve of her waistline. As the nightmare horde closes upon her erstwhile foe, she posits, "Is there much of a difference?"

In spite of her own hunger for destruction, the self-proclaimed Empress of Outworld watches with a lazy air as first one lurching Pyramid Head is dealt with, and then the gathered throng dispelled using its bent and battered form. Lips curving, Mileena reaches up to her face and slips the mask back into position before she starts forward at an unhurried saunter. She reaches the edge of Kotal's threat zone just in time to sway away from a flailing limb, dropping gracefully into a squat.

"Perhaps it's time I finished the job my dear, departed father started..." Feral eyes gleaming, Mileena crabwalks around the perimeter, keeping half her attention on the whirling Pyramid Head and picking her moment to explode forth; almost literally, her entire form blazing with violet energy as she tucks into a rapid roll over the pavement. She barely seems to touch the floor, becoming a human cannonball with enough force to propel her clear -through- the mighty Kahn's legs.

As with all their techniques, it would be enough to cripple a lesser being. But not him.

If she can drive him to the ground, Mileena immediately spins to her feet upon the other side, unfazed by her own dizzying motion, and swings out with a rapid combination of kicks; juggling him with a rising knee, then slamming in a sharply-horizontal roundhouse, and finally a flipping overhead mule kick to send Kotal Kahn tumbling into the midst of Christabella's forces.

Almost like she doesn't care how many of them he takes with him.

Christabella steps back as the poor Judgement figment is slammed and tossed around like a rag doll. She's much more a leader than a fighter after all. With her hair slowly beginning rise with the unseen power the child possesses, additional creatures begin to literally crawl down the sides of the half-ruined buildings and out of the rubble directly. Strange monsters made of multiple limbs and mannequin heads much like the one Mileena had sampled. Although she'll never show it, there's a worry in her thoughts. How many more monsters can she bring forth even here? It's not like she can create new ones...

The idea having struck her, the girl smiles. "MILEENA! SAMPLE HIS FLESH!!" The flesh lends to blood, which lends to body, which lends to thoughts! Surely if one such as Mileena can be called forth, there are others she can bring out as well! It's an idea that doesn't bode well in any situation. Maybe Kotal should be focusing on retreating again...?

Minu had been down in the office working away at trying to figure out how to battle and defeat the threat to Twisted. She knew Kotal was upstairs in his room asleep so the place had been quiet for quite awhile. The little elf was busy making notes when there came a loud bit of thumping and banging from upstairs. Roaring shouts brought her head up and caused her to frown. Ok that was just to much. Putting down her pencil the elf marches upstairs ready to tell the blue god off for being so loud while she broke her tush working on this problem. Coming to the head of the stairs she hears more yelling and banging and it sounds as if the war god were having a battle in his bedroom. Throwing caution to the wind she flings the door open. Her eyes fall upon the war god , thrashing on his bed clearly in the grip of a terrible nightmare. Rushing forward, she grabs his arm and shakes him hard "Kotal, wake up! Wake up...get your blue butt back here!!" What if he was fighting demons again and in trouble. She had to wake him. Spying the big pool in the floor she finds an empty helmet and dips it full of water then throws it on the man to wake him.

Busy as he is battling Christabella's minions. Kotal can't quite react in time to Mileena's ground roll. He's caught in mid swing as he throws the Pyramid Head around like a rag doll and stumbles down to the ground as Mileena takes his feet right from under him, though thankfully for him not literally.

Its still enough to get the war god in a very vulnerable position. He slams his hands on the ground to keep himself from going fully prone and turns around, which happens to be just the right time to be received with a devastating knee to the gut. "GAH!" The blow drives him upwards where he's met with a kick to the chin that causes blood to pour out his mouth like a fountain and then another stomp to his torso that shoots him down into a pile of Silent Hill horrors.

Fortunately, Kotal Kahn is considerable girth and ends up flattening the monsters that cushioned his fall, accidentally taking them out. However, with Mileena just getting stronger and stronger, more horrors coming from the shadows, and his own strength diminishing the longer he's away from the sun, things are not looking good for Huitzilopotchli. Could this finally be where he meets his demise!?

"BLUAGH!" There's a gasp from the warrior as he feels himself submerged in water, and suddenly he's back in his room and on his bed, covered in water. "Minu?" He blinks watching the elf girl looking down at him, his breathing heavy. It seems.. it seems he's safe now.

"Ugh.." He collapses back on his bed. "Thank you." So much for him not having any friends. This is what Mileena doesn't understand about being a leader. Fear doesn't work as a way to rule people. A beaten dog may fear you, but the moment that you turn your back he is going to strike.

Its respect that keeps a group together and pull through when presented with hardships like this one.

"In all seriousness though." Kotal mumbles, still unceremoniously sweating on his bed in a very undignified ungodly manner. "No more enchiladas after midnight. I don't care what Rayne says."

They are just not worth it.




"Heh heh heheheheheheh..."



As the Osha'tek Warrior rises, footsteps echo loudly from the stairwell.

As the low laughter continues to ring out from what now seems to be the hallway, the door knob to Kotal's chambers jiggles.





Slowly now the door knob turns, allowing the door to slowly swing open. The first thing to come into view from the hall is a large pink box, with a rather fancy looking bow resting atop it. Only then do those beautiful dark lavender gloves come into view. The black pinstripes upon the much darker purple jacket ripple slightly as the arms gently shake the box, causing the contents to rattle loudly.

"Whoops, didn't mean to shake it that hard!"

The sharp nose, and pale white face of a rather lean man comes into view, with rather unruly toxic green hair. "My dear Kotal, I do believe some introductions are in order, especially since you gave my poor Harley a good lesson in civil order." The man's face twists slightly as the right corner of his mouth slowly crooks into a horrible grin.

"Now, I don't quite like when people put my dear sweet Harley through the wringer like you did, however! Who am /I/ to argue with the law." The box is carried towards the center of the room, then dropped as the man in purple suddenly drops to a low bow. His right arm slowly rises upwards, reaching into the breast of his jacket. A small gray box with a rather short antenna on it is retrieved, with a rather menacing red button resting in the center.

"Oh.. I remember who I am."



"I'm the one, the only.." He suddenly snaps upwards, hand thrust in the air. If Kotal ever thought that the Johnny's eyes were those of a maniac, then on this day, Kotal will learn truly what the eyes of a madman are.



The button is quickly pressed, as the man starts laughing maniacly, only to scream once more, "AND BABY, THINGS ARE GOING TO BE SUCH A BLAST FROM NOW ON!"


He should know better by now.

You're never truly safe in Twisted. Because that's just the kind of place this realm is.

Too disconcerted and considerably exhausted by his battle with Christabella and Mileena, real or not, Kotal could not really react fast enough when a stranger enters his room. A stranger that flared all kind of alarms for the god of war.

"What is the meaning of this!?" He cries out in outrage at the clear madman. At least Johnny was sympathetic enough, but this? thing. This man that calls himself the Joker. His chi signature it's just monstrous. Not in the sense that it was powerful, it just-- it felt wrong, in all kinds of levels.

"How in the hells did you get in here??" No time to ask questions. A bomb would not kill Kotal, but it would Minu who had so helpfully gone up to wake Kotal from his fatal slumber. As the button is pressed, Kotal wraps his arms around the tiny owl elf and uses what's left of his strength to SLAM through the wall of the DMC, trying to get him and Minu both outside.

Oh, right, they're on the second floor, so Kotal just ends up twisting in mid air so that Minu can land on him and cushion the fall for her.

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