2015-10-04 - Aftermath with the Siren and Phoenix

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Aftermath with the Siren and Phoenix

Summary: Rayne comes to grips with recent events with the help of Morgana

Who: Rayne, Morgana
When: October 4th, 2015
Where: The Twisted Street


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Rayne is currently sitting on a bench across the street from the remains of Devil May Cry. She's hunched forward, elbows on her knees and hands over her lower face, and staring daggers at the wreckage. Many passers by are stopping to gawk at the ruined building, but Rayne seems to stare right through them, hardly even blinking.

The bright sun glows on the streets of Twisted. The light offering no possible softening to the bleak scene of the ruined building. Even from a distance the siren can see the odd emptiness of the space where the DMC building should be. Her dark eyes narrow and she pushes a long strand of silken hair back over her shoulder. The wing lifts and catches that silken mass and makes it flair behind her like a banner. Thankfully with the afternoon comes longer shadows and it is in these the siren makes her way. Though she is a living thing and not undead, the taint does make her somewhat more sensitive to full sun exposure. She hurries through between shadows to lessen that exposure. Bare feet make little sound as she pads into the shadow of the apartment building and she spies the rainbow haired woman sitting on the bench. "What occurred here?"

Rayne doesn't move her slightly bloodshot eyes from the wreckage, barely even moves at all. In fact, as her mouth is obscured by her fingers, it's difficult to even see her lips move as she speaks. "Bomb," she says with a deadpan. "Some lunatic carried it in. Set it off on the second floor. Noone's dead, somehow."

Morgana steps out just to the edge of the shadow, right to the side of the bench line. She nods "this lack of loss is a good thing. I would have been most annoyed to find someone had killed off that blue bastard. He is a pain but a worthy pain." She smirks slightly and sighs out in a soft musical way. Her manner is cool and oddly unruffled by the sight of the destroyed building. "this then is the vibration that woke me last night. This...does it have to do with those fog creatures? Are they now exploding?" This perplexes her as its so far from what is natural to her and how she has existed until she came to Twisted.

Rayne shakes her head, the first clear movement seen of her yet. "Don't think so. Some guy had a bomb. Blew it up. Blue got out just before. He saw 'im. Joker." The first time Morgana met Rayne, she had a concussion. The second time, she's in emotional shock. Rayne just doesn't seem to be right in the mind when she comes across Morgana. "No answers. Just questions. Just like always here."

Morgana is freshly fed, and as clear of mind as she has ever been. She is as is her usual recently, dressed in a white linen shirt some three sizes to large for her in the body but just long enough to reach mid thigh. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and she wears a double strand of multi colored pearls around her neck that end just before the rise of her breasts. The siren nods her head "Such seems to be normal for this place. It is more chaotic then Nox and that is saying much. I have not seen you since your arrival. I trust you have been making your way? The lizard thing that came with you, did you slay it?"

Rayne blinks and finally snaps out of her daze as she's addressed in a more personal manner. She turns her head to look up at Morgana and almost seems to notice her for the first time. "Uwah? Uh... Oh, hi... Morgana was it?" She sits up straight now to address her more properly, but still manages to not find her words very well. "Y-yeah, he... Yeah... I did. Um, how have... how have you been?" While not as stunned as before, she certainly still isn't quite right. At least she got one full sentence out, though.

Morgana nods "yes, Morgana. I am glad you succeed against your foe. He was bothersome. This place did not need another bothersome creature." As the sun slowly sinks behind the building, the shadows lengthen and the siren steps out and around so to better see the woman she speaks to. "I have been well. I have fought the fog demons a few times and have been exploring the depths with Muradin. He has made the most useful water armor so that he need not fear drowning. It has been most pleasant. What have you been doing since your arrival? Did you find your place here?"

Rayne nods along, seemingly barely paying attention to Morgana's relaying of her own status, but seems taken aback by her question to Rayne. "Find... my place?" She blinks, then slumps forward again. "Heh. Kinda." She motions with her head towards the wreckage across the street. "In a general sense, but not where within." She shakes her head and looks back up to the siren. "It's... It was kinda bothering me exactly where my place is. But my place doesn't really matter at the moment, does it?" She looks back out to the wreckage again. "Not when from a literal standpoint, the place has gotten destroyed now, does it?"

The sirens head falls back and she laughs musically "the loss of a lair is a sad thing but that is not the loss of ones place or ones self." She lowers her head and actively gathers the scents from the shirt she wears. "you are a warrior, you belong with the war god. Where else would you feel at home? I belong to the sea and I belong to the ones I have chosen. If you have made bonds then it is to those bonds you belong. I spent a very long time alone before I came here Rayne, you learn at such times that it is not to things you belong but to those who also belong to you." Wow...the pretty shark is feeling quite philosophical...who'd have thunk it?

Rayne says, "Heh... where else indeed... This whole warrior thing? Before I came here it was all just hobby and self preservation." She shakes her head. "I'm... I'm not sure I really am the warrior people here think I am. This... this is the first time I've fought for anything but myself, and I just feel like I'm in completely over my head." She sighs and seemingly deflates a little. "I... I was already thinking like this before last night. And here this gets thrown on top of it. I just feel lost. I always just go with the flow, and the flow led me to Devil May Cry... But I feel like it might have led me into sharp rocks, and I don't have the swimming strength to pull myself out."

The siren nods "you must choose it is true. It is not in my nature to follow others and I was never a warrior. I fought to feed and to live, for if not I surely would have been the meat for another. Here is a question though for you Rayne, if not those who you have fought beside and for then who? There are always tides and rocks no matter the path you choose."

Rayne looks down at the ground. "I... Yeah. I guess by now.... you're right." She sits up straight again and looks right at Morgana. "I've thrown my lot in with the DMC. I've made them my friends. You're right. Whether or not I'm a true warrior, my place is now going to be by their side. At the very least until this mess is over, I can't walk away from them with my tail between my legs. The enemy's gotta kill me twice in a month to get rid of me, so so what if I'm basically cannon fodder in battle? I've got an advantage to that side that others don't." She actually grins at the grim thought. "Thanks. I think I needed the new perspective."

Morgana tilts her head and coolly watches the new thoughts come over the rainbow haired woman. She smiles in a strange smirk and nods "as much as I am no warrior and I will not follow, I know how you feel about those at the DMC. I am not going to work for Kotal, ever. I will however aid him if I am needed to bring those against him to an end. I do perhaps, owe him some measure of friendship seeing it was his prayer that brought me out of Nox and here to Twisted where I have truly found my own new life."

Rayne says, "Yeh... Yeah, I'm sure we could use the help, too. All this is getting out of hand." Her grin is gone, replaced by a much more grim expression. "I can't say I know what's really going on here, but I can assure you we can use all the help we can get. I actually hope it's all connected... That would mean we can knock it out more simply. If it's not, we might just have a long time before a vacation can be had."

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