2015-10-07 - The Aftermath

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The Aftermath

Summary: What happened after DMC was destroyed? Did Kotal and Minu survive the explosion? Find out here!

Who: Minu, Urus, Kotal_Kahn
When: October 8, 2015
Where: Twisted Street

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The ashen taste in the air and the ringing in his ears are no strangers to Kotal Kahn. By now, the smoke and fires that follows explosions are familiar companions to the god of war. He is in his element in this chaotic environment, it is an environment like that this that first gave birth to Huitzilopotchli, and it revitalizes him.

That is why, rather than stir and moan as most survivors of explosions do, Kotal Kahn surges from the wreckage with a loud energy blast that shoots debris everywhere. His glowing form emerges from the fires, bright eyes shinning with fury, but excitement as well, relishing the thought of so many worthy foes appearing in one night. Carefully held at his side is the form of Minu, whom he is holding with a strong, muscled arm around her waist, to keep her close by his side.

"Insolent whelp!! I will flay the pale flesh off his bones!!" Swears the war god as he stares at the wreckage that once was the DMC building.

The old Kotal Kahn, the ruler of Outworld, would have done good in his threat. He would have thrown caution to the wind and search for the Joker to engage him in glorious Kombat.

Kotal has learned much since he arrived to Twisted though, namely that there are some things that take priority to even Kombat. Such as the welfare of his friends.

"Oh no." It is as if the Aztec just now realizes that Minu is next to him and she is not looking well after narrowly surviving an explosion. The warlord moves away from the fires of the building and sets the elf down on the ground where he kneels next to her. "Stay with me, Minu." He urges her whilst he taps into the last rays of the evening sun to shine down upon her and start healing her wounds.

Urus had been sitting around the bar, as he had done many times before he came to twisted. Where there is alcohol and short tempers, there is bound to be a contract just waiting to be made. The evening however is interrupted by a loud bang and the shake of the windows as the pressure wave flows through the streets in an all too familiar fashion to the man of fortune. He walks out in slight confusion to what is going on NOW. As he looks around and sees the crumpling of the building, as if someone stomped upon a milk carton, the dust flowing out of holes in the falling debris. He quickly assumes that this is not a normal occurrence in the land of twisted, usually there is more finesse used when normally taking a building down with professional deconstruction. He urges himself forward and breaks into a sprint for the wreckage, the left hand carrying his weapon so that it doesn't bounce against him. Hopefully no one in the explosion got hurt, because hurting people was HIS job!

Minu was not a god, she was not big or strong or super powered in any way. She was a small frail little elf librarian. For all accounts she should be dead. Being even on the edge of a blast that was meant to take down a building would be enough to kill someone so small. Her only saving grace it would seem is that Kotal put himself before her and took the brunt of the blast. In doing so though, he put them through a wall and then landed two stories down on the concrete. The small elf girl was simply along for the ride and even with her god protector, just the hard action of being crushed against him and being tossed around in the middle of flying debris has some profoundly negative effects. When the blue god rises from the rubble she is but a limp little rag doll against him. Fully unconscious. Nutmeg brown hair fully loose from its usual bun, is covered in powdery ash and grime. Her gold rimmed glasses are also absent and there are a multitude of small cuts and abrasions on her face, neck and arms. Her dress is torn and singed and a large bright streak of crimson floods from her temple back into her hair, matting it and gathering yet more grime. The tiny elfs breathing is thready and shallow, her heart a bare tiny flutter of butterfly wings in her chest. Only that gods ray of healing keeps her from being snatched away by the dark and summoning hand of death.

Being a god amongst mortals brought its own share of problems. Things in Twisted felt as if they were made from paper-mach for Kotal. Having endured even bigger blasts and shrugged them off as if they were nothing sometimes make him forget that not everyone has his resilience. He has paid the price for his overconfidence before, namely, the downfall of the entire Aztec empire. He will not make the same mistake again and pay no heed to those around him.

The god's healing ray is only truly meant to keep Minu from entering death's door. It stabilizes her heart, fixes her internal bleeding, and softens her concussion. However, in this weakening evening sun she will still require immediate medical attention if there is hope of her not having any permanent injuries.

"I need a healer." He mutters to himself before realization hits him. "I need a healer now!!" Still growing accustomed to the intricacies of Twisted, Kotal remembers -just now- that he has a radio with direct line to the Twisted hospital. He starts asking for an ambulance immediately, though given the very chaotic nature of this place its likely it will take quite a while longer before anybody arrives. He has not yet noticed Urus approaching.

Urus Slows down as he approaches the pile of concrete slabs and jutting spikes of rebar. The pile is daunting, and there almost seems to be a layer of grey powder covering the ground and everything around it. Its at that time he notices a familiar voice call out. He carefully clambers around the still dangerous wreckage, to get an eyeful of the situation. He notices the god's attempt at healing and the elf's motionless body. In his mind he secretly wishes what he is seeing is true, that the annoyance is finally gone. He speaks out to the god "let me guess, not an average Tuesday night for you, no?" as one of the concrete slabs he is standing on slides to the bottom on Kotal's side of the incident. He stumbles off as the rock hits bottom. He drops to one knee by the blue man, inspecting the limp figure that has annoyed him many times before. He lifts an eyelid, moves his head left and right to get a good view, and then pulls back for a second scratches the small scar on his nose as he puts his face right near hers for a few seconds, averting his eyes from her face. As nothing happens he pulls away. " well, I have good news and bad news."

Darkness surrounds the little elf. In her unconscious state her mind flits hither and yon. She feels none of the pains though that are sure to assail her small form were she awake. She knows not of who is near or what is happening. Its a quiet place she is in, dark and with out anything to call her in any direction. For a moment of time she feels something light, heat, and then pain as she is brought from the edge of death. A tiny thready whimpered moan spills from her as some tiny bit of light stabs into her brain briefly then is gone. There is for the smallest moment the hint of a smell, rotted meat and then that to is gone as she falls back into complete unconsciousness. Her pulse is stronger though and her breathing more steady. She will live.

Kotal is alerted of a familiar presence when he senses Urus' distinctive chaotic chi approach. The god of war is on edge right now, and the appearance of the mercenary is not necessarily comforting. For all Kotal knows, Urus might very well succumb to his hyena instincts and try to feed from the scraps he can scavenge from this wreckage. Should he be trying to take advantage of the situation, Kotal could very well lose his inhibitions and kill him.

"Urus!" He calls out when he sees the hyena man. "I have no time for your jokes right now." Grumbles the war god when the mercenary tries to make light of the situation. He almost tries to stop him when he advances towards the fallen figure of Minu, but as he recognizes the healing methods of checking for pulse, he lets him be for now. "What??" The Aztec warlord narrows his eyes when Urus tells him he has some good and bad news. Might as well indulge him right now, he's the only one that has come to help.

Urus takes a deep breath and sighs out. "so good news is that she has concussion, pretty major one at that. Bad news is she is not dead" he looks at the god, and the face he is being given by said god, then corrects himself " good not dead, bad concussion. Sorry" as he looks back to the rubble behind him he sighs, deciding to be the good guy today. "kotal," he says "you have task channels, no?" knowing perfectly well that the god does as he has seen members of task talk to seemingly no one, and not everyone here is crazy. " give it here please, let me help." He raises his eyebrows, half pleading for kotal to just work with him. He knows their track record has been spotty at best, but no one is going to die tonight, at least without his consent.

Its kind of a good thing that Urus corrected himself. It wasn't unlikely that Kotal would have hurt Urus for such a slight, but it still looked like he was not amused in the least by his implications that it was bad Minu wasn't dead. He looked about ready to fling him away until he apologized, which then causes him to exhale and deflate his shoulders.

Things start to get a little more tense when Urus asks for his radio and Kotal can only shake his head at that, denying his request. "No, I can't." Maybe he's a bit of a douche. "I wouldn't be able to let you use it even if I wanted to. It is hardwired to our chi signatures so only we can use them. Security reasons, I am certain that you understand." That way, if any TASK member was ever to be captured, the enemy wouldn't be able to tap into their radio signals.

"What do you even need it for?"

Urus sighs "Think for just a second, you two can't just be the only ones who were in the building at the time, its one of the hubs of town." He continues his look over of the elf with actual care, half in case she decides to wake up, half because he is not entirely sure what he would do without the little chittering pain in the nose. Then pipes up his true concern "doesn't it seem odd to you that there is an explosion in the area, that you are in and next door is TASK and we have had no help from your employees. Absolutely none of them has given one damn about your well being." he doesn't look up from what he is doing the entire time he says this. He stands up and gives his final prognosis "you have done much, she needs to rest, and maybe see someone with more experience than me. It has been a while since I have needed to actually work on someone, and not get them killed. Then again they say it's like riding a bike"

Kotal listens to Urus' train of thought readily enough, and he simply scoffs when the hyena man finishes his spill. "You think I do not know already I'm being double crossed?" The Aztec warrior gives another grunt of frustration and kneels down next to Minu again, this time to scoop her up with his powerful arms and carry her bridal style.

As he straightens back up, he turns to look at Urus. His gaze is hard as it always is, though there's a sensation of more there, as if he was considering how trustworthy Urus really is. Eventually, he just speaks again. "There are things at play here that you are not even aware of, Urus. This incident goes beyond a simple act of terror."

"The DMC building was shielded to block anyone that would try to enter it with ill intentions and to deflect all kinds of demons and other horrors. There is no way that this Joker would have been able to set foot inside, let alone destroy it, by himself. He is getting help from someone high up, and I do intend to find out who."

Then he begins to walk in the direction of the TASK building. "All we can do for now is persevere. The time where we finally uncover the secrets of Twisted draws near, and when we do, those who have crossed us will regret their folly."

"Come, for now, we must see to the welfare of Minu. Accompany me to the hospital, I will need your help in case there is more trouble ahead." In Minu's condition, Kotal dares not try to run with her or do one of his ridiculously long jumps that clear entire cities.

Urus looks at kotal, unsure why he is so cool headed if he knows that he is being manipulated and deceived. As Kotal picks up the elf and gives him a history lesson he looks unimpressed. " shield to protect from ill will, had you told me that a while ago I would have told you that your . . . spell . . . was broken." Knowing he is supposed to be serious he still cant keep himself from smirking, so he attempts to do it on the side that faces away from the already cautious god. As Kotal speaks of revenge, Urus nods as he walks with him "there will always be secrets, but you are right about one thing, someone is going to have to pay." As he says this he means in both senses of the word. As the god beacons for Urus' help he puts his left hand on the gun and hoists it to his shoulder and smiles as he says "I would not want it any other way."

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