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Casdy Unleashed upon Twisted

Summary: Another convergence happens, and this time she requires something... unusual.

Who: Casdy, Rayne, Serenity
When: October 11th, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Rayne walks into the Usual Restaurant, a whistled unidentifiable pensive tune escaping her lips that matches the slightly worried look on her face. Looking carefully around at customers of the place, she makes her way towards the bar.

Serenity doesn't seem to have come along with Rayne, but soon catches up with her at the restaurant. The alarmingly fluorescent mollusk squeezes the black disc of the forcefield generator and accompanying column of suspended water through the doorway while pouring inside. Spotting Rayne, Ren lifts a pair of fins to wave to her, folding in a few lines to vaguely suggest a human arm inside a loose sleeve (despite the complete lack of actual limb there).

Rayne looks over at the impossible to miss Serenity and waves back with a slight grin. "Hey, Ren! Seems to be a better weekend than last, so far... What's up?" Better weekend than last isn't really saying much...

Along the way, Ren slides around a table without dampening it, but the seat at the bar next to Rayne doesn't fare so well as Ren ripples over to join her and slides into the gap between two seats. "I can't claim any exciting adventures today," Ren hisses cheerily. "But perhaps that isn't such a terrible thing." Ren adds, motioning a pair of fins out to the side, "I was wondering, though, if the TASK office could use a bit of decoration."

Rayne does finally actually sit down at said bar stool. "Well, it does seem a bit sparse so far." Suddenly, she bursts into a grin. "Oh, you should have been there last night... I got there before Kotal realized it... He was... very enthusiastic about the kitchen there."

A small golden dot, about the size of a quarter, appears up in the air, not far from the ceiling tiles. The <dot> emits a prismatic light, and moves about in small circles. Not long after its sudden appearance, a male voice is heard echoing about the room. It doesn't seem to have any specific location... ...almost as if the sound were moving about the floor of the room, "Keep her restrained!! If that CAT has read that scroll, who knows how many can be set free!!" The same voice emits a low sounded growl, "Dalkor, hurry with that spell, already!!"

"Kotal was enthusiastic? I'm sorry to have missed seeing that," Ren remarks curiously, leaning rhinophores forward a bit. "I thought that he had seen it all, twice over. But I trust that we don't need to worry about him giving up on monster-slaying in favor of salsa-making?" At the sudden shouting, slightly shrinks lengthwise. Ren looks first to the door and then around the room, but not up. Then Ren glances to Rayne with a frown to watch her reaction.

Rayne blinks at the voices all around, looking wildly about the room for the source, and eventually spotting the golden dot. Yeah, the previous conversation is now completely forgotten. "Well... I think someone's spell just went wrong. If we ate remotely the same food, I'd bet a meal on it. Uh.... hello? I'd stop now or you're not gonna get home!" She's seen a portal go wrong before in the manner she's expecting here. She doesn't believe for a moment that her warning will actually be heeded, however, and sighs knowing vaguely what's about to happen next.

"The wizard is being held in place, and gagged. She is harmless." comes another voice. The dot, meanwhile, shimmers, and suddenly stops moving. At the cries from the other side, a third voice is heard, "People? I thought she was being cast to a void?" But by this time, the spell is finished, and our glowing dot is now 6 feet by 9 feet, a perfect oval shaped golden shimmer. "Get her shoved through before she bites through her gag! If she is able to cast, we are all in for a bad day!!"

Serenity glances up at the light shortly after Rayne. "I think that an evacuation might be in order..." Ren observes, looking around at the patrons (or perhaps just looking for cover). Some of those patrons who were a little more decisive than Ren have already come to the same conclusion and scooted for the door. Ren casts an alarmed expression to Rayne upon understanding her to be speaking of a portal. "Can you... hhh... throw something through it?"

Rayne says, "Hey, wait a minute, are you just dumping your criminals on us?! Everyone out! We got a convergence, and quite possibly a dangerous one!" She looks around the Restaurant and make a broad, almost violent motion with a hand towards the door, then looks to Ren and nods. "I'm wondering if I should fire an arrow through in warning, but..." She looks around, then grabs an advertising coaster from the bar counter. "Let's see if I can get this in... Actually, knowing Twisted, it's probably not going through..." She chucks the square coaster at the apparent portal like a shuriken... But Rayne's no ninja, and the thing curves off from the spin and air resistance, missing by a wide margin. "Damnit..."

"Get rid of her now!!" commands the first voice. The second, also a male, argues, "We do not know where we are sending her!!" A new voice calls out suddenly, and sounds very panicked. "She has gotten one of her hands out of the confines!!" Only a few seconds later, the same person questions, "....bone shards?" Seems someone decided now is a good time to get rid of their 'parcel'... The portal turns red as a humanoid figure appears from it. ...as soon as the figure appears, the portal vanishes. But, not without one last voice calling, "Skeletons!! Fight, you morons!!" The humanoid figure is wrapped in gauze. Lots of gauze!! Like a mummy!! It now freefalls, landing on a table!! The table flips, sending more random NPCs to run for the door. The figure rolls along the floor, one hand freed out of the gauze. A fur covered hand tears at the gauze as a muddled voice echoes from the gauze.

Serenity'winces' at Rayne's announcement, rippling out from between the seats as if to follow her command. Ren doesn't, though, immediately flee while the coworker isn't taking yet a battle stance. Rather, Ren slides backwards from the portal in the general direction of the nearest table while still keeping an eye on Rayne's toss. Ren 'blinks' eyes inward at the arrival of the tossed figure, freezing in place for a moment.

Rayne slides off the barstool again and, with her usual, fluid motion, draws her swords and combines them into the bow before reaching over to pull an arrow from her quiver. While the pistol and its stun setting probably would be a better choise tactically, Rayne figures that, from the sounds above, this convergence might not be from a universe with that level of technology, thus a bow would be more intimidating. Arriving at the newcomer, she points the bow down at her and says, "Okay, I suggest you stop struggling and start talking. Who are you and what did you do to get this treatment in your own world? Ren, get that gauze off her face." She'd do it herself, but her hands are full.

Serenity starts heading for cover again as Rayne moves to the bound figure. When she calls Ren over, Ren looks back at her with a shocked expression before reluctantly returning. Approaching, Ren drops to a horizontal posture close to the floor, separated from it by just the disc of the field generator, and gingerly extends a pair of fins from the wintergreen- and willow-scented brine to reach under Casdy's head. At first, Ren tries to thin and stretch the 'wing' as far out from the body as possible, but is forced to ripple closer to Casdy to get enough muscle into the action of tugging the gauze under her head upward. Ren still keeps rhinophores inclined well back from the new arrival.

The gauze about her face are removed, and the gag undone. This exposes a pair of golden cat-like eyes, softly tanned features about her face, as well as a cat-like tongue licking at her lips to dampen them. Tasting the gauze still, she winces and mews in dislike. Her eyes then look towards the bow pointed at her, and slowly her eyes blink. .o O ( The language of humans... ) she ponders. "Talk...." she quotes. "My name is Casdy Rendari, former servant of Thadious Wyldes. I was order to reclaim a stolen scroll... However, a spy in the Wyldes home attacked me from behind... ...I woke up in this... ....mess." she explains as her eyes look down at the confines holding onto her body, "...with my teleportation to here, I feel the connection between my master, and myself has been severed. Therein, I no longer serve my master due to worldly distance. Meaning, I failed." comes her response.

Rayne gives Ren an apologetic look as the mollusk approaches, then pays close attention to the new arrival as the face is cleared and she talks. "Wow... that sounds... Remarkably similar to someone else." She lowers the bow to no longer be threatening. "I've got some bad news for you. That connection's not coming back. Welcome to Twisted, the black hole of universes. I'm Rayne Hurris, I'm a kind of... Militiaman here. Is that the right word? Police if you use that word. This is Serenity, the friendliest invertebrate in existence, as far as I know."

Serenity shifts quickly back from Casdy as the binding is loosed, circling back to the side and slightly behind Rayne with a ripple of the aquamarine fins in the suspended water. Ren watches Casdy attentively as she tells her story. Ren smiles encouragingly to her at the introduction (actually more of a grin, on account of the lack of teeth) and 'stands' enough to offer her a polite bow. "I apologize for the poor welcome," Ren hisses. "Here, I'd ask that you leave any retrieval of stolen goods to the authorities, and violence other than self-defense likewise."

The eyes of the cat-girl look down at her bindings. She mutters something incoherently, and then hisses at the gauze. She listens as Rayne speaks, and then struggles a bit more. "Militia...?" she uses her eyes to nod, as she can not really do so. "My first priority will be to acquire a new master." she states without hesitation, "...time is limited." she then adds before sniffing at the air. Her eyes look at Ren, and it is then that she quotes the names given, "Rayne...and Serenity." Noting to herself that Rayne gave titles... ...Perhaps she should do the same...?? Wincing from discomfort and a bit of pain from the fall, Casdy mews in annoyance, and then states, "Casdy Rendari. Master alteration wizard." To help prove her point, and now that the bow is not facing her, she whispers a few words quickly, and touches the gauze. With a flicker of black energy, the gauze becomes simple water, rushing off of her form and onto the floor. This of course makes her clothing wet, as well as her now exposed fur and features. As Ren speaks, Casdy turns an ear to her. listening closely, "I am to follow any orders given by my master." she explains, "Cat-kin are spiritually bound to their master... ...to disobey a master...." Casdy's ears flatten out, and a hiss comes from her in hate, "....means pain, or death." Like any feline would, she now starts licking at her hands, as tho they were paws...She even has her fingers bent inward, so as to use her hand as such, "If my master demands I reclaim, steal, or kill...U either do as I am commanded, or pay the price. Pain, I will endure... ...death is a bit more... ...permanent." She shakes off the words by shaking her head a bit, and then starts licking at her hand again.

Rayne says, "Yeeee.... yeah, we need to... find you a good master, in that case. Uhhh." She looks quite a bit disturbed at the fact that Casdy apparently needs to have a 'master,' and glances briefly towards Ren as if silently asking for help. "Well, um, what kind of, uh, master are you looking to have, then?" I can't believe I'm having this conversation.

Serenity 'blinks' at the spell, then frowns at the explanation that follows, glancing to Rayne and then back to Casdy. "While we've only been speaking a short time, I'm going to assume that you are a person unless we have some quite convincing evidence otherwise. And that means that unpaid and powerfully-coerced servitude is not an option."

Casdy listens as Ren asks her question, and then watches as she makes a hasty exit. This brings about a sigh from the girl as she flattens her ears out, and fluffs her tail. "Cat-kin were created magically. We were made to serve." She runs her left hand through her hair, forcing water onto the floor from her we hair, "We have a short time in which to obtain a master of any kind." she then explains as she looks at Rayne, "...otherwise, life ends in a..." If you didn't read discomfort before by the fluffed tail, and flattened ears, it shows now in a more 'human' manner as she shudders, and lowers her voice, "...in a literal mental explosion." As her tail starts thrashing about behind her, she states, "More pointedly stated... Our mind melts." The thought of this is....disturbing....well, for her anyway. "The scroll I was to retrieve had the counter spell to our slavery. Master Wyldes wanted to use said spell." she then explains.

Rayne curses under her breath. "And you didn't get the scroll, did you... How much time do you have left? We've got to find someone appropriate, and I don't know how long that might take." She physically winces.

"No." comes a reply. As she hears the question, her eyes look at Rayne as her ears slowly raise back upwards, and then flicker a bit... "Time is not something I have a lot of at the moment." Releasing her hair from her left hand, her right hand slips into the pockets of her mini skirt. From there, she pulls out several copper coins, her worlds idea of currency...just made from copper. She gives them a fling upwards, and they become rays of light that rush back at her, healing the wounds from the fall she was forced into. Her eyes then look at Rayne, and she states softly, "If you fight for this world's safety, that may be a good cause to help. Alteration magic is more useful than you realize." Her mind, however speaks another story. .o O ( Do not tell her you are a necromancer... ...You will die where you stand. Why do people always think I am out to do the wrong things when they learn that... Good thing I am as skilled with alteration as I am necromancy. )

Rayne says, "Uhhhh, yeah, at least I think so. Um, if you want to help out, maybe we can find Kotal or Minu... Kotal's my boss, Minu is, uh, another coworker, though she has more a desk job." She seems to be dancing around the possibility of herself, however. It seems that she might have an aversion to the whole concept similar to Serenity's. Then she blinks, seemingly getting a different idea. "How much, uh, mastering do you really need? If someone were to, say, tell you to just do as you wished, would that work and you'd just be able to effectively be without one without ill consequences?""

Casdy shakes her head no, "A master is someone who I am to protect, carry out their orders, and assist when possible." She thinks of the addition of the question, and the states, "The order you have added in question would serve only as a means of releasing me... Meaning I would have to find another master. Or, it could be seen as a means to do as I like until I am needed or summoned." Her eyes look back at Rayne, and then she states, "...the term of 'master' points more towards owner. Like you would have a pet, or something... Cat-kin can say 'no' if they feel it defiles their person, or places them in harm of death." she then adds.

Rayne listens to Casdy's explanation and nods. "Well... if it can work that way..." This is a bad idea This is a bad idea This is a bad idea This is a bad idea This is a bad idea "...Then... Uhhhhh... what... would we do to make this work?" she says while smiling, though through gritted teeth. "I mean... If we find you a better master, I can relinquish easily, right? So, uhhh... I mean, if it will help you out, I don't want you to have that kind of trouble of having a mental meltdown and-" Okay, now she's just nervously rambling.

Casdy walks over towards Rayne, and mews as she reaches for her shoulder, "Correct." If allowed, she will pat the girl on the shoulder. If not, she will retract her hand and slip both of her hands behind her head. "I sense your hesitation." she says softly, allowing more of her personality to shine as she offers a small smile. "I imagine this would be the reaction of most good hearted people. It reminds me of Master Thadious when he was assigned as my master." Her features soften, and then she takes a step backwards, "...I am neither human, thaoz, or feline. I am cat-kin. A mystic creation made for the sole purpose of aiding those damaged by the War... Or, as an assistant... Or a soldier. I am flexible in what I can be used for..." she then states as she walks towards the counter, "Life is... ...well... ...something I hope will bring about hope. A chance to be used for something besides war.

Rayne does flinch slightly at the hand being placed on her shoulder, but doesn't do anything to pull away. "Yeah.... I guess my reaction is a good thing, given the situation? Sort of? I would warn you, I'm kind of a soldier or sorts, and we're kind of sort of at war, but.... I wouldn't make you do any fighting. I... really, I just don't want to see the, uh, bad reaction. And I don't want someone bad as your master." She's no longer able to keep eye contact, however, and is starting to get a slight blush at the whole situation. "So, yeah. Up to you, or something. I'll help you out either way."

Casdy sits at the bar, and wraps her tail around herself, like most cats do when they sit... "War?" she questions, .o O ( I should play a part, if I can... If this war ends like the one in my world, history will repeat. Many will die, or end up so injured they need to repeat the decision that lead to my creation. ) she ponders. Her eyes then look at Rayne, and she nods her head. "You wouldn't have too. I do not want to see another....ending to a war, like the one that broke my home world." she then states softly, "I would rather fight beside the 'good' side, than become used by someone who could use my magic for..." She leaves the rest blank, as she looks at Rayne, "In my world, war has torn the world apart. The sky is no longer blue...it is red. Many of the trees and wildlife were destroyed..." she then closes her eyes, "....hunter or hunted, who can say... ...which is which on a given day??" she muses.

Rayne follows the catgirl over to the bar and sits next to her. "Well, it's not a REAL war. I mean, we don't have full on armies like that... I was being a bit figurative, though the chances for casualties is real." She points towards the door over her shoulder with a thumb. "I mean, if you step outside, there's a crater where our offices were just the week before last. We were lucky noone died, but Minu got hurt pretty bad." She then frowns. "Of course... My boss is a war god. That might be why I'm thinking of it as war instead of just terrorism and counter-terrorism. It's kind of his... thing. But he's never want to see a world where the sky isn't blue. Some wars have to be fought to protect the people, so that they can sit down at a bar and have a chat without worrying about who's listening to their every word. We're looking to end this without that kind of ending you saw."

Casdy looks at Rayne, and offers her a small smile. "Two problems a alterationist can fix." she states softly. "Healing the injuries is simple enough. All I need is copper, gold, silver, or other precious metals. Platinum, if the harm is life threatening..." Resting her arms on to the bar, she rests her head down upon them, and closes her golden eyes. "The blast sight...??" she questions, "By using my magic, I can use samples from the surroundings, and restore the land to be as if nothing happened... If the debris of the building is still there... ...I can build a new one in a few moments..." She giggles a bit, and then licks at her fur once again, "I will need a nap after that stunt tho." she says with a smile. "My powers are limited to the energy levels of my own body. Or, what I can snackerfise for the spell." she then explains. Using her right hand, she reaches to her neck, and a etheral leash appears. It is draped over her fingers, shining with a silvery power. She lays it on the bar, and stares at it with her golden eyes, "There are many things I can not see." she says softly, "...and one thing I hate to see is people in pain." As her lips form a fanged grin, she then adds, "...or a wasted fish."

Rayne says, "While the healing abilities are always going to be welcome... I don't think we'll need you to rebuild Devil May Cry. We've relocated to the more, uh, regular building, for lack of better words..." She looks at the leash, and her nervousness seems to return. "Um, Snackerfise? There is cer-certainly an array of fish available, I've managed to fish some up myself at the, uh, docks. Eheh..."

Casdy looks at Rayne, and then she giggles. "If I can use spell components, rather than bodily energy, I can perform more magic." She looks at the length of the leash, and then lets it fade into nothingness, "...there is time." she whispers. She then looks at Rayne, and tells her, "...I jokingly call the use of spell components 'snacirfice." Her smile widens and her ears flicker. "Despite my use of magic, I am not a harm to anyone... ...unless I have a bad master." she explains. "...or they steal my fish." she then teases.

Rayne says, "Right.... that's why we need to find you a not bad... master. One that won't steal your fish?" She's at least trying to joke. Results don't seem to be good right now, though. "How much time?" she asks, more concerned. "I'd rather you not have to rush to the last minute." Or have the wrong person take advantage of the situation.

Serenity returns to the restaurant, this time looking around before entering the establishment. The turquoise-on-safety orange invertebrate enters bearing a trashbag. Held in the leading edge of one pair of fins, it can't seem to decide whether to sink in the air or float in the suspended water, so it just hangs like a helium balloon at the forcefield boundary. Ren doesn't look especially encouraged at the moment, but slips back to Rayne's side after flashing a wave of aquamarine 'wing' to the pair.

Casdy looks at Rayne, and shakes her head. "That...I don't know." she states flatly. "The only thing I know is there is a time limit. Only the length of the leash tells me when time is running out." Casdy looks at Ren as she returns, and then offers her a smile, "My master must be either human, or Thoazin..." she then explains. "...Thoazin...They are basically humans...Just very short." Her eyes look back at Ren, and she mews a greeting, "...what is with the bag??" she questions as her ears flicker back and forth... ...The water still tickles at her ears, hence the twitching. She mews, and then quickly offers Rayne a nod of her head, "...I like my fish." she states with a fanged grin.

Rayne says, "Ah yes! Ren! Ren would be the perfect..." And then Casdy explains only humans and Thoazin are valid. And she curses. "Then that means we don't have even an emergency option anymore. I'm, uh... not exactly human, myself. I'm a phoenix, actually." She looks more worried now. "Damnit, I don't think I even KNOW anyone that's fully human here, let alone a Thoazin. Unless it's a percentage DNA thing, because even being a phoenix, my DNA is mostly human.""

"Hello again," Ren hisses amiably to Casdy, then mentions to Rayne with a less-pleased look, "I'm afraid I couldn't turn up a solution to the magical problem on short notice. But perhaps I should have listened to the whole story first. I was focusing on curse-removal," Ren motions to Casdy, "while this new bit of news suggests we need someone who can temporarily trick the spell into thinking that Casdy is human... I'm no magic expert, mind you." Ren then adds more optimistically, "The better news, though, is that I did arrange for one of the free rooms." Ren passes the bag to Casdy through the forcefield. "And Leena sent a towel along."

Casdy smiles, and then she nods. "That is, essentially, a Thoazin..." she explains. "A human mixed with something other than feline. I couldn't be my sister's master." she then explains. "The word Thoazin is from our ancient language... It means mixed." she then adds. "In ancient times, humans mated with the gods, and thus Thoazin were born." Her ears flatten, and she then whispers, "...some time later...the war began. It lasted a lifetime. The cost was... ...too much." Casdy closes her eyes, and pictures her dying world in her mind, "...people believe it can be saved.... ...I am not so sure." As Ren chimes, Casdy shakes her head, "...I don't really have a 'curse'... ...It is part of my magical creation. ...The spell case I was to recover held a way to remove the leash... ...as it were." Casdy rests her hands onto her arms, and then closes her eyes again. She breathes in the air of the room, and releases it slowly...her mind filled with thoughts, not of finding a owner...But, of her siblings... She, for now any way, seems at peace.

Rayne breathes out a sigh of relief. "Okay. Good. Emergency not really there, then. Um..." As the cat-girl seems to grow melancholy, Rayne looks to Ren as if asking for help, then looks back to Casdy. "Um... are you okay? I mean... Well, I don't know what kinds of tech your people have access to, but with terraforming technology, you'd be surprised how much you can... improve a world."

Serenity frowns at the story, passing the bagged towel to Rayne before leaning over to offer Casdy a damp pat on the arm. (The boneless sheets of muscle are something like a human tongue, but considerably more appropriate for offering friendly comfort.) "I regret very much that you were forced to be here. This is certainly not an idyllic world, and even that would be no substitute for home. But even so, I think that you will find that some of your troubles have been left behind."

Casdy smiles as she looks between Rayne and Ren. "I am fine." she says softly. Tho, at the mention of 'tech' and 'terraforming'....This only warrants a confused look from the cat-girl. Saved from questions by Ren!! She looks at Ren as she speaks, and offers her a smile. Now...she gets curious and pokes, lightly, at the watery formation around the girl. **poke poke??** "A world is a world, in any case. As long as I find an owner... ...that is all that is important, for now." Her eyes look up in thought as she sits herself back up straight, and then sits her hands on her lap. "...that and finding a spot to fish!!" she chimes happily. Must feed the addiction.

Rayne takes the plastic bag with the towel with a slightly confused look, but agrees with her. "Uhh, y-yeah. For better or worse... everything on your old world is the past now. But finding a place to fish is easy! I do that myself from time to time, so I know exactly where to go!" She laughs nervously. "Though I'd need to run back to my apartment to get my rod and lures... Uhhh... sorry for pointing an arrow at you earlier, by the way."

The forcefield is a barrier to water but nothing else. It strips surface water on the way out, leaving only the bound water (as inside cloth or fur) that makes something damp. Ren smiles in reply, but loses it again as she mentions an owner. The mention of fishing, though, is a distraction that Ren is quite willing to take. "If you'd like to go get them, Rayne, I can keep Casdy company until then," Ren offers, looking from one to the other. "Or perhaps we could meet up at the dock?"

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