2015-10-12 - Deis and Confused

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Deis and Confused

Summary: Deis has just recently arrived, and found a beach! She's also found something else!

Who: Caliga, Deis
When: October 12, 2015.
Where: Zeku-Kai Beach


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        It's sort of a weird place, isn't it? But then, Deis has never been one to let that bother her. Looked like she was stuck without her powers. AGAIN. Oh well. They weren't ALL gone, at least. And the place hasn't seemed too bad thus far. There's also a nice, secluded beach to take a walk on, so there's that too! Which is exactly what she's doing at the moment, trying to get things straight in her head. And figure out where the hell she's ended up. though it does strike her that trying to figure that out on a secluded beach is probably counterproductive. But whatever. It's quiet, and there's nice scenery!

        As the woman wanders the beach, its obvious she isn't alone. As Deis moves across the sand, a faint scent of cloves gradually carries across the wind, mingling with the salty scent of the waters. The closer she gets to the scent, the heavier it gets until she notices a faint trail of smoke rising from a lone man's mouth. Caliga's jacket lays spread out across the sand, as the man himself lays upon it as a makeshift beach towel, casually blowing faint rings of smoke into the air every time he exhales. His left hand rises up, only for his wrist to flick rapidly, causing a thin whight object to appear between the fingers. The tip of the object bursts into flames, and the object is drawn down, only for Caliga to gradually start sucking on it, this time filling the air around him with the scent of cherries.

        Deis pauses when she catches a whiff of that scent. Cloves? That alone piques her curiosity enough to follow the scent. When she discovers the lone man, she pauses, tilts her head. For a moment she doesn't say anything, just taking in the sight. She's unfamiliar with this place, she doens't know this person, and she's missing a lot of her power. That's a good recipe for her being cautious. Not that her presence can't be sensed. Even as she is, she's still reading as pretty sharply magical.

        Once more Caliga takes a long pull from the cigarette in his mouth, this time blowing out an extremely thick cloud of smoke that rises up in the air. The smoke cloud gently turns a faint hue of emerald, only to form a serpent like design.

        The cloud dragon rises upwards into the air, only to split apart into seven seperate sphere shaped clouds that vanish as they move away from each other. Caliga casually glances over towards the woman, studying her carefully. While she may seem cautious, the man is rather aloof and seems to not mind her presence.

        A serpent, huh? Deis smirks as she sees this. There are some conflicting reports her senses are telling her about this man. But serpent. He can't be that bad if snakes even entered his mind to form out of the smoke. If that was actually him doing that. Oh well. time to take a chance and see if she literally loses her head!

        So Deis makes her way over to the strange man's side, and plops down on the beach near him. She folds her legs under her tailor-style. How did one start a conversation like this? "...Come here often?" she asks. Probably not the best opening, but the ice is broken. With a SLEDGEHAMMER!

        "Whenever I get a chance to. Of course as of late.. Well. Its been quite a long time? Or has it? Time is an illusion in the end anyways." Caliga sits up, and reaches down into one of the many pockets inside the jacket, only to pull out a large bottle with a rather strange label on it.

        Quickly he pulls a cork stopper out of the bottle, and takes a long swig from the contents, only to set the bottle down. Exhaling slowly, its obvious that some form of beverage is in there as the tell-tale stench of fermented fruits and grains hits the air.

        "You're a newcomer to this realm, aren't you?"

        Deis doesn't speak up until the 'time is an illusion' comment. "Oh boy, don't I know it?" she sighs. One would be forgiven for inferring from that comment that she is far older than she looks. She smirks at the appearance of the bottle. And nods when asked if she's a newcomer. "Seems like it," she confirms. "Not really sure where I am. Last thing I remember, my sister and I were... well, dying." Oddly she sounds pretty unbothered by this.

        "Eh. Death is over rated. I can assure you though, that you are not dead, and this is not some afterlife." Caliga motions towards the bottle, offering it to the woman.

        "You're still suckin' air sweet-cheeks. Though, if you and your sister were dyin', then I don't really know if that's any consolation."

        Deis just shrugs. "Eh. It was inevitable," she notes. Which might seem at odds with her previous statement. "We were supposed to go back to where we came from when all this happened. But I think something got mixed up in transit, and I ended up here." At the very least, she doesn't seem to be offended at the 'sweet-cheeks' comment, so there's that.

        "Ehhhhhhh. Could be worse. You coulda ended up on a planet filled with talkin' magic ponies." Caliga reaches once more for the bottle, taking another long drink from it, only to actually hold it out towards Deis. "There's worse places you could have ended up. Could've ended up as dead as well. Of course, 'ya don't seem to be bemoanin' it all."

        Deis makes a 'pfffffft' sound when Caliga mentions talking magical ponies. "I've seen worse things," she replies. When the bottle is offered to her, Deis pauses. Though not for very long. She soon accepts it, with a nod of thanks. As for bemoaning her fate? "I had a feeling it was coming. My sister ran afoul of an ancient member of a clan she'd wiped out centuries ago. I've read enough stories to know where THAT led, as soon as I found out there was one still alive." This said, she takes a pull from the offered bottle. She's at least polite enough not to drink a whole lot of it, and hands it back after her drink.

        As Deis takes that first swig, once it hits her tongue its like an assault of flavors. Tropical, warm, inviting. The worst kind of liquor anyone could ever have because you just have to have more. Of course, once it hits her stomach, thats when she'll realize moderation may infact be key here as it is rather filling. Enough that maybe a light snack would top one off, and make them feel as if they've had a rather hearty meal.

        "Man, ancient clans of beings of immense power always hold grudges. That's like the first rule of bein' an ancient clan. Why can't they hold Taco Tuesday instead?" Caliga takes the bottle, and places the stopper back into it, only to set it on the sand between them. "Then again, can't have Taco Tuesday if you're extinct. So I guess it does make sense. Though... I'd still rather have the tacos myself."

        Oh Deis has drank enough booze in her time to know when she shouldn't drink too much of something. And that is something she shouldn't drink to much of! Though she laughs at the comment from Caliga, shifting to place her hands behind her so she can lean back with her hands supporting her. She has no idea what a 'taco' is, but it seems a trivial thing. She gets the idea.

        "Well, I /did/ tell her that was going to come back and bite her in the behind later," she notes. "She had a temper tantrum and told her warriors to seal me up in a tmeple for five-hundred years. You know, typical sister thing."

        Glancing over at the woman, Caliga reaches down and places his hand upon the sheath of the katana laying next to him. There's a sudden swirl of energy within his body, only for part of it to vanish entirely as the rest moves back into the weapon. A slight frown forms on his mouth for a brief moment, then vanishes as he smiles.

        "Well, I wish I could say you're in a better world now. But... Twisted has its own problems, and since you're here you'll most likely want to start learnin' about 'em. The first one is tryin' to find a good place to eat. I mean, the resturants on the street aren't so bad.. but. It does leave 'ya wantin' somethin' a bit tastier."

        His other hand rises up, gently stroking his chin as he tries to think of the next. "Ehh, I got a feelin' you'll be able to handle yourself in due time. But if you ever need any help, look for TASK." He points towards a large tower in the distance. "They're the peacekeepers of this world, and almost always are willin' to help anyone who comes their way. The last thing is to stay away from the Wastes if you can help it. If you have to go there, don't stay for long."

        The swirl of energy gets a raise of Deis's brow. "You all right over there? Bout of indigestion?" She's only about halfway kidding there. While it's an odd thing to compare it to, the inability to 'stomach' magic does kind of have a lot in common with indigestion. So it kind of makes sense.

        She pauses to listen as he begins explaining about the place she's found herself in. And she looks over to the tower as it's pointed at. When he's done, she has a question! So she asks it.

        "The Wastes?" Yeah, she heard that capital 'W'. "What makes 'em so dangerous?" The rest of the information she has filed away for later use.

        An eyebrow is raised at the question of indegestion, only for it to dawn on Caliga just what Deis may mean. "Oh.. No. I just have a rather perculier condition." He smiles as he says this, however he moves on to her next question, obviously dropping the topic for the time being.

        "Mmm.. how best to put it. The Wastes isn't like the rest of Twisted. Its barren, so no one goes there. An' since no one is out there, it makes it harder on you the longer you're out there. Eventually, if you spend too much time out there, you'll simply just fade away."

        Deis doesn't pursue the topic of his 'condition' when he obviously drops it. Though his answer to what's wrong with the Wastes gets a nod. It's a slow one, one that suggests some great secret has been imparted to her. "Oh, I see," she notes. "Thanks for warning me. That'd be a shame, to waste the benevolence of whatever brought me here-- if it was a 'what' or a 'who'-- just to disappear."

        "Yeah. It'd be a real waste for someone like you to fade away a second time. Unless of course thats what you want to do. You just don't seem like the type to go an off yourself." Slowly, Caliga starts to rise to his feet. Once he is fully upright, he holds out his right hand, allowing a small ball of violet energy to suddenly appear before him.

        He frowns once more as the ball suddenly vanishes, only to sigh. "Damn. Not enough still." He drops back down, only to reach into another pocket of his jacket, once more retrieving another cigarette. Once it is placed between his lips, the tip suddenly bursts into flames, neatly lighting it.

        "You will see some pretty strange things here. Its a realm of chaos, however.. Its denizens are generally good people. Generally. Of course, most will tell you I am not to be counted in that category."

        At the mention of offing herself, Deis smirks. "That would be a waste, too!" she declares with a grin. Though she raises a brow as she watches that ball of energy disappear. "Having some trouble?" she inquires. As for the denizens being generally good people? Deis gives a thoughtful look. "Good, evil... sometimes it's all in how you look at it. Sometimes it's more complicated than just 'good' or 'evil'. I don't like to use those kinds of labels, because they're so... rigid."

        Caliga slowly takes a drag from the cigarette, allowing it to rest between his lips as he starts to softly speak. "Trouble? Nah. Its just the way things are now for me. Still adjustin' to it is all."

        A faint beep goes off from within one of the pockets of the jacket, causing the man to frown. "Of course. Right when I'm gettin' to a point where I'm actually enjoyin' myself..." He grumbles and once more rises to his feet, gently pulling the jacket up with him. As he slides the jacket over his arms, the sand quickly falls off, leaving no trace there was ever any sand on it. He kneels down once more, hesitating for a moment before grasping the nodachi and sliding it over his shoulder so the sheath once more rests upon his back.

        "Unfortunately, its time for me to take my leave. We'll meet again soon enough." A casual wink is given towards Deis as the man slowly rises into the air, levitating for a few moments before a faint violet aura appears around his body. "My name is Caliga, by the way. Caliga Satanas."

        Once the words leave his mouth, he's high into the air, speeding towards the large tower in the distance.

        That too is something else Deis doesn't pursue, when he dismisses the issue with his power. The beep gets her attention, though, so it's hard to say if she wouldn't have otherwise! Though it's also worthy to note that she doesn't react oddly to the beeping. He mentions needing to leave, and she nods. "Good to meet you," she offers with a smile. And as he offers his name, she also offers hers. "Deis." And as he speeds away, she calls behind him, "Don't forget it~!"

        Then she chuckles, as she watches the violet aura disappear in the sky. Heading towards that tower... didn't he say that was TASK? And yes, she heard THOSE capitals, too. Probably an acronym for something. So many things to learn about this place...

        Deis smiles. "...I have a feeling things have just gotten /very/ interesting..."

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