2015-10-13 - Saving for Rayne-y Deis

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Saving for Rayne-y Deis

Summary: Deis goes for a walk in the park and meets Rayne

Who: Deis, Rayne
When: October 13th, 2015
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Rayne is currently lounging on a low branch of a tree, looking out over the nearby fountain at the people passing by and chatting.

One of those people passing by is a curvy woman with blue hair, in a purple dress. She carries a staff that is carved to resemble a large serpent with an open mouth; in that open mouth it holds a green orb. The woman wears a lot of jewelry, most of it gold. She pauses not too far from Rayne and turns to view the park, leaning on her staff. She's just looking at the park, just taking in all the green.

Rayne raises an eyebrow at the woman. While most people don't get a second glance from the rainbow haired woman, Deis does. Or rather, the staff and excessive jewelry does. It's not typical by far, and the woman isn't familiar to her, so Rayne speaks up. "Ya new around here?" she asks, not yet changing her position in the tree.

Deis looks around at the sound of the voice, slowly turning to regard Rayne in the tree. "That's right," Deis confirms. "Just a couple days ago." She doesn't seem all that threatened by the presence of the woman in the tree. She turns to regard Rayne more fully, "Name's Deis~. What about you?"

Rayne is in a far from threatening position, what with her hands behind her head. Well, one now comes around forward to offer a sloppy salute. "Rayne Hurris." She then frowns slightly. "Couple of days, huh? Man... There's been a lot of convergences lately. I've only been here a few months, myself, but I've managed to mostly find my way around here. Still, took me a couple of weeks to really find my stride. Lived here for a bit before I found a job and apartment. Not too bad, just... Avoid the fog."

"Good to meet you, Rayne," Deis offers, with a smirk. Then a tilt of her head, at something Rayne said. "Fog?" This was something the man she'd spoken to hadn't mentioned. "What's wrong with the fog?" she asks, with a raise of her brow.

Rayne says, "We're going through a..." She scrunches her mouth to the side and looks away, trying to decide on the right word. "...situation where we get these sort of invasions of undead-demony things. But it's easy to tell when they're coming because of the fog, so you can take cover when it happens. Of course, if you're capable in combat, we'd not deny the help." She nods towards the staff."

"Undead huh?" Too bad her power's not at its full level. Then again she can still whack things around if push comes to shove, even with her weakened magic. But that's not something she's going to admit to someone she just met. "Sounds like something's unhappy about something in the great beyond. Or someone's just being a trouble-maker and stirring up stuff. Figure out who's behind it yet?"

"Actually... yes," replies Rayne. "But knowing who's behind it is very different from being able to easily strike back, unfortunately. It's taking too much time. So it's definitely more on the side of someone being a trouble-maker." She looks a little more troubled by it than she's letting through to her voice. "It's been going on longer than I've been here, so I can't say just how long it will take us. We just don't have a solid way to lure her out."

Deis blinks. And then utters a profound observation of the situation. "...Well, that sucks." A pretty appropriate way to describe it, even if it's not exactly the nicest way to put it. Still, pretty true. "Well, thanks for the warning anyway. I'll be sure to avoid any fog that I happen to come across. Hope you guys can get a handle on it soon." Pause. "You're local authorities then?"

Rayne nods, finally dropping from the tree branch with a practiced, fluid motion involving gripping the branch below her with both hands and swinging around. "Yeah, we go by TASK. Not really sure why, but it works. We're a bit of an eclectic bunch, but we mostly manage. It helps to have a war god at the helm, but we vary widely in ability." She shakes her head to clear a slight frown forming on her lips, replacing it with a friendly smile as she asks, "So what about you? What do you do?"

"TASK? Oh, so you're the ones that own the tower where all the portals are." That's an interesting fact for someone who's only been here a couple days, isn't it? Her face lights up when Rayne mentions a war god at the helm. "Ah, that's wonderful~!" she observes happily, clapping her hands once, delighted. "Definitely someone good to lead an authority group." As for what she does? Deis waves a hand dismissively. "I sleep, mainly." Well, it's true!

Rayne says, "Eheh... portals, yeah..." Something about that makes her left eye twitch slightly, but she clears that thought quickly enough. "He's done good for us so far... At least as far as I can tell. And you just... Sleep? That's all you want to do with your life? Pardon me, but that sounds... Dull."

"Well, I minor in magic," Deis admits. She sighs a little. "Let's just say I'm... not as young as I look. I've been around a long time, done a lot of things, seen even more done. So don't worry, I'm not missing out on anything~!" She offers a wink in Rayne's direction. "Besides, you don't stay this beautiful by running yourself ragged!"

Rayne says, "Eheheh... Yeah, tell me about it. Shoulda figured you weren't human. I think I've befriended a grand total of one full blooded human since I've gotten here... and I don't honestly know the guy that much." She shakes her head. "I know the feeling myself. I've had more careers than I care to count. The whole authority figure thing is kinda a new and novel one, to be honest. Well, it's possible to live here doing little to nothing, I suppose. You can get free food and lodging... but do you really want to only have that? Or have you outlived me to the point that you've run out of possible hobbies." She frowns, her eyes no longer focused on Deis. "Damn, that reminds me... I was gonna pick up art supplies, wasn't I? Wow, I totally almost forgot that."

"I admit I'm pretty old." Suddenly she's coquettish. "Oh but I won't tell you HOW old. It's rude to ask a lady's age, after all~!" She titters cutely. But the mannerism passes just as quickly, and Deis stretches. "Oh I dunno," she says, more honestly. "Depends on what there is going on. If it's interesting enough I might get involved."

Rayne holds her hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright, I won't pry. I honestly do get curious as to if I'm older than others that have that whole longer than human lifespan thing, but so far it seems that for someone that doesn't age, I'm pretty darn young." She pauses, then adds, "Four hundred, for the record. I've never claimed to be lady-like." She smirks lightly at the end, then clears her throat. "Erm, sorry. I've had an odd few weeks and I'm going a bit weird dealing with it all. Still, I'd remind you that, whatever you might be, don't assume you'll be more powerful than what's out there. We've got a war god on our side, and even he's not just wading through everything that comes at him."

Deis chuckles at the 'surrender'! But she doesn't comment. Though she nods at Rayne's admission that she's 400 years old. "And you don't look a day over two-hundred~," she teases. Though she neither volunteers her age nor compares it to Rayne's. "That's understandable," she assures, after the mention of a weird couple weeks. As for not assuming she's more powerful? "Oh definitely not." Particularly not in her current state. Something ELSE she's not telling. "All you can do is your best though," she points out.

Rayne gives Deis a deadpan look at the two hundred line. "Gee... thanks. I think." She then sighs. "If only my best were enough... But... yeah... Welcome to Twisted. Anything else I can help you out with?"

Deis actually starts to laugh at the deadpan expressions and response to her teasing. "Oh I'm only teasing you," she reassures Rayne. And then come the words of one's best not being enough. "Oh-ho, do I hear self-doubt? Careful with that, self-doubt is exactly what killed my sister. First she doubted herself, then she tried to do everything herself and wouldn't let anyone help her-- or help themselves, mind you-- and then a group of adventurers hit her multiple times with pointy objects and magic. It didn't go well for her."

Rayne says, "Eheh... thanks for the warning, but I'm going the opposite direction and relying too much." She tilts her head before continuing. "I don't think I'm much of the type to attract a bunch of adventurers to kill me, though. Sorry, like I said, I'm going through a bit of a tough time, don't let it bother you.""

Deis regards Rayne with an odd look. It's an unreadable, fathomless look. One that gives the feeling one is being looked INTO, not just looked at. It's hard watching another person go down the same path a family member went down, in flames. Listening to the same words, 'I can handle it, I'll do it myself, I trusted them too much'. But time, too, has taught her not to interfere. And so that fathomless look lasts for a few moments... before it disappears completely, replaced by the nonchalant look she'd had a few moments ago. "I guess you know yourself best~," she decides. No, Deis knows that's not true. But Deis also knows that Rayne won't accept another's help. Hopefully that'll change before it's too late.

Rayne takes a step back at the look. "Eeeehhh... Y... Yeah. Probably." What's with that look? "Um... so, uh, I guess... Well, I'm sure you know how to handle yourself." Now she seems a bit creeped out by Deis. "So, um... if you need any help... just find us and... ask?"

The look of fathomless depth is gone now, and Deis seems perfectly back to normal now, the nonchalant sort of look and demeanor she'd possessed before. "I have a feeling I may be offering you help rather than the other way around, truth be told~," she says, in a teasing way. It's hard to tell if she's serious or if she is, as her tone indicates, kidding with Rayne. "But I will indeed keep that in mind, Miss Rayne~."

Rayne says, "Uh, y-yeah. Well, we won't deny the help, uh, Miss Deis. The more we have to protect the people of Twisted, the better." She nervously runs a hand through her hair as she averts her gaze. "So, um, unless you need anything else, uh, I guess, I'll be on my way?"

Deis just smiles at the nervous look from Rayne. "Oh, I hope I'm not running you off," she notes. "I didn't mean to pester. Go ahead and relax, if you've had a bad few weeks; I can mosey on. got things to explore anyway." She holds up a hand quickly her index finger pointing up as if to remind herself of an important thing. "But avoid fogs!" she reminds herself. "I'll be back to the arms before the fog rolls in, I'm sure. Thanks again for the warning!" And as she begins to walk in the direction she'd been going, she waves pleasantly, "Ta~!"

Rayne says, "Yes, uh... I mean, No! you're not, uh, running me off!" She's clearly trying to remain polite. "But um, yes... avoid the fog." She waves back to Deis as she is waved to. Once she thinks she's no longer the center of the other woman's attention, she raises a hand to her forehead. "That... could have gone smoother."

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