2015-10-14 - A Jello Shot in the Dark

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A Jello Shot in the Dark

Summary: A quiet little chat between Urus and Minu. Urus makes sure that he has easy communications with the little owl and that she has enough ammunition.

Who: Urus, Minu
When: October 14, 2015
Where: TASK Meeting Room.


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It was late evening, several hours after the meeting Kotal had called in the TASK building. In spite of being freshly released from the hospital, Minu could not sleep. Too many thoughts about the job at hand ran through her mind. Kotal had sent all the others off to various assignments but she couldn't help but feel there had not been enough information sent with them. Squinting some, still with out her glasses, the little elf sits at the big meeting table and taps at the computer set into it. A hologram of Harley Quin wavers above the table as does various lines of information. The soft scrape of a pencil on note pad can be heard as the little elf works to take down notes from the computer file. Yes one can easily print things out but she is a little bit of an old fashioned creature and is comforted by the written word, actually written. Having the memory that she does, the act of reading and writing this information sets it into her brain like cement.

Urus had been thinking of preparations for the work ahead, and considering Kotal's overabundance of powerful enemies. However one creature came to mind as he was planning, Minu. Although they were not kind to each other, Urus has started to feel connected to the elf. He decided that it might be nice to get something for her and have the ability to stay in touch, considering the over complication of task communications, and the sheer fact that he has no way to contact anyone, should the need arise. Gifts? calling for help? What has this place done to him. . . never the less the once solitary creature of the galaxy returns to task, bearing gifts for the little nose biter that he has grown fond of. Because of "new security protocol" and the fact he unofficially works here, he has to buzz in to gain entrance. "I am here to see ti. . . to see Minu" have to use first names and such with official business, damn regulations.

A buzz can be heard from locking mechanism of the front door and it clicks making it clear that access has been granted. Inside a fellow at a security desk looks the new comer over and nods, recognizing the hyena. "I think Miss Minu is upstairs." He taps in a few things at the computer on his desk, leaving the new comer to find his own way.

Urus climbs up the stairs to the meeting room, hoping that she is still there, otherwise its going to be difficult to find her in the massive building. meanwhile carrying his pile of assorted goods, a few plastic bags dangling on his wrist and under his arm carrying, 3 cases of lime jello? Had anyone looked at a grocery list of all the things he had now, people would wonder what someone would do with it, assuming they use it all at once. Urus opens the door to the meeting room with his free hand and looks inside before entering, the last thing he wants to do today is see more of Kotal. Gladly for him, Minu happens to be sitting there studying. "hello tiny bird, what are you up to?" he says as he makes sure that he closes the door behind him. Privacy in matters at hand was important.

When the door opened to the meeting room the little elf's head shot up and she blinked rather owlishly at the figure in the doorway. "You're back. I thought you had gone off looking for Harley." She tilts her head, looking at all the things in the hyenas hands. She frowns a little and rubs the bridge of her nose and then her eyes. She has a little headache from doing so much reading with out her glasses and when she looks up again she looks a little guilty, seeing as this is the very person who had been instructing her to rest and not strain herself for so many days.

The fact that the little elf is studying and straining herself is no longer an issue for Urus, she has a massive case of "I will do as I wish", to which there is no cure. The guiltiness on her face is enough to quell the last of his possible objections. He notices her squinting and rummages around in one of the bags as he walks over to the table and sets everything down, making sure not to cover anything she is working on. "I think first you may want to see." To which he pulls out a set of glasses from one of the bags. "there is absolutely no way I would trust person with vision problems, to use grenade." He says honestly and with a little cheekiness to the current situation. "man at shop said this should be close enough. . ."

Minu tilts her head and looks curiously at the hyena man as he sets the bags down. She squints at him again with a trifle of suspicion then her eyes go wide as he pulls out a glass case and opens it, revealing a pair of glasses inside. Hers had been broken beyond repair but she knew the lenses had been salvaged though she had forgotten to ask about them when she was released from the hospital. To be honest she thought they were lost. Evidently Urus had saved them. "Thank You Urus...goodness you don't know how much I appreciate this. I had mostly forgotten about them, until I needed to study of course." She blushes a little as she offers the man a smile and tries the glasses on. They were a perfect fit and the prescription seemed to match hers perfectly. "what else do you have there??" She asks now that she can see better.

Urus Gives a smile as she thanks him, "do not mention. It is fine." The stack of 3 cases of lime jello in the middle of the table was not a decoration. "this" he says patting the top of the stack "Is because I thought you missed hospital food." His poor jokes allowed to flourish in the absence of the god of party wrecking. "Kotal said you needed more practice, and that is what is for." Him looking slightly peeved that his new protege was not good enough for the god of war. "you remember yes, 4 stories, pull, 1,2,3, drop, 4,5, and problem is solved. At least that is that is what happens with normal people" remembering the bomb that leveled the DMC barely phased kotal by the time he got there.

The little elf tilted her head and looked at the jello then let out a girlish giggle "oh yes, I was already missing the hospital food terribly." She looks up at Urus then very seriously. "I remember, pull tab, 1, 2,3, dump 4,,5, splat! You think 4 stories up is high enough to be out of range of the explosion if it goes off?" She rubs her temple a bit then smiles "well then I will have to take to practicing from the roof since I think this is about a 4 story building. If I find other wise I will just find a window. I will practice Urus and I will keep on Kotal about at least getting a few. We deal with some very strong foes and I am not a god or even a warrior. Its been made sorta clear here recently. Now...whats in the bag?? More surprises?"

Urus Continues his lesson on grenade mechanics "yes 40 feet is enough to keep you safe, the average wounding radius is 33 feet so, it gives a bit of room for error, I would suggest though keeping error to a minimum. Would rather not find out what happens to owl caught in a grenade blast thank you." Saying it quite seriously. He goes back to rummaging around in a plastic bag for a few seconds then gets tired of it and dumps the contents onto the table. Some black garments and a decent sized box fall out in full view, the large black clothes he slides over out of immediate view as he takes the box and opens it with the claw on his index finger. "Have to admit, been very useful" he says as he holds up his claw. As he empties the box there is the light clatter as plastic hits the wood of the table. he holds up the plastic device, the body of it connected by a long wire to a one ear headset. "this is radio, do not need to tell what it does, I hope." As he attempts to put the headset on he struggles for a second or two, as the product was made for ease of use for more human like consumers. "I thought that I needed a way to communicate to you if I am somewhere else, since Kotal seems to be stingy with the comms devices here. One is for me and one is for you, If you do not mind I would like to keep big blue out of this, the last thing I need is him being with me all the times."

Minu nods her head as she listens. "I will be careful Urus and I will practice. I don't want to get hurt and I don't want to hurt my own people. I will take the numbers you have given me and do some study on them, so I can properly gauge where where and when to drop and how to get maximum effect with minimum chance of failure. I am not so hot headed as to go off and just blow stuff up with out checking for safety first." She watches as Urus fiddles with the back then up ends it. The clothing doesn't really interest her but the other things, the package that holds the communication devices, those are interesting. "You want to stay connected to me? I guess that makes sense. You should have access to someone here should you need to communicate. I am rather surprised Kotal didn't offer you some sort of radio." A little giggle comes from her as the hyena fumbles with the ear piece. She takes the second one and easily slips the thing over her pointed ear and tucks the bud inside that pale little shell. "I will not lie to Kotal, but I will not offer information to him about the radios unless he asks me directly. I work for him, I am his assistant but this can be between us for now." Her eyes go wide for a moment "Oh, I noticed that Kotal didn't send you off with much information. I was just taking some notes from what little was accessible on Harley. This system is not easy to figure out. I think who ever set it up , didn't really want the average TASK person reading files. I think I am gona have to find some books and do some research on computers. How to do more then just basically use them, but how to learn how to really get into them. If we need this information we are going to have to have access to it. Its why I like books better. Sorta hard to lock books away unless you use physical locks. " She reaches over and picks up the little page of notes she had made and hands them to Urus. "This is what I was able to get."

Urus looks approvingly as she mentions learning more about computers. " Back where I come from, the most dangerous people were the ones who could manipulate computers to their will. It may be a good Idea for someone to work on this." The small page intrigues him as that what what minu was working on when he got here. He takes the page and begins glancing over the small perfectly written notes. "this is great, more we know, easier it will be. I will make sure to put this information to good use" he begins to study and try to memorize the important things, thinking of leaving it with her in case there is someone else that needs the information. "Thank you, Minu. I hope when I return I will have a " a slightly evil smirk creeps onto his face "a practice target for you.." he takes his gun and places it down on the table, then takes the black garb he pushed away and begins layering a black hooded sweatshirt and black sweatpants over what he is already wearing. The only things visible outside of the new outfit are his furred hands and paws as well as his muzzle, darkening the rest of his face with shadow. "I hope that with this I can blend in with the night" as he points out one of the windows into the dark twisted street. "And that If she knows who I am, that I can keep her guessing until the last minute. " he hopes that the cheap new outfit will do wonders as he stakes out for Harley the next few nights.

Minu giggles a little at the mention of Urus bringing her a live target. "I wish you well on your hunt Urus. Stay safe. If you need me. I will keep the radio on so you will have back up if you need it. If you find anything else, information, or books that might be useful, bring them back to me ok?" She rises from her chair as he dresses. "take the paper with you. I already have it committed to memory if its needed."

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