2015-10-14 - Under the Sea

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Under the Sea

Summary: Not all action is above land in Twisted. Morgana, Doommuffin and Muradin, explore the depths of the sea in search for treasure and adventure. They find both!

Who: Morgana, Doommuffin, Muradin, Lady_Vashj
When: October 14,2015
Where: Zeku Kari Beach, Wreckage

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Zeku-Kari Beach

Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHmd0BLxwGI

Never say that Muradin Bronzebeard is one that doesn't stand by for his people, even if they are kinna distant cousins and such.

Having heard Doommuffin's plight about how much she is languishing in place where there is no apparent tech, the dwarven thane devised a plan that will both solve the gnome's problem and a long standing issue of his own.

You see, it may or may not be known that Muradin has been shacking up with a certain shark siren lately, and you don't need to be an expert in the lore of both races to know how that can constitute some problems. Dwarves aren't known for their swimming skills, in fact, as Morgana so eloquently put it the other day, Muradin is like a stone in the sea and just sinks down to the bottom of the ocean whenever he tries to tread water. It's not that he can't swim, it's just that he just has way too much density to make that a worthwhile experience.

Now, Muradin and Morgana have been taking steps to solve this issue of theirs but it will require exploring the depths of Twisted's ocean, which even Morgana hasn't tread extensively. However, she has explained to her dwarven mate that there are tons of 'shinies' down there which could certainly be worth the time of someone of DM's inclination.

Having promised the gnome Death Knight to keep whatever she finds down there, Muradin has built some old school diving suits for the both of them to then ready themselves by the edge of the beach.

"Now I know yer condition allows ye to not quite care so much for the lack of air, lassie." Says Muradin as he straps on his diving suit and prepares to put on the big ol' bell looking helmet on his head. "But I've managed to attach some of them radios I've found to these suits. We'll be able to talk to each other while underwater and hear Morgana just fine too."

Doommuffin nods as she hefts up the helmet of her suit. "Of course. Communication is always key to a successful operation, and a gnome-coder is always an excellent addition when one enters these kinds of environments where sound waves don't propogate quite in the manner in which we land based creatures are accustomed." She dons the helmet and checks the 'gnome-corder' by continueing to talk. "I do hope to find some useful equipment down in the depths." At her feet, Deathcake peers pensively at the waves.

Morgana sat with in the soft to and fro sweep of the waves. The dark tendrils of her hair moving around her shoulders like black seaweed. She tilted her head as she watched Muradin and DM talk on the shore and prepare to join her in the water. She had not seen the gnome since she arrived during that battle but Muradin had explained to her about the gnome and that in some ways she was...family. Or at least she was one of his people. Morgana accepted this with relative ease and agreed eagerly to take the little gnome with them on thier exploration of the wrecks. There were many shiny things to be found and she was more then pleased that Muradin wish to risk exploring with her. That they had another join them was actually some what exciting for the usually cool siren. This strange undead gnome seemed oddly right to be with her a living vampire and her dwarven mate. The siren flips her tail fin and stirs the water, the moonlight catching her scales and making them shimmer like polished black pearls. "the moon is high Muradin, it is time."

"Aye..I'm juss gonna pretend I understood all that." Muradin mumbles a little to himself whilst DM goes on with her lengthy explanation. Honestly, the dwarven warrior has no clue how these communicators work. He designed and built the suits just fine, but when it came to the actual gadgets he just kind of weld those together, like the air tank and said communicators.

Muradin looks up as he sees his siren lover bid them closer with her tail and he motions for DM to follow him deeper into the water. "This oughta be interesting one way or another." He chuckles with a grunt and places his helmet back on, making sure the air tank and the radio are working.

"Alright, lassies. Let's do this!"

The siren slapped the surface with her tail fin expectantly. She knew the tides were just right for this adventure and was eager to get the group on the way. She dipped under the water and swam a quick circle , with a pump of her powerful tail. She swam to Muradin and tapped his helm "If you bind yourself to the gnome then I can tow you both to the wrecks and you dont have to walk the whole way." Again she swam a circle around them and tiled her head as she watched the ghost cat take to the water.

"Heh! That's the spirit!" The similarities between DM and Muradin, though subtle in many ways, are still somewhat visible. They are both rather short and stout, have an inquisitive knack for building things, and seem really really eager to fight despite their relative small stature. Morgana is not wrong to assume that the two are related in someway, and with the gnome being a Death Knight, she does make a rather fitting addition to the odd pair that is Muradin and Morgana.

Once Muradin treads deeper into the water, he starts doing just as DM and just walks down the sand rather than start swimming, letting the weight of the metal suit he wears pull him to the bottom. Morgana then comes to tap her mate and get his attention and Muradin understands her plan well enough which causes him to nod and grin. "Aye! I'll do ye one better!" He speaks through the radio which emits enough water vibrations for Morgana to understand and goes over to DM.

Morgana's strategy is sound, there's some logistical reasons why Muradin grabbing onto the gnome doesn't make a whole lot of sense, i.e. Muradin is a lot bigger and heavier.

Therefore, the dwarf catches up to DM and grasps her by the waist to lift her up and sit her on his shoulders. "Grab on tight, lass. We're taking the express route to tha' bottom!" Sure, it might be seen as a little rude to just walk up to someone and pick them up, but in Azeroth.. it's quite culturally acceptable to do you just that to gnomes. Really! They even like it when you do that! Or so is Muradin told.

Doommuffin says, "Oh! That sounds like a most efficient method of transport, Ms Morgana! I presume you have the strength in this form to pull the both of us? Our weight in these suits is fairly substantiaaaaaaaAAAAAAL!" It seems she was not quite expecting to be manhandled, and the tone of her voice to follow suggests she doesn't like it quite as much as Muradin was told. "Very well, we can do this your way if you insist." She clicks her fingers, apparently a signal to the ghostly cat. DC does not swim through the water in a traditional way, no. He takes advantage of the fact that he's a ghost and merely floats up to his owner, who in turn takes hold of the cat, somehow able to interact with him as if he were still flesh and blood."

Morgana was meant for life in the water, and being tainted and a living vamp only seemed to add to her preternatural strength when in her native element. She nods to DM as she questions her ability and then does to Muradin essentially what he did to DM except instead of lifting him to her shoulder she simply slides her arms up under his and sets her cheek along side DM s hip. With a hard pump of that long muscular tail the trio moves rapidly through the deepening water. Her agile sirens form undulated rhythmically as she powers her way deeper and deeper. The two land dwellers are barely any weight at all buoyed by the water, even with their added weights. Morgana brings the trio from the sand bottomed bay, through the kept forest and then, over the edge of the drop off. Were either of her passengers sensitive to such things it might be disconcerting to have the visible land just fall away suddenly . Leaving them hanging in dark water for a long moment before the siren angles downward and takes down deeper into the abyss.

Of course, another thing to consider even with Muradin and DM's weight is that they are underwater, which greatly benefits Morgana to move them around. The dorf is blissfully oblivious to the gnome's concerns of being carried and the siren does what she does best and swims gracefully down the ocean, passing the kelp forest in what would have likely taken Muradin and DM both hours to travel. That was time they couldn't afford either as they only have limited supply of air in their tank, or at least Muradin does since DM has little less need of that being undead.

Eventually the trio make it to the real darkness of Twisted's ocean, and things down here are as one might expect.

Muradin turns on the shoulder lamps of his suit to shine some light down below to reveal things that perhaps none of them had ever seen before.

The wreckage is just that. Below the waves lays a plethora of sunken treasure in the form of European galleon ships, alien space ships, air planes of all kinds, statues, even things that have no right of being underwater like cars, buildings and pieces of ancient looking temples.

Twisted brings things from all across dimensions, and it is no wonder that most of them end up down here.

"Well, looks like we got some digging to do." Muradin speaks over his radio as he pulls out his trusty mining pick, letting gravity carry him down slowly deeper where the wreckage lays.

"By the way DM." He says over to his gnome companion. "If ye see some kinna tunnel entrance leading somewheres, do let me or Morgana know. It's kinna important for the both of us."

Doommuffin needs a bit less help from lamps... from the face mask is already coming the eerie blue light emitted from her eyes. "OOooooooooh..... There is much to salvage here. I must say, in retrospect I question our ability to recover much of this materiel when we don't have a proper salvage vessel. Like a good old fashioned submarine." Only a gnome would call a submarine 'good old fashioned'. "I shall dutifully seek out a tunnel entrance for you as well, worry not!" She wanders about the wreckage, looking about this and that, taking little but researching much. "I regret not bringing some way to record notes!" In the meantime, DC is busying himself by chasing small sea life.

When the trio reaches the depths and the shadows of the wrecks come into view Morgana releases both her passengers and watches them slowly sink to the sea floor. The full moon is high over the sea and though she can not see in utter darkness, her eyes were naturally made to be incredibly sensitive to even the smallest amount of useable light. She can see a multitude of shades of shadows down here and feel the vibrations of movements dance along her sides, registering on special sensory organs just under her skin. Much like a shark, the siren is able to swim around the wrecks, poking around , in and out of them with relative ease. Muradin's lamp makes the area around him shine bright as day to the sirens eyes. "what do you need to dig Muradin?" She swims a little circle around him and then darts down to watch the little ghost cat as it chases a small silver fish.

Muradin can see just fine in the darkness being a dwarf actually, countless generations of miners will do that. Problem is, he can only see things in black and white when in utter darkness and -some- light is still appreciated. "Donna worry, lass. If everything goes right we can come back 'ere again as many times as we need to get wotever ye might need." The thane tries to reassure DM. "This is one mostly just reconnaissance."

Whilst the gnome Death Knight goes to prod about and do her research for exotic and wonderful things, Muradin gets to do some more familiar practices and start digging with his mining pick. "Bubbles for the most part." He answers Morgana as she begins to swim so gracefully around him, a complete contrast to the bulky, lead footed form of the dwarf in the diving suit. "Yer grotto's gotta be connected to some kinna underwater tunnel if it breathes in so much air. If we can find some air currents we may be able to follow 'em back to the surface." Sure, Muradin is quite interested in finding neat things here too, even now DM may already be getting her hands in very high tech stuff like blasters, rusted machine guns, space ships parts and what have you. However, the dorf's priority for now is find the passage he needs to get to Morgana's grotto directly from the surface.

Things to be going fairly smooth so far.

Though Morgana will know that it is not so.

The shark siren being a child of the sea as she is might have never encountered many threats down here. Things are different now that she brought visitors, the gnome and the dwarf are sure stirring up quite the noises and lights, which will inevitably attract some water lurkers, and they are right unfriendly.

From the murky depths they come and only Morgana really has a chance of hearing them approach.

Two greatly muscled creatures. Like Morgana, they have the upper part of a human and the lower of a long fish tail, but they look far more reptilian in appearance. They are also carrying with them large tridents that they no doubt aim to impale the landdwellers with.

Looks like they're some naga myrmidons. How did /they/ get in here??

Doommuffin pries a panal off the UFO using her runeblade as a prybar. "My goodness! I've not seen anything of this sort before! It appears to be even more efficient in its energy usage than the 'cell phone' I took apart the other day! Again, still a bit boring because of it..." She turns and swims up towards the twin engine plane. "This, however... This greatly resembles some of the flying machines that you dwarves favor." She looks down towards Muradin. "The winged instead of rotored. Oh, look, Naga," she says, barely in time to deflect a trident with her runesword.

As the siren makes those easy swimming circles and follows the little ghost cat for fun, she is well aware of her surroundings. One does not exist a thousand years and end up the last living thing after a mass feeding frenzy by some how not paying attention to the possibility of other predators. It is at some distance that she feels the soft ripple of other bodies moving through the water. She narrows her eyes and makes a low hiss, letting bubbles escape her "go to your gnome cat and warn her that there is danger near" she murmurs to the ghost animal then swirls a tight spiral and moves in her own slick serpentine way toward Muradin. These land dwellers are not used to fighting in the sea and she will have no damage done to what is hers. She will feast on the flesh of these things if they seek to threaten her chosen.

"Oh, aye." Muradin chuckles as he merrily gets to work whilst listening to DM compare her findings to things she is more familiar in Azeroth. "Brann sure loved those bloody flying machines. Soddin' blighter reminded me more of a Wildhammer dwarf than a Bronzebeard most of the time."

Then Muradin hears the word 'Naga' and he stops right in mid pick swing. "Naga!? WHERE!?" He turns around quickly enough and brings his mining pick just in time to stop a trident thrust aimed straight for his chest.

"Wretched landwellerssssss! Die!!!"

The myrmidon struggles to push Muradin off balance for a moment and the dwarf warrior grunts whilst they wrestle for dominance.

"What are ye soddin' basterds doing 'ere!?" That's a fair question, this isn't Azeroth after all.

"We sssshould be asssking you that!" Counters the naga warrior, wholly capable of talking underwater, just like Morgana.

In the meantime, the other myrmidon that is attacking DM is twisting his trident to grab hold of the gnome's sword and pry it off her hand.

Not surprisingly, the naga are paying Morgana absolutely no mind. As far as they are concerned she is one of theirs.

To say nothing of the ghost cat. I mean, can they even try to grab the cat? Its a ghost.

Speaking of said cat, it just looks at Morgana's request like she was speaking swahili. It meows and goes back to chasing the small silver fish. It's getting a lot more skittish than it was before for some reason! Doommuffin, on the other hand, is by now clearly less oblivious than her cat. "Oh, excellent. I was getting hungry. I'm going to savor your pain." Try to remove a runesword from its death knight? This thing clearly has a death wish. The water pressure may be too high for it to freeze here naturally, but it manages to do so around the myrmadon anyway. "You know you're going to die now, right, scale face?" This little gnome has fought her way through the Vash'jr campaign. She knows how to fight underwater. While her Runesword seems to be pinned at first, she kicks off the ice that has formed to pull herself straight away from the naga, pulling her blade along with her. This is followed by every death knight's favorite technique as dark eldritch powers pull the naga along with her, towards a waiting plague strike.

Morgana's focus narrows instantly as she feels more then sees the naga get suddenly too close to Muradin. She was nearly to him when it attacked the dwarf. A mouth full of wicked sharp teeth bare as the siren moves far faster then one would expect her capable. Strong tail propels her through the water like a torpedo and she bodily slams into the side of Naga. She isnt going to bother with talk, this foolish being threatened what was hers and she has killed for far less. Talons dig into scaled hide, the wicked hooks acting like fish hooks and sinking deep to make it so the siren is very difficult to dislodge. As the movement takes them to the side she wraps her lower half around the sea snake. Arching her upper body she looks snake like herself as she opens that maw wide and from her erupts the most vile sound. The water making the vibrations hit the naga like physical blows. She gives only a moment after that accosting sound before her head snaps forward and teeth find flesh. Its not a simple bite but a bite and shake, much like a shark, tearing a great hunk of flesh from the naga. Blood spills into water and between her furry and the blood the sirens frenzy awakens, that all consuming hunger that drives her to kill and consume even after she is glutted.

Most people have a serious death wish if they are trying to take on a Death Knight by themselves. Or perhaps this myrmidon doesn't realize exactly who he's fighting. Either or, he doesn't fare well against the gnome undead warrior. His trident slips from the runesword's ice and he stupidly actually tries to follow DM, only to be pulled and trapped into a plague strike that elicits a tremendous amount of pain from the creature. He reels back and shrieks, heard even underwater.

Still, the pain that the naga suffers whilst battling DM pales in comparison to what happens to the myrmidon that foolishly decided to attack something that belongs to Morgana.

"What the-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" There is just no describing the horrifying death that the myrmidon endures as he's tackled away from the dwarf by a frenzied siren and just savaged to death. He doesn't even get a chance to defend himself and body parts quickly fly out and float everywhere, coating the water with naga blood and bits of scaly flesh.

"Och.." Even Muradin has to wince, and he -almost- feels bad for the creature. Almost being the key word here.

"Alright luv, I think he's dead.. uh.. Morgana?" Yeah, it looks like she's just going to keep chomping away at that naga until there's nothing left.

The myrmidon fighting DM manages to barely survive the death coil blast and looks to the fate of his companion. "Merciful goddessss..." Even nagas know fear it seems. He coils back in horror at Morgana, something primal about her scaring the living crap out of the sea creature and he quickly turns to swim away. Or try, provided he isn't followed. He's bleeding pretty bad from his brush with DM so it might not be too difficult.

Doommuffin laughs a low, dark laugh... or it's be low if she weren't a gnome. "That wasn't enough pain for me yet, you snake wannabe." She holds her rune blade in her left hand and motions towards the retreating naga with her right, causing chains of ice to reach out to attempt to ensnare the myrmadon. "By all account your so called goddess is far from merciful. And neither am I."

Blood frenzy and darkest rage rides the siren as she savages the naga. She has not allowed the frenzy to take her since shortly after she came to these waters. She has claimed this area as her own and the dwarf as her mate. She will loose niether this night. Great mouth fulls of flesh are stripped from the naga, its neck and chest ruined first then the belly. White bone shows through as talons tear limbs from torso and the dark siren is surrounded by a cloud of blood and assorted floating bits of flesh. Like a shark in a feeding frenzy Morgana does not stop till there is little left of the naga to discern what it was. Only when it is so much assorted chunks does she stop. It would seem that she saved some chosen morsle for last and holds it in her clawed hand taking bites from it like and apple and swallowing them down nearly whole. When she feels the other naga trying to escape she spins in the water causing a bit of a bloody vortex and she rises up from it. Her eyes find that serpent almost at the same time as DM's icy chains. Her head tilts and she turns her eyes to the gnome. Her frenzy still upon her she smells the nagas blood and she is sorely tempted to go after it. Never let an enemy escape you to gather others to their cause. Destroy and feed and there are fewer to come at you next time.

The myrmidon is grabbed by DM's ice trap easily enough. He's no match for the spell's speed injured as he is and his lower half is encased in ice leaving him to float in the depths of the seas. However, despite his predicament, he gurgles a sardonic laugh and blurts out. "At leassst you're right.. about sssomething.. landdweller."

Morgana is right to fear that this Naga was going to go for reinforcements. He opens his maw and elicits a cry that it is not unlike the siren's own. Given its frequency, the shark mermaid would recognize it well enough as a cry of help.

It's Muradin though who surges forth quickly. He's had a lot of experience with the Naga and recognizes the tactic, quickly driving his pickaxe through the naga's skull and silencing him forever. Still, the deed is done, someone must have heard that alarm, and Muradin turns to the others.

"I have a bad feelin' 'bout this mess. We should get tha' hell outta here."

Even now, there's much more movement felt in the water. All the fishes are gone and instead, glowing eyes can be seen moving closer to the group.

Doommuffin says, "Oh, my... that is a lot, and we have noone capable of casting healing spells upon us... Perhaps it is indeed time we made a bit of a tactical retreat? And return with more significant equipment. Ooooh, I'm already coming up with plans for a robot DC can use!" No... there is no fear coming from this gnome. Acceptance that the odds are currently heavily against them, yes. But there is still excitement in her voice. Excitement for the next battle to come. She makes her way towards Muradin while clicking her fingers to get DC's attention(not that difficult now that the fish have all swum off.) There, she turns her globe-helmeted head towards the frenzying siren and asks, "So, have you had your fill yet?""

Morgana bares her mouth full of teeth when she hears that cry for help from the naga. She snarls and in her frenzy she thinks not how many might be about only that they dare be in HER territory. Morgana is a force of nature, she is not a creature of war or tactics. She rises higher in the column of swirling gore and lifts her chin , narrowing her eyes and lets loose a long piercing shriek of challenge. Muradins voice and then Dm's brings her attention to them and her head tilts as if she did not fully see them. Another sonic scream booms through the water.

DM's got a point! This party has no healer! Just two DPS and a Tank! They really oughta get outta here and quick! Problem is that as both Muradin and DM fall back upon tried and true Azeroth raiding tactics, they forget that Morgana isn't from their world and actually cries out a territorial challenge to the approaching creatures. "MORGANA!" This time, Muradin leaps over to the siren and tries to grasp her by the arm, attempting to pry her off her battle lust. "Morgana! We gotta go, now!!"

Too late though.

The naga strike force is here.

"What do we have here?" A sultry feminine voice ripples across the water heard by all three of them. "Even in this distant dimension, you meddlesome Alliance fools usurp our territory. Your insolence truly knows no bounds!! I would not be surprised if it were you wretches that put that accursed machine down there."

he speaker is seen once she approaches. A statuesque woman with six arms, serpentine hair, the lower half of a snake, and armed with a bow and several scimitar swords in each hand.

It's Lady Vashj and she's accompanied by a few sirens and Naga Royal Guards.

"It will be my out-most pleasure to make this place your watery graves."

The blue light emitted from Doommuffin's helmet cuts off and on again suddenly as she blinks. "Oh, this isn't good.... Muradin, I think that's... wait..." She looks back out to Lady Vashj. "Aren't you dead? I mean, they wiped you and your entire Outland force out of exsistance, I thought. Yeah! About the same time as Kael'thas! except they didn't actually... Hrm, come to think of it, I'm back from the dead too." Yes... Her insolence truely knows no bounds, indeed. That's about when something else said by the naga noblewoman registers with the gnome. "Machine? Oh, no, that was someone else, but we'll gladly take it off your hands and get it out of your way!" Spoken as if she had a clue what this machine was. But hey! It's a machine! Maybe she can help the group get out of this situation in one peice and get a machine to boot! SCORE!

Morgana is a predator, plain and simple. The merfolk are not an organized civilization in her realm, they were like dolphins, child like creatures that swam and played and cavorted but they were not known for their martial prowess. When the taint took her, that natural state became transformed to what she is now, a ferocious , perpetually hungry predator. This affront to her claim on her territory enraged her darker nature further. This serpent woman who dared behave as if she belonged in HER seas needed to meet the same painful end as the great Charybdis. The tainted siren rises up and faces that trespasser. She bares her teeth and lets loose another loud and heavily vibratory shriek. With a sweep of her long tail she scoops the nagas fallen trident up off the sea bed and lifts it to her taloned hands. "your presence in my waters offends me serpent, take you and yours beyond the temple and I will allow you to live, other wise you will feed my hungers this night."

"Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." As they often are in Azeroth. Heck, Muradin here has presumed dead for quite a while.

Lady Vashj's glowing eyes flicker, showing that she's clearly rolling them at the gnome's failed attempt at bluffing them. "You are not talking your way out of this one."

It is Morgana's bestial, territorial challenge that truly draws the attention of Lady Vashj. All the naga around her wince at the sonic boom of a scream, but Lady Vashj stands resolute, ignoring the blast and staring daggers at the mermaid threatening her.

"YOUR waters!!?" The sea witch laughs. "That is a very bold claim, little one."

"A pity that you've decided to side with the landdwellers. But we naga have means to deal with traitors."

"Kill them all." She orders her naga. "Don't touch the mermaid child. She's mine."

As the naga warriors fan out to flank Morgana and engage with Doommuffin and Muradin, Lady Vashj raises a hand that crackles with energy and releases several lightning bolts in Morgana's direction to electrocute her. "FORKED LIGHTNING!!"

"Alright, sod this." Grumbles Muradin as he now realizes that a fight is inevitably. "DM! Go help out Morgana! I'll handle these bloody naga."

Mirithos and Troggbane both appear on Muradin's hands as the dwarven lord begins to crackle with energy.

Stone begins to cover his suit and he starts to grow bigger and bigger, turning into a giant entirely made of stone. The legendary Avatar form that only a few Iron Forge dwarves are able to tap into. With this new power, the giant Muradin moves forward to start drawing the naga's attention. Even in the waters his warcry of 'KHAAAZ MOOODAAAAN!' is still able to be heard.

Doommuffin sighs. "Well, can't blame a girl for trying." She makes her way over towards Lady Vashj not with the body language of fear, but of dissapointment. When she gets to combat range, though, she's all in combat stance, though she seems for the moment to be waiting on Morgana's first move. The cat, however, has officially been spooked as is nowhere to be found. He's probably okay.

One does not live a thousand years amid the frenzied taint of Nox with out being both fierce and fast. The siren isn't much of a talker really, and when the Lady who ever she may be starts to give her people orders , Morgana simply swims straight up, her tail sweeping through the water with hard powerful strokes. Her body is streamlined with the trident hugged close to her body as she shoots skyward. She arches over well out of sight and plunges down , straight down. Like an arrow she comes at the serpent. That powerful tail has her moving at an incredible pace. When she is close enough the siren erupts in the most intense sound. A sound so discordant and sharp that it moves the water almost visibly , pummeling that serpent queen as the siren plunges closer and then lashes out with the spiked tines of that trident.

Faster than Lady Vashj was expecting. Morgana isn't a mere maid as the sea witch is starting to find out. She makes a face when she sees the siren dodge her lightning arc by going upward, and as Morgana descends towards her this time the sonic blast proves to be far too much for her to handle at point blank range.

The sea witch reels backwards trying to protect her face from the blast. It leaves her looking very disoriented and all kinds of vulnerable. The perfect position to be struck by a trident even!

Morgana's strike hits true, slamming right into the face of Lady Vashj. But then.. it just sort of bounces back?

The sea witch just chuckles as the magical barrier that is her Mana Shield surrounding her stops the blow from connecting, and it gives her enough time to recover from the blast.

"Die!!" She cries out and lashes out Morgana with blurring speed, bringing four of her swords across the siren's body simultaneously to slash her across the chest and face. Maybe DM should get on this at some point.

Meanwhile, the naga are battling in the background with the third party member. Let's just say they are not faring well against Muradin Bronzebeard, but it's going to take the Mountain King a while to plow through all of them.

Doommuffin indeed does step in at this point, circling around behind. Many powerful individuals are known to have these kinds of magic shields... and they all seem to be different. For now, the gnome seems content to use the rather potent distraction that is Morgana to try to come in close to strike at the sea witch from behind. It's the standard Death Knight opener of inflicting your victim with the magical diseases that the undead warriors are known for. With the icy chill sent from a distance, Doommuffin gets in close to the naga to direct a blow to her back with her Rune Blade to inflict the raw necrotic energies.

The sea is not the land and there are far more axis to fight upon then just the standard being on the ground. When trident bounces off the serpent queen , Morgana snarls and twists herself back ward. That powerful tail lashing out to knock into one side of to the serpent queen. The slashing swords cut through the water and one tip nicks the rise of her chest. The sting of that cut brings the sirens rage again, her dark hungers rising. The great Charybdis had been a serpent too, a great 30 foot long beast of razor teeth and sharp spines. The siren curls forward and and twists with a hard push of her tail she does a fast pass on the serpent , using that battering sonic scream to unsettle her again then darts in, fast and hard to grab at one of those arms. She doesnt even stop, simply twists herself hard behind the serpent until the arm cant be pulled any further then she sharply twists and jerks.

Lady Vashj is -quite- used to fighting multiple opponents.

It still doesn't make it any easier, even with her multiple arms.

Little gnomes are hard to spot even if they are wearing a big diving suit and waving around a giant rune sword. With her attention mostly focused on Morgana and her infuriating speed, Lady Vashj was not expecting a slice from the back and she is struck hard by DM's poisoned blade. She shrieks in rage and pain, arching forward and trashing about in the water, her Mana Shield was able to withstand most of the damage but some of it really is getting through it. The magical barrier around her visibly starting to crack.

The sea witch looked as if she wanted to retaliate against the gnome but Morgana soon did away with those plans by screeching at her again and diving past her, grabbing one of her arms in the process to take her for a ride. "GRAAAH!!" Bubbles erupt from her mouth feeling one of her arms starting to crack against the pressure that Morgana is putting as the frenzied siren simply attempts to tear her apart.

Lady Vashj has a lot of limbs though, and as Morgana attempts to break the naga woman's arm, she'll feel a serpent tail coiling around her torso to hold her in place and take away some of the pressure Morgana is putting on the sea witch's arm. Should Morgana try to continue keeping the hold, Lady Vashj will turn around and start pummeling Morgana's head with the handles of her swords, fully intending to break the siren's skull if that's what it takes to convince her to release her arm. Three swords furiously crashing down on Morgana's head.

Even with all that, Lady Vashj still has two free arms. These are used to steady her bow and grab a couple of arrows which she uses to shoot DM repeatedly. A few arrows fly the gnome's way and should she be hit with them she'll feel a chill going across her suit that is a lot different than that of Northrend, making it difficult for the gnome to move.

"My, that is remarkable ambidexterity, Lady Vashj!" says Doommuffin as she bats one arrow away with her blade before darting to the left as fast as she can to avoid the others. "But do you really think you can keep this up? This isn't Azeroth, you know. Your queen won't be here to back you up, and neither will Illidan." She then quickly reverses direction and starts to circle inwards from the right. As she gets in close, she makes one good... okay, one fairly sloppy strike at the Sea Witch.

Morgana is not one to give up something she has hold of unless something more tasty should show itself to her. When the serpent woman curls her tail around Morganas torso the siren quickly sees the poised sword hands and releases the now well over strained arm. As the serpent recovers that arm Morgana curls herself under , putting the serpent womans own lower body between herself and the siren and there before her of course is oh so tender under flesh. She knows the force of her sonic scream can stagger the serpent so how would she enjoy it up close directed into her lower half. Should likely be enough to get that coil of snake from around her chest. The siren dips her heads inward and lets loose another of those discordant shrieks directly into the soft underside of the serpent woman.

Lady Vashj's first movement is to stop her swords when she sees Morgana hiding right under her. What a cheeky mermaid she is despite acting like some kind of frenzied animal. The sea witch swims upwards to put some distance away from the siren whilst simultaneously bring two scimitar blades to the side in order to bat DM's serrated blade out of the way. "You gnomes never know when to shut up."

This is what the naga serpent manages to say right before Morgana unleashes a sonic blast right in what would be consider Lady Vashj's butt. It more that disorients her this time as the sea witch is actually propelled backwards and she goes spinning through the water, looking like a car wheel out of control. As she reaches the maximum distance of the throw, the magical barrier around her crackles like glass and visibly shatters. At the very least it looks like her Mana Shield is down, which means she can finally be struck directly.

Problem is that if her magical shield just broke until now.

It means she hasn't actually taken any real damage yet.

Lady Vashj's flickers out of existence and for a full second she's gone from the waters. Only Muradin fighting in the background against the naga royal guard can be seen.

A short second later, Vashj blinks into existence right behind DM where she thrusts two swords to pierce through the gnome girl's back.

As she does so, she trains her bow at Morgana's back as well to shoot an ice arrow in an attempt to freeze Morgana and slow her down.

Doommuffin says, "Oh, don't be silly! We know exactly when to shut up! We just don't care." Speaking of sounds being emitted from someone's mouth, Doommuffin herself seems a bit caught off guard as well. She actually stumbles in the water, and probably would be even worse off if she didn't have the dampening effect of the helmet. And her stumble causes her to lose her footing, making for an easy target for Vashj's blades. She looks down at her chest, and the two blades sticking through. "Oh... that can't be good," she says. At least there's no blood in the water from it. Unable to turn towards her target due to being, well, pinned, she instead releases a wave of decay around her. Not as good as a sword hit would be, but you do what you can."

When the serpent woman disappears the siren is not going to just sit there while Mura fights. She moves instantly toward the ruckus of royal guards and simply enfolds one as she slams into it at a rapid swimming dart. Mouth lunges forward and simply digs into what ever flesh she finds. Morgana is one for expedience, not honor so it maters not to her if she caught to poor naga unaware or if she ends up in a tumbling coil of serpent and siren. Talons dig in on the naga and tear and rend and its only when Morgana feels the serpent lady appear and disturb the waters again does the naga get left and the siren releases the well wounded naga warrior. Once again the siren swims straight upward and as she does she feels something else close by, brought forth from the depths by the scent of blood and the thrashing of the battle. Now, Morgana can not sway a beast to serve her but she can draw one near and let nature take its course. Strong notes of song pour from the siren as she swims up higher into the water column. She spills crystal notes into the water and summon the great white shark she felt moving in the wreckage. As she felt the beast answer she swam down lightning fast. The lady might have many arms but she had only one head and right down it was focused on Doommuffin. As she swims directly down toward Lady V, she lets loose another sharp and violent shriek, focused on the naga womans head.

The naga royal guard has no chance whatsoever. One of the great serpents is far too busy trying to poke at Muradin with his trident and is none the wiser to the speedy approach of the siren behind him.

There's a gurgled cry of agony from the naga warrior as he feels something tremendously vicious latch onto his back and start tearing him asunder. He trashes as one might as expect, trying to tap into his own magical energy to fend Morgana off. These royal guardians are tremendously tough on their own accord, which is the only reason why they have survived so many rounds with Muradin Bronzebeard even if they outnumber him 5 to 1. The naga might have even managed to do something to push Morgana off his back, where it not for a stray hammer strike from the dwarven warrior that bashes the creature's head right out his neck. "Thanks luv!" Muradin says whilst he continues battling the other naga. Its a wonder how he can even see with his helmet now covered completely in stone, but that is the magical nature of the Avatar state.

Vashj holds her ground as Doommuffin throws a Death and Decay spell around herself, the sea witch is willing to take a few hits if that means finsihing off one of these pesky adventurers. With a wince of pain she holds those swords through the gnome and brings one across her neck, ready to decapitate her. Unfortunately for her she sees Morgana returning to the fray with the speed of a bullet and she changes tactics quickly.

Vashj didn't get to be the leader of such an ancient civilization by falling prey to the same trick over and over. As soon as Morgana is shooting her sonic blast again, this time, Vashj lifts Doommuffin and uses her as a shield to minimize most of the damage.

The sea witch throws the gnome at Morgana as she swims away, hoping that the two women warriors entangle each other giving her enough time to think of something.

And she does think of something.

Thing is, Lady Vashj /can/ sway sea creatures to fight for her and as she notices that great white lured in by the scent of blood, Vashj shoots a spell at it while whispering to its feeble, impressionable mind. "Serve me!"

The great white shark's eyes glow green and it changes direction, swimming straight for the opponent that seems easier to eat. That one is of course Doommuffin being the smallest, and the shark tries to chomp her in half with one bite.

Doommuffin flails helplessly as she's thrown, barely holding onto her own blade. It seems that the water's viscosity at first might work to her advantage as she slows before reaching Morgana... Except there's a slightly worse threat out there, and when the shark passes by, there's nothing left but a skull adorned boot twirling in the water.

When the little gnome is thrown toward her then snatched up by the shark she called the siren simply narrows her dark eyes and bares her teeth. She was already swimming downward when everything happened and it was only a slight dart to the side for her to miss the sharks tail as it came past her. She focuses on Lady V and emits another long loud shriek at the naga woman even as she powers toward her swimming fast. There will be a reckoning and she will mount the snake womans head on a spike to warn any other from ever trespassing on her territory again. That sound blasts the serpent just moments before Morgana barrels into her. Much like that great white, its all teeth and snapping jaws.

"A HA HA HA!" Comes the laughter of the sea witch as she sees the tiny gnome get swallowed whole by the great white shark. One down, two more to go.

By now, the naga sorceress is well aware of Morgana's tricks. That sonic boom is blasted to her face and she extends an open palm towards the attack. "Counter Spell!" Although Morgana's blasts aren't magical, the raw power of her magic is enough to tackle with the blast and dispel it before it hits her.

The only problem is that extending her arm leaves her wide open for Morgana's gnashing teeth. The sea serpent coils back in an attempt to dash away, but Morgana's fangs find the naga's forearm nonetheless, crushing bone and tearing her flesh. "GRAAAH!!" She snarls in pain and doesn't waste time cursing. She simply counter attacks by trying to drive all four of her swords into Morgana's torso.

When her teeth crush down on the forearm, Morgana doesn't let up or stop swimming. She, like a shark gives her head a vicious flesh and bone severing shake , until she has that arm dangling in her jaws. She propels herself with a quick twist, away from those slashing blades. The water is her home and as such the sea and all its ways are known to her. She is able to turn herself nearly double so that as she lets the severed arm fall away she goes high for the snakes womans throat.

There's a sickening sound of flesh and bone being torn apart as Lady Vashj's arm is ripped off by the elbow and left dangling on Morgana's bloodied jaw. In her defense, the sea witch doesn't scream -nearly- as much as someone would do when getting their arm bitten off by what is essentially a shark.

Her blades miss the flexible mermaid and she reels back when Morgana darts to chew on her neck.

Lady Vashj's home is also the sea, and more than that, the very presence of water everywhere increases her already considerably magical abilities.

She disappears right as Morgana's jaws are about to gnash on her neck and appears right behind Morgana. Two swords are then brought down in a stabbing motion to pierce the siren's lungs.

That shark is looking a bit sluggish after its meal. Actually, no, it looks a bit sickly.... And it now appears to have a second dorsal fin after the first... oh my, that's a sword sticking out from it. With a final exertion of effort, the shark is nearly bisected, having only the flesh on its left side still holding it in one peice. "Now... where were we? Oh, yes..." The gnome turns towards Vashj again, her eyes glowing brightly from the pain she had just inflicted on the underwater beast. "One beast left... Oh, you're not looking so well, Lady Vash." Gone is her rapid fire speach pattern. Now instead her speach is slower, more methodical in nature.

Morgana also learns from her opponent and she is aware that this serpent has this magic of disappearing and reappearing. She is swimming downward when the serpent blinks out and so she goes all the way down and curves herself cobra like on the sea floor. When the serpent reappears that vibration of her blinking in gives her away and the siren lashes forward. Jaws, and talons flash toward the serpents lower body. The flashing swords would of course have a chance at her hip area seeing that her chest had moved to far inside the serpents reach.

It was fortunate for Lady Vashj that she only used two swords to try and stab Morgana's back. As the siren quickly ducks and whirls around to try and tear her stomach apart, the sea sorceress brought her two lower swords in an X shape block, letting Morgana's fangs bite nothing but the blades of her scimitars. Those two downward stabbing blades still continue downwards, and they find Morgana's lower back, ramming the blades through if she's able.

However, at the very moment, the sea serpent is aware of death going around her and notices that the gnome death knight has torn the shark apart and is moving in to join the fray.

Not only that, but at that very moment a royal guard comes flying past DM and crashes into a nearby coral reef, sending debris and dust everywhere in the water. Muradin has finally beaten down the royal guard sent to him and jumps over to fully engage Lady Vashj.

"Uggh.." There's a grunt of annoyance from the bloodied naga and she rolls her eyes. "Truly, this is a fight that is not even worth my time."

"Keep your damnable loot if you truly wish to keep all this trash for yourselves!! In fact, I hope you go deeper into the depths so that machine down there can kill you all!"

With a movement of her remaining arms, magic envelops her and the remains of her royal guard, and in an instant they all teleport out. Not even the floating arm of Lady Vashj is left.

But at least, it looks like they are now truly gone.

Doommuffin says, "'Not even worth my time.' BAH. What a sore loser." She swims over to retrieve her boot, seemingly unfased by the... wait, the holes are nearly mended already. Well, she seems to quickly adjust to the apparent end of combat, anyway. "She has no idea what's actually valuable. This is some wonderful equipment down here. And I don't know about you two, but I can't wait to see this machine!""

When Morgana comes up against the serpents swords her teeth gnash and she shrieks and furry. The Siren arches upward raking talons on those arms blocking her only to feel the stab of one of the serpents other swords dig deep into what would be her rump had she legs. Lashing her tail she screams again in pain and fury , rage blinding her as the serpent blinks out again. A great gout of crimson spills from Morgana as the serpent woman and all that is hers simply disappears. Morgana spins in place looking for the next attack , eyes flashing , ready to launch herself on the serpent again.

"Oi! Let's try and tackle bloody horrors from the depths one at a time, eh Doommuffin??" Muradin pipes in now that he's finally free from fighting the naga. He's back to his regular non stone form, and even without the protective barrier that had covered his body, his armor still appears to be quite damaged. He's already applying some tape to a nasty crack on the glass of his helmet which was starting to leak water in. Fortunately, the suit has an integrated pump to push water out of the suit in case it starts to flood, and Muradin looks over to DM to see if she's in need of that.

Familiar screams get this attention though, and the dwarven warrior turns to look towards the siren that is utterly lost in her frenzy. "Oop! Excuse me a moment, this is me cue." Truly Muradin is as insane as the legends say he is, since he swims over to Morgana who is all but lashing out at the water and tackles her, caring not for his own safety. "There, there luv. She's gone! Ye got 'er good ye did!" He tries to sooth her in an attempt to calm her down, wrapping the siren's lithe body into a powerful embrace.

Doommuffin sighs. "Fine. But we'll have to get ourselves a proper salvage vessel next time. There's far too much valuable scrap down here to take up by hand." She nods to Muradin as he swims off to try to calm down his hulking out lady friend.

Her fury was unbound, the serpent had escaped her and would still be out there in HER ocean. She was in pain and enraged. Her hunger had long arose and she was in her purest of her frenzy. She was lost to it and it would not be impossible for her to lash out at what ever came close to her. When she is tackled she snarls and her teeth gnash with out connecting to anything. The feel of Muradins arms brings that head around and she blinks at the one eyed beast before her for a moment. It seeps into her raging mind that it is her chosen and though she can not smell his distinct scent through his water proof suit she can hear his voice "the vile snake escaped me Muradin. I wanted her ugly head as a warning to those who would trespass on my territory again." She shifted and flashed her teeth as a fresh gout of blood spilled into the water and she looked over her own shoulder. "I will hunt her and strip the flesh from her bones."

Muradin was fully expecting to get slashed or bitten, a risk that he's more than willing to take in order to get Morgana to get back to her senses. Besides, its nothing that the burly dwarven warrior can't handle and he's more than used to Morgana lashing out on him when she's going berserk. Thankfully the shark siren regained her senses in record time and embraced Muradin back, lamenting her inability to fully tear Lady Vashj to pieces. It is something that makes the thane chuckle, Morgana was like a little girl sometimes expressing her regret at not getting a prized toy she wanted-- except instead of a toy she meant to kill someone, but close enough, right?

"Ey, donna worry about it, luv." Muradin tried to console her while cradling her in his arms "She won't be botherin' anybody after roughing her up like that. If she comes back we'll be more than ready, I guarantee it. This sea is pretty big though, so it won't hurt nobody if we give 'em a few scraps to live in, right?" Muradin would kiss Morgana if he could, bloodied mouth and all, but you know, helmet covering his whole head makes that pretty impossible. He reaches over some remains of the shark that DM eviscerated and offers it to Morgana instead. "Here, want some shark meat?" That oughta calm her down a bit.. hopefully.

In the meantime, Muradin glances over to DM and starts making signals to her that she should probably grab anything nifty she wants before leaving. The dorf isn't entirely convinced that Lady Vashj won't return with an even greater force, or that she won't try to summon some of the Twisted natives to her side.

Doommuffin didn't notice the signal, but that's only because she's too busy trying to pry the engine out of a motorcycle that found its way down here. With a popping noise, her arclite spanner does its job and the engine is free! Her hands full, she makes her way akwardly towards the pair. Deathcake, meanwhile, pokes his head out of a coral bed and meows creepily before following his owner.

Thanks to the taint the siren heals quickly and so that stab wound seals itself up in moments. She clings to the dwarf, her dark eyes flash angrily, though her frenzy is quickly quieted as she focuses on her chosen one. "beyond the temple, from the temple to the sand is MINE." She snarls her words then turns her head as Muradin offers her a bite of shark. She allows him to feed her and sighs . "if she shows herself again I will be feeding on her heart. Cowardly wretch, using magic."

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