2015-10-17 - Seeking Mermaids

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Seeking Mermaids

Summary: Ikuto's been told that a mermaid by the name of Morgana can help him. So now he seeks her out, and finds her mate.

Who: Morgana, Muradin, Ikuto
When: October 17, 2015.
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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The sun is just setting over the wide expanse of the bay, its rays making bands of gold and pink on the smattering of clouds that decorate the evening sky. The tide is out and there are gentle waves lapping against the sand. A light breeze ruffles the top of the water but for the most part it is a calm and peaceful evening by the sea. Crystalline notes of song fill the darkening night, each one dancing on the air smooth and sweet. The song has a touch of sadness but there is sweetness to it too, a gentle stirring that tickles the brain and stirs the senses. From the pillars of the pier there can be seen just the dark black pearl glint of scales and the inky sweep of dark hair as a certain siren lounges in the water, stretched out on her back just being carried on the waves that sweep slightly stronger under the pier. Her song pauses only long enough to softly call to her mate "Are you nearly done fixing your helmet yet Muradin? Does the new glass fit? I grow restless, we should go hunt that serpent woman again. I still wish to see the end of her."

And who is this mate in question? Why, it appears to be a short, but very stocky, bearded man that's working on something by the shore.

Muradin has set up a sort of mini-forge in the beach of Zeku-Kari, where he is tending to what appears to be an old-school diving suit. It is currently covered in scratches and holes that it had been put through a blender. The glass of the helmet in particular is covered in cracks which Muradin is trying to replace with a new set. "Hm, nearly." He answers as he quietly works on his suit whilst enjoying Morgana's song to keep him entertained. "Should be a nice fit. Tricky part is making sure its hermetically sealed."

The dwarven warrior can't help but chuckle when Morgana gets rather pouty at the mention of wanting to go after Lady Vashj again, the siren's attitude really amuses him. "Aye luv, ye'll get another chance to have a go at 'er. As long as we canna find that bloody tunnel we'll hafta keep going underwater and chances are we'll run into her sooner rather than later."

Finally, it seems he manages to put the glass in and he sighs. "This would be a lot easier if I could set up a propa' forge."

There's a pair of individuals here on the beach. One is what looks like, for all intents and purposes, a normal human teenager. Albeit with blue hair and blue eyes. The hair is a little odd, the eyes only so if one can tell he's Japanese. He's very thin too, almost abnormally so, and dressed in a black dress shirt with tiny silver crosses hanging from the points of his lapels, black pants with straps wrapped around his legs, and heavy black boots. He walks along the beach with his hands in his pockets. Apparently it's a little chilly, hence there's a blue scarf wrapped around his neck.

The other person? That's a very small catboy fairy-like thing that's about as big as a human hand. It bears more than a little resemblance to the teenage boy, though a number of things set them apart. Their size difference, for one. And the catboy has blue-furred handpaws and footpaws, a tail, cat ears, and yellow slit-pupiled eyes.

"Ne, Ikuto! What are we doing out here-nya?" the catfairy-thing intones in a high voice that's just this side of squeaky. It's floating alongside Ikuto's shoulder. "It's cold! And there's water here-nya!"

The boy gives an affirmative grunt. "You remember what the little girl said," he states. His voice is almost a baritone.

"Oh, that's right... the mermaid-nya!" the catfairy replies. "You really think she'll help?" No answer from the teenager. But they ARE heading towards the sound of Morgana's voice...

The siren makes soft sigh, trying to achieve some manner of patience. She adores her dwarf but having him so limited in the water is a challenge when there is a nasty naga trying to lay claim to her waters. She begins to sing again, louder this time, letting herself sing just for the pleasure of it for the first time in a very long time. The taint had taken the pleasure of simple singing from her for so long but recently she had found comfort in it again. Her voice was rich and pure, the notes dancing on the breeze reaching out like caressing tentacles. That song is like living pleasure, it teases, it incites it calls.

It goes both ways, really. Muradin loves his mermaid as well, but their very different habitats has definitely not escaped his notice. It's been a challenge for sure, though it is one that he is more than willing to take. Besides, it can all be quite easily resolved if he can just find that tunnel that leads from the surface to Morgana's grotto. Nasty naga warriors roaming the ocean aside, if Muradin can't find it soon he seriously considering just making a tunnel himself.

With his work finished for now, Muradin relaxes and enjoys the song of the siren. Happily leaning back on his stool and watching his lady sing to all the stars and the rumbling ocean. It's quite a sight to see, and more importantly, to hear.

Ever vigilant though, Muradin doesn't let the siren's song dull his senses. He hears someone approach and turns to peer into the darkness, which doesn't bother him in the least being a dwarf and having natural dark vision. "Who goes there?" It'll be quite easy to spot Muradin in turn since he's sitting by a fire.

Ikuto does find himself affected by that song. He pauses, listens. And a smile pulls at the corner of his mouth. His mind wanders back to happier times. His father at home... hearing his father play the violin... himself playing the violin while Utau sang and Tadase watched them both make such beautiful music....

And then Muradin's voice breaks into Ikuto's reverie. Probably for the best, actually.

Yoru might not have seen Muradin, or might not have been expecting him. Since at the sound of the dwarf's booming voice, he yelps, "Nya!" and ducks behind Ikuto's shoulder. The firelight might reflect off of Yoru's eyes in that way that cats' eyes do with light.

"I don't mean any harm," Ikuto replies, pulling his hands from his pocket. "I've come to talk to the mermaid. That's all."

Morgana was not actively trying to ensnare anyone with her song in this moment, it was just a natural effect that came with her voice and got stronger when she actively used it. She lounges in the water, her tail flukes just keeping her in one place as the waves move around her. When she hears Muradin call out, her song cuts off sharply and she dives under the waves, swimming to shore and shifting, the siren steps out of the water and onto the sand on two sleek bare legs. Dark hair spills around her body like a dark cloak, just concealing her charms from view. Dark eyes, purely black with no whites to be seen narrow as she looks toward the two new beings that have come onto the beach. Chin held high and one brow arching. "I was once of the merfolk, I am not a mermaid now how ever, I am more, and less. Who seeks me and why?" as she moves to put herself between the new comer and Muradin.

Muradin has sort of already gotten used to Morgana's habit of walking around naked. It bothers him a little that every gawking person can see his lady in such a state, but she really doesn't seem to mind, so he makes no complaint. Besides, there are in the beach after all, and Twisted being the crazed realm that it is, a naked woman in the beach is truly the least of people's problems around here. With that said, he does grab one of his spare shirts and hands it to Morgana if she wants to make herself decent.

Though Ikuto may not recognize him yet due to the darkness, Muradin does and exclaims. "Oi! If it ain't Ikuto and his Yoru lad! Great ta see ya!" He nods to Morgana. "These blokes are alright, donna worry." Although he's a jovial stout fellow and greets the two kids like old friends, Muradin can't help but be slightly curious when Ikuto claims that he's seeking Morgana specifically.

"Aye? Really? Well, do tell what's yer business with me lass." He nonetheless invites the two come over and share his fire. "Sit yerselfs over here, I got plenty o' drinks for everyone." Looks like its time to get hammered!! Which, of course, in dwarven time is exactly every hour of the day.

"...Can mermaids walk?" the catfairy whispers as Mrogana walks up onto land.

"...Some," he replies quietly. Though he's also got his attention on Morgana. Not because 'oooh, naked girl', either. But because he'd heard that this woman had fangs. And he'd like to keep his throat intact if at all possible.

Ah-ha. The voice is familiar now that it's speaking his name-- the dwarf that he met when he first showed up here. With the invitation to come closer to the fire, he does, offering a polite bow. "Thank you."

Yoru follows, less tense now that he knows who's here. "Hi there-nya!" the catfairy greets, waving a hand-paw happily.

Ikuto doesn't actually sit down. Looking between Morgana and Muradin as he speaks, he explains, "I went to Ray's Occult Books looking for magical protection. A girl working there points me towards you." Here he looks at Morgana, to indicate he meant her. "There's a chance some... very unsavory sorts are going to come here after me. I don't know when, or even if. But I'd like to be prepared."

When Muradin offers her a shirt she takes it, lifting the fabric to her nose and drawing in a deep breath. He knew she preferred them pre-worn, filled with his scent so that he was always with her. She slid the shirt down over her head and rolled up the sleeves. When her mate acknowledges the young man and the little flying thing with him she relaxes her guard. Turning those dark eyes on the boy she tilts her head "girl? A blonde haired girl, red eyes and wings? Flandre? Is this who sent you to find me? Does she want me to feast upon your enemies?"

Now it's a party!

Once Morgana takes his shirt to wear it over her, Muradin grins happily and busies himself pulling some flasks from his considerably large backpack. "All o' ye want some ale or can I get ya somethin' else?" He cackles. "I got me so mead, and rum, and wine if ya feel so inclined." Is.. is Muradin's backpack just completely stuffed with alcoholic drinks and nothing else? "Meebe some ginger ale for the wee lad!" Okay, maybe they're not all alcoholic, and he keeps in mind that Yoru might be too young to drink. Ikuto on the other hand gets handed a big ol' tankard of strong dwarven ale.

"Hm! Now we're talking!" Muradin of course gets all excited at the talk of fighting. "If somebody's troubling ye, me and me lass can make sure to give 'em a good hammerin'" Muradin chuckles nervously. "Well, in the case of Morgana there might be more rending involved, she's a mite bitey." And that's putting it mildly.

Ikuto nods to the description of the girl and her name, offering an affirmative grunt. Though the mention of 'feasting on his enemies' gets a shake of his head. And Yoru hides behind the boy's shoulder, peering over it at Morgana fearfully. "No, that's... not why she sent me to you," Ikuto replies.

Muradin's words of the booze get a raised brow, and then suddenly Ikuto has a tankard in his hand. He blinks. "...Thank you," he replies. Out of politeness, he takes a drink out of the tankard he's handed... and then coughs! He does have the decency to cover his mouth, though. Elf tolerance for dwarven booze. Never a good thing.

Meanwhile Yoru is suddenly over near Muradin's pack. "Did you say you had ginger ale-nya?" he inquires. Apparently he does like ginger ale.

Once Ikuto's got control of his throat again, he explains, "No, that's... not necessary. They don't have a lot of magical knowledge. I thought if I could get some magical strength, that I might be able to keep them at bay." There are also extenuating circumstances, that he doesn't want to bring up just yet.

Morgana tilts her head to the side and watches the young man come close. She is quite alien this one, with her unreadable dark eyes. The siren watches the small fae being and her head tilts to the other side as if sizing up the little tidbit. When Muradin hands the young man a mug she slinks toward the fae thing and sniffs the air. One delicate hand lifts and she reaches out to touch the little flying cat boy. "what are you small one? Are you some manner of bug or are you a pixie? You smell...odd." She catches the young mans coughed words and shakes her head "I do not know what the child told you but I am no magician. I am a siren and I am death to those who would harm what is mine." She says this with out even looking over her shoulder at Ikuto.

"A HA HA HA!" Muradin gives a hearty cackle when Ikuto nearly chokes on the booze, and gives him a solid whack on his back. "First timer, aye!? Donna worry lad, ye'll get used to the taste plenty quick!"

Yoru wandering over his backpack causes the dwarf to nod "Aye! Always carry somethin' for when running into wee ones juss like ye. Plus it's good for tha' digestion." Yoru gets handed a tankard of ginger ale, but good luck drinking it, since its nearly Yoru's size. This also may or may not force Yoru to get pressed right into Morgana's prodding finger.

Muradin pipes in when the talk turns to things of magical nature and he adds, "Well, what about yer song, me luv? Rather than killing the sodding blokes ye could juss sing 'em away, couldn't ye?"

The tankard is actually not too terribly hard for Yoru to lift, but there's visible effort in doing so. The catboy fairy can lift most hand-held items, though he'll be finding a place to set the tankard down as soon as he can. It's then that he registers Morgana's touch. "Nya?" he turns to look at her, yellow eyes blinking at her in a confused way. "Me? I'm Ikuto's Guardian Character!"

Yoru feels perfectly normal, if a catboy fairy is normal. Skin where there's skin, fur where there's fur. The fur is silky like a cat's fur, though his hair is something of a hybrid between cat fur and human hair. It's still silky, though. And he's quite warm, like a cat. Though his scent... it's strange, yes. Yoru is made completely of magic, so he doesn't have a natural scent. He does, however, smell suspiciously like sardines. Possibly because this was the last thing he ate before coming here.

Ikuto answers Morgana's words to him with a 'hm' of understanding. Though whatever he might have said is interrupted by that solid thwack that quite plainly almost bowls him over. Don't spill the booze! He manages to get his footing though, and not fall. Still, ow.

Muradin offers a suggestion and he turns to look in the dwarf's direction. Though he doesn't speak further just yet, listening to see what this idea is.

"Guardian character? I do not know this term." The siren says as she touches the small fae. Her dark eyes fix on the little creature very like a cat with a mouse. She is aware of those around her talking and she shrugs a little "I could sing terror into them, terror so great they would quake and run screaming away. Though I prefer to sing my prey to come to me. Leaving enemies alive to hunt you another day is a bad practice. Why do you fear these others? This is Twisted, rarely do foes follow from home worlds, or so I have come to understand. It could happen, I just met foes of my mate and the wretched things are fouling my waters with their serpentine stink."

Admittedly, Muradin does get a little worried when he sees Morgana stare at Yoru, particularly when she gets /that/ look. And boy, does Muradin -know- what that look means. In an attempt to prevent Morgana from eating the little cat fairy in one bite, he leans forward and attempts to wrap his muscled arm around the mermaid's waist, pulling her towards him so she can sit on his lap. "Ey now, me luv. Let's not scare the wee fairy cat, aye?" It's a fair request he thinks!

With drink in one hand, and Morgana hopefully on his lap, Muradin continues along with the conversation, apparently oblivious to the fact that his friendly pat caused Ikuto a fair amount of discomfort.

"Oh, aye, loads of stinkin' naga down there in the waters." He agrees with Morgana when she mentions that some foes from Muradin's world arrived here too. "Donna know if they followed -me- in particular, but they are definitely from me world. There be a wee gnome 'round here too who's also from Azeroth, so who knows? Meebe yer right to be worried that these blokes might follow ye."

He chugs down some more ale. "Speaking of which, if ye be lookin' for some magical items of yer own, ye might wanna try yer hand at looking underwater. Lots of things from all over the multiverse down there, ripe for the taking. Provided ye have the means to dive and fight some wee underwater beasties like the naga I just mentioned."

Rather than Yoru speaking up to explain, Ikuto provides an explanation to Morgana when she notes she doesn't know the term. "He's part of me," he explains simply. Which might be a little odd, becuase though Yoru is made completely of magic, Ikuto doesn't register as magical at all. He doesn't smell like magic, either-- he just smells like a normal teenage boy.

Ikuto also nods to Morgana's statement. "I've heard it's happened. I'm not sure they will. But if they do, I want to be ready." As for why he's so afraid of these people? This brings a pause. Though he finally sits down, on the sand, out of the way but near the fire. He looks down into the tankard he hasn't taken another drink out of yet. And then he closes his eyes a moment. All the while remaining silent. Then he speaks.

"...They have my sister."

It's certainly true, even if it's not the whole story.

Yoru heads over to where Ikuto has finally sat down, and uses one of the boy's knees as a table for the tankard of ginger ale. Ikuto doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he contributes a hand to steady it while Yoru quite literally puts his face into the tankard and starts slurping up the ginger ale. Not to worry, he's not too scared. Though it's due to being oblivious.

Though there is a noticeable curl of Ikuto's lip in distaste when Muradin mentions going underwater himself. Which might make sense if one takes into account that a cat-fairy is 'part of him'. But what he says is quiet and even. "I don't have any way to dive underwater," he states. "I don't have any scuba gear."

Morgana blinks and makes a funny little coo'd sigh as Muradin curls that arm around her and draws her into his lap. She would be annoyed had she intended to feast on the little fae but she was merely curious of this odd little creature. The siren moves to make herself comfortable , curling one arm around Muradins shoulders and leaning into him till she nuzzles his bronze mane. "if these others have what is yours, we should capture them and flay the flesh slowly from them till they return what is yours." She murmurs these like love words into Muradins hair even though they are for Ikuto. "I can not teach you magic, but I can teach you to hunt, to be the predator and not the prey. I can help you get back what is yours and cast fear so great into them they will never cross you again. Or I can introduce you to others who know more of how to be civil in such maters. Some of them might know magic. I know a War God, a phoenix and a sea dancer, as well as a doctor of sorts and a magical horse from another land."

Muradin is plenty cuddly for being such a gruff looking, muscled fellow. He leans into Morgana as she nuzzles his long hair and grins, even whilst she whispers such gruesome ideas like flaying the flesh of Ikuto's enemies. "Hehe! That's me lass! Always getting to tha' point o' things." Clearly, this dorf is just as violently inclined as the siren, he just happens to be more jolly about it.

"Seriously though, lad." His gaze hardens and he is no longer grinning, though he keeps a warm arm around his lady's waist to hold her close to him. "If these blighters gone and kidnapped one of yer relatives, ye shouldn't hesitate to ask for help. Me hammer's always ready to help someone one, we wouldn't mind lending ye a hand." Then Morgana's suggesting asking for external help, and Muradin nods in agreement. "Aye, ye know ye can contact TASK for somethin' like this, roit? That place is the closest thing this place has to police."

The lack of scuba gear does present a problem though if Ikuto is -really- insistent of taking things into his own hands, but Muradin has some ways to go around that. "Well, I could build ye a suit if ye want. Wouldn't be cheap though." Even with the generous discount that Muradin would give Ikuto, he still has to go out and buy the parts.

Ikuto frowns at Morgana's words. But it's not an angry frown. It's more a thoughtful one. There are lots of ways to do this, and he doesn't want to get others too involved in it. In fact, he says that. "...I don't want them to be targeting anyone else. They already have it in for me."

Looking up from his ginger ale, Yoru inquires, "But can Easter really do anything against the people here-nya? These guys seem really strong."

"Point," Ikuto answers. But there are other reasons, and he slides a pointed look at Yoru, as if to say, 'Don't even think about it.' But Ikuto looks between Morgana and Muradin again.

"I'm honestly not worried about you," Ikuto speaks frankly. "From the looks of things, you could probably handle yourself against whatever they could throw at you. They'll use my sister to force surrender. The more people, the more chance there is of someone refusing." And then she'd die. Or worse.

The offer to make a suit for Ikuto prompts a blink. "...You mean, in all of Twisted, there's not a store that sells scuba gear?" Mind, if there's something beyond normal scuba gear, he doesn't realize it.

Morgana casually pats her hands over Muradins chest and then down along his side until she finds his hidden flask and she ferrets it from his pocket. This is where he keeps the truly good stuff. Opening the flask she takes a long drink then licks her mouth flashing a few sharp teeth "if you are worried about reprisal then you will wish to to through TASK. They are the peace keepers here. They will do in a civil way , that which I would do expediently. They have law and such on their side. I am sure Kotal would help you with out question. He's a blue bastard but he attempts to do what is acceptable and right...or his version there of."

Muradin archs an eyebrow as he feels Morgana's hand pressing on his chest and then sliding down his torso. Oh! Wait, she was just going for his flask with personal brew. He was kinda getting the wrong idea there for a second.

"I can see what ye mean, prolly not tha best case to trust ta strangers and what not." Agrees the dorf. "Might be best ta do as Morgana says and just ask the local law enforcement to deal with it. They could probably even handle it without killing nobody."

Then, Muradin is giving a bit of a scoff when Ikuto implies he can't find scuba gear anywhere here. "Oh, sure, ye can go buy a suit at S-Mart roit quick and easy. But I can guarantee ye it won't be tha' sturdy kind, and ye'll need a tough suit of armor if ye intend to face the naga. One trident spear through tha' fabric of most suits and it's all over underwater."

The mountain king taps on his battered up diving suit. "Ye see this 'ere? Made out of mithril. Light as a feather but sturdy as steel. Fine dwarven quality too which is the best there is if I say so meself."

TASK. Ikuto's heard that name before. They may end up getting involved anyway, if Easter tries their usual. Grabbing for corporate power, trying to a lot of influence, and then they'll be able to do most of their bad stuff with impugnity. No, he doesn't say any of this... but one can almost see the wheels in his head turning.

"I don't want a lot people involved," Ikuto says once more. "Law enforcement would have a force. That would raise flags immediately."

"Besides that, you'd get in trouble too-nya," Yoru adds. Ikuto pauses, looks at Yoru with a frown. "Oop!" Yoru's oversized hand-paws go to his mouth, to cover them. Whoops! Looks like he said something he shouldn't have!

Ikuto lets it go though, looking at the suit as it was pointed out. "Mithril?" His accent slurs the word to sound more like 'misuril'. "Actual mithril? The metal in fantasy books?"

Morgana takes another long pull off the flask, the brew hitting her belly and warming her from with in. She smiles and all those barracuda like teeth flash in the fire light. She lifts her nose and sniffs the air like a hound then narrows her eyes "Kotal is a god..a bossy blue bastard of a god but if you are in danger or an innocent is in danger he would protect them. And Kotal is not one to be swayed by the influence and powers of others. You are keeping secret as well...you are not telling all. It is your secret of course. Muradin, I am getting hungry, I need to feed."

"Donna know 'bout any fantasy books, lad. This be the real deal." Of course, fantasy is a very subjective term, particularly in a place like Twisted. Ikuto might or might have not realized it by now but he's not talking to a short, stocky human with a beard, Muradin is a legit dwarf, as in, one of the mythical creatures that are master blacksmiths and miners. Honestly, Muradin is pretty much a fey, but not at all in the traditional sense.

He rubs his beard and peers curiously at Ikuto when Yoru spills the beans on why is it exactly that he doesn't want to contact TASK. "Ah, ye got a criminal record, aye? Eh, honestly lad, my recommendation to ya would be to juss come clean. The longer ye keep a secret the harder its gonna blow up on ya when it finally comes out." He nods to Morgana. "Aye, if ye really do mean well then TASK and this war god bloke will help ye, regardless of what ye've done."

Morgana's abrupt change of conversation makes Muradin blink though and he glances to the siren. "Woop, that time already?" Well, this is a bit awkward. "Sorry mate, this kinna be me cue. Do ye wanna go back to the grotto then, luv?" Muradin asks of Morgana.

Ikuto considers his options. All in all this may have been not too great of a success in the original aim, but at least there's the possibility that Morgana and Muradin could be allies if it comes down to actually having to fight Easter. So there's that anyway. And he's got some more information, so not a total loss.

And then the two lovebird (or would that be lovefish?) make it known they need to leave. Ikuto stands, placing the mostly-undrunk tankard of ale in a place where it won't be knocked over. Along with Yoru's mostly-empty tankard of ginger ale. And then he pulls the little Guardian Character out of the tankard; Yoru is licking his paws and smells like ginger now.

The boy nods. "It's an odd situation. I'll need to think about how to go on from here. They haven't shown up yet. They might not. I have time for now." He pauses, lowering his head a little. "...Thank you." And then he'll head for the city proper, Yoru floating behind him.

Morgana makes a little frown of consternation "I can go hunt on my own Muradin, and meet you back in the lair. If you wish to talk further with this young one and can think of some way to help him then feel free. I think I am no use to him unless he wishes to learn how to survive a thousand years in the frenzy or how to become a better hunter of those who would hunt him." She nuzzle the dwarf then rises and looks to the boy "I will be close if I am needed. As I have told others, I am sensitive to the vibrations of the sea, if you would see me come to the end of the pier and bang upon the pillars and I will come." She turns, shucks the shirt then strides down into the water and simply disappears with a flip of a wide black tail fluke.

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