2015-10-22 - Gods of Pun-der and Rayne

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Gods of Pun-der and Rayne

Summary: Deis stumbles upon Kotal Kahn eating at the Usual Restaurant and decides to mess with him a little. Later, Rayne arrives and is subjected to the most unholy pun-fest ever.

Who: Deis, Kotal Kahn, and Rayne.
When: October 22, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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So Deis is beginning to settle into this new place. Take every day a day at a time. Though she's been keeping her eye out for her dear darling sister as well as she can. It's not as well as she could before coming here, but it's good enough. Nothing yet. So for the time being, there's an opportunity to relax while Myria ISN'T trying to shove her back into a bottle like a genie she didn't really intend to release.

That in mind, Deis is currently looking for a meal! She heads into the Usual Restaurant, pausing just inside the door to lean on her staff a moment to find a seat. It doesn't take her long to find one, and she heads to a booth and flops down in it. The reason for choosing a booth instead of a table becomes evident when she all but sprawls sideways on the bench.

It's good to not have too cook once in a while.

Taking a break from his TASK director duties for a change, which apparently involve either frantically cooking or frantically looking for people who no one has seen for years, Kotal Kahn has decided to take a step back from the trappings of godhood for today and enjoy the company of mortals. This is what makes him such an intriguing deity, as he is one that openly mingles with the common people where others of his same stature would consider the very behavior to be tasteless. To many gods and goddesses, openly associating with mortals is like hanging out with rats and other vermin. But Kotal, he's always been kind of an oddball god having being made rather than born.

He sits now in a spacious table all by his lonesome, his eagle knight helmet set to the side whilst he eats what seems like dark beans, avocado, rice and some kind of tacos. He's sitting there, minding his own business, eating whilst reading the newspaper when all of the sudden, he spots a woman deciding to use one of the restaurant's booths like her own personal couch to nap in. Why, the nerve with some people, even if Kotal is supposed to be off duty he's still the ever stickler for rules as he's ever been. "Ahem!" He clears his throat to try and get the woman's attention. "Excuse me, madam, but if you intend to nap do so at Integra's Inn or camp in the wilderness. This isn't a homeless shelter."

The voice certainly gets her attention, and she blinks purple eyes at the source of the voice. And then she smiles broadly. She emits a bell-like laugh. "Of course it isn't, my fine blue friend. Besides, I have an apartment over at the Integra Arms. I'm just relaxing~." However, she does have the decency to sit up straight then.

Well, sort of 'up straight'. She's actually leaning against the wall that the booth is sat up against, with her legs crossed at the knees. She has a smile on her face that is either completely lax and at ease, or she's teasing him, one of the two.

Something ain't right with this one, and Kotal knows it. Of course, saying that something 'ain't right' with someone pretty much covers about 99 percent of the Twisted population. With nothing but madmen, creatures from all the dimensions and gods and goddesses brazenly walking the streets, Twisted is the very definition of controlled chaos.

However, it goes beyond that with this woman. The way she simply giggles coquettishly at Kotal Kahn and straightens up, tells the Aztec warlord that this one may be hiding something. No mortal woman looks upon Huitzilopotchli and calls him 'fine blue friend' while giggling.

He decides to not jump to immediate conclusions at first and treads the waters gently, probing for anything that may be out of place. First being the most obvious. "Thank you for your cooperation, madam." He nods to her at first before adding. "May I assume that you do not know who I am?" Kotal has been kind of in the news lately, so if this woman has no clue it may tell him a few things that he needs to know.

"No, I'm afraid I don't," Deis replies. She tilts her head, a shrewd look appearing in her eyes as she looks him over. The look is far too astute for the insane to pull off. But it's gone as quickly as it appears and then she's back to the very lazy look from before. "Hmm..." She puts a finger to her lip in thought. "Short curly hair... blue skin like nighttime... oh!" She points up. "Might you be the god of sleep? Or... well, could be 'sheep' with your hair. It's cute, though!"

...What? Really?

She almost seems ditzy; surely she HAS to be able to sense him. But maybe she can, she did twig to the 'god' thing pretty quickly and easily. Could be an obfuscating stupidity tactic. But it's a damn convincing one, if it is.

Aaand nerve struck.

Just when Kotal thought he was playing it safe by asking very non-incriminating questions, this strange woman has the gall to go and poke fun at Kotal's short curly hair. Never mind that this woman somehow deduced that Kotal is a god, its clearly her mention of the hair that really gets under Huitzilopotchli's skin.

"What!?" Kotal doesn't sound angry though, he's down right embarrassed. He reels back with a look of wincing pain on his face and.. is he blushing!? Yes, somehow Kotal can blush even through that blue skin. "Why-- you insolent-- you-- bah!!" At a loss of words too. All Kotal can do is hurriedly grab his helmet and put it back on to hide his hair.

"I am Kotal Kahn!" He announces, almost a little too loud, like if he wanted everyone to hear. "Head of security of Twisted and god of war!!" Yes, those are some far more badass tittles. "Who are you that can guess godhood when she see it? However wrong it may be!"

Rayne peeks in through the doorway to outside with caution. When Kotal can be heard from outside, it's usually not a good thing. Seeing that he doesn't seem to be in a fighting stance, but not seeing who he's talking to, she enters more fully into the restaurant. She remains silent for the moment, though.

At the blushing and loss of words, Deis covers her mouth to giggle quietly. She's not laughing at him, mind. Just at his reaction. She does so like teasing people, after all. Though it's notable that her hand closesd around the haft of a staff leaning against the wall next to her, one shaped like a serpent with a large, glowing orb held in its open mouth. So maybe she IS aware she's probably poked a little too hard in the wrong place.

But he has asked her who she is, and she intends to answer. "Me? Deis~. Only that, nothing special, dear."

When the door opens to admit Rayne Deis looks in that direction, with a smile. "Oh hello there! Rayne, was it? Good to see you again~!" So they've met, it seems!

Fortunately for everyone, Kotal's penchant for rules applies to himself as well. He won't strike anyone unless directly challenged or attacked. A tease like the one Deis just gave him is obnoxious enough to demand an explanation, but not quite as severe as earning her a macauhuitl to the side of the head.

Nevertheless, the woman's explanation does not satisfy the war god, and he scowls in disdain. "Surely you jest, woman. Playing the fool will not prevent me from learning your true nature."

At the mention of Rayne, Kotal glances sideways to the restaurant's entrance where he thought he felt some familiar chi. Indeed, it is the rainbow haired woman that approaches. "Rayne." The war god greets her and motions for her to come closer. "You know this woman?"

Rayne winces ever so slightly as she recognizes who Kotal is talking to. "Oh, uhhhh... Hello Miss Deis. Yeah, boss, we've met breifly." And Rayne was a bit creeped out at the time. "Are you, uh, adjusting to Twisted well?"

"Ah-ha!" She points an index finger at Kotal as if she's figured out something profound. However, what she says isn't quite congruous with profundity. "I knew you were a god of sleep! Just of the more permanent kind!" Deis decides. Though she blinks, as if she has no idea what Kotal's talking about, she he mentions her 'true nature'. "What do you mean?" she asks him, possibly just a little too innocently. "That really IS my true nature, I'm Deis!"

And she's not lying, either. It's just only in her world where the name means anything. Which could be diabolical or divine, depending on which faction one was a part of.

The woman also nods to Rayne's question. "I am, yes!" she replies happily. "It really is an amazing realm you two have here." She probably didn't mean that literally, but the phrasing was a little odd, almost as if she was attributing the ownership of Twisted itself to the both of them.

The wince plastered all over Rayne's face when she lays eyes on the woman is caught quite easily by Kotal Kahn. So Rayne -has- met this woman before, and judging by her reaction, annoyed her quite as much as she's annoying him.

Well, that's to be expected in a place like Twisted. There is very little sanity left here and thus Kotal has been forced to keep his wits about him, though from the brief exchange between the two it looks like this Deis character is new to the realm. Interesting.

"There is no peace to be found in the kind of sleep I dispense." His eyes glow and narrow, losing that earlier comical reaction of his to act more like the brutal war god that he is. "And I do not mean simply your name, woman. I mean -who- are you." He looks at her up and down, noticing her staff. "A sorceress of some kind? I do not trust your ilk."

Kotal all but goes to grab his own head when Deis begins to tease him about Kotal and Rayne beings the owners of Twisted. He rubs the bridge of his nose and its clear he's starting to get a headache. "Rayne." He finally addresses the TASK officer. "You met her first, right? Did you explain to her where she is now?"

Rayne blinks at Deis' phrasing. "There's a lot more than... oh, nevermind. I met her a few days after she got here, so I explained some, but not everything. I, uh, might have assumed she had gotten the basic gist of it before I talked to her."

"Aww," Deis intones when Kotal says he doesn't trust 'her ilk'. She pouts cutely. "I'm completely harmless, I can assure you. I'd rather just curl up and sleep than fight anyway. As long as I stay warm~."

That -might- be a clue, if anyone is so inclined to draw from it.

Rayne's rather exasperated-sounding response gets a giggle from Deis. "Not to worry!" She's addressing them both now. "I totally understand where I am. A sort of nexus of worlds, from the description of it, where the eddies of the worlds sort of spin around each other and draw things in."

She puts a finger to her chin, an honestly thoughtful and curious expression there. "Though I wonder where the energy is going. If it's not leaving somewhere, eventually there will be far too much energy for the world to hold and..." Here her thoughtful look disappears and it's back to the slightly ditzy look. "Pop! Just like a balloon~!"

Well at least it looks like -most- of her confusion is on purpose. In fact, Kotal Kahn is pretty certain that this is all an act, and that this strange woman is really more than it appears. When she alludes that she prefers to stay warm, Kotal glances at that serpentine looking staff of hers and grows even more suspicious.

"I see." He says at last to her admission that she knows where she is, and apparently Rayne had already gone and done some introductions. Other than this woman being a little annoying, Kotal Kahn guesses there's not too much trouble.

At least until she goes on about the apparent inevitable implosion of Twisted. "Such morbid talk from one who seems so winsome such as yourself." Grunts the Aztec.

"I'll find out out who you really are eventually. Mark my words." Kotal ever the social butterfly.

Rayne pales slightly at Deis' prediction. "Aaah, um, let's hope not." A hand goes up to scratch nervously at the side of her head before looking to Kotal. "She actually seemed kinda excited when I mentioned we had a god of war at the head of TASK. She did admit to being a bit of a magic user, but then so are Twilight and me."

"Oh not to worry. I'm sure there's some way to vent the extra energy," Deis points out, both to Kotal's notation of her mirbid talk and Rayne's sudden pallor. "Such temporal eddies tend to figure out how to maintain themselves without much help. It's like a tide pool-- when the world fills up, there's a runoff where the excess goes without issue. The 'go boom' is a very remote possibility, I'm sure."

Kotal's promise to find out who she is ellicits another giggle. "If you time it right you might able to just ask me~," she notes. Again, no lie there. She's not going to admit that she's not at full power and it's been taking her some time for her power to sort of trickle back to her through the same eddies she spoke of.

Rayne's mention of the god of war being at the helm of TASK prompts her to clap her hands. "OH! The same god of war?" How many gods of war does she know of?! "Oh, wow, you're in charge of TASK too? Goodness now I know I'm in good hands~!"

Kotal Kahn turns to glance at Rayne when she explains of her previous meeting with this erratic sounding woman and he frowns thoughtfully before glancing back to the alleged sorceress, just in time to catch her explanation of Twisted's possible fate. "You certainly seem to know much about the universe and its anomalies." Concludes the warlord. "Yet more reasons as to why I should not trust you."

"I do not enjoy those whom would hold secrets from me. Dishonesty always leads to ruin as I have witnessed countless of times." And yes, that includes withholding information, from the way that the Aztec is saying it.

Either way, we'll see if Kotal can 'time' this meeting properly.

At her continued flirtatiousness though, Kotal simply puffs out his chest and boasts, "More like, you are in GOD HANDS!"

Did.. Did Kotal really just made a pun? Maybe the madness is spreading! Its hard to tell -as always- with him too, seeing that he looks completely serious. Almost as if he didn't realize what he just said.

"Seriously woman, do not cross TASK and we won't have any problems. We have too many things to deal with in this city to handle your peculiar brand of mischief."

Rayne seems more relieved at the more precise explanation. It even looks like she's about to say something.... And then Kotal makes a pun. She slowly turns her head to look at Kotal for a few seconds, then proceeds to facepalm.

Deis tilts her head at Kotal's mention of his dislike for secrecy. "Well, I can't very well tell you my true nature if I can't back it up, can I?" She does put forth a compelling argument. Here she shifts, resting an elbow on the table and leaning to the other side as she had been. "I mean, I could spout off all kinds of crap about being some ancient goddess of magic and hidden knowledge."

She waves her free hand slowly, dismissively, shutting her eyes briefly. Looking back at Kotal she continues, "But if I can't really prove anything I say, I'm just a crazy woman popping off at the mouth, right?"

And then... the pun. Deis giggles at it, covering her mouth with her hand. "Goodness. A god with a sense of humor is always a good thing~!" Though she does note Rayne's reaction. And responds to it with, "Not to worry. Just wait 'till his birthday and then take away his 'omni-presents'."

Aha! Deis needs to say no more in regards to her nature. Kotal's golden eyes glow faintly when she 'jokingly' says she's a goddesses of magic and knowledge. Joke or not, Kotal is quite certain that there might be some truth to that. How else would such a ditzy woman recognize him as a god and know all this crap about universes exploding with their own energy and such? Sure, it's nothing certain just yet, but he feels like he's getting closer to solving this mystery that is Deis.

The Aztec apparently all but misses that facepalm coming from Rayne, though he's a little too busy making a face at Deis when she approves of his apparent humor. Again, Kotal hasn't even confessed if that pun was on purpose or not, as ever, he just looks kind of angry and serious. "You will not be saying such things once you meet with Diablo. He is a most irritable fellow, particularly because he has a so called sense of humor."

Speaking of which, when Deis tells Rayne to hide away all of Kotal's omni-presents for his birthday, the Aztec frowns and scoffs. "Bah, you say that simply because you have not tried my Godlike cake." Is he still punning?? Maybe Kotal isn't even realizing what he's saying again, he doesn't seem to understand humor the way most people do.

Rayne visibly cringes at the next pun, her hand still on her face. I should have just walked by the UR. Kotal coulda handled anything in here. Recollecting herself with a deep breath in and a sigh out, she stands up straight again, hands again at her sides. "It's true, though. Kotal almost could qualify as a god of cooking... though I don't think I've actually witnessed his cake yet."

Deis looks satisfied to have said her piece, smiling in a rather lazy way. As for Diablo being irritating because of a sense of humor? "That's possible," Deis replies. "Sometimes it's a very morbid sense of humor, and that can get tiresome. Though sometimes they're just bored of mundane humor and have to turn to... stronger methods."

The mention of godlike cake gets a big grin. "Oh, now you're talking my language, big guy~," she says teasingly. "I'll have to see this for myself sometime!" Hey, who doesn't like cake?

Rayne mentions she hasn't seen it either, and Deis nods once, firmly. "That's settled, then! We find some day when things aren't exploding and have Koko make a cake for us!"


"Exactly." Says Kotal at Deis rather on point description of how he views Diablo. Mayhap there is yet hope for this strange woman who may or may not be a goddess of magic.

It is a matter to be discussed at another time though, since the conversation turns to an important topic like; CAKE.

"Have you not tried it, Rayne?" He asks of the TASK officer with incredulous -yet still glowing- eyes. "We will have to rectify that matter when we make the celebration of the new sun. Which should be exactly in.." Kotal checks his wrist watch, which happens to be a miniature version of the Aztec calendar. "..I just realized I still have no idea how the passage of time even works in this realm." Huh, guess that could be a problem. "Bah, no matter, I'll just make up a celebration. Perhaps when I put Christabella's head in a spike outside of the TASK building. Yes.. that will be a grand day indeed." Not creepy at all.

"Naturally, everyone will be invited." He tells to Deis, to arches his eyebrow when she mentions Koko. The Aztec decides not to dwell too deeply into it and just settles back on his chair. "I am certain it will be great."

"At any rate, I am going to finish my meal now if -no one else minds-." At least before someone else starts bothering him about his hair. "Rayne, you are welcome to join me if you want."

Rayne starts to inch away at the mention of 'Koko', but it seems that this doesn't seem to anger Kotal. "Ah, yeah. I think everyone will be relieved when we don't have to worry about the fog anymore. That reminds me, there was some snake-man-thing at the docks yesterday. Not sure if it was alone or not. Mentioned his 'lady' though, so who knows at this point." She doesn't seem too concerned about it, though. "I actually was mid-patrol, so I probably should get back out and eat later."

Deis giggles a little at the mention of the problems of figuring out the passage of time. "But you're a god. Why does the passage of time matter?" she asks. "Unless it's the whole 'navigation by the sun' business? Oooh, then I'd see how that would get on your nerves then." The mention of putting someone's head on a spike doesn't seem to faze her much, either. She merely says in response, "So long as she deserves it~!"

She quiets again 'till Kotal says he will finish his food 'if no one else minds'. Then she smirks. "Oh, not at all. You have my permission," she replies. As if Kotal would need to ask!

Rayne's mention of the fog gets a blink though. "Oh that's where the fog that drops the undead things comes from? Then yes, I'd say she most definitely deserves that sort of treatment." And then there is a look of absolute shock at the mention of a 'snake-man-thing'. Though Deis quickly covers it with her lazy smile. The docks, hm? She'll have to remember that. But now is not the time to ambush Rayne and ask her about the snake-thing. Not in front of Kotal.

So, she sends a smile in Rayne's direction. "Be careful, Rayne~!" Then a smirk. "And watch out for the fog~!" Which was exactly what Rayne told Deis when they first met.

Kotal just kind of scowls at Deis when she asks what time matters for him if he's a deity. "I do it for the mortals' sake." Well, he is a god that relies heavily on worshiping in order to exist, so it's understandable he has a lot of mortal like habits. Either way, he looks more interested on finishing his meal than go into a lengthy explanation with Deis about who Christabella is and why she deserves to have her head put in a spike. Besides, that's classified information anyway! Kotal's not even supposed to be talking about this in public. Woops! Well, this is what happens when the TASK director comes out to have dinner in public, some secrets are bound to slip out.

Not that it bothers him any apparently, since he makes no attempt to stop Deis or tell Rayne to not elaborate, it is what it is.

In fact, when Rayne warns Kotal about snake like creatures marauding the docks, he says more pseudo-classified information by grunting an answer. "Hmph, I hope these snake creatures aren't referring to Morgana. She's the only sea dweller I know that haunts the docks." But who is Morgana? Guess Deis will have to find out by herself.

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