2015-10-24 - Date Fight (Complete with lights and sirens)

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Date Fight (Complete with lights and sirens)

Summary: Date night for Muradin and Morgana takes a violent twist. Then the cops showed up...

Who: Muradin, Morgana, Urus, Rayne
When: October 24th 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Night covers Twisted like blanket; the pink sunset fading to darker and darker shades of grey until the Black of the night sky. Black interrupted by the half moon, brightening the sky as well as the alleyways and buildings of Twisted's skyline. The clamor of the towns residents fall silent as most of the creatures of the realm hide away in their abodes. Now that the Sun's warmth has left, there is a light nip in the air, not enough to be truly cold, but a feeling that is noticeable nonetheless.

The Usual restaurant has a warm golden glow coming from its windows, the small building a beacon as a refuge from the stillness of the night. It is quite possibly the loudest place left in the sleepy town if one were looking for something to do. Upon entering one can see the patrons around, most of them enjoying themselves whilst either eating or drinking, or a mixture of the two.

Urus is one of those patrons. He is sitting on one of the bar stools a drink in his hand that has been drained and refilled quite a few times, and is full of a clear liquid that suffice to say is not water. A plate of chicken wings accompanies him on the counter, uncooked and pure. There is a pile of black clothes at the base of the stool. The Hyena-man seems jovial tonight as he sings a song that is stuck in his head from a few nights ago. " I Am a Dwarf and I'm diggING a hole, diggy diggy hooole." Sung as only a hyena can sing it, heavily off key despite his efforts to replicate what he had heard.

Its Saturday Night in Twisted and that means of course.. time to go drink!!

But lets be fair now, Muradin being the stalwart dwarf that he is knows that every night is drinking night, and every morning too.. and afternoon.

More than anything though, he's been off having loads of adventures at the sea with his lady and friends, and whenever he's not fighting sea creatures, he's digging holes or fixing diving gear. Working does a dwarf good it does, though he thinks its high time he's spent some quality time with his lady, in ways that go beyond exploring the deeps. As much as Muradin loves going underwater with Morgana, he'd like to be able to hold her for once!

Thus we find them here at the Usual. Muradin leads the way and opens the door for Morgana and wouldn't you know it? Muradin has gone and bought a very luxurious tabard dress for the mermaid, so she has something to wear in public other than one of his oversized shirts.

"Right this way, me luv." Just as Muradin is entering the bar though, he overhears an awfully familiar tune. It seems that just by virtue of being a dorf, he knows this song by heart.

"O/~Born underground! Suckled from a teat of stone! O/~ Raised in the dark, the safety of our mountain home! /o~"

The dwarven warrior doesn't even think of what he's doing! He just slams up to the bar next to the gnoll looking fellow and starts singing along with him! Though he looks like a gnoll, any creature that sings that song is alright in Muradin's book. So much for a night out with his lady!

The siren moves with a fluid grace as she enters the UR. Her long flowing hair had been braided and a long stand of multicolored pearls inter twined with the ebony locks. Her sleek form is graced with a new garment, a tabard dress. The ornately embroidered dress effectively a knee length rectangle of cloth with a deeply cut neck line and a belt of golden chain draped at her waist to bring the garment in and make it shapely. Seeing that it is mostly a simple drape of cloth, the sirens sides from ankle to neck are left exposed as she moves.

This is the first time Morgana has come to the UR or even truly been out on what might be called, a date. She scans the area as she steps through the door and waits for her mate to join her. She arches a brow as the first strains of that off key song catches her ear. A small frown furrows her brow and she looks the hyena over. He is familiar and so when Muradin wanders past her and bellys up beside the fellow she thinks little of it. Muradin is a far more social being then she is after all.

The moment Muradin starts singing, Urus Immediately pauses to take a look at the new person next to him. The dwarf being easy to pick out from the many people who live in twisted. "wait a minute, you are man from fight with undead! So You are cause of this song being stuck in head. It makes sense now who is singing though." A dwarf singing a song about dwarves, who would have thought? "dwarf is here, means where is. . ." he looks around and quickly finds her in her elegant evening wear. "ah yes the ummm" then it occurs to him he does not actually know what she is. She looks human but assumptions like that in twisted can be lethal. "the Lady" he finishes. He shrugs and takes one of the raw wings and chews on it, when the meat is striped from the bone, he doesn't stop there and begins gnawing on the bone itself. "What have you been up to though?" he asks the dwarf curious. The hyena being a lot more into small talk tonight for the sheer fact that he may have already had one too many tonight, and with current company, it can only get worse.

Actually, Muradin doesn't even remember singing this song in front of Urus, but considering he's nearly constantly singing the blasted thing, chances he did that without realizing it are very high. "That's me, mate!" The dorf cackles and points up to the gnoll. "Urus, right? Thought I recognized ye from somewheres."

His mention of the Lady doesn't go unnoticed and he waves to Morgana to come their way. "Just having a night out wit' me lass. Ey! I donna think I ever introduced ye to me wife Morgana, aye? I should fix that!" Indeed, Muradin is quite the jolly fellow to have around, particularly around drinks, song and friends. "Over 'ere, luv! It's the gnoll bloke we met when we were fighting those nasty undead beasties!"

As Muradin had taken to chatting with the hyena fellow, the siren had wandered past the bar and toward the fire place. Her black eyes wander over the others who are patronizing the establishment. The sway of her curvaceous bottom and the clearly exotic tone of her being defiantly attracts attention, especially of the masculine variety. As she nears the fireplace a rather robust looking fellow looks her over, a lewd appreciation of her form filling his eyes. Morgana seems oblivious to it until the man reaches for her and boldly sets a hand on her rump and makes an effort to turn her toward him. "well now look at what wandered in. All alone honey? Let me buy you a drink." the mans words are slurred and its clear booze is talking far louder then good sense. Muradins call brings the sirens attention away from the man or correcting his familiarity. She stands stock and simply turns her head toward the call of her mate.

Urus pats Muradin on the back, it had been a long time since someone was truly happy to see him. The dwarf's company is very much appreciated and might be a good vent sometime, when things get rough in life. But the word Gnoll is there, and laughs at the man's mistake. "Hehehehe Gnoll, nice try but, not exactly my friend. ". However he understands the man's easy misconception. He looks to morgana, the man in front of her schmoozing it up. If there is ONE rule that is universal, it is that you do not mess with a guy's woman. Period. He looks sadly at the sap that seems to not know what is coming and without looking hands his gun over to Muradin. "Bring it back when done." He says knowing exactly what is going to happen and take a drink with his free hand as he sets up to watch the oh so imminent spectacle.

Easy mistake to make, Muradin guesses! Particularly because there's quite the infestation of Gnolls in Azeroth, which is the planet where Muradin comes from. "Heh, no harm no foul." Says the ever jovial dwarf-- right until he sees some blighter messing with Morgana!

"Er, excuse me one moment." He is about to disengage from Urus when he hands him a gun, though Muradin refuses it and pushes it away. "Nah, mate. A bloke needs to solve somethin' like this with his fists, aye?" Muradin does have quite the few old fashioned believes, and one of them is that when you're in a bar fight you don't use weapons. He's purposely not summing his magical axe and hammer for a reason, because that would just be unfair.

"Oi ye soddin' wanker! That's me woman yer talking to!" Warning given, Muradin rushes over to the burly fellow and swings a meaty fist right to the man's jaw, cracking him across the face. Yeah, he can reach that high even if he's a dorf.

Morgana is not well known for her social grace and though she is somewhat taken aback by the mans advances she is trying to contain her usual responses which likely would have gotten the mans arm ripped off. She is in public though and on a date night , and as such she isnt sure how to politely manage such behavior. When Muradin stalks over and clock the fellow, she blinks and simply steps back a few steps as the man reels back from the hit. Curses can be heard from the man and he shakes his head and lurches forward. His friends close by take great offense at the dwarfs action and one of these fellows bellow hey, what the hell. The broad didnt say anything so what the hells wrong with you? The mans friend balls his fist and takes a swing at Muradin. This of course gets a Morgana's attention fast. She twists herself and darts forward, her exposed talons clenching down on the mans wrist "You will not.." is all she says as she jerks the man bodily back then quite literally throws him forward toward the bar. Look..she didn’t kill anyone.

Urus Pulls his gun back to him. He fully understands the need to teach him a lesson. The only thing is why not make sure he doesn’t forget? Meanwhile he is munching as he watches. The crunching of bones only coming from Urus, for now, as he nibbles on his snacks. like any sport he has a team he is rooting for. This is better than anything he got back home, already, and chances are that there was more to come. "Come on! Dig him a new one!" and chuckles at his not so witty banter. He only wishes that he could be recording this for later. To him this was his version of the super bowl, and the scores are 7-0.

That guy should honestly be glad that Muradin didn't punch his head clean off. Considering Muradin is a renowned Mountain King, these humans really don't know who they are messing with! Never mind the fact that Morgana by herself could take them all out if she really wanted to, a fact that becomes evidently clear when Muradin doesn't even need to block the next blow from the guy's friend. Morgana has that handled quite well as she catches the fist in mid air and wrenches the guy's wrist nearly off his socket. Yeah, he's reconsidering his options now, in the form of screaming bloody murder. "AAAAAH! Okay! Okay! I give!" That ought to tell Morgana and Muradin he's not going to cause any more problems.

Of course, this being Twisted, random drunken humans are the least of people's problems.

"Oi! We gotz uz a roit foit ova' 'ere!" Comes a deep voice from the corner of the bar and three massive green skinned figures raise from their seats. They are all well over 6 feet tall, covered in muscled, and with massive tusks. They almost look like green gorillas, though in reality these things are called Orks. And they love to fight for no reason.

"FOIT! FOIT!" One of them yells excitedly and all three let out a cry of "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!" As the rush head long into the fray. One of them flat out tackles Muradin while another lifts the bloodied human up in the air and tries to smash him atop Morgana. Meanwhile the third one is just kind smashing tables excitedly.

Morgana imperiously lifts a brow as the bloodied human cries uncle and gives in. Her nose wrinkles and her lip curls in disgust. This was not the evening she had hoped for. When the noise comes from across the restaurant and the orcs come rushing to get involved the siren turns and glowers at them. Its one thing to have a human do something stupid, its another to have a tusked orc coming at you. As the human is lifted , the siren draws in a big breath, turning her face up into that of the orc, opens her mouth full of wicked sharp teeth and lets loose a brain melting shriek. She is not one known for her patience and she is gona have none of this nonsense. She lifts her hands and takes hold of the human and as the orc is dealing with the sound that comes from her she twists the human from his grasp and bodily throws the man toward the bar, he bounces on the surface and slides comically toward Urus.

The human's lack of backbone makes Urus throw his hands up. He knew it wouldn't last too long. oh but what is this, orcs! He had met one before and was not impressed. But there being more of them could make things interesting. The shriek hurts as his ears flatten to his head. He remembers now why he had a splitting headache after the last time he met her. The human body slides right up to him and that sparks his want to get in the quarrel although it has nothing to do with him. Back in his home town, the tossing of anything towards someone at a bar during a brawl was essentially an invitation for them to join. " hey I think you dropped something!" as he takes the human under the armpits and holds him there in front of him like a meat shield, Stalking up to the orcs who have decided to make a mess.

These aren't Orcs, mind you. These are /Orks/ with a K, which is to say, very different from the type of orc that Urus thinks he's familiar with. The difference will become clear in a minute though once they.. interact.. more with one another.

For starters, there's not much brain to melt on these guys as they seem to be /even dumber/ than the average orc. The Ork being blasted by Morgana's sonic blast goes to cover his ears and shuts his eyes hard as most would do when hearing a shriek of that magnitude. However, after losing his human, he doesn't really look too badly damaged! A small brain and a very thick skull helps to withstand sonic attacks. "Oi! I wuz gonna use dat!" Laments the Ork as he loses his human, though Urus looks kind enough to bring him back. Unfortunately, at this point, the Ork no longer seems to want him. "WAAAAGH!!" He yells and swings a haymaker at Urus, intending to go right through the human being used as a meat shield and send them both flying back into the bar.

Meanwhile, the third Ork is creeping up behind Morgana and tries to bash her on top of the head with a table. "WAAAAAAAGH!" Of course, his war cry might give away his position.

Oh, and it looks like the Ork that tackled Muradin is now getting tossed across the bar too. Guess the dwarf is handling himself for now.

When the ork she faces turns his attention to Urus and his meat shield, the siren steps back and looks around. The sound of a war cry behind her has her spill on her toes and spot the table coming her way. She doesn’t bother ducking or defecting, instead she leaps forward right up into the ork whose hands are so full. She ducks to the inside, her limbs curling around the beast and her face going right up into his. That barracuda mouth opens and then closes right over the orks nose and cheeks above his tusks. She bites down hard and pulls back, taking as much flesh as she is able. Talons sink into shoulders and her legs tighten around the orks waist so that it will take a good bit before he is able to dislodge her.

The fact that he is holding a person up is blocking quite a bit of his vision, ensuring that he doesn't see the punch that lands straight on the chest, of both. The human is going to have problems tomorrow, but Urus is more concerned about himself, even with a wall of meat he stumbles back, dropping the man who now seems more of a hindrance than a help. He goes into a slightly crouched position as he readies himself, then grabs the ork by the tusks and sends the beast's head careening into a raised knee. "you have asked for bad things to happen to you. I am here to make sure it happens." The tiny brain of the ork rattles around in its overly large container. Raising all of his fingers except for his thumbs that continue to grip onto its massive bottom teeth he sinks his claws into the cheeks of his assailant, hoping to teach a lesson or two to the green mass of idiocy.

That ork was really not expecting Morgana to go through the table and attack him directly. Even for such a dumb creature, he realizes he's in a load of trouble as his eyes go wide right before Morgana' bites him right on the cheek. "Yoowch!" He cries out in pain and all but starts to pull on Morgana with his massive arms, snarling in pain as the shark siren begins to rip open his face. His teeth show beneath his bloodied torn cheek. "Dis one rite 'ere smartz, she does!" Looks like he's too dumb to be completely aware of just how much pain he's in. A human would be screaming in agony and rolling on the floor after getting half of his face bitten of. This ork on the other hand, he grabs Morgana by the hair and rips her off him, caring little if she takes a lot of flesh off him with her dagger like talons. Then she's lifting her in the air and trying to smash her head first into the ground.

In the meantime, let's just say the human who took the haymaker to the chest for Urus is not getting up anytime soon. However, Urus' distraction works since the Ork is left wide open to be grabbed by the tusks and then get a face full of knee. Blood freely pours from his nose and he grunts when Urus extends his fingers out and digs his claws into the Ork's face.

Standing up close and personal with an Ork is a bad idea though, as Urus might realize soon enough. Fierce Ork eyes stare back at the Hyena clawing him, and the Ork reaches out with one hand to grab Urus by the shoulder and keep him place, before throwing a hard right hook directly into Urus' ribcage with enough impact to crack quite a few of them.

When the ork grabs her long braid and jerks her back, not only does she take a rather large hunk of meat from his face but her talons rip through the flesh of his shoulders. Her legs are warped tight around his waist and so just having her by the hair is not going to allow the ork to dash her to the ground head first. It is quite a wild ride though and as the ork tries to force her down and off him. Her talons slash out toward his arm and she lets loose another of those discordant shrieks of fury meant to burst ear drums and rattle glass.

Urus is a fighter, and quite the scrapper at that, but he is only human, well at least he used to be and kept a few of their tendencies. Like the one where you make a bad decision. This is one of those times. Instead of focusing on the Ork in front of him he takes a gander at what Morgana seems to be doing. He is impressed by the savageness of the female. "Hey Muradin! I know this is bad time but does she have a sister?" the distraction he has caused himself allows the Ork's blow to go unabated. The punch hits hard "GaAH" he shouts in pain as he lets go of the green bulky figure in front of him to grab at his side and kneels over. Urus is down but not out. He is not afraid about low blows in combat, and these are the correct circumstances if there ever were any to do what he is about to do. He raises his head, and bites down on its crotch. Assuming that packaging on an Ork and a human are in the same place like most humanoids, the Ork is going to have to reschedule family planning for a while after this.

"All right, what the hell is going on in here!" Oh, man, who called the cops?! Someone with a TASK badge just walked in! And it's not Kotal, so they're probably not cool with a massive brawl! Instead, it's Rayne Hurris that had just nearly burst through the door, and she is looking a lot less than pleased right now. Her right hand is hovering over her holstered blaster pistol, and is twitching as she watches the brawl in front of her. "Knock this crap off right now! Everyone /stand down/! If you want to fight, take it to the arena!" ...Maybe Rayne's been hanging around Kotal a bit too much.

Everybody around here listens to TASK, even creatures as dumb as these Orks.

The Ork getting slashed apart by Morgana stops just as he's about to raises his fists to smash her face in gorilla style. Also happening at the same time, Urus finds yet another difference between Orks and Orcs, in that these guys don't actually have any junk! The Ork grunts in pain as his loins are bitten but.. Urus won't be able to feel anything down there, I'm talking Barbie doll smooth.

Muradin also stops from brawling with his Ork, but rather than telling the TASK officer that he's standing down, he rushes over to Morgana because he knows she tends to go a little berserk when fighting. Well, this date went to hell quick.

The siren is indeed in the heat of frenzy, fighting always rouses her hungers. When the call of Raynes voice cuts through the roars and screams of the brawl and the ork stops mid strike, the siren hisses. Her fury is boundless and her lovely new dress is covered in blood. Her braid is mussed and the strand of pearls that had been wound into her braid is now broken and there are colored pearls loose on the floor. She arches herself in the orks grasp but when he lets go she is hanging there by her heels and talons. Only Muradins sudden appearance keeps her from taking advantage of the pause in the action to finish off the ork. She turns herself toward the dwarf and allows him to remove her from the ork.

Getting caught mid fight is a new thing for the mercenary. He tears down, getting his teeth off of the creature, but not before doing a little extra damage. He gets up, spiting whatever pieces of Ork he got out onto the floor then casualy walks up to Rayne. Slightly drunk off of both the adrenalin and the alcohol in his system. "Hello officer, no need to be here. . . we're just. . . having some fun. " putting his hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

Rayne is at first pleased to see that her request seems to be respected. There's definitely a bit of concern towards Morgana's frenzy... It's not something she's seen before, but she easily recognizes Muradin's efforts towards calming her for what they are. Urus' actions, however, seem to go a step to close as she quickly move a hand up to deflect this before he's able to get it onto her shoulder. There's definitely a displeased look there. Rayne does not like to be touched. "Like I said, you want to fight, take it somewhere less intrusive into the lives of regular citizens, like the arena." She turns her gaze from Urus towards the rest of the combatants. "This is a place for eating and socializing. Not for fighting. Break it up, take it to the arena or just stop."


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