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Summary: A previous leader of TASK returns from her long absence to meet with the current TASK director.

Who: Satyrn, Kotal_Kahn
When: October 24, 2015
Where: TASK Lobby

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Even this late at night the TASK building is busy with activity. Though they do not have much in the way of man-power what few people have remained in the service of TASK after its change of leadership and the constant terrorist attacks it has received are quite the dedicated bunch.

Even here at the lobby, people go in and out, accountants, officers and civilians bringing in and out gear of all kinds.

At the center of this small, but very turbulent, whirlwind of activity stands quite the sight. There is a man here dressed in start contrast to others. While TASK employees are usually garbed in suits or at least some kind of armor, this man wears what appears to be Aztec garb. He is totally bare chested, with glowing tattoos running across his body, wearing little more than gauntlets, a loincloth, greaves, sandals, and a very fierce looking eagle helmet with large colorful feathers sticking out from the back. This man's skin is also turquoise in color.

More than just his height of nearly seven feet tall, people run up to him and have him sign papers constantly. He seems to be overseeing the entire operation rather than just standing there looking intimidating.

An educated guess would say this guy's in charge.

Satyrn comes in through the entrance of the buidling. Her clothing is worse for the wear, tattered and torn, some of it hanging on by threads. It's enough to keep her decent, but it's in dire need of some tailoring. She looks like she's wandered through a desert and maybe a frozen wasteland, scratches, cuts, and bruises marr her face and skin. Her hair is a spikey horrifying mess of gnarls and knots. The parts which were once dyed grey have faded into a sickly color. Her nails are jagged and cracked. Nevertheless, she seems well fed and hydrated. She looks around the TASK lobby and speaks to herself, "...much busier than before. And now it's not floating. How do they stop people from walking in like I am?" She spies Kotal, looking important, and walks her way over to her desk. She also has a bit of an...odor coming from her, but it's not her fault, she hasn't found a good place to bathe yet.

Apparently, they stop them through good old fashioned security.

Walking in looking like that is going be earning Satyrn more than a couple of looks and one of the guards has the good sense of prodding Kotal. "Sir." He says motioning towards the girl that just walked in. Here in Twisted, you never know if the ragamuffin waif you're talking to is a goddess in disguise.. or just some street urchin! So its always best to send in your best card first in case things get really dire. "I'll handle it." Says Kotal and advances towards the girl that looks very worse for wear.

"Good evening, citizen."

"Are you in need of assistance?"

Satyrn stops advancing as she's noticed and Kotal approaches. She looks up, since she's rather short herself, and keeps her tail safely wrapped around her waist, just the tip of it swaying back and forth. o O ( Citizen...ha ha. ) She glances around the room as she answers, "My name's Satyrn Tarn, I..." How should she say this? "...I used to work at TASK, before...well, I'm not completely clear on what happened. An idiot named Crux dimensioned me out of this world and I just now got back. I understand The Council is no longer in existence? So they're not running TASK anymore?"

"Truly?" Kotal looks pleasantly surprised. Chances are always there that this girl is just an agent of Christabella that is trying to worm her way in to sabotage TASK, but for the moment, the Aztec warrior decides to take the optimistic approach and believe this girl. "Well met then, Satyrn Tarn. I am Kotal Kahn, and you are correct, the old Council has been banished and no longer has any hold of TASK."

"I am now its sole director."

Listening to Satyrn's story, Kotal looks pensive for a moment and thinks. "Crux.. ah yes.. I know of him though I have never met him." Now how is it that -Kotal- should put getting a crap load of memories inserted in his mind? "Do you know of Caliga? He has been very.. informative."

Though he appears to be like a blood thirsty warlord, Kotal at least has some manners and extends a hand towards the girl.

"You appear injured. Allow me to heal your wounds."

Satyrn keeps her initial reaction of wanting to go on the defense in check. She's been through some terrible dimensions getting here, none of them were nice and most people were hostile. Still, if this being works at TASK, he's probably helpful? She nods in response to his offer. Even if it's a trick, she can probably get away before anything really bad happens. She raises an eyebrow at the mention of Caliga, "He lived? I thought..." So Concordance didn't have him killed and Myra never got around to it? That's surprising. "How could anyone have defeated Concordance and the rest of The Council?" She then has a terrible thought, "Is Caliga in charge some way? You say you're the sole director, so are you a Crow or some new rank?"

Kotal Kahn's word is good. Though it is night, he always keeps quite the healthy reserve of sun light within him at all times.

His palm glows gold and a beam of pure sunlight showers over Satyrn, mending her wounds and easing whatever pain she may have.

Once the healing is finished, the Aztec addresses Satyrn's next batch of questions. "That is a -very- convoluted question, and one I am not entirely sure I am in the liberty of answering. I can tell you this much though; Caliga was not pleased with the end result, even if it meant Twisted's continued existence."

Perhaps, rather unexpectedly, Kotal throws his head back in laughter when Satyrn assumes Caliga is somehow in charge. "Caliga!? In charge!? HA HAHA!" He shakes his head. "Merciful Eldergods, no. He is not, he is naught but an informant at this point and I would like to keep it that way."

"As for Crow and the other ranks the old TASK used to have, I have done away with all that. Now there is only me, my Chosen Warriors, and the odd mercenary."

Satyrn flexes a fist and bends her knees as her body heals. That...feels so much better. She turns sideways, testing her insides. Ribs seem mended as well. She feels better than ever, as is always the case whenever she heals up. He didn't even ask for payment of his services. This is definitely a different operation from when The Council ran it. She gets a small smile at the laughter of Caliga being in charge. That's good news. Caliga was always a problem, and it's not fair if he survived AND rose to power when the others didn't. She tries not to take the fact that ranks are gone too harshly, she was at the top after all. Though, she isn't sure she'll be seeking to re-join the ranks with The Council gone. "May the waters of your well never dry up." Her way of saying thanks, "It's different, but seems effective." o O ( I wonder how well they handle people when they get out of control and infect other dimensions. Or maybe that isn't even a thing anymore. ) "You've been very informative. One more thing, do you know if any of the following people are still alive and their possible locations? Gegoshi, Talinfar, Concordance, Guarlesia, Abomination, Harpanic or...well, any of the old Council members, really."

Kotal takes the blessing graciously, simply doing a short bow and a nod of his helmet covered head. "You are quite welcome." Then another nod when she mentions the different rank system in TASK, or lack there of. "Admittedly, our numbers are not many at this juncture and there is little need for a ranking system. In the future, I may need to revise it."

Alright, so here come the real challenge. Trying to pick memories apart from his brain to try to remember people he doesn't know and he has never met. Memories, might I add, that aren't his to begin with.

Well, Kotal decides to start with the easy one, and that's the AI. "Gegoshi is very much alive much to my tremendous displeasure." He has some really strong opinions about her despite never meeting her apparently.

"She seems to be bound exclusively to Diablo and though I could greatly use her assistance in the reconstruction of TASK, Diablo no doubt takes much joy in preventing me from using her."

"Diablo and I are very much at odds." He explains.

"As for the others.. it is difficult.. the memories given to me are fractured.. the more time they spend in my subconscious, the harder they are to access." He pauses, thinking hard. "Most of them are lost for certain, though I am not entirely sure any has been killed. Nevertheless, I have never personally met any of the one you speak of."

Satyrn nods. She didn't have much dealings with the Synth Gegoshi, other than using her for information and what not. She was more connected with Talinfar. "Diablo? Then I'll go talk with him next." She pulls out her G-Pad, which has the big red letters "OFFLINE" on it, "Any idea where he might be? I used to be able to use this, but...looks like Gegoshi's system doesn't work anymore."

"Oh the G-Pad." Kotal seems to recognize the device as soon as Satyrn pulls it out. "You are fortunate to still have it, currently we are using a far less powerful version of it."

Then as talk changes to Diablo, Kotal simply motions with his thumb sideways. "You'll find him next door in Town Hall. Though you could also call him out in the Arena, that is what I normally do when I have business with him. It is.. more effective."

Satyrn tucks the G-pad away into her clothing. There's still one good pocket left, "Maybe I can convince Gegoshi to make it work fo me. But, if Diablo owns her I'll probably have to ask him." She glances back towards the Town Hall, but smiles at the mention of an arena, "That's more in line with my preferences." She takes a step back and does a light nod of her head, kind of a bow? "May your village prosper, you've been very helpful. I won't forget it."

Another nod and as Satyrn seems to turn and leave, Kotal gives her a warrior salute, a hand over his heart as Aztecs did in olden times. "May the light of the sun ever light your way."

Though he can't help but chuckle when the girl wishes Kotal's 'village' prosperity. "My village is now the city of Twisted. I will see it grow strong and powerful, just like Tenochtitlan and Outwrold before it." Looks like this guy has some experience ruling.

As she moves further away he yells over at her. "You are always welcome to join us again in TASK. We could use any assistance you could provide."

Satyrn turns and starts walking out, though she looks back over her shoulder as Kotal calls out to her, "Thanks for the invitation. I...want to try and find my home first, and see how other things stand on Twisted. I'm glad it's been left it your hands though, you seem to be doing a good job." Wether or not it's better than how The Council had things set up remains to be seen. But she's open to it...just not yet. She waves her hand in farewell and heads out of the building.



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I can't believe how much I missed seeing Satyrn in scenes. I'm also kicking myself for missing a chance to RP with her tonight. ;_;

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