2015-10-30 - Sugar Pop Possession

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Sugar Pop Possession

Summary: It's a party at the high school, and the whole town's invited! Of COURSE something goes wrong!

Who: Gogron, Ikuto, Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Urus, Flandre, The Cabbage Guy
When: October 30th, 2015
Where: Kohoku High School

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Although preparing for All Hallows End eve can be a fun time for everyone, this very special celebration does bring its.. substantial share of problems sometimes, especially in a place like Twisted. This is the time of the year when the barriers with the supernatural break, and in a place where barriers of said nature are only held in place through the tremendous efforts of local deities, Halloween in Twisted can get out of control.

Still, the people of this mish mashed dimension sure have a habit of putting a strong face in the face of peril. You'd think that having a constant demon spitting fog roaming the city would be reason enough for everyone to cancel everything ever. But not here in Twisted! Ever constant danger is a thing that most everyone has gotten used to, and they do not let it rule their lives. They are gonna celebrate this Halloween one way or another!

Enter the Kohoku High School festival, where fliers all across town have been announcing a very special show for everyone, performed by the very own students of the high school, it'll prove to fun for everyone! Well, hopefully.

TASK Force: Kotal Kahn is personally overseeing the protection of the festival, and he has brought his entire entourage, and Urus, to ensure that everything goes according to plan. The festival is being held in the early evening with orders for everyone to disperse as soon as night falls, since it is when the fog is more likely to show up. Kotal is taking this a lot more seriously than he usually does too, as he's trying to show Twisted citizens that TASK can be once again counted on to keep the peace. Do not disappoint!

CIVILIANS: Yeah! Fliers everywhere and a festival in town! What's not to love? There's free food! Lights! Dance! Oh and Halloween costumes too! Feel free to come dressed up as something.

[TASK] Kotal says, "Testing frequencies."

[TASK] Rayne says, "copy test."

Patrolling the grounds, Rayne, for the most part, doesn't appear at first to be in costume. Well, she's still wearing all her equipment, at least. She is on the job, after all, and it would be downright dereliction if she wasn't prepared for things to go south. But instead of her usual green tunic under her chest armor, it's now a light, sky blue, and there are a set of small wings of the same color attached to her back. She is being quite friendly to the civilians around her, greeting them with enthusiasm. It seems she's hoping much more for a party than a problem, though she still doesn't stick around to any one area for long as she continues her wanderings.

Urus Was quite up for the new job at hand as the hunt for the black and red suited woman named Harley has been, fruitless to say the least. But in any case Halloween, back where he came from he didn't have to do much to look dressed up. But now that twisted has brought him here he has to do something, or risk being "non-spirited" so what would one dress up as if he was a mercenary dropped into the middle of the current mess. Urus is also patrolling the scene, his usual garb traded out for more primitive apparel. a skull of some creature adorns his head as well as an un flattering red skirt covering the lower region. Although he still has his gun strapped to his side as usual, he is carrying a large foam sword. The fur that shows looks to have been attempted to be dyed teal, the lighter areas taking more than the darker patches of his coat. He is unsure what sort of reaction he would get from the director of task when they meet tonight. But tonight, in any situation, is going to be great.

Ikuto's got reason to be at the high school. Mainly because he goes there. That's right, even without anyone to tell him he has to, Ikuto's been going to school. Why? Because for however long 'till Easter finds him, he's at least got a little time to be a normal kid. And he's going to enjoy it.

"Ikuto! Lookit, lookit! I got a costume-nya!"

Well, almost normal.

Ikuto's legitimately a wallflower tonight, leaning against a wall and watching whatever festivities are happening, when Yoru calls out to him. He looks up to see the Guardian Character that is his constant companion. The little cat-boy fairy has manages to get hold of a tiny witch's hat. It's small enough that it fits, but large enough on him that he has to keep pushing it up to avoid it from blocking his view. "Lookit, Ikuto, I'm a witch-nya!"

Ikuto doesn't say anything for a moment, but then half-smiles, emitting a quiet chuckle. Then he reaches up and pulls the brim of the little hat down to block Yoru's view. "HEY! I can't see-nya!" He flails a bit before he can figure out how to push the brim of the oversized hat up again.

Ikuto wouldn't really go to too much effort to dress up, and he hasn't here, either. He's just got his ears and tail on, that's really all. It's kind of become part of who he is, so it'd feel weird dressing up as something else.

Gogron is dressed up as an assassin that gives no fucks whatsoever towards the utter and complete weakness that is stealth. Why go in in flimsy shadow hued armor when you can SMASH THEM WITH AN AXE? Especially an axe made of pure evil. It's got dark magics and the heart of a daedra in it.

Okay so he doesn't have a costume. But free food? He's there. Plus there's a chance the lord Kotal might be there, and he wanted to try to figure out some way of... making up for having failed so miserably the other day. Some wounds still mark him, livid, puffy, unhappy looking, the way wounds tend to look when agitated by dark and terrible necromantical magics. It's just like that. Inconvenient and all that.

So here's Gogron. Still in that damn armor. Either he's well prepared for potential attacks or he doesn't have a spare set of clothing on him.

He... eyes the civilian populace like a predator that had been on a pure soy diet for entirely too long. And, wandering by he just, sort of, stops... and stares at Urus like he isn't sure if he should backhand the man... or burst out laughing.

He uh, bursts out coughing instead. Just a, lungful of dust, that's all. Um.

Kotal Kahn is wearing a costume too and to those that know him he might look down right unrecognizable.

For starters his skin is not turquoise in color, he has changed it through magic to appear dark brown, looking more like a human Aztec man might look.. except for the fact he's still 7 feet tall. Gone are his eagle headdress and his tattoos and armor though, instead he has replaced it with something that is more likely to be recognized by everyone.

He's wearing a one piece blue suit, with a red cape, red boots and a big ol' S clearly visible on his broad chest.

Yep, he's dressed as Superman. Perhaps, its fitting.

Granted, Kotal's costume is far from being the greatest attraction here. As the TASK director is doing his patrol around the school grounds, he happens to run into Urus which causes him no small amount of grief when he realizes just who the Hyena man is supposed to be dressed as. "I swear, Urus. Just when I think I have you figured out.." Kotal isn't even going to dwell on how Urus is not being historically accurate by not wearing Ichcahuipili armor. The Aztec supposes that its the thought that counts.

As luck would have it, that very moment is when Gogron decides to show up and he seems to express Kotal's thoughts exactly. Just like the orc, Kotal really doesn't know if he should whack Urus or start laughing as well, so he just facepalms.

"This is going to be some night." Indeed..

Thankfully, the festival seems about ready to start proper. The principal of the high school emerges out into the stage and starts calling everyone's attention. Looks like the show is about to begin!

[TASK] Kotal says, "Is there ever a socially acceptable reaction when you see someone dressed as yourself?"

[TASK] Rayne says, "Laughter would be most appropriate in a light social situation like this. Wait, is THAT what Urus is dressed as?!" Laughter can then be heard on the comm.

[TASK] Kotal sighs..

Minu was running late arriving to the high school well after everyone else. This was her very first Halloween where she was encouraged to dress up and well she had been at a loss so she ended up at S-Mart and wouldn't you know, she ended up far from anything she would have ordinarily chosen for herself. All the store had in her size was,..well ...scandalous. The little elf was dressed in a skin tight black body suit, her soft feminine curves on full display. Her long brown hair lose around her shoulders held back from her face by a head band, sporting a pair of tall black cat ears. Around her neck is a little collar with a bow and shining silver bell and her face has been made up with dramatic cat eyes and a little black nose and whiskers. As she moves the swish of a long back fabric tail can be seen as well. Rushing toward Rayne who is the first person from Task she sees, she calls "Sorry I am late!" then pauses and blinks at the hyena and busts out laughing!

As the principal calls for attention, Rayne instead turns her attention away from the stage. If trouble's going to start, she figures it'll be somewhere that people don't have their attention. Scanning the crowd again, she notices the orc... He looks like the real thing, of course, because he is. Noting him in her mind as someone to pay attention to, she continues looking... And who the heck is that seven foot tall person? It just doesn't connect with Kotal in her mind at all since his skin color changed. And he's actually wearing a full set of clothes for once, even if his underwear is on the outside. She idly moves a lock of hair away from her field of vision, and the motion of her arm pulls on a hidden wire that makes her wings move. Despite the seemingly subtleness of most of the costume, she put a lot of effort into it! Of course Rayne is the first person Minu recognizes. Keeping her hair color was the very idea behind the costume, and it's easily her most recognizable feature. "Oh! Hey, Minu. No worries, it's been quiet so far. You don't really strike me as a cat type, though. No owl costume?"

As Urus walks through the crowd he notices everyone. Everyone's attire seems to not be last minute like his. But then again, he has had experience with his muse. Minu's entrance is where he turns off the autopilot of scanning the area that he has adopted in the last month or so that he has been here. As he looks at her he snickers "this is not what I thought what I would see from you tonight. Though it seems a bit. . . "and looks for the right word to be gentle about the situation. "Skimpy. Are you sure you can go through tonight like that?" but then her laughs at his costuming inspire something. He breathes in deeply keeping his chest out while faking a look of seriousness. He says in a deep tone obviously attempting a mimic of Kotal "MORTAL, How dare you laugh at the god of war!" as he raises his free hand outstretched and palm up until it makes level with the horizontal and then slowly closes his fist. Knowing full well what it would mean for him. Then smiles and laughs as well unable to keep a straight face in the midst of all that is going on.

Ikuto recognizes Rayne, having seen her before. But he doesn't approach. She's a peacekeeper, and there's been THINGS happening that she needs to concentrate on. The others he doesn't recognize. He's starting to get used to the weirdness of the place though, so he's not too put off by the appearance of animal people, gods, or various other what would be considered 'abnormalities' in his world. However, what does get his attention is when the principal looks like he wants everyone's attention. Ikuto looks up and listens but doesn't get any nearer the stage.

Yoru, meanwhile, is looking to snitch some food. Surprisingly he's not looking for sweets. Which might mean he's a little out of luck, given it's a Halloween party. Cheese and salt for this cat! There's probably some pretzels, popcorn, or chips around here somewhere.

Kotal would get a bit of a stare from the orc, taking in the altered appearance, his head tilting. "Everyone is dressed so strangely." It's a statement, and yet it's a question as well. What the heck is up? He clears his throat again. It did say something about costumes... but he doesn't have any resources at the moment, so he's not in any real good position to do much of anything, and yet he still feels like he's let the god down somehow. But then Urus is being weird and that's definitely more of a laugh then a cough. He offers a bent-spined bow to Urus, laughing into his hand.

Kotal's reaction to Urus is almost immediate. "Insolent mortal! You dare mock me in such a manner!!?" Then he's wincing and pulling on his hair a little. "I mean- I don't talk like that!!" Gogron's question gets an odd look from the Aztec. "Of course everyone is dressed up, Gogron. It's Halloween." Don't they have such a holiday in the orc's dimension? At any rate, at least it looks like everyone's having fun which is the main point of tonight's festivities.

Kohoku High School's principal taps the microphone once the audience quiets down.

"Welcome everyone and thank you for attending our very own All Hallows End eve festival. I hope you are all having a wonderful time. First of all I would like to thank the Coffee of Doom and Eat or Die for catering this event, and of course, to Ray's Occult for providing most of our decorations."

"A special thanks also go to TASK Force for showing up in full force to provide security. We really appreciate your efforts for keeping us safe."

"Now without out further ado, I would like to introduce our main event for tonight. A very talented young lady has a very special show for everyone that she prepared all for herself. Please welcome.."

"Flandre Scarlet! Performing Full Course for Candy Addicts!"

The audience applauds and an overly sugary young girl hops out into stage dressed in a colorful costume that match her equally bright wings. To her sides, some kind of strangely bizarre mannequins walk out next to her, equally brightly dressed with bright wigs and bright clothes. It seems like they are her back up dancers, and they are clearly moving through magic.

"Hi, hi, Everyone! Happy Halloween!" The Flandre girl chirps and almost immediately starts singing and dancing as the music begins.

"O/~ Strawberry tart with special sauce /o~"

"Decorate it with an eye and put on more cream!"

"Feeling dizzy because of the sweet smell?"

"My love goes with a fork and knife"

"My beloved, my beloved "

"The hidden taste makes it jello-like"

"I'm feeling fulfilled!"

"I love sweets! /o~"

Looks like everything is going as planned thus far. No sign of the fog either.

[TASK] Kotal says, "Stay alert, this is usually when things go south around here."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Did I ever mention that little vampire once tried to kill me?"

[TASK] Kotal says, "...No?"

Minu tilts her head at Rayne's question and shakes her head. "I though the point was something totally different from yourself, besides..this was all S-mart had left in my size." When Urus does his Kotal impression the little elf nearly turns blue herself from laughing so hard. Kotal's reaction brings her up short because she had not recognized him in a more, normal skin tone and look he is wearing a funny body suit too. Her attention turns to the stage and the Principal and then the candy colored girl who comes out and starts to sing and dance. The little elf shifts and tilts her head with a little furrow of her brow but says nothing else, only doing a quick scan of the area when the fog is mentioned.

[TASK] Kotal says, "That sounds like something you'd want to mention before, Rayne."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Yyyeah, well, it was before I joined TASK. It kinda slipped my mind."

[TASK] Kotal says, "Hmrg.. this does not bode well."

[TASK] Kotal says, "I suppose we can bring her in for questioning after this."

"Kotal?" Looks like Rayne finally got who the 7 foot tall guy is. That voice is unmistakable, of course. She can't help but laugh as Kotal basically confirms Urus' caricature of the war god. Upon hearing who is going up on stage, however, Rayne's laughter halts. Her left eye twitches, and she slowly, slowly turns to look up at the stage. "Thank all the gods we have lots of candy here... Suddenly I wish I'd had a more elaborate costume..." After all, the last time they met, Flandre was attempting to kill Rayne. Or at least, that's how Rayne remembers it. "Stay on guard... and if she becomes a threat, throw candy at her." The weird part is... she sounds completely serious.

[TASK] Rayne says, "She can be pacified with candy, so it can probably be done without incident. Probably."

[TASK] Kotal says, "Normally I would ask if you've gone mad, but since this is Twisted I have no choice but to assume you are serious."

Everyone's having fun, yeah. But no they don't. It's probably where he went wrong. Not that there's a gaping pit in his soul that only the murder of pre-selected people in pre-selected ways can fill, no, it's obviously a lack of Halloween that turned Gogron into a professional serial killer. His head tilts a little, regarding Kotal. They have a holiday where they all dress in curious costumes. It did sound fun.

But then they're announcing... whatever they're talking about, and he turns his eyes to this. What? What for what?

A glance to Kotal- he does seem angry. Should he get his axe? But everyone seems to be having so much fun. And then just for a moment, Gogron is having a bit of a crisis. Because everyone is having fun, he doesn't want to pull out the axe and cut someone down. Gogron. Not wanting to kill someone. What the heck is wrong with him?

Urus Just motions with the free hand to Kotal's voice at the confirmation of his parody and smiles and looks in his direction. He notices Kotal's choice and says "you would, nice job though, very believable. " he nods at Minu's explanation. Couldn't exactly blame her but he at least came up with this shoddy representation of his current boss on such short notice. Rayne's sudden alarm about the situation is surprising. Last time they had fought together she had quite a level head. "throw candy. This is highly irregular" this little girl on stage looks perfectly innocent. Then again looks can be deceiving. "If she becomes tiny problem for you, I will take care of her." He says to the phoenix. Looking at the confused orc he whispers "this is your first time right? This holiday is where you make fun of people you care about. For fun's sake of course." Implanting the lie to try to cause a little mischief because obviously there have been no treats, so tricks are in order.

The dance and song continues and though TASK forces, along with Urus and Gogron, seem to be on guard with the appearance of the little girl on stage, Flandre is acting like a perfectly winsome kid full of joy and laughter. That little girl is having a tremendous amount of fun up there and it shows!

It's probably why it won't last long.

As Flandre continues to sing and dance, she does a graceful twirl and holds up a half mask up in the air. Interestingly, its a mask that seems to be exactly the same as the one the self-moving mannequins are wearing, possibly the magical item that is allowing them to be Flandre's very own personal back up dancers. As soon as she puts it on, perhaps with the pretext that she needs to match her back-up dancers, red lightning strikes her and the mannequins to her sides, forcing them all to go real still. That.. is probably not part of the show.

"At long last! After ten thousand years of imprisonment, I am free!!!" It's always ten thousand years isn't it? But that's not Flandre's voice speaking even if the girl is clearly moving her mouth, it sounds like an older woman's voice. "This body.." Flandre clenches her fists and looks down at her hands. "It is.. strong!! So strong!! Yes, it will serve me well!!" And the clearly possessed girl then realizes she's got an awe struck audience staring at her. "Worthy sacrifices to quench my thirst after so long. Get them my, minions!!"

The four mannequins that were once happily dancing along with Flandre grow muscled, somehow, their faces twist into devious fang covered grins and tremendously sharp claws extend from their fingers. They leap out of the stage and start attacking the terrified crowd which starts fleeing in horror. All while the possessed girl twirls and laughs with that echoing voice that is clearly not her own.

Oh and guess what? It's suddenly night now which means-- you guessed it! The fog is approaching! Joy!

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" Screams one of the audience members. It seems like a fair assessment.

[TASK] Kotal says, "Of course..."

[TASK] Rayne says, "I got nothin', boss. Welcome to Twisted."

[TASK] Kotal says, "There is just no getting accustomed to this."

"EVERYONE CLEAR THE AREA!! INTO THE SCHOOL! NOW! " Comes Kotal's booming voice as things get as bad as everyone rightfully expected it to be. This demon thingie and her mannequins is bad enough, but the fog rolling in almost 100 percent guarantees that TASK is going to have a slaughter in their hands no matter what. The casualties would be high even with their best efforts.

Unless some drastic measures are taken.

"Rayne!!" Aztec Superman calls to the rainbow haired girl, his glowing gold eyes betraying his true identity. "You are in command! Whatever you do, contain this situation right here!"

"I will take care of the fog."

But how is Kotal going to do that you ask? People seem to forget just to what extent his power really goes, even bound by the limiters of Twisted, he is still a god, and he can do such tremendous things that no mortal could even dream of.

Case in point; Kotal Kahn extends his arms up to the sky and snarls ferociously. The once night sky suddenly begins to turn evening again as, yes, Kotal is PULLING the sun back and forcing it to shine light on Twisted again. Thanks to the limiters though, it looks like Kotal can't do anything but stand there holding the sun up in place, which renders him effectively helpless.

At the very least the fog is now being repelled, having a much harder time now entering the sunlight. Now there's only Flandre(?) and her minions to contend with.

When the mannequins come to life and leap off the stage the little elf groans. This is not gona end well. She reaches into the hard plastic pumpkin she was carrying, a little something the lady at S-mart said, every little girl needed at Halloween and pulled out a small rectangle and pinned it on her costume and slid the ear piece up over her pointed ear. She wasn't sure if the other radio was present but at least she was ready in case. When Kotal reached for the sun, the little elf simply shifted to owlet form, the plastic pumpkin clattering to the ground, only to have the handle gripped in small talons as she took to the sky . Small wings flap hard as she reaches higher and higher. With a small hiss and hoot she circles the scene then finds a tall tree on the edge of the grounds and hung her pumpkin up and from it she with draws a small cup of something jiggly and green. The small owl pulls the foil top off the clutches it in her talons and again takes wing.

Rayne blinks as Kotal starts holding the sun. "Wait, WHAT?! C-Command?!" This... seems to frighten her more than the monsters do. "Ug, errruh..." She looks over towards the now possessed Flandre and her mannequin backup for a moment, seemingly frozen. Then she looks over towards the people she was just told to be in charge of. "Urus, you worry about the mannequins. If you want to help him out with that, you're welcome to it." Yes, she just addressed Gogron. She then turns to where Minu was. "Minu, I want..." She looks around, Minu having flown off while she was looking at the bizarre new threat. She instead talks into her communicator. "Minu, I assume you went owl. Load up on candy and bomb Flandre with it, the more colorful the better. I'll distract her while you get to that." And then Rayne runs off towards the possessed vampire. "Hey! Hey, hello! I'm going to have to ask you to stop this at once!" Wait, she's trying to talk the ten thousand year old being down?

And then that happened.

Gogron's eyes narrow, his lips pulling back, hearing that voice, watching the others bulk up and proceed to start killing people- the fucking NERVE of them!

If HE can't kill large swaths of people these fuckers have no right to- that's, that's just not FAIR!

And helpless? No, never. It renders him occupied, but never helpless. That and he's got an orc with a very large, very evil axe hungry for whoever wants to come and play.

Though his eyes are yearning things, staring towards the impending or, more, in-process slaughter, and his eyes are misty, looking towards the rampant violence and murder. But a deep breath, and he turns his back to Kotal, hefting the axe. "Come, then. Come and experience Oblivion..."

Well this was different, and by the judge of things, not good. Time to get to work, and he was ready to kick butt . . . err mannequin. He holds up his foam sword high and is about to run into battle when he realizes the fact that foam, is not going to be an effective tool. The War god he is emulating standing near him seems to be overly preoccupied. So he won't miss his obsidian sword for a small bit. The only problem being, it is heavy, maybe a bit too heavy. He holds the sword in two hands in a reverse grip, the massive blade dragging behind him as he runs, or runs as well as a guy can while carrying the god of war's weapon. Using his momentum he attempts to run past the minions and turn quickly using the inertia of the weapon itself to rotate it around and into the mannequin, hoping that being behind the enemy would allow the blade to miss civilians because of the lack of control he had over the sword. Meanwhile he shouts "Foul Beast, YOU SHALL FALL FROM THE MIGHT OF KOTAL KAHN." Yeah he may have taken this costuming thing one step too far.

Though he always looks like he's just being lazy, Ikuto's usually alert. Typical cat. So when the girl starts speaking in a voice that isn't hers? He's on guard immediately. "Yoru," he calls to the wayward Guardian Character.

The catboy fairy returns, with a relatively large (for his size, anyway) pretzel held between his paws that he's gnawing on. Mouth full, he notes, "They have soft pretzels! You should get one-nya!"

"Bigger problems right now," Ikuto states. "Look." Ikuto indicates the stage, and Yoru turns in that direction. That's about when all hell breaks loose!

Yoru drops his pretzel with a "NYA!" of shock and fright. "Let's get outta here-nya!"

"No. Let's go," Ikuto instructs. He shuts his eyes, his ears and tail disappear briefly, and his body starts to glow brightly. "My heart... UNLOCK!"

As if in response, Yoru disappears into a black and white egg with diamond-shapes and a stylized silhouette of a cat-head on it. This egg floats to Ikuto's chest and sinks into it, the air in front of his chest rippling like ripples in the surface of a lake. The cat tail reappears, but more slowly than before, seeming to grow into place. The ears follow, slowly growing in. A wickedly-curved claw appears, strapped to his right wrist.

The glow pulls away from his body, gathering into a large cross-shape in the center of his chest. As it retreat, the glow reveals a different outfit-- a cropped top with a loose, high neckline and tails like a tuxedo jacket, and a pair of pants that have a long trap tied between the knees. And then that cross-shaped glow shatters, resolving into a large silver cross attached to that shirt.

Well, whatever's going on with Ikuto, it appears TASK has an ally here. A cat eared-cat-tailed, claw-wielding feline ally! And then he starts on the mannequins. Whittle them down-- possibly literally, with that claw-- so the peacekeepers can... well, keep the peace.

Rayne has an unexpectedly easy time reaching the possessed vampire girl. The throes of terrified people are fleeing sideways, and the mannequins, interestingly enough, seem to be ignoring them and going straight for Kotal Kahn. "Garie, Phara, Micha, Leiur! Kill that one!! The tall one with his hands up!" Orders Flandre in that ominous mature voice of hers, whoever is possessing the little vampire seems to be aware of just who she should be taking out first. That of course, leaves her exposed to Rayne who starts yelling at her, though she doesn't seem to be too terribly concerned about the rainbow haired girl.

"You have some nerve approaching me like that! Who are you to think you can order Carol Malus Dienheim!?" In fact, it doesn't look like this 'Carol' is waiting for an answer. She instinctively summons Flandre's Laevateinn wand to her hand and it catches fire, turning into a flaming sword. "Yess.. this body is unlike any I've ever had before! I will let you experience its power first hand!!"

Meanwhile, said mannequins look fully intent on charging right at Kotal and they'd be pretty successful at it where it not for a line of defenders that pretty much forms up to protect him.

Gogron being up front gets the brunt of the attack, with two of the mannequins tackling him hard and trying to wrench that massive axe away from his hands. One of them flies down to grab him by the legs while the other mannequin yanks at the handle of his weapon.

A third mannequin takes the oblique angle and attempts to charge Kotal from the side, but suddenly, magical cat boys up in here! The mannequin stops short as a claw rends its face and crackles it mask. It even seems to reel in pain and tries to hold it but the creature surges with power and swings an equally sharp claw at the cat boy, trying to repay the favor by slicing Ikuto's face.

And the fourth one meets Urus who-- wait what? "GET YOUR HANDS OFF CUAUHTEMOC THIS INSTANT!" Cries Kotal as Urus pretty much steals his sword, which apparently has a name. "GAAH! BE CAREFUL WITH HIM!!" Even in his agonizing struggle to keep the sun up in the sky, Kotal still manages to sound extremely concerned with the safety of his macahuitl, he sounds like a father worried for his newborn baby. Also, Kotal apparently addresses his sword as a 'he' rather than an 'it'.

Believe it or not, Kotal being angry at him is in reality Urus' biggest problem right now, because as it so happens, his plan is a sound one. When he all but stumbles forward and just kind of swings the giant macahuitl sword wildly on top the frenzied mannequin, the golem goes turns around and goes for the X shape overhead block but-- the massive macahuitl just slices right through the creature's defense, and through the mannequin's body as well, splitting it in half in one attack and killing it instantly. That sword is immensely powerful. That's one down.

[TASK] Kotal says, "He tasks me.. this Hyena.."

[TASK] Minu says, "hooot hooot hoooooo!"

[TASK] Kotal says, "No, it is not a hoot."

Minu already had a plan in mind even before Rayne called her to gather candy. What she was gonna use was...sweet, hopefully this would distract Carol. The little owl winged her way over the stage , making sure she was far to high up to be noticed and with owl wings she was also nearly silent in flight. In her mind she calculated the drop and found just the right spot high over Carol and flipped that jiggly cup over and counted to herself as the green goo slid from the cup,..4...5.SPLAT! She watched as the sticky sweet green goo found its mark and then she flew off to the treat table, small talons grabbing bags of assorted bright colored candy. The little owl went high again and worked to angle herself just right then tore through the bag with her beak to spill candy like rain onto the stage and Carol.

Rayne tries to act as nonchalant as she can. "Yeah, yeah, I've already experienced it before." She draws her own swords and holds them crossed in front of her in a defensive posture "I'm Rayne Hurris, an officer of the law here. And I'm afraid you need to stand down now. We really don't look very kindly on you and your minions trying to sacrifice people." By now, Minu has unloaded her ordinance, and Rayne awaits what response Carol, or rather hopefully Flandre inside, has to being surrounded by candy.

Two mannequins? Two is good, but mannequins? They don't have blood, or internal organs, and it's totally up in the air if they even realize what's happening to them as they die. That's the entire POINT. Up close, personal? Saying something scary? What's even the point-

Oh HELL no you are NOT getting his axe.

It drains endurance, if they even have it to drain. But then two become three, his legs being tied up and then, fighting for his balance he promptly loses it, intent more on keeping his axe than his feet. "EY, HANDS OFF! You do NOT TOUCH my AXE." And axe busy? Well fuck that noise, he's got tusks. The headbutt is rough and abrupt and then turns into a rising head twist, intent on ripping the other's face off. But does it even have a face to rip?

And then, turning, he ROARS. "If you so much as SCRATCH CUAUHTEMOC I will BEAT you with your SPINE." Little flecks of spit fly free. Well that was graphic and unnecessary.

"YOU SHALL PER" as the sword's inertia was both its advantage and in this case with the inexperienced wielder, its downfall. The heft of the weapon was too much to stop, and flies out of Urus' hands and out of sight. A large crash is heard with the breaking of wood and thump of many mostly solid objects hitting the floor. A distant voice calls out crying. "MY CABBAGES". Urus snaps out of his overly zealous attempt at playing god, and returns to work as usual, despite the fact that he is blue now and forgot to pack extra ammo. Oh well, make what you have count. He grabs the figure of the mannequin under what would be the chin with his left hand and, pulls it back toward him. The Right hand cross draws his submachine gun to which he is a LOT more experienced, shoving it into the base of the head and aiming so that the rounds will take the longest route through the being and pulls the trigger for a quick burst as he averts his gaze from his current target to keep from the possible wood chunks hitting him. As he does so he sees Minu's jello hit home. "that is my girl" he murmurs happily to himself as he sees that his training with the small owl did not go to waste.

Ikuto can't dodge as he normally would-- that would leave the blue man unprotected. And whatever he's doing, it's stopping the fog from showing up, so he needs to be allowed to continue it. He bents sharply to one side, but not far enough to avoid his chin getting nicked by those claws. He emits a hiss and his ears flatten back in irritation and pain.

The muffled voice of Yoru can be heard suddenly, emanating from inside the magical catboy. "NYAAAA! Be careful Ikuto, these things aren't playing-nya!"

"Me neither," Ikuto replies back. Then he reaches up with his free hand and wipes the blood away from his chin. It'll need to be tended to, but right now there's no time.

Ikuto narrows his eyes, then draws back his right arm. The silvery edges of the bladed claws seem to gleam unnaturally. And then as he swings forward, a series of silver-colored slashes of energy are launched from the edges of the claws. These cutting energy waves fly towards the mannequin who swung at Ikuto's face. He is indeed aiming for the face, since the mannequin didn't seem to like it the first time.

Needless to say that Carol doesn't look pleased with the response from Rayne. "We don't look kindly!? My, you sound like the sheriff of some backwater hamlet!" The laevateinn begins to power up, angry flames swirling all across the black curved metal of the sword. "You just don't seem to realize who you are dealing with, do you, my dear Rayne Hurris? A pity that none will mourn your passing." Carol leans forward, her red eyes squinting even through the mask that she's wearing. "I say, what is that on your chest? A blinking eye?" Not surprisingly, Carol has no idea to just what extent do Flandre's powers really go, and she offers a glimpse of the madness that is Flandre as she apparently sees things that aren't actually there. "I can.. squeeze it?"

  • SPLAT!*

That's when a gooey substance falls from the sky to hit Carol on the side of the face. The woman inside the little girl gives a disgusted grunt and a snarl "What is this filth!?" She licks her lips reflexively and that turns out to be a mistake for her. "It tastes.. sweet.." Red eyes flare and then candy is being tossed at her "CANDY! CANDY!!" Comes Flandre's voice and she goes down to her knees to munch on as much candy as can possibly stuff in her mouth! "No!!" That is Carol's voice again as she tries to talk through mouthfuls of candy "Stop-- eating-- CANDY! I LOVE CANDY!" Carol and Flandre's voice continue to struggle for dominance and it looks like Flandre is winning this battle.

The mannequins currently piled on Gogron pay dearly in the form of a headbutt rammed directly on the head of the first one and it sends it reeling backwards. These mannequins may not have faces, BUT, they do have masks! When Gogron reaches down to grab the mannequin by the face, the mask is ripped apart by the orc's massive strength and the mannequin goes completely limp, depowered as the mask is removed from its body. It even goes back to its normal, none muscled, non clawy form.

Ikuto has a similar experience with his mannequin. Once the cat boy goes for the full on counter attack, the mannequin quickly tries to dodge the energy slashes thrown at it. The thing is only partially successful, and Ikuto's flying cutting energy manage to slice apart half of the mannequin's face off, enough to destroy the mask its wearing. With it torn apart, the mannequin turns skinny and non-clawed again before falling limply on its side.

And Urus.. he pretty much emptied his entire magazine for no reason. That mannequin was totally dead after getting split in two! Like the other ones, it too had returned to normal and its head just gets torn apart by the hail of bullets with no small amount of overkill.

At the very least, Cuauhtemoc seems to finally get fed up with Urus poor treatment of swords and flies back to Kotal Kahn's back like an obedient puppy. "Oh great, its going to take days to get the cabbage smell out." Grumbles Kotal as his macahuitl is now covered by remains of cabbages.

Seeing the girl on stage drop to gather the candy off the floor and stuff it into her maw, the little owl quickly flies back to the treat table to rearm. She plucks several more bags of colorful candy in her talons and flies high above the stage again and tears the bags open and spills out all the bright colored treats. The soft patter of candy hits the stage and the girl like rainbow hued hail. "Hoooooo!" the little owl calls to get the attention of the others so they can deal with this one while she is distracted.

Now that Flandre/Carol is fully distracted, Rayne rushes up close. No more talking, the last step is right in sight. Nothing left to deal with but the mask, which Rayne moves in to try to knock off with the pommel of a sword. Even after what happened before, Rayne can't get herself to use the blades on the girl. The mask removed, Rayne reverses her grip on both swords and stabs down at it.

"I am going to FIND YOU ratdog and I am going to HURT YOU. I am going to HURT YOU for a long time. And if you are VERY, VERY lucky, I MIGHT be kind and supportive enough to FINISH YOU OFF after a few days!"

Because murder IS the point, but it can be gotten to on the long fun road of torture.

But Gogron watches the mannequin collapse into a lifeless state as the mask is smashes, and his voice is a harsh, roaring bark. "ROIGHT." And then his hand rockets forward, trying to catch one of the other mannequins by the head- and SMASH it into the floor.

As the wooden figure goes limp he tosses it aside. There is no such thing as overkill, just open fire, and reload. The little girl giggling about candy seems to be a sign that things are about to return to normal, or Twisted's version thereof. Urus knows that with the world safe again now was the perfect time to get out before Kotal or his devout follower Gogron decide how to maim and or kill him for using the sacred sword cahootmuck or some such. He doesn't speak Aztec and he doesn't plan on learning. It was difficult enough trying to re-learn Russian with this muzzle of his. And where else does one use Aztec anyway, unless you are talking with Kotal of course. He makes a quick nod to Minu, and whispers into their specific radio, hoping she can hear him. "Big Blue is going to be pissed, taking my leave. Great job. Made proud."

"So it was the masks all along-nya!" the muffled voice of Yoru is heard again. "Any more of them?"

Ikuto doesn't respond, mainly because he doesn't know. He sees Rayne dealing with the possessed Flandre... and Flandre apparently subdued by candy. His eyebrow twitches. He'll have to remember that for later.

For now, though, since hopefully the mask has been knocked off, that means they can relax. He glows briefly, there is a soft 'pop', and when the glow fades Yoru is seen floating away from Ikuto. For the blue-haired boy's part, he's back to a normal human appearance, and his clothing is normal.

Yes, as Yoru deduced, it was the masks all along. A solid 'THUNK' is heard as Rayne smashes the half-mask out of Flandre's face which sends the vampire girl down to her side looking more dizzy than hurt. The mask that possessed her falls onto the opposite, rattling on the ground of the stage. It glows with power, as if infuriated from being knocked off its host in such a crude manner. Certainly not the way a being of Carol's power should be treated. She should be respected, honored, FEARED--and then, Rayne's blades fall upon the porcelain mask, shattering it and ending its menace. Whatever dark powered lingered in the fallen mannequins is utterly dispelled, rendering the constructs completely motionless.

Flandre blinks her red eyes and glances to the sides in confusion for a moment. She looks at a loss of what happened, though rather than do the sensible thing and ask what occurred when everything went dark, she instead falls upon the candy scattered on the stage like a girl possessed. Or more accurately, like a little kid would when seeing lots of free candy. "Candy!! Candy!! It's all mine!" And so does the peril end.

Even the fog that Kotal was trying to keep away relents from trying to swallow the school. Perhaps feeling that it no longer has an advantage, it retreats back into the shadows letting the sun to continue to shine upon the high school. At least temporarily, having sensed that the danger has passed, Huitzilopotchli finally relaxes and frees the sun from his grip, pushing the celestial body back to its normal route so that time can continue to pass on Twisted.

Truly, the feat of forcing the sun to keep shinning in the sky tasked Kotal considerably. He exhales in exhaustion and sort of leans on Gogron for support. "Leave him." He tells to the orc seeing how he raged when Urus had the gall of touching his macahuitl. "Certainly not his gravest transgression against me." No, Urus' greatest transgression against Kotal Kahn was clearly dressing up as him.

As all gather and Flandre simply continues to gorge herself on candy ignoring everything, Kotal looks to each one of his warriors, Rayne, Gogron, Minu and even the wayward Ikuto and his cat fairy pet Yoru, nodding approvingly.

"Well done.. well done indeed."


"So! Now that that mess is out of the way, its now time to read the results for our costume contest!" The principal of the school takes up the stage once again after everyone's settled back from the panic.

"Kotal Kahn, for his Superman costume: 16 votes!"

"Minu, for her cat girl costume: 21 votes!"

"Ikuto, for his cat boy costume: 27 votes!"

"Gogron, for his orc warrior costume: 31 votes!"

"Rayne, for her Rainbow Dash costume: 35 votes!"

"And now, our All Hallows End Costume Contest winner is..."

"URUS! For his Kotal Kahn costume! A whopping 56 votes! Come up and take your prize!"

"Hello? Urus? Did anybody see him leave?"

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