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Bikinis and Babes!

Summary: Deis is sunbathing, Rayne is walking, Zelgadis is thinking, and Serenity is seeking chat!

Who: Rayne, Deis, Zelgadis, Serenity
When: November 1, 2015.
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Rayne walks along the beach, her hands clasped together behind her back. Her gaze flickers about, often out to sea, often inward to land, and just as often looking ahead of her on the beach. From her lips emerges an unknown tune as a whistle.

It may be getting on into fall, but there are still some warm days. This being one of them! So of course Deis is out making the most of a warmer day. She's been more careful with the swimming, staying nearer the shore, and not staying in the water for too long. Wouldn't do to get kidnapped by naga, would it?

Currently though, she's in that burgundy bikini of hers, lying on her stomach on a towel, relaxing and drying off after said swim. The whistling gets her attention, and she looks up. "Oh hi!" she calls out, as she catches sight of Rayne walking past. She shifts, to turn and sit up, then waves in Rayne's direction. Uh-oh, Rayne... she saw you!

Zelgadis will make his own appearance floating into view a short distance away. He alights on the beach a short distance away from the the 2 other arrivals and quirks an eyebrow. Ah, women folk. One in a somewhat skimpy outfit. Wonderful. A soft red flush tints his cheeks as he brushes back his hood and ponders. He usually shows up to sit quietly off one of the overhangs and think, watching the waves lick gently across the littorals of the beach front. He supposes there's plenty of beach to go around, after all. He's sure he won't disturb anyone.

Rayne says, "Oh! um.... Hi, Deis. How are you today?" Hopefully this time their meeting won't go too awkward for Rayne. That would be a first. "Um, sunbathing?" Her gaze flickers at the motion seen from the corner of her eye, but she sees that it's the stony looking fellow she's seen once or twice at the Usual Restaurant as opposed to any threat. Her eyes linger on him for just a moment as she frowns ever so slightly, but she then shakes her head and returns her attention to the person she's attempting to have a conversation with. "I kinda wish I could relax enough to do more of that, myself."

"Yeah," Deis replies. "Just had a bit of a swim, and I'm drying off. I was careful not to go too far out though." As for relaxing? "You should try to make some time for a little bit of unwinding at least. Can't be efficient if you're wound up." She smiles.

It's a moment before Deis sees Zelgadis. Though when she does, she waves. "Hey! You look lonely over there! C'mon over, there's room to sit~!"

Zelgadis is noticed. This makes him flush slightly more. Ah, now he's being spoken too. Well, I suppose a bright red Zel isn't TOO off putting. After recovering from his momentary embarrassment, he offers a smile in return. Strangely enough, he starts to slowly wander over. He didn't come to the beach specifically to be social but...might as well not be rude!

Rayne says, "It's not really the time, per say. I've the time to come out, fish, go shopping, try to draw... It's more that I can't seem to relax my guard enough to be out and about without armor these days." She sighs, then looks back at Zelgadis again as Deis calls him out. Deciding to be more friendly than aloof since she's already engaged in a potentially awkward conversation (Rayne has an assumption that a conversation with Deis will turn that way), she gives Zelgadis a small wave as well.

Deis smiles encouragingly at Zelgadis as he comes over, and scoots a little so her towel has enough free space for him to sit down. She doesn't expect him to sit on the ground. Though it might occur to her that since he's made of rock, sand might not be a problem for him. Still, best to be polite! Rayne's words get a nod, too. "That's understandable, given all the stuff that's been happening. And that fog. It's something else. You always have to worry about getting indoors before all hell breaks loose."

Zelgadis offers a smile to the both of them and a friendly nod. He manages to end up RATHER red at the idea that Deis wants him to sit by her but...he's been TRYING to get over his shyness so he merely nods his thanks and slips into a cross-legged sit, impressively without use of his arms, at a polite few feet away and allows the 2 to continue their conversation.

Rayne says, "And I'd like to point out that I'm expected to not run away indoors when things get rough. It's kind of my job not to. So in the end, I only can really feel relaxed when I'm home in my apartment lately." Another exasperated sigh escapes her. And yes, now a guy is just silently watching and listening to us. Yup. Awkward again. "So, uh, have you kept yourself busy? Or is sleeping still the primary thing you do?"

At least the awkward is not Deis's fault this time! Deis nods to Rayne's explanation. "Oh, that's true. Peacekeeping force, that's right. And there's always going to be someone who's too slow to miss the fog." She chuckles. "Well, 'busy' is in the eye of the beholder, honestly~." Which means no, she's mostly been sleeping. "That said, trying to get my strength back. I'm all out of sorts after coming here. I guess I need to readjust all my insides, I'm not sure."

And then she tries to draw the stony one sitting in stony silence into the conversation. "How about you? Did you have any problems when you first came here?" She offers a polite smile and leans over a little, propping herself up on one hand. "I'm Deis; what's your name?"

Zelgadis glances over at Deis as she addresses him. He tilts his head just a bit at that last question. "Problems? Well, in some ways. Twisted is generally rife with issues owning to a..." He trails off as she offers her name and he responds with what he hopes is a friendly smile. "Zelgadis Greywers, at your service miss Deis."

Rayne hastily introduces herself, as well. "Oh, uh, Rayne Hurris. And the biggest problem I had when I got here was a guy that got here with me that wanted to kill me. 'Readjust your insides'? I guess that's one way to put it."

Deis points to Rayne at the words of having someone wanting to kill her. "That is a perfectly valid issue," she declares. "Having someone wanting to kill you, I mean. I had a whole culture wanting to kill me. It's so incredibly not fun."

She turns her attention to Zelgadis then, the weird sort of shift from monotone to cheery. "Good to meet you, Zelgadis!" Deis offers. "You said something about problems? Owing to what?"

Zelgadis rubs the back of his head. "Ah, well, Twisted is a manufactured dimension of sorts. A composite of the intent and will of a great many advanced entities. I'm...not even sure what changes in between each time I manage to notice that something has shifted but...things are ever changing. Problems...come with the territory. That being said, it's a...surprisingly nice place."

Rayne says, "You had an... Wow, I can't say I've had anything remotely as bad as that happen to me." She then glances back to Zelgadis as he explains a bit about Twisted. "Sounds like you've been here a lot longer than I have, then. Things... shift? Like, buildings and landscapes or something? Or are we talking a heck of a lot more subtle than that?" Rayne has gotten to the point where she expects just about anything to happen around this place.

Deis listens carefully to Zelgadis's statement of Twisted, nodding with a thoughtful 'hmm'. "That would explain how out-of-sorts I've felt since showing up. The world being out of whack really messes with me. In a world that's ALWAYS out of whack, I'd be the one that has to acclimate."

Rayne's mention of 'nothing remotely as bad' gets a wave of a hand from Deis. "I didn't mean to note that as a contest, dear. Just assuring you that I've totally been there. Hopefully that situation's been sorted out?"

Zelgadis offers Rayne a small smile. "Yes. To both I suppose? The physical topology, especially in some specific areas, do shift and change over time. The...underlying politics of the world, as they are, also seem to be in some random state of flux but...I never learn much of such things. The information seems to be tightly controlled."

Rayne nods towards Deis, a slight grimace on her face. "Oh, uh, yeah, that situation has been, uh, ended." She then gives a bit more confident nod towards Zelgadis. "I've gotten the same hint of controlled information... But as far as politics are concerned... Yes. Change can often be a needed thing. We'll see just how much of a change we'll get."

"That makes sense," Deis replies to Zelgadis's mention of information being tightly controlled. "Learn the nature of something and you can undo it. I'm sure whoever-- or whatever-- made this place doesn't want people running around with the ability to undo it. Or possibly the ability to cause mass panic when the realization that the place is held together by spit and baling wire is made public?" She giggles.

Rayne's mention that her situation is dealt with gets a smile. "Oh good. I'd hate to have to thwack some loser because he wanted to kill a peacekeeper. That's just not conducive to keeping the peace."

Zelgadis offers a weak shrug. "I'm afraid I've never discovered enough information one way or the other to truly, fully understand the consequences of the t..." He trails off and blinks once at Deis. That one got serious. He glances over at Rayne. "You are a member of TASK? ...Whom, may I ask, is trying to kill you?"

Rayne says, "No one in particular wants to kill me anymore! Well, no one I'm aware of. My early problem has been rectified." She lets out another exasperated sigh. "And let's just hope this place isn't held together with baling wire or is about to pop from the excess dimensional energy."

"Worlds tend to develop normal outlets for excess energy to go places," Deis assures Rayne. "A world usually has a vested interest in not letting itself explode, and tends to bleed off its excess energies in non-harmful ways. Though that excess energy may still not go where you want it to."

Zelgadis says, "It seems that the stability of this dimension is reasonable. I don't...THINK we have to worry about a random unraveling. At least not while Gegoshi is intact. Now, as to the TRUE nature of Gegoshi...I'm once again not sure. I don't know much, despite my length of time here..."

Rayne breathes in, seeming about to say something, but then apparently thinks better of it. Instead, she says, "Can we talk about something other than the potential end of the world now?"

Deis shifts again, to lean back on her hands, listening to the explanations of the world's stability. She tilts her head back to look up at the sky, quiet. She's about to ask about this 'Gegoshi'-- whether it's a 'what or a 'who'-- when Rayne speaks up about the end of the world. And then Deis just starts to giggle. "I'm sorry." A look to Zelgadis. "I think you're scaring the mortals," she notes, with a wink. She's clearly only teasing, given her tone. But whether she's teasing Rayne or Zelgadis-- or both!-- is unclear.

Zelgadis raises an eyebrow? He chuckles a bit, accepting the teasing if it's directed his way after all. "I don't know what would imply that I wasn't myself, mortal. Also, I believe our TASK member here is probably made of sterner stuff." He nods to Rayne. "Of course, my apologies for staying on a topic of such an unpleasant nature."

Rayne sighs yet again and facepalms. "Oh my gods, have I really gotten that stern? This place is really starting to get to me. I used to be the flaky near-airhead."

Deis reaches up to Zelgadis's face, and unless he moves, gently taps on one of the stony patches there. Not hard enough to be uncomfortable, but enough to feel. "I dunno, this might help the assumption~," she all but sing-songs. Oh boy, she's getting weird again. And Rayne's words don't help her be serious either. In fact Deis starts laughing again. "Oh then I have to figure out some way to get you to relax! Can't have you going against your nature, can we?" Oh dear. This could present a problem...

Zelgadis doesn't stop her in any way. He DOES turn a bright crimson as she raps on his rocky exterior. He smiles slightly. "It certainly doesn't mean I'm not very mortal. I was once just a man." He seems a tad more confused at the exchange between the two. He doesn't quite see the issue n.n;

"This is Twisted. You can't turn around without running into an immortal or legendary creature or god or whatever." Rayne then pauses as Deis seems to set her focus on her. Uh oh. "Oh, uh, don't worry about me, Miss Deis! I'm sure I'll get myself out of this state of mind sooner or later. I go through a lot of phases, you know? I mean, you don't live as long as I have without changing yourself around a few times! Ha ha!" That was a bit nervous of a laugh.

"That's something that a lot of people can claim," Deis replies, to Zelgadis's mention of 'once being just a man'. "Not what you were, but what you are now. Though who you are is more important than what you are. Lot of people forget that too. Sometimes the 'who' has to change because of the 'what'. Or sometimes the 'what' and the 'who' are completely different. Is your 'who' and 'what' in agreement?" That's an oddly serious question from the usually nonchalant Deis.

The nonchalant is illustrated quite well, in fact, when Deis turns back to Rayne at her words of changing around. "Oh, that's definitely true," she agrees. "Just don't change to your own detriment. It's not good for you. And it's totally no fun!"

Zelgadis rubs his chin. "I'm afraid I'm never sure where the 'who' ends and the 'what' begins, madame. I believe we both agree that an eventual cure would be the optimum position from which to continue on our journey forward."

Rayne says, "Hey, if I could totally control it, then the changes wouldn't be natural and genuine. I'm tryin' out painting just as a possible thing, not with a set 'I'm definitely going to do this' mentality." She then looks to Zelgadis. "So then you're not too fond of the 'what,' I take it?"

"Only if the 'what' is killing you," Deis replies, with a wink. "I've known people would think being turned into a human is a horrible fate reserved only as a punishment for the most horrible crimes~." A little playful perspective there! To Rayne, she nods. "Painting, huh? I should probably get a hobby besides being lazy. But it's so much fun~."

Zelgadis snorts at Deis. "Despite a difference in various opinions on humanity in its various forms...call it a wish to return to my true form more than an attachment to any particular species." He pauses there and glances over at Rayne. "Not very fond of it at all, no. I am, perhaps, more powerful this way...but I am not particularly happy."

Rayne says, "Yeah... I could understand both those perspectives." She nods, then says to Deis, "How do you not just get bored out of your skull?"

Deis nods. "THAT is definitely a feeling I can get behind," she agrees. Her own true form had been inaccessible to her since coming here, so she could see the desire to return to one's 'true' form. Rayne's question gets a giggle, and she turns to flop over onto her stomach again. "That's exactly why I sleep so much," she responds. "Passes the time more quickly. I went to sleep once, and when I woke up a couple centuries had passed and a blue-haired kid had a bone to pick with my sister."

Zelgadis settles back and listens to the two. Although he's always reasonably engaged in social preceedings these days, his old somewhat anti-social tendencies keep him from generally making the first commit. That being said, he's more than happy on either side of the conversation.

Rayne recoils slightly from the idea that Deis sleeps to alleviate boredom. "That sounds... remarkably unhealthy. You really do need a hobby. Maybe you should invest in an alarm clock so that doesn't happen again."

"Well, I have to admit that particular hibernation wasn't my doing," Deis admits, propping her chin in her hands. "It was more my sister's chosen warriors deciding I was the ultimate evil and needed to be locked away forever." Pause. "Though I guess I did exactly that for most of the time my sister was doing her thing."

And then suddenly she seems to get an idea. "Oh, I know what you need," Deis decides, sitting up again and looking at Zelgadis. And then? Zelgadis may want to watch out, because there's a HUG INCOMING!

Zelgadis blinks once at Deis. He quirks an eyebrow but...he's slow to figure out what wickedness comes his way. The air feels slightly more chill, certainly. There's a certain sense of 'life or death' to this brief moment that he JUST can't quite place the feeling that SOMETHING is going t-OH MY GOD SEMI-NAKED FEMALE FLESH!!! Zel turns rather bright red and his ears may be smoking. *@.@*

Rayne says, "Oh... yeah, that could be bad. You've definitely had an exciting life... when you weren't asleep." Then the hug occurs, and Rayne takes a couple of steps back in surprise at the suddenness of it. "Uhhh... Are you okay, Zelgadis?"

"Aw, he's all right, I didn't squeeze that hard," Deis replies teasingly. It's true, she hugged him gently; despite his stony exterior, she doesn't know his tolerance for physical damage. She's pretty sure he'd be fine, but no sense taking chances. She tilts her head to look at Zelgadis's face. "Aren't you?" Referring to the earlier mention of him being all right.

Zelgadis is perfectly fine. Physically. His physical strength should be adequate for a hug, certainly. Now...the bosoms involved, might have been too much for him. He mouths an answer a few times, manages to stammer something that sounds sounds like 'buda-buda'...clears his throat and seems to cool off JUST a tad. "I...am fine. I was simply...s..surprised..."

Rayne seems to get what's going on now, and laughs lightly with her arms crossed in front of her. "I think you're frightening the poor guy, Deis."

Deis seems amused by Zelgadis's response to all this, and starts to laugh. "Oh, you are too amusing!" she says, patting the poor guy on the back. Rayne's response gets a smirk. "Oh no, if I'd wanted to scare him, I'd have gotten naked and THEN hugged him!" she declares, winking.

Zelgadis rubs his shoulder. He takes a few deep breaths and shakes his head clear. You know, maybe he should have dated more as a young man. He was obsessed with becoming a warrior, but lacked the physical power for it. Thanks to Rezo, he has a chunk of that power he desired, but THEN he-INVISIBLE SPIT TAKE-He stares at Deis for a moment. His face has taken on the complexion of a red brick wall. He quietly peers back out at the sea. He says NOTHING. *o.o*

That gets even Rayne to blush. "Um... yeah.... ANYWAYS!" Now it is Dei's fault for it getting awkward. "Uh... what were we talking about again?"

The black disc of the forcefield generator comes over the grassy hill along with the irregular mass of suspended water and the regular occupant of said water. Ren diverts course toward the group upon spotting them, reaching up to turn off the wearable device. Ren looks curiously to Rayne upon flowing over. "Hello," Ren hisses cheerily, turning a fin edge upward to wave to her and the other two. "I think that I may have misheard. What was it you were talking about, if you don't mind my asking?"

When Serenity appears, Deis is still laughing. In fact she's flopped back onto her back, arms crossed over her bared midriff, legs bent at the knees as she kicks her feet slightly in laughter. "Oh my goodness, I forgot how shy people can be about nudity! Thank you so much for reminding me, both of you. And for the laugh!"

She sits up, looking at Serenity, still giggling a little. "Hi there~!" she offers. And in response to Serenity's question? "Oh, I was talking about naked hugs!" She seems determined to embarrass people!

Zelgadis glances over at Ren as she appears. He offers a smile and a nods. They haven't spoken often, but he recalls her. He might have even said hi but Deis decides to mention naked hugs again. Normally hotties talking about hugging you naked is a VERY good step in the right direction but in this case, Zel's just really embarrassed once again. He flushes and looks away, muttering something *u.u*

Rayne retains her own bit of facial redness. "You know Ren, I don't even remember what we were talking about before this..." She seems happy to not directly acknowledge the talk of naked hugging.

"Hhh..." Ren rasps uncertainly, looking to Deis stretched out and then quickly to Rayne and Zelgadis' faces. "I see. Yes, I suppose that it's a very good idea to talk about cultural norms, since we have so much variety in town and can benefit so much from clear communication." Ren nods to Rayne. "Well, I can add my own experience. While I'm very much in favor of hugs, I think I'd generally feel more comfortable with most everyone wearing clothes." Ren adds, "And I'm reminded that I should definitely ask my lover how he feels on the subject."

Deis is still giggling, though she's keeping it mostly under control by now. "Just adding a bit of spice to the conversation, that's all! And Zelgadis seemed like he really needed a hug, my state of undress notwithstanding. Just when he went so red in the face, he reminded me of that blue-haired kid I mentioned."

Zelgadis rubs his forehead. He seems to be getting himself under control. He offers Deis a bit of a smile, "I appreciate the sentiment, miss Deis. Thank you. It's always nice to know someone is worried about you." He tries to laugh the situation off a bit but he's still rather flush in the face.

Rayne smiles at Ren. "Oh, things are going that well with Johann now? Not bad." She then looks towards Deis. "You keep mentioning this blue-haired kid..."

Serenity looks momentarily surprised by Rayne's question. "Hhh... actually, I didn't intend to be quite so specific about our romance," Ren remarks, glancing off to the side. "But yes, they're going well." Ren then looks back to Zelgadis and Deis. "Someone else looked in need of a hug?" Ren offers quickly.

Deis nods, offering a happy smile to Zelgadis. "Feeling down is never good for your long-term health, mental or physical," she notes. It seems as though, even if she shows it in odd ways, she cares about the people around her. She also nods to Rayne's comment about the blue-haired kid. "That's the one that put my sister in her place, yeah. Pretty special kid." she doesn't say why or how, though. She just goes to Serenity's comment and nods, hooking a thumb at Zelgadis. "He was lamenting his condition, so I gave him a hug." She also doesn't say what condition, leaving that for Zelgadis to either explain or leave ambiguous.

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