2015-11-03 - Art and Dreams

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Art and Dreams

Summary: Rayne's drawing, Ikuto's sleeping, Yoru's getting into trouble, and Serenity's dancing in a fountain!

Who: Rayne, Serenity, Ikuto
When: November 3, 2015
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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As per usual when she's in the park, Rayne is lounging up a tree. With the turning seasons, however, this makes her much more visable than she previously would be up there, but that doesn't seem to be her point in being up a tree at the moment. No, she has what looks like an oversized clipboard set against her leg, and she's constantly changing between looking at it and looking out and down towards the fountain. As her attention is focussed on the board, she usually is making a few scratches with a pencil on the paper set there.

Serenity seems to be a little short on situational awareness, despite the importance of that skill here on Twisted. Or does this little pocket-universe park count as such? In any case, Ren doesn't immediately notice the rainbow-haired tree-dweller, but ripples down the path in the general direction of the pond with an apparently empty bag tucked in the forcefield-generator's storage bin. It's only on the way past the fountain that Ren seems to give into the impulse to enter the clear water first.

Rayne wouldn't be the only tree-dweller that day. Lounging in one of the lower branches of a different tree is a boy from the high school. Looks like he's asleep. Up a tree? That's a little dangerous.

His partner in crime is out and about too, as Rayne's about to find out. The tiny catboy fairy floats over to Rayne in the tree, attempting to look over her shoulder at the clipboard. "Whatcha doin'-nya?"

Rayne had noticed Ikuto earlier, but let the sleeping boy lie. After all, when she first arrived in Twisted, she slept in a tree in the park for nearly a week. She seems about to call out to Ren when the little cat-boy floats over to her. "Oh... uh, hello. Just attempting to draw the fountain." She holds up the clipboard to give Yoru a better look. It looks like she did a decent job with the static elements of the fountain, but she's having trouble with the water itself. She's not even attempted to draw any of the people around the fountain.

Serenity drives the black disc over the edge of the edge of the fountain to enter the water. Since it is water, it bounces off the forcefield as if this were a solid object. Ren attempts to fold a vaguely humanoid form, cylindrical with pinches to represent waist and neck. Ren has yet to master the trick of mimicking tight pants, which would be handy for the next motion, swiveling a few moves with imaginary legs before twirling into a raised-hand disco pose. (The 'hand', of course being an implied feature on the end of an 'arm' sketched out with folds in an an outstretched pair of fins.) The water flows in odd shapes over the irregularly shifting form of Ren and the forcefield. It's some moments before Ren happens to look up and spot Rayne, whereupon, Ren offers a splashy wing-wave.

"Hey that's pretty good-nya!" Yoru replies. He's definitely being loud enough to be heard. Loud enough to Ikuto to hear, it seems, since the boy opens an eye to look at where Yoru and Ren are. He shifts, to sit forward a little-- carefully, so he doesn't fall. And then he looks down to where Serenity is, watching her dance.

Rayne gives Ren a quick salute with the pencil holding hand. "You think so? Thanks! But I still can't quite get the water to look... anything resembling right." She frowns, looking down at the sketch again. "Solid objects I'm getting down. Liquids, not so much. Haven't attempted anything alive other than plants yet. Well, not since I started taking it a little seriously." She then calls down to Ren, "Hey, howya doin' down there?"

"I'm doing well," Ren hisses back in an amiable tone. "I'm also beginning to think it's a shame that there aren't enough underwater residents to justify a large-scale bubble sculpture." Ren abandons the pretense of human looks to make one more spin with extended fins. The fountain water flows down helical grooves before pouring off Ren. Then the mollusc is meandering over to join Rayne (or the base of her tree at least) and spares a puzzled glance at Yoru.

"It's better than Kiseki. He draws like a kid with a bunch'a crayons-nya," Yoru replies. He hasn't bothered to explain who or what Kiseki is.

But he doesn't need to. Ikuto calls out in explanation, "Kiseki is what he is, but for someone else." He doesn't bother to explain what Yoru is, though. It's more information, though.

Yoru's as shifting of attentions as ever, and upon seeing Serenity, he blinks. He floats down to look at the mollusc, trying to float around her in a circle.

Ikuto sighs, shifting to sit with one foot on the branch and the other dangling down. Then, with a pop and a sparkle of something like fairy dust, cat ears and tail appear on Ikuto's person. Then he hops down from the tree as if he had simply stepped down off a stair. He'll find his way over to Yoru and grab the floating catboy fairy by the tail, and pull him back gently. Which of course prompts a response from Yoru. A yowl of surprise and a, "LEGGO MY TAIL-NYA!"

Rayne says, "Y... uh, another familiar. Right. I imagine it'd be difficult to draw with those pad-hands, th-" And then Yoru's off investigating Ren. A light sigh of exasperation escapes Rayne before she shrugs and lifts her pad back up to rest on her leg, intent on making another attempt at the water of the fountain.

Serenity glances to Ikuto as he calls out, offering him a wave of extended fin edges as well. Ren then looks up at Rayne's pad and glances thoughtfully back in the direction she is facing... at least until Yoru flies down for a look. The feline fairy gets an uncertain look. Ren twists (as non-contortionist vertebrates shouldn't) to follow his attention. "Hello..." Ren ventures to rasp, then 'blinks' eyes inward at the sudden yell from his abused tail.

Ikuto looks up at Rayne, his cat features disappearing again. "Sorry about that. He's excitable." He releases the flailing Yoru, and the little Guardian Character flies forward a bit, then spins as though dizzy. Looking to Ren, he notes, "Same. Sorry about him."

Yoru flies back to Ikuto, a large hand-paw on his back where his tail joins to his body. And a really pouty expression on his face. "Ikutoooo," he whines, eyes wibbling. Ikuto sighs, and then raises a hand to ruffle Yoru's head. this gets a pleased-sounding, "Nyaaa~."

Rayne looks up from the clipboard again as she's directly addressed by Ikuto. "Oh, uh, don't worry about it! Uh, thanks for the help last week, by the way. It's always good to get outside help when things go sour." And boy howdy did things go sour.

Serenity grins at the matching apologies. "I'm afraid I was reluctant to venture far from the apartment when I first saw you," Ren says, offering Ikuto the edges of a pair of fins extended from the suspended water. "I am Serenity." Ren adds more hesitantly, "And I must apologize for the question... your companion is a person and not a holographic assistant or such, yes?"

Ikuto smirks a little. "I thought about leaving when everything went pear-shaped, but that's the only school here. And they were in my way anyway," he states. Serenity's introduction gets a nod, and the boy offers, "Ikuto." Hooking a thumb at his companion, "And Yoru."

"Hi there-nya!" Yoru offers, waving a hand-paw.

And at the question, Ikuto nods. "He's a Guardian Character. He's part of me. Kind of. It's hard to explain."

Rayne frowns as Ikuto downplays any desire of his to actually help, rubbing at her foreheard slightly with the eraser of her pencil. "Well, we've all got things of ourselves that are hard to explain, don't we? Why not give it a shot, eh?" She tries to give an encouraging smile, but really just looks a slight rediculous as the eraser has been so overused that it has left a mark on her forehead.

"A part?" Ren repeats with a puzzled expression while regarding Yoru. "In any case, I'm pleased to make your acquaintence," Ren then says, nodding in return to Ikuto. With Rayne's remark, Ren glances up and retorts cheerily, "Speak for yourself. I have no trouble at all explaining myself. Said explanations might be completely inaccurate, but they come quite freely." Ren waves a 'wing' to her. "I exclude my preschool career ambitions to be a large grazing animal when I grew up, mind you. I'll not attempt that one."

Ikuto smirks at Rayne's now-streaky forehead. "You're going to erase brain cells if you keep doing that," he warns. He's only teasing her, though. He pauses at Serenity's words though. "...You wanted to be a cow? Or a horse?" Those are the first 'large grazing animals' he can think of.

As for explaining it? He sighs. "...Talking about childhood dreams isn't too far off," he begins. "Guardian Chracters are sort of... what you want to be, actualized and made real. Most people can't see them."

Yoru pipes up, "I haven't seen any other Guardian Charas since coming here. Maybe that's just how it works in our world-nya."

Rayne doesn't seem to get what Ikuto says to her, but instead responds to what he asks Serenity. "Eeeeh, knowing what I do of Ren, I'm guessing more like a whale. So... you, the stern, serious sounding guy want to be a carefree happy go lucky type? Huh." She then tilts her head. "Most people from your world? Or does this extend to Twisted, as well? It seems a lot of rules seem to change around here."

"Something of the sort," Ren says, lifting the edge of a fin to motion towards Rayne with her supposition. Serenity then looks thoughtful as Ikuto explains further. "I can't decide whether a manifestation of dreams would be inspiring or intimidating."

Ikuto's eye twitches a little. "...Not exactly." This to the mention of being happy-go-lucky. But he doesn't explain further.

He doesn't need to, though; Yoru chimes in, "It's all about freedom!" He raises a hand-paw into the air. "FREEDOM! I won't be tied down anywhere-nya!"

"Yoru," Ikuto says, sending him a sidelong glance. Yoru stops there, rubbing the back of his head with with a sheepish 'Hehe'. Then Ikuto turns his attention back to Rayne's question. "I guess it could translate to childhood dreams. It's possible that since my world's connected now, if there's something you really want to be or do one day, it might be actualized as an egg."

"Like adding house rules to a game-nya," Yoru adds. "When more worlds come in, maybe Twisted apes the rules because it likes them. Or maybe because the people here need some of them to survive-nya."

Serenity's concerns get a smirk. "Rolling over in the morning and finding an egg in your bed is pretty intimidating," he states. "Particularly when you have no idea where it came from, and have no prior experience with them."

"Also when it's right next to your butt-nya!" Yoru adds. Ikuto's eye twitches again.

Rayne barely manages to stifle a laugh, though can't hide a smirk. "Ah, I s-see." She leans back against her tree's trunk again as looks more upward. "Huh. I wonder what mine would be. If it's about childhood, I guess my dream then was to be a badass bounty hunter. That dream ended when I finally met my father, who turned out to be one. Or rather, it ended when I went to live with him and found how not glamourous it really is."

Serenity glances up to Rayne at Yoru's exclamations, then looks back to Ikuto as they're calmed. "I certainly would be alarmed by apparently foreign bodies in bed with me," Ren agrees, gesturing the edge of a 'wing' toward Ikuto. "But I was actually referring to the idea of being confronted with my inadequacies in comparison to an imagined self." Ren then regards Rayne reminiscing, listening curiously. "I suppose I traded in a bit a glamor myself-" Ren afterwards observes, "Pure art for some academic study of said art."

"You'd have lost your Guardian Character when that happened," Ikuto replies to Rayne's explanation. "They disappear when you either become who you want to be or give up on who you want to be. And I've only heard of one person who has more than one of them."

Serenity's words get a nod. "It can feel like that sometimes. But they're only a part of you, not your actual imagined self. They can't be what you want to be without you any more than you can be that without them."

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