2015-11-05 - The Second

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The Second

Summary: Every organization needs someone to fall back on if something were to happen to its leader. For TASK, that person now is Rayne Hurris

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne
When: November 05, 2015
Where: Director's Office

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[TASK] Kotal says, "Rayne."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Here. What's, uh.. What's the situation?"

[TASK] Kotal says, "My office. Ten minutes."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Ten? But- Oh, right. Teleporter. I'll be right there."



Pay no mind to the desc of this room. Kotal has completely redecorated the place ever since he took charge of TASK.

The spacious room looks like a strange mix between an actual work office and a throne room where the likes of Moctezuma and other great Aztec emperors sat. There is a large desk and a computer of course, and several other chairs where visitors can come and sit. Everything else though bears fancy ornaments such as tapestries pulled over the walls with scenes of great Aztec warriors fighting other tribes and Conquistadores. There's pottery with colorful plants as well, and a rack placed directly over the director's seat bearing weapons and shields. All in all, is an oddly colorful but work centric environment, fitting for the likes of Kotal Kahn, it is even kind of inviting.

Er.. except for Kotal's actual office chair, which is not so much a chair and more a throne made entirely out of skulls, that oughta raise some eyebrows.

Here Kotal sits though, reviewing some things on his computer while resting his cheek on his knuckles. His eagle helmet is off and set on the desk and he's wearing those shades he uses when looking at computers so that the glare of his own eyes doesn't bother him.

Rayne enters into the room, looking about as she enters. "You call, Bo-holy crap, where did you get those skulls?!"

Minu sits quietly in a chair just slightly behind and to the right of Kotal. Her legs pulled up under her in the chair. The little elf holds a note book in one hand and a pencil in the other and she is busy scratching away, making some sort of note. She pauses for a moment and pushes her glasses up her nose and sighs softly. When Rayne comes in she makes a face "a trifle tacky but he's not budging on the idea that a regular office chair would suit better." The little elf mutters. "thank the scribe that it doesn't stink."

Kotal looks up when Rayne enters and is almost immediately questioned on his choice for dcor. "Past conquests." Answers the Aztec warlord sounding a bit too pleased of himself as he reclines on his throne of skulls. "Do you like it? I made it myself, from the foes I encountered here." He rubs at the skulls that make up his armchair. "Naturally, before I joined TASK. Though dare I say most of these creatures would have met the same fate either way." Rayne might notice that Kotal's throne of skulls isn't made of solely human skulls.

Ah, but then Minu is reminding the warlord of his very passe choice of seating arrangements. "Of course I am not getting rid of it. Do you have any idea how hard it was to recover it from the DMC building and bring it here? It is a miracle it even survived the explosion." Then he gets a surprisingly huffy expressing when the elf wonders how the skulls don't smell rotten. "I flayed them all myself. You should be honored to see the exemplary art that is the Mexica skin flaying, no other culture in Earthrealm had that level of skill."

But anyway, Kotal waves that off. "I didn't call you here to show off my office if that is what you are wondering, Rayne. Please, have a seat."

Rayne pales ever so slightly at Kotal's description of flaying his vanquished enemies. Then again, the first being Rayne killed after she got here didn't leave a skull... She shakes her head to clear that thought from it before taking a seat. "I'd ask if I'm in trouble, but you seem in too good a mood. Which worries me even more."

Minu simply makes a face behind Kotals back and goes back to jotting down notes in her note book. "Barbaric and atrocious, but hey, what ya gona do, he's the boss." She shrugs to herself and shifts in her chair. Its a comfy chair, not overly fancy but well stuffed and a good place for her to work out of the way of the big blue man. She lifts a hand briefly and waves to Rayne then goes back to her notes.

But Rayne, Kotal is always in a good mood!

Okay, that's a lie, but still. Kotal does seem to be unnaturally pleased with himself tonight and just chuckles Rayne's worries off. "You are not in trouble, far from it." He assures her while he leans back and crosses one leg over his knee, his fingers pressed together closed to his chin as he often does when he's thinking.

Kotal does sort of make a face when Minu calls him a barbarian and he peers at her looking slightly vexed. "Excuse me? I am an Aztec." He reminds her. "The barbarians were the Chichimecas. Oh, and the Spaniards." No, Kotal is not letting that go no matter how many years pass from the looks of it.

But we're getting awfully off topic here aren't we? Kotal inclines his head forward, peering at Rayne from behind his shades to show those glowing eyes that are very much like miniature suns. "Rayne, your performance in the All Hallows End incident exceeded all my expectations. You were put through the test of fire and like the phoenix you are emerged unscathed. Needless to say.. I am very impressed.. and pleased with all the work you've done."

"How would you feel about a promotion?"

Rayne says, "Really, it was just a quick plan and...." Then comes the last bit. "What? I... Guess that would be good?" She honestly seems slightly confused, her left eye noticeably wider than her right. "I suppose I need to ask what exactly the promotion means to really know how I feel about it?"

"Of course." The Aztec warrior deity looks up. "Basically, our last mission showed me the importance of having someone I can rely on to lead our warriors if something were ever happen to me. I have moved the heaven and earth for TASK and Twisted, Rayne, sometimes even literally. But though I am a god, I am only omnipotent in some very limited areas. I cannot always be there to lead in the field of battle."

"That is why I want you to be my second in Kommand."

It's a good thing Rayne is sitting, because it looks like she might have just fallen over if she hadn't been. As it is, she leans very heavily backwards into the seat as if trying to retreat. "I hyeeeeh yeh..." Eyes wide, she finds her words. "Second in command? Me? I've had one time leading anything and you want me?" She lets out a couple of quick breaths in a manner that feels like laughs without vocalization. "Iiiiiiyye..... Well, you're the god, I suppose you can see that better than me." She's not able to keep eye contact, looking at the top of the desk in her near stupor.

"Your reluctance is understandable." Says Kotal ever the impassive warrior god. It is quite the bomb to drop on Rayne, and he waits until it looks like the rainbow haired girl has gathered her bearings before he continues.

"However, you must understand the position where we are now, Rayne. TASK is currently very short in personnel, and if something were to happen to me that would lead me unfit to lead, I cannot have this whole organization fall into disarray."

"You are my best warrior, you've personally trained under me, and you have the bearings of a great leader. It runs in your blood, you need naught but to embrace your destiny. There is no better candidate for this position right now."

Then, Kotal is leaning forward and resting his elbows on his desk. "If it makes you feel any better, I can make you this proposition. When we grow in numbers and you feel that the added responsibility is too much to bear, I could try to find someone else to fill the position. For now, at the very least, I need a temporary second."

Rayne thinks on this, on all that Kotal says. She doesn't react immediately. "Yeah... Yeah, you're right. I mean... I don't think I could run-" She motions around the room, presumably meaning the entire building. "-all this very well, but in an emergency... You need that plan. But you have to know... Before I came here, I've never really been in charge of anyone but myself. Command isn't my forte. When we grow... I'm sure you'll find someone with better leadership experience than me. But... I suppose we're not there yet, are we?" She smiles weakly.

Kotal's eyes shift sideways. He glances around the room, then to Minu, and then back to Rayne and gives a slow, pensive nod. "No, we are certainly not there yet." Yes, TASK as a whole has a long way to go, a far cry from its former glory.

"But, just like you, we will grow. We all have to start somewhere Rayne. I wasn't born knowing all the things I know, I too had to learn through experience."

The Aztec leans back again and purses his lips in thought. "You may think you've separated yourself from your family history. But if there's one thing that I've learned in all the centuries of my existence, is that you can run to the ends of the earth.. but you will never be able to escape yourself." He smiles oddly after that. "Who knows? Perhaps you will learn that leadership suits you."

Rayne says, "Ehehh... Well, I've never tried it before, so who knows?" She rubs her right temple slightly. "But I run to find myself, not run from myself. I tend to try everything. I just... didn't expect to find myself in a situation like this one." She sighs, lowering the hand from the side of her face to the chair's arm. "Let's just hope I don't follow my mothers's footsteps in every way."

Hm, looks like Rayne's history goes a lot further than Kotal had originally imagined. Guess this is something he'll need to explore more.

Though there we plenty of time for that at a later time. "We shall see." Is what he says, as only time will tell where does this particular road leads Rayne.

At the very least, Kotal knows where this road leads him. "Well then." He claps his hands and rubs his palms enthusiastically. "Now I can -finally- spend more time cooking! There are so many recipes I've just been itching to try. In fact, I think I'll do that right now." Kotal begins to stand, clearly fed up with paperwork for the day. "I'll have Minu bring up to speed in our current affairs. If there is ever a concern you might have you can ask her."

"Of course, you ask things of me as well, but unless its important I prefer not to be bothered when I'm in the kitchen. Or, well, killing things." Kotal's two biggest passions, yep.

Then if there's nothing else that needs his attention he'll be excusing himself out of the office.

Rayne says, "Ah, I'll have to see what you come up with when... I'm done with paperwork." Her cheer went from high at the beginning of that sentence to low at the end, gradually reducing as she went. "...I'll at least get my own office, right?"

Minu turns in her chair and takes a file off the table. She opens it then produces a contract and taps a ball point pen on her knee as she gets up and wanders over to Rayne "sign here and it will be official, pay raise and please make sure you write in what you want done with your remains should you be permanently killed."

"Hm? Oh, sure. Pick any room you like for that." Just like Rayne, Kotal's mood has gone from excited, to.. actually, he's still excited but clearly about something else. "Your pay will be also doubled. Just make sure to sign all the things Minu will give you. I would suggest reading them all too.. there's fine print."

Rayne says, "Gyeeeh.... Okay, first off, that 'what to do with remains' thing needs to be when first hired..." She takes the papers and starts looking through the print as Kotal suggests. She can be patient when she wants to. Or has to.

Minu makes a face and shakes her head "I wasn't here when you were hired or it would have been. Kotals intake of new employees is sorely lacking from an organization stand point. I will be seeing to the...small stuff..you know, contracts, actually making sure folks get more then a cursory brush of information when sent out on a mission. I will be making sure the reports are filed and information properly organized and stored."

Kotal all but scoffs as Minu goes through the importance of paper work and how TASK seems to be sorely lacking in employees because of the Aztec's penchant of leading them all into nigh suicidal battles without any planning whatsoever. Which is kind of true actually. "Bah.. I can't be expected to write out all of TASK's documents when my attention is needed everywhere. I have opponents to slaughter and things to cook!" He takes off his shades, puts on his helmet and storms out the door. "Have a good rest of the evening!" Strangely, he sounded kind of angry on that last one. To her credit, Minu always seems to know which of Kotal's buttons to push to get a rise out of him.

Rayne looks at Minu with a fairly intense, serious look. "And you are a godsend for that." And then it's back to contract reading! Yeeaaaaaaah! Wait, no, that's entirely the wrong emotion for this action. "...Okay, I think this line is left over from when the last guy was in charge. Can we change the mandatory bikini and pizza serving on Fridays provision?"

The little elf usually gets on quite well with Kotal, until he starts mucking around with her organizing of things, only then does she intentionally prod him. Turning her head she watches him leave the room and calls bac "I want tacos..." that will set him to doing something to make him happy again, and get her a good meal in the process. She turns back and makes an exasperated sigh "by the Scribe I swear if I ever meet this Dante fellow who made up all the previous contracts I am gonna scrub his mind out with soap, the things I have found.gah!"

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