2015-11-07 - Housely Affairs

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Housely Affairs

Summary: Morgana and Muradin have a little talk on what the future holds for them.

Who: Morgana, Muradin
When: November 07, 2015
Where: Morgana's Grotto


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"Soddin' bastards!!" That was the sound of Muradin crying out in anger before swinging a meaty fist at a nearby wall. His knuckles collided against stout rock and the impact created small spider web patterns as it began crack. He was going to have to fix that later for sure.

"Bloody mangy orcs! Even in this blasted dimension they still blight folks with their stinkin' presence!" Dorfs have a history with orcs after all, and Muradin was none too pleased with the encounter, even if said orcs weren't even from his universe.

"I'm sorry, luv." He sat after wheezing a little, taking off his ruined shirt. "I wanted us to have a romantic evenin' and I ruined it by starting a brawl."

The siren sat on the edge of pool inside her grotto, her new dress rinsed with salt water and hung so the the blood from the orks and humans would not leave a permanent stain. Her dark hair hung loose around her shoulders and down her back. Small flames danced on the candles tucked into nooks around the nest area and flickered on her pale skin and the dark pearl of her scales. She flips her tail fluke in the water and watched her chosen one batter angrily at the rocks. She was not angry herself, her frenzy having been calmed after the brawl by Muradins embrace and scent. Only he seemed to be able to call her from that place and return her to her other wise cool and less emotion driven state. She tilts her head at his apology and frowns softly "I fear it was something about myself that caused the fight Muradin. I am not so adept at dealing with the landed and their social behaviors. I was trying not to over react when the human touched me. Were we else where I would have taken his arm off and simply eaten him for the offense. I was trying not to shame you before others in public."

"Nay, me luv. Ye didn't do anything wrong." Came the sigh from Muradin as he stood up now shirtless, walking over to the pensive looking mermaid. "I shouldnae have punched tha' bloke when he touched ye, even though he very well deserved that and more. It was me who overreacted."

The dwarf went to sit next to his beloved, sliding his muscled arms around her and pull her to him, sitting the siren on his lap and making sure that her fish tail was going across his legs. "Guess I can be mighty territorial as well. I saw how he was giving ye those lecherous looks and I juss wanted to knock his teeth off." He leaned down to kiss Morgana's bare shoulder, moving her luscious raven locks out of the way to expose more of her skin. "Yer a lady and they should treat ye as such. I donna care what anybody else says."

Morgana sighs softly as she is drawn into Muradin's lap. "we are similar in some ways Muradin, territorial and fierce. I am not unhappy this is so or that you feel the desire to protect me." She turned her head toward him as he kissed her shoulder. "I would kill for you Muradin, I would wade in the blood waters for an eternity to share your touch and smile. You make me feel, peaceful and my mind is clear because of you." She nuzzles his brow and sighs. "speaking of territory though. I wish to discuss something with you. You know, Kotal, the war god, he has taken it into his mind that the Naga should be negotiated with. I am not sure where he heard of them but clearly he does not know how things happened or the fact that they sought to attack us. I do not wish to fight Kotal but I do not wish to answer to his rule with in the sea."

Muradin all but pressed his forehead lovingly against the siren, gently nuzzling her as he ran his hands up and down her body. "As would I, me luv. I'd gladly move mountains for ye. I'd pull the moon down from the heavens and dig the deepest gemstone from the earth. There's no peril I wouldn't gladly face to be by yer side even for just a second." The dorf grasped onto Morgana's back and continued to kiss her collarbone lovingly. Honestly, Muradin was all but ready to spend another night of passion with his lady until she started talking about politics. Now that's surprising! Morgana caring about anything that went on with the city! "Huh..the war god again, aye?" Though apparently this time, she had plenty of reason to be concerned.

"So wot yer sayin' is that the bloke in charge of the city's defense is trying to make peace with Lady Vashj and her naga??" Now that was something that was end in tears and Muradin made sure to let Morgana what he thought about that idea by laughing. "Hah!! Somebody oughta tell this Kotal bloke that there ain't no reasoning with the Naga. They'd sacrifice their whole bloody kind just ta suckle on demonic power for a mite longer." In fact, that gives him an idea.

"Ye want me and DM to accompany ye and tell him wot's wot?"

Morgana frowns hard in thought. She lays her arm around his and pulls it up against her waist. "As much as I am protective of my territory, I would have left them in peace had they not attacked and threatened you. I do not think Kotal knows this or know the danger. I do not believe TASK can patrol the sea and so making orders for those who live with in to follow makes no sense to me. I am not Kotals hound to call and I do not believe that he should try and rule here. The seas should belong to those who live with in."

The dwarven warrior snuggles closer to his siren whilst he listens then nods to answer her. "Well, yer right of course. I've heard and seen what these TASK buggers can do and honestly.. I ain't too impressed. They got a big building in town and that's 'bout it. Blood hell, as far I'm concerned, you and I have been fightin' them fog buggers a helluva lot more than them. Kinna embarassin' that we've been doing their job and all."

Then he's leaning back, hands still grasping at Morgana's skin as she mentions ruling the seas. "Ah, that might be it." He suddenly figures something out. "Ye know, me luv. These Naga can go to the surface and fight folks just as easily as they can in land. They're an amphibious race."

"If I were to guess, I'd say the Naga have been going into Twisted and causin' trouble there. That's how this Kotal bloke heard they existed. It's what they did in Azeroth too, go to the surface and attack port towns. City like Twisted is juss another village to be raided for 'em."

Morgana wiggles a little on her dorfs lap. She nuzzles his temple again as various thought dart through her mind. "I do not know if I would be a good ruler Muradin, merfolk do not have leaders any more then the great sharks do or the dolphin. They are a wild folk , and I am not even wholly of their kind any more. The taint has changed me greatly. I do not know if I have the right of mind to do such, but it galls me to have a landed try and give those of the depths orders as if he could understand what means to be of the sea. God or no." She lifts one hand and casually strokes that bronze beard , toying with it , with delicate fingers. "soon I will need to speak to him. I have not bothered the man since I requested the removal of the be damned collar."

Muradin understand and he ponders the dilemma while his siren plays with his bronzen beard. Likewise, he continues caressing her lovely waist and exhales in thought. His brother Magni would have been much better at solving this situation, that's why he was king of Ironforge, Muradin was just the fighter of the family and didn't have much thought for politics.

"It's a tough situation to be in." He says at last. "But if ruling where easy everyone would do it. Ye might not like it, me luv, but I think that yer only one that can do somethin' to ensure that this Kotal bloke doesn't try to conquer the seas as well. He strikes me as the type of controlin' blighter that'll assume control of anything if no one else steps up for leadership."

The dorf then squeezes his mermaid tightly and kisses her cheek lovingly. "Wotever ye decided, you know ye can count on me for support. Ye donna hafta go at it alone anymore."

"Its a husband's duty to help out his wife after all." He says while grinning.

Morgana makes a sound of pleasure, her voice spilling in soft purr like notes. "My Chosen. It pleases me to have you at my side Muradin. Your warmth sustains me as no other can. Only you understand my heart." She nuzzles again and flips her tail fluke in the water. "another might seek to rule me were he a king of his own kind, and yet you would choose to be consort."

The dorf gives a hearty chuckle as his mermaid all but purrs in a cat-like fashion and melts into his strong grip. Likewise, when she nuzzles close to him, he kisses her scalp and presses his forehead against the side of her head, sharing each others warmth within their comfy grotto.

"Heh, I like ye juss the way ye are, me luv. Yer a true spirit if I've ever seen one, and I wouldn't dare to take that away from ye." Sighs he as he leans closer to her. "'Sides, never cared much for ruling anybody. I left the politicking to me older brother while I rather be out and about in the world exploring. Good thing too, all that exploring lead me to ye and I wouldn't trade that for all the world."

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