2015-11-07 - This is Why We Beta Test

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This is Why We Beta Test

Summary: Out on the beach, there's gnomish engineering happening

Who: Doommuffin, Morgana, Muradin, Serenity
When: November 7th, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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On the beach, a small makeshift garage has apparently been constructed from scrap parts. From inside it, light flickers and odd noises can be heard. Yes, something is clearly being worked on. Something apparently made from metals, from the clanging noises. And from the small size of the makeshift shelter, there's only one being that would be using it. Best keep your distance... There's gnomish engineering going on!

Serenity seems unconcerned with strange noises so long as ample daylight remains, and little experience with the engineering of this gnome, much less gnomes in general. Perhaps that's why, when the fluorescent-skinned invertebrate comes over the grassy hill, there's no hesitation in diverting from the original course for the dock to a new path for the newly-appeared shed. In an undulating flow of aquamarine 'wings', Ren circles around it to find an opening.

A dark head breaks the water followed quick by a bronze one. The siren tosses dark hair over her shoulder and blinks at the bright light. With out hesitation though she keeps her hold on her dwarf and propels the two of them toward land. "It would seem the gnome has decided to stay on the beach and await you Muradin. Do you think she is making something of the things she found below?" The pair moves with ease into the shallows and the siren sets her chosen ones feet to the sand . Lounging there on the verge of sand and sea she flips her fins then shifts, letting the scales melt away and two lean legs take its place. When she stands , there is, what looks to be a ziploc bag in her grasp and she opens it and shakes out a shimmery beaded garment and slides it over her head and twines a double strand of pearls around her waist to belt it in place.

While Morgana may be quick to notice her surroundings after she emerges from the water, the dwarven warrior that she brings on tow isn't know for his affinity to being underwater. Muradin's first movement as he comes to shore is to spit out a lot of water, wipe his face off and squeezes his beard to get rid of the water excess. No need to gasp out for air though since Morgana was taking care he wouldn't drown.

"Uh, wot??" It's what he first says when Morgana calls his attention to what DM is doing, and as he walks out shore shaking some water off himself he recognizes what the gnome is up to. "Bloody hell.. she was serious about makin' that sodding submarine wasn't she??" He looks over to the siren and waits for her to dress up before moving over to where he's hearing all those clanking noises.

No, no, this makeshift garage is a bit small to be making a proper submarine. The ceiling is only five feet off the ground, after all! Even Muradin would need to duck to get into there... But those looking inside see a prime example of gnomish engineering at it's finest! That's up to you just how fine that happens to be.

What's that? You want a better description of what's actually in there? Fine, fine. Besides Doommuffin (wearing some rather fancy looking goggles) and her welding torch, there is what quite frankly looks like some sort of quadrupedal robot with a pair of cylinders mounted on its back. Inside the skeletal chest is what looks like it used to be a motorcycle engine, but has clearly been greatly modified. Its front feet look like they've had butcher's knives attached to them in a retractable manner, and the thing's head is definitely built with a jaw and fangs. What sort of thing is the gnome building?! Well, she's too busy humming and welding to actually notice anyone walking up to her, so you'll have to actually get her attention to find out.

Serenity doesn't seem to catch sight of Morgana and Muradin yet, on account of horizontally-slitted eyes 'blinking' away afterimages from the actinic welding-torch light just after catching sight of the project in progress. Ren pauses at the doorway and then looks instead at the ceiling. "Hello," Ren hisses cheerily. "This is certainly a sudden new addition to the landscape."

Morgana steps free of the last few inches of ocean water and up along the rise of the beach. With a touch of mer magic she shakes her head and her long hair seems to shed its water and look perfect and dry, hanging soft and flowing down her back. The glittering garment she wears is a tabard dress formed of gossamer fabric heavily embroidered in a silvery scale like pattern over her breasts and loins to offer modesty. When the siren spies the brightly colored sea dancer her brow rises and a small smile curls her lips. Chin lifting she heads toward the small building on the beach. There is no way the siren is stepping inside, even at 5 foot 7 the roof line is too low for her comfort and she doesn't care for overly tight places.

Muradin on the other hand spots Serenity wandering over to DM's little improvised engineer bay. The fluorescent mollusc is hard to miss though being as colorful as she is. "Oi!" He waves over to the two as he and Morgana approach, though he looks as the siren dries herself off wondering if she can maybe teach him how to do that some day.

Anyway, just in case he can't get DM's attention, because he -knows- how obsessed gnomes can get with their projects, he summons his warhammer Mirithos to his hand and starts banging loudly on the garage to get the gnome's attention. That's the dwarven equivalent of knocking on a door.

"Good day to ye, Serenity. How are ye?" Muradin smiles first to the sea dancer as he waits to see if his banging managed to pry DM away from her work.

Doommuffin stops her arc-welding just before the banging and looks up towards Muradin, adjusting a dial on her goggles with her free hand. "You know, my hearing is just fine, you needn't make such a loud racket, Bronzebeard." A slight frown is on her face, but her expression is a little hard to read with those goggles covering her eyes. She looks to Serenity next, "Oh, don't worry. It's merely a temporary structure while I work on my current project. I fully intend to properly clean the site and return it to a near-pristine state when I have completed it. How are the three of you this fine day?"

Serenity twists to look (tail end following shortly thereafter) as Muradin approaches. Ren lifts a pair of fins with a set of vaguely arm-shaped folds in greeting to him and to Morgana. "I'm feeling well, thank you," Ren replies, adding, "And I'm impressed by your new outfit, Morgana." Ren flutters sideways out of the way of Muradin's weapon, still looking briefly surprised by its summoning. "I'm hardly worried about the condition of the beach," Ren remarks reassuringly in reply to DM. "I think this town is a long way from zoning and building codes." Ren adds curiously, leaning rhinophores toward the project, "But what are you building?"

Morgana inclines her head again then offers the sea dancer a small but genuine smile. "Greetings to you Ren. I am pleased to see you once again. I trust you have been well. How are things with Kotal and Task? Have things been settled after that explosion?" The siren has been well away from town for a while , spending much if her time with her Chosen, well save for that tiny little bar fight. Morgana stays relatively clear of the structure and wrinkles her nose at the scent of the metal being welded.

"Heh! Juss makin' sure DM." Muradin chuckles and dismisses his hammer when the gnome frowns up at him for banging on her garage. Typical dwarf/gnome interactions as far as he's concerned.

Serenity does bring up a good question though. Just what is DM building over here? And judging by the size of the hangar, Muradin now realizes it can't possibly be a submarine.

While Morgana catches up on things with Ren, the dorf goes into a squat to steal a glance of what the gnome is building, and seems to recognize that quadrupedal contraption, having perhaps seen it somewhere in Azeroth. "Ye building one of them mechanical mounts?"

Doommuffin says, "What am I building? Not a mount, no. I don't intend to ride it, it's... well, I could explain it, but it's much more interesting to just show you." What's this? She'd rather show than tell? Odd. "I think a low powered test is in order, don't the lot of you?" She reaches towards the head and snaps her fingers. "Hey, wake up."

The eyes on the robot suddenly glow blue and the head looks around. The mouth of the thing opens, and it... meows. No, not a beastly meow that one might expect from a machine this size... no, it's the meow of a siamese.

"TASK itself is, I think, settling a bit into new surroundings and new roles," Ren relates to Morgana. "Of course, it hasn't grown dull for anyone patrolling the streets." With a suitably horizontal posture for looking inside the building, Ren takes another look as DM promises a demonstration. The question from Muradin and the activation get something of a puzzled look. "Is it construction equipment, then?" Ren supposes, "Or just for decoration?"

The siren nods her head "It pleased me that none were truly harmed in the blast. You should be careful though Serenity, when you come to the sea, there dangerous creatures in these waters. Ones who are able to come onto land and are quite aggressive. Please do be wary until they can be dealt with." Morgana blinks at the mew and turns her attention to the happenings in the shed.

Muradin can get a pretty good idea of what's going on when he hears the machine give that mew. "Blimey!" He jumps out and away from the hangar before giving the machine another curious look. "Is that.. Deathcake ye put in there?" He asks looking slightly aghast. "Huh, normally I'd be concerned 'bout this sorta necromancy, but I canna be too sure 'bout things as I used ta back in the day." It's not the dorf's place to judge, he can't rightly talk when he has a vampire siren for a wife either.

Doommuffin says, "Hee hee hee... Construction equipment... No, I'd say it's more suited for... demolition." She smirks. "Ooh, yes. Demolition of said dangerous creatures. Isn't that right, DC?"

Deathcake, in his new mechanical body, just continues to look around. The right front leg's claws suddenly pop out. It doesn't appear to be on purpose though, judging from the fact that it seems to have spooked the spook cat. It's very clear the cat has been spooked by the fact that it just jumped about ten feet in the air, taking the roof of the makeshift garage with him, as well as the loud noise one might expect a spooked cat to make.

Serenity frowns at Morgana's warning. "I had heard about the conflict with the newly-arrived group of people," Ren remarks, motioning the edge of a fin out to sea, "as well as some disturbing implications of how they ought to be 'dealt with'." Ren looks over to DM at her explanation and frowns to Morgana. "I was hoping that Kotal's message about letting TASK handle the settlement would..." The sudden noise from the shed, causes Ren to shrink suddenly in length (as well as crackle a sharp sound too) and flatten even closer to the ground.

As that roof is smashed and all manners of noise occurs, the siren leaps back and she bares sharp teeth in surprise and hisses. When she realizes its not more then the odd thing DM had made she makes a face and steps further away from the shed. "I know not what you have heard or what you hope Serenity but I will tell you something you should heed, those...people...care not for the landed, they are quick to attack. When we were below and in the wrecks they attacked my Chosen and DM. I would have let them be had they not been determined to take Muradins life. They care not for discourse or terms, they will destroy. Muradin and DM know of these folk from the place they come from. As to Kotal, I must speak with him about this. His lack of knowledge or insight leads him to make policy and demands on those he does not command."

Yep, that spook cat is definitely spooked.

Muradin was only mildly aware than Serenity and Morgana where discussing politics when the mechanized Deathcake decides its a good idea to jump high up in the air and blast the roof of the garage apart.

The dorf reflexively moves forward to protect his lady from any debris,even if she's already darting back and baring her fangs, but as he sees Deathcake up in the skies, Muradin begins following his trajectory with arms outstretched intending on catching him. "I got 'im, I got 'im!"

Yes, Muradin does manage to intercept the robotic cat, but the thing is a bit... larger than him. And much like any other spooked cat, he's pretty much impossible to hold on to as he tries to scramble away. "Oh for crying out... Deathcake, out!" That seemed a bit... different from the way Doommuffin typically talks to her cat. This felt a little more... commandy. The machine stops it struggling as the small, ghostly form exits it. The cat looks around, a little in a daze. At least he seems to be calmed down now. The robot, on the other hand, pretty much collapses, but at least it seems to be in one peice. "Did I mention I'm not yet finished with it?

Serenity seems, while everything is up in the air, to be less concerned with policy and more with ducking and covering. Ren doesn't respond to Morgana, but flattens onto the disc of the forcefield generator with both pairs of fins pulled over the head and mane of gills. Only after the robot collapses does Ren begin to relax the fins a bit.

Having spent time around a dwarf and gnome, the siren is getting used to odd happenings. She is also agile enough to get clear of most anything that comes here way if she chooses. She eyes Muradin as he makes to catch the blighted cat machine DM made. The siren rolls her eyes and shakes her head "Muradin, I will be most annoyed if you come to harm."

Its true what they say! Cats always land on their feet. Muradin catches the robotic Deathcake well enough, but even though the doughy dwarven fighter can handle the weight of the robot just fine, he wasn't prepared for the frenzy of a spooked cat. "Oi! Quit it!" Muradin grips the possessed machine as it tries to swipe at him. Fortunately, Muradin has -plenty- of experience holding frenzied clawing things thanks to Morgana, and he manages to weather the blows until DM calls the ghost of her cat out of the machine.

"Phew." The dorf wheezes and places the now still robot down on the ground and dusts himself, looks like he's just fine! He even shoots a thumbs up to the worried Morgana. "Ye look cute worrying for me safety, luv." He cackles.

"Morgana's right though." He adds onto the conversation of politics now that everything's under control. "The Naga donna care 'bout negotiations. Believe me, the Alliance tried plenty o' times to no avail."

"Far as I'm concerned, this Kotal bloke can go down there and talk to tha blighters himself if he wants, but it ain't gonna end well."

Doommuffin sighs as she walks over to the wreckage. "The most annoying part is the mess of the roof," she says as she adjusts something on her goggles again. "Oh, wow, those springs were WAY too strong for the pins I used. No wonder the pins failed." She grabs the robot by an arm and starts dragging it back to the... well, the walls. "I'm fairly certain the Horde has probably tried, as well. Well, the blood elves, at least. They... sort of had goodish relations with the naga at one point... but that was when both were under Illidan. The fact stands that naga have a tendancy to think themselves vastly superior to others. Really, they're a lot like elves that way."

Serenity frowns at the robot and the remains of the shed as if trying to decide whether they were going to do anything else, but meanwhile gradually relaxes to normal length. Ren 'stands' closer to five feet now that there isn't a short building to measure against. Ren glances around to the others who remarked on the naga and nods. "I don't make policy of any sort," Ren remarks to Morgana, "but whether or not a group of refugees is a threat is not relevant to the question of whether or not they should be preemptively exterminated." Ren motions toward the city, "I certainly don't think Kotal is squeamish about war. But wanting a group of people dead is not at all the same wanting to end a war, even if the end result is sometimes similar."

Morgana arches her brow and regards Ren coolly. "protecting ones Chosen and those with in ones care from attack is hardly extermination. I will not allow that which mine to come to harm. As for what Kotal wants, I don't think that matters seeing as he has no way to police the sea. Task can barely tend to the land. He should focus on that and leave the sea to those who live with in." She makes a small sound of annoyance "I warned you for your safety. That said, I have done what I can in this." She turns and heads toward the dock. She has been though amazingly calm and constrained, so very different from the siren that Ren met many months back.

Muradin nods and crosses his arms whilst DM relates the experience they've both had with the Naga in Azeroth. "Aye, used to be elves if I recall correctly. Wankers will attack just about anything to prove a point. It's the ones with the tremendous pride ye gotta worry about. Too blind to back down even when they got their bloody backs to tha' wall."

Serenity's concerns honestly draws what looks like confusion from Muradin. The dorf tilts his head sideways, not too sure what are the mollusc's claims to the situation. "Ren, mate, the Naga ain't refugees. They're invaders. Wotever happens, if somebody doesn't do something they will continue to raid tha' city and kill blokes." He can sense Morgana getting angry, and he doesn't blame her. "Eh, regardless.. never said that parley ain't an option, just pretty certain it ain't gonna lead nowhere." Oh, but then Morgana is leaving and Muradin moves to follow. "We gotta do some things in town, ye ladies take care. Oh and donna get near tha' water!"

Doommuffin says, "Yeah, it's not so much wanting them all dead as, well, preparing for the inevitable." She nods sagely as she poses the robot. "Oh, don't worry about me, Bronzebeard! I'm saving that for later! I still need to fix this pin problem and actually install the turbines so that he can move more freely underwater!"


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