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Cats and the Rayne

Summary: Casdy's learning history, Rayne's drawing stuff, and Ikuto's... being himself. It happens at the park!

Who: Casdy, Rayne, Ikuto
When: November 8, 2015
Where: Nowhereto Park


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While Casdy can't read books, given her handicap, it doesn't mean books are a lost cause for her. A simple animation of an object enables it to do what she can not do... ...and, at present, Casdy is pacing around the fountain as a simple stone golem reads out of the history book. "Wait...stop... These....planes....what is a plane?!" Resting her hands on her hips, she eyeballs the golem, who only gazes back at her. A hiss comes from the cat girl, as she resumes her pacing, "...this world has a lot of strange things..." she muses as she closes her eyes, and continues to pace. "...and many odd thoughts and beliefs..." She sighs and comes to a stop, and looks back at the fountain, "....but, this 'plane' was a tool of war... ... ...I guess war is everywhere..." she muses.

Rayne, once again, strolls into the park with her slightly oversized clipboard held behind her back while whistling to herself. She had a plan last night, one that got a bit on the interrupty side, and it seems so far that this night is managing to have yet another parallel to the last. She can't help but notice Casdy as she nears the fountain however, and she smiles slightly as her whistled tune stops and she walks up closer. "What's going on?" She looks from Casdy to the book holding golem, now a slightly confused look on her face. "Uh, reading, as it is?"

There's a blue-haired kid arriving from another direction. Rayne might actually recognize him from that whole situation that happened at the school on Halloween. He's wearing all black, much like he had been wearing the other time Rayne had seen him, that whole 'jumping around roofs' business.

But there's something unusual with him this time. Slung over one shoulder is a white case. It looks like a violin case. He's got one hand in a pocket and one holds onto the strap of the case over his shoulder.

There's also a tiny thing like a fairy trailing behind him. This isn't a normal fairy though. It's about the size of a hand, with an almost comically-oversized head, and blue hair like the larger of the two of them. It wears all-black, like Ikuto. But it sports cat ears atop its head, as well as a feline tail, as well as handpaws and footpaws. And its eyes are bright yellow, and slit-pupiled.

Ikuto pauses at seeing Casdy and Rayne-- and the golem with the book. That's something one doesn't see every day. He offers a polite nod of greeting at he approaches the fountain. The tiny catboy fairy however, perks when he sees Casdy and flies over in her direction. "Hi there-nya!" he offers brightly as he starts to fly around her.

Casdy looks up on Rayne as she stumbles upon her, and offers a smile. "Learning... It is something I tend to do.... ....a lot..." Her ears flatten down, and she looks at the golem with a look of 'busted'... "He's useful." she then adds as her ears perk up, and her eyes look at Rayne again. She seems about ready to say more, and then she hears something... ....her ears twitch, and her eyes follow the sound of the noise. She squints as she looks at the cat-boy fay, and takes a step back, "...What in the...??" she lets out, followed with a soft mew as she curiously pokes at the tiny presence. **poke poke** "I thought fae were.... ....well.....fairy tales." she muses as she reaches her finger towards the small one. "...am I dreaming??" she wonders. "Ali... ...am I seeing things??" she questions. The golem speaks, it's voice high-pitched, "...Nope! You see a pixie, master."

Rayne says, "Welcome to Twisted, Casdy. Just... expect the unexpected. Really, is he that much more shocking than Serenity?" That's always Rayne's standby to take anyone's odd appearance in stride. Noone looks as odd as the mullosc dancer. "Good evening, uh, Yoru, was it?" With the fairy boy here, that means... yup, Ikuto isn't far behind. "And Ikuto, right?" She raises an eyebrow at the violin case, but shrugs. Finally she addresses the golem. "And, uh, did I hear right that your name is Ali?"

"...He's a Guardian Character," the teenage boy accompanying the catboy fairything explains to Casdy, as Yoru expertly dodges being poked at. Though given the 'hehehe!' from the Guardian Chara, he probably thinks it's just a fun game. "Closer to a 'guardian angel' than a fae."

Yoru stops when Rayne asks after his name. "Yup! That's right-nya!" he confirms. And Ikuto nods in confirmation of his name as well. "Who are you?" This aimed at Casdy.

Ikuto's listening so he hears the golem's name as well, and looks in that direction. He raises an eyebrow, as though he's not really sure exactly what he's looking at, but doesn't comment.

Casdy mews, and reacts to Rayne with a nod of her head, "Good point!" she chirps. Casdy doesn't admit to her curiousity about Serenity either... ...hense why she was poking at the water sphere that surrounded the girl. Anyhow, she looks at the tiny cat-boy and she offers a smile. She then looks at the taller boy, and then back at the cat-boy fae. "I am High Mage Casdy Rendari, Alterationist." she responds, giving her title with her name this time... Her smile returns to her features as she looks at the golem, "...as for him... ...he is temporary. He is just there to read to me." she then states with a grin. "I will return him to the sidewalk.....when I am done tonight." Her golden eyes then look at the sidewalk, there a chunk is missing... ...oddly in the shape of the golem.

Rayne blinks at the missing chunk of the sidewalk. "Oh... odd." She shrugs it away, however. "Okay, then. I guess it's like a robot. Hrm." She leans in to get a closer look at the golem, as well as glancing at what the book is.

The golem looks like a square shaped humanoid. It has useable arms and legs, fingers and toes. The head is the same size as it's body....the 'eyes' and 'mouth' are energy based...Nothing physically there. The book is Japanese History. Seems to be a Highschool based book.

Ikuto nods politely when Casdy introduces herself. "I'm Yoru!" He alights on Ikuto's shoulder. "And this is Ikuto! I'm his Guardian Character!"

"As you probably just heard," Ikuto points out. Both names and Yoru's function and species had been told not too long ago.

Though Ikuto also pauses at the place where the sidewalk's missing when attention is brought to it. Yoru pipes up, "She did say 'alteration'-nya."

Casdy nods her head, and then she looks at Rayne, "Friends of yours, Lady Rayne??" she questions as she waves her tail behind herself. She offers a warm smile as she watches Yoru land, and then she takes a step back, and looks at the golem, "Golems are easy to make... ...though, if I want better detail, I would need to put more focus into it... The more detail, the more effort and energy it would take." she explains as she looks now at Yoru and Ikuto. .o O ( ...interesting... ) she ponders as she looks upon them... But, her eyes do not see their physical forms....rather, their spiritual ones. "...??"

"Japanese history... I think I've heard of that... Oh! That's one of the Terran provinces, right? That one on Mars?" What the heck is Rayne talking about? Mars? At any rate, she swings the clipboard around from behind her to in front with her left hand, while her right reaches into her quiver to retrieve... a mechanical pencil. "Honestly, more aquaintences. I don't know them that well." She looks over to the matching pair of catboy fairy and high school student with a less-than-confident smile, then back to Casdy. She opens her mouth a moment before actually saying, "I would prefer it if you would drop the 'lady,' Casdy. I'm not involved in any nobility anymore." It seems like she was selecting her words carefully for some reason in that first sentence.

Ikuto is a perfectly normal teenage boy, to spiritual sight. There's nothing remotely spiritual or magical about him, no more than any normal young teenage boy from Earth. Though that means she can probably see his aura. It is dark, stained with unpleasant things.

Yoru appears with the shape of an egg just large enough to contain him superimposed over his form. Though the tiny thing has the same spiritual signature as Ikuto does. In fact, at the very center of Ikuto's spirit is a void, like something have been cut out of it. That void is precisely egg-shaped, and exactly the same size as the egg Yoru appears to have superimposed over him.

Rayne's mention of them being acquaintences gets a nod. "We've managed to be in the same place at the same time a few times," he agrees. Though her note of Japan being on Mars gets a raised eyebrow. "It's on Earth," he corrects. "Series of islands off the coast of Asia."

Yoru adds, "We're Japanese-nya! That's where we're from!"

Casdy looks at Rayne, and mews!! For her, it is mere formality... "Return to your place." Casdy commands the stone golem as she retrieves the book. Now, here is a puzzle for ya... She can slide the book in to her skirt pocket!! With ease!! Yet, the pocket is only large enough to house her hands... At any rate, she smiles as she looks at the two boys, and then she asks, "...Twisted... ...it is a place of mixed cultures, and worlds...?? Does anyone know how it was created?" as she slides her hands behind her back, and swishes her tail happily.

As for the golem, it does as it was told. It lies back on the earth, and in seconds, it becomes normal stone.

Rayne says, "Oh, well, originally it was, but I remember when..." She then taps the pencil's eraser on the bridge of her nose, while closing her eyes in annoyance at herself. "Yeah, we come from very different universes, don't we? Uh, they terraformed Mars, and kinda moved Japan to it. Um... long story." She looks back to Casdy again while lowering the pencil. Luckily for her, this time the eraser isn't overused, and thus didn't leave a mark on her face. Unlike last time. "Very mixed in worlds, even more in cultures. Or is it the other way around? Either way, I wouldn't know anything about creation, just where it stands now."

"I don't," Ikuto confirms, to the question.

"Me either," Yoru replies. "But any world where Easter's not there is one I can appreciate-nya."

Ikuto sends a sidelong glance at the guardian Chara. "Yoru." The word indicates he's probably said too much. Then he turns his attention to Rayne's mention of moving Japan to Mars. That gets a raised eyebrow. But as she said, different worlds.

Yoru, for his part, points out, "So all that stuff the Americans say about us being weird like aliens is true there-nya!" Ikuto smirks, then he reaches over and gently flicks Yoru's nose. It prompts a 'Nya!' of surprise, but doesn't seem to have actually hurt the tiny catboy fairy.

Casdy giggles at the antics of the two. She sits down beside the fountain, and lets her eyes stare at the water as it cascades down into the collection pool below. Removing her hands from her pockets, she rests them now on her fur covered legs, and stays silent for a moment, "...this world... ...it maybe 'twisted'... ...But, it is better than the one I came from..." Her mind fills with memories of seeing people sick, most on the verge of death... ...empty streets, and people afraid to leave the comfort of home... Even with the wars ended, the lands themselves were like poison from the blood spills... The cat-girl shakes her head with a sudden mew of protest, and then looks at Rayne. The smile on her features returns, and then she looks at Ikuto and Yoru, "....what's an Easter??" she questions, "...can you eat it?? Does it taste like fish??" Yea...the girl has a million questions... Give her time, and she will always ask at least one.

"Uh, sure." Rayne seems to be polite on it, but it's clear she doesn't get Yoru's joke. With a light shrug, she walks over to what she considers her usual tree. While not quite on the plaza with the fountain, it's easily close enough for her to hear and be heard just fine. "If it was seafood, I get the feeling those two wouldn't want to be without it so much." She sets the clipboard on a large branch at about her head's height before grabbing the branch itself in both hands. She makes a quick hop of preperation, then jumps fully to get as much of her body as high as she can, grabbing better leverage on the branch to haul herself up onto it. Taking the clipboard in hand, she sits against the trunk of the tree, bending a leg to use as a makeshift easel for the clipboard. Mechanical pencil in hand, she starts sketching out what she sees below.

"I'm sure there are people you can ask if you're looking for more about how the world was made," Ikuto replies. "Don't expect a lot of in-depth information thouhg. This place bears all the earmarks of a world that was mashed together to ward off an apocalypse or give refugees from one a place to live. I don't think anybody's going to want the cat and the dipper too knowing how things fit together."

Casdy's question about Easter gets a shake of Ikuto's head. "No, it's... where I work," he replies. "Well, used to. They're not here. Yet. I'm told it's likely they'll show up at some point."

Yoru's ears lay back, plainly upset at that. "Grrr! Just lemme get my paws on that Director and I'll give 'im what for-nya!" Ikuto doesn't speak this time, but sends that sidelong glance again. "Oops." Handpaws go to the little catboy's mouth.

Ikuto smirks at Rayne's comment about the seafood. "The lack of mackerel and crab ice cream here has been noted," he says, as if it's only a idle observation completely unrelated to Rayne's.

"That have sardines here, though! That makes it better-nya," Yoru adds.

Casdy looks a bit disappointed... No new food to try. Her ears twitch as the look fades, and she regains that smile.... Her glowing golden eyes look up at Rayne as she climbs the tree. Her ears twitch as she hears the sound of the pencil sketching on the paper... Her nose sniffles at the air, and then she looks back at the two boys. She wraps her tail around herself, showing comfort in her surroundings.... After brushing her left hand against her cheek, as a cat would do with a paw, she says then, "....life without fish is....sad." ...nodding her head, almost sagely. She then looks back up at Rayne as the feline curiosity starts working its magic... ...but, she makes no moves towards the girl....Not, yet, at least. "...The things that are the greatest in any world....?? Fish, music, petting, fish, hugs, and chocolate." There is that 'sagely nod' again.

Rayne sighs, her free hand moving to her forehead. "You know, Ikuto, it's clear from your little you there that you consider Easter to be a bit of a threat. Why do you keep him from talking about it? If they're going to be a problem, TASK can help, you know. It's kind of what we're here for." She smiles at Casdy, though, with a nod. "Sometimes the simple things are the better things, yeah."

Yoru's the one who speaks up about no fish. "I dunno if I'd want to live in a world with no fish-nya," he agrees. As for the rest of it? "I think you got it figured out!"

Ikuto shakes his head at Rayne's advice. "Tell me what corporate employee doesn't hate their boss for one reason or another. Overtime, working on holidays, that kind of thing." He waves a hand. "That's all it is."

You ever seen one of those moments when a cat turns its ear to listen to something, not actually move...Making it seem like they are some what interested, just listening....even when they are really interested...?? That is Casdy at the moment... One ear is listening to Rayne completely...Mostly to the sound of the pencil on the paper, curious what she is doing with 'a stick and a chunk of wood'...from her perspective. She smiles once more at the fae, and finally turns her eyes upwards to Rayne, and sniffles again at the air... She looks back at the two boys, and again keeps that ear on Rayne... "I guess it would be hard to obtain history of this world... It may suggest why the library had this book on history..." she mutters.

Rayne sighs again and nods to Ikuto. "Yeah... you've got a point. Sorry, I'm just too much on alert lately. I seem to be unable to properly relax anymore." If Rayne notices Casdy's ear focussing on her, she hides it well. What Casdy says, though... "Wait, library? When did... I didn't think there was a library... Uhhh, Casdy, did you... Did they know you took that book with you when you left the bookstore?" That's... a bit of a look of concern on Rayne's face there.

Ikuto waves a hand to Rayne's apology. "You have to deal with zombies and... well, stuff like that Halloween party, on a daily basis," he points out. "I'd think it was pretty understandable." Ikuto pauses. Looks at Yoru. He can't really chance that his diminutive spiritual friend will say too much. So he cants his head in a direction that leads further into the park. "I'll see you both later," he comments to Casdy and Rayne.

"Seeya-nya!" Yoru replies and waves a hand-paw. Ikuto starts further into the park, walking slowly. If anybody sticks around long enough, they may hear the sound of a violin playing not too much longer...

A sudden giggle comes from Casdy as she looks up at Rayne, "Don't worry... I have acquired go...." She is reminded that this world doesn't use 'gold' as currency, in most cases... ...but this item called 'money'. But, seems she has some. She holds up a small bit of it, pulling it from her pocket, of course. After returning the money to her pocket, she finally stands, and walks towards the tree Rayne has climbed. Her eyes look up the tree, as her head tilts curiously to the left. "Hmm?? What is a Halloween??" She turns to look at Ikuto, and his companion, only to see them walking away. "I have a lot to learn..." she whispers. .o O ( ...and since I have a friend.. ....I can focus on that. ) she ponders. Turning her back to the tree, she rests against it, after claiming a seat infront of it... ...leaving plenty of room for Rayne to climb down at her leisure. For now, Cas' closes her eyes, and hums softly. ...the idea of song is with her, always...as she loves to sing.... ....for now, she will hum...

Rayne says, "It's a holiday that was celibrated a week or so ago. Did you see when people were dressed up in costumes?" She continues at her drawing, but as the humming below her starts she finds herself whistling as well. Now finding herself distracted entirely from her latest attempt at the fountain, she smirks lightly and reaches down to scritch Casdy behind her ears. No, she's not forgotten her part of the deal. She then opens up the mental connection, trying to keep it a low level just for the purpose of coordinating her whistling to Casdy's humming.

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