2015-11-09 - Secrets of the Search Engine

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The Secrets of the Search Engine

Summary: Minu shares a bit about her background and a little gap in her library science background

Who: Minu, Serenity
When: November 9, 2015
Where: TASK Building - Lobby


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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The alarmingly visible invertebrate is minding the reception desk surrounded by an oversized cylindrical room and apparently extradimensional windows. Ren doesn't seem to be making use of the chair, most obviously on account of a lack of legs, but also because it would get in the way of the dance moves. Those currently consist of curling into a roughly cylindrical shape between 'steps' on a triangular path, making a quick spiral spin one each edge. Apparently there wasn't much receiving needed at reception.

Minu steps out of the teleport booth and into the lobby proper. She pauses as bright colors catch her eye. The little elf watches the sea slug move and flex in those dance steps and her head tilts to the side. Golden eyes are bright and large behind her glasses and she smiles. She doesn't want to interrupt the sea dancer and it is a chance to witness the unusual life forms motions and abilities. Ever an avid student, she takes mental notes and contemplates attempting to write up something on the slug.

Serenity continues to flow from one corner of the triangle to the next, shifting from a helix of aquamarine 'wings' in motion to columnar shapes at rest. Ren meanwhile bobs to an unheard rhythm by changing slightly in height. The gill-feathers (and to a lesser extent, the rhinophores) flow along with the currents in the suspended water. The forcefield seems not to be restricting movement much here.

Ren appears not to have been paying much mind to that particular entrance of the building, for Minu goes unnoticed for several moments. When Ren does notice, it's with a smooth but still somewhat sloshing stop. Ren offers a smile and the wave of a spread 'wing' to her, thereafter relaxing both pairs of wings and standing a bit less tall by bending more horizontal at the tail end.

Minu's eyes light with pleasure and greeting as Serenity turns and sees her. She lifts a small hand and wiggles her fingers in a wave. "That was a lovely dance Ren. I didn't wish to interrupt. How are things tonight? Anything new to share?" She steps toward the bright colored dancer and tilts her head a little and continues to smiles warmly.

"Hello, and thank you," Ren rasps cheerily in reply. "I was just passing some time between service calls, which fortunately enough has been quite a long time today." Ren smiles and waves toward the exit, "You did miss the troupe of higher-dimensional octopus clowns passing through on their way to a debate about childrearing techniques, but no, I don't think I have anything of note to report for TASK."

The little elf blinked "I missed the octopus delegation? I would have liked to have see them. I wonder if they are similar to the Terran version of cephalopods. I have noticed that many realms will have similar life forms though there are variants. Yourself for instance. I have read about smaller less sentient versions of nudibranchs on Terra as well. Oh well I am glad its quiet." She steps toward the desk and leans "You know, Ren, I have been thinking. Your clearly technically advanced. Would you care to teach me more about computers or, have some books on the subject I could study. My knowledge is quite rudimentary and I think I would be a better assistant to Kotal if I could help him with the computer work."

Serenity grins at Minu's response. "I'm afraid we had no octopus here today, clown-pediatrician or otherwise," Ren cheerily admits, waving rhinophores toward Minu. "I was just testing a theory that satire and absurdist humor would struggle to survive in this town of alternative worldviews and impossibilities."

Ren then nods in reply to her request. "Hhh... I would be happy to help you with computers, of course, but I'm not sure how much I can. Certainly I'd like to think that my /culture/ is technically advanced. It hasn't these nanite assemblers and such, but computers are common enough." Ren motions out to the sides and then up to tap the geometric-patterned rhinophore cuff. "A technically advanced culture doesn't imply a technically-advanced person, though. I can operate some familiar sorts of computer interface, but I don't think that I could program anything more complicated than a basic library query."

Minu wrinkles her pert little nose and giggles "oh you were teasing! You must remember Ren, though Twisted is a strange realm to be sure. I spent my life in the Grand Archives, there are realms upon realms and so it would not surprise me to hear of such a thing happening. Of course computers were a known of thing in the archive too but, I was of a realm where such was not and so, I spent most of my time working with actual hand written works in my section of the archive. I would really like to find some books on programs and such, to making a computer divulge all its secrets. I have a feeling we are all working at a great lack of information most of the time and it bothers me."

Serenity looks thoughtful at her explanation. "If you knew of computers and were trying to archive without them, that sounds as though you were operating under some serious constraints. I would sooner spend several weeks on a letter-writing campaign to university or library procurement officials to purchase a computer than spend that time reading the table of contents in a million books." Ren motions the upturned edge of a fin through the forcefield to Minu. "I struggle to imagine writing my research papers by semi-random flipping through books for prior knowledge or through my own interview videos or notes for new knowledge." Ren looks up at the wall and frowns. "And motion capture by means of levers or strings... I suspect it would be annoying, if not dangerous."

Minu smiles at the sea slug "well, the Grand Archive is rather a place out of time or realm or..well there is not adequate explanation the but Great Scribe has set his collectors and keepers to gather and store all the written works from all the know realms through out time so we had everything from stone tablets, to scrolls, large tomes and small paper backs to computer disks and other things. As I said I was not in a section that used computers over much. I prefer the feel of the written page under my fingers. Ahh well. Books..where would one find books of that nature here in Twisted?"

Serenity looks a bit puzzled as she begins explaining, but eventually nods in reply. "I suppose I can understand that if you are cataloging books as unique artifacts that you would be working with them directly quite a bit. Not being very archeologically-minded myself, though, I think I would still much rather shuffle stacks of virtual models of stone tablets than the actual tablets." Ren motions toward the door, "Private collections aside, it seems like the bookstores are the closest thing this town has to a library. I'd very much like to see a library here -or any other public institution, for that matter- but it can't be easy to raise public support for such a thing when we still lack physical security."

Minu nods thoughtfully. "I would love to start a library but I think helping Kotal and TASK stabilize Twisted is more important for now. I am however trying to gather biographies and stories of the homes from as many of the folks here in Twisted as I can. I would like to get yours sometime too Ren. Do you think we could do that some time? Would you share your story?"

"I don't think that stabilizing Twisted and creating a library are mutually exclusive," Ren remarks, gesturing toward Minu. "Not only do the goals support one another, but we can be working on accumulating resources or, at least on planning, at the same time." Ren grins and adds, "It's not as though equipping a library steals vital explosive materials from defense." To Minu's request, Ren nods. "Certainly I'd be willing to help your research. I don't think of my life, excepting this last chapter, to be anything special. But I know from experience that an ignored 'nothing special' from an unfamiliar culture can be a valuable piece of information."

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