2015-11-11 - Fiddle-Dee-Dee

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Summary: Zelgadis's peace is disturbed a little by Ikuto's violin.

Who: Zelgadis, Ikuto
When: November 11, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Zelgadis is currently...well, floating above the water. He's surrounded by a 'Ray Wing' wind barrier that gently holds him just above the surface, the waves lapping gently around him, nudged a bit by the circling air. He has a slight smile on what of his face is visible and he seems to be surveying the relatively peaceful waterscape. Of course, he isn't saying much. Then again, no one else seems to be here at the moment. Ah, peace.

Sadly, Zelgadis isn't going to be left to his peace for very long. "I gotcha this time-nya!" It's a tiny blue-haired catboy creature dressed in all black with a silver cross on his shirt. Said catboy fairy is also floating over the water. Except he's got wet paws. Looks like he's been trying to grab some schooling fish at the top of the water.

Further up the beach, someone else appears, walking closer to the water. It's a boy that resembles the smaller creature, but with blue eyes and no cat features. He has a solemn look about him, and also dresses in black. Over his shoulder he carries a white violin case.

Maybe he hasn't noticed Zelgadis. He comes close to the shore, but not too close, and kneels down on one knee, putting the case down. He opens it, starts preparing the violin and the bow. And then he starts to play. He's professional level skill, too. He's probably been playing for a long time.

Zelgadis raises an eyebrow, hearing/sensing the commotion. He turns in mid-air just a bit to address the newcomers. He watches the cat-boy chase fish around for a moment, offering nothing but a soft chuckle. Well, no harm in some fishing. He turns to the boy playing violin however...and seems entranced. At least, he seems to genuinely enjoy what he's hearing. As long as his notice isn't bothering the young man, he'll listen intently.

It doesn't seem to bother the young man, no. He may not have even realized that Zelgadis was even there. The catboy fairy thing stops trying to catch fish when Ikuto starts to play, and floats back over to the boy. Reclinging in the air, the little creature just seems to be listening, eyes closed.

For the boy's part, the solemn look seems to disappear from his face when he plays. There's a sense of peace there that seemed to be missing before he started to play.

Once he's done, though, he looks up in suprise as he notices Zelgadis floating out there. "...I didn't know anyone was out here." He starts to put his violin away.

Yoru looks in Zelgadis's direction. "Oh! Hi there-nya!" He raises a tiny hand-paw to wave at Zelgadis. "Are you a Guardian Character too?" Because Zelgadis is floating like one!

Zelgadis floats over to the shore-line, as to not be rude, and alights on the litoral overhang of the beach. His barrier fades away gently as he settles down. He smiles a bit more widely and offers a hand-lift 'wave' to the two. "Hello, my young friends. Forgive me if I interrupted. That playing was incredible." He quirks an eyebrow at the cat-like young man querying him and shakes his head slowly. "No. I'm sorry. I don't know what that refers too. I am Zelgadis Greywers, at your service."

Ikuto, the normal-looking school-age boy, is putting the violin back in the case when Zelgadis arrives and greets them. The mention of the playing actually brings a bit of a smile to Ikuto's face. "...Thank you. My father taught me."

Yoru, the tiny catboy fairy-creature, floats around Zelgadis to examine him. "Yeah. You're a little too big to be a Guardian Character-nya," the tiny creature observes. "Good to meet you anyway!" he greets as he floats back to the larger Ikuto's side.

Ikuto stands, picking up the now-closed violin case, and nods in greeting. "I'm Ikuto. This is Yoru." He looks at his diminutive feline companion. "He's a Guardian Character." Which explains what that refers to.

Zelgadis nods. He gave his name but offers a bow. He speaks again after the formalities. "Again, forgive me for interrupting your playing. I can leave if you'd like some time here? I don't mind at all but I can't promise others won't show up." That seems to be about all he has to say about that. ... Bubba Gump! ... Sorry.

Ikuto shakes his head. "It's fine. I don't expect everyone to just not be where I am," he assures Zelgadis.

Yoru speaks up then, his hands on his hips. "Ikuto's used to playing in front of people. He had to busk in Europe because we didn't have any money-nya." Ikuto sends him a sidelong look, and Yoru covers his mouth with his handpaws with a '...nya!' of surprise.

Zelgadis tilts his head slightly. "Eur...ope? I'm afraid that's not a place I know." He waves his hand in that typical 'everything' gesture. "This...is Twisted. An artificially constructed world that converges numerous other worlds. I don't know if that was intentional or not. I also...know almost nothing else of this place. It has been a learning experience. I'm sorry to inform you that returning home is....a difficult endeavor...and those that make it often end up back here."

Zelgadis is at least in a decently friendly mood today n.n

Ikuto nods. "So I've heard. There are portals out, but none of them go to anywhere I'm familiar with," he notes. "I don't mind." Pause. "I have a pretty demanding boss, so I'm not too upset about the company not being here at the moment."

"But you miss Utau, don'tcha-nya?" Yoru asks.

The boy sighs. "Yes. But if she's not here, neither are her Charas."

Zelgadis nods slowly. He's not ENTIRELY following of course, but, you know. He offers a small shrug with a slighter smile than before and a bit of a sardonic tone. "I've run into my own traveling companions here but...I'm never sure WHICH of them I'm speaking too. You know?" Maybe they do. He doesn't seem to be explaining further just yet.

Perhaps not. Ikuto tilts his head to one side. "How do you mean?" he inquires.

Zelgadis chuckles softly. He gazes back out over the water, seeing a chance to be mysterious. Maybe he should kick up a breeze again so his cloak can move in the...oh! THERE'S one. Thank you Twisted! "Twisted is linked to many worlds. Some of them would be rather familiar to the one you might be used to. However, they may not be EXACTLY the same. There's you...and there may just be more of you. Luckily, I have yet to meet myself."

That breeze doesn't limit itself to just pulling at Zelgadis's cloak. It also ruffles Ikuto's hair a little, though he doesn't appear to notice. He blinks a little at the thought that there might be another him. Or a version of Utau from another point in time. But if this place has so many possibilities, that just means that there's a greater chance that he'll find his father!

Yoru also notes, "Can you imagine having to deal with /two/ Directors-nya?" He raises his hand-paws into the air above him, and squeezes his eyes shut. "BLEH!"

Zelgadis turns back to the pair. He smiles in a more friendly manner. "Luckily, it doesn't seem to cause any sort of temporal or dimensional paradox. So it's safe, at least...well, barring encountering a form that isn't as hospitable as you yourself may be, that is."

Yoru gasps a little. "What about a mirror Ikuto-nya!? That would be horrible!" he declares.

"Maybe," Ikuto states. Mirror Easter would be a good company, he realizes. Though it'd really all depend on if Mirror Ikuto was against them or not. Hard to tell. Too many variables. So instead he turns his attention to the other subject, about paradoxes. "That's good on the one hand. But I guess it also means the world's unstable." Admittedly he's not an expert in quantum physics, but he knows a little.

Zelgadis shakes his head. "It would be impossible to sustain but...it is MINIMALLY volatile, relatively speaking, as long as Gegoshi is fully operational. If she is too overloaded or damaged too severely...I don't know what would happen. I'm afraid I don't know much about her or how she functions."

Ikuto thinks. "So it's just one person keeping things stable?" he inquires. "...Seems unsafe."

Zelgadis rubs his chin. "Not...a person. It's technology. I know NOTHING of its details. My world used far more magic than technology..." He trails off for a moment, pondering...before adding. "It terrifies me to not understand the source of my salvation."

Ikuto's confusion seems to clear up. "A computer? That makes more sense." He seems at ease with it now. "I'm form a world with a lot of technology." He pauses, pulls out his cellphone, and then taps the screen. "It doesn't work here, but this is the sort of thing my world has."

Yoru snickers. "If it did, Utau would be blowing it up with voicemails-nya!" Ikuto's brow twitches. Mainly because he knows Yoru's absolutely right.

Zelgadis peers at the phone. Nods. "I have seen them before. They still make little sense to my quaint knowledge base." He glances over at Yoru, laughs a little but manages to look a bit confused. "Voice...mails?"

Yoru nods. "Yeah, when somebody calls and you can't get to the phone, or don't wanna deal with 'em, they can leave a message you can listen to later-nya. That's a voicemail!"

Ikuto adds, "Sort of like... a message crystal?" That's what they called them in that one fantasy game, right? "Speak into it, send it to someone, and they can listen to what you say later?"

Zelgadis ahhs. Nods. "I understand. We can imbue such messages into common objects, in my world. I can see the parallel." He chuckles softly. "I take it this...Utau person you keep speaking of is quite chatty?" He doesn't seem to have caught on that this person might be Ikuto's sister.

Ikuto's brow twitches again. "...She's my sister," he admits.

"And she's really clingy-nya!" Yoru adds. "Ikuto has to avoid her to keep her from hanging off him-nya."

A sigh from Ikuto. "She's just worried. With my having been gone so long..." He trails off. It probably makes sense.

Zelgadis ahs. He nods once. After a moment of silence, he offers what he hopes is a comforting look and a sincere voice, "I'm very sorry that you're now separated. I...can't say that I hope she ends up HERE but...I do hope you are all reunited at some point in the future."

Ikuto's gaze moves out to the water, and he doesn't immediately offer a response to Zelgadis's words, his expression pensive. Though after a moment he notes, "...She's safer where she is." Though he doesn't specify why he thinks that.

Zelgadis hms. He nods. He doesn't know what 'home' is like for these people but...generally Twisted isn't the SAFEST place to be, especially if you don't know where you are and/or where you're going. "You're probably right."

Ikuto puts the phone back into his pocket, and then offers an affirmative grunt. Though he does offer another question. "Aside from the fog, what should we be careful of?" Ikuto inquires. He meant himself and Yoru, of course.

Zelgadis doesn't respond for a few moments. Perhaps he's pondering the question? He sighs softly before responding. "I am sorry to say this, as there are a number of kind and trust-worthy entities here, but...almost everything. Twisted is a very dangerous place. Nothing is quite as it appears, or...if it is, it may not be for long. I wouldn't say...trust NO one...but...always make sure your friends are still the friends you thought they were before. Do you understand?..."

Ikuto listens, and as Zelgadis speaks, a bit of a smirk appears upon his face. At the question he turns to look at Zelgadis again... and huffs a bit of a laugh. "So not much different from where I left. I understand."

"At least I know this is still my Ikuyo-nya," Yoru replies. "I'd know if it wasn't! And if Ikuto wasn't here, I wouldn't be either-nya."

Zelgadis nods slowly. "I'm sorry. I wish I had better news for you." He smiles at Yoru. Adorbs. He nods. "Yes, my friend, I am quite sure you would. All the more reason for you two to not get separated. Now, that being said, Twisted can be a nice place as well. Don't be AFRAID to explore...just go with caution."

Ikuto shakes his head. "It's no worse. Just the dangers come from different directions is all," he reasons. "I just need to figure out which directions."

Speaking of adorable, Yoru currently has his handpaws on his hips, and has a confident, smug expression on his face. He knows very well this is his Ikuto! Ikuto is, apparently, being the cat this time around. Because just for the hell of it, he reaches up to Yoru's tail and gives it a gentle tug. Yoru emits a "NYA!" of surprise, and flails around in the air a little; Ikuto smirks.

"SEE THAT'S HOW I KNOW-NYA!" Yoru screeches.

Zelgadis laughs softly. It's not common for him to bust up even a little but...this is cute enough to deserve a chuckle. He smiles a bit, FINALLY brushing his hood off...as he's comfortable that no one here is going to mock him for his condition. "You two are obviously the best of friends. Have you both known each other for a long time?..."

Ikuto does stop and look at Zelgadis's 'condition'. But he doesn't seem to be too terribly disturbed by it, no. He has recently seen a talking sea slug, a literal blue man, a hyenaman, and a little girl with stained glass wings. At this point a fellow with a stony face probably isn't going to get much of a shocked reaction out of him.

Yoru on the other hand, nears Zelgadis and looks at him closely. "Oooh!" It's not malicious in the least. He's just curious. He's a cat, after all. He might even reach out and pat a scale if possible. If so, Zelgadis may note (if he can feel on the scales) that Yoru does indeed have actual cat paws. Those aren't gloves-- the limb is warm, and the pads are real. Yes, he has toebeans.

Ikuto, for his part, answers Zelgadis's question. "Since I was about ten," he notes. "It's a little more complicated than that. He was always there, but I didn't know it until then."

Zelgadis doesn't mind Yoru patting at his stoney exterior. The little guy is cute as anything and doesn't seem to have any ill will going on. He even smiles a bit and wiggles a finger at Yoru in the manner one might ever so slightly tease a kitty. He glances back over to Ikuto and nods. "It seems that sometimes we don't see what is right in front of our face. Of course, it isn't always that easy."

Watch out, Zelgadis might get that wiggling finger grabbed! And it seems that Yoru's paws are able to grip, not like a cat's, but like a human hand! There's probably claws there, but they're not out now.

Ikuto nods. "I never knew he was there until his egg was born." Wait, egg? Yoru is plainly a warm-blooded creature.

Zelgadis chuckles softly as he's nabbed. Even his 'stone' heart is melted by all this cuteness. He's gentle with the little guy, of course. He glances over at Ikuto, nodding at first but...DOES quirk an eyebrow at that. "An egg you say? He was hatched from an egg?" Zel HAS seen weirder, mind you. He peers curiously back over at Yoru.

Yoru nods, swinging a little on Zelgadis's finger. "Guardian Characters are all born from eggs-nya," he explains. Ikuto digs in a pocket and brings out two halves of an egg large enough to hold Yoru. It's an egg with the top and bottom capped black, leaving the middle white. Across the middle there's a series of black cat-face silhouettes. He shows this egg to Zelgadis.

Zelgadis nods to Yoru. He peers more closely at the egg...and nods. It doesn't seem to plus him all TOO much. He's seen some stuff. "Guardian Characters. You've mentioned that term a few times now. May I ask what exactly that refers to?..."

Ikuto looks at Yoru, still merrily swinging from Zelgadis's finger, unless he's been asked to quit. The little cat-being is pretty light, so it shouldn't be too big an issue. Though annoying could be another thing. "...It's hard to explain," he notes quietly, putting the egg away. "It's... something like a part of yourself. All the kids in my world have an egg in their hearts. He's mine."

Zelgadis doesn't mind. Yoru's adorable. He nudges him around gently with his finger as one might a kitten n.n He hrms at Ikuto. "I don't fully understand but I think I get at what you're trying to say, at least. It seems as though this is a physical representation of a perhaps more...metaphysical entity."

"Something like that," Ikuto agrees. A pause, then, as he watches Yoru going 'wheee!' as he's nudged around by Zelgadis. Maybe it's seeing this that puts him at ease enough to explain the next.

"...I've always been... kind of beholden to my family. Always having to live up to their expectations. He's... sort of the part of me that doesn't want to do that anymore."

Hey, it's not a lie. It's just not the complete truth...

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