2015-11-13 - A Girl With Secrets Part 2

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A Girl with Secrets Part 2

Summary: A continuation of 2015-11-11 - A Girl With Secrets, where Himet laments needing to get a job.

Who: Himet, Serenity
When: November 13, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Himet takes to a fighting pose... But it's fairly clear that this is based more on movies or comics than anything based in real fighting technique. It is, however, the first time she's let go of her suitcase with her left hand. "I've taken a few self defense classes, I think I could handle myself out there." She then relaxes her form and laughs, her left hand on her forehead. "I'll keep that in mind and try to sneak around if it gets dark. I'm told I'm pretty good at being sneaky."

Serenity glances over her posture as Himet poses, but doesn't give any indication of taking this less than seriously. Ren nods thoughtfully at her explanation. "Personally, I'd rather avoid risk where possible." Ren makes a quick pirouette within the irregular column of water, keeping fins in close so as not to risk the field extending as far as Himet. "I'm also rather poor at being sneaky," Ren remarks with a grin.

Himet says, "Oh, yes, your coloring is far too garish for sneaking anywhere but in a neon lighting shop. And your..." She leans over and pokes at Serenity's zone of hydration. "...bubble thing would make you stand out even there." Himet once again straightens herself and reaches back to grasp her suitcase's handle with her left hand. "But yes, general avoidance of trouble is usually the best way to stay in one piece."

"True enough," Ren rasps. Serenity doesn't stop Himet from poking a finger through the field, and it comes out more-or-less dry. "On a brighter note, I would be happy to assist with settling yourself," Ren says, motioning a pair of fins toward the exit. "I don't provide material or money, but advice and message delivery I can do."

Himet seems now to be oddly obsessed with poking the field now, doing so several more times as she talks. "Well, then... If it's difficult to return to my home, I'll assume that's not the message delivery you're talking about. As far as settling down is concerned, what did you have in mind? The apartments?

"The apartments, yes," Ren agrees, "as well as making some inquiries about your preferred employment." Ren frowns at the remark about home. "Unfortunately, I can't offer messages home. I have been giving that some thought myself, but I've been reluctant to make any deals or inquiries with the one most likely to have that ability..." Ren eventually notices Himet's hand and grins. "Should I be inquiring about putting forcefield technology in living room furniture?"

Himet pulls her hand away, instead onto the back of her head as she laughs again. "Oh, no, no. Don't worry about all that, it's just an odd bit of force field technology. It feels kinda squishy." She lowers her hand down to her side again as she calms down a bit. "But apartments yes..." She then frowns. "Ugh. And I suppose I will need a job, as well." She looks displeased at this thought. "I didn't bring that much in clothing with me, after all."

Serenity glances inquisitively to the trunk. "What is it that you brought with you?" Ren inquires, motioning an extended pair of fin edges through the forcefield towards it. "It looks as though you were packing for a trip."

"Yes, yes, I was, but I've completely missed that particular appointment." Himet waves a hand dismissively. "So now I'm stuck with only this for my worldly possessions. Nothing but a few changes of clothes and some toiletries. I'll just have to make do, won't I?" She must be understating how much clothing she has with her.

"I see," Ren says with a nod, but gives the luggage another skeptical glance after Himet characterizes the contents. "I also arrived here with just some light luggage. I had been planning to live frugally and with the ability to move around easily, and so haven't been missing things so much as people." Ren gestures downward the well-wrapped jar in the storage bin. "In addition to the apartment, I've mostly just accumulated a few culinary items since coming here."

Himet hums slightly as she seems to think of something. "I just am not quite sure I'm ready for a regular job yet, though. It can be a lot of time piled on top of... well, are there even classes here? Everything else seems so odd." She then pouts ever so slightly. "Or maybe I should just get a normal job."

"I've been considering how to go about having higher education offered here, or at least some sort of classes for adults." Ren offers, motioning toward Himet with an upturned fin edge. "Unfortunately, we're not quite there yet. I would appreciate it if you would keep in touch, in case that changes." Ren adds inquisitively, "What sort of job might interest you?"

Himet sighs in an almost melodramatic manner and falls onto a barstool to sit, face pointed in the general direction of the ceiling. "I was afraid of that. I haven't really thought about what kind of a job I'd get... I figured I'd have a bit more time before I'd have to settle down like that." She then looks back down towards Ren. "Then again, I'm guessing a lot of people get their plans interrupted like mine?"

Serenity nods in return, extending a pair of fins from the water to offer a pat on the shoulder. "I'd planned by now to be well into writing my first academic article from a different planet. It seems I have a different universe and rather a lot of distractions from doing much serious research at all." Ren motions outward toward the tables. "Still, it's certainly not dull."

Himet offers Ren a little pout. "You say that like it's a good thing. Ah, well. I've time to determine what to do, I suppose." She slides off the barstool once again and points towards the doorway. "Very well! Let's move onward!"

"I have far too many excuses for pessimism," Ren remarks with a smile. "I'll keep a hold on whatever reasons for optimism I can find." Ren glances toward the door and then back to Himet, shifting the proportion of body held vertical to match her height. "Would you like to request a room, then? Or to leave your luggage at the apartment building while taking a tour elsewhere?"

"Oh, I think getting a room proper is the way to go. I can't just leave all my worldly possessions unguarded in a strange new place, can I?" Himet pats the side of the four and a half foot long case with her right hand. "After that, I don't see why not to have a proper tour of the town." With a light smirk, she motions towards the door, seemingly intent on following Ren to the next destination.

Serenity starts for the exit, flowing away from the bar with a slow undulation of the 'wings' in the floating mass of water. "That sounds reasonable," Ren agrees, pushing into the door and leaving it slightly damp. "As attractions in town go, I'm rather partial to the dance club here," Ren remarks, turning to motion towards the room while continuing in the same direction.

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