2015-11-14 - You Can Have One, But the Price is Costly

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You Can Have One, But the Price is Costly

Summary: Just a relatively idle scene on the beach with DM, Morgana, Urus, and Serenity.

Who: Doommuffin, Morgana, Serenity, Urus
When: November 14th, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Out on the beach, there's a makeshift shack from which a flashing light can often be seen within. A flashing light which is accompanied by the sounds of an arc welder. It's a small shack, really, with a roof at only about 6 feet off the ground. The front of this building is more open than the other sides, making it appear to be a small garage. Those looking in from this side can clearly see the green-haired gnome working on a quadrupedal robot of some sort.

The siren lounges in the shallows , just a few feet off the section of the beach where DM has her shop. She watches the gnome work, casually absorbing the oddness of all this mechanical tinkering. Her dark fins sweep side to side lazily in the water and the ends of her long hair drift to and fro with the slow gentle rhythm of the waves. A crystalline note lifts from the siren and is joined by another and another till a full song spills over the area. Her song is not the loss filled thing it once was but one more of a more gentle longing. The notes dance over the water and onto the land to tease at the ear.

On break, Urus just so happened to be walking in the area. Trying to find a part of twisted where he could find a place to relax. He seemed to be a magnet for all the things in the realm that were potentially going to kill you. Undead, possession by 10,000 year old soul... Kotal Kahn. Then the sound of the siren's melodic song floats out to him. The Irresistible melody drawing him farther towards the beach. He searches the coast for the origin of the tune and soon comes upon the mermaid. She looks vaguely familiar but the tail is throwing him for a loop. "Hello sweet sounding lady of the ocean" had the song not enthralled him like it is ultimately meant to, he would have been quite intrigued by the technological craftsmanship that was going on.

Serenity ripples over the grassy hill with a slow flow of deep blue fins in the irregularly floating column of suspended water. Ren cuts a curving path across the sand, illustrating conflicting impulses. Ren starts toward the end of the dock at first, veering toward the entrance of building temporarily erected on the beach, then aims to circle at some distance (as if recalling what happened to the previous iteration of the building), before finally veering toward the vicinity of the mermaid music.

Another thing to add to Urus' list of things that can potentially kill him: Gnomish Engineering gone amok! Really, that's the best kind of Gnomish engineering, some would say. Those people are a bit insane, but some would in fact say that. As new sound is out there to compete with both Morgana's song and her own metalworking, Doommuffin looks up from her work to outside, a hand moving up to her super-fancy goggles to fiddle with a setting or twelve. "Oh! It's that gnoll fellow from before. I don't believe I've seen him since I first got here." She seems content to let Morgana be the center of both Urus' and Ren's attention for the moment as she re-adjusts her goggles back to what would be appropriate for using her arc-welder and returns to her work on the vaguely felinoid mechanical body.

Morgana is languid in the gentle wash of the waves. Her voice ringing in that stirring melodic song. There is no directly pointed call to this particular song but it is still siren song and it is always compelling in its own right. When the hyena comes to the beach and speaks she rises to a sitting , water and dark hair spilling over her shoulders and down her chest. Curling her tail under her, she sits on one hip and looks up at the fellow. A small smiles curves the sirens lips and her black eyes light with recognition. "You are...Urus, warrior and one who sings the song of my chosen ones people, the diggy song? You fought with us in the tavern." When she sees Serenity she offers a pleasant nod. "well met Ren." Yes she has been taking lessons from the dorf.

The familiarity clicks as Morgana explains a little bit. Now able to think clearly he gazes around, seeing the scene around him. One could almost call it calm, if it were not for the industrial clang of gnomes doing what they do oh so well. He turns back to Morgana "You are the feisty one that would not hold back. Quite impressive. I would say more but, that would be in bad taste." Mermaids, just another thing to know actually exists. Urus is going to be thrown in the looney bin if he ever gets back and tells people what he has seen here in twisted! He sees Serenity and waves trying to keep a modem of respect from, those he has not peeved, yet. And then there is the gnome, obviously ,since she has been here for the last few weeks, not a creature to be worried about despite her appearance and similarities with the undead. He bows down to look into her shop, left arm leaning on the roof. "What is this you are working on?" he asks genuinely curious about the technology at hand.

Serenity raises a pair of fins in greeting to Urus and Morgana, though without trying at the moment to even give a vague impression of having an arm in there. "Hello," Ren rasps cheerily, then twists to look as Urus wanders off toward the workshop. Ren watches for a moment watches for a moment before leaving him to that, perhaps concluding that he can take care of himself, or that Ren isn't in a position to do anything about it if he can't. Then Ren drives the hovering black disc of the field generator a bit closer to the water and drops more tail end horizontal to come closer to Morgana's height. Ren looks a bit uncertain for a moment before motioning an upturned fin edge out to sea and inquiring, "Have you made any interesting discoveries of late?"

Doommuffin looks up from her work towards Urus, shutting off her welder and readjusting the goggles again. "Oh! Well, this is a combat-body that I'm building for my cat! It already has fully functional retractable claws and fangs intended to rend flesh and annihilate enemies!" She sounds far, far too cheerful as she says this. "Right now I'm working primarily on re-enforcing the body form and doubly-so in the weapons areas. I was nearly done, and then I intend to start work on actually inserting the turbines for swift submarinal propulsion!" She motions with a hand to a series of fan-blades in a pile off to the side. If Urus is used to highly precise engineering, this is not what he's seeing with this entire device. Oversize nuts and bolts abound throughout the thing, and there's always something a bit off about proportions.

As Urus wanders off she tilts her head then turns her attention and those black eyes toward Serenity. She sweeps a hand over her scales then reaches up an drags her hair over her shoulder and combs it with her fingers. "I have found many things, and there is much yet to explore. There is a shining below, light from something I have yet to find, out beyond the stone people. As soon as Muradin and Doommuffin have gear enough for further exploration I mean to go find that glow and see what it is. You are welcome to join the exploration. I can't think a child of the sea is comfortable always on land." She tilts her head and looks fully at Ren "I would protect you and keep you safe in the sea."

Urus Nods his head in comprehension "power armor for your pet? That is one of the most ridiculous, yet interesting things I have ever heard." The workmanship obviously being not as good as what happens with trillions of dollars of Research and development but the entire Idea was definitely there, he had never actually seen one work before. Her cheerful mentions of tearing her enemies apart, although concerning to others is a good sign in Urus' book. After she finishes he asks "sub-marinal propulsion? As in send a cat underwater? Unless cats behave differently in this world then where I come from, most cats hate water. You would have better time trying to steal a god's sword." He knows, because he's done it before, and he is proud of it. Then, a thought goes through his head. "so once you have this prototype working, how hard would it be for you to make one for something the size of say me?"

Serenity shifts gaze quickly from Morgana's fingers and back to her eyes as she combs the hair. "A light visible for so far that you can't identify it?" Ren remarks inquisitively. "That certainly sounds artificial, and perhaps the work of people who know how to manage a city properly." Ren then mentions, motioning toward the city, "I'm not especially enthusiastic about breaking new frontiers personally, though. I'm comfortable being within easy travel distance of familiar civilization. It just so happens that the familiar civilization here has an inconvenient amount of air in it." Ren adds, "But you mentioned some transportation under construction. What sort is that?"

Doommuffin listens through to the end of all of Urus' points and questions... and starts laughing. It's not quite the cute laughter that one would normally expect out of someone as adorable as a gnome... no, this is a bit darker. "I think you misunderstand the nature of my cat. Deathcake..." She points over to the side where the transparent form of a siamese cat can be seen napping. "...Is no longer with the living. The very nature of this device is designed around that basic fact. There is no cockpit, there are no controls. It operates via possession. That said..." She grins darkly. "I could still arrange such a thing if you really want it." As she says this, the lenses of her goggles seem to glow more brightly. Or rather, her eyes do. She laughs again as she turns back towards her work, readjusting her goggles back as she does so.



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