2015-11-16 - Advent of the--ANOTHER Goddess

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Advent of the--ANOTHER Goddess

Summary: Deis's powers come back... WITH A VENGEANCE!

Who: Deis, Muradin, Doommuffin, Morgana
When: November 16, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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It's a very sudden sensation... the expansion of power in the area of the beach, felt like a bubble formed in lava is seen. Wind kicks up in the area, blowing sand across the beach. Carried on that wind... is laughter. A woman's mirthful laughter, and the smell of embers and ozone. Its source?


She stands in a clear stretch of the beach, arms out to her sides, laughing delightedly as a vortex of magical power swirls around her, drawing inwards closer. Her arms go up over her heads as the whirlwind lifts her of the ground... and then her back arches suddenly as her body begins to change. Her legs begin to fuse together as one, to lengthen, and then to grow scales.

Her laughter continues as the vortex begins to calm down, setting Deis down again. It's not as she was, though. Instead of legs, her lower half is a snake's tail, light where it joins to her body but slowly darkening to forest green at the end. Aside from that she has not changed.

The sense of power dims slowly, like retreating waves. And then Deis flops over onto her stomach. She seems a bit out of breath, laughing intermittently between panting. She doesn't seem like she's in any hurry to move.

So, should anyone come out to investigate (and didn't see her change), that's what they'll find-- a half-snake, half human female, catching her breath on a patch of sand that looks like a small windstorm has had to it.

As the wind kicked up across the beach, a certain little shack rattles under the sudden changes in air pressure all around. Clattering is heard in it as tools and scaps are blown out of place by the less-than-stable structure's movements. And then its less-than-stable occupant can be heard as well. "My arclight spanner!" shouts the gnome in her creepy, echoy voice. She /was/ originally going to just ignore the goings on that her own magical training allowed her to sence, since she was deep in tinkering... But now that her favorite tool has been wrenched from her grip in the surprise of the sudden shaking, she's no longer feeling quite as much 'in the zone' and instead pauses her work to step outside and see just what the heck is going on out there! After she retreives her arclight spanner, of course.

She of course does spot Deis, and looks quite... actually, it's really difficult to tell what her expression is, as her eyes are completely hidden by her overly complicated goggles, but her mouth is scrunched up slightly to the side. Then she reaches up and readjusts numerous dials on said goggles before simply saying, "Huh."

Looks like this beach has turned into the personal worshop for a few height impaired individuals. DM wasn't the only one that had set up a shop around here, since a dorf had also decided it was a convenient spot close enough for home to work on his own things. Additionally, gnome workshops tended to use and produce a lot of scrap metal, and Muradin found it beneficial to trade around materials with the little gnome.

The dwarven warrior had set up his forge just a few feet away from DM's workshop and because his was partially outdoors he was even less inclined to ignore the winds that suddenly decided to pick up and mess up his work. "Wot tha' sod is going on now!?" Muradin, being a dorf, and more prone to anger than a gnome, actually walked out his forge with warhammer and battle axe in hand. He wasn't wearing his armor, just his pants, boots and smithy apron, but being unarmored was of little concern to a Bronzebeard as long as he had a trusty pair of magical weapons.

"I'll be bashin' some bloody skulls in if it's those naga wankers again!" He swore and walked along with DM until they reached the source of the commotion. Huh indeed, Muradin -wasn't- completely wrong, it was a naga! But it wasn't the kind that he expected. "Is that a naga or not? I canna tell." He asks looking questioningly at DM.

Is it a naga? Maybe, maybe not. The top half of this particular snake-creature is most definitely human. And not just in that vague 'two arms, a head, and a torso' way, either. Human, with human skin tone, and long blue hair. Also visibly female. And wearing a lot of golden jewlery on her arms, too, and a golden belt on her join.

It takes her a few moments. But she soon seems to realize that she has an audience. "Oh, hello there~," she all but trills at the pair. She raises a hand to wave in Doommuffin's and Muradin's directions. "Sorry, I didn't realize that was going to cause /quite/ so much of a ruckus."

Doommuffin, apparently now happy with however she set her goggles, replies, "Well... This is most unexpected. Were you just corrupted by an old god? I could have sworn you were human the last time I saw you." She then tilts her head. "You appear to be mostly a Naga at the moment. Please explain the current situation, because I am failing to hypothesize a better cause for this than what I had previously said about being corrupted by old gods."

Corrupted by an old god!? A human last time she was seen? What in blazes is going on!? Muradin doesn't seem to be as composed as DM, though at the very least he isn't completely on edge as he was before. Rather than dismiss his magical weapons, he rests Mirithos on his shoulder whilst he keeps Troggbane low by his waist. All the while he's watching Deis curiously whilst he listens to DM's numerous hypothesis. As crazed as they might sound, its the only thing he can based himself on not knowing Deis before hand. Not unless he comes with some theories of his own. "Oi, are ye one of Morgana's relatives?" Eh, worth a shot. Morgana's the only person that Muradin knows of who can transform from a human to a merfolk.

"No, this is what I really look like," Deis explains to Doommuffin. She shifts over onto her side and props her head up with a hand, the other hand resting on her waist. "I've been weaker since I came to Twisted, but the past week or so I've felt it coming back. I felt it come back, so I called it back to me. I was hoping it wouldn't cause so much trouble here on the beach, but here we are. Sorry about that~."

The question of if she's one of Morgana's relatives gets a tilted head. "Not unless 'Morgana' is another name they've started calling my sister Myria," she replies. "Seems unlikely though... that sounds like a dark goddess's name, and Myria's flock always venerated her as the goddess of all good in their tiny world."

Doommuffin raises a finger and opens her mouth... and seems at a loss for words. She lowers her hand again and takes another moment to come up with something more intelligent to say than just 'whaaa?', eventually settling on, "So I've noticed that you don't quite appear to be a naga, or at least not a full naga, as your upper body is significantly lacking in scales and you in fact still have hair. Nor do you appear to be an elf, so I don't beleive you are an early stage of corruption that leads to one. You say your pre-exsisting power came in from elsewhere, which suggests that this is more what you consider to be your real self than what I had seen the last time we had met. This leads me to come to the conclusion that I just have to ask WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU?!"

As time passes, it seems like the attitudes between the gnome and the dwarf are beginning to shift. Where DM started looking very relaxed and is now getting quite flustered, Muradin on the other hand, started getting ready bash some brains out but by now looks to be completely at ease, he's even smiling a little. Perhaps because of Deis' amusing assumptions about Morgana.

"Heh, well she can be quite dark." Chuckles the thane. "But nay, Morgana's a mermaid that happens to be me wife. Figured ye two might know each other." Another thing to consider is that being married to a merfolk has broaden Muradin's horizons in terms of racial acceptance. He's now more likely to accept humanoids with tails instead of legs and such, hence why he might be feeling some kind of kinship with Deis.

At least more so that DM, who in a rare moment of confusion loses her inhibitions and starts screaming, startling Muradin just a bit. "Oi! Get a hold of yerself, lass!" The dorf barks back at her. "Remember we ain't in Azeroth anymore. Ye canna expect 'er ta look exactly the same as tha' naga from our world if she's from another bloody dimension." Muradin has heard plenty of tales from dimensions where dwarves are little cutesy things with flowers growing out of their heads, so its more than possible that Deis is just a different type of naga than they are not used to. Also, what's all this about her sister being a goddess?

Deis giggles at Doommuffin's question, not seeming to mind being yelled at. "I'm me~," she notes. Not terribly helpful, no. "But to clear things up, I'm not part of that force of nagas you have trouble with around these parts," she assures the undead gnome. "So you don't have anything to worry about on that score."

Muradin's mention of coming from another dimension gets a nod. "That," she agrees, pointing at Muradin. "Then again, I'm rather one-of-a-kind in my world too, so it's a little different there too."

However, perhaps for the first time since she's been here, Deis gets the idea that maybe NOT being a cryptic little snot might be a good idea. "All right. Since I can actually say this and NOT look like I've lost most of my marbles..." She shifts again, to get to her... well, she doesn't have feet to get to, but she stands up. "I am Deis. Goddess of Magic, Mysteries, and the esoteric."

Doommuffin calms down almost as soon as she's done screaming, really. She listens to the explanaitions coming from both sides of her, and then she seems to decide that everything is in order. "Oh. Okay, then. She certainly doesn't seem to be remotely as aquatic as Vashj and her lot, that is true. As for deities... Well met! The only thing calling itself a god that I've encountered previously was significantly less pleasant to be around." Seriously. A mass of mouths and tentacles is not something you want to sit down and have a conversation with. "Of course, if you're anything like that one, then everything around me is probably an illusion while you're eating my brain or something." She then pauses. "Although, that would explain a LOT."

So, at the very least Deis doesn't appear to be one of Vashj's naga. That means that Muradin can momentarily lower his guard and dismiss his magical weapons, his warhammer and battle-axe disappearing into thin air leaving his hands free, also a good sign that he's more relaxed now. "Aye, certainly less scaly." Agrees the thane with DM after her deduction and Deis own admission that she's not in cahoots with the more militant naga that lurk underwater.

"Another god, aye?" Muradin strokes his beard in thought once Deis properly introduces herself, not looking -too- impressed by the revelation. "All the gods 'round here gather in Town Hall. Some blighters named Kotal Kahn and Diablo me thinks." Muradin looked like he was about to say more, but DM's rambling about her brain being eaten by a writhing mass of tentacles and eyes is quite.. distracting. "Uh, she's talking 'bout tha' old gods from our world. We have quite a bit o' problem wit' tha' buggers." That's right, the dorf just called the old gods buggers. Gnomes aren't the only ones that can be extremely disrespectful.

"Anywho, name's Muradin Bronzebeard, and this is me friend Doommuffin. Pleased to meet yet. Oh! Ye should come underwater and meet the missus, we can have tea and biscuits." And strong dwarven ale too, but that goes without saying.

"Eeew." Deis wrinkles her nose a little. "No, brains aren't as tasty as people think. Particularly not human brains. All those polluted thoughts. is it any wonder there are so many evil gods running around the worlds?" She sounds like she's serious. Though the tone lightens considerably as she further explains, "Until a short while ago, I didn't call myself a god either. I couldn't justify it, because I didn't have my full power. Now that I do, it's more appropriate~."

Not that she's ever been concerned with propriety. There's a very large turquoise-skinned man who would be able to agree to this if he were ever asked about this.

Deis also giggles at the calling of the old gods 'buggers'. "Well, I spent the last part of my time in my world being revilved as an evil goddess that was ally to the scourge that tried to destroy the world. All hogwash, of course." She smirks at the mention of Kotal. "I've actually met Kotal Kahn~," she sing-songs. "He has the most adorable curly hair under that helmet! All tightly curled like a little black lamb's coat- it's so cute~."

...Kotal Kahn? 'Cute'? That's probably a new one.

Doommuffin says, "Well, I've certainly met some ghouls that would disagree with you. That's but a part of why I stopped raising them, to be honest. Well, If you are in fact a goddess, then I'm going to have to presume you're generally okay, or else it would be fair to assume we would already be dead." She then scrunches he mouth to the side again. "Well, more dead than I am now at least. Seeing as the knowledge of your true self would presumably be something you would want kept secret, unless this is about a worship thing? I'm sorry, but I'm really not the type to bow and scrape before anyone."

Muradin all but facepalms hard when DM confesses to raising ghouls. And just when he was getting used to the idea of her raising a pet ghost cat. Anyway, if it doesn't bother Deis any it's not going to bother him. Honestly, with DM being a gnome Muradin sometimes feels like he has to apologize for her, like that one relative that obviously means well but has no tact. Fortunately, Twisted is pretty weird itself so there's few instances where Muradin feels the need to do that.

There is something that Muradin /does/ agree with DM though, and that is groveling. "Aye, donna take it personal if we don't worship ye or anything. We ain't that sorta blokes." The dorf clarifies. He's also apparently not overly concerned of pissing off a goddess judging by his relaxed tone of voice.

And speaking of gods, the comment about Kotal Kahn being cute draws an amused expression from the mountain king. "Aye? Me wife seems ta think he's a royal pain in tha' arse."

"Well, that's why I didn't mention it before now," Deis replies. "It's not necessarily that I want to keep it secret. But amongst gods, Ascending in front of them-- or really anywhere in their territory, unless you can't help it-- is generally a faux-pas. It's a declaration of war, generally. Particularly if you do it literally right in front of them. And it's rude to Ascend right in front of another god's faithful. Had I announced that I was a goddess in front of anyone here who might also be a god, that could be taken as a challenge. And I didn't have the power to back it up." She waves a hand dismissively. "Complicated godly etiquette."

She also giggles at the mention of Doommuffin and Muradin not worshipping her. "Oh no, I'm past that stage," she assures them both. "I'm not looking for worshippers. Besides that, I'm pretty sure whoever made this place would take exception if I started recruiting followers from his faithful."

As for Kotal? "Oh he does seem like a most glorious stick in the mud," she clarifies. "But those types can be the most fun sometimes~." Those are the words of someone who likes to poke sticks in the mud, it seems....

Morgana had been below the waves, hunting and patrolling her territory. She knew Muradin had gone to land to visit with DM and to check on her progress on her new project. It was not an uncommon thing now days. When the siren felt the odd vibrations hum through the waters she became concerned. She knew from the softness of the vibrations and the direction that they had come from the land and so she turned tail and made her way at a very quick pace toward land. Just a few hundred feet from the beach she breaks the water, leaping like a dolphin on the waves, catching a quick look toward the land then diving below and breaching fast again. Its just a few of these breaks from the water till she reaches the shallows and comes quite quickly up to the shallows where land and sea meet. Her dark eyes flash as she looks over those present as she rises from the water, newly shifted from her tail to legs and strides up onto the land. "My Chosen, is all well?" Her look is guarded and assessing.

Doommuffin says, "So this Kotal Khan person sounds important. Hrm. Perhaps I should meet him sometime." Luckily for Kotal, DM never did get his name the one time they met. At the breaching out to sea, her attention seems to move out to the water. "Well, if that's the case, I'd point out even I could feel some of the energies, and I really only specialize in necromantic magics. I'm sure those Kotal Khan and Diablo people felt that more accutely than I did, so I'd have to ask... Do you have an explanaition prepared for them if they were to appear here in... oh, the next minute or so?" Seeing that it's Morgana that comes up from the water, she waves to the mermaid.

Muradin is currently getting his edumecation in deity etiquette. And though he loves a good war as the next dorf, he can't say he's overly thrilled at the idea of deities squabbling for what little there is in Twisted, particularly with the naga lurking about and those blasted fog demons running all over the place. Therefore, he's glad that Deis isn't the type that bides for power. Or at least doesn't look like it. "Aye, good on ye, mate." He nods. "Tha' last thing this place needs is another deity mucking things up. Hard enuff on us mortals having ta deal with all this shait."

DM's call does draw some concern though. Just because Deis doesn't want to bide for power doesn't mean that Kotal or Diablo won't stride over here and start a fight. "Eh, if they do we'll just hammer it on 'em that we donna appreciate their posturing 'round 'ere. Plenty of blokes 'ere who won't hesitate to fight a god, including meself and me wife." Oh and speaking of, here she comes now!

"Ey luv!" Muradin waves at the incoming mermaid and quickly goes to take off his smithy apron to hand it to her and make her decent, sliding an arm around her waist after he does so. "Was just talkin' bout ye. Looks like we got us a friendly naga 'ere that ye might wanna meet."

Deis catches sight of the breaking of the surface, and looks out in that direction. Oh dear, that's not that pesky dolphin, is it? Deis sincerely hopes not. But no, she finds that it's not, when Morgana appears on the beach. "Hello there~," Deis greets with a smile. She doesn't seem to be at all disturbed by Morgana's state of undress.

Deis is indeed half-snake, should Morgana be looking at her. But on the bright side, she has a completely human upper half, and there's no scales on anything above her waist. She has hair and everything! But she does have a completely serpentine lower body.

Doommuffin's question gets a nod. "I'd have told them the same thing I just told you-- my powers just came back fully," Deis replies. "I was trying to find a place to reclaim them that didn't cause too much of a ruckus, but that didn't quite work out as I'd planned~. And I'm sorry about that, by the way." She's not above apologizing to mortals if she causes a real problem!

Though Deis pouts a little at the mention of 'hammering'. "Ah, I bet I could handle Kotal~," she sing-songs. "He seems like the sort to be a great big cuddly bunny if approached right." It is possible that Deis may not be working with a full deck, by the way. But she does nod at Muradin's mention that she's a 'friendly naga'. "I think that's technically the right term. Not to worry though, I'm not one of the aquatic sorts."

Morgana was quite used to Muradin's concern for her nudity though it still bothers her not. The siren arches a dark brow as her eyes light on the naga looking woman. Her head tilts and she makes a snort of a sound "Kotal is a blue bastard and will not hesitate to forcibly contain that which he feels is troublesome to his idea of what should be. In his own right, he is decent enough though he takes much upon himself that does not concern him." She allows the apron to be put over her and leans some into the dwarfs embrace. "A friendly naga, and not one who wishes to kill either of you? Greetings to you then and welcome to Twisted. So long as there is no threat then it is a pleasure to see new beings in Twisted. What is this talk of the gods though?" She plants one hand on a hip and shifts her stance slightly.

Doommuffin says, "Oh! Well, it seems that Deis here is a goddess that is increadibly non-chalant about her own status." She nods once. "And I can certainly approve of that, as well as her intent, or rather lack thereof, in killing us." Well, who wouldn't? "So now my general hypothesis is that a complete scaley covering on an otherwise humanoid individual with a serpentine tail is a sign of a threat, while smoother, more gnome-like skin on the humanoid portion is of less a threat in disposition, if not in power." She nods again, happy with her observation.

"Aye, that's 'bout tha' gist of it." Nods Muradin along with DM. "Goddess of magic an all that rot. Told her she'd prolly be right at home in Town Hall with all the other Twisted gods, but she says that's apparently a big no-no in the deity world." Far as Muradin can tell, it is as DM says and Deis doesn't seem to be particularly interested in killing them all, which is always okay in the dorf's book.

He can't help but facepalm again at DM's odd way of describing what an acceptable naga looks like, though she does have a point in some regards. "The less scales tha' betta'?" He wonders out loud and looks at Morgana. He can't agree 100 percent there since he's quite fond of his mermaid's scales.

Deis can't help but giggle at the 'blue bastard' comment. It's rather mean, yes, but the phrasing itself is what amused her. "Aww. I guess I can understand, though. The whole 'needing to control things'. My sister had that going on." Light tailflick, it's a nonchalant gesture. "It didn't work out too well for her."

Doommuffin gets a smirk, and Deis raises her index finger into the air as if to say 'wait'. "Not necessarily," she notes. "I can point you to my sister again. In her natural form she looks angelic, but her wings are upside-down. In her full-power form? She is a building-sized naga with a human torso but a serpentine lower half, bird wings, and horns poking out of a massive mane of hair. If you ever see that? You are probably about to die unless you have lots of help."

Here Deis shudders. "Also that facemelty thing she does is creepy."

Though she does offer a bit of clarification to Muradin's statement of the Town Hall. "Not exactly. I just didn't want to go running around saying 'I am a goddess' and not being able to back it up, because I didn't have my full power. There's nothing stopping me from going there /now/, as I am, though. It's just kind of rude to go in as a human and then pop the powers out in another god's presence. Kind of like waiting until you get to a party to get dressed, you know?" She smirks. "It's complicated."

Morgana cants her head to the side again and regards the naga female then actually groans and rolls her eyes "another god, just what this realm needs. At least you will have company. There is Kotal and the wolf goddess Ami, and now you and there are assorted other powers. Do you have powers over the sea or any manner of extra ability underwater or those that dwell there?" The siren has her reasons for calling Kotal what she does, her neck is still chaffed from his blasted control collar. She appreciates the woman not offering harm to her and hers but she has grown rather distrustful of gods and their heavy handedness.

Doommuffin says, "Not necisarily the less the better, so much as the less on the upper half." She does notice Muradin's glance to Morgana. "She's not serpentine; she's fish-like. My conjecture doesn't apply to her." She then listens to Deis' correction of the idea. "Well, it was an idea. So now you're saying all snake-humanoid hybrids but yourself are a threat?" Just like a Death Knight to think of things in terms of 'threat' or 'not a threat'."

Morgana's remark gets a pout. "I didn't exactly come here because I thought the realm needed me, or to fill a few more seats on my magical party bus," she points out. Yes, she knows what a bus is. "I was pulled here the same as the rest of you were, I assume." As for powers over water? "None in specific. My purview is just magic in general. I might be able to cast spells to breathe underwater, though, if I was needed down there."

"Not necessarily that either," Deis replies to Doommuffin. "Because there's a mortal child I know of who had dragon wings, but she was most definitely on the side of good. My point is, don't use 'all people that look like this are bad' or 'all people that look like this are good'. That's a good way to kill an ally or let an enemy get past your guard.~"

Doommuffin says, "Oh, really, it was a joke. If I honestly thought that way I probably would have attacked you for being as close as you are to the naga of Azeroth." She waves a hand in dismissal of the subject. "I've worked alongside orc allies against the Scourge and more recent threats, for instance. In general, I assume if someone is brandishing a weapon at me or verbally threatening myself or my allies, that's when I bring out the Runeblade." She motions with a thumb back at her makeshift workshop, where the large sword can be seen leaning against a wall.

"Oh! That's okay then~," Deis trills. A look to the blade, and Deis nods. "That's a good policy!" Regarding the separating of friend and foe. "Just be careful of my sister. If she finds her way here he'll have gifts in one hand an a sword behind her back. Figuratively speaking, she's never used a sword before. She'll just 'become unto a Fury', and then, building-sized, horned, winged snake-woman shooting lightning out of her melted face."

"...There's a difference between not considering something a threat and trusting it with my life," says Doommuffin darkly as she starts heading back to her workshop. "I was prepared to have my cat defend me today. It would have been an interesting experiment had the situation called for it." She then turns back to Deis, her voice now much more cheerful. "But I'm glad it didn't!"

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