2015-11-21 - A Chat and a Spar

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A Chat and a Spar

Summary: Serenity and Minu discuss the diminutive elf's combat training, while Urus has a spar with an eagle knight that's definitely not Kotal.

Who: Himet, Minu, Serenity, Urus
When: November 21st, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant - Gym


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The door to the gym opens, and from the restaurant someone silently walks in. While she's clearly female, her eagle-shaped helmet leaves her completely unidentifiable, which seems to be the way she wants it, considering she's not saying a word to anyone. Glancing around to see who's here, she pauses a moment before approaching the Holographic Opponent Generator. It seems this person wants to test her skills, or perhaps just keep them sharp.

The mollusc presses snout to the window, flattening the former and smudging the latter. After peering in for a moment, Ren opens the door and pours inside in a flutter of aquamarine 'wings' and gill feathers. Ren lingers by the door inquisitively but doesn't yet say anything to interrupt the occupants.

Having spent a few moments instructing the skutters in the finer points of smoothie making, Minu finally has her prize, a large blueberry apple smoothy! Noisily she slurps like an over eager ten year old. Gleefully she gets her first taste and makes a happy little squeal. "Finally!" Spotting Ren sliding through the door to the gym, curiosity gets the better of the elf and she follows. Cup held in both hands she puts her back to the door and pushes, backing into the space with wide golden eyes as she takes in the room and those in it.

Urus arrives at the gym with a small towel held in his left hand draped over his shoulder. He had heard that this was a great place to work and if he is going to be involved with stopping things that were most likely magic or special in any way, he would need to make himself better. When you have gods walking around it's not good enough anymore to be the hyena. As he walks in he notices a few new faces but begins with the one's he recognizes, especially his protegee. "Hello Minu! How is tiny terror today? Have you been practicing?" then there's the aquatic secretary. "Serenity! Good to see you. Did not know you worked out." As he looks around he is surprised at what he sees "this is better than what I could get back home I guess this universe has its advantages."

The helmeted figure of course looks over as people enter, and does a double take not at Serenity, but at Urus. There's a pause as she seems to consider her next course of action, then she looks back down at the H.O.G.'s panal and seems to come to her descision. Which is not to engage the system, but instead to walk towards the Hyena man. "Excuse me," she says in a voice that's clearly been filtered by the helmet, but is still feminine sounding. She nods towards Urus' weapon before asking, "Do you know of a good firing range around here? I don't want my skills to atrophy."

"Hello," Ren rasps amiably to Minu. To make room for her, Ren slides the disc of the field generator and the mass of floating water to the side with a slight ripple of the fins. "And hello to you, too," Ren says as Urus arrives. Bending tail end horizontal while otherwise 'standing' upright, Ren splits the height difference between the two arrivals. "I'm a bit lacking in the department of internal levers and pulleys, which seem to be a requirement for most of the equipment here," Ren explains to Urus, "But I do stop in every now and then to see if anyone might be performing any interesting martial arts." As Himet comes over to Urus, Ren nods politely and shifts closer to Minu.

Minu smiles brightly at Ren and waves to her. When Urus comes in she is in the middle of another long slurp of her smoothie. One little hand waves and she swallows and nods "Urus! Hi. Yeah, the area in front of the TASK building is getting distinctly sticky." She giggles then looks at the person in the helm and her big golden eyes go wide behind her glasses "ohhh Hi. Don't think I have see you about before."

Urus without looking he answers "I wish I knew. This would be great time to practice my marksmanship." He smiles as thankfully he is not the only one who cares about getting the job done from a distance. He is very proud of Minu's continued grenade practice. He could already see the disgust on the war god's face when he walks by. The mental image is a reward in and of itself. "yes, not everyone is attuned to the same job. You and Minu alike take the fight to the paperwork for us and I thank you for that." He answers Ren, the fact of the matter is that he was being truthful about thanking them for him not having to do paperwork. As he turns to the apparent sharpshooter his smile vanishes as he sees the headdress. "Great not another follower of Kotal. Just what twisted needs." he says sarcastically without lowering his voice one decibel. Sooner or later he will find a place where he might find some peace AND be away from big blue's influence.

The helmeted head nods in acknowledgement of Serenity and Minu, but doesn't give a verbal greeting. She then tilts the helmet slightly as she turns it to face Urus again. "Follower? No, I wouldn't call myself that per se. He's a bit... old fashioned for me. I prefer to handle things in a bit of a newer manner. Ah, well. Maybe I'll just have to find a place and let trouble come if someone doesn't like my keeping up with it." She shrugs and turns back away again, towards the H.O.G. At least she knows she can keep her melee skills sharp here.

"The physical security is likewise appreciated," Ren acknowledges Urus before watching the exchange with Himet. "Sticky ground?" Ren repeats with an inquisitive dip of the rhinophores to Minu. "Does this have something to do with 'practicing'? I take it that this isn't practice with computer interfaces."

Minu tilts her head and watches the exchange then notices the unknown person's helm, it is similar in some ways to Kotal's eagle helm but she isn't sure there is a direct connection. At least she has not seen any new contracts signed. When Ren questions she blushes a little and giggles "umm...Urus has taught me how to use grenades, but Kotal wont let me have any until I am more practiced and he deems me...safe. So I have been practicing with something less...lethal. The fourth floor makes a good launching platform. Helps me get my distance right."

"Kotal old fashioned." Urus' condescending attitude suddenly changes. Anyone who can be critical of the god is decent in his book at this point." You seem like good person. so then you are what? Kotal 2.0? If you are looking for action I think I could do. If he is old and you are new. Let us see if the Aztec way stands the test of time here." Sparing, no matter what year it becomes, there will always be the need to test yourself against another. "Minu" he turns to look at the owlet. "do you mind spotting me in case something goes wrong. Don't want to be left to the mercy of anyone who even smells like Kotal. Let alone might be a distant relative."

The helmeted woman turns again to look back at Urus. "Are you asking for a spar? Well, I suppose that would be more interesting than a holographic opponent." She continues on to the sparring area and takes the short sword from the small of her back... complete with the sheath still on it. This is a sparring match still, of course. The sheath is printed with an odd pattern of butterflies and storm clouds, and seems to be held quite well to the weapon, apparently designed to be used like this. But that's her left hand, as her right takes the larger weapon slung on her hip, which resembles a straight club made of modern materials and has what looks somewhat like very blunt metal teeth arrayed on opposing sides. "He's incredibly old fashioned. I've met him once, and everything about him felt before western civilizations made contact. From his macuahuitl and 'armor' to his very appearance as Huitzilopotchtli. I'm a bit more up to date." Somehow, you can just tell she's smirking behind that visor.

"I see," Ren remarks, regarding Minu thoughtfully. "It does make sense that you would be using height-based attacks on a ground-based threat." Ren motions downward with the edge of a pair of fins. "After I heard about you ending up in that bit of fighting, I worried that you might be trying something more dangerous to yourself." Ren glances from Urus to Himet and back with his request. "What is it that you are dropping as practice?" Ren adds to Minu. "Ketchup bottles?" With the action yet to start, Ren doesn't seem to be paying much attention to just the quality of those weapons.

Minu giggles softly and shakes her head "oh no. I am to small and I am no warrior. I tend to be air support. Just distraction really. I am practicing with.jello cups. It was Urus' idea. When I was in the hospital after the DMC was blown up..I was very bored and fussy and it was a way for me to learn something new and think of something other then my head hurting."

"Alright then" Urus says as he follows the helmeted woman to the sparing ring and drops the towel at the base of it, then takes off the bandoleer he always has on him and quickly clears the gun, dropping the full mag, and cocking back the bolt to un chamber the last round. He keeps the sling on the weapon but makes sure it dangles loosely, lightly touching the floor. Keeping his MP5 by his hip, holding it muzzle down with one hand he says "the saying, never bring a knife to gun fight is true, so what if I bring UNloaded gun to knife fight?" He smirks at her and stands at the ready, wide stance and both hands on the weapon pointing it from the hip. "You make first move."

The helmeted woman nods. "Well, I suppose it could work as a club... But I wouldn't rely on it against a proper weapon. If I had Sturmfalter unsheathed your weapon would be cut in two on your first strike." She reverses the grip on her still sheathed shortsword. "But now I bring up the question... Should my macuahuitl be powered or not for this fight? It'd probably be better practice for me with it unpowered, but what would be better for you?" She drops to a fairly low stance as she takes a look at his own. Her camo shifts in coloration to the area around. It's nothing like cloaking, it's more just matching the general coloration. Sliding her right foot forward an inch, she tenses up on her left leg and springs forward with an alpha strike, swinging the dull metal toothed and unpowered macuahuitl for Urus' shoulder while swinging the sheathed wakizashi upward towards his gun in an attempt to knock it at least to an awkward position.

"Gelatin dessert?" Ren comments with a note of amusement. "In fact, I almost guessed something of the sort, though thought the better of it. I'm certainly not the one to ask about whether that is good tactics, but at least as something to cheer you up during recovery, that was an excellent idea Urus had. Ren grins and motions an extruded portion of fin towards her smoothy. "It's a shame that we can't actually attack the demons with dropped cups of drink made from blessed vegetables." Ren glances up quickly from Minu as Himet strikes.

Minu slurps on her smoothie then smiles again at Ren. "Urus was kinds to me in the hospital, stayed with me the whole time and explained things when I hurt and didn't understand. He's a jerk, but...he's a good jerk. As to dropping stuff on demons, I wish it were that easy. I have learned that when in owl form I can lift about ten pounds and fly with it, so that dropped from high up can do damage. And I am out of the way of the fighting. Its kinda the best help I can offer in a fight."

Urus immediately noticing the speed she puts into her first strike knows that unless she too is godlike, that speed and strength are inverse properties in most people. With the open magazine port in his submachine gun he deftly slides the gun onto the coming dagger and twists the apparatus to attempt to disarm her of her secondary weapon. Its bad enough when you have in essence a spiked club coming at you. To which he kneels and ducks, allowing the weapon to sail over him and left shoulder first counter attack by shoving himself into her center of mass to disrupt her rhythm and stance.

That's the problem with an alpha strike. If you don't take them out immediately, you tend to be left open. While the helmeted woman's grip remains on her shortsword, there's little she can do to avoid the center of mass tackle. Knocked back, she takes a precious second to recover a stance, this time looking a bit more defensive. No, she's definitely no goddess, just as mortal as anyone else in the room.

"I suppose charitable incivility is better than a charming evildoer," Ren observes thoughtfully to Minu while glancing back to Urus. Ren regards the exchange of moves with eyes at half-mast, suggesting a wince. "I'm glad that you were able to find a way to contribute to the fight. I fear that the goals and fears of the enemy leader are not going to be conveniently found in a book."

Minu watches the exchange between Urus and the unknown woman. The little elf wrinkles her nose in a wince of her own. She looks back to Ren and sighs "yeah, I have not come up with anything useful either. And its not for lack of trying. Its very frustrating."

Urus Is pleasantly surprised when she stays standing as it means that she will not disappoint if they ever battle together on the same side. Admirations aside, he is still planning on taking her down. He takes a new found confidence as he himself takes the offensive. Hands in the normal firing position despite the fact he has no ammo and steps forward placing his foot behind her rearmost leg. Then he swings back and sends the buttstock of his weapon towards her chest. Although he never trained to fight against these Aztec weapons, it seems dodging baseball bats and energy blades translate decently well. The staff in charge believed in learning on the job.

It's becoming more clear as time goes on that Urus outclasses the helmeted woman, but she's not stopping yet. On Urus' pulling back his weapon to strike, she throws the sheathed wakizashi at him and jumps backwards into a flip, using her now free hand as a pivot point. Unfortunately for her, her foot placement is off as she unintentionally clips it against Urus' striking weapon. The result of this is a landing that is definitely not how she intended, her left foot hitting the ground at an awkward angle. She tries to recover from this, but it again loses her that precious second she'd need to go back on the offensive.

"While I would have some serious reservations about the ethics of starting one without a government enforcing codified rights," Ren mentions to Minu, motioning out to the sides, "I have to wonder if an intelligence organization would be able to help us here." Ren adds with a shake of the head, "Or perhaps we could just better fortify the barrier and hope that the enemy gets bored and goes home- an only slightly more unlikely possibility. Not being able to stem or even understand the source of the problem is indeed frustrating." Ren cringes slightly at the weapon-throwing, apparently taking an extra moment to predict its path.

The little elf looks thoughtful "well we are small society, but the very nature of Twisted makes intelligence so very important. We must get ahead of the perpetually new threats. Like this thing Kotal sent word about, some sort of tribe under the ocean that is warlike? When did they show up and how long have they been there. Who are they, what are they? It just seems we have no game plan to get ahead of this thing..or anything. I am doing my best to help with keeping Kotal organized but, I am not sure how much good I am doing." She finishes her smoothie with a noisy slurp and sighs.

Although it was a move of desperation the throwing of her weapon does more than she expects. While she regains her footing, he regains composure as the sheathed blade bounces off the gun and the pommel of it comes back to smack him in the face. He backpedals a few steps taking his left hand off his gun and grasping his head. He lets go, shakes his head wildly and bares his sharp teeth. He tosses his weapon aside finally and prepares for the final bout. The claws on his fingertips glinting under the incandescent lighting, prepared for what he has in mind for them.

Himet holds up a hand. Her left, since it's now free. "If this were real, I think I would have just won. Sturmfalter is a high frequency blade, and likely would have opened your head up just then." Still, she doesn't relax out of a stance yet, instead taking her larger weapon into a two-handed grip as she prepares for the next strike. With that bad landing, she's less mobile and knows it.

Serenity nods at Minu's example. "By the way, I may know a few people with answers to those questions about the naga people. Perhaps they're not unbiased sources, but they may be closer to the facts than I." Ren continues, motioning to her, "If you can provide any order at all, that's better than none. And I would help happy to help you make progress in whatever way I can- most likely research techniques and writups, but" Ren glances to the fighters as Himet speaks, if we can avert war with dazzling capoeira displays, I'm all in there, too."

Minu smiles at Ren. thank you. You are a a very much needed help in TASK. And a cool head when there is so much hot blood. Any information on the people of Twisted that we can collect is surely to be a benefit. She turns her head away briefly when Urus takes the hit to the face. She shakes her head and her eyes go wide when she watches him flex his claws. She has seen him loose his cool in battle, its not pretty and she hopes he's not about to go all...fierce and beasty "Urus..this is training and sparing remember. There is fresh raw ribs for snack after your done...just don't forget she's not truly your enemy ."

"It will only take second!" he shouts back to Minu as he rushes in and preforms a dropkick on the flat of the blade in an attempt, despite the fact that she is using both hands, to force it out of her grip. When he lands he pushes himself quickly back up and using his body weight, for lack of a better term, pounces upon her digging his claws into her armor to get a good grip. Then lunges in with his teeth towards her throat, but does not connect purposely, similar to what would be done with any weapon.

The helmeted woman glances briefly at Minu as she seems to be trying to calm down Urus... a cause for alarm for the modernized Cuauhocelotl. But this warning actually backfires for her, as she's not looking when Urus launches his attack. She starts to push away to dodge out of the way, but there's that definite twinge in her motion as she puts too much weight on what is apparently a sprained ankle. She's again able to keep her grip on her weapon as he kicks at it, but her lack of mobility just makes it impossible for her to get free before the hyena man's claws dig into the harder chest armor underneath her color shifted fatigues. "And then that would have opened my throat," she says, now standing still in defeat. "Well, I don't think I can go on further. I'm going to need a brace for my ankle as it is, I believe."

Serenity smiles and nods an acknowledgement to Minu. Ren does not seem particularly worried about the two people with armored organs landing hits - until Minu implies there might be a reason to worry. Ren frowns and quickly follows her eyes to Urus. His reply, likewise, appears to have been less than encouraging to Ren, who 'blinks' when he then lunges. After Himet calls a halt, the marine mollusc just looks on in confusion.

Minu visibly eases. She can tell Urus had his "instincts" under control and was just sparing with all his weapons. She leans over to whisper to Ren "I am learning that some of our, co-workers have such strong survival instincts that sometimes they can get out of hand easily. I was just worried he would forget it was all in good fun. He didn't though. All under control." She calls out merrily "Good job you guys. I think we need snacks now. I want onion rings!" As she simply turns and with a bounce and a smile makes her way from the gym to the restaurant.

Urus gets off of the woman and reaches for a hand shake. "That was good fight. Good to know we have so many able people here. If you want I can take a look at that" he says pointing with his free hand to her ankle. "Not first time things have gone wrong in practice." He goes over to where he tossed his gun and puts it back where he likes it. "In heat of competition I do not think I got name." In fact he has been fighting this woman to which he knows very little about. He had not seen her around before and the first time they meet, they go into combat. typical.

The helmeted woman pauses for a moment after grasping Urus' hand for the handshake. "You can call me... Ashmist. And sure, if you think you can do something for that. I'm guessing it's just a sprain from the impact, though. Nothing a bit of time without putting to much weight on it won't fix."

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