2015-11-22 - Morning After Syndrome!

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Morning After Syndrome!

Summary: The morning after Zelgadis fainted, the poor guy wakes up in a strange bed...

Who: Zelgadis, Deis
When: November 22, 2015.
Where: Integra Arms - Deis's Apartment


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Warm. That might very well be the first thing that Zelgadis becomes aware of. It's very warm. Secondly, there's something very soft beneath him, and something fluffy over him. It's probably pretty comfortable unless his body temperature runs hot. Or if he isn't affected by or doesn't need warmth. But in the latter case it probably won't be uncomfortable.

...It doesn't smell like his bed, though. It smells like a woman's bed.

If Zelgadis opens his eyes, there's a darkened, plush bedroom there. Curtains are drawn over the window to block out the sun. Zelgadis will find himself resting on a giant burgundy cushion, with several smaller, very soft pillows. A fluffy blanket has been pulled up over him.

There's soft carpet on the floor too, and the place just seems to be made for the comfort of someone sleeping or resting in there. Notably however, he's got that whole big cushion to himself.

Zelgadis wakes up slowly. ...There's fluffy everywhere and it's warm! DEAR GOD The CHICKENS HAVE COME BACK TO FINISH THE J-...Oh. No. It's someone's place. Oh god. Did he FAINT? He shakes his head clear and sits up, peering around. He's not quite...sure who could be living here. Well, given the embarrassment, at LEAST he didn't end up in Deis's place. He likes her bunches, mind you, that'd just be REALLY embarrassing! He starts to brush the covers aside and calls out tentatively, "Is anyone here?.."

His call is answered swiftly by a familiar voice. "Oh, hello there~!"

...Uh-oh. Maybe he DID end up at Deis's place! What would he do then?!

Sure enough, the woman with the serpentine lower half appears at the door from around a corner, and leans her shoulder against the doorjam. "Glad you're awake! I was a little worried when you suddenly passed out like that. I thought about taking you to a hospital, but having to explain that you fainted of blood loss to your brain would probably have been pretty embarrassing." She winks.

Zelgadis turns RATHER red and manages to cover himself back up with the cover, sinking into the cushion deal just a bit. *@_@* "I WHAT!?" He off-sides, muttering to himself. "Is it possible that my shyness has finally left me at the mercy of the fairer sex? ...Why does it not feel like such a BAD thing?..." He turns back 'in-scene' and offers Deis a weak smile. "I am...sorry that you had to deal with me. I have no idea how that could have happened. T...thank you, though, for taking care of me."

"It's no problem," Deis replies. "It wouldn't be the first time. And it's kind of a compliment, you know? After all, if I can get someone that worked up, clearly I've lost none of my 'charm' over the millenia." She titters slightly.

"But, more seriously, do you want something to eat? If I have anything you can digest, I can sure cook something. Do you eat anything a human would consider 'weird'?" she inquires.

Zelgadis rubs the back of his head. "Well, I..." Ah, food. Well, he IS a bit hungry. @_@ He shakes his head. "I don't think I eat anything 'weird'....my traveling companions ate...almost anything in sight. That might be considered strange..." He trails off there, his right eye twitching slightly. Evidently thinking about his old crew leaves him with mixed emotions.

Deis sees this and offers an honest, commiserating smile. She's not trying to flirt with him as of yet. "All right then, I think we're good." She does beckon him out of the room, though heading into the kitchen. Omlette time! She starts pulling food out of the fridge in preparation to cook.

Zelgadis may note that despite the den-like look of the bedroom, there's a modern, open, airy feel to the rest of the apartment. The furniture is squarish and minimalist in design, but not uncomfortable.

Zelgadis doesn't even recognize the design concepts, really. 'Modern' is relative for this guy n.n; He follows after her for a bit but figures he'd be no help in the kitchen. He gently sets himself onto an appropriate cushioned spot and waits for her to cook? He calls over to her. "You have a lovely home, miss Deis."

"Awww, thank you," Deis replies, turning back from where she's 'standing' (if a snake can actually stand) at the stove. "That's sweet of you to say," she comments. "It's served well so far! Though once I settle in properly I may change it up a little." Not that a snake-tail can't deal with the environment, but now that her power's full back, she's going to need a focus to make the mot of it.

Also yes, she is making omlettes. There's a joke in there about snakes and eggs, but at least she didn't just toss the raw eggs on a plate, still in the shell, and offer him that. But no, she's doing the whole nine yards-- scrambled eggs with ham and cheese mixed in.

Zelgadis nods once. He sniffs at the air just a bit. His stomach going audible with some churning! He sighs softly, but it's a happy sound. *_* Evidently the idea of food is quite appealing to him, at the moment!

Deis chuckles. "Your stomach seems to be introducing itself!" she teases lightly. "Oh, I forgot... you're not a vegetarian, are you? I don't keep the milk carton full of eggs, but I can add spinach instead of meat?" she offers.

Zelgadis shakes his head. "No. I am not a vegetarian. I try to watch my diet just a bit, of course, but I don't limit myself as such. I eat FAR less in the way of dessert than my former traveling companions, however." ...*eye twitch*

Deis chuckles. "Oh, I don't know. It's nice to have smething sweet every once in a while~." There's that wink again. And NOW she's flirting with him. Though she makes up for it rather immediately, since it won't take long for the food to be done. Omlettes aren't exactly 'rocketsurgery and brainscience' to make. "Milk, juice, tea, coffee, or soda to drink?" she asks.

Zelgadis flushes a bright red. Looks away just a little, involuntarily. ...What? Snake body or not, Deis is a hottie. She's being super nice to him too, so...n.n; He stammers a sec, clears his throat and offers a shy smile. "Tea would be lovely, miss Deis. Thank you."

Deis nods. And then a moment later, one of those fluffy, melty, meaty omlettes are placed on the table in front of Zelgadis, with tea. There's sugar on the table, too, if he likes sweet tea. And there's probably milk in the fridge-- you don't get omlettes this fluffy without milk. The other omelette is placed on the other side of the small table, with a glass of juice.

Though she pauses a moment, to get her legs back, in a whirlwind of purple-white power that swirls around her lower half. Then she slides into the chair. She does offer, "Chairs are a bit of a pain for my other form. I don't really have hips in that form, so I've been known to slide out of a chair unless I put all my coils on it, and I'm not sure this poor chair can take that." A chuckle.

Zelgadis flushes. Those ARE some nice le-....damn it Zel! Focus! He laughs softly, shaking his head. "Some chairs can't hold my weight, to be honest. I've learned to hold myself with my legs a bit more." He drools over the omelet, however *_* *nom*

If Deis notes the flush, she doesn't mention it. Though when he notes his weight, she nods. "I noticed you were a bit heavier than a human your size would be," she observes. She doesn't seem to be making a big deal about it, though, which he might be able to appreciate.

Zelgadis ALWAYS gets slightly put off when his 'condition' is mentioned. He appreciates her not making a fuss about it though, none the less. He knocks on his arm, releasing a dull thud each time. "Unfortunately, my stoney exterior raises my body weight."

Deis gets past that part pretty quickly. When you are a woman made half of snake, a man made partially of rock isn't too weird. Definitely unusual, but not really all that weird. "I can see how that would work, yeah," she confirms. "Having ten feet of snake attached to your butt can be a problem in a world designed for humans, too."

Zelgadis laughs softly. That was a pretty funny way of approaching that situation. He nods briefly. "You will find that Twisted is NOT designed simply for humanoids, but can accommodate any of the varied types we have here. You should be able to find whatever you need to be comfortable."

Deis nods! "I've noticed that," she confirms. Really all the running around with my snake out was just gauging reactions. "It didn't get nearly as bad I thought it would. I'm sort of the devil in my world, so if I was seen like that there would have been mass panic."

Zelgadis quirks an eyebrow. "You're....a 'devil' in your world? I don't understand. You seem so friendly and kind. You're obviously caring as well. You could have just left me there...I wasn't even in any danger. How did your world come to see you in such a way? Is it merely misplaced prejudice?..."

Zelgadis knows that one well c.c

"That would be because my sister did a lot of really stupid things," Deis replies. "And I really didn't do much to stop her because I thought she'd come around. By the time I did realize she wasn't going to wise up, it was too late. See..." She pauses, sighs, and leans back in her chair a little, head tilted up to look at the ceiling.

"We weren't from that world either," she tries to explain. "We were from sort of a... higher dimension. Not heaven. But literally a dimension located above theirs in the spacetime continuum." She indicates a set of shelves. "Imagine the human world was the second shelf and my dimension was the shelve above it. Still part of the same shelving unit, but just located in a different place. Make sense?"

Zelgadis hmms. He nods. "There are many 'human worlds' but...I do understand your metaphor. I'm very sorry to hear that. What happened to your sister, in the end?" He offers a sympathetic look. "Did you have to...?" He trails off there, the meaning probably inferred.

"Well... she first tried to give the humans that summoned her everything they wanted. But they just fought over her favor. So the city dried up," Deis offers. "She picked up everybody who was left and wiped their memory, then conquered the other side of the ocean and put everyone there. She put rules against technology because she didn't want her 'poor little babies'--" Airquotes! "--to destroy themselves."

Deis sighs. "I advised against it, but it wasn't until she made four warriors to wipe the native species of humanoid dragons from the world that I started to get involved. Aaaaaand then she sealed me up. In the end though, one of those dragons led a party of adventurers to off her." Here she smirks, but it's a little sad. "It's always a party of adventurers, isn't it? But yes, I did help them."

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