2015-11-28 - Somthing Fishy This Way Comes

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Something Fishy This Way Comes

Summary: Serenity bumps into Urus during his beach day, only to be inturupted by Morgana with a little test as well as Rayne's fishing.

Who: Serenity, Urus, Morgana, Rayne
When: November 28, 2015.
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Serenity wanders down from the grassy hill in a smooth undulation of the aquamarine 'wings', bringing along the hovering black disc of the forcefield generator and its floating blob of water. Ren starts off in the direction of the dock, or more specifically, the side of the dock.

Urus happens to already be down there. Most of his usual gear is lying down on a bright orange towel away from the water's edge. A scuba tank and attached respirator lays by the towel, obviously a part of a later plan. Currently a pair of red swim trunks address the possible civility problem, as well as the fact that he is currently wading neck deep into the water. His head fur looks dry for now, the probability of that changing seeming rather high.

Morgana had been prowling the shallows, collecting shells and smooth stones when she felt someone or something enter the water at the beach. She stayed under water and out of sight, not wishing to alarm anyone or intrude but curiously watched as the furry fellow moved about in the slightly cool waves. She didn't interrupt was he was doing but she watched and studied him , even sliding into the shadow of the pier so she would not be spotted, and lifted her head from the water long enough to realize who it was that was swimming.

Serenity pauses to peer at the scuba gear on the way across the beach, then continues down to the water, shifting course toward Urus upon spotting him. Ren doesn't, though, spot Morgana yet. Ren waves a pair of fins to him, extending the 'wing' from the suspended water to wave. "Hello," Ren hisses amiably to him while driving the field generator into the shallows. "Might that be your breathing gear on the beach?"

Urus is quite unaware of the siren as well, the portions of his fuzz that is underwater spreads out flowing with the current of the water, looking quite ridiculous in fact. He quickly turns around at Serenity's greeting and looks surprised. "Oh! Uhh hi..." expecting full well to be almost completely alone today. "yes, that is my gear. Surprised at what Smart sells. Not complaining." he quickly dunks his head in and brings it back out, water driping as he slicks back his fur on the top of his head, keeping it away from his eyes. "this is quite nice actually, not was expecting for first time."

Morgana turns her eyes toward Serenity as the colorful sea child makes her way down toward the water and addresses Urus. She tilts her head and looks thoughtful for a long moment. The presence of the sea slug would give her a way to test her new abilities. She does not wish to harm the little sea child of course but, she needs to know just how strong her new powers are. Waiting she ducks back into the water and stays out of sight for now.

Serenity slides over closer to Urus, but not so close that the seawater goes over the top of the suspended water. Ren keeps the face in the irregular dome formed by the field. "S-mart?" Ren remarks thoughtfully. "I had no idea they sold equipment of that sort, but I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, given all the other things it sells." Ren explains, "In fact, I have been looking for something to allow me to speak with a friend as this does," Ren dabbles an extruded portion of fin through the forcefield, "without the sound reflecting off the air-water boundary."

Urus gets closer to take a good look at it. "about how much does something like that weigh? I know some people back home that would kill for a containment field like that." He was not being figurative about the people back home. "sound bouncing off... hmm, seems to be rule with that sort of thing actually. Bigger ones back home block EVERYTHING almost like noise proof glass dome..." he knows of the technology at hand but is nowhere near able to do anything about it considering his lack of technical skill. "I heard ocean is like space. Very still, floating around. Need to try for self." He says taking a glance at the tank on shore "If only way to get peace." He murmurs to himself under his breath.

Morgana silently watched as Serenity slid into the water but not fully submerged. She noticed the disk still hovering and since she did not wish to cause harm, she herself moved into a more shallow place in the shadow of the pier, this way Ren could still be at the same depth she is in the water. With that move made she dipped down and sank to the sanded sea floor and started to very softly sing. It would not be volume but the way the notes carried that would bring her song to the sea slug. The song was sung just enough to awaken her power and then ever so gently she commanded "come to me, and bring a white stone." a simple thing, aimed at the sea slug. Her power and command spilled into the water aimed directly at the sea dancer. Were Serenity a non-sentient sea being, the command would be irresistible, but with Ren being an intelligent and sentient being, the command is rather like a strong suggestion and subject to the little sea dancers will.

"I believe the equipment weighs in the neighborhood of fifty pounds," Ren explains. "The hovering function negates that weight and much of the inertia. However, I was referring to the fact that the surface of the ocean or a pool naturally reflects sound quite well." Ren gestures a fin through the field to the sea surface. "When I'm outside this forcefield, I can't hear or be heard by air-breathers very well. Seeing your equipment, I wondered if there might be two-way radios suitable for use with breathing gear sold in the same place." Ren motions toward Urus and adds inquisitively, "Now, if you knew someone who could make an environment suit like mine, that would be even better."

Ren then looks confused for a few seconds before looking to the pier. "Hhh... Excuse me a moment..." Ren glances about the seabed distractedly. "I came here today to check on a fermentation jar I left out." Ren motions towards the midsection of the pier. "I think that I need to go put a reflective marker by it so I don't lose track." Which would be rather hard to do, given the clarity of the water. That thought seems to occur to Ren, who looks confused again.

Urus listens inquisitively as she seems to know quite a bit about the tech in question. All of it making a lot of sense as well as the idea using something in the way of underwater communications. Then the look of confusion or what he can decipher of it takes him by surprise. "you alright?" the excuse perplexes even him. "Fermentation jar? As in like pickles or something? let me help, wanted to get deeper anyway." He says as he gets the tank and hoists it up on his back, seeming to have no trouble with it. He wades back in, respirator working as well as it can despite not being made for his obviously non-human features. As he goes below, that's when he truly has a pause for thought. Morgana is there. Unbeknownst to him, she has been watching the entire time.

Morgana is focused on the little sea slug. When she seems almost likely to come to her but pauses in confusion the siren tries again. She draws her song softly around her again building the notes then sends them forth with another command this one with more force of will, aimed at Ren, "bring to me a white stone" just that and nothing more. She stays low in the water, completely submerged and in the shadows of the pier where her dark coloring is least likely to be seen. Even with clear water, there is a distance that most eyes have trouble truly focusing under the sea especially if they were not made for it as her own were. She notices the movement of Urus and when she sees him come under and turn her way she motions for him not to interfere. She is not harming any one, she is simply there.

"Hhh... yes, I'm sure it's nothing," Ren remarks, still glancing about until a white stone is spotted. "I was just feeling a bit disoriented for some reason." Still at the nearly-submerged depth, Ren puts the environment suit in park with a motion from the trailing edge of a fin. "You are welcome to take a look with me," Ren calls back to Urus, "I am seeing whether the marine microbes can make anything edible from starch and sugar. Ren then slips from the forcefield (and thus from speaking range) with a flare of fins and a flutter of the gill-feathers. Ren and pokes the gills back into and out of the separate bubble of water as if comparing something. That done, Serenity frowns and picks up a white stone from the bottom before flowing over toward the middle of the pier.

Urus stays silent, in fact he does not have much of a choice while under the waves. It is usually difficult to say anything intelligible while something is in your mouth. Despite this however he waits the entirety of his fur standing on end again, floating and flowing with the current, looking absolutely ridiculous as it happens. The extra buoyancy of the water makes him feel slightly more at home, the only difference being between what he remembers on the occasional time the artificial gravity went out on a ship and this was that he could still breathe normally on the ship. There is a slight smirk on his face, as he watches to see what exactly is going on between the two in their natural habitat.

The siren stays low and out of sight as she calls the little sea slug to her. When Ren starts her way, she shifts herself in the water to face her, staying submerged and continuing to beckon. One sleek arm lifts and stretches toward Ren. Her call is soft and yet that strong suggestion spills through the water and calls to the sea slug. "come".

A whistling noise can be heard in the distance... the source of which is Rayne, whistling as she walks towards the dock. A fishing pole is leaning against her right shoulder, and a tackle box is lugged by its handle in her left hand. As she steps onto the dock, she glances around, breathing in the salty air. It's time off, it's just her and the sea! And... What was the bright color just then? She stops whistling and peers over the side of the dock into the water. Seeing Ren down there, she actually frowns. Fishing isn't quite as safe when a friend is swimming in the water, of course. Then she actually spots Urus... And does a double take at that one. "What the-" Mograna, however, remains unseen.

Still not spotting Morgana in the shadows, Ren takes the pebble of wave-rounded bleached coral over to the base of a piling. A fragment of fine fishing net is tied to the piling, and within that is a canning jar with the fastening ring screwed down over a bit of cloth. Perhaps the jar contained bread and pasta at one point, but it's currently just a frothy white muck. Ren flows over to set the pebble on top of the jar. After having done so, Ren brushes rhinophores over the cloth end of the jar and gives the pebble another puzzled look before twisting away to watch Urus swim.

The soft caress of the water is quite relaxing when one doesn't have to struggle to breathe, hence the equipment. Urus' swimming is decent considering his first actual time in a body of water large enough to swim in. The siren's attempt at stealth works just as well with Urus as he ends up losing her. That ends up being the last of his concerns however when he looks up to see a figure looking down on them. Curiosity killed the cat, but it did not say anything about a hyena. He swims to the surface not too far away and pops into the air. He looks up at Rayne and recognizes her immediately. He runs a hand through his fur on the top of his head, slicking it back again and taking the respirator out of his mouth, mood unusually good. "Hello, good seeing you here! What are..." as his words exit faster than his assessment of the scene. It's pretty obvious what Rayne is doing here and there is no need to finish the question.

Morgana watches as Ren comes close but turns toward her jar instead. The siren slides closer and her song spills into the water. This time Ren is close enough she could hear it and then comes the command again "bring the rock to me." She glances toward Urus as he moves to surface but her attention stays firmly on Ren. One hand reaches out as she sends out that imperative, the full weight of her power and will on the lovely sea dancer. For the siren, this is an exploration of a new ability and she has chosen to stay out of sight till now simply to keep the reactions of the slug to be caused by the command and not the fact that they know each other.

Rayne smirks down at Urus. Really, it's rare that she can look down at him instead of the other way around. "I was going to go fishing, but when a hyenafish is in the water, most of the smaller fish tend to bug out. What are you doing down there?" She already has a guess as to what Ren is doing down there... She's nearly literally caught Ren while she was collecting microbes before. She sets her equipment down on the dock, now seemingly abandoning her original plan, and sits down at the edge, feet dangling over the side.

Serenity twists abruptly face Morgana as she speaks again. Ren frowns and crackles an impolite comment. Grabbing the rock as a visual aid, Ren brings it over to Morgana to demand an explanation. Serenity ripples up very close to her with rhinophores partly retracted. "I thought that perhaps there was something wrong with the water filtration in my suit," Ren mentions. "But someone who has tried to hypnotize me before," Ren gestures toward her, "provides a very convenient explanation for why my thoughts have been muddled. If you have a better explanation, I would appreciate hearing it."

Urus laughs at the mention of the 'hyenafish' in his usual animal like cackle. He is easily able to explain why he is here though. "I came out for relaxation. Trying to get feeling of home. Is working well." The fact that home used to mean a multi ton spaceship that floated in space and had minor electrical issues was a detail he found unimportant at this point. "Come down, water is great!" whatever her choice is he continues with a new topic. "How has work been? Big Blue keeping you busy enough?" A wide toothy smile cracks upon his drenched face. For once, life seems pretty good right now.

Morgana slides from the shadows as Ren rounds on her. The siren offers a genuine smile and takes a loop of multicolor pearls and small spiral shells from her neck and extends it to the slug. If Ren recalled the first time they met, there was a frantic sort of energy to the siren, a starved hunger that had the siren trying to mesmerize and feed off everything that moved. There is no such energy to her now. If anything she is quite calm and more pleasant then she has ever been. "I was testing a theory. I had something happen and I wished to see if my beliefs were correct. I wanted to see if my call effected intelligent beings but I had to do so when you did not know it was I who called. I did not want the test effected by familiarity. I hope I did not distress you over much. I do not wish you harm."

Rayne winces at the mention of work. "Yyyeah. Busy is an understatement. I've been put so far out of my element and I feel like I've been swimming in paperwork. And I think I'll pass, I didn't come with a swimsuit." She offers him a smile with that statement, but it now seems a bit less genuine now that work was brought up.

Serenity releases the rock during Morgana's explanation, maintaining the position with a shallow ripple of the fin layers in opposite directions. "Yes, I'm not quite sure whether to be more distressed or less," Ren remarks unhappily, glancing at the necklace. "I am glad that I'm not suffocating or otherwise suffering from scrambled brains. But I am indeed distressed at being the uninvited target of an experiment in mind control. What do you intend to do with the information?"

Morgana shakes her head "I did not seek to truly control you Serenity, I called, you answered. You were not harmed, nor will you be. I do not believe I could cause you to stop breathing or damage your mind. I think you are to strong for such a thing. Had you been more in my sway then you were I would have simply greeted you and taken the stone, and explained. As to what I intend with this new thing, I seek only to protect. The seas are vast and those on the land have not the ability to truly patrol or guard them or to keep the dangers that are there from spilling onto the land. Twisted has enough trouble. I have been given a gift Serenity," she tilts her head to the side and one hand touches her middle "for the first time in 900 years, I do not hunger. I am sated and my mind is clear and strong and it is time I was more then death and sorrow." She offers the necklace to Ren again.

"Please... do not let me get in way." Urus says in attempt to patch the slight social problem that he seems to have created "you came out to relax, have fun. World can wait." He says dismissing the entire town. "Now, how about we get rid of the hyenafish and catch something yes?" he says hoping to get the apparent problems off the mind by using some of her humor. "Let me go check on something quick" he says before donning the respirator again and going under to check on the slug and the siren. He begins hearing the end of the conversation going on. A big sigh can almost be heard from Urus as he settles on the not too deep floor. Mind control? What is going on now... is there no safe haven in this blasted prison of a city? Suddenly dawning on him the apt naming Kotal gave him when he first arrived, home and prison. Urus telling the war god he is right... Blue should get a kick out of that. He holds a thumbs up then switches to thumbs down before finishing with palms up "what's going on?" sort of gesture.

Rayne shrugs and stands up again as Urus ducks back underwater. Whistling again, she takes her equipment back into her hands and walks further down on the docks, hopefully away from the goings on near the shore, and away from the destractions. Because Urus is right. The world can wait, and Rayne wants to fish. It's not like she'd be hard to find if needed, afterall. She's just going further along.

Serenity glances at the necklace but doesn't touch it. "Assuming that I am thinking clearly," Ren says, "it seems that you have good intentions. You might even have many of the same goals. But methods matter no less." Ren motions toward Morgana. "At the moment, my trust in your methods has run a bit short." Ren rubs at the mane of gill-feathers. "I'm not certain that I even want to know what happened to the people you were protecting the world from..." Ren frowns and nods to Urus, noticing him while looking away from Morgana. "It would go a long way toward rebuilding my trust," Ren says to her, "if you would seek advice from Rayne."

The siren goes quiet still and draws herself up , curling her tail under and returns the necklace to her own neck. One dark brow arches and she regards the slug. "It is unfortunate that you are so distressed. I would apologize but I doubt it would make much difference. As to those I chose to protect Twisted from. They are safe and settled in a territory far from land, where they will not be accidentally trespassed upon, so that they will not feel the need to attack anyone else they way thy did my Chosen and the gnome. You and I did not get off on good footing, I was not in my right mind when we were introduced. You can quite thank Kotal for thinking it wise to put you in my pool when I was mad with starvation and grief. As to this...fear not. I will not trouble you further Serenity. My questions are answered and you are unharmed." She turns toward Urus and looks him over coolly. "If you have need of my presence, simply bang upon the pier and I will feel it and come." She then turns herself toward open water and departs.

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