2015-12-01 - Burgers, Alcohol, Candy, and Blood

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Burgers, Alcohol, Candy, and Blood

Summary: An injured Himet chats with Serenity until Flandre shows up and causes a scene.

Who: Flandre, Himet, Minu, Serenity, Steve the Bartender(NPC)
When: December 1st, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Himet, for once, isn't behind the counter! No, she's at the bar on the customer side today, while someone else is working at the other side. Wasn't his name Steve? At any rate, Himet is looking a little worse for the wear tonight. The sleeve of her left arm is rolled up... and it's apparently to accommodate the bandage that runs up her entire arm. She's definitely not as active with is as usual, apparently quite happy to leave it just hanging straight down. Her face, too, has seen better days, as most of the lower right side of her face looks quite bruised, and her makeup doesn't seem to quite be able to hide it. Looks like someone's run into the worse side of Twisted recently.

Serenity pauses by the door during the departure of another patron, who apparently isn't a fan of wet clothes and scoots outside with his back to the doorframe. Ren nods politely in passing, but appears to have thoughts elsewhere at the moment. Serenity then slides inside and ripples over in the direction of the dance floor. Along the way, however, Ren spots Himet and frowns. Ren waves a 'wing' and shifts direction.

Himet gives Serenity a return wave. With her right hand, of course, but that's actually not unusual. "Good evening, Serenity," she says. "Planning on just dancing tonight?"

"Mostly, yes," Ren replies, pouring into the gap between two seats neighboring Himet's. "Hello again." Motioning to her face, Ren remarks with a slightly concerned look, "Though it seems you might not be dancing tonight. I hope that you didn't run into any demon trouble?"

Himet says, "Oh, it sure felt demonic to me. I now know a bit more about how strange and bad things can get around here from personal experience, that's for sure." Steve, the guy who's here bartending more than Himet, returns from the back with a cheeseburger dish for Himet, who nods to him in thanks. "So no... I won't be dancing tonight, I'm afraid. I'd rather not chance reopening the gash on my arm. Stitches are nice, but not perfect."

"Hh," Ren rasps, glancing to her arm as it's mentioned. "I'm sorry that this happened to you but pleased that it wasn't worse. Personally, I've had some experiences here with violent people and with violent other things. My initial impulse was to simply not go out. That simply isn't a viable solution, though; I had to force myself to return to the places where they happened, for reassurance that the danger wasn't the avoidable sort."

Himet says, "I think my experience was with the 'other thing' side of that particular dichotomy, but no, I'm not letting it keep me from going out." She then attempts to take the hamburger into her right hand with the intention of eating it. Given it's restaurant sized, she finds this a bit difficult, and eventually does reluctantly use both hands to take a bite. Her left arm movement does seem a bit stiff and pained, as would be appropriate given her situation."

Serenity nods thoughtfully. "I might be tempted to carry a weapon if I had some experience with them, as many here seem to," Ren mentions. "I've no desire to cause an even bigger mess, though. Not to mention what that might say about trust in civil authority." Ren then adds curiously, "I hope that you have been finding a place for yourself in this society?"

Himet says, "Hrm," as she finishes chewing her current bite. "Well, I'm certainly finding tending to the bar here to be moderately enjoyable. Which, you know, is pretty good for an actual job. So I guess that's my place for now? Not exactly full time work, but no rent makes that work. And I can't really do it while my arm heals."

"Moderately enjoyable?" Ren repeats. "Well, I suppose it makes for a good opportunity to hear all manner of gossip and personal issues, some of that from people who are less inhibited than usual." Ren leans onto the neighboring barstool (submerging it) and motions to the bottles with an extruded portion from a pair of fins. "But what is it that you like?"

Himet taps her chin. "What do I like?" She frowns in thought. "Well, lots of things... I can't say I'm entirely adverse to overhearing what's going on. And it brings a lot of interesting conversation. I'm also finding seeing what drinks people prefer to be oddly interesting. I actually ran into a guy a few weeks ago that preferred pulque of all things."

"I certainly wouldn't try drinking that, but it did smell interesting," Ren remarks. "Did you just mean that you have a personal interest in drinks," Ren asks, "or are you saying that a person's choice of alcohol is some sort of identity?"

Himet says, "Well, that is one way of looking at it. If it's a more or less standard drink, like a tap beer or something, then I'd not call it part of their identity. But something like pulque? If that's your regular, that must say something more than just your choice in drinks." She goes in for another bite of her burger."

"It makes sense that some choices would be more salient than others," Ren comments with a nod and a thoughtful look. "I can't claim much experience with alcohol, outside of video. Now that I think about it, though, maybe I have noticed some sort of pattern. Wine seems more formal than beer. And distilled drinks convey... toughness?"

Himet nods. "I'd say that's fairly accurate, though it's not always the case with wine. I think people that drink mostly wine believe themselves to be more civilized, somehow. I'm going to have to learn what different mixed drinks say about the people that order them."

Serenity nods. "I'd imagine symbolism varies with culture," Ren observes, motioning out to the sides. "But it would be interesting to find any universals and the reasons for them. Perhaps wine is harder to make, or liquor requires a certain fortitude to swallow?"

Himet says, "Oh, with liquor it's definitely the potency that gets the association, hands down, but I couldn't tell you anything about what's harder to make." She pops a french fry into her mouth. "From what I've seen of the comparison of beer to wine, I think it might have to do with the cost. Beer tends to be cheaper, so it's seen as lower class."

"Interesting," Ren comments, then motions inward with the edge of a pair of fins. "It's something of an abstract question for me. Alcohol isn't much good to my kind as a recreational drug. But I would certainly like to understand my friends and colleagues better."

Himet leans her chin on her good hand as she peers (probably? it's a little hard to tell) at Serenity. "Oh really? I thought alcohol was one of those universal constants. Sure some societies say it's bad, but it seems to work for every species I've run in to before. Is it that it just doesn't work for you? Or is it much much worse for you guys than it is for the rest of us?

Aaah, the scent of liquor and sweets and BLOOD! It's enough to stir Flandre out of her day to day life and wander out by her lonesome into the Usual. Life has been good if dull for the little vampire girl. She's going to school now and even has a job! But she's been leading a very normal lifestyle ever since the singing lady with the candy set her on the right track, and with the disappearance of her nanny, the littlest vampire has been just too shy to go out in the public by herself.

That ends tonight! As the coppery scent emerging from someone's wounds brings Flandre out of her hide out. The doors to the bar open and in comes- no- in floats Flandre. It's noticeably not flying and more as if gravity had stopped working for her, floating like an aimless bubble in the air, the brightly colored dressed blond girl slowly spins in the air and settles herself right where she's smelling the tasties- namely close by to Himet and Serenity. "Hiiii~" She says, kind of rudely butting in their conversation.

As good as Kotal's cooking was, there is only so much spicy food a certain little elf could take. It had been oddly quiet recently and she was feeling like she needed to get out so the little elf took to her owlet form and went for a fly and to see if she could wrangle a smoothie out of the skutters at the U. As the little owl flew through the evening sky she spotted a rainbow shimmer and a little blond girl and she remembers Halloween. That little vampire girl was crazy scary and well, what if someone in the U needed help or something. So like an arrow shot the tiny owl zings through the still open door and into the restaurant.

Himet says, "Well, if it's the grain part that's the problem, then maybe you need to try some mea-" And then their personal space is suddenly invaded by a bouncing seemingly early teenage girl. With the very up close and personal interjection of Flandre's, Himet doesn't notice the tiny owl entering. She slowly turns her head to look at Flandre and says, "Aaah... Hello... little... floating... girl."

Serenity fails to notice Minu's or Flandre's arrival until the latter is already quite near. Ren 'blinks' eyes inward at her sudden appearance, glances down briefly at her suspended feet, and slides the hovering disc of the forcefield generator out from the bar by just a bit, so that it's not trapped by the seats. "Hello..." Ren rasps uncertainly, then looks around for the absent nanny before spotting the owl and motioning her over.

"Hellooo~" Flandre responds to the greetings with that same creepy sing song to her voice. Admittedly, she looks a bit too old to act like a toddler, clearly being in her early teens, though for some reason her attitude seems to be quite childish. Needless to say there's something unnatural about her, and its not only because she came in floating. There are large colorful wings sprouting from her back. Her eyes seem to be completely bright red in color, and when she opens her mouth to smile up at Himet, razor sharp fangs will be seen poking out. "What'cha eating?" She asks going straight to the point. "It smells tasty. You smell tasty! Can I have some?" Flandre's crimson red eyes glance over to Serenity and she smiles in recognition at the colorful sea slug. "Hi!" However, before she can continue to say anything a tiny owl flies in and -this- is what catches Flandre's attention. The singing lady with the candy said it was okay to eat animals, and Flandre is -ever so HUNGRY-.

Flandre doesn't waste time explaining herself. There's a poof of smoke that surrounds her and where there was once a girl now there's a tiny bat. Said bat flies directly at the owl with the clear intentions of digging its fangs into it. Even in bat form, Flandre continues to posses her monstrously unnatural strength, so its quite likely that it'll bode badly for little Minu if she's actually able to reach the owl.

Minu had seen Ren's motion and she made her way on wing toward the sea slug, that is until that strange little girl suddenly shifts and becomes a bat. Minu is small even by owl standards but she is fast. The owlet angles over and does a very fast dive then pulls up and shoots toward the ceiling in spiraling wing over. The little owl has got to get some space between her and the bat. All she needs is a heart beat and so, she wings toward the woman at the bar. She flies directly at the woman then simply makes a sharp left at the last moment and stops flying, momentum carries her a few feet and as it does she shifts and a small elf hits the floor with a grunt and an "oomph. Fricken crazy vampires! What the heck is wrong with you chasing folks like that." She grabs the nearest skutter "we need candy NOW! If not candy...jello will do!" As she sends the little thing off to the kitchen and rises to plant her hands on her hips and tap her little foot.

Himet says, "Uhhhhh...no? Who are y-" And then the girl goes and transforms into a bat. This actually gets her eyes open. "What the..." She looks back to Serenity again, her eyes returning to their more default state of appearing to be closed. "Just when I think things can't get stranger in this place. I haven't scratched the surface yet, have I?" She then sees the owl turning into an elf and... really, by now she just sighs and goes to take a bite out of her cheeseburger, wincing as she forgets her left arm is injured."

Serenity becomes briefly shorter lengthwise as Flandre transforms. Ren's eyes follow Flandre's form into the air and then Minu's, but Ren doesn't seem to have a chance to properly register alarm before Minu transforms. "No, you likely have not," Ren agrees, reaching up to rub the gills. "Hhh...." Ren comments uncertainly. "What is this about candy?" Ren inquires of Minu.

Flandre is no stranger to dog fighting, being capable of flight even in her humanoid form and all. She zeroes in on her target and stays on the tiny owl's tail, giving a hard turn then diving along with Minu as the owl tries to shake her off. Just as Minu flies upwards and to the ceiling, Flandre is unleashing a barrage of danmaku from her mouth in an attempt to gun the owl down, the blasts of energy sounding like how one would expect a laser gun in a sci fi flick would sound. The danmaku hit the ceiling which surprisingly doesn't damage it, but its still starting to look like a miniature star ship battle.

Flandre gives another turn and seems ready to shoot a bigger blast until Minu switches forms and orders a skutter to bring candy. "Hey!!" Flan bat speaks and then she too is turning back into little girl form. "You're not an owl! That's not fair! Now I can't eat you or the singing lady with the candy will be sad!"

Minu scowls at the little vampire girl "well just imagine how annoyed Kotal would be if you ate me, who would do all his paper work and organize things. As for the singing lady, I am not sure who your talking about unless you mean Morgana, that siren Kotal warned us all about." Minu keeps her eye on Flan but speaks to Serenity "the big Halloween hoopla, this one was all posses and even more oookie then she is now and the only thing that seemed to bring her back to sense was candy. I guess its what she eats or something. I pelted her with a jello bomb before I got candy to her the last time." She taps her foot more and gives the girl a firm look and wags one small finger "no look here, Miss, as a Member of Task I must request you not eat anyone tonight and in return we will find you something to fill you up off the menu."

Himet swallows her bite and says, "Sooo... she eats people or candy. This just... okay, I suppose with everything I've seen here so far, this shouldn't surprise me." She pops a french fry into her mouth, pondering if there's any point to hiding her own nature beyond just a propensity for being secretive. "At any rate, I think I'm glad I'm not working tonight."

"Possessed?" Ren repeats, not looking at all reassured by Minu's explanation. "And a jello bomb?" Ren ripples behind Himet to the opposite side of her from Flandre, but does not then slide up close to the bar again. "Should I call in a request for some additional help?"

"Who's Kotal?" Is what Flandre wonders first having no actual recollection of what happened at the Halloween party. The mention of Morgana causes to nod her head fervently in recognition and she finally seems to smile in a less creepy way. "Yeah! Morgana! She's my friend."

That's about as far as her happiness extends though, because Minu is soon telling her that she can't eat anyone tonight, and she says it with this kind of grown-up authority to her voice that tells Flandre the elf girl probably should be listened to. "Aaaw.. but I'm so hungry!" She whines, grabbing her tummy. "I've been good lately. I've done everything Morgana told me to do. And it smelled so good here, like what Sakuya used to make at home." She now glances at Himet and her cheeseburger hungrily-- though mostly at Himet. Then, back to Minu. "Can't I bite off a tiny piece of her? She's already bleeding." Says Flandre pointing to Himet's injured arm.

"Serenity can tell you." Flandre adds. "She knows I've been a good girl!"

Minu shakes her head to Ren "I don't think we need back up, just gotta feed her, they get hungry and they loose control." The little elf stamps her feet "where are those skutters?!" She turns her eyes to Flan "you may not bite any people with out their consent, do you understand me? It is against everything that is social appropriate. Now, I know your hungry and if you would like to eat something we can order it for you. You like how that food smells, what that lady is eating? Its called a cheese burger and we can get you one if you like." About that time a skutter skitters out with a try, on the tray is a parfait glass filled with layers of cherry jello and whipped cream. "ahh here we are..you try this and we will order you a cheeseburger."

Himet takes another bite of her burger... and nearly chokes on it as Flandre asks someone else if Himet is a valid meal option. "Excuse me? I'm already stitched up, thank you very much, I'm not dying!" She sweatdrops slightly as the threatening girl is offered dessert. "These have not been a pleasant two days."

Serenity seems to be mentally tracing out a path to the exit before qualifying Flandre's protest of innocence. "I'm afraid that the best I can say is that I'm not aware of her having eaten anyone. And in the last few months, with the possible exception of that incident on Halloween, I'm not aware of her having harmed anyone." Ren continues, glancing from Minu to Flandre and back again, "I am very glad that you are explaining social norms, Minu." In reply to Himet's latter comment, Ren extends a pair of fins from the water to offer her a pat on the shoulder. It looks like Ren could use some reassurance as well.

Flandre slams her feet angrily too, but when she gives a little hop she SLAMS her feet on the floor of the restaurant and -this- does damage it, sending spider web like crackles across the ground. "But I'm hungry!!" She almost shrieks as her stomp sends tables, chairs, glasses and plates flying upwards and throws more than a few patrons off their seats. "I'm hungry! I'M HUNGRY!!" Someone's throwing a little tantrum over here. Where's that nanny of hers anyway? She shakes her head at the offered dessert. "Nooo.. no more candy.. I need.. blood--" However, Flandre is soon changing her mind as soon as she's eyeing the parfait, her crimson eyes going wide. "Whoa! That looks delicious!" She reaches her greedy hands for it. "Never mind, this will do!" At least for now anyway.

The girl also seems to think that Ren's overly noncommittal comment about Flandre's recent activities is a good thing, and she rapidly nods to Minu and Ren. "Ahuh! See? Ren knows I haven't eaten anybody." To be fair, she really hasn't since last time, but all present will only have her word for it.

Minu is not a warrior, nor is she any manner of bad ass fighter but since coming to Twisted she has developed a rather interesting boldness she didn't know existed in herself before. She listens to Ren and nods then narrows her eyes when the girl starts to throw a tantrum. Small hands fist on hips and she narrows those golden eyes behind her spectacles. "Young lady, you will sit down right now and eat that desert and then you will eat your cheeseburger extra rare and you will not continue to throw a tantrum and frighten people and damage this restaurant, do I make myself clear?" Oh yes there is a great deal of grown up attitude coming from the little elf. "I understand you are hungry and we are trying to help but breaking things is not appropriate." Minu makes an order the skudders, a giant one pound cheese burger extra rare with a milk shake on the side.

Himet opens one green eye at Flandre's temper tantrum. Her voice lowers to a bit less playful a tone than she typically has as she addresses the floating mollusc. "Okay, Serenity. I'm thinking we make a break for it. You break left, I'll break right. Stay as low as you can, make for the dance floor. The room's dark, she might not have night vision. I'll make a break for the exit. Bill me next time I'm in here, Steve." She doesn't seem intent on waiting for confirmation from Ren. "On three. One. Two. Three." She slides from her chair onto the floor and seems to almost flow along the wall towards the exit while the vampire girl's attention is elsewhere.

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