2015-12-03 - Not a Mere Maid

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Not a Mere Maid

Summary: Morgana returns to TASK and informs everyone of her newest exploits and powers.

Who: Morgana, Urus, Rayne, Kotal_Kahn
When: Decemeber 03, 2015
Where: TASK Building

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The sun is just starting to dip behind the line of the horizon and the soft red gold light of sunset dances on the glittering form of Morgana, as she makes her way along the side walk, toward the Task building. Her dark hair is braided into a long rope that is doubled back on itself and twined with a strand of shells and multi hued pearls. The ladys body is clad in a talbard dress that has been heavily embroidered in silvery scale pattern over her bust and hips of offer a hint of modesty. The dress is open along both sides and belted into place with another long double strand of pearls. Spying a familiar form ahead she carefully picks her way around a rather nasty looking greenish tinged spot, on the side walk that appears quite sticky and offers a hand raised in greeting "Urus, hail" yeah she has been hanging out with dwarfs and gnomes and is beginning talk a little like them.

Urus had decided that today was a good day as any after the relaxing, or relaxingish day at the beach. He needed to chat with kotal about getting a new job, this wild goose chase that is the finding of Harley quin is feeling more like looking for a unicorn... wait that's actually easy to find here. He was just about to buzz in himself, smiling devilishly at the green patch on the sidewalk. Nothing like seeing the handiwork of an apprentice to make you feel good. The greeting of morgana is a nice sight as well. The day seems to be getting better. "Hello! What are you doing out here. I thought I was the one to tap the docks?" he says playfully." Off to be with the dwarf again?" the dress only being seen once before by Urus during their date. He forgets about what he is doing for the time being to have a chat with the siren.

Inside the TASK building, Kotal Kahn is currently going down the elevator to head for the lobby whilst listening to Rayne's report of the city's situation and what has she been able to learn from filing in all those reports while working alongside Minu. Its something of a strange dichotomy really, since Kotal is the one doing almost all the the field work nowadays and giving the information to Rayne, which is exactly the opposite of what one would expect the director of a police agency to do. Kotal is nonetheless a very strange leader, and one that is quite famous for liking the hands on approach, so guess this works for him.

"Ugh, can anyone go clean that mess outside?" That's Kotal's voice as well as the elevator dings and the doors open to lead towards the lobby. Because even if he thrives in blood and guts strewn everywhere, he can still be a tremendous neat freak. He doesn't know just -where- all these nasty green patches are appearing on the sidewalk, but he wants them gone. Besides that, everything is as should be in the TASK lobby, workers are milling about and the few guards the organization still has salute both Kotal and Rayne.

Rayne says, "Uh, I'll see if someone needs a reprimand or something, get them to do it." She shrugs. "The last report I got was someone claiming to hear a gunshot and...a cow out at the edge of town. By the time I got there myself there was a lot of blood but no bodies or anything. Just used syringe darts and a shred of bloodied cloth that looked a bit wierd. I think it had electronics integrated in it or something, but it was just outside the city in the wasteland, so who knows what happened out there?" Another shrug. "I'm chalking that one down as an isolated incident unless something else comes up.""

The corners of the sirens mouth lift into a soft smile. "My Chosen is with the small gnome, and they are working on the underwater armor that lets them breath air while in the sea. I did not expect to see you here but as you are, I am pleased. You work for Kotal, yes? I believe I heard this thing. I wish to have a meeting with him and have not been to his new place of habitation and work. You will take me there, yes? I need to have a word with him concerning his false idea that he can control what happens with in the sea. I suspect he will not be pleased to see me, if you do not wish to place yourself in the shadow of his eye I will understand and make my own way."

Urus listens patiently at her explination. "yes I work for Kotal. I can take you to him. I was going to see him myself." When she tells him that Kotal will be unpleased by seeing her, a toothy smile breaks out. "I have been in line of fire before." He says tilting his head down to show the hand shaped dark colored patch of fur on his muzzle. He turns to the buzzer considering he has not signed a contract he is not officially a member of task. "Two to see Kotal. Is important." He turns back "come." He says more of goading rather than a command. He likes her enough that he sees her as someone worth some respect. Kotal has not earned that exactly. That's why they always seem to have such a bad history. Once they are allowed he opens the door and holds it for her, then steps into the lobby.

The Aztec god nods approvingly as Rayne says she'll find someone deserving of cleaning the sidewalk. Good, she is learning to be a proper leader if she's already considering what tasks get to be handed out as punishments. And as Kotal knows, plenty of slackers around here that could use an incentive or two, there's a reason why Kotal doesn't take any of the gumbies out into the field, and that's because he knows they are nothing but fodder.

"A cow?" Even after all this time in Twisted, some of the incidents can still utterly bewilder Kotal. "If it was in the wastelands, we cannot be too certain of anything. I will keep an eye on it when in my patrols and see if I can find anything worthwhile. The citizens know they shouldn't be wandering the wastelands to begin with."

There's a buzzing sound and the guard manning the front desk waves over at Kotal and Rayne. "The mercenary Urus and that Morgana woman you told us about are here to see you, Director."

Kotal's displeasure is almost immediately seen and he visibly rolls his glowing eyes, not even trying to hide it from Rayne. "Let them in." He says despite his history with these two individuals.

"Stay here, Rayne." Adds the warlord, just in case Rayne was getting any funny ideas about escaping.

Rayne says, "Yeah, I figured as much, but it was very close to town, so I figured it still worth looking into, at least initially." Upon hearing who is at the door, Rayne is considerably less annoyed looking than Kotal was. She's not been the target of either individual's ire... probably because she tries to be more civil than Kotal does. "Uh, sure, I'll stick around.""

Morgana glides on her delicate bare feet, under Urus' arm as he holds the door for her. She draws in a breath and lets it out as she steps into the lobby proper and catches sight of the already glowering Kotal Kahn. The siren pauses and her lips quirk into an amazingly candid and open smile, and its clear from the crinkling around her dark eyes, she is on the verge of genuine laughter. Oh if her Chosen could see this, he would get a might chuckle out of it. Containing her laughter, her chin lifts and she gracefully slinks further into the room with a silken sway of hips and the utter languid smoothness that only one born more sinuous and elongated, can. Feet or no, even on land she moves as if she were swimming in those undulating movements. She is all glitter and grace and not even remotely does she look as if she were the same being that Kotal called up from the whirlpool so long ago. Her eyes slide over the blue god and then to Rayne. She offers the rainbow haired woman a nod then brings her dark eyes back to the man. The TASK folks other wise ignored for now. "Kotal Kahn" she intones and there is a song like quality to her voice that fills the lobby and draws the eye. Even from the distance Kotal could see the differences in her, something is not as it was and yet she seems..more some how.

As Urus steps in behind Morgana he is smiling as he follows. "Want to clear the air here. First very sorry about Halloween problem, got carried away. " he says not looking very sorry about it. Then points to Morgana. "Second this is friend, hope you do not mind, said needed to talk to you..." he just lets the siren do as she wishes at this point seeming to know what she is after. " Hi Rayne." He nods at her to in essence to say that he recognizes she is there. His hand is hovering over his weapon as he can feel a bit of the tension in the room.

Kotal first nods to Rayne in appreciation for her willingness to stay by his side. The warlord is perfectly aware that he is the most sociable person out there, and he does need a wingman of sorts in order to balance out his hyper-aggression. Just because he can be a shrewd politician doesn't mean he'll hesitate to use brute force to prove a point. He is the god of survival of the fittest after all, and its what he does best.

Morgana's elegant and seemingly otherwordly entrance does little to calm the Aztec, even if the rest of the TASK officers seem to be completely enthralled by her appearance. Everyone in the lobby goes completely quiet as she comes in, and suddenly, all eyes seem to be on the siren.

"Morgana." Kotal greets her back, already being aware that there is something -very- different about the siren. Her chi flow is a lot stronger, less cloudy, it looks like she's whole again and even beyond that. Though that is not something Kotal says, he never reveals all his cards at once. "To what do I owe the honor of this unexpected pleasure?" He says in the utmost courteous tone, though one that hits very heavily at sarcasm.

Urus is glanced at, though Kotal shakes his head as the hyena man apologizes for his behavior in the Halloween party incident. "You fought well, that is all I care about." He assures him. "You should have stayed at the end. The school was not able to give you the prize of the custom contest." Oh, right, did anyone ever tell Urus that he won the prize for best costume?

There is some tension in the air though and the hyena man is not helping matters by keeping his hand hovering close to his gun. "I suggest not reaching for your weapons here, Urus." Kotal hasn't marked any of his TASK officers like he did the hyena man, but that does not mean he doesn't have a powerful grip on them. The very suggestion from Kotal that they might be in danger has all the TASK officers pry their eyes away from Morgana and towards Urus as they too begin reaching for their guns. It looks like if someone doesn't do something soon there might be a shoot out here.

Rayne shakes her head to snap herself out of the same trance everyone else seems to be in, and then can't help but facepalm as everyone seems to be reaching for weapons. "Oh, for... Everyone just calm down! Urus, noone's going to shoot you unless you pull first, so don't antagonize everyone! I'm assuming you're not dumb enough to pull a weapon in here?" She sighs and grumbles something about being the only voice of reason. "Let's just... get down to business."

Morgana is aware of eyes being upon her and she makes no effort to hide from the appreciation of those in the room. When Kotal greets her she offers him a smile , careful not to bare teeth just a genuine smile and holds out one delicate hand toward the blue man. Its only when tension suddenly fills the room does she offer a little pout and a frown. "Your people do not seem to know your friends from your enemies Kotal. I was led to believe this one" she motions to Urus "belonged to you. I see proof of your touch on his flesh." She sounds genuinely disconcerted by the aggression shown. Her voice still has that sweet musical quality that fills the room and dances on the skin of those present. She does not even look back at Urus as Rayne scolds him and the others. Her eyes stay on Kotal "I believe that perhaps we should retire to somewhere more, private. I have things I wish to discuss with you that, it might not due to have your minions hear until you wish to share it with them." Once there was a frantic energy in the siren, a fury and starved manic tension to her long ago. She is quiet now, even with that pretty frown on her face there is no hint of frenzy or rage in her. Moves closer to Kotal and one small hand lifts to draw a single finger over the rise of his chest, a place he will recall her being exceptional close to during a long ago private moment and sharing of blood. "you called us friends once Kotal, I feel perhaps you do not feel the same and it is a sadness but I would not wish to cause you strife among your people here so...a more quiet place?"

Urus quickly remarks"We all know that the big guy has some temper problems. Just keeping what to him is marshmallow shooter handy." He knows that Kotal is powerful as well but still has an inherent belief that he could stall for enough time when push came to shove. Then morgana says something that just gets under his fur. "I belong, to no man." He says pointing, Then looks to Big blue and adds "or God." the situation at hand annoying him. "Here..." he says to rayne. Taking off the sling and tossing the weapon to her. "knock self out. When we are done, give it back. Family heirloom." With this exchange he starts to wonder if he could get a job as a bouncer for the restaurant or something. To him this is just ridiculous.

Rayne holds no small amount of authority here, not only because she's the second in command, but because she's also a lot more approachable than Kotal Kahn. Therefore, when she says that everyone should calm down, the officers comply and relax their stances without even asking for a confirmation from Kotal. "Well said." Not that they need to, because it seems the TASK director approves of Rayne's assertiveness and nods at her. He's also visibly relaxed now, or at least as much as a god of war can be.

"You assume a lot, Morgana, as it is your custom. Urus is a mercenary of ours not an official TASK officer. Do you even know what's the difference?" Kotal reminds the siren with his usual snide attitude, though he refrains from rubbing it in further and instead turns to glance at the ever overconfident Urus who still seems to be under the impression that regular bullets can hurt Kotal Kahn. For the record they have to be laced with chi or magic for them to hurt the Aztec much like Cassie Cage's and Erron Black's arsenal back in the Aztec's dimension, but you didn't hear that from me.

He says nothing more to Urus as he disarms himself and surrenders his weapons to Rayne. As far as Kotal is concerned that's the most sensible the hyena man has ever done.

Kotal isn't a total and complete asshole though, he wouldn't be the director of TASK if he was completely self-serving. When Morgana tells him that she means no harm, the Aztec drops the pretense of arrogance and speaks in a more even tone. "We are whatever you want us to be, Morgana. I told you such when I first found you broken and helpless in the shores of Twisted and I will tell you the same now." The fact that the siren moves closer to press a dainty finger on Kotal's broad chest is perhaps no small part why the Aztec decides to act more docile. This siren really knows how to use her feminine wiles to charm beasts and it seems that even the god of war and slaughter is not immune to her alluring nature. "Very well, let us go to my office." Says the warrior god and leads them all back to the elevator.

Rayne catches the weapon with a raised eyebrow. "I said don't reach for it, not hand it over. Don't worry, you'll get it back." She doesn't seem in a rush to hand it back, but still actually looks a little uncomfortable with the weapon, and looks to make sure the safety is on if she can identify it. As Kotal and Morgana agree to talk elsewhere and Kotal motions for the other two to follow, she sighs again before nodding and follows along as well. She does not like the decor in Kotal's office, and has voiced this opinion in the past.

Kotals reproachful words about assumption actually bring a smile to the sirens lips and she murmurs softly to him. "I made no assumptions, I said what I meant Kotal. I am aware of TASK and I am aware of YOU, and I said that I saw his mark and believed he belong to you. It would seem that it is you who are allowing those funny little lines to color what you see as what is and isn't you. You are now TASK and it belongs to you as I thought the furred one did but..clearly what I see in you both is not seen to you and he." She shrugs prettily. "I will refrain from speaking on it further." She lets her finger slide off his chest as he turns and makes to lead her out of the room and to his office. Weather the others follow is of no consequence to her, it was the rank and file she thought to spare the chat and respectfully give Kotal time to deal with her words his way instead of letting wild gossip loose among his troops. Her hips sway in those graceful undulations , sure to gather eyes again as she goes. Urus walks with them, the topic of ownership still grating on him even though it makes him feel better how Kotal dismisses him for what he is. The conversation is ending up being more about him. Was this what he signed up for when he came today? As he passes by the perplexed phoenix he says aloud to her without stopping to look. "Switch, right side, top position" knowing she is looking for the safety and not just admiring the battle-scarred gun. When she finds it she would notice it is actually armed in the automatic position, the position farthest down on the switch. He returns to the conversation between Morgana and Kotal. "So am I bone of contention or was there something else you wanted him to know?" he says to morgana slightly peeved.

Into the den they go and unlike what the desc tells you otherwise, this is actually Kotal Kahn's office.

As a whole, its as any other director's office might be, a desk, some chairs, an archive and a computer. There are some large Aztec tapestries though, and a rack of melee weapons but other than that it looks pretty normal.

Oh, except for the large throne entirely made out skulls that Kotal uses as a chair. That may look a bit out of place, and probably the reason why Rayne doesn't like coming over here.

Kotal goes to sit on his throne of skulls and he offers to comeback to Morgana's teasing that he seems to confused as to what belongs to him or not. He's also ignoring the fact that all his officers are staring quite shamelessly at Morgana's figure, trying to make it look like its not bothering him in front of the siren. That just means he'll have to work on the discipline of his warriors at a later time.

For now, the Aztec simply slips behind his desk and settles on his skull throne, his giant macauhuitl floating up and settling by his side. "For once, I agree with Urus." He says sounding rather amused by this fact. "What is it that brings you here, Morgana?"

Rayne nods to Urus in thanks for the information... and then raises an eyebrow upon seeing it was set for automatic when he was in here. "...Good to know how much you trust us here," she mutters as she walks along with the others to Kotal's office. She'd probably consider the officers who are gawking at Morgana for the cleanup detail... but that'd be useless as pretty much all of them are.

As they enter, she does look on Kotal's chair with a barely disguised look of distaste, but this is a conversation from the past, and she's certainly not going to bring it up again now. She stands against the wall on the side of the room, aiming Urus' weapon down at the floor as she makes sure she's out of the way. She holds it carefully, with her finger noticibly away from the trigger. She's never really used automatic weapons before. Even when she owned guns in the past, they were more sporting models rather than combat weapons. Well, not including her current blaster pistol, but even that isn't automatic.

Urus' grumbles bring Morgana's brow up. When they reach Kotal's office she steps back a fraction so that Urus and Rayne can enter and she moves gently into Urus path and lays her hand on the side of his muzzle. Her lashes flutter and she gazes up at him with those dark eyes through them. "peace..." she murmurs in her soft song like tone. "I did not seek too offend you. I understand being touched by a god...I once wore a collar and was held in his sway, I have a different view then most on the subject." She turns away then and slinks over to Kotals desk and slides up onto it. Curling herself the way she would had she been in her native form, the siren lounges languidly . "The reason for my visit is your edict about the naga tribe. Task is not suited for deep sea patrol Kotal and you can not control all that occurs there. The land of Twitsted needs a land based guardian, the sea deserves one who is meant to be with in the depths."

Urus Replies to Rayne's sarcasm. "I do trust you" then after a short pause adds " magazine is only HALF filled." And he is right. The gun is only half filled but that's probably not considered trust to most people. Kotal's dcor is interesting to say the least. " Very... manly" he states plainly as better words escape him. The god's chuckle at the fact that Urus may be right prompts another familiar distasteful look at the god. His mood is suddenly changed however by morgana. His ears perk up and listen closely as she speaks. He takes a deep breath and nods to her. He will have to ask for more details later as the calmed hyena leans back on the wall to listen in on the conversation.

The warlord lets the siren sing her song of peace to the hyena. It amuses him to some extent that Morgana uses her previous experience of being collared by Kotal as a way to show kinship with Urus. Oh, how much they have both suffered under the tyrannic rule of Kotal Kahn, haven't they? Rather than being bothered by it, Kotal simply seems to chuckle some more. It doesn't matter to him what Urus or Morgana think of him, in both their cases he put restraints in them on them so that they wouldn't flip out and kill innocent people. If they decided to see him a villain because of it, then that's on them, he didn't become the director of TASK and thus the guardian of Twisted to make friends, he did it to bring order to this realm and that's what he was going to do.

"Suited or not, it is still TASK's duty to protect the city. The waters of Zeku-Kari are still within our jurisdiction and if there is something there that threatens my people I will take steps to stop it." Says Kotal, eyes glowing with sunlight. "Mayhap I cannot control all that happens here, but I -can- force them to abide by our rules or face destruction." Honestly, if the naga would just have the decency of declaring war on Twisted, then Kotal wouldn't be in such a bad mood, he really hates ambiguity.

His attention is caught when Morgana suggests a more fitting guardian for the sea, and this causes the Aztec to smile, already guessing where this is going. "And who do you propose assumes guardianship of the oceans, Morgana? That dwarf you've been associating with? Or perhaps the gnome?" Kotal has never actually been properly introduced to Muradin or Doommuffin, but he knows they are Morgana's friends.

It seems that some one -finally- likes Kotal's taste for decoration and he nods to Urus at his compliment. "Thanks, I flayed the skulls myself." Says he patting the skulls that make his armrest. This of course elicits a minor groan of distaste from Rayne.

The siren settles herself comfortably on the desk, legs curled under herself so that she is resting on one hip. The side of that dress that was already bare slides a fraction and a great swath of pale thigh is left bare for the viewing. Kotals noise and bluster are greeted with absolute calm and quiet from the Siren. She does not rise to his barbs and only when he is silent does she bring forth that soft musical voice again. She is not seeking to ensnare anyone but there is a quality to her voice that seems even more potent then before as if it had a living presence of its own and it moved around the room touching everyone one.

"And this is what I think you fail to recognize Kotal, your edict left the people of Twisted vulnerable, You told everyone not to engage the naga, leave them be, do not fight them etcetera, and yet you had no way to know them better then to wait for them to come to land and cause destruction and take lives, and believe me, this they would have done because they despise those on land. You can make threats, you can even come into the waters and attempt to deal with these things yourself but even you, a god, are only able to be so many places at once, only able to do so much. And your TASK folks are not made to survive the sea even with gear they are...well I think the term is, fish out of water?" She looks toward the others then shrugs prettily.

"Muradin is my Chosen, I believed the landed term is, ...Husband. Where I go, he goes, by his own choice. He is no more fit to rule in the sea then you are. But then neither of you were born of the sea. I know you are wise enough to see the proper guardian would be one strong enough to do what was needful and one who can and will patrol and control all that happens with in. As to the naga. I have seen to them. They have been settled far beyond the temple where it is deep and quiet and there is no reason for landed to ever venture. They have been forbidden to come to land or harass any landed folk in the sea. My word has been accepted and this crisis averted. You can of course try to control thing Kotal but you haven't the means. And there are very very dark and deep places in the sea where a god of sun would not find it comfortable and those of us born to it revel in the dark depths."

As he listens he finally understands what she is up to. He too had heard about the Nagas but it did not pique his interest. He watches on, eyebrows raised. The siren is challenging Kotal's authority... and she is getting away with it. If there was popcorn to be had, this would be the perfect time for it. At this point he has become only a spectator but it is entertaining to watch.

Kotal has always been quite adept at ignoring Morgana's allure. He seems almost immune to her womanly charms whenever she tries to play up the seduction. What he can't ignore is the utter calmness she now has to his boastfulness. He was expecting her to gnash her teeth back at him but now, it seems he can no longer get a raise out of her. It's as perplexing as it is annoying, and it shows when the Aztec frowns darkly as the siren takes a seat on his desk and sings a teasing tune that there's only so much he can do and that he's making the wrong choices.

"I wanted them to come." Kotal scowls. "You think me foolish enough to send my officers down to the depths and let them be fodder to the Naga?? How little do you know of Huitzilopotchli, woman."

"Had the Naga attacked the surface as I expected them do, my forces would have very easily crushed them, and it would have been the end of that insurgence." He scoffs at her and reclines back on his throne of skulls. "Do not presume to know the extent of my power, siren. Believe me when I say I could have very easily gone down there and wiped out the Naga myself. The only reasons why I didn't take such drastic measures is because Serenity begged me not to kill them, and I knew that taking the forceful route would made me look like warmonger in the eyes of the public. My job is to uphold the peace, not to start wars." Ironic, seeing he -is- the god of war, but before that his job as TASK director takes precedence for now.

"Dispel your thoughts that I would be at a disadvantage underwater. I am never out of my element when Kombat is involved. Because Kombat -is- my element." War, after all, takes make forms and battlefields, be it in land, sea or air.

All of Kotal's puff and smoke seems to dissipate when Morgana reveals the news that she's married. "What? Really?" The Aztec's glowing eyes widen in surprise. "I'm a little hurt, Morgana. I thought use close enough that you would at least invite me to the wedding." He could have baked the cake, dang it!! Ugh! Such a missed opportunity.

For all his boasting that he had the problem under control, Kotal seems to have no problem at all letting Morgana handle things. He's not going to say it, but he is very overwhelmed with things over here and if Morgana could pick up some of the slack it'd be quite a blessing. "Truly? You've got the Naga handled?" He asks sounding as surprised as he is relieved.

Finally, he simply shrugs. "Fine, if what you say is true, then you have my thanks, and that of Twisted as well. I do not know what you've done to yourself, Morgana, but it seems now you are whole and in control of your actions."

"As long as you don't show sings of being controlled by the taint, I will consult you when it comes to matters of the ocean from now on."

As Kotal puffs and blusters further , the siren toys with the edge of her dress, shifting the fabric so the light dances on it and shimmers. "now it is you who makes assumptions Kotal and forgets who he deals with. I did not survive 900 years of the feeding frenzy on Nox because I was stupid. I would never presume to think you were out of your element in battle and yet, in the place you are now, you know battle will only get you so far. You are now supposed to be a politician or so I have heard. You know there is more to being a leader then just fighting. I know this too. So let us not insult each other. We have spent to long in each others company not to know what the other is capable of. Remember, I have tasted your blood and I know your power." She sighs and it is a musical thing. "Muradin and did not have a ceremony as you landed do, we have come together as one, land and sea, dark and light. He is my compliment in all things and I treasure him above all else. I thank you for your congratulations though. I am pleased. As to this thing, I think you see what I mean when I say , you have enough to do on land. The sea should be looked after by one who can do the job and is of that place. It is no more effort for me to patrol the depths then it is for you to take a walk out into the sun." She places her hand upon her belly and looks directly into the war gods eyes "Kotal,...I no longer feel the HUNGER." That is all she will say, he will know from their time together that it was something in her that before, never stooped, never slept,..and now...its gone.

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