2015-12-05 - Catching Up With Lost Souls

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Catching Up With Lost Souls

Summary: So where did Dante disappear to anyways? Apparently here. This takes place somewhere before the scenes with Samantha and Tabitha, but it's not set in the past. Time is weird, yo.

Who: Dante, Setsuna
When: December 5th, 2015
Where: The Mists of Time


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The Mists of Time
Continuing down this path, you find your vision getting more and more obscured. Thick clouds of some kind get thicker the farther you travel. The very air itself seems to take on an electric charge. The pressence here is far removed from the Hellish landscape that surrounds it. It's not one of malevelence, it's one of pure life. It's as if life and death where born of this very location and simply passing through it seems to energize travelers who come here. In the center of the fog rests a single set of double doors engraved with elaborate details, symbols, and carvings. The material itself burns at the touch of the impure. Surely such a thing is a creation of Heaven, not of Hell. But then, what better place to hide it? Footsteps approach from the distance. Only the guardian of this door has the key to open it, and it seems they're aware of your intrusion. Best to leave while you can...

Dante is here. He never abandoned his post. That's probably why he looks so bored. ...The question remains, where did he get that chair though? He's leaning back on it, as he's known to do, balancing it on one leg. He also...has beer. Why does he have beer!? Eh, don't ask questions like that. You might get an answer. He shrugs down his current one and tosses the can up in the air. Ivory appears quickly and a bullet is placed clean through the center of the can. He sighs softly and slips the firearm away.

Eventually the clicking of boots coming closer can be heard through the never-ending mists. Knowing this place well enough that she could come up behind Dante without a sound, Setsuna always seems to approach people this way giving the impression she's walked in this nothingness forever. It could be hypothesized that she's doing it specifically for that impression but as little as she talks about personal things finding the truth would be like pulling teeth.

Back on topic, as Setsuna's form comes into focus, the Senshi is wrapped in long flowing robes. There's also an air about her of electricity. Something as clearly changed since she's been gone - assuming Dante was introduced to her in the first place. Coming closer to her stand-in, the woman loses her stride unable to help herself from chuckling at how the demon had chosen to occupy his time. "Enjoying yourself?" Depending on how observant he is, Dante may notice she's been crying recently. Huh.

Dante grins WIDELY. Oh. Good. The attractive lady he was relieving of duty for that moment has come back. ...Wow. Not too shabby. He goes into full 'Dante' mode: "Wow. Very nice. I feel like I should be carrying more singles on me, though, for this kind of environment. So, sweetheart, where the HECK have you b-..." He trails off here, his grin fading just a bit. He IS extremely observant, despite what one might first infer. He doesn't say anything for a moment and, then finally, "So. Didja get everything ya needed to get done, done? I'm out of the loop here. How...did it go?"

Setsuna's expression doesn't change at either train of thought. She does at last let out a sigh hinting at the burden on her shoulders. "My Mother has been lost to me." There's a tale-tell tightening of the robe around her shoulders as she adjusts it absent mindedly. "But she gave me a gift that negates the need of remaining here. I've come to relieve you." The woman wipes an eye with the side of one of her slender white gloves. Was that a tear? "We should likely discuss some things before I take you back... I believe we've underestimated how long you've been here." That doesn't sound good.

Dante seems to have lost his smile. The chair lowers itself to the ground slowly as he makes whatever inperceptible adjustments to his current muscular contraction rate he needs to manage these stupid feats of bro. ... (I've been talking to Ren for WAY too long.) After just a moment he nods shortly, looking much more like his brother than usual. "I *was* starting to feel like I was missing out. ...Ya know, I lost mom when I was a kid. It sucked. Worse than probably anything I've been through since. I'm sorry. Really sorry." Well, for Dante this is decent? HE'S TRYING.

The Senshi is again derailed at the man's attitude. There's a shimmer in her eyes as she fights to keep herself from tearing up again, but she's a trooper and a smile soon plays upon the woman's lips. "I appreciate it, but it's the way things have to be. She will be happier now without me." Wait, what does that mean? "...and speaking of which let's get back on point. I know you can't want to be here any longer than you have to." Speaking of? Is she trying to bait him or does she simply assume everyone thinks the way she does? Probably the later. "I made a mistake in my calculations. I only intended you to be here a month. It looks like it might have been closer to... five?" She seems unsure about that estimate. "Perhaps a little longer? Time doesn't flow on Twisted the way it flows in the rest of the multiverse. I'm truly sorry."

Dante does look slightly perplexed at that comment on 'happier now without me' ... Oh well. Go with the flow! He rubs his forehead. "More than 5 months huh? Wonderful. ...Eh. Ya know, it doesn't matter I guess. No one really NEEDS me around. To be honest, I do this shit to make MYSELF feel better." NOW who's being weird? He slips further in The Dante Syndrome and offers Setsuna a slightly lascivious grin, "Of course, if ya wanna make up to me...n.n"

Why does that make her look /more/ troubled? Setsuna shakes her head at him. "You undervalue yourself. Everyone is important, and the slightest change has massive repercussions. We were struggling to build a new Council and stand against Senior Diablo, but I fear that my first choice for the Council may have become obsessed with filling your shoes. Kotal Kahn has taken over TASK, and well..." From one of her sleeves she produces a newspaper and hands it over. 'ATTACK ON DMC' covers the front page. Quotes such as 'I will flay the flesh off their bones' seem to stand out amongst the text.

Dante peers closely at the front pages. Boy, does HE feel extra old fashioned. Of course, anything goes around these parts. He sighs, one of his only ' I'm upset ' signs he seems to throw out there MOST of the time, and hands the paper back. "Great. Who the fuck is THIS joker? ...Don't matter though. Not now that I have permission to be there. DMC'll be rebuilt by the time I get back. S'why I asked old VD to lemme build right about there." He seems in good spirits about the whole thing anyway!

Setsuna shakes her head again, letting out a sigh. Obviously this wasn't the reaction she'd expected. "Alright..." Apparently with that the matter is dropped. "Let's get you back, then." She looks up at him again almost pleadingly. "Unless there is anything else you'd like to know about?" She also frowns slightly, "...and I do owe you for your time here. I'd be happy to help you with anything..." her eyes narrow, "...within reason."

Dante laughs a bit, waving it off. "Whoo. I can FEEL the cock block coming off that little stare. I think a simple 'Fuck off, creep' woulda hurt less!" He shakes his head, always pleased with his humor, and seems to be a little exasperated. "Listen, honey, there's obviously something else we need to discuss...or do...but in CASE it wasn't readily apparent, I'm almost proud of this in fact, my brain power is NOT the way I'm going home with a chick on each arm, know what I'm sayin'? So, YOU'RE gonna have to be a little unladylike here and at LEAST point me in the right direction."

With a heavy sigh Setsuna looks down at whatever passes at the floor a moment before throwing open her robe off of one shoulder to wear like a half-cape, revealing her nearly skin-tight magical armor cast for whatever reason to look like the same sort of sailor fuku used as the wardrobe for the employees of the Usual Restaurant. The woman's knee-high boots click loudly as she takes a few more steps closer and pulls him to his feet. Draping one arm across Dante's shoulder she gets close enough that he could probably kiss her. Knowing where his gaze would go, she grabs him by his chin and pushes his head up to look into her eyes. "You need to get things back in order. They respect you. You are a good person." Moving her arm from his shoulder and placing it on his chest, the Senshi suddenly shoves him backwards, probably into the chair he was sitting in. "You do this, and I'll make sure that Happy's Eight Treasures, Twisted's only 'gentlemen's bar' makes it onto Neo Edo." Wait, SHE knows about Neo Edo now? Wasn't that supposed to be... Oh, right. Diablo knew about it too.

GOD DAMN IT WOMAN STOP PUSHING ON MY CHIN I JUST WANTED TO SEE FOR A SE-Oh. I guess it's grown up time. FIIIINE. Dante doesn't mind being roughed around a little. Especially with THAT little number on. This just keeps getting better! He seems to lose a LITTLE swagger at her talk of how good of a person he evidently was. For all of his confidence, he might not think so fondly of himself after all. As he topples backwards into the chair, however, the universe is once again ' Dante'd '. That's a verb now. The chair slows to a halt on one leg and he leans back a bit, folding his arms. "A gentleman's bar, ya say? Well, that's TWICE now that Dante junior's gotten a happy in a row! ...Listen toots, when I get back...I'm gonna make damn sure things go as far back into order as this damn nutball little pocket dimension are gonna let me. You've got my word."

Setsuna forces a smile as she pulls her robe closed again. "Good. I hope you do. I hope you can." The Senshi suddenly grips the Garnet Rod in her hands tightly. Wait, has she had that the whole time? If not, where did she get it from? Leaving these questions unanswered, Setsuna spins it through the air before her and clicks the ground with the bottom of the staff forcibly the moment it stops spinning. The mist is suddenly blasted back creating a bubble around the two of them. Normally she walks people out, maybe she's just being impatient? The bubble lasts only a moment and soon it evaporates revealing the center of Twisted Street with the UR behind them and the DMC looking as normal as ever before them. Did we mention Dante is now sitting in a chair in the middle of traffic? At least it's night and there's not anyone on the roads.

Reaching into her robes, Setsuna retrieves a silver key made to look like the end of her staff and hands it over to Dante. "If you need my help, pray upon this key and I'll be there." What? No threats or specifics this time?

Dante reaches out to gently pluck the proffered key. He glances over it for a second or not and nods, slipping it away...somewhere. Who knows where he keeps everything? He nods. "I appreciate that. Thanks for bringing me back. I promise, I'll try to take care of this place. I like the people here." He breaks back out into a 'Dante' grin. He pauses for a moment there...and grins a bit wider. "So, on this key thing. I'm sure it's for emergencies only. Does....a night where I'm REALLY horny and it's COMPLETELY dead here in Twisted's thriving night scene, count? Or..." ...Sometimes it seems like Dante feels he can distract the ladies with jokes and they just won't NOTICE him leading them into a bedroom?

Turning abruptly towards him with a fire in her eyes, the Senshi leans into his face once again. "In a moment's notice I can take you to the End of Time and drop you off a cliff into an abyss so dark and so deep that light itself will never reach you. Consider that before you try to summon me without having pants on." Standing up again, Setsuna pushes her hair out of her face with a free hand. "I'm going to need to find Councilwoman Dark faster than I'd thought, aren't I?" Well, she did promise to make sure Happy's old bar makes it onto Neo Edo...

Dante's only acknowledgment of her assertation of his terms of service involving the summoning key is to grin a bit wider, "Ya know, you're sexy when you're threatening." He offers a quick wink at that one as he turns to regard Twisted after having not seen it for quite sometime. "Man, I was starting to miss this place." He glances back over his shoulder. "Dark? ...Fuck. THIS shit again. I *know* that name but....I don't....WHY the fuck can't I remember anything?" He balls a fist for a moment before letting his hand limp again. "I wish I could have the 'politics-lite' answer from old morph-face.

Setsuna blinks. "Morph-face?" She ponders a moment, assuming he's referring to Diablo. "Nancy Dark was a member of the old Council before..." She winces at almost saying his name out loud. "Twisted's current ruler changed the rules and reset things. His actions affected almost everyone here by blocking or rewriting specific events to stabilize things connected to the street." She lets that hang in the moment before adding, "I offered to answer your questions before I brought you back here."

Dante lets his gaze sink a bit as he mulls that name over. "Nancy..." He seems like he KNOWS that name...but as she explained, maybe he really doesn't...anymore. He glances back over at Setsuna. "THAT I appreciate more than ya know. It...just seemed like you needed to be the center of attention for JUST a second there. We all need a moment here and there, ya know?"

The Senshi of Time stares at the demon for the longest time trying to make sense of his statement. Realizing the implications she can't help but smirk as he ends up reaffirming what she already sensed in him. "You really need to stop belittling yourself, Dante. That's why I gave you that key. I never said to only use it for emergencies. But... right now all I need is to keep things on track and out of 'his' sight. This..." She trails off looking for the right word. "...'inquisition' has to be handled carefully." With a genuine smile she turns and starts walking in a random direction away. "Good luck, Dante."

Dante offers a wave to her back as she starts to walk off. "Thanks for everythin', lady. Call me." He dusts himself off and addresses all of Twisted, opening arms out wide. "Heya Twisted! I'm back! ...Good to be back." He heads back over in the direction of the DMC, dragging his pet chair with him.

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