2015-12-05 - You love that chair more than us!

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Dante! You love that chair more than us!

Summary: Many people are out for a walk on the beach. Then Dante happens.

Who: Dante, Himet, Ikuto, Serenity, Urus
When: December 5th, 2015
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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The beach has been the place to be lately, irregularly busy, like today. The sun hangs high in the sky giving the beach a pleasant yellow cast. The soft ocean breeze is blowing over the sands cooling the scene. Urus is there soaking in the sun this time in his usual regalia just in case things get weird today. Not like every day in twisted isn't weird but... well weirder that is. The waves are lapping at the shore creating a calming noise that Urus is almost falling asleep to. Despite this he expects someone to come around while he is here, its just his luck.

Serenity flows down from the street in a smooth ripple of aquamarine undulatory fins. Ren appears to have spotted the spotted one from the hill, as there aren't that many beachgoers in fur coats today. Slipping over to him, Ren waves a 'wing' and hisses an amiable "Hello."

Dante hasn't gotten to do this one in a while. It's cheesy. He's older now and KNOWS it's cheesy. He also doesn't give any shits of which to speak. FULLY constipated on the issue. He missed this and he's going to do it. Do YOU want to go tell him not to do it? Ok then. He stares down at the beach from a nearby overhang. The beach is mostly flat from the litorals up the beachside, but he found a high enough point off to the side. It's coincidentally (Because this is our tavern) quite close by to where Ren and Urus are meeting up. Grinning widely....he swan dives off, plummeting head first toward the beach. At the last possible second, he flips upright and lands in a crouch. In THIS instance, it will kick a large swirl of sand into the air...and JUST because he's a show-off, it briefly aligns into the shape of a skull before disapating and settling back onto the sand. He rises to his feet slowly and grins. "I said it earlier but it bears repeatin'....s'good to be back."

Himet walks from further along the beach, apparently in thought as she's looking more down than ahead. Her left arm is still stiff looking, but from the look of her sleeves, it's probably no longer completely bandaged, and her face seems to have healed from the heavy bruising. With a glance ahead, she spots first Urus, breifly allowing a look of recognition cross her face before hiding it. Upon spotting the sphere of water, however, she lets the look return. And as the flash of red literally drops in, she allows this look to change to more curiousity. Shrugging, she changes her course slightly to intercept the three. While not exactly trying to be stealthy, she also does nothing especially draw attention to herself yet... such as a shouted greeting.

Urus Opens his eyes to meet the spineless citizen of twisted he has come to know. "hello Ren, how are you?" he says in his usual Russian accent. He is calm, until Dante arrives. "What in hell?!" he exclaims... it seems that we have people falling from the sky landing in clouds of impressively shaped sand. He dusts off his back and walks toward the strange man. "Excuse me but who do you think you are?" his words being accusatory in nature but his true feelings being more of cautious curiosity. Himet although there is not even noticed by Urus in the commotion.

Serenity turns the beginning of a reply to Urus into a harsh crackle. Ren initially 'blinks' at Dante's appearance rather than immediately moving, suggesting an unfamiliarity with either meteorite impacts or artillery attacks. But after that momentary freeze, the water-mantled marine mollusc ducks behind Urus in a flash of fins and flutter of gill-feathers. Ren then leans over to look, inclining rhinophores forward, as Dante speaks up; Ren doesn't look any less surprised after seeing who it is. "Hhh... Welcome back, Dante..." Ren offers uncertainly, looking him up and down with no attention to spare for other beachgoers.

Dante glances over at Ren behind the unfamiliar individual. He grins, "Ren! I was hoping you'd be one of the first people I saw when I got back! Good to see you. No need to hide, though. S'just me." He regards Urus second and doesn't seem too out of sorts despite Urus's choice of vocabulary. He offers a hand to shake, in fact. "Name's Dante. Good ta meetcha."

"Interesting group of friends you have here, Serenity," says Himet in greeting as she gets close enough to be heard without raising her voice. She continues approaching the group as she speaks. "This place just gets stranger and stranger," she says while looking at Urus. "And so many people seem to be heavily armed," she adds while turning her head to glance at Dante, even though that describes Urus just as well.

Urus Reluctantly shakes Dante's hand "one hell of entrance. I'm Urus." Had this been a month or so earlier he would have shot first and asked questions later, but twisted has a way to make you think at least for a second that what is in front of you might not all be bad. He then looks at Serenity "You know him?" asking incredulously. There seems to be even MORE to twisted than he already knew... sooner or later he is going to have minu teach him all she can, it is getting ridiculous being surprised all the time lately. He turns to the familiar voice. "Do I know you?" he asks then pauses for a second before it dawns on him. "you are ... Ashmist yes? We sparred in the gym." Trying to make sure he is getting it right.

"Dante is a friend and former employer," Ren confirms. Serenity slides out from behind Urus with a slow ripple. "I'm certainly pleased to see you," Ren says to Dante. "I thought perhaps you had succeeded in escaping from Twisted." Ren extends a pair of fins from the irregular blob of water to give Dante's shoulder a squeeze (and perhaps offer evidence for this actual presence). When Himet speaks up, Ren takes attention momentarily from Dante to look over and nods to her. "Hello. It seems that some people feel safer carrying their own weapons. It's my hope that that will eventually change."

Dante goes to each situation in kind: He shakes Urus's hand and nods his head. He laughs a bit as Ren gets touchy, flexing a bicep playfully and offering a wink. "I knew ya missed the guns." Finally noticing that Himet had strolled up, he glances over at her mention of his firearms and grins a bit more widely. "Speaking of guns, I can see that you're interested in my pistols. Wanna hold one?" Evidently time has not changed him a whole heaping lot!

Himet says, "I don't think so, n-" and then Urus identifies her as Ashmist. "-no." There's that ever so slight twinge, but one has to be fairly observant to catch it. "I think I would have recognized you if I'd seen you before." She quickly moves to drop that line of inquiry. "Well, I seem to get by without being armed. Usually." Her right hand moves over to her left arm, which she's kept from moving much throughout her interations so far. "I admit being sneaky doesn't always keep me out of trouble. And no, I'm afraid I'm not overly familiar with guns, and I'd rather not handle one so casually." She offers Dante a slight smile in apology."

Urus nods. "escape from here... that would be great, definite family time for few months." With the mention of weaponry he takes his submachinegun off the sling and holds it with one hand, the top rested against his shoulder. "Actually yes, a bit safer, saved life few times and besides, family trinket." He replies in agreement with serenity. As to Dante's bravado, Urus simply rolls his eyes. Himet's ruse seems to work as Urus squints at her for a second " are you sure? could have..." then decides to shrug his shoulders and drop it looking away just in time to miss the twinge. "So Mr. Dante, you hired ren for doi..." Then something clicks "Ren works for TASK I believe. so does that mean... you are previous head of TASK?"

Serenity offers Dante a grin in reply to his quip, but doesn't seem to think anything of Urus' apparent misidentification. "I seem to have kept out of trouble with the aid of helpful companions and bystanders, as well as generous amounts of running away," Ren remarks to Himet. "Speaking of TASK," Ren adds, motioning a pair of fins to Dante, "I'm afraid that the problem with demons wandering in the Waste and the dark has yet to be solved, despite the fact that Kotal has been performing admirably in your absence."

Dante laughs at Himet's response. Gotta respect a lady who keeps her cool around his blatent flirt attempts. He waves it off. "I was just being stupid, don't worry about it." He offers Urus a grin and in response to HIS particular query, he goes with, "Yeah, comrade. Just for a little while there. They're in good hands now, though." He then finally addresses Ren's concerns with a bit of a smile at her former statement...and then a slight sigh at the latter. "Yeah. If Christy doesn't back off on this shit at some point, I might have to hunt 'er down and put her over my knee. ...Patience, Ren. I know I keep asking for that, but....please." Yeah, he said please.

Himet raises an eyebrow at Urus' revelation and Dante's confirmation. There's a slight smirk that shows on her lips at the mention of Kotal, but she doesn't add anything, instead content to be in the background for the moment.

Urus is quite interested now because of the fact that if there is a chance that the person paying him the big bucks could be... not Kotal, that that would be fantastic. The fact that he used the stereotypical comrade doesn't even phase him, "The erm, undead have been good fun. Great for target practice." He adds. He takes out the magazine to his weapon, the one now in his hand currently half filled, and asks "so... how does Big blue feel about you. Would your return be... problematic?" he has dealt with work relations before. And this one would take the cake considering Kotal's anger management issues.

Serenity frowns and looks ready to add something in reply to Dante's reassurance, but glances briefly to Urus and Himet, instead simply nodding to Dante. "You'll be pleased to know, I imagine, that the Usual Restaurant is still in full operation and with some new employees," Ren motions a pair of fins to Himet. "I would like to be there when you have some beers and share a tale of your trip." Serenity looks from Urus to Dante curiously as the former asks his question.

Dante seems to have produced a chair from...somewhere or another. It's a non-descript chair. It isn't his office chair from the DMC either but...huh. A chair none the less. He's now balancing on one leg as he responds to Urus: "Me n' Kots get along just fine. I'm sure he'll be happy ta see me. I look forward to see'n em too. That being said...I ain't back to demand my old position back either. I'm just back to do what I've always tried ta do...help." Then to Ren: "You're always invited. Beers at the UR always sounds like a good plan to me. n.n"

Himet says, "Let me see if I understand all this. You used to be the head of the local police-" She doesn't seem entirely convinced of this. "-but had to go away for a business trip, and left that big blue old god guy in charge? But now that you're back, you are fine just letting him be there?" Her head is tilted slightly to the side as she pauses with this information, then shrugs. "Eh. I'd probably jump at the chance to get out of that level of responsibility, too. And I suppose you're now expecting me to serve said beers? I'm off tonight, go tell Steve."

Urus is quite interested as well with this Dante's previous whereabouts. " You seem like good guy" he says starting to trust Dante a little. He puts his free arm around Dante's shoulder. "I think we will get along just fine. In fact..." he says out to the entire group around him "drinks are on me tonight... if you will tell us what you have been up to." He says all this with the chair not even registering on his radar. He has seen armies of the undead and talking alicorns... magically appearing chairs are nothing too special. As for Himet "I will tell Steve, he and I have had good conversations." Being a conversational companion gets overly easy after 3 or 4 shots of vodka... and no, being part hyena does not help keeping from being drunk in case anyone was wondering.

Serenity looks puzzled at the seemingly teleported furniture but still offers Dante a slightly damp pat on the back in reply to his assurance before shifting to leave room for Urus. Ren nods at Himet's assessment. "I've only personally seen you doing so on a few occasions, but what I have seen of your peacekeeping and animal control jobs suggests that you could return to your previous work while leaving the administration to others," Ren says with an encouraging note, motioning an upturned edge of fin to Dante. "I have to ask..." Ren adds inquisitively, indicating the chair with an extruded digit, "What is that?"

Dante nods over to Himet. "You got it. I'm not tryin' to avoid my responsibility or anything, mind you...but I think Kots has it under control." He reaches up and taps Urus lightly on the torso, if not stopped, grinning. "If you're buying, you're my new best friend. I gotta warn ya, though, that my 'story' is gonna be boring". Finally he peers over at Ren, glances down at his chair and offers her a shrug. "It's a chair. Served me well thus far."

Himet smirks. "If you're buying, I'm more interested now, myself," she says playfully. "Oh, forgive me, I don't think I ever introduced myself to the both of you. Himet Suko. Newbie bartender extrodinaire." She offers a slight bow in jest, but her arm motion with it for her left arm causes her to wince.

Urus laughs "Please, I have lived majority of life with boring, and with recent events, boring would be great change of pace." He says to dante. Re-hanging his weapon on the sling where it belongs. "unless you can make it disappear as quickly as you made it appear" he says motioning to the chair "you will be the one to carry it back to the usual." He smirks showing sharp teeth. Then looks to Himet "then hello Himet." as she winces in pain he asks "do you want me to take a look? Seems you already have had someone look at it but, I know I could have done with second opinion on certain occasions."

Wandering around is a pretty useful thing to do, even if it might not seem that way. It gives one the chance to think about the things that are happening. It alos offers floating catboy fairies the opportunity to chow down on a bag of niboshi! Where Yoru got crunchy dried sardines in Twisted is anybody's guess. But the little Chara is chowing down.

He stops mid-bite as he hears voices at the beach. "Ne, Ikuto," he says through a mouthful of niboshi. "Somethin's goin' on down there-nya." Ikuto looks up, in that direction, and then starts heading that way. Curiosity, cats, etc.

So it is that there's a thin young man wandering down to the beach gathering. He has dark blue hair, is dressed all in black, and has his hands in his pockets. And floating just over his right shoulder is a strangely out-of-proportion catboy fairy with yellow eyes. He has cat ears and a tail, and his hands and feet are paws.

Serenity looks a bit puzzled by the terse identification of the furniture but doesn't press. Ren nods in agreement with Urus' assessment of the potential story. "I'm sure that we are all interested in some quite different things sometimes," Ren says to Dante, motioning to the sides. Glancing to Urus' outfit briefly, Ren continues, "For example, I wouldn't imagine calling boring a life that required such weapons."

Dante lifts his hands up. "Alright folks, if everyone wants to hear the details...I'll tell ya what I can. To be completely honest, I can't...really tell ya WHY I was there...or...where I was. I can tell ya what it was like but...I gotta tell ya all, it was mostly a lot of sitting there." He reaches down and pats his chair. "S'where I got my faithful steed here." ...He CAN'T be serious, can he?

Himet says, "Oh, no, no, don't worry about me." She rolls up her left sleeve some, revealing where stitches are holding together a long gash on her arm. The wound is well on its way to being healed by now. "I just keep forgetting the stitches are there. I wasn't able to be sneaky enough one night, it seems, but I've been patched up well enough." She doesn't seem to notice the incoming pair, and turns to Dante when he sums up his experience. "So you took a leave of absence to just... sit? What were you, a rent a cop at a guard position?"

Urus is ready to have a drink with his new found group. The two just coming in brings up memories of the Halloween debacle. He doesn't know much about them only that they were there that night. He ignores the two though to focus on Ren's comment. "First of all I said most, I did not say which part. Second recent events over the past 9 years before I got here things got very hectic." Not bothering to mention the one and a half months it took to make his new form that graces them today. "and third, is family heirloom thank you. Passed down through generations to oldest child." He says defensively. "I guess the man has told us all he can; now I owe him that drink." He states in response to Dante, and he is well in believing Dante's seriousness regarding the chair. He moves to Himet to inspect the wound. He holds himself back from touching it in professionalism. "Is not bad, decent work..." he admits "could have done better. Not sneaky enough? Judging by this, whatever it was it was decent size... what have you gotten self into?"

Well, nobody's noticed Ikuto and Yoru yet. Ikuto seems fine with this, gives him a chance to listen in. Yoru however, is not. He is a cat, after all, and cats like to be the center of attention. "HEY EVERYBODY!" he proclaims, flying nearer to the group, still holding onto his bag of dried sardines. His voice is high, just this side of squeaky. "What's goin' on-nya?"

As Yoru reveals their presence, Ikuto steps forward as well. Might as well; if Yoru's loud proclamation didn't get attention, the smell of those sardines will. "Yo," he offers quietly, by way of greeting, to the group at large. His voice is just the opposite of Yoru's, and is almost abnormally deep for a fellow his age.

Serenity nods solemnly to the clarification from Urus. "That is quite a lot of secrets, Dante," Ren then remarks with a puzzled expression after looking mildly amused by Himet's theory. "I wonder if at least the story of the... magical-extradimensional-nanotech chair is suitable for public recounting." Ren looks over quickly upon noticing Yoru and Ikuto and offers a wave to the latter, folds in the surface of the 'wing' giving a vague impression of an arm in a sleeve.

Dante rubs the back of his head. "Sorry Ren. This is why I hate politics." He laughs a bit as she continues on about the chair though. "I dunno why my chair, which is just a normal chair, is causin' such a fuss! Maybe my awesomeness is rubbing off on it." He glances up as the new arrivals stroll into view. He even dawws at the adorableness that is Yoru, waving a finger at em. "Hey there little guy! Aren't you just the cutest thing?" What? He likes cute things too. Just depends on his mood u.u

Himet says, "Oh, some demonic... cow... thing. I'd really rather not go into it." She takes a step back as Yoru floats over. "Well, hello there, Yoru." She looks around for-Yup, there's Ikuto. She gives him a casual wave - with her right hand, of course. "I think the interest in the chair is because it wasn't here and you didn't have it when you showed up."

Urus simply waves at Ikuto and Yoru, dismissing them for now. "demonic cow..." he says curiously "where in life did I go wrong where those two words no longer surprise me when used together." He shakes his head solemnly at how far downhill things have gone. " professional opinion, don't mess with the demonic cow thing again." the fact that he can say this plain faced is fact enough that twisted really lives up to its name. then he points out the obvious when it comes to the chair. "HEY, this is twisted remember, let us say that chair is magic and get along with life." The new life he has been leading has made him question less and less in life. Then he gets back to the two new guests. "hello, I think I saw you at Halloween. Yes?" he asks. Making sure there isn't a second catboy and human partnership in twisted he didn't know about. "Name is Urus. Good to meet you." He says hand out for a shake. Today has been his day for meeting new people. This makes number 3 and 4 today.

Ikuto returns the wave from Serenity, but remains silent. Yoru floats over to the mollusc; reaching into the bag, he offers her one of his remaining dried sardines. "Want a dried sardine-nya?"

"That means he likes you, by the way," Ikuto replies. Then he smirks. "He doesn't share his dried sardines with anybody." Given the tone, he could be kidding. But it's hard to tell. He also smirks at Dante's observation of Yoru, but stays quiet on it.

Yoru however, does not. Putting his hand paws on his ship and reclining in the air a little, a smug smile spreads across his face. "Yup! That's me, I'm adorable-nya!" He is also very knowing of his own positive qualities. Or possibly vain, it's hard to tell. Seems harmless enough though. the cat Character floats over to Dante-- he may or may not be munching on a dried sardine, depending on whether Serenity accepted to one Yoru offered her a moment ago. "Hey, I haven't seen you before-nya. I'm Yoru! And that's Ikuto." He points in the boy's direction. Ikuto offers a wave.

And then Urus turns to him to greet. Ikuto nods politely, though he doesn't return the handshake. Japanese, right? "Hi," he offers quietly. "You heard my name, I guess." Since Yoru just sort of announced it o the room at large.

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