2015-12-09 - The Rescue of Kotal Kahn

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The Rescue of Kotal Kahn

Summary: Kotal and his warriors have fallen down a hole and they can't get out.

Who: Kotal Kahn, Minu, Morgana, Doommuffin, Muradin, Urus, Deis, D'vorah, Erron Black, Ferra-Torr, Ermac, Reptile
When: December 9, 2012.
Where: Wastelands

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Its mid-day and Minu paces the offices of TASK. It has been several days since Kotal took the Krew off to check on that demon cow sighting in the wastes. He had said that it would be a good training exercise for the Krew and get them up to speed on Twisted and how things get done. Neither she nor Rayne had heard anything from the war god since and she was starting to worry. She is very aware how important it is that Rayne stay in town and run Task, just in case there more fog demon sightings or some convergence that goes wrong or..something. So the little elf takes it upon herself to use her private com link to the one person who is, as far as TASK is concerned...expendable, though she personally doesn't agree of course. Tapping her little square radio she calls softly "Urus, You available?? I need to ask you for a favor."

Urus Meanwhile is taking a stroll through the streets looking for things to do. He however always has his private communicator with Minu on him, unless he is in the water. This is one of those times where it pays off. "Yes, I am available. What do you need?" he says inquisitively as he stops in his tracks to focus.

Minu sighs loudly "I need you to go to the wastes and see if you can find Kotal. He has been gone several days and not even made a check in. I am worried."

Urus shifts his weight then begins walking in that direction as he asks "Are You sure we can not make it without him? Might be good change of pace."

Minu makes a nasty little sound "Urus, we need him. I can't ask Rayne, she is needed HERE, cause if those fog monsters come, someone needs to lead the TASK troops and I am not a fighter..I am a librarian!. Also, I am asking you to as a favor to me , and...if something is wrong, don't you wana be able to say you saw it so you can rub it in later? He took the Krew out so that big a group should not just have disappeared. These are the coordinates he was headed to." As she lists off the exact location Kotal was headed .

Urus continues walking and rolls his eyes as she begins listing off the reasons... until she says about him seeing somthing gone wrong. then his eyebrows raise and a mischeivious smile breaks out as he begins sprinting for the wasteland. "YEP! ON IT!" he says in a total reversal of tone.

Out in the wastelands things are very quiet. The wind is the only thing currently saying anything. Urus is walking through and sighs as it seems like as much of a waste of time and space as the name wastelands implies. If he is going to be out here he might as well enjoy himself. Taking out a small mp3 player he inserts the earbuds and starts nodding his head to the beat. As he listens a smile cracks on his face then lets himself go to sing, off key as per usual. "A tam posmotrim! Sgori. I ractvoris, I podchinis! Ty vole moei..." as he begins to play his gun like a guitar, it would have been quite obvious to anyone watching that he does not play the guitar for real. As he is rocking out in the middle of nowhere, something catches his eye, a massive hole he pauses the MP3 and silences himself. He approaches the hole and looks down, it is deep, really deep, the" it's so deep you can't even see the bottom" deep. With a gaze left and right he checks to see if anyone is watching when he shouts down "HELLO!" to hear it echo "HELlo. Hello. Ello. Ello." Unknown to him there is more than just darkness down this hole.

Urus will realize that he's staring at more than just simple darkness sure enough.

As the hyena man has the good fortune of stumbling upon that large hole and looking down, his gaze will soon come into contact with an unlikely sight.

Its Kotal and his Krew! Looks like his quarry has been found. Now it would be a simple matter of tossing down a rope to them and getting them out of the hole right? Well, one has to wonder how a being like Kotal and his group of demi deity warriors are held back by something as mundane as a pitfall.

The answer is that this is no apparent pitfall. Urus has to remember that this is the wasteland, and all kind of time shenanigans are not only possible, but completely possible.

There is no answer to Urus' call even though Kotal and his kombatants are clearly visible. They aren't at the bottom of the pit either, but rather, they seem to be floating, unmoving in the air, their expressions that of surprise, as if they were just now realizing they were falling.

They seem to be completely frozen in time.

The sight is interesting, kotal and his... who are those guys anyway, Urus has never seen them before and is that a... cowboy down there? HE was supposed to be the gun toting stooge for the job had the needs arose. He takes a round out of his bandolier and like a dart tosses it at Kotal's head looking for a response. He comes up with a plan though that might just work, and he knows just the guy to do it.

The dart hits Kotal square on the helmet and it just sort of gets stuck there. There is no response otherwise, though Urus will notice that with movement close to them the Krew is starting to -very slowly- move, about a half an inch if Urus were to look at them for like an hour or so. Moving at that rate it'd take them at least a year to get out through their own efforts.

In that makeshift workshop, there are no banging hammers, there are no clicking ratchets, there are no sparking welders. No, instead, there is a new smell. The smell of fresh paint! Yes, there is now a fresh coat of paint on her creation, and it is of course in Alliance blue, with gold and white trim. The gnome whistles as she paints, a dark, dreadful sounding tune that still somehow sounds cheerful coming from her. The ghostly kitty is not currently inside his new body, but instead napping off to the side under an electric lamp. Stepping back after setting down the airbrush, Doommuffing admires her work. four foot high at the shoulder, it's a quadrupedal armored form with a resemblance to a lion, with sharp fangs and claws worthy of such a monstrosity. "At last, I think it's ready for full operational testing. What do you think, Deathcake?" The cat, of course, doesn't respond, as it's not only asleep, but a cat.

Not too far away form that workshop there's someone else. Deis is in her snakewoman form, coiled up on a rock. Sunning herself? Maybe, maybe not. Now that the naga have been dealt with, she has less trepidation about coming to the beach. Then again she didn't really have that much to begin with. She's actually asleep on the rock, her head resting on folded arms, which are in turn resting on her coils.

Urus comes over the hill from the city, costume change included. He has his bright red swim trunks on as well as the scuba tank on his back, gun held in his right hand. He seems to be on a mission. He walks to the end of the pier and stands on the edge. Then with the weapon pounds the pier with the buttstock remembering the siren's promise. Tap, and she will come. As he waits he looks around and sees the snake woman and Doom. The cat like creation that she was working on looks just about complete. It looks impressive, too bad she makes them for the dead and not the living.

Down below the waves, deep in the secluded grotto Morgana rests, curls against her beloved dwarf. Her tail flukes just hanging off the edge of the pool, touching the water. She is in a comfortable half doze, her head resting on Muradin's chest when she feels the far off trembles of vibration echo through the water. She raises her head and frowns. One hand softly patting the dwarf. "we are being called to the surface. One of the landed need us." She nudges again and sits up. "come my chosen, get your armor and I will bring you to the surface...it will grant you a few more kisses before we must see who calls." The siren smiles knowingly and there is a softness to her dark eyes.

After that mess with the Naga and finally managing to herd them all back to the depths of the ocean, Muradin sure is glad to have some time off to relax and spend it with the missus. He'll worry about finishing the hull of that submarine later. Besides, DM seemed far too preoccupied making that robot body for her cat to focus on their pet project. Suits the Mountain King just fine, as he's more than happy to spend doze the afternoon away with his beloved for a change.

But of course, the tranquil of the day can only last so long. "Wa'? Huh?" The dorf startles awake when Morgana prods him and tells him they're being summoned. "Wot tha' sod do they want now? Canna these blokes do anything without us?" Despite his grumbling, Muradin is always ready for some action, and he's gotten his clothes and armor back on in a flash. "Let's do this!"

Doommuffin prods at the ghostly cat. "Hey. Wake up. It's time to commence with the tertiary testing phase."

Deathcake wakes up with a wide yawn and looks up at the undead gnome. Some thing seems to go unsaid between the death knight and her companion as the cat runs straight into the machine... And it begins to move. "Miao?" it says as it looks around and takes a few tentative steps outside. It sees something it considers interesting! Curiousity may have killed the cat, but this cat's already dead. DC walks on towards the dock and Urus, intent on investigating this new form with its bright pants.

The knocking gets Deis's attention, and she pops an eye open, turning her head in the direction of the dock. "Hey," she greets Urus. "What's goin' on?" She means it both as a general greeting and a question as to what he's doing with a scuba tank on his back. It's about then that she notices the dead kitty. Her head turns slowly, so she can look at Deathcake, and she blinks. "Well. That's a thing..."

There is a look of surprise as the mechanical creature begins moving. As it starts to move toward him he is already on the edge of dock so he does not step back but he is cautious of the new creation. " Oh... not much... you know, summoning sirens... mechanical cats.... the usual." He says worriedly, tightening the grip on his gun. "Come on get here already..." he whispers under his breath towards the siren who has yet to arrive. He hopes he has not been lied to... and hopes that metal cats sink.

Morgana smiles as she watches her mate get ready then stretches her body up to lay a kiss on his mouth, before arching her length and pulling him easily off the ledge and into the cool water. She breaths into his mouth, drawing air through her own gills to share with him. Quickly she propels them through the tunnel and up and out into the open sea. Turning them with ease and sharing more breaths with the dwarf, the siren swims quite fast making her way toward the beach and it is only a short while before two head break the water not more then twenty feet or so from shore. Blinking her inner eyelids then outers and is able to quickly focus and calls out "Who called for me?" Her tone musical and carrying easily over the water.

If Muradin is at all appalled at the idea of Morgana coddling him like that, he's certainly not doing anything to show it. Tough and peerless dwarven warrior he may be, Muradin likes Morgana dotting over him and he leans up to kiss her with a grin on his face. He lets the kiss linger as his siren pushes air to his lungs and before he knows it he's being pulled into the waters and taken for a wild ride.

After Morgana emerges, Muradin's form goes to surface right next to her, the dorf still clinging to the mermaid to keep himself afloat. "Och.. this betta' be good." He says as he adjusts his helmet and spits a small stream of water, not being the most graceful of creatures out there, particularly when it comes to swimming.

Doommuffin walks on over to the small gathering as the large robot cat seems to be sniffing at Urus. Except, as a robot, he can't sniff. Well, can't blame a ghost kitty for trying, can you? "Greetings to you all!" calls out the gnome as she arrives. "My, we have quite the gathering here now. Did word travel that expeditiously that I had completed the Quadrupedal Possession-Enhanced Mechano-Feline, DC edition Mark 1?" One track mind, this gnome. Well, at least she takes pride in her work, and apparently her patron Alliance, even if said alliance isn't really a 'thing' in Twisted.

Deis snickers at Urus's statement about 'the usual'. "Here? Totally usual occurence," she replies, still snickering. She moves to greet the surfacing mermaid and her dwarven mate, with a wave. "Hey there," she offers. Yes, she's in snake-woman form. No, she doesn't look like a naga like Morgana had to deal with earlier. She's much more human up top. Fact, she doesn't have any snake or fish features on her upper half at all. Doommuffin's question gets a shake of her head. "Afraid not. I was sleeping and got curious to see what was going on."

Urus pets DC on the head nervously. Then the two appear at the surface. "Yes I called, I need a hole dug, and I thought that you were the one to do it." He says turning his back to the cat and pointing at Muradin. "I assumed he was with you." He says to morgana "seems I was right." As for doom... well he just said why he was here. He needed a hole and a big one, well... at least 7 foot tall and miles upon miles long. Deis is yet another new face to Urus. It seems he has not explored twisted as well as he initially thought.

The siren draws her mate toward the shore and soon she shifts and steps naked from the water, tossing her dark mass of hair and that touch of mermaid magic makes her instantly dry. Waiting for Muradin to finish his own rise from the water she holds out her hand expectantly, knowing full well he keeps her spare garment in a water proof pouch for moments such as this. As she waits she looks to Urus "why do you need a hole dug so urgently?" She glances to DM and then Deis and nods her greeting.

Looks like there's quite a reception awaiting Morgana and Muradin once they come to the surface. The dorf manages to spot all the gathered people there even in his less than favorable vintage point of being dragged by his taller mate to shore. As the siren sets the Bronzebeard upon dry land, the dwarven warrior takes a moment to display some new skills and forces the water to flow down his body to dry himself instantly, much in the same manner than Morgana does. Hey, you can't have a mermaid for a wife and not learn a few tricks about water! Muradin smiles and passes a hand over his now dry beard before handing Morgana a shirt. Sure enough, he has one ready! Muradin always seems to be carrying some kind of water proof backpack on him, and that's even before he met Morgana! Its just a matter of being an adventurer.

"'Ello everyone!" The dorf handles pleasantries first and addresses all present, including DC with his snazzy new robot body. "Blimey, that's one remarkable job ye did there, DM." But what's this? It looks like this time around Urus was looking for him and not Morgana. Interesting. "Oh, get tha' dorf ta dig a hole, aye?" Snorts Muradin, acting like assuming that he's good at digging is some kind of prejudice. "Well, ye came to tha' right man, lad! Nobody that can dig holes like this dwarf!" But apparently Muradin isn't one to distance himself from stereotypes. He doesn't even ask -why- Urus needs a hole dug, he's already getting his pick and shovel.

Doommuffin looks less than pleased when Urus pats her on the head. "Don't make me summon an unholy swarm of fleas on you." She turns a more favorable gaze upon Muradin as he compliments her work. "Of course it is! And it is now ready for proper testing! Ooh! Actually, give me five minutes and I can probably upgrade it with some welded on spade-heads on the forepaws!" Upon hearing Muradin's boast of his own skills, however, she can't help but quip, "Actually, I heard Brann was significantly more adept at excavation than you." Oh snap. h."

For her part, Deis coils up a few feet away from the group. She's not sure what's going on, and she really doesn't have anything to add. So she's going to just watch for now, and find out what exactly is going on. She coils her lower half, and then lets her upper body lean forward and sort of lays down on her coils, folding her arms under her chin. Lazy goddess is lazy.

Urus gives a half assed salute to Doom as he jumps off the peir and splashes in the water. Fur sticking close to his body as it comes out of the water back into the air. "I need hole dug to specific opening in the wasteland." he tells both the Dorf and the Siren. "It's a favor for friend and I know that YOU." He says accusatorily in retaliation to the dwarf's attitude "Are a dwarf and you are digging a hole. Diggy... Diggy... hole." Yes the song is still stuck in his head. " Besides, I never said I would not help."

The siren arches a brow as she listens then gives the hyena a very direct look. "For who are we digging this hole, who is it that is in need of aid?" She takes the offered shirt and pulls it on then smooths it down over her curves. Her eyes move to DC in his robot armor and she smirks "you will be quite a terror of the deep, cat."

Oh that cheeky gnome!! Muradin's eyebrow visibly quirks as DM reminds the middle child Bronzebeard that its his younger brother who is the most apt for digging. He knows that's so inherently true, that Muradin doesn't even try to refute the gnome. "We all have our talents." He grudgingly admits before pointing at the impertinent gnome (an impertinent gnome? Isn't that like an oxymoron?) "As long as me wee little brother ain't here, that makes me the best digger in Twisted by default!" And that settles that.

Muradin watches Urus take a dive and he just begins to make circling motions with his arm to loosen up his shoulder, preparing himself for a nice day of digging. "I didnae say I wasn't gonna help out, lad." As if Muradin would turn down an offer to dig, it's like him declining a good brawl. "But me wife raises a good point. Juss who wants this hole dug and why?" A look at DM and the lazy magic goddess is given next. "Ye lassies wanna come along?" It can be like a road trip.

As he is directly addressed, Deathcake meows at Morgana. It is not a meow befitting the machine he now possesses, but one befitting the siamese he was in life.

"Of course I'll come along!" declares the gnome. "If we're going into the wastelands, then the unpredictable will be occurring! What better way to begin proper testing for my latest contraption?" She motions towards the robot kitty as she says this.

Deis listens to all the chatter, the end of her tail poking out of her coils, twitching lazily. And when she's asked if she wants to come along? She tilts her head, as if thinking. "Sure, why not?" she agrees. "I've been wanting to see the place for a while, but I've been told it's not a place to go alone. And since there's been no one around to give me a sword or a cute little kitten for protection, numbers seems like the best option."

Urus Sighs because the person in question is not the best to help the situation. "It is for my friend Minu, we need to get..." he pauses wishing he didn't have to say it but maybe it is only him that Kotal has pissed off. " Need to get Kotal Kahn out of hole. I want to dig tunnel to go down there and pull him out. " he turns back to the rest of the group. "As for the rest of you. You are allowed along, however 2 things to note. 1. It is boring. 2. If things go wrong you two are on your own. OK?"

Morgana watches the hyena hem on haw and then when he comes out with WHO it is that needs saving the siren simply tosses her head back and laugh. Its a warm thing, rich and alive and dances over ones skin like something with fur. She laughs long and fully, no trace of anything other then the purest mirth in it. "oh the look on that blue bastards face when he see's who it is who has come to save him. He is going to glower till he sets the rocks themselves ablaze. Oh Muradin, this really is too amusing. Do lets help."

Morgana ain't the only one that finds the revelation of who it is that's stuck down a hole humorous. Muradin's eyes go wide at the news and says, "That Kotal bloke got himself stuck down a hole??" Just like his siren, the dorf too throws his head back in laughter, in almost synchronized movement. "BWAHAHAHA!! Some bloody war god!!!" He nods to Morgana and agrees. "Of course, me luv. I wouldn't miss this one for the world." He seems ready to go, though when Urus mentions to DM and Deis that they'd be on their own if something goes wrong the dorf quickly waves the Hyena off. "Eh, donna worry lassies. Canna speak for Urus, but I got yer backs over there." Besides, its not like Deis and DM can't take care of themselves. At the very least, Muradin has seen DM fight and she's purdy good at it.

The cat-shaped mechanical monstrosity turns its head towards Deis at the mention of the word 'kitten,' but doesn't seem to react further than that. "'If things go wrong I'm on my own'? Please. You insult me if you think I can't defend myself. Besides, I won't be alone." Doommuffin pats the foreleg of DC's body. "And observing its operations will be enough to keep my interest piqued. This is a testing run for it, afterall. Seeing how it keeps up over a period of time is test enough."

Deis perks when Urus says just who's in trouble. "Oh? Of course I'll help if Koko's in trouble!"


Deis straightens, to 'stand', if a snakewoman can do so. Then she reaches back to part her hair and let it fall over her shoulders, and reaches back to pull her purple hood up over her head. A hand out in front of her summons her golden staff, worked in the shape of a serpent with a large green orb in its mouth. "Lead on, good dwarf~."

Urus smiles too and nods moving back towards shore. "I did not expect that anyone would be willing to help." Thankfully for him their vengeance on Kotal leads them to the same mission. The other two being unfazed by his warnings give two more people to help dig. As he looks to doom he squints and gives a very strange suggestion. "Have you ever thought of using it as a mount." As he says that the mental image fills his mind forcing him to do his usual hyena like cackle. In the finishing moments of him catching his breath from his laugh Deis' pet name makes him crack up even harder "Koko? Ohhhh going to need to remember that one." He admits. With a deep breath he motions for the group to follow as he swims up to shore and effortlessly walks back toward the city.

Morgana nods her head at Muradins words "Doommuffin is ours, she is from my chosen's home and so is our family. Also, if one fights or works for you , you protect them, they become yours, at least for that time. So fear not, all that help will be taken care of and protected to the best of our ability." The siren frowns and goes quiet for a moment the looks to Muradin. "The wastes are not over far that direction, depending on how far down this hole needs to be, we could start at a depth already and simply go sideways? You have been wanting to dig a tunnel from the sea to the land already Muradin. Would this be a good time for such now?"

"Aye aye!" Agrees Muradin with a resounding nod when Morgana claims kinship with DM. "We Bronzebeards protect our own." Mayhap a lesson to be learned by Urus! There is strength in solidarity rather than trying to run off on your own. But, the dorf guesses the merc will learn in his own time, if at all, and concerns himself with matters at hand. "Heh! Koko?" He sniggers when he listens to Deis' pet name for Kotal. Looks like he'll be remembering that one too.

He turns to his siren when she suggests connecting the sea to the wasteland and he stares at her looking rather surprised. "Start digging from here??" He rubs his chin and shrugs. "Suppose I could do that, but I dinnae what problems that might cause if there's a direct link from here to the wasteland.. eh.. sod it!" He says decisively and pulls out his spyglass to start calculating the trajectory of the tunnel. "I can always just collapse tha' tunnel if we run into some beasties."

Doommuffin says, "While I could easily convert this into a mount, I'd much prefer the traditional Mechano-strider for such a purpose. Or a nice Turbo-charged flying machine." Apparently that's what that particular device is actually called. "You all keep talking about this 'Kotal' person as if he were some form of big shot. I suppose it is good that I meet him for myself when this is all said and done. And really... If you dig /here/-" She stomps her heavy plated boot on the sand once. "-it will be rather easy to collapse said tunnel.""

Deis looks honestly confused when people start snickering about her choice of pet names. "What? Have you ever seen his hair?" She folds her hands under her chin and smiles broadly. "It's all curly and fluffy, like a sheep~!" Those might be sparkles. Maybe. Hard to tell. DM's statement of Kotal gets a nod. "He's a god of war apparently. Though I don't know the pantheon." She'll wait, then, for the digging to commence!

"Digging? From here?" Urus asks. "Unless there is part of beach that I am not aware of, we will not get anywhere quick. " He says kicking a bit of sand and agreeing with the gnome. As for doom's lucky life in not meeting the god of war, Urus educates her on the basics "Kotal, big blue son of bitch who thinks highly of himself. A textbook example of... what is word, eh self-centered." Deis is making Urus' day however, the way she talks about him. She seems entirely infatuated with him. It's both funny and disgusting at the same time.

Morgana shares Urus amusement concerning the infatuation Deis clearly has for Kotal. She though understand that sometimes it is the most unlikely pairings that become the strongest. "I am no digger, Muradin, this is your strength. Lead us to what needs be done. I am sure that the longer we wait the more dangerous the situation. We are talking about the wastes after all." She looks to her chosen one with concern.

For his part, Muradin is trying to ignore as -hard as he can- how infatuated Deis seems to be with Kotal. She's kind of acting like a gushing school girl but there's no way he's going to tell her that. Anyway, he's more concentrated on the digging at hand, and upon further consideration by Urus and DM's comments that remind him this is the beach they are talking about, Muradin puts his spy glass away. "I'm sure me brother coulda managed to dig a tunnel from here to the wastelands. However, that was Brann's specialty fer sure, and I fear digging from 'ere would cause tha' tunnel ta cave in on us." Beach sand and all. He glances at his mermaid lady and gives a grim nod. "Aye, yer right, me luv. Urus, lead us to this hole where Kotal is and we'll figure out what ta do from there."

Doommuffin says, "Very well! I am in accordance. Let us go see this pre-exsisting hole so that we might aquire an appropriate plan of action!" With that, she begins walking towards the wasteland, DC following shortly behind. "Hrm," she ponders as she moves onward. "That description resembles the large man that for some reason officieated a bar fight between myself and that orc. I wonder if that was indeed him?"

To her credit, Deis straightens up her attitude after that moment, and snickers about it. So it's possible she could have been kidding. But anyway. "Well, of course he thinks highly of himself. He's a god," Deis points out. No fangirling, just stating of fact. "When people worship you, that tends to instill a sense of self-importance. Trust me on that." A wink. Though DM's words get a raised brow. "Why would you want to fight a bear?"

Urus nods and walks with doom and the party towards the wasteland making sure to dress back appropriately before leaving, if anyone wonders where Urus stores his gear it is in a certain can behind the 24/7 not telling you which one though... need to keep some secrets. He leads them through the barren wastes for about 40 minutes before coming upon the hole in question. Considering time taken Kotal is now a massive one and a half inches further down the hole... as is his cronies. " There we go. One blue bastard, stuck in time." He pauses for a second to let it sink in. then adds his solution. "If we make tunnel like ramp down to where he is, maybe we can simply pluck him out of problem area... maybe. Time warp is not strong suit." He says honestly.

Morgana goes relatively quiet while the others talk and it decided that moving to the wastes is in order. She stores information away for other uses during that walk. The siren shaking out her long hair as the wind catches it. When they reach the hole she smirks as she looks down on Kotal and a group of odd folk. "quite the spot you have gotten yourself into Kotal. It is a good thing we are.friends...is it not? I have brought my chosen to aid you." She calls , her musical voice spilling though the hole.

Whistling a familiar tune, Muradin marches all the way to the wastelands along with the entire company, mining pick resting on his shoulder whilst he holds hands with Morgana. Finally do they arrive to the rather large hole in question and one peer down reveals what's exactly Kotal's problem. "Huh, I was wondering how a sodding god gets stuck in a hole." Turns out that he's been frozen in time or something, apparently that's a thing that happens here in the Wasteland. Oh, and sure enough, DM will recognize that this Kotal is the same guy that was egging Gogron to fight her back in the UR.

"Anybody know who those blighers that are with him are?" Muradin sure as heck hadn't seen those guys before and he isn't sure if they are friends or foes.

He straightens up and walks a few paces away from the hole, measuring the distance. "One ramp coming right up." He says, heaving his mining pick whilst he glances at the others. "Though I hafta say time shenanigans ain't my strong suit either. If anybody got any plans on how are we gonna pry em outta there I'm all ears." Having little time to waste, Muradin starts swinging away at the ground with his pick and it's almost like watching a cartoon. Dirt begins to fly up and pile up to the side while he starts sinking deeper and deeper with prodigious hole digging speed. Seems that even though Brann's the best digger in the family, Muradin just happens to be good a digging by virtue of being a dwarf.

As for Morgana's taunt. There's no response from Kotal or his minions. They're still floating down there looking surprised.

Doommuffin peers down into the hole. "Hrm. I was thinking perhaps some sort of propelled rope or some sort might be an effective way to expidite a rescue effort, but I don't think even that would work. Then again, I do have another hypothesis that could use an experiment to validate it or not." Deathcake's robot watching her every move, she locates a rock and underhand tosses it into the hole. Not at anyone in it, no. Just seeing what it does.

"If we go down there we might get stuck in the time warp too," Deis points out. "Want me to see if I can 'pop' the time bubble? Just long enough for you to grab 'em? Though that might drop them and hurt them. Maybe I can use magic to protect whoever's doing the grabbing?" she suggests. DM's suggestion gets a nod. "Oooh, right! Does anybody have any rope?"

Urus watches like a foreman as dirt begins flying. Looks like he won't be needing any help. In fact his "help" might slow things down. He nudges morgana with a shoulder. "can't hear ya, already insulted him once." he says almost proud of the fact. Rope is a fantastic idea except for a single fact. "Did anyone BRING rope?" he asks. Of course no one bothered... plan b. "ok" he says grabing his forehead and thinking. Then looking at the pile of dirt the dwarf has let fly gives him an Idea. "Muradin! When you get down there... start using dirt to fill in the hole. Then we can yank them out with the goddess' help. "he turns to Deis and points already having heard her say her magic idea. "When we have the hole filled to the right point you can pop the time bubble yes?" already knowing the answer he already replies "Already better god than Kotal."

Morgana smiles as she watches her chosen one busily making that hole. She makes a sound of pleasure as her eyes rake over him, all glowing bronze and bunching muscles. When Urus speaks to her she arches a delicate brow "I was not insulting the war god, I was reminding him of something he once said. And, if I might, Urus, you would be wise to remember, it is fool hearty to try to battle a god of battle directly. You can not win in such a way, you must do your battling in ways he will not expect or comprehend, fight how and where he is not the master." She shrugs again and draws in a breath then rises her voice and starts to sing. One note builds and joins another and yet another until a pure crystalline song fills the air. Her song is a compliment to Muradins usual digging song but not exactly like it.

Dang, the one day Muradin forgot to bring rope for his expedition. Guess that's what happens when you get woken up in a hurry when you're busy canoodling with your wife. Though they appear to have no rope to pull Kotal and his krew out through more mundane means -not that it would help since they apparently can't move- Muradin continues to dig with dwarven tenacity. As he digs further down, he gives Morgana quite the eye full of strong, flexing muscles and flowing bronze hair.. at least until he goes fully underground. "Sounds like a good idea ta me!" Calls the dorf from inside his tunnel.

Muradin makes sure to dig further down where Kotal and his minions are floating so that he doesn't get stuck himself in the time bubble. As he pops out underneath them, he starts pushing dirt into the hole to see if he can fill it up, though he could probably use some help from DM and her cat. Honestly, Muradin isn't sure how deep this hole goes, he can't see the end of it from his vintage point. However, it seems that the dirt is also getting frozen in time as he throws it in. Is that supposed to be happening? When DC throws the rock in and it goes flying past the krew members, it also freezes in time some way beneath them actually starting to form some kind of floor. "Oi, meebe ye can pop the bubble just from tha top so they have somethin' to fall on. Can ye do that, Deis?"

Doommuffin says, "Curious. Most curious. It appears that inanimate objects going in are effected later than the current inhabitants. Deathcake." The robotic cat jumps up from where it was just beginning to lie down for a nap. "Go down Bronzebeard's hole and kick the loose dirt into the pit." Something beyond just voice commands is going on here, as Deathcake obeys the command immediately, entering into dwarven hole and... turning around to kick dirt into the deeper pit. Those with experience with cats may recognize the motion as being remarkably similar to when a cat is finished using their litter box."

"I can TRY," Deis replies. "If the Wasteland's power is stronger, I might not be able to. At best it'll be temporary, so make it count." She raises her staff in the air, and then extends her free hand out in front of her. She's already beginning to 'charge' the spell. Not only charging, but studying the effect with her magical senses. Yellow rays of magic emit from her open hand out in front of her, to a place about six inches before her palm, where they form a rounded shape with what almost looks like a Star of David, for those from Earth. But then, is ANYONE here from Earth?

Deis nods to Muradin's suggestion. "Ah, that's a good idea!" She'll wait until the 'floor' is made, and then bring her staff down in front of her, to follow the same pose as her other arm. The staff hits the round shape in front of her, and yellow lightning crashes down into the hole where Kotal and his Krew are. She's hoping to break the time bubble for JUST long enough to let everyone in there jump out.

Urus There is a smile as the plan comes together. He walks down the hole to make sure he is one of the first ones that the group sees. He pats Muradin on the back for a job well done. " I owe you a drink... or three." As he sees the lightning drop. He yells back up. "Fantastic. Who is the best snake girl in town?" hoping she understands he is talking about her. " a toothy smirk appears on his face ready.

The sirens song spills away as the group prepares to free Kotal and his group. She moves quick down into the hole so that she can lend her presence and strength should it be needed. She waits for the magic to take effect poised and ready.

"Heh! Just doing wot's decent, mate." Answers Muradin to Urus offer of drinks. "Though I won't say no to some free brew." Chuckling, the dorf moves sideways just in time for DC to kick all the dirt down into the pit and make that floating floor for Kotal and his people.

With everything ready and under control, Muradin ducks back inside his hole and sees lightning fall from Deis' staff, down at the time frozen kombatants.

Like shattering glass, crackles being to appear all around them and the 'bubble' that was holding them in place breaks with a crystalline sound, returning the war god and his minions to the moment in time where they were falling.

"-AAAAAH!!!" Their yells resume as they careen down the hole, though with them being warriors, their uncanny reflexes makes them act quickly and land feet first on the levitating ground that was built right under them. With a single jump, D'vorah, Ermac, Ferra/Torr, Repile and Erron Black, all leap out of the hole with Kotal leading them, massive macuahuitl in hand. They all look very angry and quite ready to attack.

"YOU'LL REGRET CROSSING ME.. Eh?" Kotal blinks, looking perplexed and glances around. "What??? Morgana?? Why are you.. What are you all.." Blink blink. "Where is that buffoon in the red suit!?" It looks like Kotal has maybe gone completely mad, and his minions look just as confused.

Doommuffin looks over the group now that they are more up close. "My, aren't you an interesting array of individuals," she says as Deathcake walks back up the ramp and approaches the group to sniff at them.

There's at least one person to see the Kombatants have come out reasonably unharmed. Deis. And it looks like she's glad one of them in particular has.


She quickly slithers over to the blue-skinned man, aiming to glomp him! SNAKE-HUG! Well, not really. She doesn't try to coil him up in her tail. It's more she tries to hug him while looping a coil of her tail around his feet. Still. SNAKE-HUG! "I'm glad you're okay!"

Kind of embarrassing for a god of war, innit?

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