2015-12-13 - Explanations and Introductions

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Explanations and Introductions

Summary: Following the demon attack, Dorian comes out to see if the rift that dropped him here has closed. He finds Rayne, and later Serenity, and gets a course in Twisted 101.

Who: Dorian, Rayne, Serenity
When: December 13, 2015.
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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Just off to the side of the fountain, there are a number of trees lining the pathways. Luckily for some, the trees have been around long enough that they are fairly sturdy, in fact sturdy enough that on a low branch on one of them sits Rayne. As is often with her when about and not on duty, she has with her an oversized clipboard, and on that board is a piece of paper upon which she's drawing the landscape. While typically in the park in the past she's had her focus on the fountain, today instead she's facing the playground, drawing the less familiar to her forms of the equipment there.

There's about to be something disturbing the scene. A man walks to the fountain from the street; he's dressed in archaic leather armor and a white cloak thrown over the lot, a staff with a large round crystal orb on the top of it held in hand. There's a sense of the magical about him, for those who can sense such. But if there's nothing else to mark him as distinctive, that moustache will probably do it. It's pretty... distinctive, yeah.

He's heading near the fountain, yes. More precisely, he's heading for where that battle with the horde of demons that were spat out of a green hole in the air took place. He doesn't seem to notice Rayne up in the trees just yet. He examines the former battlefield, scanning the area visually. "Hm... I wonder..." he says under his breath. Then he raises a hand, closing his eyes. The area in front of his palm begins to glow with a green-colored light, and magic can be felt in the area. he sweeps the hand before him slowly, from one side to the other, as if he's seearching for something...

While Rayne herself is an accomplished mage... okay, so she's barely a beginner, but still... she really doesn't have a 'sense' for it in a way that would alert her ahead of time. A green glow, on the other hand, catches her attention, and she looks over towards the source. An initial tenseness at the odd light quickly vanishes as she recognizes the guy from the other day (really, how couldn't she with that mustache? She never actually got that good a look at him, but that mustache was enough). "Ah. Him," she says to herself. Not exactly loudly, but she's not whispering, either. Still, when an unknown spell is being cast, she keeps an eye on the mage, her sketching for the moment forgotten.

Nothing seems to be happening while he is casting that spell. however when the green glow fades and his eyes open, the man sighs in relief. "Thank the Maker," he sighs. Whether he just now noticed Rayne or had just not registered it until just then, he looks up at the rainbow-haired woman in the tree, with a blink.

He seems to take a moment to think, and then smiles. "Ah. You were one of those who cae to deal with the demons," he remembers. "Terribly sorry about all that. I'm apparently quite popular with all kinds." Oh, one of THOSE types. "I don't believe I caught your name. I am Dorian, of House Pavus. Altus mage of Tevinter." He bows. "How do you do?"

Rayne almost snickers at his introduction, but introduces herself as well. "I am Rayne, of House Hurris. Second in command of TASK. I'm doing fairly well, I think. Don't worry about the demons. I've seen enough convergences to know it wasn't your fault that they showed up." She frowns slightly a second after, but as he gaze moves to the side, it seems that what's making her frown is something from the past rather than Dorian. "Uh, anyway," she says as her gaze returns to the mage. "How are you finding Twisted so far?"

Dorian catches that frown. "Ah. I see." Then he offers a rogueish smirk. "I hope that frown wasn't due to me. Your face is much too beautiful to keep a frown on it." Oh sheesh. He's flirting. At least it sounds like an honest comment, even if he was smirking in JUST THAT WAY. As for how he's finding Twisted? "Not very well, in fact," he answers. "Though admittedly I was more concerned about making sure that rift had closed behind me. The last thing this place needs is having more means of ingress from demon-infested spirit worlds.

Rayne raises an eyebrow slightly at the flirting. "I think you're the first person I've met that wanted the rift shut behind them after arriving. Most people are in a mad scramble to try to find a quick way to get back, not the other way around."

"That rift wasn't to my world," Dorian clarifies. "You see, there was a massive hole that opened in the sky. When that happened, I was drawn into the Fade... the spirit world. I managed to attract the attention of those demons while trying to find my way out. I did NOT want to be there. I'd become cornered when the Fade opened up again and spat me out here, dropping all of my 'company' too. Those were the demons that came with me."

Rayne nods. "I see now... so now you're twice displaced. Well, if that was the home universe of those things, I could certainly understand preferring Twisted to that place. While they weren't the toughest things I've ever faced, they certainly weren't pleasant."

The often-amiable mottled marine mollusc meanders down the park path, guiding the black disc of the field generator and a briny cloak over in the direction of the lake using just a flow undulation of the aquamarine fins. Possibly on account of the recent events, Ren is, oddly enough, actually paying proper attention to the environment but still hasn't turned off the music, of which a trace can be heard emenating from the rhinophore-cuff computer.

"It is, in a way," Dorian replies. "Though it would take too long to explain. Suffice to say it was the spirit world connected to my world. Quite possibly the afterlife." Here he smirks. "So you can probably imagine I'm quite glad to be free of it." The sound of Serenity's music gets his attention, and he looks in that direction. His gaze turns in that direction... and his eyes go a bit wide. He shifts, a barely perceptible movement. Rayne can probably tell, though, seeing as how she's a fighter -- he's preparing to have to defend himself.

Rayne doesn't seem to pay the music any mind at first, but as she sees Dorian glance and seemingly go on the defensive, her eyes narrow and she looks as well... but it's just Ren. Any bit of being on edge vanishes from her as she cheerfully waves to her friend. "Hey Ren! Thanks again for getting my stuff back from that parking lot. Dorian here is the one whose convergence got me called out there to begin with."

Serenity looks over to the tree, but Ren's heightened vigilance apparently doesn't extend to spotting subtle defensive postures. When Rayne calls out, Ren offers a wave of one 'wing' in return, fashioning some folds in the surface to make the pair of fins look vaguely like a sleeve draped on a human arm. Ren slips over in the direction of the tree. "Hello," Ren rasps back. "It was the least I could do for one of our defenders." Ren looks to Dorian with an inquisitive cant to the 'antennae' as Rayne explains. "Was the fight a misunderstanding after all?" Ren asks.

"A friend of yours?" Dorian inquires of Rayne as Serenity approaches and the rainbow-haired woman speaks to the floating mollusc as if the two are familiar. There's a slight bit of suspicion in his voice. However, when he hears Serenity speak he pauses. He seems to be regarding her mentally too, looking at her quietly for a moment.

Finally he answers the mollusc's question. "No, I'm afraid not," he replies. "Unless the 'misunderstanding' in question was that I had agreed to allow myself to be eaten." There is a dry tone to his voice, despite the smirk. More than that, Dorian has an almost haughty tone to his voice. Not so much as to make him instantly unlikeable, though.

Though after this dry remark, he smiles pleasantly. "Dorian Pavus," he offers to Serenity. "Pleased to meet you." He bows politely.

Rayne says, "Yyyeah, no, there was really no misunderstanding that I saw. Just a different kind of demonic horde rampaging than the usual type, and this guy kinda caught up in the middle of it." She motions to Dorian with a thumb as she says this before turning back to him. "But yeah, Serenity here is one of my best friends in this crazy, mixed up place."

Serenity starts to offer Dorian a 'hand', a portion extruded from the edge of a wing, but takes his cue and bows instead, folding more-or-less at waist level. "Serenity. I'm pleased to meet you as well." Straightening, Ren nods solemly in reply to the explanation, then smiles at the introduction from Rayne. "I see..." Ren twists to glance briefly back at the park before returning attention to the new person. "I haven't the numbers to claim a trend, but it's alarming to have more than one 'horde'-size door opening to this world in a short span of time. I take it that Rayne has already explained some of the unfortunate and fortunate features of Twisted?"

Dorian nods to Rayne's observation. "I am truly sorry for that," he says, his tone honest and forthright. "I know I had no control over it, but I do feel I should apologize, seeing as they were demons from my world. I'm only glad they were all dealt with before they hurt anyone." As for the 'fortunate and unfortunate'? Dorian shakes his head. "No, not yet, actually. There was no time yesterday, with all the demons about, and we've only just found each othr again."

Rayne glances away, a slight plush to her cheeks in embarrassment. "Oh, yeah, sorry... I kinda... bailed after I took care of that runner. I guess I assumed Kotal or Minu would have taken care of that... well, hoping more for Minu, I suppose. Kotal can be a bit... odd and overdramatic." She laughs slightly. "To say the least."

Serenity grins at Rayne's latter comment. "Fortunately, Rayne and other security personnel of TASK are quite proficient in dealing with threats from both people and from other things," Ren explains, motioning with a portion of fin to Rayne. "Unfortunately, they have had more practice than usual. Someone has been sending demons to Twisted, some of which have managed to make it past the barrier and into the city, usually at night or during heavy fog." Ren glances up to Rayne. "I suppose now is as a good a time as any for orientation, so Dorian Pavus isn't sleeping in a tree, no?"

"So I noticed," Dorian replies to Rayne's mention of Kotal. "I can't say I mind, though. He DID help save my life." He smirks a little, almost fondly. Serenity's mention of night and fog gets a blink. "I'll make a note not to be out at night unless there's no other options." And then the mention of sleeping up a tree. "I did last night. Not here though. It was in a fenced yard, and there was a treehouse at the top of it. Very rude homeowner too. The blighter chased me off with a rake. Can you believe it?!"

Rayne says, "Hey! I'll have you know I slept like a log in those trees! ...before you showed me how to make an apartment." Make? She sweatdrops at Dorian's experience. "Uhhh... well, that would have probably been private property... hence, you know, the fence? Trust me, making an apartment will lead a lot better sleeping arrangements for ya."

Serenity shows a bit of a frowns at Dorian's story, but that disappears with Rayne's remark. "I'm afraid that some of us are accustomed to more comforts of living than that," Ren observes to her. Looking to Dorian, Ren then motions toward the park entrance. (Ren doesn't indicate another direction, as the park doesn't seem to be in the city, despite the fact that its entrance is.) "Leena and Debbie are the caretakers of the apartment building. Within reason," Ren pauses to amend that. "...within certain limitations, they can arrange a room to your liking for no cost. The restaurant across the street an also provide some temporary employment and food if you need it." Ren glances to Rayne, but appears to wait for Dorian's questions before offering the bad news.

Dorian lets the mention of 'making' an apartment pass. He's pretty sure Rayne just misspoke. Or maybe it's just a verbal quirk of hers. either way he doesn't ask about it. Instead he turns his attention to her statement about private property. "Yes, but I had no intention of molesting his trees," he states. "I had no idea I was sleeping in a treant." this sounds like a 'what the hell did I do last night?' story.

Serenity speaks of 'more comforts of living', and he nods. "I certainly am," he agrees. "Though I've learned to live below my station. It's difficult but necessary." An overdramatic SIGH. Though he pauses at the mention of 'no cost' accommodations. "No cost? At all? Or is the currency merely not money? Something like..." His tone turns a little wry. "Oh, I don't know... bits of my soul that I'm not currently using?"

Rayne asks, "Treant?" She blinks at the term without understanding. "Molesting a tree?" As she listens to his way of speaking, it suddenly clicks on her that he's very much a nobleman and her expression darkens ever so slightly. "Well, no cost that we've noticed. The company that runs it is pretty damn mysterious, but I don't think they're into the soul sucking department. I'm guessing they're in it for the data or some sort of advertising or PR stunt that got out of hand."

Serenity likewise looks a bit puzzled by the explanation of his accommodations last night, then nods in acknowledgment of his sigh. Ren seems to take the quip about costs a little more seriously than Rayne, but still quickly assures him, "Yes, public relations and showing off technologies are quite plausible explanations." Ren motions toward the giant clothes-iron-shaped building across the lake. "Medical Mechanica does seem interested in both. Generally goods and services here cost money, but shop owners are often flexible about the sort of currency involved." Ren pauses and frowns before motioning outward. "Now, while there are opportunities for a comfortable life here... I'm afraid the one-way nature of the travel to Twisted is not a problem that has been reliably solved."

It's true, Dorian does have a noble, almost haughty bearing to his words and countenance. But it's not particularly forbidding, and the way he talks of it is almost overdramatized enough to be comedic. It has to be on purpose, because after he's had his fun with the comment of 'living below his station', he lets it go and his overall demeanor seems more normal.

"A treant," he repeats, to Rayne's comment. "Apparently the tree on this man's property was a self-aware being, and he may or may not have been married to it." Here he gets that sardonic tone again. "He also may or may not have been completely out of his bloody mind."

He turns his attention to Serenity's explanation of both the apartments, and looks to the Medical Mechanica building. "Interesting." And then she speaks of the inability to get back to his own world. His brows knit together sadly for a moment. "...I see. That's unfortunate. I did have business in Thedas that hadn't yet been dealt with. Though I worry more for Felix. He's ill, you see. Though if the gateway that brought me here remains open, even if not visibly, it's possible he may find his way here, if he hears that I've disappeared."

Rayne says, "Married to a... You know what? Sure, why not, I've seen just about everything else here." She sighs, shaking her head. "Well, under normal circumstances, I'd not really hope for my friends coming here, but I know at least one other person who thinks this place to be a lot better than her homeworld. Though I suppose one could say home is where your friends are."

Serenity nods in reply to his story about the tree and seems to be keeping an open mind on those alternatives. With the sad expression, Ren extends a portion of fin through the cloak of water to offer Dorian a pat on the arm. "I wouldn't wish this world on anyone," Ren offers, "but I do hope that, however the circumstances might turn out, that you can make peace with that."

Dorian actually emits a laugh at Rayne's reaction to the whole 'married to a tree' business. "As I said, he may or may not have been out of his bloody mind. All I know is he chased me off of his property. I wonder if I should send the 'happy couple' a congratulatory fruit basket?" He's probably kidding.

As for being better than one's homeworld? "Oh I don't know. I think I can see it," he says wryly. "No giant, demon-spitting hole ripped in the sky, no creature from a Chantry cautionary tale trying to achieve god-hood." Pause. "Well. Not that I know of. There are other... issues I have with Thedas, too. Those are personal however. But, ah... I can't say I won't miss Tevinter..."

Serenity's pat on the arm draws his attention. That was a WEIRD sensation, being patted by a fin. Not one Dorian's accustomed too. He blinks a little in Serenity's direction but recovers soon enough. And he smiles at her words. "Thank you. I appreciate the sentiment. Felix's condition worries me, that's all. His father is... eccentric. And not in the lovable old man way. He's leaning dangerously towards the 'cackling villainous cliche' sort of eccentric."

Rayne says, "Oh, no, no. We don't have to worry about people trying to become gods here. We already have gods here. You've met our local god of War already, and I know of a goddess... I think of magic? Not sure. But they're here. Aaaaand I need to be elsewhere, now." She gracefully drops from her branch to the ground and pats her own rear to remove small bits of dirt and tree from her armor and tunic. "The city won't protect itself, afterall. And noone else will do my paperwork for me... So I'll see you guys later, okay?" She waves as she starts walking and mumbling quietly before.... vanishing into mid-air in what Serenity would recognize as TASK's transporter working.

Serenity looks thoughtful as Dorian describes his home. "While there are some powerful residents, the majority of them are well-behaved," Ren adds to Rayne's assurance, "and TASK is there to encourage those who might not otherwise be inclined to civilized." Ren ripples to the side to make way for Rayne to hop from the tree, offering a smile and wave of one 'wing' as she takes off. Returning eyes to Dorian, Ren suggests with a note of encouragement. "Perhaps you can compose letters to people you care about? I have no way to deliver them yet, but I'm composing them all the same."

Dorian blinks as Rayne says there are gods here already. And then his eyes go a little wide as Rayne mentions a 'goddess of magic'. The gears in his mind start turning, and he begins to wonder... could his coming here have been Andraste's plan all along...? Perhaps he's not strong enough now, but if he finds this goddess of magic...

Eh. No sense worrying about it now.

He composes himself too late to bid Rayne farewell, unfortunately. "I see," he instead notes to Serenity's words. Though the mention of writing letters gets a bit of a smirk. "Ha... no, it's not my nature to dwell on things," he replies. "Either I will see those people again or I won't. If I don't, writing letters would be a waste of time. If I do, I'll say my piece in person."

He then changes the subject. "So... this blue-skinned fellow. He's a god of war?" he inquires. "Did I hear that right?"

Serenity nods in reply with a more solemn expression. "Hh, I see. Not everyone lives in the moment this way." With the question from Dorian, though, Ren replies with a brighter but still thoughtful tone, "Indeed that is a title he claims. He seems to have lived for many centuries with power given by still more powerful beings." Ren motions toward the park entrance. "Now, I understand the barrier around the city places some limits on magical powers, preventing any being from claiming absolute control. Even so, I haven't seen evidence of many as powerful as Kotal."

Dorian nods, placing a hand to his chin in thought as Serenity explains about Kotal. Though he smirks as she mentions 'even more powerful beings'. "Always someone a little further up on the ladder, hm?" he quips. He definitely gets that. As for the city's barriers? "I noticed that," he confirms. "As an Altus mage, I might have been able to handle myself perfectly well against one old man, gaatlok weapon or no. But I felt something suppressing my magic. That something isn't present here. Likely because of that barrier you spoke of."

"Mage?" Ren repeats curiously. "Perhaps that was it. I am not convinced that Senior Diablo, who exercises some influence over the town, is supporting the maintenance of the barrier for altruistic purposes rather than for controlling the competition. Whatever the motives, though, this little bit of protection remains. I haven't any magic, nor even the inborn armor of most here," Ren grins and taps a temporary digit to the side of the head at the last, "but I've still managed to live here for some time with sanity and all body parts intact."

Dorian nods once more, this time to confirm he is indeed a mage. Her explanation gets a 'hmmm'. "Well, I suppose I can understand it," he observes. "It's far easier to protect everyone if you control them, I suppose. Just make all people both equal in power and lesser power than you." His tone is a little wry, but there's no malice in it. Clearly he bears no ill will over it. As his next statement proves. "If there are that many gods and demons here, perhaps it's a good idea, for the normal people."

He chuckles a bit as Serenity mentions having her sanity intact. "The latter might not be too great a feat, if you'll pardon my saying so." He's referring to her having few true 'limbs'. "But to keep your sanity intact when there's so much oddness and absurdity around you... that is a feat indeed."

"If I look tougher than I am physically, I'm not sure that this is a good thing." Ren grins and adds, "Fortunately, overenthusiastic hugs or surprise offers to join a ball game don't seem to be common risks for me." Ren then motions out to the sides, "I suppose that having friends is important for one's mental health. An open mind certainly doesn't hurt, but an easygoing attitude isn't sufficient without emotional support from others."

Dorian agrees, "In a place like this? I can see that." A smirk. He tilts his head. "...Do pardon me for asking, but... what exactly are you? Your species, I mean. Are you what humans look like in your world? I mean no offense in asking. I've merely never seen anyone like you before. Well, not that wasn't trying to pre-digest my insides with acid."

"It's important to have someone who notices when you are acting strange and when you are telling a joke," Ren explains, "since a stranger may very well assume that whatever you might be doing is perfectly normal and that your words are quite literal." Ren offers an encouraging smile at the question. (Well, perhaps more of a grin, on account of the lack of teeth.) "Yes and no," Ren replies. "Fsst are the most intelligent species on the planet- by which I mean that no animal has a fraction of our capacity for the arts or for foolishness." Ren motions out to the side with a pair of fins extended from the floating mass of water. "But the humans of my universe are from the world of another sun. They're shaped like you and Rayne."

At the mention of friends, Dorian smirks. "Not to worry. Even if I have no friends from Thedas here, I'm sure it won't be long before I make new ones here," he says. "I'm very charming. And handsome." He may or may not be kidding. However, despite his dip into vanity, he listens to Serenity's explanation without interrupting. "Ah, I see. Your world, but the humans there came from a different world?" He doesn't realize that when she says 'world', it's very likely she's talking about something different than he means. Dorian has, unfortunately, not been told about space.

Serenity grins at Dorian's remark about himself. "There are a few humans on my world and a few fsst on their world, but generally it's rather too inconvenient to visit another's cities," Ren explains, wiggling an extruded 'digit' though the forcefield. "I only have this environment suit because I was going there on an academic research trip. While it works well enough for everyday interactions, I sometimes wish there were a way for humans to speak properly underwater without bulky equipment."

"Environment suit?" Dorian inquires. "I noticed this. What is it? Some form of magitech?" As for being able to breathe underwater? "What about using magic?" he suggests. "I'm sure there's an enchantment somewhere, or one that could be made, that can allow an air-breathing creature to breathe in the water. Or indeed vice-versa, if you were wondering."

"I'm a bit reluctant to employ magic for important things like breathing," Ren admits. Ren then seems to consider something before speaking, but not too long. Apparently Ren's considered the issue before. "My environment suit consists of only components that people understand, or could understand with proper tools and study. And it's built using tools physically constructed by people, or tools made by tools and so on... a few levels removed from those made by people."

"Indeed," Dorian replies, to the mention of not employing magic for breathing. "That's why, rather than merely casting the spell, you place the enchantment onto an item. A gem. And then put that gem into something worn, like a bracer, or article of clothing. Something one isn't likely to lose." Though her explanation of the suit gets a nod. "So there's no magic in your suit's creation? That's a pity." Yes, he's a mage, of course he likes magic.

"An enchanted item?" Ren repeats thoughtfully. "That does sound a bit less frightening than modifying a person. I would still worry about stability, though, if the user were using it in an environment far from safety." Ren adds curiously, motioning to the black disk, "You called yourself a mage earlier. Might causing one thing to mimic the functionality of another be within your expertise?"

Dorian nods as Ren mentions the item versus modifying a person. "There's also the problem of enchantments on people wearing off," he adds. "If that happens while said person it at the bottom of the ocean... well, suffice to say someone-- possibly many someones-- are going to have a bad day." As for mimicking functions? Dorian crosses his arms, raising one hand to rub his chin thoughtfully. There's no boasting of superior magical power this time. Instead? "I could always try," he says, remarkably honestly. "I'd need a place to do research. Materials for the procedure, that sort of thing. What were you trying to mimick the function of?" he asks.

Serenity nods at Dorian's initial explanation. "Well, I wondered if the abilities of this environment suit might be mimicked, for the benefit of humans underwater," Ren explains. "However, your solution sounds rather experimental. I wouldn't want to risk either my equipment or my friends." Ren motions toward Dorian with an upturned fin edge. "That said, perhaps we can speak of such things again when you are more settled and well-supplied?"

"Ah. Sort of the reverse of your environment suit?" Dorian confirms. "Depending on what kind of knowledge I can find, that might not be too difficult. It just needs to 'hold' the air around a person, yes?" He pauses here, his voice falling to a murmur. "Though it would need to circulate the air somehow, stale air will kill a man." He doesn't seem to understand the science behind oxygen versus carbon dioxide, but he does understand that a human can't breathe the same air.

Serenity's mention of talking more about it when he's settled gets his attention! He looks up as if he'd forgotten where he was for a moment. "Hm?" But when her words register, he nods. "That might be wise. Though I'm no artificer, I could perhaps puzzle through the theory of it so it could be built."

"You have started me thinking more about magical solutions," Ren hisses thoughtfully. "I wouldn't want to keep you from developing your specialty, though," Ren motions to Dorian and smiles, "unless your specialty is breeding people-eating acid creatures."

Serenity looks puzzled by the latter observation but doesn't remark on it. "What is your specialty, if I may ask? Perhaps I could help you look into providing services in town."

"Aside from being absolutely dashing?" Smirk. "I'm afraid I must give a very broad answer to that question. 'Magic'," Dorian replies. "I studied under Magister Alexius Gereon. He'd been working on a way to warp time with magic. We'd figured it out in theory, but he never could get it to work. Though... I may need to study how this world interacts with magic of my type. I don't want to need a great deal of magical power and not be able to access it due to a technical issue..."

Serenity listens thoughtfully to the explanation before observing, "I'm afraid that your magic studies will likely be both more interesting and more complicated." Ren motions outward to the sides, "This park and its surrounding land and sky, for instance, don't seem to fit within the boundaries of its place in town. Some of the apartments behave likewise. A person with a credible physics background suggested to me that perhaps the passage of time here is connected to the relationships between people." Ren adds, "And I have a suspicion that perhaps there isn't even one set of physical laws."

Dorian looks irritated, but not at Serenity in particular. "That's aggravating," he admits. "Learning ONE set of new laws of magic is going to be a pain in the backside. Learning Marker knows how many others is going to be a chore." He doesn't really sound all that upset though. Maybe he's looking forward to it, who knows?

"Indeed it does sound like a challenge," Ren agrees. "Acting 'absolutely dashing' all the time must be relatively simple by comparison." Ren grins. "Perhaps I can arrange a meeting with an associate who is both magic and academically-minded, so that you can find a safe and productive means to experiment."

"That's always the easiest part. Particularly for me," Dorian replies, with a smirk. "But that would be fantastic, if you could arrange such a thing. The more I can learn about how this world does and does not interact with magic, the easier a time I'll have trying to solve the problem with the environment suit."

"I recommend the gym or dance floor for showing off your looks," Ren suggests, motioning the edge of a fin toward Dorian. "As for magic, though, you may find more support for a project aiming to remove people-eating demons from town."

"That is understandable," Dorian replies, still smirking. "I hope that rift was the last of those from the Fade. But if there are any others, I'll be certain to inform the proper authorities." Pause. "Who would the 'proper authorities' be for such a thing?"

Serenity nods and frowns. "I was referring to the existing infestation. The appropriate people to inform remain the same- TASK. You can find a TASK office downtown." Ren adds, "Twisted is lamentably short on 'authorities', I'm afraid. We haven't art authorities, academic authorities, or legal authorities, but we do have some reasonable people with badges and weapons."

Dorian nods. "I see. I'll keep that in mind," he promises. "But your current infestation is why I say I hope that was the last of the ones from my world. Because it rather feels like I've let some pet of mine ruin the carpets. 'Dorian, why can't you look after your little friends? They've peed on the carpet again'. But, that aside. Tell me more about the demons already here. Are they natural to this world?"

"Your arrival was still less troublesome than when an entire tribe of violently xenophobic people arrived together," Ren points out. "They are, by the way, now resettled in an out-of-the-way spot." Ren then explains, "The demons, by which I mean certain non-person beings recently causing trouble, seem to have been sent by someone who has a problem with life, or perhaps just living people. For the exact details about their biology, or lack thereof, you may need to consult Rayne or one of the others who has been fighting them."

"Ah, it's always someone who has an issue with those 'filthy living'," Dorian observes. "We're such a scourge, aren't we, with our beating hearts and our non-decomposing flesh, waltzing about as if we owned the bloody world?" He's probably kidding. "But, as wonderful as it has been talking to you, my lady Serenity, I should be seeing about that 'getting settled' business." He bows politely. "Do take care." He waits for whatever farewell Serenity might offer, and then he turns in the direction of the city proper. Where's that apartment building...?

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