2015-12-13 - Interview With a... Whatever Himet Is

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Interview With a... Whatever Himet Is

Summary: Minu asks questions, and Himet tries her best to answer them while still revealing as little of herself as she can.

Who: Himet, Minu
When: December 13th, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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It's another early evening at the UR, and behind the bar, as can often be found, is Himet, wiping down a glass as she tends to do. It's a very shiny glass by now. She's engaging in idle conversation with an average Joe at the bar, though he perhaps looks like he's winding down his drinking for the night.

Minu strolls into the restaurant, a note book in hand and a pencil tucked behind one pointed ear. Idly the little elf shoves her glasses up onto her nose as she looks around. Seems like a quiet night and that suits Minu just fine. Strolling up to the bar, she climbs up onto a bar stool and smiles. "Good Evening" to the lady behind the bar.

Himet gives Minu a closed lipped smile back. "Evening, little lady. What can I help you with tonight?"

Minu sets her note pad down on the bar and folds her dainty hands before her. "I'd like a large blueberry and apple smoothy please and an order of fries. I think I have seen you before yes? Ummm you seem very familiar. My name is Minu, sorry I don't recall yours if we have met before, which is odd cause I usually remember such things."

Himet tilts her head and quirks her eyebrows. "I don't beleive we have, no. My name's Himet Suko, Minu. I'll get your order right up, though." She offers Minu another smile and walks off to fulfil the order! She informs the kitchen of the order of fries and then proceeds to make the smoothie while the order is being filled. The end result: an efficient use of time as the fries come out right when she's done with the smoothie, and she's able to bring both back to Minu at the same time. "Here ya go, hun."

Minu tilts her head and watches the woman move, a little frown creasing her brow. It's odd cause the lady seem so familiar and she can't figure out why. Ahh well there has been much happening lately and maybe she is just finally reaching her memories limit for efficiency. "Its a pleasure to meet you Himet. Have you been in Twisted long?" The little elf inquires after the lady makes the order and returns to make the smoothy. When her frys and smoothy are brought to her she claps small hands and smiles "ohh lovely! Thank you very much. I love a good smoothy. And french fries are just the best. Never had them till I came to twisted but...ohhh I am making up for lost time."

Himet says, "Oh, I've only been here about a month, so take from that what you will. If you're here a lot, I'm surprised we hadn't met before... I've taken to bartending rather well, I'd like to think. And the french fries here are pretty good, I'll have to agree with you there." She nods to herself as she takes up her customary glass that she likes to rub with a cloth to look more...bartendery.

Minu pops a fry into her mouth and makes a pleased sound as she pulls her pencil from behind her ear. "mmm do you mind if I take notes? I am sorta working on a project of my own making. So many people here from so many places, with so man cultures, I am sorta trying to make little biographies and such so that all this doesn't just get lost."

Himet says, "Take... notes? I'm hardly that notable, I'd say." She sweatdrops slightly, almost seeming to recoil, but doesn't say Minu can't. "Well... Ask what you want to ask, I suppose."

Minu smiles and makes a note of the ladys name and her basic description and how long she had been in Twisted. "oh everyone in Twisted is notable. No two folk seem to be from the same realm. Ehh I take that back, there are a few folks that seem to have come from similar realms but..I digress. So, where are you from Himet? What is your native culture like and what did you do back home?" Her head tilting and she looks to the lady with bright curious eyes.

Himet says, "Where I'm... Hrm..." Oddly, she seems to ponder the question. "Well, as far back as I remember, I lived more with Sidrans than humans. Really, I grew up in the Sidra arm, and only came over to the Orion spur...relatively recently. Sidrans are a pretty... varied group. They're quire a cosmopolitan culture, as their society as a whole encompasses... Four? Five different species other than their own? So they're kind of a melting pot, so to speak."

Minu makes notes "oh , I see, and the name of your home realm, home world, and those other species you were raised around? What manner of creatures are they? And..Um..do you mind if I ask if this is your natural form? I have met a few folks who are able to change various things about themselves. OHHH we have met...sorta..you were here the night that vampire girl came in and..you were hurt if I recall." She seems almost relieved that she remembered where she saw Himet before.

Himet twitches ever so slightly as Minu seems to call her out on not being in her natural form, but doesn't react to that nearly as much as bringing up the night Flandre showed up. "Oh, ha, yeah, sorry I didn't remember you from that. There was a bit more... pressing things on my attention that night, as you might understand." She seems healed fairly well by now, though. "Um, Realm? Uh, well, the world I grew up on was Crila. Not an important world, but, eh?" She shrugs.

"Um, the species in Sidra... Well, the Sidrans, Kitsu, and Diamondians are all... furry, pointy ears more at the top of the head... They have muzzles." Himet reaches a hand to her face around her nose and mouth and moves the hand outward, suggesting an animalistic look. "Not as much of one on sidrans. Kitsu have rather fluffier tails than sidrans, the Diamondians don't have tails at all. Um, let's see. Mytians are feathered, have a beak, no teeth... They can fly, so can the Chi-arr, but they're mostly scaled for their skin? The Chi-arr don't have much in lips, long mouths, sharp teeth, but they're friendly. Uh, the Optians are... I heard the phrase radially symmetrical? They have four thick tentacles instead of arms and legs, but they like to attempt to have the same basic form as the other races... two as arms, two as legs."

Minu busily takes notes and, making sure she gets the names and descriptions down. "sounds like a very active culture. What did you do in your home realm? And yes I totally understand that you were in no state that evening to remember me. Also, what was your convergence like?"

Himet says, "What did I do? I was actually in military, believe it or not." She laughs at this for some reason. "I went to the Sol Federation on my own and joined up with the military there. Sol is pretty much entirely human, so that was a little culture shock... but I got used to it. Less homogenized culture, but more interesting different ones despite the single species." At the last question, she ponders for a second before asking, "I'm not sure what you mean by 'convergence'."

Minu nods "I am a little bit of a scholar of cultures, those and animals of various realms. I once had a very extensive access to information and spent many years studying. I would love to know more about the cultures of your realm. Ummm by convergence, I mean how you came to Twisted. Everyone has a different story. Mine was my own fault."

Himet says, "Oh! That? I'm not sure. I fell asleep watching a holo one night and when I woke up, I was sitting on a park bench instead of the easy chair I'd fallen asleep in." She shrugs. "So I've really no clue what exactly happened."

The little elf makes a few more notes then pauses to munch a few fries and take a long sip of her smoothie. "Um, I don't think I caught your answer about your native form. Um, are you magical, do you have multiple forms? I have two...I got gifted with one when I took my job at the archives before I converged here."

Himet says, "Er..." Her hesitancy makes two things clear. She definitely has another form, and she doesn't seem to want to talk about said other form. "I...Pretty much stick to just looking like I look." She tries to make it sound like she's making a joke about it, but there's that hint of nervousness about it."

One dainty brow arches at the dissembling and the little elf pushes her glasses up onto her nose. "hmm not something you wish to discuss. Your choice of course. I wouldn't dream of pressing an uncomfortable subject." She makes a few more notes and then munches a few more fries. "So your a warrior sort, that comes in very handy around Twisted. We get some rather exciting things that come up. Have you considered signing on with TASK? We are sorta the peace keeping force here in Twisted. I'm sorta an assistant of sorts so when I say we, I just me the group as a whole. I am NOT a fighter. I am a librarian."

Himet says, "Er... sure." She lets the subject be dropped, hopefully to be forgotten. "I know how to handle myself in a fight, but no, I've honestly not considered joining up with a police force. It's... I'm more used to specific operations, you know? My squad and I, going out and doing one specific task when it comes up. Not the whole..." she motions with her hands as she finds the words, and sharp eyes can tell that she doesn't seem to have any injury on her left arm anymore beneath her sleeve. "...daily grind thing. I don't think I have it in me to throw myself at danger that often. Short bursts I can deal with, but not the whole police daily beat thing. No offense."

Minu nods her head thoughtfully "Yeah I guess that sort of thing isn't for everyone. I don't do the fighting so I really have no true concept of what it takes to do that all the time. I do paperwork, contracts and the like." She munches the rest of her fries and takes another long pull on the smoothie, making a slurping sound with the straw. "You make a mean smoothie though so if your happy here, that is what is important." She sighs and wipes her face and hands. "anything else you would like to add to my notes before I head back to the office? This really is just to catalog the various realms and folks living in Twisted."

Himet says, "Ehhhh, well, there's plenty more out there beyond just the Sol Federation and the Sidra Arm. Like the Tyrian arm, but I don't know a whole lot about them...I've never been out there." She shrugs. "I guess that's all I can think to tell you."

Minu nods "well if you think up more, feel free to contact me at TASK. Thank you again. I hope you have a good evening." As she tucks her pencil behind her ear again and closes her note book. The elf takes a last long sip of her smoothie then slides off the bar stool and heads out with a wave.

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