2015-12-16 - Searching for Lost Friends (part VI)

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Searching for Lost Friends (part VI)

Summary: It's fiiiinally almost over. The scene that won't die starts to approach its conclusion as Gegoshi and Nancy finally find their illusive black dragon. But not before a few grizzly deaths and the resurrection of an old foe...


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Continued from last time...

Corniasia and Sift move into the tavern. Gegoshi and Nancy trailing after. The inside of the tavern has the smell of alcohol and food flowing through it, even in the late afternoon. There's only a few people here, sitting at tables and having a drink or catching something to eat after a hard days labor. A single barkeep with a giant moustache is cleaning down the bar, while a pretty young girl is waitressing. Seen here: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/evilcale3.jpg She looks up as the group enters and her ears twitch lightly as she smiles brightly, "Greetings, yes? Welcome to the Moustached Pub and Inn! Have a seat wherever you'd like!" - Corinasia grips Sift's shoulder tightly as her heart leaps in her chest. That's her. That's definiately HER. She takes a stumbling step forward and then just falls on her knees in front of the waitress, tears welling up in her eyes and streaming down her cheeks, "M...master...do you...remember me?" Sift steps up behind Corinasia, the fairy appears much less moved by the events, but she is STARING at the waitress.

Gegoshi looks over at Nancy, blinking! Something is going on here more than just a hunt to bring back Guarlesia from the dead, or wherever the angel/creature/thing is right now! But, it's drama! And she loves drama scenes! She clutches a hand to her heart and gently sighs, "This looks so sweet."

Following about a half step behind Gegoshi, Nancy is suffering far too many conflicting emotions. The Pub is enough like the UR to feel familiar and comfortable and just far removed enough to feel alien and hostile. Still unsure why they're even here the councilwoman's grip on Gegoshi's other hand tightens as she sees the display towards the waitress. Visibly cringing she looks almost aghast at her friend. "Sweet? Y-you think this is pretty?" She looks around at the scene again, this time with a heavy exhale, "I don't think I agree with you this time."

Luna, the waitress, blinks at Corinasia falling on her knees and calling her master. That's...a little strange! Oh, she's confused! She gigles and reaches down to take Corinasias hand in hers, "No no, I'm just Luna, the waitress here! Master is over behind the bar!" She assumes she's referring to Master as Owner of the place. She moves to help Corinasia up and into a seat, if the girl will let her.

Corinasia is full on crying at this point, tears dripping down her face. She lets her hand be taken, though it's malformed. o O ( See how my master doesn't turn away or even look oddly at it? ) "But you are," she says between tears, letting herself get into a seat, she grips onto Luna's hand with her own as her hair starts spiraling wildly behind her, "Remember my name? Corinasia?"

Sift nods at her partners words and says, "I am Sift, do you remember us?"

Gegoshi looks at Nancy's body language and looks back at the scene. Is it not sweet? They're not lovers then? The waitress doesn't remember her, but they remember her? "It's some kind of lost memory thing! But, we're looking for the black dragon! Excuse me!" Gegoshi takes Nancy's hand and steps over to be next to the gathering with her, provided Nancy doesn't resist, "Hello! I'm Gegoshi, we're searching for the black dragon and our two recent adventuring friends led us here!"

The councilwoman lets herself be drug along as she has thus far. Honestly it's probably the only reason she's gone 'off the trail' as much as she feels like they have so far. Approaching the waitress, Nancy gives an apologetic smile while gesturing towards the two worshiping her to illustrate Gegoshi's comment. "I'm Nancy Dark. Hello." There's not much else she can really say at this point. Her eyes fall to the two girls again and she slowly shakes her head. This has been a strange detour.

Luna's just looks a bit confused at the two girls asking if she remembers them. Are they old time customers? Something else? It's rather strange. She tries to pull her hand away from Corinasia's, but the other girl doesn't relent holding it. "Umm..." she smiles, glancing around, then looking at Gegoshi and Nancy. Her eyes get HUGE as they mention the black dragon. Her ears twitch wildly, "I-I...w-well..." she lowers her voice, "..p-please, I'm trying to not let people know about that, yes?"

A few people, notably Moustache at the bar, perk up at the mention of a dragon.

Corinasia brings her other hand and grips Luna's with both. She wipes at her eyes with her shoulder and stands up, taking in a sobbing breath, "You don't remember. I see." She lowers her head and lets go of Luna's hand, then places one up against her own heart, her long twirling hair swirls up to wrap around her entire chest, cinching down and trapping the hand beneath it

Sift steps to the side of Luna and Corinasia, ignoring Gegoshi and Nancy as her fairy wings seem to darken and a light red glow forms in her eyes, "Beyond the twilight of the stars, forging the memory of souls..." she begins to....chant?

Gegoshi easily puts two and two together here! She leans over and whispers to Nancy, "This is it! SHE'S the black dragon in disguise! How clever! That's why people aren't running around in terror! I wonder why she's waitressing here? But, my records show she should have the power to help us bring Guarlesia back!" She looks over at Corinasia and Sift as they start...a ritual...? Of magic? She scans, and sure enough, magic is radiating off of them both. Granted, that's about all she can tell, since she can't interpret magic or anything like that, but she has a basic understanding of what to look for on scans. "I am no longer certain what's happening." The synth says in a very matter of fact robot voice.

Nancy can't help but feel bad for the waitress and how awkward this must be for her. It's awkward enough to be in the company of the two giving her so much grief. Opening her mouth to try and say something to make the girl feel better, Nancy pauses a moment at the statement. She knows where it is? Her eyes perking up, the councilwoman looks to Gegoshi a moment excitedly, almost not noticing the chanting. Luckily she explains before Nancy can ask. Although from there it's just one disappointment after another. "What? How? ....oh." Frowning again she turns to their companions with a raised eyebrow. At the flat voice, Nancy begins to worry. "Should we leave?" That seems like a good idea, yes? Maybe?

Luna is utterly confused at this point. She takes a step back from the group and does her best to give a smile, "W-well, I'd better attend to my duties. Please, have a seat and let me know what you'd like to eat and drink!"

Corinasia closes her eyes and picks up the chant where Sift left off, "...from the heart of those long lost. The tears of the forgotten remembered at last..."

Sift continues the chant, "Spark now the sacrifice of souls." She spreads her hands out to either side of her and a red magical glow suddenly fills the entire tavern, "From true loves heart, from soul mates cry...!"

Gegoshi looks between everyone, analyzing the entire situation. Luna has no idea who anyone is, but is definately the black dragon and the objective of their quest. Corinasia and Sift are performing a magical ritual to...the words and chanting are in verses, but they speak of love and memory. Is that safe? The synth doesn't know! She looks at Nancy though, and lowers her voice, "I can't analyze their magic, but Luna -is- the black dragon. They seem to be in love with her, but she doesn't remember them? I lack proper information to decide on a course of action!" She smiles at Nancy, "I'll go with whatever you decide Councilwoman!"

Hearing her title stated out loud seems to bring about a change in Nancy. So far this trip has been pretty selfish, and she knows that. There's been no responsibility for their actions. They've done what they wanted for the reasons they've wanted. But this? This is a woman who seems to be having something forced onto her and worse as a consequence to their earlier actions. Thinking as someone expected to lead and give guidance, no matter how reluctantly, Nancy finally decides to do more than just stand quietly by. "Alright. Let's help her. We should at least find a way to take this outside before something bad happens." What where their names? "Cor... nesia? Ugh, Ladies? Can we talk about this or step outside? The nice woman asked you to stop." She could force them all outside after all but that would just lead to a bigger scene. Best to give them the chance first.

Luna nods at Nancy's words, "Yes, I'm not sure what's going on, but please, maybe we could take it outside?" She's only a few years old after all, and doesn't have a lot of experience dealing with this kind of thing. She'd hoped working here in the city would let her see how humans operate, but right now things aren't going as planned.

Corinasia's body shudders as she speaks the words through tears, "I give my heart and life for love, I pledge myself to my master." It seems she's not going to listen to what Nancy or Luna have to say at this point...

Sift looks at Corinasia, a mix of sympathy and gratefulness on her face, "Forge the memories from our own, release what's now been forgotten." The red glow tains the entire tavern with its light, then darkens to a blood red color. Sift's voice rips from her throat in agony, each syllable tearing into her vocal cords of the word, "SACRIFICE". The word fills the room, moving through the glow as if alive. And then, Corinasia screams as her hair burrows into her chest and rips her heart out from it. Blood splatters forward, covering Luna with it as the heart )which is blue in color!) pumps its last life blood.

Gegoshi nods at Nancy's words, "Yes! Let us proceed outside adventu...re..." The synth takes a moment to try and process what just happened. It's rare, but she hasn't ever seen something like this happen before, so she has to start creating protocals and a personality to deal with it. Her halo spins wildly above her head as blue text blinks across her eyes.

As things go from bad to worse, Nancy does the only thing she can think of. She gets them out of there. Unlike usual there's no slow buildup of fog. To the patrons of the pub there is simply an instant wall after the sight of such gore and tragedy and a second later all of them are gone. Not just the five people, but the tables and chairs which where around them as well.

Abruptly they are dropped next to the old shack atop the crater-covered mountain worlds away. The air is for some reason too thick and as the bubble of fog fades the Councilwoman lets out a scream that was long overdue, and collapses weakly to her knees. She's never used that much power before, but they had to get away somehow. This was admittedly the first safe place she could think of.

Gegoshi gets teleported! That does help, less people and unknown enviroments around mean she can calculate what to do faster and what persona to take on. She reacts quickly though as Nancy falls to her knees! She immediately goes into consoling and comfort mode, kneeling down next to the Councilwoman and putting her hands on her shoulders, "Nancy! Are you okay?!" Her voice is full of concern and desperation, just like a true friend would express! She can handle this type of situation easily enough, at least.

Corinasia takes in a breath, just one, before her eyes gloss over as her own hair holds her heart out before her. There's once last splattering of blood from the girls body before she falls in a dead heap in front of Luna. Sift's wings droop and she goes even paler than she already is, and falls forward as well, clutching the sides of her head as blood runs from her ears and mouth.

Luna's ears twitch as the blood splatters on her, "N-no...why..what..." Then the entire scenery changes?! She takes a step back as the red glow, which it seems came along with Sift, collapses down into the girl. She gaps, screams, and falls onto her back, arms splayed out and fingers outstretched. Corinasia's blood seeps in through her skin and she screams even louder.

Nancy shakes off Gegoshi's comforting and tries to pull herself to her feet. "Not me. Worry about..." Luna's scream finishes her statement for her. She never quite gets there, stumbling back to the ground already. Despite this the councilwomen keeps trying to press onwards, grabbing handfuls of soil for purchase to literally pull herself forwards. She has to do something. She has to get to Luna. The deaths of their traveling partners haven't even begun to register beneath the haze of wanting to help this person they've brought this suffering onto. If only she could do more...

Gegoshi looks over towards Luna screaming. Corinasia seems dead, and Sift might be soon to follow. The synth takes the Councilwomans words to heart though, and actually picks Nancy up, carrying her over to the screaming woman, and setting her down gently next to her. She then runs a scan of Luna, but apart from a severely elevated heart rate, she isn't suffering any symptons she's able to diagnose.

Cornasia is indeed, dead, laying lifeless with her hair clutching her dead heart. Her lifeless eyes stare towards Luna, even in death wanting to look upon her master.

Sift falls forward on her face next, holding her head as her own screams die away and she either dies or passes out, the wings on her back twitching in death spasms.

Luna doesn't stop screaming as Gegoshi and Nancy draw near. Her left pupil widens, filling up her entire eye. Her fingers shift, forming long talons briefly before forming back into normal fingers. Another voice underneath the screams comes from her throat, echoing out her own voice as names fill her mind, rising unbidden from her vocal cords, "Deania, Finalep, Futari, Angelice, Foevi, Thwosw, Jeq, Ilua, Exaoa, Iane, Inigm, Amazi, Iova, Senstia, Vanessia, Bensidania, Glo, Cryi, Jioale, Divin, Flera, Yoko, Haue..." she says the names of womans souls as their memory surfaces and burns into her mind, or rather another mind that's there, deep down in the darkness of her own soul. As each name is spoken, a girl appears, likely the one bearing the name, as they're summoned by their soul's true name's, "Xanie, Imag, Fole, Qen, Psyia, Concia, Tormul, Wase, Trik, Morosia, Curis, Greb, Tolip, Mju, Talon, Kaw, Unam, Trip, Delicr, Celebint, Crasran, Aoea, Misbe, Noare, Woya, Qlian, Aless, Beu, Yearnetia, Igna, Sanscri, Xuandia, Seekl, Bicean, Kitei, Layu, Pretense, T, Sift, Penelo, Eua, Reant, Mirror, Marrr, Heralin, Shimae, Celes, Biya, Soush, Laytwn, Peneha, Corala, Oceia, Lolli, Meln, Yeoa, Tinasi, Corinasia, Lacieg, Joyla, Sunse, Ayera, Furr, Uosea, Dreal, Infiny, Morai, Seren, Racent, Pstel, Calint, Paleun, Prolei..." On and on the name's spout out of her throat over her own screams of torrent and pain. There seems to be no end as girl after girl pops into existence with an explosion of white light! A hundred, two hundred, three hundred...

It goes without saying that's it's a bit jarring when Gegoshi simply picks her up and moves Nancy closer to Luna. But that's nothing compared to the shock of the laundry list of names being spoken aloud and the subsequent appearance of more and more women around them. Pushing herself backwards, Nancy shakes her head feeling for the first time a terror matched only by the heartache she'd felt being cast out of the world and imprisoned. Whatever is happening is so extremely beyond her realm of understanding that all she can do is watch in shock and fear. The instinct to run away so strong now it's suffocating, but her power is spent. Not even her feelings of duty would keep her from running away now if she could.

Gegoshi isn't sure what to do either, other than help Nancy by offering a hand in support to keep the councilwoman stable. She gives a soft reassuring grip on Nancy's shoulder and says, over the screaming, "Take it easy, we'll get through this. I don't think the spells affecting us. At least, I don't feel anything affecting my systems. You?" Checking up on her friend is her best solution. She can't figure out what to do to help the screaming Luna, though she does look at every girl who appears around them as their names are spoken, logging them away.

The names from Luna's throat keep spouting out, one after another, white light explosion after white light explopsion deposting girl after girl around the area. The names overlap each other as Luna's voice echos over itself, until finally, one thousand names finish being called and the girls screams stop along with all the other voices. She swallows and gasps for air, holding a hand to her head, "Ah...ah..." she says in a whimpering sound, the headache is unbearable. There's something else too. Her left pupil shrinks but for a moment, before enlarging again. She sits up and looks around, looking at the souls, not the people, gathered around her. "I'm...not quite..." Her hand goes to her head. Her ears twitch, and her hair color slowly changes to pink.

The multitude of girls look around. Some are unconcious, some simply sit and stare with lifeless, soul dead eyes, others starting asking questions. But many, many of them look at Luna, Gegoshi, and Nancy.

A combination of Gegoshi's touch and Luna's attempts at control seem to slowly bring Nancy out of her emotions. "I... I'm fine, Gegoshi." With shaking hands she reaches out towards their new friend attempting to get closer but still too scared to actually move more than an inch. "It's Luna right?" Maybe an inch closer. "Are you-?" Stupid question. "Can we help you somehow?" She wants to look around at these strangers who've appeared, but she forces herself to stay focused on the waitress.

Gegoshi nods once Nancy confirms she's all right. She looks over at Luna as Nancy's attention shifts to her. She smiles at the waitress to reassure the girl. Ah, perhaps now isn't the time for adventuers clothes? Her robe and cloak turn into silvery liquid, swirling around her body and then forming into her default clothing. The blue text over her eyes disappears as she finishes making new protocols, although the prior situation has been resolved. "Please ask for any assitance you require!" The synth says to Luna.

Luna looks at Nancy and Gegoshi. These two came with the two...dead girls...but nothing seemed quite right. And how'd they know she was the black dragon? "Something's in my...my head..." she looks at the hand of Nancy's and takes hold of it before she realizes what she's doing. She grips it, firmly, not wanting to let it go. Magic ripples through the Luna's body as her entire form morphs and changes, growing taller, aging a few years. She sprouts a pair of cat ears and her entire clotihng ensemble changes into a black tight fitting dress. Seen here: http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/luna4.png An insane smile spreads over her face and she looks around at everyone, then at the Nancy and her soul. She speaks, the same voice as Luna's, as her cat ears twitch and her collar bell jingles, "Greetings, yes?" She says, holding Nancy's hand tightly now, "I'm not who I am anymore. Yet, I am here, but..." she looks around, then moves to try and hug Nancy tightly, "I see your name upon your soul, yes? I died, yes?"

Nancy tries to pull away from the woman's grasp as her clothing changes. More so as she moves closer. "...my soul? Look, we don't know what happened. We were on a quest to find a way to help our friend. We ran into these two who made it sound like they could help us and they led us to you." Still trying to pull away, like hell she'd let her hug her, Nancy finally lets her gaze pass over the crowd around them. "I brought us here when things got out of control." If she still can't pull away she'll call out to Gegoshi. As if things weren't strange enough!

Luna let's Nancy break away from her if she really wants too. She takes in a slow breath as she settles her minds. There's more than one in here, and she definately isn't the dominate one. Her left ear twitches as she recalls her death, and prior life. And...all of these girls around her. "My, I was quite mad, yes?" She says, frowning. She looks back to Nancy and her soul, "A friend, yes?" She turns and notices her old home, the Shack. It brings back more memories...which she finds distasteful. And Corinasia and Sift, they sacrificed themselves to bring these memories back? Madness. "Madness." She repeats her thoughts before once more looking at Nancy, "I see pain and sorrow inside of you, yes? However, albeit temporarily, I have pieces of my old self, especially here, at my old home where I was once Cale. Now though, you came to help a friend, tell me of this, yes?" A few girls approach, but she holds up a hand, and they all stop approaching, though there's a LOT of chatter going on among the thousand girls now.

While she isn't calling out to her, Nancy still looks to Gegoshi with concern. Since the synth is staying quiet the councilwoman assumes it's best to go on. "Our friend? Her name was Guarlesia. She was forced to serve the former head of the Council of Twisted. She was 'sealed'?" She looks back to Gegoshi again for confirmation. "And when she was released it drove her mad. She died..." Nervously she begins to rub at her wrist where Luna had grabbed her. "Gegoshi here says there's a chance we can bring her back. We-we tried to go to..." What was his name? "Dameon? The Overlord?" She pauses realizing something was wrong with that title. "...Damon? Damiean?" With a frown she shakes her head and continues, "He couldn't help us so we started looking for some black dragon. That's what led us here." She pauses and frowns again. "Well..." Mistakenly she glances over at their deceased companions and very quickly turns her attention back to Luna. "T-to you that is." That's everything, right?

Gegoshi nods at Nancy's words! She explained it very well. Luna changing bodies and clothes like that was fascinating to watch, since it's magic based and not technology based, she doesnt know how it works! Perhaps some sort of DNA and molecule manipulation with magic? Her halo whirrs faster as she lets some process' work on that. She moves close to Nancy, protectively in case Luna makes another move towards her! She's like the tank of this adventure after all!

Luna nods her head as Nancy explains the situation. A friend who went mad and died? Sounds like who she used to be in her past life before being reborn back on Lunar. She thinks of the madness she once held, and can still feel it deep, deep down beneath everything, even the other mind she's temporarily buried under hers has it, but it's nowhere near surfacing right now. Her left pupil shrinks down a bit, though nowhere nearl the size of her right. "I see." She takes in a deep breath and settles her mind, "You wish for your friend, Guarlesia, to be brought back to life, yes? But what of her mind? If she were returned, would she not be mad as she once was? I admit, I'm an exception to this rule, being reborn fixes me, for a time." She glances at the thousand girls briefly, "Nevertheless, I can help you, however, can I make a suggestion to you? Perhaps it would be best if we brought your friend back without memories of her past life? It does wonders for me," she smiles, a little less insanely than before.

This did not just happen. Nancy just blinks silently a moment at Luna's words. It's not the weight of the suggestion that stuns her. It's the willingness to help. Her mouth moves to speak but sounds don't come out at first. "I... really?? Just like that?" She looks quickly to Gegoshi hoping for some kind of confirmation. "Y-you can really do this?!?" A nervous smile creeps across her face. This journey feels like it's taken over a year (ha!) but it might finally be over?!? It takes her a moment to focus but once she does, "We can't just erase her memories. That wouldn't be her. I can..." A brief pause as she considers this, "...I can /usually/ pull people from other worlds, and I could probably pull another of her from somewhere, but without her memories it'd just be a stranger who looked like her." A subject she has far too much experience with. "That's part of what led us on this quest."

Gegoshi claps her hands! "Hooray!" she cheers at the news! "Black dragons for the win!" She then looks at the short lived traveling companions who lay dead nearby. It's an unfortunate sight to be sure, "Would you be able to bring them back as well? We didn't know them for long but they gave their lives, even if it wasn't to help us directly, it is still helping us bring our friend back, which was the goal of our quest." The synth has no idea what power this black dragon has, but if she can bring back Guarlesia, why not those two?

Luna's insane smile grows a bit more at Nancy and Gegoshi's cheerfulness at the news. Her memories of her old Cale persona remind her there was a time she'd force a contract here. Taking their souls in exchange to bring back their friend. Though, the blond doesn't even have a soul. That's disturbing. And no magic aura? Curious. Her ears twitch as she realizes she's getting distracted, and instead answers questions, "Then we'll talk about what to do about her madness in a moment. But yes, it will be almost just like that, it'll take a bit of work on both our parts. I'll need to touch your soul to get a part of what made Guarlesia, Guarlesia. With that, I should be able to summon your friends soul from wherever it is and place it within a body. Although..." She taps her bell which jingles, "...we don't have one of those, do we? It'd be disturbing if you were dragging her corpse around, yes?"

She looks at Gegoshi and at Corinasia and Sift, "I..." A frown darkens her features, "...though I am chained to every soul here other than Nancy's, they...seemed to have created a ritual that would devour their souls in exchange for returning memories of my past life. I...I can attempt to make new ones after we deal with Guarlesia first, though..." She twitches her left ear, "I'm reluctant to hold this mind state for too long, lest I dominate this body wholly. I think, in time, we'll come to merge, but for now I've buried the girl that was in this body somewhat to keep her from...going mad, yes?"

That is a disturbing thought, made more disturbing by the off handed comments about Luna's previous mind. Nancy focuses hard on that one. But didn't she just say she could-? The Councilwoman winces realizing she's almost suggesting doing what this... well, what this new person was suggesting. There's a moral issue at stake here. "...Gegoshi?" She turns towards her friend. "When I regain my strength, I could to try to summon a version of her that was already mindless - but we wouldn't actually know. Usually when I bring someone over they lose their memories anyways." She frowns at where this is going, "...would it be wrong of me to do that just to shortcut things? I don't know how else we could get a..." the word feels wrong just to say aloud. "...body."

Gegoshi listens to Nancy and nods at her solution. Then she's asked if it's wrong or not to do such a thing. Gegoshi doesn't have the ability to make a body, well, not an organic living one. And it's against her hard code to duplicate herself, which would take more power than she possess' anyway to do. She checks her morality protocols that deals with this sort of thing for the answer, weighing things over in, well, just a few seconds before she answers, "If you have access to infinite dimensions, and there is one where Guarlesia's body exists but has no soul, mind, or memories, then it would be morally acceptable to most civilizations standards." She then smiles, "As a friend, I also say we should do it!" She holds up her hand for a high five!

Luna lets the two girls talk it out while she looks around at her former wives and soul stolen...well, slaves basically. Madness is a terrible disease. "What am I going to do with all of them?" she says softly to herself, glancing back at the Shack. Many don't even have proper minds anymore, because she destroyed them...hm.

It nags at Nancy's mind. It feels wrong but she can't quite explain why. She can't help but laugh at the high five and returns it anyways, nagging thoughts and all. "Alright. We can do this then." Catching a little of Luna's words to herself Nancy glances back to offer, "Um. Actually? I might have a suggestion." With a slight gesture to the synth she explains, "Gegoshi would have to open a portal for everyone but... Where we come from, Twisted? I've been building a city from various pieces of the Twisted Street which have been lost. I was doing it at first in opposition to Twisted's current ruler, but..." She trails off not wanting to complete that train of thought. "Anyways, it's fairly large and it's empty. Lots of apartments and houses. There was even an old asylum." Would Luna know what that would is? "A-a hospital for the mentally ill. It would have to be fixed up, but we'd have more than enough space for everyone."

Gegoshi giggles at the return high five! She nods in response to Nancy's suggestion about an Aslyum, that sounds like a good solution. She can tell by listening to the conversations that most of them are mentally unstable, or unable to even take care of themselves.

Luna's ears twitch at Nancy's offer of assitance. How kind of her. But, then, she is preparing to summon the soul of her dead friend. It is nice to get some form of payment. She jingles the bell on her collar idly as she talks, "Indeed, yes? An Asylum...a place for the mad. I see." She thinks of this for a moment, looking around at everyone. There's some that don't belong, and others that do. She'll have to sort them out one by one, but most will probably end up there, "Very well, yes? I find this acceptable. I'm sure my other mind will want to help them as well. Thank you, yes?" With that matter settled, "How much time before you summon the body? If it's too long, I should speak to everyone and relax my hold on my current mind for a bit."

Trying to stand Nancy gives a valiant yet shaky try, eventually having to reach out to Gegoshi to keep from collapsing. "I don't think it's going to be soon. I've never done something like that before." She forces a smile which becomes genuine as she spies a chair amongst the furniture from the bar they've brought along with them. Motioning towards it she tries to hobble over and hopefully with Gegoshi's help she sits down with a sigh of relief. "I guess take the time you need for whatever you need to do. I'll give it a try afterwards if that's okay?" The part she doesn't mention is that even if it takes all night she's willing to wait for it. This is for their friend after all. "...I wish I could have pulled us some food over first." She chuckles at what was meant as humor, but really? How long has it been since they ate last?

Gegoshi totally helps Nancy! She loves doing it! She eases her friend down into the chair and then takes a seat next to her! "That's okay! We're not in an emergency state anymore! It looks like we've reached the end of our quest and are now in the reward stage! Hooray!" Oh, food! Yeah, she doesn't need food and only eats when it's a proper time and place. Like when people expect her too! She looks around. Uh, mountaintop...no food in sight. She stands up! "I'll go get us some food in town!" She spreads her wings, jumps, and actually flies! Nothing something she does very often!

Luna nods at Nancy. So they have some time. "Thank you, yes?" She says to Nancy. She then takes a few steps back and holds up a hand, concentrating. It's difficult, because she has to pull on all of these old memories in order to make the power work, but this new body isn't used to such magic. Not yet anyway, still, it has the potential. After about a minute a transparent black chain forms around her extended hand, which is also chained out in a thousand other chains to all of the girls gathered. "Everyone," she says, and all of the girls stop talking and look towards her, even those with the glassy dead eyes, "I realize I..." No, they don't want to hear she's sorry. Most of them are in love with her, or have been forced to love her. She steadies her mind, fearing madness, but it is still far off, "My loves and my wives. I've returned to you, and have missed you. I'm sorry we were parted...I'll visit each of you in turn shortly. For now, please, relax, and know I'll care for you as I always have, yes?" She lowers her hand and the chain fades, though its still surely there as it will always be. She then moves to speak with Finalep first, who is the most coherent at the moment, and closest. And so time passes...

...to be concluded...

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