2015-12-17 - Us Snakes Gotta Stick Together

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Us Snakes Gotta Stick Together

Summary: Deis comes to see if Kotal is all right after his brush with the Wastelands' time warp. Rayne arrives, and there's plenty of embarrassment to go around. Scaly serpents...

Who: Deis, Kotal Kahn, Rayne, Reptile_(Mortal_Kombat)
When: December 17, 2015
Where: TASK Building - Lobby

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It hasn't been too terribly long since Kotal and his group of friends were rescued. Deis hasn't had the opportunity to come and see if Kotal has had any bad reactions to being out in the Wastelands so long. Mainly because she hasn't been able to find him. If she didn't know better, she'd swear he was avoiding her...


Anyway, that's what's brought her to the TASK building. In light of the recent issues with the Naga, Deis chooses to come into the building in her human form, so as not to scare anyone. And she finds the first person she can, to ask, "Hello there~! I'm looking for a man named Kotal. Blue or green skin, bird headdress, built like a tank-- do you happen to know where I can find him?"

Mighty Kotal Kahn does not enjoy being ridiculed. It was bad enough that he was made a fool by a blue skinned man wearing red pajamas when Freakazoid threw him into a pit fall, but to be hugged and coddled by Deis like a wayward pup?? And in front of everyone no less. INCLUDING MORGANA!

Lets just say that the Aztec has been in an incredibly irritable mood. Such was seen when he kind of took out all his anger out on some converging demons that were chasing a mage. However, its been quite evident that he's been pointedly avoiding any place where Deis could see him, such as the beach or the UR. Yeah, it looks like even the god of war can get flustered, and scared of the ever so deadly cooties.

His personal warriors know this quite well having known him since the days of Outworld, and though he left no specific orders to the TASK officers to not let Deis through, he's made it clear he doesn't want to be bothered.

Deis is in luck today though! Had she run into any other TASK officer they would have just said that Kotal was in a meeting or some other painfully transparent excuse. However, she has the good fortune of speaking to a reptilian looking fellow in green armor that was busy doing errands. "Ah yessss..The snake woman of the Wastelandsss.." Hisses Reptile who grins oh so devilishly. Perhaps it may be because of snake kinship, or perhaps because Reptile being a master of espionage simply knows what are Deis' true intentions with Kotal. Maybe, its just his natural cheeky nature that leads him to mischief. But for whatever reason, Reptile decides to disobey orders.

"Let me get him for you." Says the Zaterran and taps in his communicator. "Kotal. Your girlfriend isss here to see you."

Deis wouldn't need a communicator to hear the answer. From the depths of the building, a resounding yell is heard; "MY WHAT!!?" Screams Kotal as the entire building shakes with his voice.

Immediately, there's a flash of light and out comes the Aztec, teleporting himself into the building's lobby, only to realize too late who was Reptile refering to. "Oh... by the Netherrealm." Kotal's eyes widen and he even takes a step back when he looks at Deis, it almost looks like he's scared of her!

There are few things that will get most people to come into work on their day off. In TASK, one of those things can be an emergency situation where all hands are needed. For that reason, Rayne always has her communicator on. And today, Rayne has found another reason to show up on a day off through that device. As such, the door to the transporter opens, and Rayne slooooowly peeks around the corner to see who might be there in the lobby. "Wow. Called it."

Deis gives a winning smile to Reptile as he offers to help. "Oh thank you so much~," she says sweetly. And when she sees Kotal? "Oh there you are!" She hurries over to him, though she manages not to glomp him this time. In fact, she's actually quite serious as she says the next. Tilting her head, she notes, "I just came to see if you were all right, after being in the Wastelands."

Rayne's appearance gets a smile. And then, unfortunately for Kotal, Deis picks up the act again. "Hi there Rayne~! I just came to see if Koko was okay from the other day!" And THEN she tries to grab hold of one of his muscular arms and hug it.

Expecting the worst, Kotal cringes when Deis hurries towards him and even puts his arm horizontally across his chest as if to protect himself from an incoming glomp. Why is he being so squeamish?? It's hard to tell. Thankfully, as Deis simply looks at him curiously and expresses her concern for his safety, the warrior god straightens up and regains some composure, no longer looking afraid of being hugged. "'Twas naught but a trifle." He goes back to his usual arrogant overconfidence. "Though I do appreciate the assistance, it could have cost us quite some time to get out through our own power." See? At least he can be thankful!

But then Rayne shows up, and Deis picks up on this to hug Kotal's arm. "Hrk!!" Now he's twitching again and freezing on the spot, teeth clenched in awkwardness as Deis starts to call him pet names again. "Reptile!" He turns to look over at the traitorous lizard that pulled him here but the Zaterran is nowhere to be seen! His current location? Right behind Rayne, as he comes back from his invisibility covering his mouth whilst giggling. "Heeheehee!" Looks like Deis and Rayne aren't the only ones that enjoy seeing Kotal embarrassed.

Rayne barely hides her snickering as well... But it's when Reptile comes out of his cloaking that gets the real reaction from her. "GAH!" she shouts, falling into the lobby proper as he reveals himself to be right behind her. "Please don't do that," requests Rayne from her position face down on the ground.

"Oooh, jumpy?" Deis inquires of Rayne. She waves merrily at Reptile, though~! But then she releases Kotal's arm and walks over to where Rayne's fallen down. "Are you okay?" she asks, and makes to help the rainbow-haired woman to her feet. "But you have to be careful. Snakes are like that. One moment everything's fine, the next? BAM! They jumping out at you! They're ambush predators, you know." At this she leans up and winks at Kotal. Was that a warning to the war god?

"Ssssorry." Sometimes Reptile forgets that people aren't accustomed to having someone appear from behind out of nowhere. He leans down and also helps out Deis to pick Rayne up, grabbing the rainbow haired woman's other arm to get her back to her feet.

"That we are. Hehehe." Agrees the reptilian kombatant when Deis explains just how efficient snakes are in capturing their prey, eliciting no small amount of pride on the green armored warrior.

"No need to remind me." Says Kotal sounding a little less enthused about being reminded of the nature of snakes. "So, Deis, I sense now that your powers have returned to you. Is this your way of telling me to tread carefully now that there is yet another god in this realm?" Kotal is aware of the wink and the warning, but Kotal being Kotal takes it as a hint that Deis wants to fight him.

Rayne says, "Okay, okay, I'm good, everyone. Just a little surprised, that's all. It's not like he did what I did to Twilight yesterday..." Yeah, Rayne's feeling guilt over that incident still. For once, Rayne actually isn't armed and armored... probably proof that she was just hanging out in her apartment when that odd comm call came through. Still, she lets the others help her up. At Kotal's reaction, though, she sweatdrops slightly and comments, "Wow, you really are a god of War."

Once Rayne gets back to her feet, she might up getting a friendly arm around her shoulders, just long enough for Deis to pat her on the back. Unless she moves away. Deis won't chase her, not to worry. She does get a smile, though... those are hard to dodge.

Now, it's Kotal's words about treading carefully that gets her attention next. She blinks, and looks in his direction quizzically. "No, not at all," Deis replies, looking confused. "I was warning you I might ambush hug you sometime! Though I guess it's not exactly an ambush if I warn you beforehand is it?"

Rayne's mention of 'Twilight' gets a look. "Well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." Apparently Deis thinks Rayne is talking about a thing she had to banish or something.

Kind of thick headed as usual, Kotal glances at Rayne when she sounds surprised that about his nature of a god of war. "Of course I am." He states as if it wasn't obvious, until Deis explains her intentions. "Oh." Now he gets it. "Oh.." And judging by his reaction and deflated shoulders it would appear that he would have preferred being challenged to a fight far more than being hugged. The cootie fear is seriously strong in this one!

"I suppose.. that would be.. acceptable." Kotal uncharacteristically stumbles with his words. Though perhaps not too surprising seeing that as a god of war he doesn't really know what to do when someone expresses affection like that.

Kotal actually did hear of what happened to Twilight. Though again, he's the god of war, and he encourages people to fight! So he's not at all displeased with what happened, and it should be fine as long as no one died-- without him watching.

Meanwhile, Reptile dusts Rayne's shoulder -if she doesn't try to run away from that too- and add, "I'm certain the Emperor will be more than pleasssed to be hugged by you, Lady Deisss." Ah, that cheeky Reptile, always causing some kind of mischief. He doesn't even take the hint when Kotal but glares at him with boiling hot eyes like small suns.

Rayne gives Deis a somewhat aghast look from her comment, but then Reptile is dusting off her shoulder, and all that is forgotten. "Okay, okay, cut that out! You really overreacted... to my overreaction."

Deis giggles at Kotal's expression. "You sound positively OVERJOYED," she notes, still giggling. "Love and war aren't too different, Koko!" Yes, she's still insisting on using that ridiculous nickname. "At least, that's what most people say. All that 'conquest' business and everything."

And then Rayne starts flailing. Metaphorically. "Poor thing. Do you need a hug too?" Yes, she really is that crazy.

Kotal's anger to Reptile dies down as soon as Deis addresses him again. The god of war falters and he lowers his gaze to shake his head, the feathers on his helmet swaying from side to side looking like flustered and confused eagle. Its true that Kotal never cared much for titles or proper names, he doesn't care what people address him by, either Emperor or Director or Huitzilopotchli or even just Kotal, but it seems that 'Koko' is not insulting enough to tell Deis to stop calling him by that but still childish enough to be embarrassed by it.

Nevertheless, he looks up when Deis explains the similitude between Love and War and tightens his lips thoughtfully. "I hope that does not mean you are intending on conquering me, Lady Deis."

When Rayne starts flailing about and Dies offers to hug her, Kotal is all too quick to point out. "Rayne can get her own hugs!" Oh wow, now he's starting to sound jealous! Like he only wants Deis' hugs for himself. He realizes this too and tries to explain himself. "I mean-- Rayne does not enjoy being touched, please respect her personal space." Really dodged a bullet there!

Rayne says, "No! I don't need the hugs! I-uh, yeah, kinda what he said." She seems mostly calm now, but with this pointed out so openly, she's now blushing and avoiding eye contact while managing still to look rather annoyed. "I'm beginning to think I would have been better minding my own business. I mean, not worrying about the odd situation unless called on..." Yeah, smooth recovery there, Rayne.

It really is an affectionate nickname, and Deis means nothing bad by it. She giggles at the mention of 'conquering' Kotal. "No, that requires flags and ropes, and I don't know if you're ready for that." She wink. It's... really hard to tell if she's kidding or not.

And then suddenly both Rayne and Kotal are flustered! Deis starts to laugh. It's genuine mirthful laughter, not mocking laughter. "I do tease you both to much, don't I? But it's just so much fun~."

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