2015-12-19 - Parties Ponies and Puppies

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Parties and Ponies and Puppies. Oh My

Summary: When Urus has a holiday party, there are two new additions to the Twisted family. or is it four?

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It is Christmas time in twisted... and Hanukah, and Kwanza, and Baldenthur... but that is what happens when you have an entire realm with creatures from all different planes of existence and all walks of life. A brisk breeze blows outside the Usual restaurant as Urus prepares for the evening's festivities... pacing back and forth checking over his entire mental list of things that need to be done before people arrive. He talks to himself to make sure he has everything. "Dcor, check. Bar paid off for night? check. Gifts? Check." Pointing to each as he goes. The place seems to be well decorated with a tree in the back corner as well as lights around the crown molding of the building. Each table is loaded with all different kinds of food. He had Minu help him with some of the other holiday feast goodies... speaking of which.He pulls up his personal communicator with Minu and asks "Where are you? You are big organizer here, I have feeling am missing something!" he says sounding exasperated. He has TASK and DMC staff coming as well as probably anyone else looking for company with absolutely nothing else to do tonight.

Following the injury she sustained during her first training session with Rayne, Twilight Sparkle is walking into the Usual Restaurant, with the slight bump of her bandages visible beneath her now-clean blouse. She's wearing a woolen sweater and a windbreaker atop her usual clothes, and has traded her skirt for more weather-appropriate pants.

The little elf hustles into the restaurant, her hair down and loose around her shoulders but a little garland of green leaves and red berries sits like a little crown on her head and her dress has been decorated with leaves and berries as well. "I am here Urus, don't worry." She carries her usual note book and pencil with her and as she moves through the restaurant she lifts a hand and waves at a fellow working to finish hanging lights "Hey Ralph, Merry Tharsnarf! And Happy Xamtot to you Sam." The little elf greeting folks and offering them pleasantries as she makes her way over to the hyena man.

And another arrival has... arrived... Who is this woman? Teenager? She looks like a teenager, really, and she looks like she might be a bit cold in that low-cut dress. With hair so white you're pretty sure it's dyed, she bounds into the UR from outside. "I am so totally ready to cut loose tonight!" she says enthusiastically. That voice is the first real hint that this is actually Rayne. She smiles broadly as she strides into the Usual, looking around at the decoration.



Kotal Kahn is sitting idly in his office for once. Its quite as it usually is around here, when there aren't demonic zombies from another dimension trying to eat people, but that's alright for the mighty god of war who would be otherwise impatient at the lack of action around here. The mage Dorian's convergence provided enough entertainment for him to unwind, and really, he's just happy to be out of that hole where Freakazoid put him in. So, yes, Kotal is typing away some reports whilst he sits on his throne made of skulls, happy as an Aztec warlord can be. "Oh look." He says to himself as he checks the calendar. "Tonight will be Urus' grand party. This ought to be interesting." He resumes his work and continues to type momentarily, until he freezes up, golden eyes widening. "Wait a minute. We're having a party??" You see, after living in Twisted for so long, Kotal Kahn has come to associate a 'Party' with 'Tempting Fate'. By now, he's 100 percent sure that having any sort of celebration will involve incurring the wrath of some insurmountably powerful dimension traveling foe.



Shortly after the last of the attendees arrives, the door to the UR bursts right open and in come an assortment of people. It's Kotal Kahn and his henchmen and they too are dressed for the occasion! Though not in the way that one might think.. or rather, it is what they would be wearing to a party considering this is Kotal and his minions we're talking about.

"Secure the perimeter!" Kotal orders as he comes decked out in full plate armor. Steel covering every inch of his body and a full Eagle helmet that covers all his face, leaving only his glowing eyes to peer through the visor of his helmet. "I do not another fiasco like the one at All Hallows Eve. Make certain that any intergalactic soul possessing demon thinks twice before they even consider entering our realm uninvited!" Kotal waves his macauhuitl and instructs his minions to take defensive positions around the UR. Ferra and Torr though half heatedly follow instructs before diving straight for the food, Kotal sort of ignores this and keeps a watchful eye for any foes that might break through their veil of reality and interrupt their event. He has yet to notice any changes with Twilight and Rayne's appearance. TL;DR Kotal is being a giant stick in the mud as usual.

Urus is glad for Minu's arrival "Ok, so we have bar open, taken care of that. Every food you have on list is on at least one of tables." He tells her and there are platters on each and every table, cannot walk 5 feet without looking at one piece of food or another. Urus has planned for a busy night. "The decorations are set, you are here, and gifts are over there ready for their new owners. " he awaits any suggestion from minu. He is not looking for perfect... but he is looking for competent. Then a purple girl walks in. at this he whispers to the elf "Guests are already arriving, need to do my part, do you have rest?"... and no, he is not going there... he knows better than to ask about the correlation between elves and Christmas. It will be a painful experience followed by an hour long seminar... not going there.

He walks up to Twilight, unknowing of the fact that they have already met. "Hello, name is Urus. Welcome to the party!" he says holding out his hand to shake. Rayne is curious for a second, her rainbow hair hidden now but the voice makes it quite obvious as well as... nothing else has really changed much. "Hey Rayne, bar and food are free, feel free to... mingle I think the word is." As for the rude blue man, it is time to give him a piece of his mind. Unflinching he walks up to kotal, happily at first. "Hey! Did not think you would make it. Great to have you." Then the tone turns serious, even a bit reprehensive."We have a few rules here. First of which... the weapons are left at the door." He says pointing at a partially filled umbrella stand. His gun is on it along with a few other assorted weapons from other partygoers. "As for your toy soldiers... give them the night off or let them come in and join... I swear to you tonight is going to be festivities only, no ghosts, spirits, undead or other whatnot tonight. I even got you something."

Minu looks around and ticks off her own mental list. Food, drinks, gifts...check check check. Yes Yes, I have it. You go make nice with the people Mr. Host. She makes her way over to talk to the bar tender and makes a request and is soon handed a steaming mug, smells like peppermint and chocolate. She takes her drink and wanders over and speaks to Sam who was helping set the decorations. He nods and points and then leads the elf over and shows her how to adjust the volume on the music which soon fills the room with merry notes. Minu smiles and takes her mug and her note book and checks on the food tables. Yep, every thing is just right. When Minu spies the purple girl she tilts her head and frowns, making her way over. "Good evening. I don't think we have met. My name is Minu. Welcome to the party. You are??"

Twilight Sparkle casually lifts one lavender hand in greeting to Kotal, before turning and blinking at Minu. She smiles amiably, though. "It's me, Twilight."

Rayne winces at how Kotal and his krew are treating this as a military operation instead of a party. "Oh for... Can't you just relax and have fun for ONCE? The stars know I am, I need this friggin' night off." She pouts, lending a look more suited to the age she appears to be than the one she more typically acts. She then blinks as Urus mentions presents. "Oh, crap! I knew I forgot something!" Well, now her face nearly matches her new hair color. "I focused too much on my own look I forgot that part." Her face gets a fallen look at this, but she changes this to a weak smile as she walks over to Twilight. "Ehhh, how are you doing? Everything healing up well? Again, I'm so so so sorry about that."

Even with a fancy new helmet covering all of his face, Urus will know that behind that thick metal mask lies the smug face of Kotal Kahn. The war god lowers his gaze to look that hyena, boiling eyes glowing from behind that steel visor making it look like if Urus was staring straight into an oven. "Do not pretend to order me around, boy." Glowers the Aztec before raising the visor of his helmet. "Those demons that prowl the night do not take days off, and thus neither do I! We are the peace here and it is my duty to ensure that everything stays safe, even if I must work over time." He rests the top of his macuahuitl on the ground and leans on the handle. "I'm not surrendering my weapons, don't be foolish, I'm the police here. But by all means you all go and enjoy your evening." Kotal catches sight of Rayne and seems to recognize her despite her new attire and strangely more petulant personality. "Calm down, it isn't as if I am the one instigating fights for my own amusement, at least not since last time." In his defense, everyone enjoyed that one time he made that orc and gnome fight here. As for his supposed 'toy soldiers', they seem quite happy doing Kotal's bidding. Particularly because if one is paying attention they aren't actually standing guard at all and instead are pretty much mingling, Ferra/Torr are the ones who are the more blatant about it as the duo begin to devour as much food as they can stuff their mouths with. "Really? You got me something?" Ask Kotal sounding a bit incredulous. "Is it a time bomb? Because I've had enough of those after the Joker incident."

Its here that he finally notices the purple skinned girl, though it doesn't look like he has yet realized she's Twilight in a human guise.

This city was ... strange. Its structure was erratic, and it didn't take much to notice that not everyone in the crowds on the streets were human. Sunset Shimmer wasn't exactly a stranger to winding up in one dimension from another, but it didn't take that to realize she wasn't near Canterlot High anymore. With no real idea how she got here or where to go, wandering around the city was just confusing her more.

But hey, she found what appears to be a restaurant of some sort. Maybe getting something to eat will help clear her head and figure out what was going on. With one last glance along the street she backed to the door and pushed it open. Though anyone inside might just think it's another teenager walking in, and Sunset was trying to avoid drawing too much attention to herself until she can get a better grip on just what -is- going on...

Though realizing there's some kind of party going on here she backs to the door a bit and looks around, as if expecting a certain puffy pink haired girl to pop out of nowhere suddenly... And looks a bit more disappointed when that's not the case.

Urus Rubs his forehead at Kotal's utter disregard for his perfectly reasonable requests. "Very well, but I do not want to see a single DROP of unnecessary blood tonight. You hear?" and turns to the counter and pulls out a small plastic shovel with a bow on it. "This is for next time you find yourself in hole." He pauses for a second to soak in Kotal's reaction before Cackling and putting it away. "HA, I am pulling leg!" he says jovially before taking out the real present, a small box with a similar bow on it and hands it over. Inside is a golden Aztec necklace. Urus has saved this for a few weeks since one of his dives. It pays to have friends in the ocean community when one or two Spanish galleons decorate the ocean floor. He walks away to join the crowd before he even gets Kotal's reaction. He stands on a vacant area of the bar to address the congregation at the party. "Hello everyone! I am glad you could make it to party. I would like to say thank you to everybody who has come. The drinks and food are on the house tonight. If you have not done so already, check your weapons at the door..." as he says that he stares at one of the patrons who reluctantly walks over to the umbrella stand and lays a small knife on it. He nods before continuing." I would like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza as well as others that I do not have a list..." as he says that Minu hands him a little slip of paper. He looks down and takes it "what is this?." as he unfolds the piece of paper about 5 times almost looking like Santa's nice list. He studies it for a second before looking back down at her and folding it back up and handing it back to her. "You would." Again to the party "Well If we were to continue we would be here till new years, so to make it simple." He bows "Happy holidays" he jumps off to meet with Rayne and twilight and catch up on why exactly a unicorn is now suddenly a person. Curiosity not surprise though. You get used to weird stuff like this around week 5.

Minu's eyes brighten as she realizes the purple girl is actually Twilight. "Ohhh goodness, you changed form. Well its lovely on you. So glad you could make it." She turns and looks at Rayne and grins widely "wow..Rayne, you totally got into the spirit. You look splendid." She pauses in her chatter as Urus takes his place and talks to the assembled. When he starts going into the proper holiday greetings for those present she does hurry to his side and offer him the list she had already made for the folks who she expected to be here and their winter holidays celebrated in their home realm. When Urus comments on the list she had handed him, she sticks out her tongue in a sassy manner then moves off to go make her own greetings to those she hadn't yet. She passes a few of the new Krew and greets them then spies the girl by the door with red and yellow hair. She doesn't look familiar but this is a party for everyone so the little elf makes her way to the girl and smiles "Good Evening. Welcome to the party. My name is Minu. I don't think we have met before."

In rather short order, as Minu goes over to greet the new arrival in the Usual Restaurant... Twilight Sparkle is quickly able to recognize that crimson-yellow hairstyle, and she's, as such, quite surprised. "...Sunset Shimmer? The last I recall, you were still at Canterlot High... What happened, and how'd it bring you here...?"

"Eheheh... Thanks. I'm trying, anyway. I'm thinking maybe letting some spirits get into me, if you catch my drift." Rayne really is trying to cut loose tonight. The last time anyone saw her drink was the night Minu converged. As the two move on to the new arrival, she frowns for a breif moment, but then shrugs. She, too, follows along rather than moving on to the bar. As Twilight mentions the name, Rayne tilts her head, certain she's heard Twilight mention that name before, but unable to place exactly who it is. "Hi?" She looks from Sunset to Twilight, then back again. "Uh, been in Twisted long?"

"Of course!" Kotal says sounding quite solemn, even placing his hand open his armor covered chest. "I promise that only the necessary amount of blood will be spilled tonight." Wellp, do not ever try to argue with an Aztec about not spilling blood. Urus seems to be in his usual mischievous mood though and throws the joke right back at Kotal when he presents him a shovel. Needless to say, Kotal is less than amused. Before the deity can do anything though, like say, hit Urus in the head with said shovel, it turns out that it was indeed just a jest and Kotal is presented with a different gift. "Aaah.. a worthy offering." Its difficult to express gratitude when you're a god. Any sort of present is viewed less as a courtesy and more like a tribute. However, despite still sounding as arrogant as ever, its clear that Kotal is very pleased. "I am impressed Urus, you have grown much since we've first met." He watches Urus take center stage whilst he is assisted by Minu and Kotal takes a deep breath, thinking that he perhaps should relax after all. He takes off his helmet and its a good thing that Deis isn't here too, otherwise she'd surely start gushing about his hair.

"Wait, that is Twilight?" Kotal finally seems to get just who the purple skinned girl is, and his golden glowing eyes blink. "I am surprised that I am surprised." He concludes. Oh, and it looks like this new arrival knows Twilight somehow. Well, all these surprises beats getting ambushed by a bunch of fog demons, Kotal will take this change of pace as he starts munching on some snacks.

Meanwhile! Ferra and Torr are seemingly the only ones of Kotal's krew that really feel like unwinding at all. "Torr says dog man do good!" The tiny Ferra walks over to Urus to give him a present. "Dog man is good boy!" She exclaims as she hands over what looks like a chewing squeaky toy, the kinds dog would play with.

Sunset Shimmer frowns as she sees the people enjoying their celebration and it reminds her of how out of place she is without her friends. She's about to just quietly back out the door again and find someplace else when the girl no taller than Snips and Snails approaches her. "Uh, I'm sorry." She runs a hand back through her hair nervously. "I didn't mean to interrupt.. I mean, I didn't know there was something to interrupt eve -- eh?" She turns her head sharply at the familiar voice from the masse of partiers. "Twilight? You're here to--" Then stops a moment. A lot of people can't tell the difference it seems, but she's been around both to notice the little nuances, which is why she abruptly corrects herself, "-Princess- Twilight?!"

She doesn't ignore the others but it's sort of backgrounded for a moment as she focuses on the person she actually recognizes. "I wish I knew!.. Uh, you're a human in this world too?"

Urus is enjoying himself. Kotal will be what Kotal will be. He has stopped bothering trying to defy him in any way... like hitting your head on a brick wall, the wall is not going to move. He walks over to the bunch and stands around, watching. Until the fact they know each other is so apparent it nearly hits him. "So if you two know each other... and Kotal has some of his buddies... does that mean that something from my realm could be coming here too?" it's a long shot and unlikely at the best. But it's quite interesting that there has been another convergence without his knowing. Usually news like that gets around pretty quickly. As for Kotals two friends. "I am not a dog. I am Hyena. BIG difference. But umm thanks..." he says taking the toy anyhow. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Maybe he can distract one of Christabel's undead dogs with it.

During the festivities a small bolt of lightning shoots out of the floor to the ceiling the arcing electricity current turns from one into 2 into 4 each bending slightly to focus on one specific area. The quiet crackle of the electricity can be heard. Soon there is a quiet flash of light. As the sparks have disappeared and standing there is a unusually large dog... with 3 heads. They all look around to soak in their new surroundings. Buster folds his ears back and growls preparing himself for the uncertainty. Jackson however has his head up proudly recognizing that they just interrupted a Christmas party... somewhere. As for Rex, unlike Buster who stands guard Rex has his head down his ears back as well but instead of growling there is a whimper from him. This is DEFINITELY not where they wanted to be.

As Twilight and Sunset get reacquainted, the little elf wanders over toward Kotal. When she catches the sight of Ferra and Tor offering Urus a toy, out the corner of her eye, she smiles. It might not be what he would want but the idea is very sweet. The little elf is just about to speak to Kotal when that first bolt of lighting hits just inches from her skirt hem. Leaping back she makes a little surprised squack sound and blinks as more lighting branches out and arches then dies. When her eyes adjust they go wide behind her golden glasses. The little elf lets loose a squeal of pure youthful feminine glee. "By the Scribe! A Cerberus Arcanus! OHHHHH Kotal! You summoned us a puppy!!" With out a second thought or even an inkling it might be a bad idea the little elf dashes forward and throws her small arms around Rex's neck. She hugs the great beast then instantly starts rubbing the dogs ears. "ohhhhh look at you, what a handsome puppy!!"

"Yes, though I don't get how I became human without passing through anything... As far as I can tell, it's got to do with the unusual magic here in Twisted. But, anyways..." Twilight Sparkle is smiling cheerily, up until the lightning bolt and brief flash catch her attention and prompt the humanized pegacorn to look in the direction of the three-headed canine. "How are the others back at Canterlot High? Nothing bad is happening, I hope, without either of us there... ...and I'm really hoping Tirek isn't running loose back home again, without Cerberus there to guard him."

Rayne frowns slightly again, then shrugs and backs away from the meeting of two old friends, feeling a bit of a third wheel. She then turns and nearly steps into the sparking electricity. "What the hell?!" she shouts as she jumps backwards again. She shields her eyes with an arm as the sparking intensifies, then lowers it again as the electricity dies down again. "Huh," she says, seeing the large, three headed dog, and then Minu's response to him. "I think I'm going to want that drink now." With that, she makes her way to the bar. She asks for a screwdriver... and Steve demands to see an ID. "Wha..." She looks down at her outfit. "I don't have that on... damnit..."

Well, someone better pick up that phone.


Mighty Huitzilopotchli arises from his seat as soon as he senses electricity in the air, something about this energy telling him that it is magical in nature. No time to put his helmet back on either, he'll just have to face this danger as he is right now. "To me, warriors!!!" Kotal unleashes his macauhuitl and just as the Cerberus out from thin air, it'll find himself surrounded by Kotal and his henchmen. Stingers from D'vorah, revolvers from Erron, a giant mace from Torr, Ferra's claws, Ermac's glowing magic and Reptile's sword all surrounding the dog instantaneously. "I knew I couldn't let my guard down!"

But then, Minu is rushing in like a mad fool! "Minu! No!!" Kotal yells sounding surprisingly worried about his assistant trying to play the hero. However, she just starts petting him? Is this just a normal convergence? "Uh.." Kotal sounds uncharacteristically confused, particularly when Minu assumes that it was him who summoned it. "I.. what? Ermac did you summon this creature?" He asks of the soul golem who just shakes his head.

Not really waiting for a clear on the situation, Ferra and Torr follow Minu's lead and start petting the Cerberus too. Ferra even exclaiming "Puppy!!" As she pets Buster while Torr pets Jackson. Hey, three heads fro three people to pet, right? It's pretty convenient.

Sunset's expression flattens a little when Twilight says she doesn't know why she's a human. "Maybe it's connected to what got me here, since you normally do that coming to CHS." Then she folds one arm across her chest to rest the other elbow in that palm and bow her head against her fingers. "Great, I was just starting to get an inkling on magic in that world and I fell into -another- one with unpredictable magic..."

And of course that is -right- when lightning erupts in the restaurant and leaves a cerberus in its wake. After everything else she's been through it's not much of a surprise that Sunset reflexively jumps back and assumes a ready position, even if she probably couldn't 'pony up' here if she wanted to. "I swear, I had nothing to do with that!" Sunset chuckles tensely at Twilight. "Oh, it had been fairly quiet, after the whole debacle with Crystal Prep and the Friendship Games."

Well so much for Urus promising Kotal nothing was going to happen. Oh well. Rule one of Twisted, expect the unexpected. Rule 2 nothing is always as it seems. Then he remembers the dog toy in his hand... what are the odds. He stays back and sits down looking on. Taking Minu's squeals of happiness he somehow still finds a way to pester Kotal. "AWWW. Would you look at that." He says to the crowd who has had the mind to step a few feet away from the convergence site. "Kotal has soft spot. He got little girl a puppy." At which point the crowd copies Urus with but with more sincerity. "AWWWWW!" Urus is now intrigued. This is what he meant by things do not converge without people knowing.

The overall reception is promising however as the consensus seems to be that they are less than dangerous, which ticks Buster off to no end. "Hey! Hands off!" he shouts at them "I don't go touching you do I?" then he turns left to Jackson and says "Just another grand situation you've put us in." Jackson, who was not going to say anything sighs as Buster blows their cover of being partially normal. The attention he is getting is appreciated however. "Alright. Yes well how was I supposed to know that hand gestures were so important in magic. Besides, it's probably nothing major." Meanwhile Rex who is getting hugged and rubbed seems to be having the time of his life. An overly contented smile says it all as the back right leg starts to tap the floor uncontrollably with a click each time as the claw connects with the floor. Jackson interjects to Minu "Do you mind miss but could you stop? It is highly embarrassing when you don't have control of your own body." To which Rex says quietly. "You don't have to stop."

Minu coo's in delighted affection as Rex responds so eagerly to her ear rubs. When Kotal denies summoning the puppy she frowns and looks back over her should. "you didn't summon him? But your the only god here tonight, and I don't think anyone else here is a high level mage. This is a Cerberus Arcanus. This is a very rare species, like unicorn rare..ok..we have a unicorn here in twisted but...still. Only a god or a great mage can summon one of these." She says matter of factly. Turning back to the puppy she looks into Rex's big blue eyes. " if no one summoned you puppy, that must mean your lost...aww poor baby. Kotal...I think he's lost. Can we keep him?? Look at him, he's so sweet and I will look after him."

Twilight Sparkle, upon hearing the tri-headed dog speaking, relaxes visibly and turns back to talking with Sunset, while giving Rayne an apologetic smile. "I got pulled in from Equestria myself, and honestly didn't change into my Canterlot High form until a few days ago, which makes your magic-induced arrival here a distinct possibility. As for this... Cerberus from back home didn't have the ability to talk like Spike did. So Tirek must still be locked up, which is a big relief... In any case, Sunset, I'm just glad to see a familiar face."

Rayne settles on a root beer for the moment and returns the fray! "Well, it looks like today's a bit... convergence-y." She walks over to stand vaguely near Kotal. "Well, these two seem... unthreatening at the moment. Might I suggest you let the world be calm tonight and get yourself a drink other than pulque for once?"

What is this? A sitcom being filmed in front of a live studio audience? Kotal gets a small scowl about him when he hears the crowd's endearing awws to Urus' assumption that he purposely summoned a Cerberus for Minu. While it is a good idea and Kotal would have liked to have come up with it first, he really can't take credit for something he didn't do, not to mention that this Cerberus seems perfectly aware of where he is. The Aztec puts his helmet back on, if anything so he can hide his irritation, and grumbles at Minu's gushing. "Believe me, Minu. If I had the power to summon individuals from other realms I would have called forth my warriors from Outworld a long time ago, instead of waiting for them to converge on their own. The magics of Twisted prevent me from reaching past this realm, someone else has brought this creature here."

Kotal glances to the side and down when Rayne stands next to him and prods him to relax and enjoy himself for once. "I can never be too certain of anything here, Rayne." Sure, these convergees may appear nonthreatening, but what if they really aren't? He can't really run that risk. "Enough of this." Kotal advances towards the Cerberus while Minu is asking him if they can keep him. "This Cerberus is sentient, I would prefer if he told us if he's comfortable with us being his new masters." Strange that Kotal would feel he needs to ask permission to own someone, this coming from a guy who collars rebellious mermaids and marks the souls of equally rebellious hyena men. "Who are you, pup? And how did you get here?" Kotal asks now directly addressing the Cerberus.

"Aww! Puppy no like me!" Meanwhile, Ferra is distraught when Buster tells her to back off and she goes to cling to Torr's back.

Sunset Shimmer also relaxes, though if it's because the Cerberus talks thus dismissing Twilight's worries or because of relief no one is blaming her for the sudden appearance of a creature is debatable. "You and me both, Twilight. I still have no idea what's going on, but it's less disconcerting when you have a friend nearby." And these days she can say that honestly, too.

Watching the others fuss over the three-headed canine like he was a giant puppy, she smirks a bit at Twilight. "I really shouldn't be surprised you've already made some new friends." She gives Twilight a playful nudge to the side with her elbow. "Princess of Friendship, after all." Sunset's more typical demeanor is returning now that she's getting a little more comfortable with the situation, though no one other than pegacorn would really know the significance of it.

Urus smirks and walks up to Kotal. "I only tease you because I care." He says to the war god "I am with Rayne. Relax this is joyous occasion. By the way if you want to give them the whole 'new home and prison' thing... it's an apt comparison." He orders two shots of vodka at the bar before quietly offering it to Rayne under the counter and drinking the other himself. As Kotal asks the Cerberus about what it wants, the irony does not go over his head as he clears his throat intentionally making some noise. "I am sorry when did the god of war care about the opinions of anyone but himself?"

Rex tears himself away from Minu for a second and as he does the back foot stops. "Jacks... this is not the master's treat cabinet." He whimpers at his brother. "Yes I understand... I messed up. No more teleportation attempts into the treat cabinet. We are probably just a village or two over. We can make it back before the Master notices." When Kotal buts in and asks about becoming their new master Buster retorts "Excuse me but we are in the middle of something here." Jackson takes it upon himself to make sure Buster's attitude does not make too many waves. "Sorry about him. He is a decent guy when you get to know him. If anyone would like to point us in the direction of the mage's tower on Torrinbald hill. We would be most appreciative. Meanwhile Rex has buried himself in Minu's arms already getting to like the elf. "Come on Jackson can we keep her?" He pleads. "No! Remember when you thought it was a good idea to let a squirrel in the tower. A full sized elf would have him furious!"

Minu eases up on her ear rubbing when Rex lifts his head to talk to his "brother". She looks to Kotal and frowns a little, cause no one seems to understand how special this handsome fellow is and how terribly rare. She listens to the puppies talk then makes a little sound and cuddles Rex's big head against her small chest. "ohhhh poor puppies. I am afraid there is no such place here in Twisted. I think you are well and truly lost. This is a rather peculiar realm, folks get brought here but, they can not leave. I think you might be stuck here like the rest of us." She looks up at Jackson even as she cuddles Rex. "you could stay with us though if you want. Can't they Kotal? Cerberus Arcanus is a created species meant to guard and protect. Surely what better then allow them to help us protect Twisted?" She looks up at Kotal through her lashes, all big glossy golden eyes and pure cute sweetness. "Please????"

Rayne nods to Urus in thanks and downs the shot quickly. She squeezes her eyes shut for a moment before shaking her head quickly. Her hair isn't quite moving as fluidly as normal... likely due to the temporary hair dye. "Maybe he's listening to the opinions of others. I've given him an earful or two. It helps if you don't antagonize him. I'd not suggest doing what Minu is now. It wouldn't work as well for you."

Twilight Sparkle laughs a bit in response to her friend's statement, before turning to watch as Kotal begins talking with Cerberus. "Part of my life now... And maybe I'd better see if I can work things out a little more tactfully here. Such is the life of royalty..."

Though she doesn't have her usual regalia, especially in her human form... Twilight Sparkle heads up to the tri-headed canine, looking up with a calm expression. "I apologize for the blunt statements of my friends here... You really aren't close to your home, but maybe I can help with that. I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle, of Equestria, and my primary field of research is magic - and friendship, as Sunset Shimmer over there might be able to affirm."

There's a shift in Kotal's glowing eyes, possibly meaning that he's rolling them at Urus, this is quite visible despite the helmet that he's wearing too. "Touching." He says dripping with sarcasm. Despite his less than enthused attitude at Urus saying he cares, he does turn to him when the Hyena wonders why Kotal even cares to acknowledge what the Cerberus might think about his current predicament. "A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back on him it will strike. Respect is a far stronger tool to impart loyalty, and it is how I rule. Fear is for Shinnok.. and Diablo." Still with the old feuds this god.

The Aztec doesn't look particularly angry at Buster's attitude, its not like he had to endure the same with Urus countless of times before. At least the Cerberus' other heads are far more agreeable. Kotal can't really help if Buster goes and does something like antagonizing Torr though, but that's another story. Just as the warlord gets to ready to explain to the Cerberus where exactly they are, Minu goes to break the news in a far gentler way than he ever could. He ends up nodding though and expanding on what Minu had just said. "Indeed, this seems to be a pocket dimension which draws things from all over the multiverse into it, like a vacuum. For us who live here, this is as much our home as it is our prison. There is no way to escape." Though they are but that's a lengthy topic to discuss with new arrivals, and probably not a good idea considering the risks.

Finally, Kotal just gets completely exasperated with Minu's demands of keeping the pup, and like a tired father of dealing with his daughter, the warrior god simply deflates his shoulders and looks up. "Fine! We can keep him if he wants to live with us. But you will have to take care of him!" He shakes his head and looks around. "I hope there aren't any objections to that." His krew don't seem to have any, but Kotal is also pointedly looking at Twilight and Rayne since they work for him too and having a Cerberus in TASK would affect them as well.

Even though the comment isn't aimed at her Sunset Shimmer still does an anxious glance off to the side when Kotal makes his little speech about beaten dogs. She knows that experience all too well after having an entire school resent her for things she did to them while she was a 'bad' girl. "It's true. Twilight can put back together some of the most broken friendships."

Sunset doesn't mention she was the one that broke said friendships.

"beaten dog hunh.... apparently you don't practice what you preach." Urus remarks under his breath. He eyes his weapon for a second before clearing his mind. "So... how's everyone doing?" needless to say this has become a... well I would not consider it a failure on his part... but next time he is keeping big blue off the invite list. Why did he even do it in the first... Minu. Well at least she seems happy. That much is good. He comes up between Twilight and Sunset and puts his arm around each one. And says "Well I hope that the party was decent for you two..." he says looking left and right at them.

Jackson takes a second to think. "Twisted... twist...ed. Oh boy" buster decides to chime in. "That is the sound that signals the fact that we are royally screwed. Well spit it out." Rex is listening despite the fact that he is getting everything he could want right now. That spot right behind the right ear. That is a spot that does not get scratched enough. Jackson replies "You know that place where Master sends all those things he never wants to see again. Well." Buster bends his head down to the point where he can effectively facepaw. " Alright, who are you big guy?" he asks Kotal. Wanting to know who he is going to be spending the rest of his life with. "I believe he is trying to say that we will accept your offer. I do not think I need to ask Rex his opinion." Jackson says to Kotal turning his head to look at Rex.

Having gotten Kotals ok the keep the puppies, Minu returns her attention to Rex's ears and she gives a serious scritching. When the Jackson and Buster seem to accept they are gona be around a while and ask about Kotal, the little elf chimes in. "That is none other then Huitzilopotchli, Aztec God of War. Here we call him Kotal, or boss. He run TASK, which is sorta the peace keepers for Twisted. I'm Minu, his assistant and that one over there is the great red dress is Rayne, and the lady who is purple she is Twilight, usually she is a Alicorn but something happened and shes human looking for now. Wait till you meet Serenity, she is a sea slug. She is very nice but you must be careful not to scare her. Those other folks are part of the TASK team too, including the big guy that was rubbing you and the girl who was trying to pet Buster." She chatters on and finds THAT spot again to try and get the pups foot going.

Rayne blinks as Kotal looks at her for input. "Uuuhhhh... sure. He.... they seem reasonable enough to not cause any more messes than Ferra and Torr." Well, that's not really saying much, is it? She then gives Urus a sloppy smile. "I'm doin' pretty good." Wait, is she already noticeably tipsy? She really is a lightweight. At least she's steady on her feet still.

Urus won't be able to see it because Kotal is wearing a helmet, but the Aztec warlord is smiling behind his face mask when the hyena claims the deity doesn't follow what he preaches. "Ah, Urus. With you, I beat you to submission because I care." Well, looks like Kotal still has some sick sense of humor left in him.

Once the Cerberus asks just who they are dealing with, Kotal straightens ups and-- simply lets Minu handle the introductions. Kotal is quite used to being heralded and it is fitting for a god. Therefore, Kotal simply stands there looking imposing while Minu explains. It looks like Rayne is fine with the Cerberus joining TASK and as long as Twilight doesn't mind then he sees no reason to not let them come and live with them in the TASK building. "Then let it be so." He nods, right before noticing that Rayne is looking just a little dizzier than normal. "Did someone slip Rayne a drink?" The Aztec shakes his head and looks at one of his warriors. "Reptile, make sure that Rayne gets to her home safely when she leaves." Designated driver is go! Wait, can Reptile even drive? Either way, the green armored Zeterran salutes and responds, "Yesss, Kahn."

Twilight Sparkle gives Sunset a sympathetic and reassuring smile before tilting her head at Urus' arm around her shoulders. "Well, it's been... A different 'Christmas', I think it's called? I'm too used to this holiday being called Hearth's Warming back home. And I'm thinking of letting Sunset move in as a roommate at my apartment - that is, if you're fine with it."

Sunset flusters a little as the dog(?) person puts his arm around her shoulders. He kind of reminds her of the three boys Rarity is always getting to carry stuff for her, but she doesn't mention that because it would be really rude. "It.. looks like it was nice party. I just sort of walked in on it," she admits. Sunset rubs one of her arms sheepishly after Twilight's offer. "That's really nice of you, Twilight... not like I have anywhere else to go..."

Luna looks in through the window of the UR from the street. OKay. Giant three headed dog. o O ( Are they allowed in restaurants here? ) She thinks to her other self, but doesn't get a response. Well, that's okay. She checks her reflection in the glass, twitching her ears. Dusts herself off, then walks into the Usual Restaurant. o O ( You were right, there are a lot of people that gather here, yes? ) She glances around at everyone gathered, taking them all in as she walks over to the bar. She eyes the singing stage, o O ( Yearnestia would like that. ) And comes to the bar, sliding up onto a stool. o O ( It's not such a long walk from the Neo Edo part of Twisted, yes? Hopefully the bridge doesn't fog back over again. ) She eyes Kotal, who certainly is anything but human...and the hyena man. o O ( Way more non-humans than on Lunar. ) She pulls off her mittens and sets them on the bar next to her, ears cocking towards ongoing conversations.

"Call it what you like . I'm glad I could be of service." He says to twilight. Despite the truth behind the God's joke, the fact that his own jab was used against him is not lost. He cackles a bit the fact that Kotal has a sense of humor being the only thing that truly surprised him tonight. The God and Minu are busy with the new dog. Time for him to move on to schmooze the other guests. There happens to be an oriental man in the corner wearing green and tan clothing that smells strangely of cabbages he has been meaning to chat with.

Kotal gives a low chuckle at Urus reaction and otherwise seems fine now that Minu and the Cerberus are getting acquainted. Should really look into giving them a nickname or something, it feels odd calling them 'The Cerberus'.

Lastly, its Twilight's request that draws his attention, and he stares at her for a moment. "It is your apartment, Twilight, you do not need to ask me who you bring there. Now, if you wish for your fried to come and live or work at TASK, that is another matter entirely." Ironically, at this point in the game Kotal doesn't really feel like discussing business, and he lets that thought hang there while he settles in to finally enjoy the feast-- and get some freaking pulque despite Rayne's objections. This means of course that his krew is left to run wild a little, but I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

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