2015-12-19 - Searching for Lost Friends (Conclusion)

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Searching for Lost Friends (Conclusion)

Summary: It's over! It's finally over!! After over a year this quest finally comes to a close - and what's this? The fog over Plowse Bridge is gone? Neo Edo here we come!

Who: Aless, Alucard, Amazi, Angelice, Aoea, Ayera, Bensidania, Beu, Bicean, Biya, Caliga, Calint, Celebint, Celes, Concia, Concordance, Corala, Corinasia, Crasran, Cryi, Curis, Deania, Delicr, Divin, Dreal, Eua, Exaoa, Finalep, Flera, Foevi, Fole, Furr, Futari, Gegoshi, Glo, Greb, Guarlesia, Haue, Heralin, Iane, Igna, Ilua, Imag, Infiny, Inigm, Iova, Jeq, Jioale, Joyla, Kaw, Kitei, Lacieg, Laytwn, Layu, Lolli, Luna, Marrr, Meln, Mirror, Misbe, Mju, Morai, Morosia, Nancy, Noare, Oceia, Paleun, Peneha, Penelo, Pretense, Prolei, Pstel, Psyia, Qen, Qlian, Racent, Reant, Sanscri, Seekl, Senior_Diablo, Senstia, Seren, Shimae, Sift, Soush, Sunse, T, Talon, Thwosw, Tinasi, Tolip, Tormul, Trik, Trip, Unam, Uoesa, Vanessi, Wase, Woya, Xanie, Xunadia, Yearnestia, Yeoa, Yoko, Zoey
When: December 19th, 2015
Where: Somewhere off Twisted...

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...continued from last time...

Dawn arises on the next day. Normally, the mountain would have grown cold and inhospitable at night without shelter. However, after Gegoshi brought back a massive amount of food and water (over the course of four scavanging trips and one dimensional hop), Sunse altered the temperature in the area to a comfortable degree. Luna, after speaking with each and every girl here, finally let herself get some sleep, relinquishing her mind to the prior inhabitant. Her body shifting back to the blue haired waitress. Now, everyone's had breakfast (well, those of the people that actually need to eat, which isn't everyone), and Luna has shifted back into her older catgirl body. Corinasia and Sift's bodies were moved aside and preserved by Morosia. Luna approaches Nancy and Gegoshi, the bell around her neck jingling as she walks, "The aslyum will work well, yes? My other mind wants to help everyone here as well." She then looks at Nancy directly, "I ask once more, yes? Are you sure you want to bring back your friend who was wrapped in madness and died?"

Nancy still sits in the chair she'd climbed up on. Over the course of the night her always moving hair and clothes had actually nearly stopped as if whatever unfelt breeze had finally stopped blowing past her. By dawn it had started again and now once more whips around her as it normally does. Maybe it was something to do with the world, or maybe a sign of her powers weakening and returning - but either way she seems back to her normal, healthy self.

At the sound of Luna's bell, Nancy looks up and smiles. Her question only making her smile thin, but never vanish. "Yes. She was our friend. I believe if she were in our shoes she'd do the same for either of us." She can't really speak for Gegoshi and upon realizing it she makes a nervous glance to see if the synth shares her point of view. "Besides, we've come this far. It wouldn't be fair if we don't see this out completely." Fair to whom, it must be asked.

Gegoshi nods in agreement with Nancy! "This is our quest! We must see it through to the end, for our friend!" The synth isn't actually worried about Guarlesia being insane or anything. As far as she can tell, Guarlesia shouldn't have the same ties to Twisted as before the way Concordance had it setup. But, then, the synth isn't completely sure it won't resort everything back to a prior state either! She hasn't ever resurrected someone from the dead before. But she's with Nancy, so if Nancy wants to do it, then she does too!

Luna nods her head, her left ear twitching, "Very well, yes?" She turns and nods Finalep over, whose body floats in the air, arms at her sides and ridged. An orb hovers in front of her which moves forward, dragging the girls body along with it. "Some of the girls are going to assist me in the soul summoning. It'd put a great deal of strain on this body at the moment, yes? It's still growing accustomed to itself." Morai and Seren also come over. The other girls, those that are cognitive, watch on, some talking quietly among themselves, others just staring with adoring infatuation at Luna. "Whenver you are ready, summon the soulless body, yes?"

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Letting out a soft sigh Nancy stands after nodding her head. Speaking a silent prayer of hope in the back of her mind the Councilwoman then closes her eyes and begins to concentrate. It has been well over a decade since she's done this on purpose, and that estimate is only going by the perception of time on Twisted. Countless lives and worlds have been created and died in that time. Friends and threats alike have come and passed leaving their mark on the fabric of the multiverse. Each one a significant ripple in the cosmos, even when they were convinced they hardly mattered. Even when they were forgotten in their own worlds - Nancy remembers them. She feels them and the energy they created and left behind. It's how she finds them. It's how she brings them. Despite her closed eyes her emotions begin to ignite at the vast pain she now feels. One which spans multitudes of worlds. Tears begin to stream down her cheeks and for a brief moment her vast age can be physically felt by all those around her. She'd lived lifetimes in her prison even if she doesn't look like she's aged a day.

As she concentrates the air becomes thick once again. A warm fog seems to form in the air. Nancy shudders and exhales bringing with it a suddenly cold wind which slices through the fog. Sound seems to drop away and somewhere far in the distance can be heard the sound of... keys? The Councilwoman suddenly collapses backwards into her chair, wiping her eyes. The fog fades and the air returns to normal. Beneath her eternally moving robes, Nancy's youth has returned to her and the woman looks to her friend with a smile. Laying on the ground beside the chair is the form of a woman - presumably Guarlesia, or whatever version of her existed without a mind. The tatters of a hospital gown cling to her skin. "...to think I used to do this just to pass the time." Chuckling weakly Nancy crosses her arms and then goes quiet once again.

Gegoshi watches closely, wanting to help Nancy, but she isn't magic, she's tech, albeit so far advanced it can seem like she's doing magic! As Guarlesia appears she applauds! "Hooray!" Her clothing swapping out into a cheerleading outfit! She waves her pompoms!

A handful of girls also clap and cheer after Gegoshi does, there's more than a few lemmings in this group. Luna watches the summoning closely. Her curiosity as strong and poweful as ever. A desire for knowledge runs deep within her soul and always has, it's part of what made her past self so powerful, and of course eventually mad. She watches Nancy's soul closely, examining that pain and sorrow, which seems to be part of her power. She knows how that works, many of the girls here had their souls altered so they could become what they are now. It's the easiest way to change someone, their souls. She decides to stop dwelling on those thoughts and instead looks at Guarlesia's body. Six wings, long thick hair, pretty. Hm. She steps closer and puts a hand on the six winged girls head. Is there a soul there? A connection? She probes, running down a dull thread with a lose connection to...nothing, it just drifts on the wind. Did someone rip out and destroy her soul? She shudders, remembering times she did that herself. It's repulsive to her now. Still, no soul is a good thing in this case. "This should work, yes?" She reaches over and pulls Guarlesia up onto the bar table (why not make use of it?). She positions the girl on her back, making sure the wings don't bend, although they seem amazingly pliable. She then looks at Nancy and holds out her hand towards her, "I can't use Gegoshi, because she has no soul, yes? But I must briefly take yours from your body in order to summon Guarlesia's."

Finalep, Morai, and Seren move in closer. "Can we cuddle after this?" Seren asks, her small wings fluttering on her back. It's unclear if she's addressing Luna or everyone. "Now's not the time to ask those things," Finalep says, well, the orb floating in front of her says, Finalep herself doesn't even move, just...floating.

If she can reach, Nancy will take the offered hand with a silent nod. She knew this part was coming after all, it'd been mentioned the evening before. If she must she'll move closer to the table, propping her free hand against it to hold herself up. "Will it hurt?" While it may seem amusing given the pain she's just put herself through, she asks in fear of more pain. Even a little can seem mountainous after such an ordeal. While she listens to the response, her eyes turn to the form of Guarlesia on the table before her. She's never tried to pull someone she knows across worlds like this and the wealth of questions about those missed opportunities or possible heartache flood back into her as they did so many years ago...

Gegoshi feels a little left out! It's not her fault she doens't have a soul! Should she be hurt? Usually she plays that up a lot, but right now doesn't seem the time with how Nancy is feeling and distracted. So instead, the synth starts running among the girls in the area, calling them by name since she heard every one of them the other night, and getting one's that are willing and producing pompoms for them to have at the ready for if this works!

Some of the girls will join Gegoshi, particularly Iova, Yearnestia, Ayera, Noare, Imag, Talon, and Calint. Luna grips Nancy's hand firmly, looking into her eyes, "Only if I wanted it to, so it won't." Part of her feels like they're doing it wrong, like she should be making a contract and making Nancy sign it in order to summon a soul like this, but she ignores it. Didn't Nancy already bring Corinasia and Sift here and restore these lost memories? Which brought all of her past...is loves the right word? Infatuations is likely a better term. But, this gives a chance at some redemption for her past madness. "Relax, yes?" The catgirls left ear twitches as black glow ripples around her and Nancy's hand. Then, Nancy will feel a great pulling inside of her, not physical, but spiritual, as her very souls essence is tugged from inside of her. It's a foreign feeling for those that haven't experienced it, like a strangers hand suddenly taking your own in the darkness of the night while you lay asleep in bed. Nevertheless, provided Nancy doesn't resist, her soul comes free of her body. It's a beautiful perfect orb a meter in radius that lightis up this area of the mountainside, glowing an angelic white upon white with gray and blue swirls tossing about as if in an evening thunder storm. Nancy herself, will feel a massive, massive hole inside of her, an emptiness that could never be filled, and a insatiable, horrifyingly powerful longing to have back what's been taken. Whether or not she acts on such things is, of course, up to her. Finalep's orb sets itself down atop Guarlesia's head, while Morai and Seren join hands. Morai's other rests on Luna's shoulder, while Seren reaches over to try and take hold of Nancy's.

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It's strange. Seeing her soul physically manifest before her, all Nancy can think of is her father and brother and how long it's been since they were a family. Before the accident. Before her powers. There is indeed an emptiness within her, but in terms of sorrow it's not much different from how she felt all those years in an empty world alone. Trying to fill that emptiness is what led her to start pulling people into her prison to accompany her. Knowing the whole time that she could never bring the two people she missed most in fear of losing them forever by taking their memories. The woman had built worlds and buried countless souls trying to fill that emptiness. This isn't much different. Still, she can't help but look around for Gegoshi and begin crying once again for the sister-like companionship she feels for the synth. Catching a brief glimpse of her and her pompoms makes her crack a smile, and lets her focus back on the ceremony before her. Luna will note the girl shakes nervously, unable to help herself at this point.

Gegoshi finishes getting her groupies together and they all gather nearby in a group. The synth sets about putting them in some semblance of a cheerleader line. She then turns to watch the process of bringing Guarlesia back! Cheer at the ready!

Luna looks at Nancy's soul. It's beautiful, and lovely, and...so tempting to steal. She swallows, her bell jingling, which snaps her back to what she was doing. o O ( I'm not that person anymore, yes? ) She notes Nancy's shakyness and leans forward towards Nancy's soul and kisses it. A feeling of warmth, love, kindness, and assurance should flood into Nancy's entire being. Soul manipulation doesn't have to be all bad. In fact, many of the souls she's played with were improved when she was done. It's just the other strings that came with the changes most didn't enjoy. The black dragon then nods at Finalep, whose orb floats up and actually goes -inside- of Nancy's soul. The councilwoman would likely feel something akin to being in someone else's borrowed clothing, like something doesn't fit right anymore. Then, memories of Guarlesia would be tugged at and pulled to the forefront of Nancy's mind. Any and every detail she remembers, and perhaps has forgotten, would come to the surface. Luna's own soul comes free of her body. It's a pure white, though there are slight traces of blood red in its depths, just under the surface. It also flows into Nancy's soul, then Morai's comes out of her body, which is a transparent white, without any impurities whatsoever. Last, Seren's comes from her body, its the reverse of most here, a black thing with only a few dots of white scattered around the outside of it. It also joins in, flowing within Nancy's soul. Nancy, unless she starts resisting, would feel the emotions of the other girls who've joined. Luna feels calm, happy, and excited at playing with souls. Finalep has a deep longing, as if she's missing something, not her soul but...memories? Morai's emotions are just full of kindness, though, like Finalep, a lack of memories in her, though you feel a certain royalness about her. Seren's emotions are dark, needy, and full of want. Desiring to be the center of all things, always.

Nancy actually flinches at the Luna's kiss, the emotions simply feeling foreign in her mind. The reaction only lasts a moment before her guard is forced down and the girl simply exists calmly. Her eyes watch the pretty colors in an almost drugged state, again mostly due to having not experienced such emotions in such a long time. Yet once more she flinches, this time from the thoughts of Guarlesia suddenly flooding her mind. She'd known her such a short time and yet...

More emotions. Foreign emotions. The emotions of these other beings suddenly flooding inside her. Her mind tries to make sense of it all, to grasp it all rationally and somehow it sparks something unexpected. A faint memory of the mother that helped create her, her very existence lost in the eternity since she knew the woman. Nancy closes her eyes to the vague recollection and when she opens them once more she finds herself staring over at Luna. Once more she feels emotions she can't identify. Thoughts she can't understand. "...Seth..." Abruptly she's overcome with a very specific realization that when this is over she needs to find her brother, and maybe that connection that seems so distant.

Gegoshi holds a hand out to her cheering section, like a general keeping her troops from firing! "Hold..." she says softly, "...hooolllld..." The other girls giggle, Ayera and Noare whispering too each other.

Luna completely focuses on the task at hand, letting the memories of Guarlesia flow through the soul bonding. o O ( Excellent! This should be enough, yes? ) The black dragon looks at Nancy, and her thoughts will enter hers unless resisted in some way, o O ( Release yourself, yes? Alas, I must take control of your speech. ) Hopefully, Nancy will do as asked, but even if she doesn't, Luna opens her mouth, and Morai, Seren, and Finaleps orb, all speak in tandem with Nancy, unless Nancy chooses not to let the words flow, "Let this soul, lost and dead, come forth from eternities thread. I call thee Guarlesia by thy friends bond, I force thee to manifest and respond." The black dragons eyes have red lines trace across them, forming runic patterns within in. Similar ones appear in the air all around the summoning group. "NOW!" Luna screams, and her voice booms across the mountain top as, well, a dragons would, trees shaking and ground trembling, "BEYOND THE VEIL OF SANCTURARY AND THE TEARS OF ETERNITY! COME FORTH, GUARLESIA!"

There's a strong heaviness in the air as power rushes out of everyone gathered. Any magic they have drains slightly, though with them all linked together, it's not going to be great a toll on any one of them. Share the load. Everyone's souls explode back towards them, smashing into their bodies and filling them up again, except for Finalep's, whose goes back into her orb. Nancy will feel that emptyness and longing disappear, replaced by a nice and complete fullfillment. Well, that's what should happen, who knows how Nancy's body works when its soul gets sucked in and out. Luna takes in a deep breath, missing the feeling of controlling all those souls at once, albeit briefly. The power fades, and the mountain goes completely silent...

Nancy actually stumbles back a step or two as she's rejoined with her soul. With a shake of her head she re-approaches the table, gripping it once again for support. Breathing as though winded, the woman glances at Luna and asks, "...so? ...you do this often?" Another weak smile spreads across her face. Briefly she feels a longing towards the catgirl - a desire to reclaim that connection. As it washes over her thoughts she looks to the group gathered around them wondering if that wasn't a taste of the same longing they all seem to have for her or if it was something else. The thoughts are pushed away as Nancy turns her attention back to Guarlesia, concerned to see if their efforts had worked.

Indeed, it's nearly an identical feeling all of these girls feel towards Luna. It's easy to -fall- in love when such emotions are nigh forced on you. But, Luna doesn't do that anymore, well, not conciously. Touching souls has natural side effects like that, at least the way Luna deals with souls. The catgirl's ears twitch, and she smirks at Nancy, showing one of her fangs, "Yes well, I used to." She looks at Guarlesia, releasing Nancy's hand and pulling it from Guarlesia's head. Did it work? Hm,...she felt a connection of some kind. Morai sags a bit and takes a seat, while Seren moves over to hug onto Luna's side. Finalep just floats, controlled by the orb in front of her. A few more seconds tick by and then the entire place is alit by a giant soul, over a hundred yards in diameter. The soul is a multitude of colors, but predominately green, with lightning strikes of black, red, blue, purple, and almost every other color in existence surging through it. It holds in the air above everyone for a moment, casting shadows stronger than the rising sun. Then it falls down, smashing into everyone gathered. Feelings of chains around your bodies form, a chain that's been your existence forever. Heavy, powerful, and tied to...someone else. Someone who no longer exists on this plane of existence. A great bond has been lost and can't be replaced, and so the chain falls away. As it goes, your life becomes incomplete. There's no part of you that lives anymore, yet you still exist. The only thoughts left are chaos, and a way to bring the end to the chaos. But you are bound to a world, a dimension, a twisted existence. Its destruction is your only freedom, yet something else destroys you instead, and you are lost. Fallen to the depths of nothingness, dying eternally, with no thoughts or reason, yet memories of what you once were when you were chained and unfree. Then, all of these emotions and thoughts disappear as the massive soul sucks itself down into Guarlesia's body. Many, many of the girls are screaming. In fact, of everyone here, Gegoshi is the only one who would have felt none of this.

Where it not for the levels of energy Nancy had already extinguished, this could have been worse. Random walls, pieces of buildings, bits of cars. Things from other planes of existence suddenly appear in wisps of fog around the gathered women. The Councilwoman screams with the chorus, unable to help herself until everything is pulled into the waiting body on the table before them. The mountain suddenly finds itself with a new forest to make up for all of the craters and destruction which has recently befell it. Nancy grabs ahold of the table with both hands, struggling to control herself. Her pupils have shrunken to tiny dots as she gasps for breath. "...does that normally happen?" This feels bad. Very bad.

Gegoshi actually sweatdrops as this happens. She looks around as everyone...well, screams. Okay. Not good! She shifts over into comfort mode, but only takes a second to reassurely hug each of the cheerleading squad before coming over to hug and steady Nancy! Not having a soul, she has no clue what everyone just went through.

Luna grimaces, holding a hand to the side of her head. "Alas, no..." the catgirl says, looking over at Guarlesia as her ears twitch. What was that? Also, "I have only seen souls so large on a goddess." It's possible something's either gone wrong. They could have summoned the wrong soul, or, perhaps, this body was the wrong body. Or, perhaps, they did everything right and whatever Guarlesia has going on with her is beyond her ken at this point. She exhales slowly, "We only have moments before her soul settles within her body, yes?" She reaches out a hand to take hold of Nancy's shoulder if she can, trying to get her attention, nevermind the fact that her mountain has been redecorated, "Do you wish me to..." she grimaces at her own words, "...take it, yes? To keep control, yes? Or perhaps you would rather?"

A half smirk is given as Gegoshi tries to hug her. It has the desired effect, even if the synth doesn't understand the reasoning. Silently whispering a "Thank you" she turns her attention to Luna as the catgirl reaches out for her attention. Her features grimace at the questions and the Councilwoman venomously shakes her head. "This is our FRIEND. No!" Her opinion of course is flavored by her own imprisonment, and because of that she'll fight anyone at the thought of doing it to someone else. Perhaps this is a better place for Gegoshi to speak up or make a decision. "If it -is- her she deserves a chance to be her own person and not a... a puppet."

Gegoshi tends to agree with Nancy! Mostly because she's in best friends forever mode. So she nods encouragement at Nancy's words, "I agree! She'll be fine, if we just believe!" Does she actually believe that? Right now she does, but then, she generally believes whatever she says at the time, even if she can change her mind and believe something else when she's with someone...else.

Luna frowns, pulls her hand from Nancy, then nods her head, "Very well, yes?" She looks around, "Everyone, back away from her." She's not talking to Nancy or Gegoshi, but all of the 1000. And they do, even those with lifeless eyes or ones that are unconcious. They get up and move away in all directions. Luna retreats back to be in front of her shack, considering her options. She doesn't like it when she's not sure what will happen, though, that curiosity in her isn't about to let her leave or anything.

Guarlesia's body lays on the table. One..two..three...four...ten seconds pass, and then the six wings on her back twitch and her eyes open up wide. She stares at the sky above and suddenly sits up. Then her entire body jumps upwards, righting itself as her six wings flap, holding her aloft above the table. She casts her gaze about and then holds out her right hand, "Sword." She says, and her curved blade ripples into existence within her grip.

Something about being told to 'back away' isn't very promising and a shiver of worry cuts through Nancy. She starts to take a step back herself, but Gegoshi's words echo in her mind. That's right. They have to believe. They have to be strong. When Guarlesia's eyes open Nancy takes in a sharp breath, anxious for whatever may come next - and a sword being summoned is not what she expected. Quickly she darts wherever her friend's eyes may turn, keeping herself between Guarlesia and whomever she may decide to target. She did this. She's the only one who should get hurt. "Guarlesia! It's me! Your friend! Nancy!" It probably won't work, but it's worth trying - right?

Gegoshi decides to join in with Nancy, getting into Guarlesia's field of view as best she can as well. She waves her pompoms to try and get her attention! "Hey! Hey! Guarlesia! It's me Gegoshi! Hello!" She wavewavewaves! Maybe it'll work? She doesn't know! But, she also doesn't know exactly what's wrong with Guarlesia, other than that she doesn't have any seals on her, but she didn't know how Concordance had all of that set up either.

Luna gestures at her girls, hurrying them away further, behind the shack. There's a lot of them, but they seem very happy to get ordered about by Luna at the moment. The black dragon reaches back and puts her hand on the shack. Should be a sealing spell in there somewhere...? Or..was it over there...? Her ears twitch in annoyance, the shack used to be her home, but some of its magic's gone into hibernation it seems.

Guarlesia completely ignores Nancy and Gegoshi. Instead she flies up higher into the sky, a good hundred feet. She then arcs her sword back behind her head and swipes downards, "Cut." Beneath her, in a sheer arc, the mountain divides, getting cut by her words alone. A giant chasm will split apart, fissures opening up spewing steam and in some places lava! Nancy and Gegoshi are probably closest, and even possibly directly underneath where she slashed.

No! All those pretty new trees! ...I mean, Nancy loses her footing as the mountain is cleft in two - or something similar to that. As the ground is pulled away (cut away?) she finds herself grabbing onto the dirt and rock that tumbles down for purchase. Dirt and debris crashes into her face and for a brief moment she wonders if she's going to die. That would be a terrible end to this voyage. Instead she manages to grab ahold of a tree root from one of the trees she'd summoned and clings tightly to it as best she can in her robes. The councilwoman strains to look for her friends but all she gets for her actions is dirt in her eyes. It's been an emotional day, and nothing could possibly make that more evident than the word that unconsciously comes from her lips as she screams, "MOMMY!!" Not the best thing to yell at a moment of near death, but it could have most certainly been worse.

Gegoshi's eyes widen and her halo spins up insanely fast. She kills a lot of her background process' going on else dimension so she can fully utilize herself. As the ground cuts...rips? Open, she jumps, flapping her wings in order to fly. She should switch into combat mode? She's not a combat model, and she doesn't know if she can even hurt Guarlesia. Instead though, at Nancy's cry, she swoops down and grabs hold of the councilwoman, holding her tightly. She kicks off the cliffside and back into the air. Her wings flap hard, but they're not enough, so she synths them out to be twice their size and lightens her own internal weight. She'll then fly up over the cliff edge to be above stable ground, looking at Nancy, "It's okay my daughter, I'm here for you." She tends to go with the flow for what people want, and if Nancy wants a mom then she'll be a mom. Her appearance even ages to be a bit older, around mid-twenties as she speaks.

Luna grits her teeth, exposing her fangs with a sneer. This is bad. There goes her mountain. Sure, she wasn't planning on living here, but...she has a lot of girls that are going to get caught in this. She quickly runs through her mind everyone here. Who can shift dimensions? Talon used to be able to, but she lost that...Infiny? Maybe. She reaches her hand out and says, "Infiny," and the girl appears in front of her, "Open a portal, yes? We're leaving this dimension before we're killed." She then looks over towards Nancy and Gegoshi. She can't leave them here either, "Nancy! Gegoshi! Come to me, yes?!"

"Severe," Guarlesia says, turning her gaze down the mountain and swiping her sword. The ground from fifty feet and down suddenly gives away, cut loose of its hold on the rest of itself. A massive mountain landslide goes careening downwards. Unfortunately, Gegoshi and Nancy are on that side of the mountain.

Beneath the dirt, Nancy is blushing - and Gegoshi is not helping that at all. Kicking her legs childishly the Councilwoman shakes her head and points a finger at the synth the moment she can wipe most of the dirt off of her face. "Never call me that-" She blinks at her change in appearance. "-again." Blinkblink. "Stop that." Unfortunately for her it comes out more like "thaaaaaaaaaaaaa-!" as once more they're falling again. Automatically she'll reach out and attempt to cling onto Gegoshi again if she can. As if it will restore the ground beneath her feet she screams out again, "NEVERMINDITAKEITBACK!!!" Maybe Gegoshi can hear Luna's words, but to Nancy they're lost in the chaos and screaming.

Gegoshi blinkblinks at Nancy and nods her head. Okay, never call her daughter. She saves that! Well, she already aged herself, should she de-age herself? She said stop it. That's a conflicting message. She considers it, which takes her less than a second, and decides Nancy probably DID want her to de-age her appearance. She starts to de-age, only to have the entire ground come out from under them both. She grabs hold of Nancy, twisting her body as they go flying into a tree, letting her take the full impact. *CRACK* if the synth had bones they'd be broken. As it is, her body ripples from the impact, though the parts touching Nancy remain solid and some of that hit will transfer to Nancy, though not enough to be a bone breaking force. "Oof!" The synth says, because that's what you're supposed to say when that kind of thing happens. "Oh, all right!" She says, and RE-ages herself back up! "Hang on dear!" She darts to the side as a large mound of rock comes for them, then flaps her wings, getting up above the falling mountain. She does have good hearing, and looks over at Luna. Well, why not? She actually attempts to shift Nancy around to try and cradle her, like one would a baby, before flying towards Luna.

Luna's cat ears fold back at the continued destruction of her mountain. There's nothing she can do about it, apart from turning into a dragon and doing battle, but she doubts she'd live through it if that...thing up there can cut a mountain, her scales aren't going to hold up either. "Twisted, yes?" She says, and reaches out, putting her finger on Infiny's forehead to give her a destination.

Infiny nods, plants her hand on the ground, and a great massive dragon shaped maw forms its way into the dirt. Down at its center is a swirling purple vortex, presumbly a dimensional portal.

Guarlesia lowers her sword arm, watching the mountain slide down. It's not enough. There's more to do. She looks over towards Luna, Infiny, Gegoshi, Nancy, and the rest. She arcs back her sword and swipes down towards them all, "Cut." Another slice will come down from Guarlesia, invisible, but with a force all the same, anything it hits, barring supernatual protection, is going to get cut it half. The ground shouldn't have a prayer, much less flesh.

Nancy's almost afraid to open her eyes until she feels the wind soaring past her in the opposite direction. Especially as they crash into the tree and the breath is knocked out of her a moment. As soon as she can reclaim it she asks, "Why is she doing this? Can't we-" There's that blank blinking again as Gegoshi begins to cradle her. Her voice suddenly becomes more monotone. "...stop her?" There's a light punch to the synth's shoulder, or wherever she can reach, "I'm your friend, not your daughter!!" It's about that time she spies the purple light being cast and starts to realize what's going on. "We gotta keep her from that! Find a way to take her powers from her until we can reason with her." Too bad that didn't occur to her before they went and woke her up, huh?

Gegoshi giggles, "I know, I know!" She says to Nancy, immediately de-aging back to an appearance of a fifteen year old. She doesn't loose her hold on Nancy though as she lands next to Luna and Infiny. She nods at Nancy, "Unfortunately, there is only one person I can find that can do that, which is Concordance. Unfortunately, she left Twisted's dimension and allowed her body to be destroyed." She blinks, "Although, this is another dimension. It is possible there is an aspect of Concordance here, but I don't know how we would find or summon it." She then looks back as Guarlesia turns towards them. She turns and puts her back to the invisible cut she knows is coming from prior ones. "If I die, I think I'll miss you," she says to Nancy, smiling.

Luna jumps over the portal and Infiny, and slams her hands down on the ground. Magic rushes out of her body and into the earth. A giant wall of rock erupts forward, but it's not enough to stop the cut, which blasts through the rock and cuts Infiny, and her portal, completly in half. Needless to say, the portal disappears. "No!" Luna screams, "No, no, NO, YES??!" Her body warps and shifts, arms and legs growing out, her skin turning black. Her cat ears branching out into horns as her entire body grows into a massive black scaled dragon. She roars and the mountain shakes as she spews a pillar of fire from her mouth at Guarlesia.

Guarlesia gets confsumed in the firey heat from the dragon, her body sizzling and burning as the skin blisters and flakes off. Her wings turn to ash and she starts falling from the sky, a burning comet headed for a collapsing mountain, "Revert," she says as she falls, and her entire body restores itself, wings regrowing, flesh changing back to normal. Four of her wings snap out, catching herself in the air, and she flies herself back up.

Over the course of the yelling and screaming, Nancy says one thing before Luna attacks - "You aren't allowed to die!" Sure. That'll work, right? Watching Luna's strike mean nothing, the Councilwoman decides she's had enough. She has ground under her feet. She's not falling. She's not afraid. Narrowing her eyes at her friend she uses her mist to try and disarm her by taking her weapon from her. It's not quite as swift as Diablo plucking a glass from the air - but it's a similar attempt. Assuming the weapon can be removed at all. Either way the idea of Concordance has given her an idea, "GUARLESIA!! I AM NANCY DARK, LAST ACTIVE MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL OF TWISTED AND IN THE NAME OF CONCORDANCE I ORDER YOU TO STAND DOWN!!" She looks to Gegoshi a brief second later and if she can lock eyes with her she'll shrug, "...sounds good, right?" It's a better attempt than nothing... but she's got another idea if it fails.

Gegoshi ooo's, "Now she looks like a dragon, I was wondering if my definition was wrong!" She then smiles cheerfully at Nancy, despite the mayhem and destruction going on around her, "I agree, it sounds very go---" She gets cut off as the cut from Guarlesia earlier cuts right through her body, and possible Nancy. The synths' eyes go completely blue as she falls to the ground in two pieces, her body turning into a silvery goo puddle.

Luna crushes the ground under a talon as Guarlesia just regenerates herself! Wonderful! She hurls out another massive ball of fire, trying to completely incinerate the thing. Curses, who else can she use?! Wait... o O ( My loved ones! Into the hallway! Lock yourselves within, I promise

The ground underneath the shack gives way, having cut itself open from Guarlesia's slice, and the entire thing is now caving down into the mountain. o O ( Ahhh! Blast it! Flee! I will do what I can, yes? ) If Nancy has any telepathic abilities, she'd get this picked up as well since her soul was so recently linked with Luna.

Guarlesia completely ignores Nancy's words as she flies back up. Her sword does disappear, however, she holds her hand out and says, "Sword." And an exact duplicate of the blade ripples into life within her grasp. She then arcs backwards and....gets burnt by dragon flame again. A repeat of the last even happens as she falls from the sky in a burning comet...


Town Hall - Arena(#4390R)

Referred to as 'the Arena' by citizens of Twisted, the center of the Town Hall is a large sandy area surrounded by tall pillars which hold up the angled celing overhead. The arena area is actually about ten feet lower than the rest of the building with a stone walkway beneath the pillars allowing people to stand and look down at whatever events may be hosted at the time. From the North and South are stone steps leading to the two main entrances of the building. The one to the South leads back to the main street of Twisted, the one to the North leads to the TASK building.

Often times people have asked why such a parthenon-looking structure would be named the Town Hall, at which point Senior Diablo would simply smile and walk away leaving it to the imagination. Hanging from the pillars are colorful banners representing the season, viewable only from the inside of the building.

An interesting feature of the building is that the area around the sandy arena is somehow protected against attacks. Meaning if a fight where to break out in the arena itself, anyone standing along the walkways would be completely safe should the fight get out of control. Because of this seeing people wildly testing their abilities here is not uncommon.

Walking back into the Arena, Diablo leads Caliga in with a frown on his face. "I swear. I keep seeing this girl everywhere. How does someone exist on Twisted without my knowing about it?!" The devil narrows his eyes and glances at his companion expecting some kind of reaction. "Are you listening to me?? This is important! If something happens to me, you're going to be going down too." With a sigh he shakes his head. "I don't like this. Alucard doesn't even see this girl coming or going and that frightens me. She's just there... watching me. Everytime I go to approach her - nothing. She's not there." Diablo rubs his eyes and sighs again. "..I know I'm not going crazy." The devil is clearly not on top of his game anymore, and the way the dirt and gravel have clung to his robes as if they hadn't been washed only make this more apparent.

Caliga slowly turns and looks at Diablo, only to utter a few simple words. "You seriously expect someone to believe that a little girl is following you aroud? You're not crazy. That's just being a creep."

*BEEEEEEEEP* The sound of a testtone alarm goes off from Diablo's G-Pad's, which is supposed to be offline and not working. "Hello!" Gegoshi's voice comes from the pad, in her most robotic matter of fact tone, "This is a warning that your synth unit has taken considerable damage on the dimensional plane known as Nerima. If you would like to know more, please touch the icon." A little picture of Gegoshi appears on the G-Pad, waving and smiling, then getting big X_X eyes as her body explodes.

Senior Diablo glares at Caliga's observation. "The POINT is something is going on that I don't know about - and I don't like it." *BEEEEEEEEP* The demon nearly jumps as his G-Pad goes off on its own. "Well. That's new." Pulling it out of his robes he stares at the image as it projects it's message. Suddenly he casts his gaze to the sky, letting his arms droop. "Have you ever noticed how every time something catches me off guard about three more things happen in rapid succession to make me look like a fool?" It's true! Last time was while fighting Concordance, and then Christabella showing up, and then Johnny taking Alessa's seat on the Hell Council. "...at least this time it couldn't be because of that accursed old Council." He presses the icon just as the sinking feeling crawls across the back of his mind telling him he shouldn't have said that.

Once the icon is pressed, big red text saying "PLEASE WAIT" scrolls across the front of the G-Pad. A few seconds pass before Gegoshi's voice comes out again, "Permnanet damage to your synth unit is not likely unless the remains of the damaged unit cannot be recovered." *BEEP* "Current situation. The being known as Guarlesia has been brought back to life on Nerima and is currently destroying the world and dimension. During this confrontation your synth unit was damaged. Following are a list of proposed solutions you can choose from for more information or act upon yourself." *BEEP* "Retrieve the damaged parts of your synth by touching this G-Pad to them. This will restore synth functionality to one hundred percent." *BEEP* "Dealing with Guarlesia. Known solutions." *BEEP* "Nerima is a different dimension from Twisted, therefore a part of Concordance that still exists will be present in that dimension. Summoning her could likely result in the recognition of Guarlesia, thereby re-ancting the 100 seals that were once placed upon her." *BEEP* "The complete destruction of that dimension." *BEEP* "Other solutions are unknown at this time. Would you like this unit to continue processing for further solutions?"

With a heavy sigh Diablo simply shakes his head. "See? This is exactly what I'm talking-" It's then he notices that Caliga has already vanished. "-about." He narrows his eyes as he considers the options presented to him. "I suppose I have to-"

Abruptly the devil is cut off as his 'bodyguard' suddenly stands in Caliga's place. Alucard grins mischievously, his guns already drawn. "A world's being destroyed! Your toy is in danger! It is my DUTY to take care of this for you-!"

And in turn Alucard is cut off by Senior Diablo. "Your DUTY is to act as my bodyguard and nothing more! But as I was saying I need to go reclaim Gegoshi. Then as far as I'm concerned Nerima can burn..."

Darkness blankets the two of them as Diablo pulls them away. As the shadows fade away, taking them along for the ride all that can be heard is the sound of Alucard giggling.


Nancy stands with her back to Gegoshi's puddle. She doesn't know that the synth isn't dead. What she knows is this monster was brought back into existence by her actions when all she wanted was to reunite with her friend. Through tears she glares hatefully up at Guarlesia, mouthing silent curses to herself as she thrusts her arms outwards. The wind blowing through her hair and clothes intensifies and suddenly Guarlesia will find herself surrounded by dense fog. From the fog weights and chains solidify around her body all of them as heavy as Nancy can get them in an attempt to restrain her for what she's done.

Gegoshi is a...well, two separate silvery puddles. So isn't doing anything.

Luna appreciates Nancy's efforts in helping with the fight. The dragon's mind works furiously, searching for answers. This thing, whatever it is, can regenerate. It's using goddess level power, so anti-magic things aren't going to work anyway. A rumble comes from her throat, o O ( At least I have their souls. ) She thinks, referring to the many, many girls now caught in the chaos and destruction. Many of them falling down the collpasing mountainside. She doesn't want to wake up Oceia if she can help it, but right now she has no other idea how to get everyone out of here. With Guarlesia hopefully distracted by Nancy, the dragon turns and reaches a talon out, grabbing a handful of girls within it, though she only needs the one in the middle, "Oceia," she rumbles, "Wake up." The girl, who is one of those lifeless blank eyed ones, suddenly stirs. Her eyes focus and she looks up at Luna, then stands up in the talon as a smile rolls over her lips, "Ohayo," she says, holding her hand out as a large key staff appears within it, "I wondered how long you'd leave me in a coma." She glances around, twirling her staff which bears large diamond crystals at one end, the other end shaped like an old fashioned key. "Oh, we're back home?" She then narrows her eyes, looking at the girls near her in the talon and around the mountainside, "Who are -they-?" she hisses.

"Revert," Guarlesia says as she falls out of the sky, her body returning to normal again. Then Nancy's chains wrap around her and the fog, locking her in place. "Fragment," she says, and Guarlesia's body fragments out into a thousand pieces, spreading out and above the empty chains, "Revert," and her body reforms up above them. She then arcs her sword back and slices towards Nancy, "Separate," An invisible force will shoot towards Nancy, intent on separating her body into pieces with its power.


Nancy sees Guarlesia swing and braces for what would likely be the end. It was a long voyage, but damn if this isn't a stupid way for it to end. Really, at the moment that is her biggest regret. Well, that and not talking to her brother when she had the chance. What she doesn't expect is the sound of the attack slicing through something but never feeling it firsthand. Opening her eyes she blinks in pure confusion at the red coated man standing before her - blood spraying out freely onto the ground. The man simply cackles hysterically. "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEE!!"

Senior Diablo shakes his head at Alucard's eagerness to die and marches over to Gegoshi's puddles. Placing the G-Pad against them and pressing the button as instructed. "This had better work quickly. I'd rather not stay here any longer than I have to."

Most of Diablo's words are drowned out by Alucard opening fire on Guarlesia with his silver pistol. The .454 Casull bullets flying through the air at his target with abnormal precision. "COME ON!! TARGET ME!! These other fools are BELOW YOU!" The vampire looks back at Nancy with a devilish grin. "It's true. She's up there. Get it?!" Her blank stare only seems to fuel his laughter.

The G-Pad beeps in appreciation as it's set down in the silvery goo. Gegoshi's hand forms up out of the puddle nearly instantly, grabbing ahold of the G-Pad. Then, the silvery puddles reach out towards one another, coming together and then flowing upwards into the default shape of Gegoshi. Then her clothing swirls into a black robe and cloak, cowl covering her head with only her eyes and mouth able to be seen in the light of the sun, "What is thy bidding, my master?" She asks Diablo.

Luna, noticing that Guarlesia is likely picking other targets, jumps herself into the air, flapping her wings and taking her up. "You know who they are, bury your jealousy for me, yes?" she says, arcing to fly far above Guarlesia to have a good sight of what's happening, "Transport us, yes?"

Oceia falls to her knees from the force of the wind pressing her down as her master jumps into the air and starts flying about, her hair whipping in the wind around her. She grits her teeth, annoyed that these pretty little creatures are likely more of her master's...wives. "It's not jealousy, yes? It's the fact that you know -I- am the only one worthy of you!" Nevertheless, she grips her staff in both hands and pulls her eye patch away, revealing a large glowing series of runic and magic symbols where an eye should be. "Hmm hmm hmm, won't you give me something in return though? A present, yes?" Her cat ears twitch.

Guarlesia lets the bullets hit her, each one blowing chunks of her body out behind her in a bloody spray. "Revert," she says, reforming her body. She pulls her blade behind her and stabs it straight forward towards Alucard, "Split." Alucard, unless he dodges, will likely be split in two by an invisible force that comes from Guarlesia's swing.

Leap out of the way?!? Alucard leaps directly into the attack, letting his body be severed as his gun continues to fire blast after blast into the woman's direction. It's not a complete severing - somehow. There's just enough left to keep the vampire moving as one despite the excessive blood and gore raining down presumably on Nancy.

Nancy has no idea what's going on, but turns abruptly at the sound of Gegoshi's voice and without thinking she leaps over and hugs the synth. "I thought you were dead!!!" Diablo's presence doesn't even begin to register until he addresses her.

Senior Diablo hmm's. "Well, I can see you two are getting along just famously." He scowls. "Good. Wonderful. Does one of you want to tell me what SHE is doing back again?!" He refers of course to Guarlesia with an angry point just as blood rains down onto Nancy and possibly Gegoshi in the process.

The Councilwoman gives a shriek, letting go of Gegoshi to inspect her mud and now blood soaked clothes. "We-we have to stop her! She's not in control of her actions." The understatement of the decade. "Gegoshi is there anything we can do?"

Hitting the ground with a heavy wet splat, the pieces of Alucard let out a deep breath which comes out as a white fog. "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems three... two... one. Approval of 'Situation A' recognized. Following the orders of Senior Diablo, commencing the Cromwell invocation." The air becomes thick as Alucard's power begins to unlock. Somehow during this speech he's managed to prop himself up once more into a standing position. His two halves barely managing to keep together as a cloud of bats rise up from the ground and begin swirling around him. "Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy yields or has been rendered silent."

Gegoshi smirks under her hood at Nancy's words and speaks softly, "As long as the bonds of friendship hold us together, neither of us can truly die." She then nods at Diablo, brandishing a hand out dramatically so her cloak flurls, "Alas, my lord. In our haste, we attempted to bring back our departed friend Guarlesia. Unfortunately, she is still insane and out of control." She nods at Nancy, "We must make haste and summon Concordance here. She can seal Guarlesia for us, even without memories." The synth isn't actually sure that's true, but she's in her dramatic mode since Diablo's here right now.

Luna growls at Oceia's request, "Very well, yes? You and I, alone, for a night, yes? Now teleport them." If she doesn't do it this time, she's just going to force her to do it, but she doesn't want to get distracted in case Guarlesia changes her mind on what target to try and destroy. She lands down a good distance from the battle, crushing trees underneath her.

Oceia giggles darkly, "HMm hmm hmm, yes well, indeed." The runes and symbols in her eyes all glow, flickering into a plethora of colors, the diamonds on her staff doing the same. There's a large rush of magical energy that hits all thousand girls, even those that are dead, and teleports them onto the back of Luna. The dragon is huge, but it's still a little crowded up there.

Guarlesia doesn't seem to care about being damaged either, the bullets blowing chunks of her body and wings away. She falls from the sky a moment, before, "Revert," and she returns to normal again. She angles her blade in front of her and slides her hand along the flat of the blade, "Ignite," A circular hundred yard high wall of fire forms underneath her and then starts spreading out at a rapid pace, igniting and burning to ash everything it comes across. It'll hit Alucard, Nancy, Gegoshi, and DIablo first, and Luna shortly thereafter.

With a sickening sound of flesh being ripped, Alucard explodes outwards. The flames, as they approach, will find themselves hitting a firewall of blackened flesh. As the mass spreads around the gathered group, completing a circle around them, thousands of eyes open across the beast... Followed immediately by teeth and claws. Not entirely unlike Johnny and Tabitha's Wallbeast, Alucard washes outwards like a tidal wave engulfing the flames and hopefully extinguishing them. If not, they'll remain around the trio being protected. Rising up from the top of the 'wall' Alucard's upper torso makes itself known, stretched thin of course to reflect how far his body has spread. His face is full of lines and a black beard hangs from his face. "Masters... I suggest you use this time to make a hasty retreat? I will die before I let this..." His face seems to become younger long enough to smirk, the beard vanishing momentarily. "...'hot' piece of ass get away." Diablo groans heavily at his choice in words, trying to let the shadows cast by Alucard and the flames stretch to cover everyone and take them to safety.

Nancy, however, protests. Glaring angrily at the Devil she declares, "WE ARE NOT RUNNING AWAY FROM OUR FRIEND! We will see this through to the end!!"

Senior Diablo glares, "You will see yourselves KILLED.

Nancy stands indignantly. "Then so be it."

Leave it to Diablo to royally mess things up. He had one task, and that was to make sure things like this never happened again. Nooo, the Devil has to muck things up.

A hand reaches out and gently touches Nancy's shoulder, gently squeezing it in reassurance as Caliga suddenly comes into view, the air around him rippling as tendrils of what seems to be a void lap outwards. "Once we are done here Miss Dark, I am going to have to have a nice long conversation with you and the Synth. For now though..."

The hand is slowly pulled back as it rises up to touch the tsuka of the nodachi upon his back. A faint burst of energy explodes forward as his free hand moves to reach into his jacket. "It's going to be quite all right now."

The free hand is pulled from the jacket, with a pure white feather resting between his fingers. Slowly, the feather is lifted to Caliga's mouth, and he speaks softly to it. "Concordance.. I think its time for you to wake up now."

Slowly, a faint green glow starts to surround Caliga as he pulls his own energy forth, slowly feeding it into the feather. "Guarlesia is running amuck dear, so please wake up and handle it."

Gegoshi's cloak is also splattered with the blood of Alucard, but that's good, it adds to her robed mystique! She doesn't do anything though, she just waits, and watches. Mostly because nobody here is telling or asking her to do anything, and she gave her suggestion on how this problem could be fixed, it's up to them if they want to act on it.

Luna hesitates to take off with everyone on her back, the wind sheer would knock many of them off, especially the ones that have no control over their bodies or minds. Thankfully, it looks like Alucard is dealing with the flames. "Yes well, thank you," she says to Oceia, then roars across the distance to the others, "If you need anything, let me know, yes? I will protect my loves here." She used to be able to deal with these things better. She just didn't expect Guarlesia to be something akin to a goddess when she helped bring her back. Maybe she should pray to Althena...

Oceia stands up in Luna's talon, looking out across the battelfield with her staff, a large insane smile on her face, showing her fangs. o O ( I'm not going back into a coma this time, my master. ) She thinks to herself, her staff crackling with power.

Guarlesia's fire is indeed stopped by Alucard. She pauses but a moment before she swings her blade arouind her, striking again and again in the air around her. "Unravel." The air, the very molecules that make existence up around her start unraveling and coming apart, spreading outwards in a massive sphere of unmaking!

The feather in Caliga's hand grows heavy as a white light and a soft chiming in the distance sounds. Then, Concordance herself appears floating in the air before Caliga and the feather, her feet pointed down towards the ground. She holds her scythe out in front of her and looks back at Caliga, her halo cocking, "You've journeyed to another dimension just to see me?" She looks back at Guarlesia and the unraveling. Guarlesia doesn't belong here. She only belongs on Twisted, and only then with seals. But, the people of Twisted didn't want her there, and so she let herself die in that dimension. It's a surprise Guarlesia didn't destroy Twisted after that, but it doesn't matter to her. She's been summoned, which means she's needed, which means she's wanted, at least here on Nerima. If only for a moment.


Of course it's Diablo who speaks up first, letting out a long groan followed up by, "Gods... she's the angry ex-wife no one wants to talk to." He promptly and a little literally bites his tongue before giving a slight nod of his head to his adversary. "Concordance." His words drip with venom. "You're looking more lively than the last time I saw you. It's a shame. Non-existence really suited you." Obviously they're such good friends!

Nancy glares furiously at Diablo and then turns apologetically to the former head of the Council. "C-Concordance? It's wonderful to see you again." Help us fix this horrible mistake I made, could you?

An angry, pained, growl echoes around them as Alucard starts to feel the brunt of Guarlesia's latest attack. Very quickly he steps out of the wall, it's existence suddenly turning to fading shadows. The count draws his gun again and begins to fire blindly as the shadows are being rapidly eaten. "I'm LOVING this little pow-wow, but if we're done talking here I'd like to get back to the reality destroying woman whom I'd absolutely go out with as soon as you can all GET THE FUCK AWAY SO I CAN WORK." Sound advice, but probably not going to happen. "At least the dragon has the right idea." He briefly turns and waves in Luna's direction whether she sticks around or not. "CALL ME!!" He's kinda like a blood-drinking Dante, isn't he?

Caliga merely smiles at Concordance as she questions him. "No. You chose to cease to be, so I chose to respect that. However, the circumstances have changed." He shows no outward appearance of straining under the weight of the feather, however in a way its obvious. Its taking a good amount of energy to keep this up. "Please take care of Guarlesia."

The hand on the tsuka seems like it is going to move for a moment away to reach out to the former head of the Council, but then Caliga seems to decide otherwise. He leaves the hand there. That world isn't here anymore, and dwelling on the possibilities of it will only lead to anguish for him further down the line. He does however poor more energy out, slowing the world around them. "Concordance. Please. This is the most I can do.. End it for good now. This world does not need to suffer the fate of Twisted. Nor does it deserve to."

Gegoshi looks over at Concordance, but doesn't say anything to her former owner. There are a LOT of people here right now, and the more people she's around the harder it is for her to interact with each one, unless she swaps persona's out every second, which she can do, but right now Diablo is here, so she'll stick with the one she uses around him.

Luna isn't sure what to make of Alucard, but she does nod her head slightly. She stays where she is, preparing to flee if need be, but mostly she's intent on protecting everyone on her back and in her talon.

Oceia watches as well, the insane smile just plastered on her face. This, to her, is a beautiful sight.

Concordance doesn't even acknowledge Diablo or Nancy, apparently that part of her existence isn't much different here on Nerima. As Caliga enforces his influence on time, she points her scythe towards Guarlesia, "Guarlesia, I seal you with the hundred seals." Is all she says. The vast power that's been radiating from Guarlesia suddenly stops. The sound of a hundred planet sized chains ring through the air, and the unraveling sphere abruptly stops. The sword in Guarlesia's hand disappears and she falls out of the sky, plummeting. But then her body hurls itself towards Concordance, smashing into the ground face first just a few feet away from her as the seal of proximity takes effect along with the rest of them. Concordance sets her feet down on ground and rests her scythe on her shoulder.

Guarlesia ermfs and rolls herself into an upright position, the wings on her back angling in varied directions, "What? Aww, no fairrrr! I finally got them all off!" She folds her arms and straight up pouts!

Her sentiment is echoed by Alucard who seems just as distraught. "OH COME ON!!!! When the old lady catches you in bed with the maid you don't just STOP! You've gotta OWN THAT SHIT!!" If there's any rational way to take this statement, you won't find it here. Instead the Count just puts his gun away and glares coldly at Diablo. "I have to take a cold shower now." ...and poof, he drops into his shadow and vanishes.

Senior Diablo for once agrees with his bodyguard. "Well, it's been fun. I'm leaving as well. Gegoshi, will you be staying or coming with me?" He doesn't really wait for an answer as he turns and starts to walk off, only vanishing once the synth makes up her mind. Assuming no one tries to stop him.

Nancy doesn't know what to think. Instead she takes a hesitant step towards Guarlesia out of concern, but pauses at the sounds of Alucard and Diablo speaking. Choosing to wait and see she stands nervously watching her friend's reaction to being re-sealed in confusion.

"She will be staying." The tone of Caliga's voice says it all. He's the one responsible for Diablo even ending up with Gegoshi, and right now he is going to set a few things straight with the Synth. "As will you Miss Dark." The hand is removed from the tsuka, and the feather finally lowered, slowly being placed back into the jacket of wonders Caliga seems to wear.

His gaze carefully turns now to the giant black dragon, and his right hand rises upwards, motioning for it to come there. "You however, are an unknown, and I would appreciate it if you came here so we can discuss just what you are doing with the wives of the twisted Black Dragon that I have been keeping safe." He speaks softly, however the words carry across the distance just fine. He is pretty pissed, and its taking everything he has to remain calm and collected.

Finally he returns his attention to Concordance, his head lowering slightly as he speaks one last time. "Concordance, please take Guarlesia and.. please let her know I am quite displeased with her actions today. I will seek you out, and we will talk at a later time. There is much for you to know, and.. I have missed you, for what that is worth."

Gegoshi isn't sure if she should stay or she should go. She hesitates. The quest is complete, Guarlesia has been brought back! But, Nancy is still here, aren't they supposed to all go to a tavern and drink in celebration? She's about to follow Diablo, until Caliga says she'll be staying. That's enough for the synth to decide to stay. And as Diablo leaves, her clothing turns into silverly liquid which swirls around her body, transforming into its default state. She smiles over at Nancy, "Victory!" She holds up a \/ towards her.

Luna is very, very glad that this Guarlesia mess seems to be over with. Of course, her shack and mountain are destroyed. And that shack has a LOT of stuff inside of it. She'lll have to dig it out later. Luckily she has giant talons. She looks over at Caliga and cocks her head slightly, though this causes a few girls to almost lose their balance on her head. "Hang on, yes?" she says to them all, and walks over towards the group. As she nears her body shifts and morphs, girls being set down, or in some cases sadly tumbling down, albeit softly, onto the ground. Taking on her catgirl form, she looks at Oceia while they're still fifty yards away, "Stay here, yes?" She then walks over to join Caliga and the others, the bell around her neck jingling as she walks.

Oceia smirks, showing her fangs, "Indeed, yes? Hmm hmm hmm..." she looks back at all of the girls behind her. How can she get rid of them before anyone notices? It'll be hard. And she still has that promised date with her master. Maybe after that. She sets her staff's end into the dirt and leans against it, staring jealousy as her ears cock towards Luna and the others conversation.

Concordance nods at Caliga and rises into the air, flapping her wings more for show than because she has too. Guarlesia, wether she wants to or not, will be dragged along with her as she heads off down the mountain.

Guarlesia stands up, dusting her face off, "Huff. Okay, so maybe we could negotiate! How about just one seaahh!" her body gets yanked into the air, pulled along behind Concordance. She rolls her eyes, "You're just as impossible here as you were there. Can we at least get some wine?"

Nancy is visibly hurt that Guarlesia seems back to her normal antics after so much destruction - and not a single comment to her or Gegoshi for all the work they put into bringing her back. It's a heavy weight upon her heart making her feel like everything that's occurred was pointless. The anger in Caliga's tone makes the feeling worse as the pain changes to guilt as she pins the entire ordeal on herself. "I-I'm sorry..." Her eyes fall to the ground at least until she hears that familiar jingle of Luna's bell and once more unconsciously mutters, "...mother?" The Councilwoman's face turns beet red and she buries her head in her palm wishing to be erased from existence. "Not AGAIN." Well, this is becoming a strange habit.

"Gegoshi. I hold you responsible for this. Your databanks /knew/ what would happen if she was brought back without Concordance to reign her in. As the one who physically holds Twisted together, tell me.. What would have been accomplished if you were destroyed in this fools quest?" Caliga moves to sit down on the ground, wincing slightly as part of him becomes discorpreal for the briefest of moments.

"Gegoshi, I am relieving you of your duties for the time being. You are restricted to the Grand Library and you will wait there until you are absolutely positive none of your systems have been irreversably damaged. You will run a diagnostic, and then you will run it again. You will keep doing this until I am satisfied you are not damaged in any way. And if you even /try/ to think that just because I'm not Diablo you won't have to adhere to these orders, then I'll just make sure they're even stricter once I have spoken to him again. You are now dismissed."

Once more a hand goes into the jacket, and a small box is pulled out. Caliga neatly opens the box and pulls out a small blue capsule, which he then presses down on and flings a couple of feet away from himself and Nancy. The capsule explodes in a pink cloud of smoke, leaving behind a small blue fridge. "Miss Dark. I would advise you to learn from this escapade. Not all beings need to be brought back. Even if you consider them a friend. Sometimes, it truly is for the best. If I had not intervened with Concordance.. then you would be dead, Twisted would be gone, and /this/ Black Dragon would have lost its life alongside a thousand innocents, plus countless more that dwell upon this world. I too believed Guarlesia had potential to be more then what she was, however.. I was there, and I had to kill her alongside numerous others. I then made a sacrafice to ensure that in the future, this would be able to be done differently. You were unaware, but.." The fridge opens and a small blue can rushes out of it, neatly flying into the open hand of Caliga. "I trust you have learned that caution is sometimes prudent, correct?"

Finally he turns his attention to Luna, not quite sure what to make of this one. "You... should not be here. Nor should they. For years now I have strived to keep this world hidden away, and those women in good care once they were left to die. Tell me, who are you, and why do you have the stench of that dragon?"

Gegoshi looks over at Nancy as Caliga scolds her and tells her what to do. Technically, she doesn't have to, but, she is someone who generally follows instructions and requests! She makes no excuses for herself about this being something Nancy wanted and the warnings she gave beforehand to the councilwoman, but instead takes as much blame as people want to heap upon her, "All right!" She then jumps into the air and flies off, waving at Nancy, "Goodbye! You leveled up!" She giggles!

Luna glances back at her wives as Caliga references them. She knows who Caliga is from, well, her past life memories, which is the mind she's currently using, just minus the madness. "Yes well, I don't think stench is the right word. But, I'm Luna, the black dragon of lunar." Her left cat ear twitches, "I...can only say I'm sorry for what happened to them all, and I have plans to care for them myself. Two of them sought me out and killed their own souls to bring my memories back." She looks down and sighs, "Not something I would have wanted, but it shows how...some of them are dangerous to themselves and others." She looks back up at Caliga and smiles, showing a fang, "But don't worry, I'll take good care of them and do my best to...well, some of them are beyond restoring, but I'll do what I can."

Nancy pouts slightly as Gegoshi goes. It would have been simply a frown, but Caliga's words do sting a bit. It is her fault, she knows that. But... Suddenly a fire lights within her eyes that wasn't there before. Maybe she really did 'level up'. "I make no excuses for what I've done and what part I've played in this, Caligula." She winces, "Caliga." She's been doing that a lot lately too. "But to think your actions or your demands have any sway in light of the absence of a true Council of Twisted?!? I don't care how powerful you are. I can honestly say that this day I've faced worse. YOUR actions are as bad as Diablo's, and I would say that to his face. To turn a blind eye on the people of Twisted and to act as if you're doing the right thing??" Wow she's all up in his face for once. She's really on fire about this subject. Maybe it's about time. "I'm at least TRYING to do the right thing. That's why Miss Luna and those women are to be given asylum on MY island." Possessive now too. "I might not be able to see the control of the city of Twisted placed into the hands of someone more appropriate, but I'll see them safe and out of your control no matter how you or he decide to dress it up." Suddenly crossing her arms she turns her back to the man, "Besides, if I'd given up on everyone who was dead or near death you would have already died as well." She has a point.

Caliga stares at Luna, shaking his head slightly. "No. Stench is right. /He/ was an abomination and deserved what he got. He did NOT deserve a second chance. I worked very hard to keep them alive. Apologies will do nothing to restore them, or undo the damage that was done. The fact two escaped to seek you out worries me as I tried very hard to keep the most dangerous ones asleep."

However, once Nancy speaks up, and gets fired up, Caliga stares at her. "No, you nearly destroyed this world because you failed to listen to caution. You almost woke up the most dangerous of /his/ wives. The ones that make him look like a saint in what they are capable of. Luna can attest to this. I have delved into each one of their minds to see what would happen if they were awoken. /I/ am the one who saved them from being destroyed when their former master died."

The can is raised to his lips, and slowly Caliga drinks, carefully choosing his next words. "You obviously haven't been paying attention to things, and assume far to much. You assume I don't have the best intrests in mind, and don't know what must be done. You also assume I haven't been doing just that. You do know what they say when you assume, right?"

Luna raises an eyebrow at Caliga's words. She glances back at the 1000 girls, minus a few, then back towards him, "Yes well, I appreciate you caring for them, yes? However, every dragon of lunar is reborn to live again." Her left ear twitches, "And I've spoken with me that was reborn, and she's already agreed on this course, yes? So, I appreciate your help for when I was gone, but I'm back now, albeit sane and in control of myself, so I'll be caring for them. And, in time, I believe some of them can be restored, somewhat, to what they were, yes? If not, at least given to someone who will care for them that would have more personal time than me." She nods at Nancy, agreeing with what she says. She then smiles, "Also, I promised Oceia dinner, and if any of us deny her, we might have more problems on our hands, yes? I'd left her in a coma for a reason."

Abruptly the Councilwoman winces realizing they've just screwed something up. "Shoot. Gegoshi was supposed to send them to Twisted." See how she ignores Caliga's counter argument? Nancy lets out a sigh, "I'm not even sure if I can get ME home." She did summon an entire forest, several buildings, entrapments for Guarlesia, and assist in resurrecting a soul. "Alright, you want to show me how good and amazing you are?" She says this to Caliga, obviously. "Get us back. All of us. Let no one be left behind." Ever notice how she was the only member of Twisted's Council who never actually used her G-Pad? ...or remembered she had one?

"You.. want them to go to Twisted?" Caliga stares at Nancy like she's sprouted three heads and is breathing fire. "You fucking want them to go to Twisted?!" He turns and looks at Luna, as if he expects her to offer an alternative, however part of him already knows that Nancy and Gegoshi have royaly screwed a lot of pooches, some of which are now forever ruined for all the other alley cats. This day is not a good day at all.

Slowly he stands up, shuffling slightly over to the fridge. Placing his hand upon it, the fridge suddenly explodes once more in a cloud of pink smoke, leaving the blue capsule suspended in the air for a moment. Deftly snatching it, its shoved into a random pocket.

"...Miss Dark, we are going to have a very long talk, and when it is over you're going to tell me you are sorry, and thank you for not tearing you three new assholes."

Walking over to her, he stares at her. He gently places both hands on her shoulders, looking directly into her eyes. "You are a Council member. Get your G-Pad out, and input the teleportation coordinates. Or are you unable to do something as simple as that right now without it causing a city to burst into flames because you decided to bring back an evil witch who was sealed in a space dumpster thinking that she was just misunderstood?"

Luna watches the interaction between Nancy and Caliga. It's like a dad scolding a daughter. In her past life she would have been amused, now though, "Perhaps you should be kinder to her, yes? It's obvious she acted out of love for her companion. While I agree it was mistake, one could also say Corinasia and Sift made a mistake restoring my memories as well, yes? However, in doing so, it is going to allow the rest of the girls a chance at a new life, under my care, who understands them more than you or they understand themselves." She taps the bell on her collar, jingling it, "One should focus on the positive of what comes from mistakes, yes? Guarlesia is back, and my..." she hesitates saying the word, but it's the truth, "...wives that perished I can restore at the aslyum. Though Corinasia and Sift will be..." she looks to the side, "...I'm not sure if they can be brought back, since there souls were sacrificed, yes?" She looks over to Nancy. If she can teleport them all, she'd like to leave. Seeing Caliga brings back a lot of old memories, and she doesn't like the feelings that crop up from them.

With a quizzical look Nancy reaches into her robes and takes out the G-Pad Gegoshi had given her forever ago. She has no idea what it does and looks nothing like a dumpster. So, she hands it over to Caliga. "I have no idea what you're asking me to do, or how this works. No one ever explained it to me." She frowns, "So if you can use it to get us back, please do." Glancing briefly at Luna she lets herself smile. This stranger has done so much to help her, and despite how things went she's still willing to be kind to her. The same cannot be said about many people Nancy's encountered.

Caliga reaches down, and runs his fingers across the screen of the tablet in Nancy's hands, only for it to chirp in acknowledgement. Glancing at the screen for a moment he thinks. "All right." He presses the screen a few more times then steps back. "That.. should be good enough. Location is tricky, but..it should serve to get you close to your city." He glances down at his wrist, watching the device closely on it. "Hmmm... All right. Aaaannnd..."

He snaps his fingers as a light blue hue appears around all of the beings in the area, speckles of white light dancing across them. "Away we go!" Slowly he fades out of view, obviously having set himself to be the first to be teleported instead of all at once.

Akira Institute - Courtyard(#4491R)

A place that hosts eternal darkness. The skies here are never clear. The daylight never shines. Perhaps it's native world was too unstable, or perhaps the building is simply that corrupt. In this desolate courtyard there is no life. Dead trees hang dead barren branches overtop lifeless soil. Pieces of broken glass are scattered here and there from the dozens of windows vandals have come and destroyed. Sometimes storms passby over head, heavy rain and thunder are common. Even still, here in the shadow of the ominus structure it seems like standing in the rain would be better than going inside. The cool air reeks of death and decay. The only mysteries here concern the strange lights that come on inside the building and the shadows that seem to move on their own. No one in their right mind would possibly want to live here ...so what does that say about yourself?

Luna looks around as the teleport finishes, her cat ears cocking back and forth. Hm. Well, it's definately how Nancy described, not the nicest of places from the outside. She doubts inside will be any better. But, still, it's a place, and she can't just go back to Nerima and live there, that road would lead to madness. Though she might need to fetch a few things from the old shack at some point. She looks over at Oceia and the rest of them. There's so many, but she knows them all by name. Plus, she needs to relinquish control to her current mind. Hopefully, they'll bond together soon, but they're still too different for now. She'll gesture to everyone, "Yes well, everyone please wait here while I inspect the grounds." She looks over at Nancy, wondering if the councilwoman is going to give her a tour. Whether or not she does, Luna will set about exploring the place.

Oceia thinks about protesting being left behind. But then, decides that since her master said please, it most certainly wasn't a -command- now was it. She'll wait to Luna and Nancy are out of sight and then set about exploring by herself.

Most of the other girls do settle down, though many stare after Luna, not wanting to lose sight of her.

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