2015-12-19 - The Afterparty

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The Afterparty

Summary: The party has wound down, but that doesn't mean the Usual Restaurant is closed just yet. Continued from 2015-12-19 - Parties Ponies and Puppies

Who: Luna, Rayne, Sunset, Twilight, Steve the Bartender
When: December 19th, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Twilight Sparkle nods, heading for the bar and taking care to avoid any of the alcoholic drinks in favor of soda.

For the time being Sunset remains close to Twilight, following her to the bar and claiming a stool for herself. She probably wishes she could have something stronger after all that, but seeing as she is for all appearances a teenager sticks to just a soda. Then leans on the bar on one elbow. "Well this is certainly turning out to be a bizarre night. And that's saying something considering what I've been through before." She's trying to not think too hard about that whole not being able to go back that was mentioned earlier. Which is kind of funny, because that sort of thought would of never crossed her mind if this had been before Twilight and her friends had turned her life around.

Rayne says, "Pffsh. I ain't that drunk, boss. I'm perfectly fine to walk home." She blinks, watching as Luna enters. "Another kitty girl?" she asks the air in front of her. With a shrug, she downs the last of her root beer and wanders on towards the bar as well. It's where so many people are headed! Luckily for her, she's still steady on her feet, even if her speech is a slight loose. "You think this was a bizarre night? I've... okay, yeah, this was actually a pretty bizarre one, now that I think about it. But the night Minu converged was a wild one, too. Lotsa stuff happened even before that." She frowns, the memory not exactly a pleasant one for her. She looks from Sunset to Luna, deciding to introduce herself to the two unfamiliar people. "Hi... I'm Rayne Hurris."

Luna looks over at the bar as some of the conversations die down. She eyes a menu and opens it up, checking the contents...pages...and pages...of contents...and a little blurb that says "We have everything" at the end. The catgirl sweatdrops, her left ear twitching and sets the menu back down. All right, maybe she'll order later. o O ( So, I'm here, yes? Now what? ) She watches Twilight approach the bar and get a drink. o O ( Hello? Are you listening? ) Her other self isn't talking to her anymore. Why? She shifts in her stool some, then looks at Rayne as she introduces herself to...her and Sunset? She glances at Sunset and Twilight, then raises a hand with a smile, showing her fangs, "Hello! I'm Luna, yes? Merry Christmas, yes?" She's...pretty sure it's Christmas time. At least, that's what one of the girls told her that was paying attention to a calendar, for all the good they do on Twisted.

Twilight Sparkle casually sips from her soda, tucking one strand of midnight-blue hair behind her ear idly as she turns to give Luna a friendly smile. "Hi there, Luna - I'm Twilight, this here is Sunset Shimmer, and of course, Rayne's already introduced herself. And I should know all about bizarre things happening... There was no shortage of that in either Equestria or Canterlot High." This, of course, is followed by an apologetic smile directed at Sunset, as Princess Twilight seems to have recognized her slight gaffe. "...not that I mean to dig up bad past memories, mind you."

Sunset just gives a little wave with one hand since Twilight took care of actual names. "Hi." This part of meeting people for the first time still felt a little awkward to her. Then lets out a small chuckle at the remark. "It's okay Twilight. I've gotten over the whole 'raging she-demon' incident. For the most part. The past is for learning from, not dwelling on." She pauses, looking at her soda thoughtfully for a moment before taking a sip from it. "Besides, if it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't of known how to do things right and bring the other Twilight back down from making the same mistake."

"Merry Christmas! Yes!" She seems quite enthusiastic about this way of wording it. "Ooh! And then there was the time I fished up that big snake guy! That was... really weird. Remember that one, Twi? Hey, Steve, can I have another one with the roots?"

"Root Beer. You mean Root Beer. Who slipped you alcohol?"

"Yes! Root Beer. I had ONE drink. I'm four hundred, I'm plenty old enough to drink! I just don't have any ID on me tonight." Still, Rayne seems to be fine with sticking with non-alcoholic drinks at the moment. "Nice t'meet you all."

Rayne says, "Merry Christmas! Yes!" She seems quite enthusiastic about this way of wording it. "Ooh! And then there was the time I fished up that big snake guy! That was... really weird. Remember that one, Twi? Hey, Steve, can I have another one with the roots?"

"Root Beer. You mean Root Beer. Who slipped you alcohol?"

"Yes! Root Beer. I had ONE drink. I'm four hundred, I'm plenty old enough to drink! I just don't have any ID on me tonight." Still, Rayne seems to be fine with sticking with non-alcoholic drinks at the moment. "Nice t'meet you all."

Luna smiles fangedly at Twilight as she's greeted, and waves at Sunset as well as she's introduced! o O ( Raging she-demon? ) That's probably an interesting story. She'll have to ask about that later, you know, when she's not just now getting to know someone. She nods at Rayne's merry Christmas in return! o O ( Ha! Excellent, yes? ) Her tail sways behind her happily, her sources were right. Her smile grows larger, "It's nice to meet you all, yes?" She then holds her hand in a sphere shape and a soft white light forms on the bar in front of her, filling it up with snowballs. She quickly grabs one and throws it at Rayne! Then if she's quick enough, she'll throw one at Sunset and Twilight! "Hmm hmm hmm, snowball fight, yes?!"

"I remember that, yes, but because it was dan-...ah, cold!" And suddenly Twilight's taken a snowball to the face, in the middle of finishing her drink. Needless to say, it knocks the last few drops onto her blouse right at the same time Twisted's magic acts up again and changes her back to her native form.

Rayne is, of course, nowhere near fast enough to dodge the snowball, and is pelted right in the face. Gravity takes its inevitable course and pulls the snowy remains right down the front of her dress, causing an immediate sobering effect onto her as she shivers. Slowly she places her two drink glasses onto the bar and wipes the snow from her face and the upper part of her chest, above the low neckline. Unfortunately for her, the last of it is a bit inaccessible. "Please don't do that," she deadpans.

Sunset Shimmer doesn't even flinch when Rayne mentions her real age. Considering she was once the student of an sun princess pegacorn that was over 1000 years old, that was hardly a shock. Since she's actually paying attention still she's quick to catch the snowball thrown at her. But then just stares at it in her hand for a moment. "You know, if I was still the old me, I'd be the one dumping these down the back of shirts for mean joke... Twilight?!" She drops the snowball to grab the now normal Twilight before she falls off her stool, staring at her a bit. "... Why did you turn back now?"

Followed by a pause as she realizes that she grabbed onto Twilight with still human arms and hands. "... And I'm still a human. So much for that connection, I guess."

Luna sweatdrops as Twilight transforms from a human. She pauses her grab at more snowballs, "I...didn't know snow did that to you, yes?" She looks over at Rayne and sweatdrops even more. Okay, so, snowball fight wasn't a great idea. She looks at the now starting to melt pile of snowballs she made, and waves her hand at them. They slowly disappear in a white mist. "Alas, sorry, yes? I thought it was a form of tradition." She brushes her hands off on a napkin. If only she hadn't given her name she could leave, shapeshift, and pretend she hadn't met anyone here yet.

Twilight Sparkle smiles lopsidedly yet gratefully as she's caught by Sunset before she ends up falling off her seat, looking up at her horn for a moment before sighing. "It's got to be tied to the magic that exists here... That's the only possible explanation I can come up with for randomly changing back and forth..."

"I don't think it was the snow," Sunset offers offhandedly to Luna as she sets Twilight back up on the stool, and give her a moment to get balanced sitting like an Equestrian for letting go. "Figures I would end up in a world with even less predictable magic." She shakes her head a bit before turning to her own soda.

Rayne says, "It's... okay, Luna. Just... Don't throw them at people inside buildings... and remember a lot of people don't like it." She frowns and shivers slightly as she looks down at the wet patch growing on the front of her dress. Well, she definitely sounds more sober now. "You think that's getting triggered by something, Twi? Or is it just completely random? And Sunset? I thank you for not dumping snow down the back of my dress."

Luna didn't think her snowballs had such abilities, but one never knows. Then again, she generally has better control of her magic than that. She nods at Rayne, giving a fanged smile, "I see, yes?" Well, over at Akira Institute they've had it snow once or twice, and...the building is open to the elements in places, so inside snowball fights have broken out now and then. Besides, it's just snow. Still. "Ah, you have problems maintaining a human form, yes?" She glances at Rayne, wondering about the answer to her question of it being random as well. Curious catgirl.

Twilight Sparkle sits up straight on her seat, levitating the now-empty glass she'd been drinking from back into the bar's sink. "One possibility is that Discord's magic is extremely strong here, but I haven't seen even the slightest sign of his chaos magic to date... The only way I'll know conclusively is to conduct scientific research on this world's magic. And given what I've read from your correspondence, Sunset... Maybe we can work together to gain some sort of understanding."

Rayne sighs and starts casting her own relatively weak spellwork. It's a simple, beginner's spell... but it dries her dress just fine. "Of course, this is Twisted we're talking about, so all your theories could be wrong and it could be something wholly unique to here that's doing it to you. Or Discord could be hiding behind the bar." She actually tries to peek over the bar, but a look from the bartender gives her the idea that she shouldn't.

Sunset smiles a bit more brightly when Twilight mentions the writing back and forth they'd done via her old lesson book. The confirming that she's been reading them because she wanted to and not just because she felt obligated was reassuring. "That sounds like a great idea." She wrinkles her nose a little at the mention of Discord. Sure he was still a statue back then, but Celestia had told her some stories. In hindsight, it was probably to get her to realize things she sadly ignored until later in life. "From what reaccounts I know Twilight, if it was Discord he'd at least have the decency to pop up and brag about it afterwards."

Luna goes back to listening to them talk. It sounds like they're already working on solutions, so offering her own probably wouldn't be overly helpful. o O ( No takers here, yes? ) She thinks to her other self, who still doesn't answer her. That's starting to get disturbing, but it's likely nothing. Maybe it's her current form that's causing some sort of block? She finally orders a drink, strawberry Italian soda.

Twilight says, "...considering his relapse when Tirek got free and convinced him to join forces to drain all of Equestria's magic, including mine, it's the only real predictable aspect of him. And no, the irony isn't lost on me. So it rules Discord out. And I'd better head back to my apartment for some sleep - coming, Sunset?"

Sunset finishes her soda. "Yeah, probably a good thing." She gets up to follow Twilight. "It was nice meeting the rest of you."

Rayne says, "Yeah... See you two later, then!" She then looks around as the entire place seems to be emptying out. "Well... the party seems to be dying out. Are you new here as well? Or have I just not seen you around, Luna?"

Luna waves to the leaving pony and girl. She looks at the clock. Time doesn't have much meaning over where she lives. There's always someone asleep or awake, and she always has more to do. She looks at Rayne and smiles fangedly, "I guess I came near the end, yes? Alas, I had presents to give." She ponders that question over, she's kind of new here, hm. "Yes, well...somewhat, I suppose? I have some knowledge of this place and its workings, but...it was a different life, yes? I've been reborn."

Rayne says, "Different life? Reborn?" She blinks as the earlier part registers. "Wait, you know how Twisted works? That's... kinda huge. Everyone I know is totally confused by all the... well, random crap going on around this place." Presents don't really register with her as she leans back on her bar stool. "I wouldn't even know the first question to ask about it, though." She brings a hand up to her temple as she ponders this... And then looks towards her hand as it brushes against her slightly stiffened hair. "I don't think I'm gonna use this dye again, it feels wierd."

Luna's right ear twitches, "Somewhat, yes? Although, my other mind isn't speaking to me right now. I believe shifting into this body has caused it to be blocked, yes? I'll have to test that out back at the Institute." She takes her soda as its delivered and sips at it, then wrinkles her nose. Oh, strawberries are NOT what this bodies tongue wants. Oh well. "It's a fascinating place, yes?" She looks at Rayne's hair, then holds out some of her own and laughs, "I went white as well, yes? It seemed fitting for the snow part of the merry Christmas." She tilts her head to the side, tail swaying, "What is your normal color, Rayne?"

Rayne glances down at the swishing tail, then back up to Luna's face. "Yeah, that was pretty much my thought, as well. Ehhh... My hair is normally... All colors. I've got rainbow-hair, basically." She blinks as something earlier said clicks, though. "Wait... Other mind? What institute?"

Luna's smile grows bigger, one of her fangs gleaming, "Rainbow, yes? How beautiful." Something in that triggers a past memory, but whatever it is doesn't come to surface. Still, "I look forward to seeing it, yes? Although the white is beautiful on you." She nods at Rayne's questions, "Indeed, yes? There was...normally, after I'm reborn, I don't have access to my past lives. Or rather, when I do, it is generally when madness begins to take hold, yes?" She holds up a hand to reassure, "Don't worry, yes? I have many, many years before that shall occur." She plays with her drink, maybe she should order another one, "It's called the Akira Institute, yes? Over the bridge on Twisted street in Neo Edo?" She shifts on her stool, "It is...an asylum, yes? For the insane? Alas, it's where I have made my home due to..." She hesitates, not sure how much she wants to share.

Rayne doesn't react for a bit as she tries to process this information. All conversation on hair is forgotten. "What bridge? I've patrolled all over this town, I've not seen a bridge, or heard of Neo Edo, either. Did... did you converge from another Twisted?" This seems to be an easier concept for her to deal with. She's not been witness to Twisted's larger changes, having been here for less than half a dozen months. "Somehow I thought Twisted would be wholly unique."

Luna blinks at Rayne's confusion. She thinks about that for a few moments. Come to think of it, wasn't there a fog over the bridge until tonight? Granted, she'd been bypassing that using Oceia to teleport around...but today there wasn't any fog and the way was clear. "No, yes?" she says and hops off her stool, walking over to a window of the UR. She opens it up and scrambles up to lean out of it, looking down Twisted Street from where she came from. Yep, there's the bridge leading to Neo Edo. She looks back in as her tail sways behind her, "It's here, just down the street, yes?" She points, then lands back down on her feet. o O ( Is this new? ) "Perhaps it is only now open to others, yes? Twisted tends to move pieces of itself as it wills, yes?"

Rayne jumps off the bar stool and follows to look. "Kyon dez vach!" she shouts. The language may not be known, but somehow, everyone listening just knows this is not words one should say in polite company. "Uhhhh... I'm sorry, Luna, we'll have to talk again later. I have... I'm going to have a lot of paperwork coming, I can already tell." With that, she's already walking for the door.

Luna blinks and nods her head at Rayne's departure, "Farewell, yes?" She says, waving goodbye to Rayne. Well, one contact made, and Twilight and Sunset seemed nice, though plagued with difficulties. She looks around the restaurant. Well, it seems a wasted trip not to get some food before she head's back home, so she goes and orders some takoyaki to go, settling down at a table. o O ( I think I'll enjoy living here, yes? {Yes.} Oh, there you are. ) She smiles fangedly to herself. =^_^=

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