2015-12-20 (PostU) Why Rayne Didn't Sleep Last Night

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Why Rayne Didn't Sleep Last Night

Summary: Rayne finds Minu and the Cerberus asleep in TASK's kitchen, and informs the elf of just what she found last night.

Who: Minu, Rayne, The_Trio
When: December 20th, 2015
Where: TASK Headquarters Kitchen

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Its morning in Twisted and the sun is glowing brightly in a clear winter sky. Of course the TASK building is unusually quiet for this time of the day seeing as so many are sleeping off the after effects of the party the night before. Minu sits at the big dining table, her hair once more in its tidy bun, glasses perched on her nose and a mug of hot cocoa before her. Also before her is her note pad and she is making copious notes onto it it with soft scratch scratch of her pencil. In the corner not far from where the little elf sits, lays the huge three headed dog, all curled up and sound to sleep. One of the big heads, the one with the rottweiler like markings is actively snoring with a long strand of drool running from his mouth to one paw.

Rayne walks into the kitchen of TASK headquarters looking more like her typical self than last night, but, if anything, worse for the wear. She actually looks to be a little bit more wobbly on her feet than she did at the party, somehow. Did she go out drinking more afterwords? She certainly doesn't smell of alcohol. She looks down at Minu and the large, three headed dog and tilts her head silently. She shakes her head, not voicing her thoughts out loud at the moment. Just because she didn't sleep last night doesn't mean she should deny the sleep of others. She makes her way to the coffee maker and pours herself a large cup. Normally she's a heavy cream and sugar type, but this morning she quickly downs her first cup black. "Bleah," is her quick response to the taste before she can quiet herself.

As she hears footsteps, the little elf turns her head to watch as Rayne comes into the room. Minu had not had much of anything to drink last nigh and so she was feeling no after affects this morning. A small smile curled her lips as she too glanced at the big dog and how cute he was in sleep. Once Rayne as her coffee the little elf offers a soft greeting "good morning Rayne. Enjoy your evening?"

Rayne says, "Huh? Oh, guh... Yeah, sure," she deadpans as she pours herself another cup of coffee. "It was... revealing. You know that cat-girl that came in towards the end?" This time she puts a fair amount of sugar and creamer into this cup. "She came from across the bridge past the beach." She leaves it at that for the moment."

Minu takes a sip of her cocoa and sets her pencil down. A little crease furrows her brow as she listens to Rayne. "across the bridge, I thought that was blocked off, like the wastes on the other side but impassable?? I didn't know anything was on the side. So...what about her? Who is she and what is on the other side of that bridge? We might need to make an expedition to make sure there is nothing there that is a threat. You might wana talk to Kotal when he wakes up."

Rayne says, "Uuuuaaahhh... Well, when I heard she was from there, I kinda... left her behind to see for myself. Pretty much all I know is her name's Luna and she's..." She frowns. "She apparently lives in an insane asylum." She shakes her head. "But that's really beside the point. What's on the other side of that bridge is a massive city. What we're used to here, this is just a suburb, a little town. I've... been walking its streets from then until now. It doesn't appear to be much of a threat to us, if you ask me. It's just..." She frowns, trying to find the right words to describe what's across the bridge. Eventually she just settles on, "Big."

Minu listens attentively and nods some then wrinkles up her little nose "If its that big, surely it must be more populated then here, and so they have their own governing force. Or, did it seem to be a ghost city?? I think we really need to discuss this with Kotal. I am concerned that if its so large we may be over whelmed with others coming over the bridge and what about the fog monsters do they go their too??"

Rayne says, "I don't have full information, I'm afraid... I tried not to draw too much attention to myself while I was there... But with it being night time, I'll have to assume I saw it when it was relatively quiet." She yawns heavily before taking a swig of her coffee. "So I'm assuming it's significantly more populated than here. Looked to be a larger landmass, and much more densely packed, as well. It's a whole city out there, Minu. We're the podunk country police compared to what a city that size would have." It's no wonder she couldn't sleep on seeing that."

Minu frowns hard and chews on the top of her pencil . "I am not sure I like the sound of this Rayne. Hopefully I am worrying for nothing but..to have something so large just show up and with all it would have attached. I think we are in over our heads. I think I need to go poke at the computer and see if we have any information on the TASK system about whats on the other side of that bridge." She looks over at the sleeping dog and sighs then looks back at Rayne. "You look like you could use some more sleep. I am gona try and do research. If you need me I am gona be in the directors office." As she gathers her stuff and looks quite determined as she heads out of the dining room to get to work.

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