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Of TASKs and Changes

Summary: Satyrn comes to speak to Diablo about the state of Twisted and ask what happened to the old Council, but the devil seems to have other things on his mind...

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Town Hall - Arena(#4390R)
Referred to as 'the Arena' by citizens of Twisted, the center of the Town Hall is a large sandy area surrounded by tall pillars which hold up the angled celing overhead. The arena area is actually about ten feet lower than the rest of the building with a stone walkway beneath the pillars allowing people to stand and look down at whatever events may be hosted at the time. From the North and South are stone steps leading to the two main entrances of the building. The one to the South leads back to the main street of Twisted, the one to the North leads to the TASK building.

Often times people have asked why such a parthenon-looking structure would be named the Town Hall, at which point Senior Diablo would simply smile and walk away leaving it to the imagination. Hanging from the pillars are colorful banners representing the season, viewable only from the inside of the building.

An interesting feature of the building is that the area around the sandy arena is somehow protected against attacks. Meaning if a fight where to break out in the arena itself, anyone standing along the walkways would be completely safe should the fight get out of control. Because of this seeing people wildly testing their abilities here is not uncommon.

Looking around cautiously, Senior Diablo strides across the arena. Faintly the sound of someone giggling catches his attention. Turning quickly he sees the briefest flash of a small girl with brown hair watching him. Chasing after her she quickly vanishes. From the level of frustration he's showing this has been going on for a while. "DAMN YOU! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THESE GAMES!!" Suddenly the color seems to drain out of the world and across every surface of the arena the words 'f̥̭͔̍ͭ̇̒u̻̩̝̖̮̻͌͌̀ͧͧͭ̾l͚̟͒͛̋́̌̄͑f͕̣̙͓̱̈̏̌ͦ͆̈́̑ͅͅḭ͙l̘͖̻ͫ́̑̈l̪̩̣͑̃̇̔ ̻̰̻̱̘̒̃ͫ͛t̰̗̠̟͕̭ͪ̓ͭ̽ͧͧh̖̫̏̈̊͐͆e̲͖̭̭ͤͦ̒̉ͩ̏ ̜͙͚̓ͬ̿͗̏p̱̳̥̠r̜̪͙͇͈̝̦͂͛ͦ̈́̾̑ō͍̙̟̖͔̏̅ͧ͋̒ͯp̗͉͇͇ͭͣ̽̊ͩͨh͊ͨͫ̈̑̿̚e͌̈́̀̋́c̝̽̑y͆̐ͥͤͣ' are scrawled in red letters of various sizes and styles. The devil spins around, his eyes forced into slits from his anger and frustration.

...and the writing vanishes as if it was never there. Furious, Diablo screams "HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS!?!?" Yep. This would be a terrible time for someone to suddenly pop-in to say hello. Which of course makes this the perfect time.

Satyrn was keeping an eye out for any hostilities on her way here, but she doesn't sense anyone overly dangerous. Well, except Diablo, but that's who she came to see. Of course, she comes floating down behind him after the words are already gone, so it looks like he's just yelling to the air or himself. o O ( Is he mentally unstable? ) "Diablo," Satyrn says, landing on the ground as her tail twines itself around her left leg loosely. Should she make a joke? She's not very great at them, "I don't really think about how I fly anymore. It's very natural." Her clothing is still tattered and mangled, and dirt and grime marrs her features, but all her wounds are healed and she looks healthy. Bit of a smell...

Spinning around ready to scream again, Diablo is taken back at Satyrn's entrance and with a heavy sigh he tries to once again portray the image that he's in control of things. "...excuse me. I'm sorry. Satyrn Tarn, yes? It's been quite a while since we've crosssed paths. To what do I owe this honor?" It's obvious the demon is still shaken and he keeps casting his eyes back and forth watching and waiting. "Please don't mind me, someone has been finding it amusing to make a fool of me as of late."

Well, someone remembers her, that makes Satyrn feel better, even if it doesn't show on the outside. The saiyan clenches a fist, thinking of the reason she was away so long. Stuck in a dimension by Crux Caedon. Her tailtip twitches, oh the anger, "I've...you know, if you want I can go into while I've been gone so long and the ordeals I've had to go through over the last few years to get back here, but, I have a lot...a lot of questions." She glances around, "Are you comfortable talking here? I feel like a tournaments going to start and the winner will have a wish granted." She refers to the old Twisted tournament held a long time ago, but those memories are fresh in her mind right now.

Despite his agitation, Senior Diablo chuckles at her words. "It's fine. Privacy is an illusion. We're just as free to speak here as anywhere else and as of late not many seem to want to gather here." He frowns at that, glancing up at the empty seats which he envisioned would be so full of people ready to speak up about Twisted City as a proper town hall, just one that also had combat. "Maybe I was a fool to think that people would want to have an open forum in the same place tournaments where held?" The demon frowns again. "I'm sorry to lament. Please ask your questions."

Satyrn looks up at the seat as well, but she has no knowledge of how anything works here anymore, but, that leads right into her questions. She has a lot of them, and thankfully Diablo seems willing to answer, "What happened to TASK? The ranks have disappeared? It seems..." She isn't sure how to explain her misgivings, "There's some odd being in charge. I didn't see Gegoshi anywhere." She pulls out her G-Pad, "This isn't working, is Gegoshi...dead?" She has more, but she'll hold off until these few are answered first.

Senior Diablo raises an eyebrow and then ah's softly at the saiyan as he realizes what is being asked. "You have been gone awhile, haven't you?" Biting his thin lips the demon explains, "After the original Council was disbanded, TASK was deemed obsolete. We didn't need 'border patrol' on Twisted any longer." He lets that statement hang in the air a moment as he folds his arms behind his back. "As you may remember I ran a campaign of helping the citizens of Twisted, promising to keep them safe. To this end I suggested repurposing TASK as a police force and gave control of it to Dante Sparda in your absence." The demon frowns, "Despite the fact that he had created exactly the type of organization I was hoping for with his 'Devil May Cry' he promptly ran off and turned the whole thing over to one of his subordinates." Diablo seems to chew on this statement. "I would take it all away from under them, but I did put my trust in Dante. I feel obligated to give him the benefit of the doubt on his choice."

Satyrn tilts her head to the side slowly. Wait. The Council really was -disbanded-? o O ( So WE lost the war? How could WE lose the war? How could Concordance of let this happen? Great. So Diablo really is in charge? I thought that Kotal was mistaken somehow. ) "So you're letting people wander between dimensions as they see fit? Nobody cares if I head into a land full of peaceful living sentient pillows and blow them up, or bring them back where they breed and destroy the place by eating all of the fabric in existence?" It's so preposterous that....well, this is why there was such a big fight, wasn't there? If Crux hadn't of taken her, maybe she could have turned the tide.

The demon's expression remains solemn as Satyrn gives her opinions on the matter. Not once does he smirk or smile as one might expect. He understands her point of view and is at least willing to listen to it. "Sooner or later all worlds will become one. That is the nature of this place in the multiverse. It is the reason I had to create the Hell Council. You can't stop it any more than you can hold back the oncoming tide. Rather than waste resources trying to fight it, I've sought to embrace it and as such Twisted has become more stable. Stability which I might add allows Gegoshi to freely come and go despite maintaining things here." There it goes. Slowly smugness begins to creep onto his features. "And the reduction in her strain also allows for this..." He reaches into his robes and pulls out a newer G-Pad which he hands over to the woman. "...she's even easier to reach out to now. Assuming she's not off gallivanting on an adventure leaving pre-recorded messages for no reason." That frown creeps back ever so slightly. Something about the way he put that makes it sound like it's happened recently.

Satyrn takes the new G-Pad and looks it over, tapping a few buttons. That will make her life much easier. "Stable. I'll be surprised if it stays that way. A village that was born amidst chaos may find peace for a time, but eventually that chaos will return." She looks up from the G-Pad, "Often times more fierce than before. Twisted will likely rip itself apart, way may get redcuded to one stable street, or maybe not even that." At least that's what she believes will happen. That's why she was on Concordance's side. Really, who invites armagedden when you can fight against it? o O ( At least Gegoshi is alive. But... ) "And what of the Keepers and their Kept? Are they free about Twisted? There were over ten Kept that needed Keepers, but I saw nothing of either side so far." She's mostly concerned about Talinfar, her one friend that was also a Keeper. She's immortal, but she hasn't been able to sense her yet. She starts tapping on her G-Pad again. Come on, her pocket dimension home has to be here somewhere...all of her stuff...and hair product...she needs it so bad...

Senior Diablo looks confused but after a long moment recognition finally seems to appear in his pupil-less eyes. "Yes... well... they're not here any longer." Abruptly he turns his back to her and takes a few steps away silently. When he finally does turn a look of concern seems to be painted across his face. "There was an incident we don't normally explain to the people of Twisted. A... reboot, if you will. I typically refer to it as the Unification. However you wish to call it, parts of the flow of time where rewritten. Some people now believe they lived and died here on this Twisted World naturally as opposed to being deposited here like the shore of a beach. Gegoshi and I have constructed a timeline which these poor souls believe occurred. While Nancy Dark seems to be going out of her way to find and bring back those who've simply been lost, which may include you to some extent, many have yet to resurface and seem to be lost somewhere outside of time." Why does it seem he's not at all concerned with this? Sure, it may have made things more peaceful - but shouldn't he be more concerned that this happened at all? "Twisted might rip itself apart one day, but it could also be said it may have already done so. What matters is the here and now and not some apocalyptic view of a future that has not yet been written."

Satyrn looks Diablo up and down as he just says 'they're not here any longer'. The rest of the explanation, she has trouble believing she's being told the entire truth now. Unification? The Kept are dangerous. Seriously reality altering dangerous in some cases, which is why there were the Keepers. o O ( They don't know what they're doing then. ) It figures. How unfortaunte, her home village of Twisted has been wrecked. As for his last comment, "If you used that logic Diablo, then you'd of had no reason to destroy the prior Council, because -you- had a view of a future that hadn't been written." Still, Diablo's right. If you don't like how things have changed, you can just change them yourself. She glances back at her G-Pad, it found her pocket dimension, perfect! That makes her happy, however, "So you don't know where Talinfar is then? I guess I'll talk with Gegoshi."

At her words Diablo's eyes narrow. "Destroy? Dear Ms Tarn, as much as I'd like to have destroyed them for trying to make me their scape goat in a war against the people of Twisted I did no such thing. The people of Twisted stood up against a despot whom they'd grown to despise. Those that perished where casualties in a war they started themselves." His words come across dripping with venom. As much as he can appreciate a difference of opinion, telling him he's wrong about something might as well be a death sentence. Luckily it's not one he can carry out himself. "Go speak with -my- synth, and remember that any assistance she provides is done by my good graces." With that he turns his back on her again and starts to walk away. This conversation might as well be done for all he cares.

Satyrn smiles as Diablo gets upset. It stirs her saiyan blood which always itches for battle. It's just a natural state of mind for her. "I suppose if you can re-write time, you can re-write history and how the war wasn't really a power play by you to put yourself and your followers in charge." Her tailtip twitches as she taps some keys on her new G-Pad, "You have her contract? Then what happened to the one Concordance had with her?"

Senior Diablo turns with that fire still burning in his narrowed eyes. "PUT MY FOLLOWERS IN CHARGE?!? My Lady, I put ALL of Twisted in charge. My Council is the public that resides here. Unlike those buffoons who cared only for themselves I threw away EVERYTHING in the name of bringing peace and stability to Twisted." As he rants he approaches her closer and closer. "But as always just because I am 'The Devil' I'm assumed to be an evil maniacal tyrant. I AM A CREATURE OF BALANCE!! I EXIST SOELY TO MAINTAIN THAT BALANCE!!!" A rumble of thunder echoes across the sky at his words. "If it helps your tainted view of my deeds and my actions if not my very intent, then so be it! Assume what you must as I take GREAT PLEASURE in telling you that in this world Concordance is DEAD. Her life, her title, her CONTRACTS are all as null and void as your views of world that once was! Now either accept that and move on or GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!" Wow, someone pushed all the buttons.

Satyrn's tail unwinders from her leg, swaying behind her. She shifts her balance, her left foot sliding back purposefully as Diablo comes closer to her. Though the fact that Concordance is dead is unfortunate. So then Guarlesia must be stuck at her gravesite? Disturbing. But if the contracts are null and void, doesn't that mean Gegoshi's contract is up for grabs? Something else she'll talk to the synth about. Her hair, all spikey, messy, and mal-dyed from her dimensional traveling, wavers slightly as some of her power rises to the surface, "The prior Council kept Twisted safe, and the Keepers were necessary. But, I understand. You seem to be losing control, or people are questioning you. Do you know why? It's because any village, city, and country, needs proper leadership, ruled by one. Concordance was that one, and The Council was her advisors. Nevertheless," she turns the G-Pad in her grasp, "If you want, we can have a fight now. If I win, I'll take your place. All I've done is fight for the past years while I've been gone. What do you say, Diablo? Will you test your wells water against mine?"

The Devil's eyes twitch a moment as he seriously considers her statement. In the end he laughs, "I will not waste my effort on one such as you. Twisted is under -my- care now. I may have to heed to the needs of the people, but it is much more mine than it ever was your precious former Council and it shall remain that way until GOD HIMSELF rips it from my grasp!" In the briefest of moments the shadows cast on the floor of the arena become speckled with blood and once more Diablo's eyes fill with worry as Satyrn's shadow fills with that cryptic phrase yet again, 'F̲͉̩̣̗͑U̹̫̪͇̻̱̇ͅL̰̩̲͔͕̻̩̂ͯ͊͑ͦL̽͑̅ͪͮ̎̌ͅF͙̟̥͙̏̾̆I͕͓̮̳̤ͅL̠̓ͩ̉ͬ̈́̈́̏Ḻ͖͕̳̲̰͇̑͐͒ ̠̬̘̰̮̩͚̄̃̊̋̓̓T̳̲͔̞͕̹̾͐̾H̦̦̺̲̘̀͂̽̄͒ͅẸ̜̙ ͧ̏̑ͨ͂̉P̣̝͙̬̰̱̔͛̉R̲O̖̦̯͈̙̅̐ͪͤ͐̌P̗H̠E̤̠͋̾̔̇C̣̮͖̮͎͙͔ͭͧͥ̆Y'. Taking a step back he shakes his head as once again the world resets to normal. As normal as it ever is for Twisted anyways.

Satyrn is disappointed. Fighting Diablo would be a nice test of herself. She didn't get enough of a chance during the war thanks to Crux. Plus, the added bonus of taking his place would save her a lot of time. For now though, she can go clean herself up and then go talk to Gegoshi about her contract. While she might not have detailed knowledge of it, she knows how pliable Gegoshi can be if you try. It's really to bad Concordance is dead...she's not sure how you can replace someone like that. "Be careful, Diablo. Concordance may be gone, but someone might rise to take her place nonetheless." She taps some keys on her G-Pad, "Thanks for answering my questions, I'll probably see you again soon." She hits the key and a portal doorway opens up behind her, which she steps backwards through, not taking her eyes off of Diablo. The portal disappears once she's through, though Diablo could say something before it does if he even wanted to.

Senior Diablo watches the portal suspiciously. His mind is overwhelmed with the implications of what might be going on. Fullfill the prophecy? God taking Twisted away from him? Someone rising up to take Concordance's place? Nancy and Gegoshi bringing back Concordance and Guarlesia. The fears that Alessa might be returning. Setsuna's challenge to him. All of these things suddenly weigh heavily on his mind and as the portal closes the image of that little girl smiling back at him once again and then vanishing. The devil begins to shake with a genuine fear he's not felt in eons as soon as he realizes that two tiny shoeprints have been left in the sand behind the spot where Satyrn had just departed...

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