2015-12-24 - Christmas parties and soul-repair

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Christmas parties, and soul-repair... Oy vey, Twilight Sparkle.

Summary: In which Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer prepare for a Christmas party, and Twilight's essence is pulled out for much-needed work.

Who: Twilight, Sunset, Luna
When: December 24th, 2015
Where: Integra's Arms Apartments - Twilight's Apartment

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Once again, Twilight Sparkle is moving around her modestly-decorated apartment, working to get all the party snacks back out and reheated. Along with this is a fully-cooked turkey that's been in the refrigerator.

With the lack of little purple dragons (or little purple talking dogs) Sunset has taken over the 'assistant' role for the time being, checking off things from the list as Twilight gets them back in order. "I think that's all of it."

There's a knock on the door! *Knockknock!* A voice, muffled by the door being in the way of course, calls, "Hello, yes? I saw the notice about the party." It's clearly Luna's voice.

Twilight Sparkle sets the turkey back out before rushing to the door to open it. "That's right, come in! Everything's ready!"

Sunset grabs the turkey as Twilight rushes for the door and slides it onto the table fully.

Luna is standing outside the door, she's got a small christmas bag in one arm. Her ears twitch as the door opens and she smiles, showing her fangs, "Oh, okay, yes? I hope it's okay I came. I...know we just me the other day." She sniffsniffs at the air. Hmm, cooked meet, and is that...a lavender smell?

Twilight steps aside, cheerily waving and pointing to the Christmas tree with one finger. "Welcome to my humble apartment, and you can set the gifts down with the rest over there. Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the food."

Sunset smiles and waves to Luna. "That just means it's a chance to get to know people better now, right?"

Luna nods at Twilight's welcome and walks inside as she's welcomed in. She looks around, examining everything as she walks over to the tree. She's never been to one of these before, even though her prior self has. But, that person usually crashed the parties, something she's not planning on doing. She walks over to the tree and sets her christmas bag down, looking over at Sunset, she nods her head as her tail sways happily, "Indeed, yes? Is there anything I can help with mayhaps?"

Twilight Sparkle heads back over to begin carving the turkey, shaking her head. "I think we've got everything covered here. Cookies are out, turkey's being cut, and everything else is taken care of."

Sunset shifts a little to the side as Twilight returns to the table. Laughs softly. "It's just a bunch of getting things organized, and Twilight is a wiz at that."

Luna nods in response, looking over the apartment some more. o O ( It's very, very lavendery. ) She walks over and looks at the cookies. She picks one up and sniffs at it as her left ear twitches, "I see, yes?" She looks over to Twilight as she turns the cookie over in her hand, "You are humanoid again, yes? I wonder, have you solved your problem then?" She is curious, but she's naturally curious about everything. The catgirl form doesn't help diminish that either.

Twilight Sparkle, of course, modestly rubs the back of her head at the praise from her roommate, even though she nods in response to Luna's curious inquiry. "I've returned to being fully human here, for the time being."

Sunset shrugs her shoulders a little. "We're still not entirely sure why it was doing that, but it seems to have settled for now. Possibly because that form is less... out of place here."

Luna nods and finally takes a small bite of the cookie. Her eyes widen slowly and she swallows it. o O ( Oh. Oh..it's...it's like eating a field of cane sugar all at once, yes? @_@ ) She smiles and twirls the cookie around in her hand, "Ah, yes? I see." She wiggles her tongue on one of her fangs while she thinks, "Well, if it may help, I do have knowledge of shapeshifting, yes? I can change my form easily." She tries to decide what to do with the cookie. Maybe she'll just hold onto it for awhile, "Although, mayhaps an examination of your magical aura might help, yes?" She's just trying to help out, and...well, the curiosity of the cause is also a driving force for her.

Twilight nods at that, heading over to the couch and removing her festively decorated hat as she sits down. "As the others haven't arrived yet... I don't see how that could hurt. My magic signature, as it is, seems to be dormant in this state."

Sunset adds "Unless we 'pony up', of course."

Luna ahhs? She nods her head and sets down her cookie. She'll work on getting used to that amount of sugar in her mouth. Maybe it's just this body that can't handle it for some reason. Something to look into. She walks over to stand in front of Twilight, looking over at Sunset, "Ah? Hmm..." Her tail sways, "Alas, I'm not as experienced in this as my self from my prior life is, so I'm going to let her take over for a bit, yes? We're still working on getting our minds and memories blended together properly." She giggles.

Twilight Sparkle closes her eyes, sitting up straight and willing her ears and wings to manifest. "That sounds good. And maybe going to pony up will help..."

Sunset raises a brow a bit, then looks to Twilight with a 'did that sound like it meant it did?' on the prior life thing. But then Twilight almost instantly shifts to her anthropony form, and Sunset huffs a little. "Wish I could get it to work that easily."

Luna blinks as Twilight's body shifts. Well, it's good she has some control over it. She looks over at Sunset, but then decides to let her past self ask the questions. She'll just sit in the back and watch. A white mist suddenly floods up around her body, obscuring her form. There's a small trace of black mist deep inside the white, but then it all clears away, leaving an entirely different person in Luna's place, though it's still a catgirl, she's just looks and is dressed different: - http://charis2.servegame.com/muckpics/Luna4.png - Luna exhales slowly, her left ear twitching, "Yes well, greetings." She says, then holds her hand up with her palm flat, facing Twilight. A white glow flows around her hand and moments later a white glow will flow up around Twilight. "Do you also have problems shifting, Sunset?" She asks, her voice a tad more mature than before. The magical scan will first check Twilight's magical makeup, to see if all of her magic is flowing in a natural way or if there's anything obviously wrong with how her magic is working.

Twilight remains still and quiet, expression calm as she's surrounded by that white glow. The only sign of movement, really, might be the occasional twitch of her wings.

Sunset ahehs, rubbing the back of her head with one hand, which lopsides the christmas hat she was wearing. "I'm only able to do that when I need to for saving the day and what not. Probably because I'm still less experienced with magic than Twilight is."

Luna examines the magic of Twilight carefully, right ear twitching lightly. She looks over at Sunset as she speaks and nods her head, "I see, yes? Perhaps practice is the answer then, hmm hmm hmm..." She looks back to Twilight and lowers her hand, the white glow fading from her hand and from around Twilight, "Yes well, your own magic is in chaos, and it's reacting with Twisted's very powerfully, yes?" She thinks of solutions, tapping her foot on the floor. "There are many things that could be causing this, yes? Twisted's magic is powerful and naturally chaotic." She hmms, "I could attempt to create a magic regulator. Although, it may hinder your ability to use magic while wearing it, yes?" Or...well, no. She doesn't want to take her soul out and examine it, even though that's an easy solution to so many problems for people.

Twilight Sparkle opens her eyes as she hears that, silently glancing over to her friend for a moment before nodding. "Even if I lose access to my magic, I could get used to it."

Sunset nods a bit at Luna's assessment. "Something like that was my suggestion, too. Twilight kept changing forms because she wasn't certain where she would be comfortable here, and Twisted's, ahem, twisted magic was reacting to her uneasy emotions." Sunset assumes her usual posture of leaning back against a wall, but smirks a little bit. "It's not the first time she's been without her magic."

Luna looks between them both and nods her head slowly, a fanged smirk forming on her face, "Yes well, you would not lose your magic. It would simply..." How to explain it properly, she holds her hand up towards the ceiling, a rainbow of colors running over it, all interchanging and criss crossing themselves, "...Your magic is like this, yes? Unsure of how to travel properly. With a regulator, it would become this, yes?" The magic colors all suddenly separate into perfect lines, though they all shrink a bit, "You would not lose your magic, it just may become difficult to draw upon, yes? Somewhere near a forty to fifty percent reduction in power, yes? Although, in time it may restore itself, or the regulator may break, but that would hopefully mean your magic has began to stabilize now that it's had a time working in the proper way." She lowers her hand, all of the colors fading away.

Twilight Sparkle watches as this happens, letting out a relieved sigh. "I can work with that. Considering I've lost it completely before, as Sunset said, a reduction by half doesn't sound as bad."

Sunset says, "In the end you might even get better with it from working around the lack. Like how I was able to pick up teleporting again."

Luna gives a fanged smirk, "Excellent, yes?" Her right ear twitches, "Alas, I will have to create it back at my tower, but I'll make it a priority once i return, yes?" She pauses, then adds, "If it ever becomes an issue after using it, I can always examine your soul, yes? However, to correct it I would have to remove it from your body for a time." She idly rubs the side of her head, scratching at her ear as it twitches, "I did terrible things before, when I was taken by madness, yes? But that is from my past life and it would be, relatively, safe, but it's far more invasive than a regulator, so we should perhaps try that first."

Twilight Sparkle looks a bit nervous at the mention of having her soul removed, though it quickly passes as she recalls the same thing essentially happened to her while fighting Tirek.

Sunset.. actually smiles a little at Luna when she says that, in a reassuring manner though. "Trust me, I know aaaall about the whole being taken by madness thing."

Luna nods at Twilight, glad she could help. Or, she thinks she's glad. It's hard to say. She likes playing with souls, but it's better to resist such pulling, because they'll lead her down that dark road to madness, even if it is, hopefully, decades away. She looks over at Sunset and mms, "Ah, yes?" She says, curious for more information. She walks over and examines the food table, picking up the cookie her other mind left behind.

Twilight Sparkle glances at Sunset as if to ask a silent question, casting a brief look in Luna's direction.

"I once stole Twilight's crown and used it's magic without understanding it, turned into a demonic force and tried to submit an entire school because of it overwhelming me." Sunset pffs and waves one hand dismissively, as if to demonstrate how over the past they were. "Thankfully Twilight and her friends were able to turn things around for me."

Luna brings the cookie to her mouth and takes a bite. Ah. o O ( It's delicious, yes? {What, really? I could hardly swallow, yes?} I'll finish it for you. ) She takes another bite as she listens to Sunset, raising an eyebrow, "I see, yes? Well..." She exhales and closes her eyes, "...forgiveness, atonement, and redemption are the reasons I'm here before you, yes? So," she opens her eyes, looking at Sunset, "I'm glad your friends were able to help you."

Twilight Sparkle looks down in thought, before lifting her gaze to Luna in determined resolve. "I've weighed the options of what you suggested about removing my soul in order to adjust my magical aura properly... Though I am still somewhat hesitant, I've gone through the magical equivalent of that with Tirek in the past, and should be fine."

"And better for it in the end too." Sunset looks concerned for a moment, but Twilight assuring she'll be okay reassures her too. "Yeah, besides, sounds like this would be a bit different. Less trying to take over the world and destroy everything involved."

Luna finishes off her cookie while Twilight thinks. She looks over the rest of the food. Hmm, maybe that turkey...she's about to reach for it when Twilight mentions being agreeable about the soul. Her eyes light up and she turns, a massive fanged smile over her face, "Indeed, yes?" o O ( {Careful, yes?} I promise, I have only pure intentions, yes? {Okay.} ) Luna walks back over to Twilight at the couch, then her smile slips into a fanged smirk at Sunset's words, "Yes well, I've never wanted to dominate the world, even when I was mad. Sadly, I preferred dominating lives, yes?" She shakes her head, the memories are dark and unfortunate, but she was mad, it wasn't completely her fault. She glances at the door, then back at Twilight, "This is not completely safe, but it should fix your magic properly, yes? Are you sure?"

Twilight Sparkle nods again, closing her eyes once more and taking a deep breath in preparation for the soul-extraction. "I understand there's danger in the procedure, but I'm not going to let fear of that get in the way of setting things right. I'm ready."

Sunset, in a mock flat tone, "No, just dominating lives is what I did before I got that much power." She gets up from her leaning posture and gives Twilight a quick hug. "Be careful." Then moves out of the way before things escalate.

Luna nods at Twilight and at Sunset. She takes in a very deep breath, the bell on her collar jignling as she does so. She holds her hand out towards Twilight, palm upwards with her fingers arced as if gripping something in the air. A white light ripples up around Twilight again as a mirror of it floods up around Luna's hand. "Don't resist, yes? It's not completely pleasant." Twilight will feel something pulling at her, though not physically. It's a deep pulling, from the depths of her inside self. Her very essence and soul is being pulled at. Chains and threads that bind it to her body are pulled taught as Luna yanks at Twilight's soul.

Twilight Sparkle, despite having her spirit pulled from her, remains calm, even as ghostly images of her native and hybrid forms materialize in the process.

Sunset decides the best way to remain objective on the matter would be approaching it like an experiment of sorts, which would be why she grabs her notepad and jots a few things down. This was the sort of magic she had never seen used before, after all.

Luna's fingers slowly close inward towards her palm. Twilight's soul rips out of her body, the chains and threads holding it in place severing. Her soul glows a beautiful white, with small veins of lavender running throughout the inside of it. As the soul leaves Twilight's body, she'll find a deep, massive emptiness inside of her. A dark hole where her soul used to be. Everything in the world grows slightly dull, the colors, the smells, even some of her feelings might die down. All, except for one, the longing. The oppressive longing for her soul to come back to her, like a burning river of lava flooding unimpeded down a mountainside. The soul floats over above Luna's waiting hand. The catgirl gives a fanged smile and then reaches her other hand, holding it over the top of it, "It's beautiful, yes?" Her left ear twitches.

Twilight opens her eyes once that's been done, though it might be easy to see that the shine in her eyes is now absent, along with the vibrant glow to her lavender skin. "It is... And though I don't feel as much now, I know it's for a good cause..."

Sunset actually makes a note of Twilight's response. "Makes sense. Even if it is an astounding thing to see... she doesn't have it connected to her to -appreciate- it as such."

Luna nods slightly, "Indeed, yes?" She brings her hands down on the top and bottom of the soul. Her body then lights up with white light as she looks within its makeup. There's so much there, so much that can be changed. She exhales slowly and closes her eyes. This used to be easier for her, but ever since she was reborn it's been a slower process than she's used to. Her eyes open up, glowing with the same light as Twilight's soul as the reforges and changes it around. Twilight will feel a strong, strong link to Luna while this is going on, a warm kindness as Luna's own soul interacts with Twilight's to work the changes. While Luna does her best to avoid any permanent feelings imprinted on her, Twilight will likely feel a deep affection towards Luna, bordering on love and/or adoration. It's one of the side effects when she works on souls, but Luna does her best to mitigate it as much as possible. o O ( A little turn here, yes? A shift there...pull this out, and replace it, yes? {Don't...you know...} I am being cautious, yes?)

Twilight Sparkle watches the delicate work being done, with her analytical side for once dormant as a result of the complete removal of her soul.

Luna's left ear twitches as she uses her soul magic to manipulate and reshape Twilight's soul, correcting the interaction of her own magic and Twisted's so they work together properly. It's delicate work, because she's being careful to try and keep the soul link between her and Twilight at a minimum so feelings don't spill over or become permanent when it's all done. It's not how she's worked with souls in the past, so things are taking a tad longer than normal.

It might also have something to do with the sheer amount of energy Twilight Sparkle carries with her at any given time, which may have manifested as her other two forms at the moment her soul was separated from her physical body. She's managing to endure the changes quite well, though, owing to having all her magic drained completely by Tirek in the past.

Sunset has just been quietly watching and taking notes. Don't worry Twilight, you can read those once you have your analytical tendencies back.

Luna slips in a few more pieces into Twilight's soul, incorporating some of Twisted's magic. There, now it's all flowing together properly. Excellent. She closes her eyes and pulls her hand away from the top of Twilight's soul. As she opens them back up, her eyes have returned to normal, "Hold on, yes?" She pulls herself away from Twilight's soul, slinking her way out of it carefully, trying not to leave any permanent marks on it. Her left ear twitches slightly, o O ( Ah..mm.. {Everything okay, yes?} We'll see... ) Twilight's soul SLAMS back into her body, disappearing inside of her and reattaching itself, chains and threads returning as all of the white light and magic fades away. Twilight will feel her magic should be functioning normally now, although there may be a few side effects from having her soul so interacted with Luna...

Twilight Sparkle winces as her soul is forcibly shoved back into her body, before raising an eyebrow at a few noticeable differences that become apparent to her. "Well, that wasn't so bad. But I'll have to try talking with the dragons back in Equestria to see if this works..."

Sunset is quick to put an arm around Twilight and make sure she doesn't go weak in the legs after the experience. "One of the Princesses of Equestria, ladies and gentlemen. Thinks having her soul removed, toyed with and replaced 'wasn't so bad'."

Luna gives a fanged smile at Twilight's words, "Excellent, yes?" She then looks over Twilight's soul now that it's back in her body. Hmm. Her left ear twitches, "Yes well, speaking draconic is quite enjoyable, although be careful with your vocal cords, hmm hm hmm..." She hesitates before continuing, "Alas, I fear there may be a few side effects, yes? Let me know if you feel anything...off, yes?" Twilight may feel a few things differently, like that strong bond towards Luna hasn't really gone away, something like a close friendship.

Sunset's words about her own reaction to the soul work earn the crimson-yellow haired young woman a brief dirty look before Twilight returns her attention to Luna upon the explanation and warning. "You'd feel the same way, you know, if you had every single bit of your magic ripped out of you by a centaur hellbent on growing strong off all of it from every part of Equestria. And I'll be sure to get word to you if I notice anything odd."

Sunset... actually flusters a little when Twilight snaps at her, letting her arm slip away as it's clear she's more than stable despite the experience. "Sorry, Twilight. Just.. don't push yourself too hard until you've had a chance to rest, okay?" And shuffles over to the sofa to set, wondering how she managed to put her foot in her mouth so badly this time. Sigh.

Luna's ears twitch again, finishing her examination of Twilight's soul. She looks between Sunset and Twilight, the two seem to have quite a long background together. "Ah, one more thing, yes?" She says towards Twilight, "I'm unsure, but I may have taken a bit too long, yes? It's possible that you may have another form you can shift into, yes?" She reaches up and touches one of her catears, "If it happens and you do shift, it should be easy enough to shift back out, yes? Although, be careful, these kind of forms tend to have an abundant amount of curiosity."

Twilight Sparkle's expression softens somewhat. "I know, Sunset, and I appreciate the concern, really. But I've pulled through a lot myself, and shown I'm quite resilient." Then Luna's mentioning more things to be careful, eliciting a nod of acknowledgement from the humanized Princess. "As far as curiosity goes, I can understand that. But I'll be careful about limiting it to the best of my ability if and when those changes occur."

Sunset laughs softly. "Yeah, I know. Sometimes it's easy to forget how much you've been through when you don't look like the magical pegacorn princess that has saved two different worlds on, what, at least five occasions now?"

Luna nods at Twilight's words. A white mist floods up around her, fading away to leave her in her other body. "Phew!" She says, giving a fanged smile, "Well, I'm glad I could help, yes?" She looks over at Sunset, then at Twilight, "Ah? Are you a hero then?" She wonders.

Twilight says, "That's about accurate. Bearer of the Element of Magic, Princess of Friendship, and a former student of Princess Celestia, among other things."

Sunset says, "Definitely fits."

Luna smiles fangedly, "Ah, I see, yes? Impressive." She'll reach over and take some turkey, and spend the rest of the day enjoying the party till she leaves!

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