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Adding to the Roster

Summary: Dorian's decided to take Kotal up on a very saucy offer...

Who: Dorian, Kotal Kahn, Reptile (NPC), Ferra and Torr (NPC), Erron Black (NPC)
When: December 27, 2015
Where: TASK Headquarters

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Probably not a great idea, Dorian figures. But he wants to make sure that everything's all right. After that fog appeared he's been quite paranoid about there being other creatures appearing. Particularly since Twilight was almost hurt pretty badly by them. So he's up there at the TASK headquarters again, checking for any traces of the fog.

Outside the building, Dorian has his hand raised to about chest level, palm out, an emerald green glow centered in that palm. His eyes are closed, and his concentration is on reading for the same sort of energy those things that had tried to kill them all had. He wants to make sure their influence is at least gone from this place.

Outside the TASK building, Dorian will find that there's little in the way of people trying to stop him from snooping around the place. That -may- be in part due to the newly installed automatic machine guns and turrets placed right outside the building. Although it was pretty badass to have all the TASK officers man the windows when the fog monsters attacked the building directly, Kotal Kahn would prefer not to have them all exposed like that. Besides, all those broken windows, man. Even with nanobots he has to make sure not to go over the budget.

As for fog monster influence, there doesn't seem to be any. If those creatures had left any kind of corpses at all, Dorian would have found plenty of their heads stuck on spikes outside the TASK building like some warlord's palace, but other than a few splatters of green goop that is /probably/ not demonic in origin, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong here.

That is until something shifts before Dorian's eyes. Something on the TASK building's wall isn't right, as if the concrete was moving.

That'd be because there's someone there. The wall shifts and suddenly there's that green armored reptilian fellow that assisted in the battle with the fog demons before. "Greetingsss.." Says he to Dorian, apparently he'd been invisible and had been watching Dorian the whole time.

At the moving concrete, Dorian's eyes go a bit wide and he lets go of the magical 'scan' in favor of prepping in case something decided to attack him. The space between the three dragon heads on his staff ignites with flames, and he waits...

Though once he sees who it is, he blinks, and the flames go out. He relaxes, and then offers a smile at the hail. "Greetings to you as well!" he returns. "Terribly sorry about how jumpy I am, but with those fog demons about, one can never tell, hm?"

"It isss understandable." Responds Reptile who didn't look too concerned about Dorian's reaction and the flames gathering in the mage's staff. Being a spy by trade its certainly probable that he's quite used to that type of reaction when he appears out of nowhere in front of people. Dorian should have only been worried if Reptile had appeared right -behind- him though, that usually says he has less than friendly intentions for his victim.

"Dorian the mage, yess?" Reptile continues, tongue slithering out in a snake like fashion. "Can I help you with sssomething?"

Dorian is glad Reptile didn't take offense at being eyed like an enemy for a moment. He's not confident he could beat someone who can turn invisible if said someone took a notion to hurt him. But there's that question!

"I was examining the site for any lingering traces of those monsters," Dorian replies. "It wouldn't do to have them appear so close again. Though that's also fortunate, as TASK wouldn't have to go far to stop them. But I'm assuming it's unnerving having creatures like that appear out of nowhere so close to your... well, home, I would think."

Reptile shows a flashy grin bearing his sharp fangs, his forked snake tongue slithering out. Something that Dorian said appeared to have amused him for some reason. "Your concern for our well being is well appreciated. Yesss." He brushes his chin with the back of his hand, a movement that looks casual enough, though in reality is to make sure he doesn't have any acid dripping. It's important when dealing with non Zaterrans.

"You have an aptitude for warfare if such thingsss concern you. You also demonstrated consssiderable skill in the battle against the fog demons. Have you perhapsss considered the Kahn's offer to become one of our officersss?" He scratches his chin in thought with his claws. "We could use one with your abilitiesss. Yesss."

No harm done judging by Reptile's expression. He simply chuckles in a very slithery kind of way, almost as if he knows something that Dorian doesn't, or rather, that he's privy to something that he shouldn't. Either way, it looks like Reptile is on to something that is causing him some manner of amusement and considering his profession as a spy it's likely that he is.

Nevertheless, just like Dorian, he's capable of professionalism right after sharing a laugh and he nods. "Thisss realm is unlike any we have ever seen. It isss for the best that warriors sssuch as us stay together for the betterment of the people here." Another hiss. "At least, thossse were the Khan'sss words, he'll be happy to hear that you have reconsidered."

"Personally," He goes on to say "If it were only the fog demonsss and those Fade creaturesss I wouldn't feel the need to draw so many warriorsss to our side, but this realm drawsss dangers from all over the dimensionss. It is best to make full us of all our resourcesss." Let's just say that after Reptile's encounter with Freakazoid and how he easily managed to snare everyone in a time warp trap, he's not so confident that only Kotal is needed to defend Twisted. Of course, Dorian doesn't need to know about that little embarrassing encounter, and even if he did, he won't be hearing it from Reptile.

Reptile's eyes narrow a bit not looking so thrilled all of the sudden at the joke. "I believe it isss more a matter of sssaid pets tearing people to shredsss." He points out rather crudely. "But even if they did no one would sssay it isss your fault. Thisss realm is good at reminding everyone how powerless they truly are."

"Come, I will take you to Kotal to get the paperwork in order. His owl ssservant had us all sign this thingsss called contracts. Sssurely she'll want to give you one too." Apparently, signing contracts for a job position is something completely new to Reptile.

Dorian nods to the mention of the realm being unlike anything they had ever seen. "If I had more inclination to ponder the mechanisms behind it, I might have an answer to that. But no, I've never seen anything like this place either," he agrees. "I wonder if this place is sort of like... well, if you'll pardon the comparison-- the privy of the realms, and everything spirals down to here?"

No, Dorian doesn't know about that embarrassing encounter. But he does understand the sentiment. "That makes sense. If threats from all across the realms are coming here, then defenders from all across the realms have to be recruited to stem the tide."

The rather blatant reminder that Fade demons peeing on the carpet is the least of anyone's worries gets a quiet laugh. "I was rather being facetious about that part," he admits. But he does feel responsible, that his presence brought them here. He isn't going to admit that, though.

As for the contract? Dorian nods. "That makes sense." Apparently contracts for job positions aren't new to Dorian. "Do lead on," he indicates, with a polite bow.

"The thought had occurred to me as well. Yesss." Being not a Twisted native, and not having been here for a very long time either, Reptile actually has no real love for this city. He still views it less as his new home and more like a prison. Therefore, comparing it to the sink of the universe is something he quite agrees in. "It appearsss that we're the sewage of the universesss. Perhapsss all the scum that gets drained gets stuck here. Yesss." He's also perfectly aware of what he's implying. "Wonder what that sssays about us." Dorian shouldn't worry that perhaps Reptile is doing some kind of subtle insult. He's including himself in that metaphor as well.

"Yesss." Continues the Zaterran. "The defenders of the realmsss if you will." He tilts his head sideways like a confused dog. "Hmm, ssstrange. I feel like I've usssed that name before for sssomething." Somewhere, the fourth wall is being shattered to bits.

But on to business! Reptile motions for Dorian to follow inside the TASK building, and he even uses his ID that'll grant them direct access to the second floor, meaning the don't have to get through the lobby. "Right thisss way. You're in luck, the Kahn isss in another one of his cooking moodsss. I hope you are tolerant of ssspicy food. The Emperor is quite fond of it. Yessss."

"I don't know, I think of myself as better than sewage," Dorian replies. Wryly he adds, "Antiva would have to be here for me to fully believe this was a sewer." He's kidding, though.

That poor fourth wall. What will its spouse do now? Or its fifteen children? They will be doomed forever to a life without--

Oh stop.

Dorian has a certain amount of genre-savviness Not quite as much awareness of things as Freakazoid or Deadpool, but he's been known to call people on tropes. And so when Reptile tilts his head so, Dorian replies, "Perhaps another version of you. It's possible that there is a world where another 'you' lived." Now THAT is actually something he's legitimately thought about before-- what if his father's ritual had happened, and worked? What if it had failed?

Then Reptile's talking about food, and Dorian latches onto that thought to banish the bad stuff from his mind for the moment. He chuckles at the mention of a 'cooking mood'. "It will be a nice change, that's for certain," he notes with a smirk. "Ferelden food tastes like the dirt it's grown in, most of the time." Thus said, he'll follow Reptile into the building.

Reptile doesn't know what Antiva is but it does sound kinna trashy! "Yesss." He says as he scratches his chin again in thought. "There are some in my realm that need to be here before I accept that theory. Like that human actor, Johnny Cage. Yesss." Now if Cage had been here to begin with, then Reptile would have choice but to accept that he was truly sent to the universes' equivalent of a trash can.

Fourth wall aside, Dorian does pose a very intriguing possibility and didn't that god Raiden rambled about the future having being changed? "Perhpasss you are right." Says Reptile after some thought. "After what I've ssseen in this city, I truly don't know what to believe anymore." Sounds like someone is having an existential crisis! "Don't tell the Kahn about thissss but I have reason to believe I'm a video game character in another dimensssion." Someone has been investigating the shops in Twisted it seems.

Anyway, with a flash of light, Reptile and Dorian are teleported right into the second floor where TASK officers unwind. There, Dorian is greeted with the awesome sight of Kotal Kahn wearing a chef hat and an apron that says 'Kiss the Cook' while standing next to a large table. And yes, he's wearing that chef hat /over/ his helmet.

The warrior god looks up to see his spy master approaching along with a guest and goes wide eyed "Reptile?? What is the meaning of this?" He exclaims sounding more than a little surprised. Sitting by the table is a large ogre man with a little girl riding on his shoulders and a fellow dressed as a cowboy, hat and all. All three of them are eating chips and dipping them on a large bowl of green salsa. They're so busy eating that they apparently can't even bother to look at Dorian.

The thought of being a video game character gets a laugh from Dorian. "Truth in all things, perhaps. The question is, did the game make it real, or did your world make the game real?"

Dorian will be confused if he sees 'Dragon Age', won't he?

However, the teleportation gets a blink. For all Thedas's magic, teleportation is not common. What's also a surprise is that apron and hat Kotal is wearing. He hasn't been acknowledged by the others yet, so he'll focus his attention on Kotal for the moment.

"We meet again," he observes. "Do forgive me for intruding. I was checking to make certain that the fog demons' influence had left the area and happened to come across one of your associates." He indicates Reptile. "I mentioned that I'd decided to try to assist TASK after all, and..." He waves a hand. "Here I am."

Food for thought, and it really does make Reptile wonder about the possibilities. Ever since he wandered into that magic shop and started looking magazines up, he's been trying to avoid the subject, but it seems that Dorian has a more sensible way of approaching things that won't make his head hurt so much. That's a matter for another time though since there's some pressing things to attend to at the moment.

And yes, Dorian probably would be surprised if he ever gets to see Dragon Age here!

But enough of that for now. Even before Kotal Kahn react, Dorian might notice that Reptile is suddenly gone in a flash. No teleportation involved this time, he's actually dashing right for the table and is shooting his prehensile tongue at the salsa bowl.

However, Kotal /catches/ Reptile's tongue in mid air with his fist and pulls the Zaterran towards him, staring at him directly. "What did I tell you about sticking your tongue in my food!!?" Chastises the Aztec.

"'Ohy!!" Reptile tries to apologize at best he can while having his tongue restrained. This seems to be at least partially sufficient to Kotal Kahn, who throws Reptile at a wall before dusting his hands and removing his chef hat. Reptile soon stands up and starts dipping into the salsa bowl with the chips using his hands as it is proper.

After that little incident, the warrior god moves towards Dorian, still wearing his apron no less. "I see! It pleases me to hear that you'd concern yourself with the problems that plague this city. Fortunately there have been no traces left of the fog demons after that incident, and we would have taken of them had they dared to show themselves again. Would we not, my warriors!?"

Kotal Kahn tries to get the attention of the four people sitting by the table, but he only manages to muster some unconcerned "Yep yep" and "Totally" answers from them.

He rolls his eyes and looks down again at Dorian, just in time to hear him wanting to join TASK. Finally good news! "You have chosen well in aiding us, warrior. Normally I test any prospective officer, but you have demonstrated sufficient skill in our previous battles. I have no doubt you will be of great use to us."

"When can you start?"

"That's rather unhygenic," Dorian commments, of Reptile's tongue in the food. But he doesn't comment on it any farther. He notes the flick into the wall, but he assumes Kotal wouldn't seriously injure his own warriors. Though he does look in Reptile's direction to make sure of that!

Once he's satisfied that Reptile's still in one piece, he looks back to Kotal, smirking a bit and stifling a snicker at the 'yeah whatever' response from the rest of his warriors. "Truly Twisted's finest," he teases. Yes, he's kidding.

As for testing Dorian? "That was quite amazing, wasn't it?" he asks, of the battle. Though from the tone, it's possible that he's talking about himself. Well, there's nothing wrong with being proud of one's work, right? Let's hope he doesn't go into Johnny Cage territory, hm?

The question of when he can start gets a tilt of his head. "I suppose anytime," he notes. Hopefully there's no bizarre hazing ritual that only a non-mortal would survive.

It takes a little more than getting thrown at a wall by the god of war to seriously injure Reptile. After all, these are guys that can get most of their entrails ripped out, or have their brain pierced right through and still fight for a round or two. He looks quite content chewing away at the nachos with the salsa. Or should that be Kontent?

Throughly ignoring the less that enthusiastic response by his warriors, Kotal simply decides to focus on Dorian and how confident he seems to be of his abilities. "Yes it was actually." In all truth, Dorian really does remind Kotal Kahn of Cage, both Johnny and Cassie, though there's less douche factor about the mage and more.. flamboyant.

Kotal, of course, doesn't say any of this. The last thing he wants to do any day is bring up the Cage family in any kind of conversation.

Besides, there is still the matter of some HAZING! "Excellent!" Uh oh, looks like there will really be a test after all. "Your first task is.." Here it comes!!!

"To join us for dinner! I made salsa and the quesadillas will be ready soon." Huh, that's it? "We usually hold our meetings in this way and it will be good if you start getting acclimated."

Walking back to the table, Kotal motions to the big ogre and the girl sitting on his broad shoulder. "These are Ferra and Torr." The ogre grunts and the girl goes 'Hihi!' Then the Aztec motions to the cowboy fellow. "This is Erron Black." And he too gives a casual 'Howdy'. Everyone's too busy eating right now, it seems. "And you already know Reptile."

"The rest of the officers are out patrolling now. But you will get to meet them in due time. I will call for Minu to have your papers ready.. as soon as I can find her." Well, this is a little embarrassing, it looks like Kotal can't find his own personal assistant sometimes. It doesn't help that she can turn into a tiny owl.

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