2015-12-30 - Carefully Laid Plans

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Carefully Laid Plans

Summary: Caliga finally has a chat with Luna, and plants an idea that will shape things to come.

Who: Caliga, Concordance, Guarlesia, Luna
When: December 30th, 2015
Where: Old Shack In The Mountains(#2491R)


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Old Shack In The Mountains(#2491R)
The path in the mountains opens into a very small clearing, at the back of it rests a shoddy old cabin in definite disrepair. It's hard to tell if anyone lives there, though the door does hang in its proper place, and wouldn't open with just a touch. Oddly, the clouds about this area are continual, an ever overshadowing grey mass hovers in the sky despite the weather in other parts of the kingdom.

With all that has been going on, there are now things Caliga needs to re-evaluate. While Nancy had gone with Luna, Caliga decided he was going to go elsewhere, and seek out someone else. Yet.. just before he could bring himself to actually get there he decided to finish one last bit of business.

He did not count on the Dragon being revived, nor did he expect that two of the wives themselves would find a way to escape to seek out their re-incarnated master. He knows what they're capable of, and he's sacraficed far to much to truly allow it to go unnoticed. His only memorable encounter with the filthy Black Dragon of Lunar was one that has left a bitter taste in his mouth that just won't vanish, and now that the dragon lives again..

He's truly worried about it, and now he must decide if he tries to end its legacy at the cost of his own life or grant it a chance to redeem itself.

A lone message has been sent to the Dragon to return to its previous lives home, where the Wives were left to die. It is preferred she comes alone, as this is something that he feels should be dealt with one on one.

A white mist with hints of blackness within its pure depths floods up on top of a large pile of dirt, rocks, and destroyed trees. The mist fades away to leave Luna in its place. Her catears cock this way and that as she looks around for the person that asked her to come here. She's been working on making a clear path down to her old home in her dragon form, which has gone more or less successfully, if you don't mind possibly falling to your death while climbing down an enormous crevice. o O ( Hmmm... )

Sitting on a large rock, Caliga stares at the Black Dragon of Lunar. There is a look of disgust on his face as he studies the young woman, but the differences between what the previous Black Dragon and this are enough to make him grimace as he forces the look from his face. Slowly he takes a deep breath, allowing his words to be just right for this situation.

"Dragon, I appreciate you accepting my request to parlay. I will make no qualms that what I feel from you is the same as /that/, and it is enough to make me wish to see you scrubbed from this realm once more. Yet, you are different. You are not /it/. So, I would like to try and get over this sickening feeling that you give me, and believe you are not that /thing/ in disguise. So. Tell me your story. Help me believe you will do those women no harm."

Luna looks Caliga up and down. Her left ear twitches a bit and she decides to sit down herself, her bell jingling as she moves. "Yes well, I have many enemies from before. Indeed, and they are well deserved and warrented, yes?" She looks around at the destruction of her mountain, "Alas, madness had me then, yes? And I'm seeking to...well..." She hesitates, o O ( Perhaps you should speak with him, yes? {Indeed.} ) A white mist with dark patterns inside floods up around her body, disappearing moments later to leave a blue haired girl in its place. "I thought you wanted to meet with my prior self's mind, yes? We haven't finished the merging process yet. But, I think I should speak to you instead." She gives a smile, lacking any fangs in this form, "I am the black dragon of Lunar, but I'm not who I was before, yes? Wanting to scrub me would be similar to wanting to kill someones child for what their parents did, yes?" She looks around the mountainside as she talks, "As for making you believe I won't do them harm, I wonder, perhaps, how is it your business, yes?"

The moment /that/ thing appears, Caliga is reaching for the sword, growling loudly. "I.. wanted to speak to the current dragon, not the previous. Be gone with it." He slowly tries to regain his composure, only to once more try and choose his words. "You have made your point that you are not it, but that does not mean I am able to trust you with what you've taken. As for why it is my business..."

Slowly rising to his feet, Caliga moves closer to the dragon, only to hold a hand out. "I'll be more then happy to show you just why it is my business, and why I need assurances from this point."

Luna raises an eyebrow at the outstretched hand. It's not that she's completely untrusting, it's just obvious that Caliga is hostile towards her, even if she isn't the one who caused all the problems before. o O ( {Careful, yes?} ) She nods internally and then stands up and takes the hand, "As you wish, yes?"

It starts off as a spark, and then a trickle. It doesn't take long however, for everything to flood from Caliga into the young dragon. "I know you can handle it. If it becomes too much, tell me to stop."

At first its flashes, then vivid recollections. It doesn't take long however, for it all to become apparent just what it is. The emotions of rage, sadness, insanity. Everything that Caliga experienced first hand when he first took the Wives from this very place to his home, is suddenly shot forth. He took the time to experience them all first hand, yet it doesn't end there. The emotions he felt first hand from war of the Council, the loss of what he had finally started to hold dear. Then it is over, and if Luna were to truly look at the man before her, she would see just how broken all of this has made him.

"I need to know.. do you intend to do what is right?"

Luna nods at Caliga's words, not entirely sure what's going to happen. Are they teleporting somewhere? That would make the most se...her body goes rigid as emotions flood into her. She's only been alive about half a decade, and while having the mind of her prior self has helped mature her far more than that, life experience isn't something she has in great portion. She grimaces and closes her eyes, pulling her hand away once it ends. "How invasive, yes?" Is her first comment as she folds her arms to hug herself. It's what her prior self used to do all the time, although in far more powerful and worse ways. Still, it's unsettling, "In the future, perhaps you should warn others when you're going to do such things as that." She opens her eyes, her left pupil larger than her right. She looks Caliga up and down, weighing him. "The definition of right can mean many things, yes? If you mean will I take care of them and try to help them when I can? Then yes. Although, many want to return to what they once were, but they have no memory of it, yes?" She shifts her footing some, "Many of those that my prior life contracted with did so because they wanted something. Some had broken bodies, broken minds, broken homes, broken friends. Nearly everyone has something broken inside of them, yes? For instance, in your case, he would offer to take away all of what has damaged you so, yes? A steep price was always asked, but a fair amount was given in return." She looks to the side, "I'm doing what I can to make their lives better, yes? And putting those I can't into....into sleep."

"And what of the world around them? Would you allow it to suffer whilst you focus your energies on them?" Caliga stumbles slightly as he moves to sit back down on his rock, resting his weight against it instead. Slowly he slumps down to the ground, so that he is looking up now at the woman. "Will you allow it to crumble when there is something I believe you can do to atone for the sins of your past self?"

A faint wheeze escapes Caliga's mouth as he struggles to regain his composure and get a handle on everything he has kept sealed away. "If you are not the twisted Dragon, then I ask you to do this. You will serve not just as a focus for the Wives, but for all who call Twisted home. You will also be better able to protect them from those who would seek to subvert them from your call and allow the ones beyond saving to run wild.."

Luna remains standing for the moment, still feeling shaken from the flood of emotions that got forced onto her. Her left pupil shrinks back to normal size as she takes in a long breath and exhales, her breath forming a small fog as it leaves her. Her internal temp is much higher than the outside here up on the mountain in winter time. "I'm not sure what you're asking, yes? I have placed them all safely at the Akira Institute, although there are a few that are...wanting more. I believe I can find solutions for most of them, yes? I may be even to return some to their prior existences, although nearly all of them wouldn't want to once they learn of what they come from. And...for some decades have past since they were last home, in some places time moves differently, yes?" She's going off on a tangent she realizes, but she really does care about all of the 1,000 girls.

"And you require time for that.. For those who want more, if they are safe, then allow them to join the general populace. You will be there to watch over them, and watch over those who may run afoul of them if something were to go awry. Soon there will be a new group to lead, and in this I believe you could atone, and find a better solution for them then going at it on your own."

Caliga closes his eyes for a few moments, trying to allow this to sink in not only for himself, but for the young dragon. "I have promised to do what I can for them, and if it is needed, once I have finished the few things I have left to do, I will sacrafice what I have left to assist them as I promised them long ago. However, I would like for you to do this for me in exchange. I kept them alive, and it is through me they were able to thrive to be able to even seek you out. I don't say this as a way to guilt you into accepting my request, but by further proving just why all of this is infact my business as well."

Luna wonders just why Caliga cares so much for them. But, then, meeting some of them would make almost anyone want to care for them. Their independance is generally the first thing her priro self stripped from them. o O ( {It was a twisted kind of love, yes? } Mmm. ) Sometimes she wonders if her life would've been better if she'd never been found on Lunar and given the prior memories of her past selves. She listens to Caliga, waiting for him to continue.

"I want you to become a member of the Council of Twisted." Outright the words are spoken, and Caliga stares directly into Luna's eyes. "I do not want this world to suffer like it has in the past, and it is heading that way again. A new council is needed, and I believe you would serve this purpose. Will you do this?"

Luna blinks. She didn't expect that to be what he was leading up to. She takes a moment to confer with her prior self, to get a short info dump on The Council and its workings. She takes a seat as she thinks, "Alas, I may be underqualified, yes? Do you truly think I would be a good leader? Furthermore, I already have 1,000 people to help and sort out." She looks out across the mountain top again, "Power and control isn't something I desire, yes?"

Caliga turns to look out over the mountain, glancing down to the forest below. "I believe you can do this, if your wish is to help them. This too, will allow you to assist them as you will not be alone in keeping them away from the dangers that Twisted will bring." Not many know of their existence, but it is not something you can keep secret forever. Soon there will be those seeking the lost secrets of Neo-Edo, and the asylum will be a place they look. You could better protect it from the light, as your previous self would have done so from the dark."

Luna thinks on Caliga's words, looking down the mountainside as well. Does she really want to be a member of a Council that governs Twisted? Also, Caliga said NEW council, which means removing the old one. Or at least, asking the people on it to step down. "I'm not going to fight anyonre for this seat, yes?" She looks back at Caliga, her blue eyes staring towards his, "And I would need to know the exact things required of me before truly saying yes, yes?"

Caliga turns his gaze to the dragon, slightly confused by her statement. "Why would you have to fight someone for something that doesn't exist? There is no Council anymore. Its.. far to long of a story and one I am not capable of telling at this time. Someday perhaps, but now.. I cannot." He slowly climbs to his feet, and now sits down finally atop the rock. "What would be expected of you is this: Do right by the people, and help them understand that peace is possible. You would not be expected to fight, nor would you be expected to punish. The Council should only be there to guide and assist in the transition from one realm to another as when one finds themselves on Twisted.. it can be very trumatic."

Luna ahs at the lack of a Council right now. That explains one or two things from people she'd spoken with around Neo-Edo. So whoever Caliga is with wants to reform one. That makes some sense. o O ( What do you think, yes? Soon we'll share a mind properly. {It's fine, yes? If they want our help, why not give it to them?} ) Luna nods to herself, "All right, yes? Helping people seems to be what Althena made me for in this life." She smiles and then holds a hand out towards Caliga to shake, "Thank you for the opportunity, yes?"

"You will know when the time is right to stand forth for it. Until then, mention this to no one, not even any of the wives. There are those who would seek to stop it, and I do not wish for there to be another war if it can be avoided." As Caliga speaks, weariness sets in. Slowly the color starts to fade from his face and the normal sheen his hair has dulls, until finally he appears to be a tired and broken man before the young Black Dragon of Lunar. The light fades some from his eyes, and he manages to force a smile.

"I want to believe you have the intentions to do good, unlike your former self, and that you will right the wrongs of the past. I truly do.." Once more Caliga climbs to his feet, bowing now before the dragon, yet.. Moments pass and the man does not rise from the bow, only to slump forward and lands roughly on the ground.

Luna nods her head. She doesn't have a problem not sharing information, especially with the girls. A lot of them talk to each other, some of them telepathically, or through continual mind links. She doesn't feel any guilt about what happened to the girls since it wasn't her that did to them what's been done, but she does realize she is in a sideways way responsible for all of them nonetheless. "Indeed, yes? I'm sure I can...oh!" She moves forward to check on him!

There's a rending of reality as Concordance and Guarlesia appear next to the slumped over Caliga before Luna can get to him. The...well, whatever she is in this existance, reaches down and puts her hand on Caliga's unconcious body. In her typical fashion, she doesn't even acknowledge or look at Luna as reality rips again and all three of them disappear, leaving the dragon all to herself on the damaged mountain.

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